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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 3, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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sponsor. new yorkers are very receptive to al jazeera because it is such an international city they're very interested in that global perspective that al-jazeera provides. 0. 0 again i'm the star and this is the news hour live from coming up in the next 60 minutes. essentially $28.00 including one of your country's divisions over funding strategy and trade overshadow nature's 70th anniversary summits and months. and takis president has warned nato he will oppose a baltic defense plan unless the alliance recognizes the to swipe e g fighters as terrorists. also ahead for the 1st time iran's government
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acknowledges its security forces killed people it called rioters during recent protests. and disabled and a country at war will look at the plight of yemen's most vulnerable people. with the sport as book says and the ruiz jr and anthony joshua get ready for a heavyweight rematch in riyadh. now it's a gathering to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the welds biggest military alliance but even before the nato summit gets underway in london divisions are strongly on show among members from both sides of the atlantic president has his house at french president. he and nato secretary general ian stoltenberg both reacted shoppy to my recent description of nato as quote brain dead. 1st
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they got to be here for the united states because the united states is. in the mountains and i heard the president would grow very brave think it's very insulting to a lot of different. men to govern really need to. be true is not. just to the northeast or. the nuns. to the horrendous or the 1st thing you know it's to you know the cause of the cold you know. come along more of this thing more. devoted to terrorism and to elliot techies president wretch uptight about oh i don't want to he will oppose nature's defense plans for baltic countries and poland he's seeking the blocs unconditional support for his fight against the mainly kurdish y p g 5 as in within syria the techie regards as terrorists so to.
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kind of nato needs to act in a proactive manner against 3 its proposed by the terrorist organizations it's inevitable that nato is in need of readjusting itself against today's terrorist threats we expect our allies to display strong cooperation with us against the threats we have facing such a. correspondence and how is life for us in london china let's start with president obama's remarks because i believe the nature chief has had more to say now in response. yes he's made comments you know look let's put comments in some sort of perspective mr o'dwyer knows that he simply doesn't have the full some support of nato in his fight against the kurdish forces in northern syria who he sees as terrorist forces most other nato members see is until very recently at least u.s. allies and allies in the fight against eisel by laying down the gauntlet as he did
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mr erdogan as you heard him there when he left istanbul saying if you don't come on sides behind me and rake knows the kurds as terrorists i won't back your plans to bolster defenses for the baltics against russia when he's delivered nato with a real problem over a key piece of policy and planning for them and he's also exposed a deep rift a rift with many nato members france notably who are deeply opposed to what donald trump did you not pulling u.s. forces out of the north of syria allowing turkish forces in is also an issue over turkey buying russian air defense equipment the s $400.00 system effectively cutting it out of joint nato air defenses and of course all of this plays into the current divisions within nato donald trump was asked whether he thought turkey could go on being an integral member of the alliance he said well look that's for the alliance to decide i've always liked turkey i've always liked erdogan he made the s $400.00 issue at the obama doorstep as
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a legacy issue for failing to provide turkey with patriot missile systems and in a sign that there really is in all of this no quick fix jens stoltenberg made some comments a short while ago take a listen. do you think by tomorrow when the declaration of some kind you will have words to resolve this growing. i will promised on but what i can say is that we are working on that. we all need to have constant pace discussing instead official bounds for. a thing on or by sync on this but this also i think doesn't have a plan for defendable to come. and you know also listening to those comments from donald trump early i didn't really expect him to come out quite so strongly against france. i'm sure people like stoltenberg hope he wouldn't but it was almost inevitable that he would because of course emanuel macron about a month ago gave an interview in which he described nato is being on the verge of
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brain death because of its inability to cooperate and coordinate among its members in something as important even as syria and of course that was a direct attack from unilateralism over syria. and so you know trump was bound to wait in early one had already made pretty stark comments in response and donald trump a little earlier on said look you know emanuel i like emanuel emanuel tend sometimes to do things that are not in the best interests of his country he called the comments insulting nasty he said they come at a particularly dangerous time france he said was doing very badly economically he could see mr macron potentially pulling france out of the nato alliance at a time he said where nobody needs nato more than france he didn't substantiate or explain those comments the pair will be meeting shortly face to face we think here at the u.s. ambassador's residence to be a press conference afterwards and we'll be able to find out then how things went and we are watching that very closely and in china help for us in london watching
