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truth is it anyway on al-jazeera. this is new to. the theory where there. is a. the u.n. says not an enemy from the congolese army chief after stopping an angry crowd marching on a nother u.n. base. you're watching al-jazeera life from a headquarters and. also ahead an unprecedented number of killings in mexico raises new questions about the president's strategy to deal with drug cartel violence. a powerful typhoon barrels through central philippines ripping roofs from homes and damaging an airborne. divisions over money strategy direction
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overshadowed nato 70th anniversary summit. hello congolese police say 4 people including a police officer were killed during the latest protest against un peacekeepers in the eastern democratic republic of congo gunfire was heard throughout monday in the city of beni where things remain tense security forces say they were forced to fire on protesters who are making their way towards a u.n. base people there accuse un peacekeepers of failing to protect them from rebel attacks let's bring in catherine sawyer who is joining us now from goma in the eastern. largest city and there's a claim by the military catherine that are militias are infiltrating the protest how are people reacting to that claim. yes the military
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spokesman yesterday said that. in the protests they said that these protests the tunning dangerous because of that and he did not mention from which group this armed elements are but i did speak to the governor of north kivu province who said that it appears that it's my mind now my my is basically an umbrella name of you know factional groups operating in different parts of the region we're told including here in goma so he said that security forces are going to continue using force until the situation is contained and back to your question about their reaction i've been watching been following conversation online and i've been talking to some people here in goma as well and they're very angry about those sentiments by the authorities they say of thora these want to deflect the attention of what's really going on in beni they want to vilify the protests they want to show that the protesters are violent yet their reason genuine concern there is
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genuine frustration in beni about the state of security they were saying that they told me for example there's an ongoing government offensive against a.d.f. rebels in the area about 20000 soldiers have been deployed for that operation the spokesman of the army has said that so far they've killed about 80 rebels and several of their commanders but people are saying why is it then even after a month into this operation a.d.f. rebels are able to come back to villages and attack people in the last month or more than 100 people have been killed and people i've talked to a saying this is really unacceptable and why is. it so difficult for these forces as well as the u.n. mission to deal with the security challenges in that particular region that have been going on for many years. well the answer will really depend on who you're talking to some people say that their government the
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army needs to have to take charge of its security but others are saying well that is true but the army does not have that capacity and the u.n. through all the years that the u.n. has been the more new school they should have strengthened helped the army to build its capacity prepared the army for an eventual pull out of the un. security analysts i've been talking to saying that in a country i mean the u.n. is still very important stupid lays a very important role because it supports the government provide these important support logistics and things like that to the government and the pull out right now is not ideal especially in the region daryn where there are more than 100 rebel groups operating all right catherine thank you for that update from goma. reports the congolese army is saying people are mr rocketing their anger at the un
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. the congolese military has been reinforcing in the eastern town of benny but the protests and the shooting continue. carney gave this graphic updates of the chaos. around the streets of. this protest not discourage him but. you have killed a police officer and his body was even supported by the protesters. on the main border. could challenge for sort of years right now kristie. these people are marching on a u.n. peacekeepers base furious at what they see is the failure of u.n. forces to protect them against attacks by rival groups including the so-called aligned democratic forces determined to keep the mission out's protesters have already damaged a number of u.n. building since process started a little over a week ago the congolese army has been sent to end the violence but has failed to
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stop the a.d.f. killing more than 100 people in the last month and more than $1500.00 in the last 5 years now they're ordering the public off the street. they in the un are on their side so. we're calling on the population and all members of society in north kivu province to stop working with our enemy the population should not forget about the real enemy the police is not the enemy the soldiers are not generally the un is not the enemy the real enemy is the a.t.f. . the violence in benny's now hampering efforts to contain an ebola outbreak that's killed more than 2000 people in the democratic republic of congo since august the militarization of the medical response and ours is falling trees distrust government troops and sometimes peacekeepers are not always seen as forces by everyone and now the world health organization has been forced to scale down operations in the area so to hide out al-jazeera. almost 130 people have been