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developments thanks to china well let's have this moment to pick us all apart with al-jazeera senior political analyst now and bashar he's in paris by tomorrow and we were talking about this earlier as well that going into this summit with a french president who is calling it a brain dead a turkish leader who's now being accused of back mailing his allies and also a u.s. president who then keeps accusing his allies of not paying their fair share when it comes to military spending so is there actually a future of the nato here. i believe there is and i believe that's why each war each and every one of them is basically trying to pull nato their way that's how much weight they give to nato because each and every one knows that it's very difficult for them on their own to speak of global security of his of a russian china without working together when president trump talks about burden sharing via the way the same burden sharing that president obama spoke about before what he
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means when he talks about the budget announce and a lot of people thinks he just a part of the misunderstands how we need to functions but what he actually means is that nato members should buy american weapons is that nettle members should be contributing to american military industrial complex that it's not fair that the u.s. has $6700000000000.00 military budget and the united states and the and european countries have less than 2 percent of the g.d.p. and they are not buying enough american weapons for the tent to present i think this is new for nato for the other nato member to see a pro active turkish leader who is ready and who once demands that turkey be treated to a par with its bigger nato members just like turkey does not ask or puts condition on france how it acts in mali he doesn't expect or accept that that the
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french put conditions on how he deals with libya let alone his neighboring syria and i think the same thing goes for the french i think the president wants more weight and he doesn't want the turks and the americans to be acting on their own the he wants them to consult with the more important military power in europe france when they act as they did for example on the question of syria so each and every one of the parties is trying to weigh in and trying to. following the nato mission on structure in a way that suits their interest and with their lives realism as as you as one can imagine let me ask you a little more about well the tensions with iran and several different members of nato could those tensions derail the summit because turkey has veto rights or is there a way to try to find some middle ground here no absolutely they're going to have to find
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a middle ground and that's why for example one could call it blackmailing or one could call in that ultimatum but be that as it may take you say look you want my approval. for what you want to do in poland well you don't need to approve what i'm doing in syria because i've already have the united states on my side and that's the more important partner in nato so that's our as i said that's that's what's new in this whole thing is that what we're seeing here is this new turkish. wall that demands to be treated the far and that demands as the 2nd largest force in need to be treated with with respect and hence this is a new thing on the scene in europe now while i'm never notified the relationship is the right along with iraq too i do want to ask you also about the format of this meeting i'm sorry they have been some changes so this isn't actually a fully fledged summit so instead of 2 full days of meetings as usual they'll be just 13 hour session on wednesday morning i believe what does that tell us about
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just how much time these leaders want to spend together at the moment. to be honest this is disastrous for their branding of the greatest alliance and modern times the fact that it's the 70th anniversary and they won't call it a summit and they won't come with a final communique that is clear about nato mission that does not bode well for nato's membership at this point in time that does not mean that we are going to bury nato tomorrow what it means is that nato is in crisis and to be honest nato has been in crisis since $1089.00 since 1901 since the fall of the soviet union and the dismemberment of the warsaw pact in the east nato has been searching for a mission is it russia well germany and france do not think so even present problems not i think so even if the american establishment does think that russia is the next big thing others think china but if it's china it's going to have to
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change the entire nettle posture visagie china is it the war on terror or if it's the war on terror the new we're no longer talking about a conventional military alliance then we're talking a more about counter terror intelligence. and the likes. so will they actually restructure nato in a way would it be able to fight these little fights cyber wars for example the ones they've been facing against russia that requires an entire new vision and entire new planning and that's why once again but as the mccomb was not wrong he might have. chose his words to say bring that but certainly nato alliance is lost in terms of its rays on death the reason for its existence today 70 years after it was formed and certainly after 70 years of or at least more like a 3040 years of confronting the soviet union it's been now for 30 years looking for
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a mission of sort not to defend the west as a whole with turkey that of course you know that's their right but how will they do it and against whom and will they be contributing to that kind of structure that is the question that's facing them it doesn't seem they're going to answer those important question today or tomorrow clearly a lot to hammer out them on bashar asking a political analyst speaking to us from paris thank you alan. now on to other news and 5 people including a police officer have been killed and the latest anti un protests in eastern democratic republic of congo at least 7 people are also recovering in hospital after gunfire was heard throughout the city of beni on monday the situation remains tense security forces say they were forced to fire on protesters who were making their way towards a u.n. base locals accuse the local peacekeeping force called an oscar of failing to protect them from rebel attacks even good news i was there that. i was shot by the new school soldiers these people who are shooting from everywhere as he was
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storming the building on monday but whatever the situation we will continue to fight against the u.s. i'm calling on other people to continue the struggle while we're here in the hospital we will push the u.s. have been. that's her live now to catherine so who's in goma that's eastern diaz's largest city catherine you're on the ground there give us a sense of what it's like both in goma and in beni after all of yesterday's violence. well go mice quiet today schools have been closed by them children have been told they can go back to school today university students have also been protesting against what is happening in benny saying that they're supporting the people of benny and in benny's that hospital doctors are saying they'll have to perform a modern suicide juries and many of the patients who are there both who are needed all of them have a baby in admitted with gunshot wounds the woman who died last night was shot in
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the head in the process that's how the death toll is now at 5 our team in beni in that same hospital also met with the victims of a.d.f. attacks the reason a.d.f. attack some of them had deep deep deep wounds a.d.f. has been attacking people using machetes one woman told us that 5 children were killed others had very or if the stories on the streets of benny things are calm back tense as you mentioned security forces saying they're going to do everything they can to contain the situation and this follows all that day long gunshots. the military fact of the taking over the streets of benny running battles between security forces and the police. the congolese military has been reinforcing in the eastern town of beni. this people are marching on
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a un peacekeepers base at what they see as if the un forces to protect them against attacks by rebel groups including the so-called democratic forces determined to keep the mission out protesters have already damaged a number of u.n. buildings since protests started a little over a week ago the congolese army has been sent to end the balance but has failed to stop the a.t.f. killing more than a 100 people in the last month and up to 2000 in the last 5 years now they are ordering the public off the street insisting they and the un are on their side so. we're calling on the population and all members of society in north kivu province to stop working with our enemies the population should not forget about the real enemy the police is not the enemy the soldiers are not generally the un is not the enemy the real enemy is the a.t.f. . the violence in beni is now hampering efforts contain an airborne outbreak that's
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killed more than 2000 people in the democratic republic of congo since august the militarization of the medical response and i was feeling grief distrust area were government troops and sometimes peacekeepers are not always seen as forces by everyone and now the world health organization has been forced to scale down operations in the area of the army in a press conference yesterday. the press conference you know press conference yesterday the military spokesman a say that they're not a new more. normal protest of people people on did. and clubs have joined this protest and they say they're going to do everything they can to make sure the few asian contained but i'll be talking to some people here in golmaal was saying that the military is trying to deflect attention from what is really going on people are very frustrated about the state of security of people
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i've been talking to saying that why the now even with an ongoing operation against a.d.f. rebels this rebels are able to come back to the villages and kill people so brutally catherine so i have our correspondent on the ground for us in burma thank you for that update catherine well there's plenty more ahead here this news hour an unprecedented number of killings in mexico raises questions about the president's strategy to deal with drug violence. a typhoon tester's central philippines ripping roofs from homes and damaging airports. and spouting peace in the u.a.e. find out every day i'll be playing in the semifinals because. iranian state television has acknowledged for the 1st time that people it describes as rioters were shot and killed during recent protests thousands of people joined
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demonstrations angry over an increase in petrol prices which is that by the government human rights groups say as many as 200 people were killed but iran's government has rejected that figure putting the death toll at just 13 as a bike has more on terror on sick knowledge meant that security forces actually shot protesters. the iranian official figure has pretty much remain the same but this is the 1st acknowledgement by the iranians that security forces killed protesters now this was on state media it was a lengthy report around 7 minutes long and it was very much the iranian government's version of events and the defense of the security forces the report acknowledged that there were demonstrations across the country. shiraz and even here in iran but also categorized those that were killed it called some of them cogs and rioters on bridge knives and guns that attacked military centers said that some were peaceful protesters others were passes by and some security
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forces and they didn't say how those passes by and civilians those peaceful protesters were killed although the spokesman for the judiciary this morning has said that it was suspicious and those bullets that killed those people weren't from the scripture forces but they also said that there were people killed in the south western city of masha had read there is an arab population now the report called them separatists said that they were with guns and that they fired and security services and the security services were forced to fire back and defend themselves now very much this report that was carried on state media is saying that the security forces intervened used force to protect lives they say that writers and thugs were attempting to set fire to petrochemical plants that could have risked many lives and the report also carried interviews with what they say were people within the neighborhood who said that look we're grateful for the security services