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killed in one day of drug cartel violence in mexico that's an unprecedented number many are now questioning the president's strategy of hugs not bullets in tackling drug cartel violence as alan fischer reports from mexico city. it will take a while to repair the damage to view when your own city hall the memories of what happened here will last much longer. than saturday afternoon a convoy of vehicles covered in the initials of the local drug cartel c d n drove into town and began fighting this the authorities believe was sending a message to the regional government to. security forces surrounded the turn 60 kilometers south of the texas border by the time the gun battles ended on sunday 22 were dead 16 gunman 4 police officers 2 civilians pictures of local politicians were riddled with bullets locals had to literally run for the lights you mustn't
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down the passing yellow plastic thank you we were arriving at the palace on the back children many began to shoot at us from the hill and we had to run in another direction the attack in question and did on the day it's no been confirmed was the deadliest since mexico began keeping records 127 people were killed on december 1st the day that marked the 1st anniversary of president andres manuel lopez obrador taking office he had promised a new approach to tackling mexico's violence and it is morning news conference claimed the incident and quite relocate was unusual is de castle this case is let's say unusual it is not something that happens in quite we'll every day we have a plan for the national guard we need 140000 guards but we only have 70000. later in the day the president met members of the love boat and family 9 of them were killed in a cocktail ambush near the u.s. border in early november we were updated on the investigation into the murders 4
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people have been arrested and didn't speak after the meeting. poses took to the streets on sunday to protest against the president's 1st you know office one of the largest groups demanding we do more to curb the violence yes president donald trump says he's begun the process to designate mexico as. drug cartels as terrorist organizations mexico opposes that idea but it may find itself under increasing pressure to do something about the murder rate especially if there's another day as bloody as the same for the 1st 21000 alan fischer al-jazeera mexico city turkey's president says he will oppose nato's plans for the defense of baltic countries if the alliance refuses to recognize the group turkey is fighting in north and in syria as terrorists. issued the warning ahead of a nato summit in london that's already going to be dominated by entering all divisions here's our diplomatic editor james base for the next couple of days this
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is the man in the hot seat secretary general u.n. stoltenberg has the un enviable task of chairing a meeting of nato leaders at a time the alliance faces big challenges this gathering in london is supposed to mark nato's 70th birthday its 1st headquarters we're actually here in the british capital in an area that now houses embassies there are 3 main things those souring the mood 1st the trump factor the u.s. leader arriving here at london's stands today airport doesn't like summits and he has a particular dislike of nato summit repeatedly claiming other members aren't paying their way. he has particular gripes against nato he feels despite increased spending on defense that other countries are not doing enough and he has this soft spot in his heart for russia and so you know very much i think we will see at this
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summit all of the worst instincts of trump come out and to be exacerbated by the current political conditions to be exacerbated by his rough relations with other allies then there's the growing tension between france and germany in an interview the french president emmanuel mccrone told the economist that nato was brain dead this infuriated the german chancellor angela merkel and exposed a growing rift between the 2 countries last but not least the mounting doubts other nato members have about turkey not about the words of president no to one but his actions buying the s 400 missile system from russia and carrying out its recent incursion into northern syria i covered the last nato summit that was held in london here at lancaster house 29 years ago that was just months after the fall of
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the birdland wall and the end of the cold war and then there were questions about nato's future but the alliance then expanded taking in the countries from the east before creating new roles for itself in the balkans and afghanistan. almost 3 decades later nato's internal differences this time are even more public being expressed by leaders themselves and therefore a potentially much more damaging james pays out 0 london. coming up on al-jazeera in just a moment it's worse than we thought scientists another alarm about greenland's melting ice sheets. and ip forefront how the role of women in lebanon's protest movement is being seen.