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intervening because many life schools have been at risk. now a large fire at a factory in the sudanese capital has killed at least 15 people and injured dozens more that broke out after an explosion at a ton a factory in plant in moscow 2 cars that were parks near the fire near the factory also caught fire but it's not yet clear what caused the explosion amnesty international says more than 4000000 people living with disabilities in yemen lack access to basic care the rights group says disabled people are most at risk because of the war between who the rebels and the un recognized government which is backed by a saudi u.a.e. coalition. reports. 5 years of fighting in yemen has killed at least 10000 people strikes and artillery attacks have left many move with life changing injuries 15 year old that was hit by a bullet man monday one out of 10 minutes and how can i go to school when the reason support for me to be able to do that to learn since i have been injured i
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can't go anywhere. amnesty international says 8 out of 10 yemenis need age people with disabilities often face challenges accessing health care and education parents say their children face particular challenges in camps the displaced people in malawi saw her have father ok i need help with his clothes i need to make socks to cover his feet in the cold anything would be good but the most important thing is a wheelchair to move him around. 18 year old make dad has had limited mobility in his legs since he was 2 he struggles to cope in a camp that's not designed to accommodate disabled people. i crawled to the toilet in the toilet people urine it on the ground i want to toilet for myself but i can access. as the war continues so does the misery the united nations has described it as the worst humanitarian crisis in the world
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make dad's experiences shared by thousands of yemenis like him after years of conflict all they want is for the suffering to end victoria gate and be. highlights peter ryan raga who's a senior crisis advisor as amnesty international one of the authors of this report as we were just hearing there from victoria the un has already called this the world's worst humanitarian crisis in your mind one of the greatest needs at the moment when it comes to people with disabilities. people with disabilities have been recognized among the most marginalized groups and at the same time the most at risk groups in situations of conflict and humanitarian crises and despite growing calls to ensure their inclusion and humanitarian response or documentation on the ground in yemen or at least in the 3 southern governor it's that we visited indicates that there are still significant gaps in the humanitarian response that
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people with disabilities continue to be left behind and face challenges in accessing equal rights when it comes to health education jobs and living conditions in camps for displaced people and right how are they coping within the conflict scenario itself because the country is still at war and beyond accessing facilities and basic services these are also people who are being displaced having to flee and i imagine travel some distance as it very short notice. absolutely people with disabilities do face significant challenges or compounded challenges in trying to feed violence and living in displacement the vast majority of the people we spoke to who are with disabilities and their family said that they. feel without assistive devices people with limited mobility living without wheelchairs without crutches these are important and crucial items that they need to help them in these situations they have to often leave all of a sudden without because of the lack of an advance warning by parties to the
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conflict at times in certain cases people were left behind people disabilities were left behind because they were separated from their families in the chaos. of feeding and escaping the certain cases the journey was too difficult for a person with a difficult a disability to undertake so they had to be left behind and separated from their primary support system and their families and not just that when they arrive at the camps the conditions are less than ideal they face an equal access to basic sanitation services and problems in accessing aid because it's not delivered to their door which obviously creates a problem for people with limited mobility and what we want to clarify here is that an accessible extreme in a camp for example is not an add on is model luxury item these are integrity to fulfilling the rights of people with disabilities the rights of privacy sanitation and their inherent dignity rai was saying some of the really awful conditions in
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camps there in victoria's report and you were in some of these camps interviewing people what's the psychosocial aspects of this that how are people actually getting by day to day how they how is their mental health. writes of course the war in yemen has caused a mental health crisis really there are significant concerns about they stand trauma and the impact on adults and significant impact on children and adults in yemen would have lived through more that you know more than a dozen conflicts in their lifetime and all of that at a time when there is very few. you know a limited number of trained psychologist and psychiatrist in the country the humanitarian organizations are also struggling to ensure that you know there's enough psychosocial support be it in the camps or outside the camps all of these are items that must be factored in planning the humanitarian response at the outset
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and donor countries average sponsibility to ensure that this kind of psychosocial support is funded and supported. have there from amnesty international one of the authors of that report thank you for joining us on al-jazeera now a typhoon has struck the philippines forcing nearly a quarter of a 1000000 people from their homes typhoon comrie has ripped roofs from buildings knocked out power and halted hundreds of flights it's the 20th storm to hit the philippines this year our correspondents are undergoing reports from alabama province in the central philippines. bori battered the beagle region in search of the philippines for more than 10 hours the wind was violent and harsh and incessant rain drenched the province of i'll buy for people here so food could more reason landfall at night brought fear and despair. and the mourning brought no