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hell i went to doesn't want to come in accent bar a big push at the moment in europe whilst eastern europe had some record breaking warmth the last 3 months all of a sudden we're dropping by 20 or 30 degrees you can't tell from this we see these heat clouds here that's over a frontal system it's a cold front behind the air is colder so as it pushes in there will be snow not just on the high ground or prince be on the ground even down to north and raises the biz this is a position on tuesday daytime high temperatures low single figures and even if i show you what's happening in spain we're talking about 10 in madrid 6 in london the sun is admittedly will be a cold start and a cold feeling day it doesn't but change very much for wednesday except in the cold sinks a bit further south and there's more significant snow through turkey now of course at the same time something's happening in the west and made the cold air of a warm or the usually winds up into something of a depression area of low pressure that brings rain thunderstorms it happen not just
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in gibraltar and sudden spine but in morocco robots are going to miserable looking day that most of iraq or has and i think quite possibly gets a flash flood risk as the atmosphere and as positional wednesday it's out derian are suffering including the capital.
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hello again the top stories on al-jazeera police in the democratic republic of congo say 4 people were killed during protests in beni on monday demonstrators are upset about what they say is a lack of protection from armed rebel groups. turkish president is threatening to oppose nato as plans for the defense of baltic countries he spoke and ahead of the nato summit in london. the alliance to recognize groups he's fighting in northern syria as quote terrorists. mexico's homicide rates hit historic levels with 127 deaths reported just on sunday that's the highest number in a single day since records began in 1900. the former malaysian prime
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minister najib razak has been on the witness stand for the 1st time to defend himself against corruption allegations the trial in the high court has to do with a multi-billion dollar scandal that malaysia state funds known as one m d be accused of illegally receiving about $10000000.00 when he was in office he's pleaded not guilty to all the charges which include money laundering and abuse of power here's some of what had to say in ports the. scheme was devised by. together with 4 arab ok. from saudi and another 2 from. the right and the empire management. by due to apologies that's not. that is the defense lawyer the lead defense lawyer
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giving a statement now a strong typhoon has struck the philippines largest and most populous island forcing almost a quarter of a 1000000 people from their homes typhoon has ripped roofs from buildings it's knocked out power and halted hundreds of flights it's the 20th typhoon to hit the philippines this year dogon is an alibi province and says people were well prepared . across the city of the ghastly these have become familiar scenes police officers and other members of the local government rushing to clear out the 3 so they will wait for help to get so those who need it most we've spoken to the mayor. says he's quite happy that this city has achieved if there are casualties target which is something that has been going on for the last 18 years more than 100000 people were evacuated over the last few days and more of the same for areas but the byplay
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ghastly being stable not much is known for other outlying islands like the cow and up or up all these areas remain cut off there is still no news but we've been told that some of the areas their communities have been severely battered and aid needs to get there as soon as possible so just a moment ago we were telling you about the former malaysian prime minister najib razak who's now appeared in court for the 1st time on the witness stand in fact to the funds himself against corruption allegations let's bring in florence louise she's joining us from malaysia what more did the former prime minister have to say . well the former prime minister his defense statement runs $243.00 pages long and is expected to take several days but so far he's talked about how the one at the state investment fund one m.t.v. came to set up and you also talked about the role the finance year goes by the name joe he's alleged to be the center of this financial scandal how he came to be
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associated with the fund now in this particular case not just 7 charges from the trust money laundering abuse of power prosecutors want to explain why $10000000.00 was found in his personal bank accounts in 20142015 they allege that the money came from s.r.c. international a company that's a subsidiary of the his defense lawyer says they want to show the court. had no knowledge of what was happening and that his account had been manipulated by parties and he told us that the 3rd parties were led by joe lo joe though is his whereabouts still not known he's alleged to be the mastermind behind the plan to steal $24.00 and a half $1000000000.00 from one m. d. has been charged not only in malaysia but also in the us one of several countries investigating one m d now one m d b it's not just it's. the fallout from one m.t.v.