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respite. cynthia plural day is devastated her home is destroyed. we evacuated i moved to the center with my children at 4 am i came back to check on my home barely anything is left by then no way to get the money to rebuild it again with the wall was built to protect villagers perms farm. but more than a 100 homes were this avoid monday night by their preparations there was no stopping the record come more of the raw power lines are down the airport and seaports have suffered severe damage. more than 100000 people were evacuated before hit many expect they'll have to live in the evacuation center for weeks if not months we have been doing the seeing and of course
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yours and of course the majority of the people will always. but there are many areas across the beagle region affected by typhoon come warre that remain cut off the government says it is doing all it can to reach them and get aid to those who need it most it took cynthia more than 13 years to rebuild her home after another devastating typhoon in 2006 typhoon durian left more than a 1000 people dead and more than 600 missing. it was a tragedy that cynthia had hoped would not be repeated. she says life can be unfair especially for people who don't have much anyway. she has no choice now but to start all over again jim duggan al jazeera al by central philippines. and jenny is here to tell us what's forecast next for the. yen assault it is
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a very powerful some of course is in the evidence there and times the amount of rain that came down as well of course as strong winds just look at this $256.00 millimeters in just 24 hours 202 it gives you an idea really why there's been so much damage with the storm surge with the winds and the calls with the flooding but this whole system is continuing to move west into the south china sea pulling away from the philippines all the time now the latest information the joint typhoon warning center has still got this as a very powerful typhoon winds at about 160 kilometers an hour but as it continues to push west it will also continue to weaken but even as we head through wednesday into thursday the rains will continue to impact much of the new all that and central philippines and even by thursday it will still be a tropical storm with winds at about 90 kilometers an hour so still of course these rain totals will continue to add up but after that it does look as if this storm system will begin to fall apart but that is a couple of days away now elsewhere deadly floods as well of course into southern
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india tamil nadu in particular this is also another possible sign that again the joint typhoon warning center watching closely that is pulling away from shore but in chennai you can see in tamil nadu some very heavy rain it has been relentless really day off today for the last 10 days and so again this is why we've had such widespread flooding is some good news there here as we go through wednesday we've got much clearer skies through much of southern india we will they see more rain across sri lanka not only wednesday but also thursday so all the improving picture in southern india we could have some flooding across into sri lanka. thanks for that jenny still in the news ahead it's what than we thought scientists found another alarm about greenland melting ice sheets. and one of the wilds most colorful entrepreneurs is forced to face his comments made during last year's thai cave rescue. and the day after qualifying for stuffing the olympic debut show you how this. wild cycle that's coming up with chiron sport.
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the last time you were out on the streets protesting whether online you feel the weight of the system to walk through each and every layer further and further into the jail or if you join us once a week and tree house to start from day one whether again you and attention or your own parser this is a dialogue everyone has a voice for the northeast those that support the article broadly varying accounts but i want to give people the reason for joining the global conversation is iraq.
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hello again i missed our. top stories this hour u.s. president on. bag have criticized the french president ahead of the alliance the summit and london they have taken issue with among all micron's remarks that nato is brain dead. and bad also said he's working to resolve the rift with taki defense plan russia top out iran is threatening to oppose it unless nation
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recognizes groups anger as fighting in syria as terrorists and 5 people have been killed in the latest anti un protests in eastern democratic republic of congo security forces say they were forced to fire on protesters who are making their way towards a un base and benny. to another story that some ads from the prenatal meetings in london donald trump has warned the european union to shape up trade trump says the u.s. is being treated unfairly and things will get very tough for the e.u. if it doesn't change trump has already threatened tariffs on french products and response to a new french tax on technology giants he says u.s. fans like google and twitter are being targeted very well to took advantage of the american company it's going to be you know. we try to use you know we're going to be a warmth in everything you know we have a very. well our correspondent talked about that joins us now live from paris so natasha we just heard president trump there talk about wine but what sort of other
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french goods could face tariffs. well u.s. trade officials say the dozens of french good sir could face these are u.s. tariffs that would be imposed in retaliation for france's digital services tax which will affect tech giants around the world but of course namely in the united states amazon google facebook those companies say that france is digital services tax is simply unfair and it discriminates unfairly against them well what u.s. trade officials are talking about now then is imposing tariffs on goods like cheeses sparkling wine handbags beauty products makeup really some luxury items and in fact we've seen already the impact of these threats here on the french stock market shares in some major french international luxury brands such as the m h and caring ready for slightly today now u.s. trade official say that they're looking at about $2400000000.00 worth of french