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has been huge goldman sachs bankers who've. ranging financing for the state investment fund have also been prosecuted and in malaysia investigation into one m.t.b. had begun several years ago but not who was then still prime minister of this country also sacked the attorney general as well as remove several cabinet ministers who had disagreed with him publicly on how he was handling corruption allegations surrounding one d. . the case was reopened only when a new government came into power last year and it was partly the anger of a corruption allegations surrounding that ministration that led to the defeat of a coalition government that had been in power for the last 60 years so this really shows you the magnitude of not just this case but the all of the charges surrounding all facing not just with regards to one m.t.v. and the 4 and a half $1000000000.00 alleged have been stolen from that fund ok florence thank you for giving us that update from kuala lumpur the u.s.
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president donald trump is intensifying his tariffs battle on 2 fronts one on fronts on another on metal imports from argentina and brazil so he's threatened to impose a use of up to 100 percent on french goods including champagne cheese and yogurt after arriving in london for the nato summit trump says it would be in retaliation for french digital services tax seen as unfair for u.s. tech giants. hours earlier trump had accused argentina brazil of artificially devaluing their currencies there is a bow has more from one of cyrus. brazilian argentine steel and aluminum industries where the latest targets of the united states tirades on monday trump tweeted the main reason for the change in policy was the massive devaluation of the currencies in brazil and argentina which does not benefit u.s. farmers over your life you were really good that would be
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a good workout for we're going to be guys we're going to be very very hard to be such a big breakout account for you that we're going to be here for. 30 years we're in brazil which is slowly recovering from a recession the news came as a shock and the steel industry which accounts for more than 2000000000 in exports to the u.s. talked about retaliation precedential you also natto trump's main ally in south america believes the situation can be worked out by the water cooler go if necessary i'll talk to trump about that but we're not backing off. the lead out meanwhile in argentina with its struggling economy the announcement did not go unnoticed you would carry it on feet and i will not only add up to the end certainty that already exists in this country in one week argentina will have
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a new president i'll bet a fair amount of it and he will have to deal with double digit inflation rate currency controls and the possibility of high people on foreign debt argentina's government has been battling devaluation for months as people are turning to the u.s. dollar to protect their savings. argentina's central bank has spent more than $5000000000.00 to bolster the basal says the primary elections in august. which triggered a collapse in the value of the currency trump now says the devaluations where intentional for many the latest u.s. measures is also a consequence of the increase in commercial activities between china brazil and argentina in the middle of a trade war these are some of the unforeseen consequences of u.s. policy investors have been moving from emerging markets to the united states and to developed economies and that you know in argentina it's one of the reasons behind
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the country's currency crisis in 28 major devaluation which of course has made its its its primary exports more competitive so in some ways you know over the trumpet ministration is now reacting to something that helped create competitive exports which in part are heading to china argentina's president. and jade also notable have experienced a warm relation with donald trump since taking office but for many dealing with china these days is enough to put the best of friends at odds. scientists say they're becoming more alarmed about how fast the world's 2nd largest ice sheet is melting researchers from the university of cambridge in the u.k. savely sun top of greenland story glacier are draining into the ocean through holes in the ice formed by water warmer temperatures their water under the ice then lifts
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the gray sure causing it to move faster scientists are using drones to keep a closer eye on. green and i should just be the single largest contributor to sea level rise and that's why there's a lot of attention on the greenland ice sheet is a very dynamic ice sheet it contains the fastest glaciers and is the ice is melting the most but actually what we've discovered is. when fractures intersect lakes on the ice sheet of which there are thousands the water can rapidly flow through the fracture down to the bottom of the ice sheet and it forms what we call a moon which is essentially a big cavern a big hole and we think these moons of holes. open we can see water flowing into them even after these lakes drain. in what's essentially
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a kilometer high water falls. no it isn't good news in the sense that we can see we can see big changes in the greenland ice sheet. having no effect on sea level rise just 25 years ago and now it's a roughly a 3rd of all sea level rise on the planet is from greenland alone. and so there's a very significant increase and this is an increase that's ongoing and we think it's likely to continue so it is clearly an adverse effect well the warning about greenland is timely with delegates and world leaders meeting in spain for the un's annual climate conference called cop 25 the gathering in madrid has been told that the world is approaching a point of no return unless they do much more to reduce greenhouse emissions by the end of the coming decade we will be on one of 2 paths when is the path of surrender