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products that could face a terrace of up to 100 percent on that as we also saw the strain that the u.s. france relationship is under this morning in trump's comments about lachlan so this presumably is just going to ramp up the tension. there's already a strained relationship between the united states and france and this only makes it worse it will be interesting to see how that meeting goes between the french president and the u.s. presence that will take place shortly in london during that nato summit i can't imagine of the french presence about him are going to be very pleased with donald trump's comments and with these threats to impose these terrorist particularly pick holes it was just back in august their daughter was here in france at the g. 7 summit and agreed with a man or macro to come to a compromise and therefore not impose tariffs in retaliation of this digital services tax well it looks as if the u.s. president is going back on that promise that certainly will not make him out or
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might call happy at all and we've also heard from the european union because of course they're very worried about this and they say that they will have a coordinated response to the u.s. on behalf of france many other european countries are also considering additional services tax such as spain italy and austria because they are really worried about the power that these tech companies have and about the fact that they're not better regulated or be watching those meetings very closely thanks very much natasha about that for us in paris now the head of the european parliament delegation sent a multi-year says prime minister joseph muscat should step aside as soon as possible representatives warned against any political interference in the investigation and the 2017 murder of journalist daphne chronically the head of the mission expressed doubts about the government's credibility after meeting muscat he's announced his resignation and says he'll be gone by january. we have made it
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very clear that there is a problem this is not just between the prime minister and the maltese people this is also between malta and european union. cooperation within the european union is based on trust and i think it is very evident to everybody that that trust has been very seriously damaged i also think it's a matter of political judgment and i think everybody recognizes including the prime minister himself studies made some serious errors of judgment. and i would say that you know staying on longer than necessary is also a judgment error. well finland's prime minister resigned on tuesday after a coalition partner withdrew its support from his 5 party cabinet and he has faced fierce criticism and allegations of lying over how he dealt with a postal strike industrial action spread to finance national airline and other companies before being settled last week. now 127 people have been added in just
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24 hours in mexico that's an unprecedented number for a single day many are now questioning the president's strategy of hugs not bullets and attacking the drug cartels as al jazeera as alan fischer reports from mexico city. it'll take a while to repair the damage to view when your own city hall the memories of what happened here will last much longer. saturday afternoon a convoy of vehicles covered in the initials of a local drug cartel c.d.n. drove into town and began fighting this the authorities believe was sending a message to the regional government to. security forces surrounded the turn 60 kilometers south of the texas border by the time the gun battles ended on sunday 22 were dead 16 gunmen 4 police officers 2 civilians pictures of local politicians were riddled with bullets locals had to literally run for their lives you mustn't drown the passing yellow plastic thank you we were arriving at the plaza with our children but he began to shoot at us from the hill and we had to run in another
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direction the attacking quite ended on the day it's no been confirmed was the deadliest since mexico began keeping records 127 people were killed on december 1st the day that marked the 1st anniversary of president and today's manuel lopez obrador taking office he had promised a new approach to tackling mexico's violence and it is morning news conference claimed the incident quite realize it was unusual it's the castle this cases let's say unusual it is not something that happens in quite we'll every day we have a plan for the national guard we need 140000 guards but we only have 70000. later in the day the president met members of the law guard and family 9 of them were killed in a cocktail ambush near the u.s. border in early november we were updated on the investigation into the murders 4 people have been arrested. he didn't speak after the meeting. closes to to the
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streets on sunday to protest against the president's 1st you know office one of the largest groups demanding he give more to curb the violence u.s. president donald trump says he's begun the process to designate mexico's drug cartels as terrorist organizations mexico opposes that idea but we find itself under increasing pressure to do something about the murder rate especially if there's another day as bloody as the same for the 1st 2019 alan fischer al-jazeera mexico city for malaysian prime minister najib razak has been on the witness stand for the 1st time to defend himself against corruption allegations the high court trial has to do with a multi-billion dollar scandal at malaysia's state fund known as one m.t.b. nijhum is accused of illegally receiving about $10000000.00 when he was in office he's pleaded not guilty to all the charges which include money laundering and abuse of power now scientists say they are becoming more alarmed about just how fast the
4:42 pm
world's 2nd largest ice sheet is melting research is from the university of cambridge in the u.k. say lakes on the tops on the top of green and store glass are draining through into the ocean through holes in the ice the water under the ice the nifty the grassy area causing it to move and melt even faster we can see big changes in the greenland ice sheet. having no effect on sea level rise just 25 years ago and now it's a roughly a 3rd of all sea level rise on the planet it's from greenland alone. and so there's a very significant increase and this is an increase that's ongoing and we think it's likely to continue so it is clearly an adverse effect. and climate change is causing the expansion of us held as it in west africa locals have been planting a vast one of trains in a bid to save their land 3 years ago al jazeera visited the so-called great green wall. to see if the initiative is actually working the