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where we have sleepwalked past the point of no return you're providing the health and safety of everyone on this planet. do we really want to be remembered as the generation that bertie beats having the sense that. while the planet burns the other option is the passive hope oppressive resolve of sustainable solution a press where more fossil fuels remain where they should be in the ground and where we are on the way to carbon neutrality by 2050 there's still little progress towards the formation of a new government in lebanon and it's adding to the frustration and anger among protesters who want to overturn the way the country is run it's also pushing an already faltering economy closer to disaster then i heard reports from beirut. p.r. aboud came home from dubai to design the sculpture made from recyclable materials
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it is a way of crediting lebanon's women for being at the forefront of the so-called october revolution this artwork stands in beirut's martyr's square which has been taken over by opponents of the governing elite who have been demanding change the corruption that is in this country want us to be violent they are dragging us to be violent but then the woman comes calling down guys i'm going to deal with those people we are nice women have been on the frontlines visiting strongholds of the main political parties reaching out to their supporters who have attacked peaceful protesters they say they are trying to keep the country united and the void a return to the days of the civil war there have been violent incidents but they protest movement has remained largely peaceful but there is also fear of a financial collapse banks are imposing controls on access to cash there's a shortage of dollars which resulted in the national currency lira losing nearly 40
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percent of its value on the black market. a political crisis is preventing the formation of a government that is needed to implement economic reforms and those changes are required for international assistance to start flowing in what we all have as one main goal and that is an independent government from all the political parties as long as we all stay together and not religious try to keep us strong on the ground with the same demands. they'll just they're going to be forced on the sort of sooner or later so far the governing alliance is refusing to give up political power despite almost 2 months of protests instead they have tried to intimidate those in the streets were literally out on the streets. terrorizing coming down to the present to the protest sides pulling down. and yet people's response was we're not going to you know this is. this is. this was not going to
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become sectarian protesters used what was left of the burned tents to build this statue the phoenix a symbol of renewal and resistance the message that they will continue the struggle that began on october the 17th that. beirut. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera at this hour turkey's president is threatening to oppose nato as plans for the defense of baltic countries he spoke and ahead of the nato summit in london where. the alliance to recognize kurdish groups he's fighting in northern syria as quote terrorists police in the democratic republic of congo say 4 people were killed during protests in beni on monday demonstrators are upset about what they say is a lack of u.n. protection from armed rebel groups catherine soy has more from goma the. largest
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city. following. talking to some people here in very angry about those sentiments by the authorities they want to deflect the attention of what's really going on in. the protests they want to show that the protests are violent there are genuine. genuine frustration in any about the state of. mexico's homicide rate hits historic levels with 127 deaths reported on sunday that's the highest number in a single day since records began former malaysian prime minister najib razak has been on the witness stand for the 1st time to defend himself against corruption allegations the trial in the high court house to do with a multi-billion dollar scandal malaysia's state fund known as one. is accused of illegally receiving about $10000000.00 when he was in office he's pleaded not
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guilty to all the charges which include money laundering and abuse of power u.s. president donald trump is intensifying his terrorist battle on 2 fronts one on france and another on metal imports from argentina and brazil he threatened to impose levies of up to 100 percent on french goods including champagne cheese and yogurt he also accuses argentina and brazil of artificially weakening their currencies scientists say they're becoming more and more alarmed about how fast the world's 2nd largest ice sheet is melting researchers from the university of cambridge in the u.k. say lakes on top of greenland stuart glacier are draining into the ocean through holes in the ice. much more news coming up right after inside story on al-jazeera thanks for watching. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter when
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you call home al-jazeera international bringing the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. baltar's prime minister josef moscow to resign over the murder of a journalist who exposed government plane still corruption is this enough to stem public anger at it with those responsible for duff a new one i got to see is death face justice this is the inside story. hello and welcome to the program. supporters of miles as prime minister called him the king praising him as a national hero but josef moscow's critics say he allowed to run.


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