4:43 pm
fight against climate change starts here on the edges of the desert villages. or planting trees they want to save their homes and farmland from the expanding desert . for this forest ranger there's a sense of looming catastrophe. so we are in a situation of grave danger if we don't plant trees we won't get the range they need to cultivate it will reduce rains have we need water to feed animals and grow food otherwise people will move. and they have already started across the cattle herders are on the move there mainly from the ethnic group and are looking for a more temperate climate to feed their animals. that's like the conflict that's fueled by armed groups such as. thousands of people have been killed in the sahara in the fighting in the past year alone but not in senegal he believes that's
4:44 pm
because of this tree planting project in 2007 senegal was among 11 african countries that pledged to plant trees and what they called a great green wall from the east to the west of the continent but 10 years on most of the countries involved have dropped out because many of the trees have been killed by drought termites and increasingly inhospitable climate temperatures are rising in rainfall dropping experts say that if all the trees that were planted for the last 40 years had survived then this would look like the amazon forest well instead it looks more like this. the aim of the program is no longer to build the great green wall because the desert is moving forward but rather to find a solution so that the communities here can adapt to the changing climate. for cynical this green wall is a long term investment for future generations achieving success now depends on
4:45 pm
finding species of trees that can be adapted to this environment. polluting countries are investing in the green wall to offset their carbon emissions under climate marketing schemes but by 2050 the global temperatures is predicted to rise by 2 degrees the desert is rapidly expanding and the villagers here say they're racing against time to save their homes and strengthen the frontline in the fight against climate change nicholas hawke senegal while thick smoke is again blanketing strangely a 2nd largest strain is the largest city i'm sorry sydney as bushfires continue to burn across the state of new south wales this tweet from rural fire service there shows a total of $116.00 fires and about a hof of them are not contained andrew thomas has more from the smoke filled streets of sydney. this type of haze is becoming regular in sydney and you can really type the smoke in the air it all comes from the bush fires that
4:46 pm
a burning both to the north of sydney and now to the west of the city in the mountains as well and those fires in these hot dry conditions and this is been the driest hottest spring in australia for many many years well they're burning last young controlled and the smoke is drifting over the city of sydney towards the coast and then with a lack of wind simply sitting on top of sydney there's no substantial rainfall cost for the forseeable future so in all likelihood the buyers will continue to buy and this smoke will continue to sit on sydney. now the defamation trial for one of silicon valley's most colorful entrepreneurs in iran musk is beginning in los angeles and also it stems from musk's online comments about one of the divers who is involved in the thai cave rescue. reports from. tomorrow billionaire yuan musk's tweets if gotten him in hot water before now they've landed him in court musk is being sued by british cave rescue diver vernon unsworth unsworth
4:47 pm
participated in the successful effort to rescue 12 boys and their coach from a flooded cave in thailand last year musk sent a robot mini submarine to thailand but unsworth said the sub was useless and musk was pulling a publicity stunt that's when musk called unsworth pedal guy on twitter implying with 0 evidence that he was a child molester unsworth later sued musk's judgment has been questioned often most came under scrutiny by regulators when he tweeted in august 28th seen that he had secured funding to take tesla he's money losing heavily indebted electric car company private with he later implied backing from the saudis there was no deal and musk was. charged with fraud and abuse and you feel you needed to not only ok to be a settlement reached with regulators required him to resign as tesla's chairman and
4:48 pm
pay a $20000000.00 fine another incident that shook investors occurred in september 28th when musk went on a live podcast and smoked some marijuana offered to him by the show's host federal law still designates cannabis as an illegal narcotic. and musk's pot full pot put his company space x. contracts with nasa in jeopardy. last month with wild with the ad fanfare months unveiled an electric pickup truck the so-called cyber truck the vehicles designed was widely mocked is appearing like something out of a teenager's video game to make matters worse months could boasted that the cyber trucks windows were bulletproof only to watch them get shattered in a live demonstration. and then go through the while musk's lawyers have
4:49 pm
argued that his tweet about un's worth wasn't really meant to imply the diver is a sexual deviant just a creepy old man is worth 'd seeking 75000 dollars in damages robert oulds al jazeera los angeles on coming up next in sports we hear from thompson coyotes as i say marino as he prepares to face the crowd at fact i mean you're a guy. hank
4:50 pm
. again it's now time for sports and joe's going to tell us about boxing in saudi arabia that's right in the books as anthony joshua and ruiz jr will hold their
4:51 pm
public workout in riyadh later at a much anticipated heavyweight title rematch the table axes are in the saudi arabian capital where they're due to fight on saturday ruiz jr is aiming to retain his w.p.a. i b f w b o and i.b.o. heavyweight world title belts but joshua wants to get his revenge after losing his belts to ruiz in new york in june. i see everything good you know i think as a country where they want to bring a lot of entertainment so i'm really excited to be here and this show off my skills and having the 1st message in any way to have another world there. is a fly in it means i don't think either one is mad so i see it this way and have a way to figure so good so be it wherever i was going to be i'm going to die never to myself a winner. so this is not the 1st heavyweight title fight to be held outside of boxing is traditional heartlands go back to 1973 in kingston jamaica george foreman
4:52 pm
became world champion by inflicting smokin joe frazier's 1st defeat of his career knocking him out in the 2nd round and year later probably the most famous of them all the rumble in the jungle in zaire the champion foreman was shocked by muhammad ali who regained the world title using the famous rope a dope tactic. to the philippines in 1905 an alley defended his crown against frazier in the thrilla in manila it was the 3rd time they fought an early one after 14 brutal rounds when frazier's corner threw in the towel fast forward 15 years to 990 and probably the biggest upset in boxing history this time in tokyo after 37 straight wins iron mike tyson was beaten for the 1st time by buster douglas and there were another big shock in 2001 at the carnival city casino in pan south africa champion lennox lewis was knocked out by the underdog hasim rahman in the 5th round jason renia says he expects
4:53 pm
a friendly welcome at his former club munches united on wednesday he took over at tottenham last month and faces united for the 1st time since they sacked him in december 28th team and not a villain not an enemy but the coach that is trying to win against manchester united as the. chess and other from it. is in the history books. of his bit like mr mandela was was saying sometime you never lose you win or. at united i won and i learned when your successor at united all are going to so she is under pressure he took over with them 6th in the premier league but after 50 games in charge their struggling down a 9th place 22 points behind leaders liverpool beats not where we want to be and we know we have to improve so we're working hard to to do put that right listen to
4:54 pm
what he's been told as well documented to be chomping at the bit to be involved would he be available more. passarelli know. argentina barcelona starlin on messi is celebrating a record 6th ballon d'or title a day after scoring his 614th goal for boss or the 32 year old reclaim the trophy he lost one in 2015 at a ceremony in paris messi beating rivals virgil van dyke and christiane and i will go to the award. it's alan striker mario balotelli can leave his current club pressure on a free transfer in january that's according to the club owner must see most chile no balotelli returns to his hometown pub back in august but he's only scored twice in the 8 league matches he's played a bottom of city hour last month he was racially abused by his frona fans just over a week ago chile no claim fellas wholly quote needed to whiten himself comments the club said were misunderstood now the owners said he wouldn't stand by the saudis
4:55 pm
way if he wanted to leave in january claim the 29 year old was not best suited to a relegation battle. more brushes struggle at the bottom of the table it's a very different story for 4th place cannery there now just 3 points behind last c.e.o. in 3rd after this incredible come from behind victory on monday with 15 minutes to go cannery were trading some doria 31 then 2 goals in 2 minutes through the level and it got even better for them in the 96 minute substitute alberto cherry heading in to make it 43 to carry sparking wild scenes at the salt arena. meanwhile in portugal porto have moved within 2 points of league leaders been ficarra thanks in part to the stunning go by one no law against relegation threaten different on monday and say luis scored with a spectacular overhead kick to know the final school. the venue for cattles arabian
4:56 pm
gulf cup semifinal with saudi arabia has been announced thursday's game will be played at the new 2022 world cup stadium. best spot in the last 4 thanks to this goal to win over the you eat the victory means castle finish 2nd in the group behind iraq saudi arabia beat defending champions oman 31 they're going. to the n.b.a. and the philadelphia $76.00 is just can't be beaten at home they beat the utah jazz by 9 points on monday just dunk by ben simmons was one of the highlights is now 10 wins from 10 home for the sixes this season. and the indiana pacers come to beat the memphis grizzlies by 13 points 7 of their players made it to double figures including dementor sub onus with this dunk elsewhere the atlanta hawks ended their 10 game losing streak with a victory over the golden state warriors. southeast asian games organizer before still a more offense off to the arrival of typhon come mori in the philippines most of
4:57 pm
the outdoor sports like beach volleyball surfing triathlon and sailing have been delayed until wednesday and thursday because of weather conditions the sea games is held in 3 casters on the island of luzon which has been hit by heavy rain and high winds all the men's football did go ahead in the middle of earlier despite a heavy downpour defending champions thailand beat laos to no to take a step closer to the semifinals. to surfing in chorus and moore has won her 4th world title after making it to the semifinals at the b.s.l. event in maui just a day earlier the hawaiian had qualified for tokyo 2020 surfing movie making its debut she was beaten in the semifinals by hull in the qualifier stephanie gilmore but that still forwards was enough to give you the trophy. all right that is useful for now will have moved the later the stars you thanks very much joe well that's it for this news hour but i'm not going anywhere so just stay with me for more of the day's news and all the action from london and the nature summit here on
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al-jazeera. a story of love family and freedom calling from i was 8 years old you were at school you heard the sounds of large explosions. and the hardships faced in captivity they came for me a midnight they told me to leave my son i said how can i assume i saw so much pain in the eyes of the other female prisoners. and they are promising coming soon on al jazeera. our planet is warming as never before with profound consequences for whole life on earth for the world's leading scientists say there is still time to act planet s.o.s. sets out the facts and the science behind the issues affecting our planet. and
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one thing the demonstrators want to apologize for what al-jazeera does we ask the questions so that we can get closer to the truth. remember a few statements in the search would 20 years doing them one of your ground troops divisions over funding strategy and trade overshadow natures $78.00 out of s. risk. and techies president has warned nacer he will oppose a baltic defense plan unless the alliance recognizes kaddish y p g fighters as terrorists. hello again i'm a stasi attain this is al jazeera live from cairo also coming up for the 1st time iran's government again.


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