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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 3, 2019 8:00pm-8:33pm +03

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on al-jazeera. essentially $28.00 including the one you're going to be. divisions over funding strategy and trade overshadow a nato 70th anniversary summit in london. i'm fully back to watching al-jazeera live from doha what happened ages from london in just a moment where turkey's president has warned nato he will oppose a baltic defense plan unless the alliance recognizes kurdish white b.g. fight is as terrorists also and this is not legal acumen the. top european human rights officials demand the immediate closure of a migrant camp in bosnia where conditions have been widely described as
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a pony and one of the world's most colorful entrepreneurs goes to court for implying a diver involved in last year's tie cave rescue was a child molester. it was a blistering press conference between u.s. president donald trump and france's leader in mannion mccoll that just ended a while ago the 2 have been sparing over a trade tag of security and other issues but they both agreed on one thing and that's the future of nato and what needs to be done to achieve long term peace in europe mccoll stood by his comments about the 70 year old military alliance being quote brain dead. i knew that night my statements read some reactions shake a little beat a lot of people act instead of mine and i have to say when you look at one but need a reason to be 1st full season delusion and please don't threaten to find yourself
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in yours but when we think about it and it's not just about money. we have to be respectful because all soldiers so full burden we share so for us coffee is also all those things. and i do believe that in such circumstances we do the. less we have to pay for quality security for. the president i i think you know that we need more flexibility and i think we both agree on that so we can use it for other things time chose. you know what specific targeting a lot of people say it was better to look at originally in the soviet union now russia but we also have other things to look at whether it's the radical islamic terrorist over there is the tremendous growth of china. let's bring in our diplomatic editor jane spaces in london covering the summit for inside james has always been talk about nato being in crisis certainly the divisions on the alliance
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in full display during that news conference between. very openly on display between these 2 leaders who both actually have been very critical of nato remember president trump some time ago said nato was obsolete president mackerel there defending his comments about nato being brain dead losing its sense of purpose and that was a comment that trump earlier on when he was with nato secretary general said was not stay disrespectful to the other members of nato setting a tone i think for a pretty uncomfortable meeting between these 2 leaders and he got even more uncomfortable when the issue of foreign fighters came up though particularly those from european nations including france that had been fighting for isola now are prisoners in syria i mean it is the number one problem in armor for a fight this is the fight for it. and you have more more fighters use is the
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reason. this is what is a great politician because i was one of the greatest non-answers over. ok because sometimes there are there you can have some television from the east side i don't think frankly from the press you see this is your government to be i'm sorry here we have more people but you don't get really because he is the number one. know to be on these groups this is why we started to discuss the past oh i believe it's true but i think any of the b.b.c. do the. moves. and james on the sidelines of this nato summit in london syria also on the agenda of talks between turkey's president at 0 on and the french german and british leaders turkey as you know is
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facing criticism over its military operation into syria targeting kurdish on gould's and watto on is seeking european bought backing for his plan to repatriate millions of syrian refugees we heard the german chancellor a short while ago james speak about what they talked about at that meeting what exactly is at stake when it comes to syria. well it's very odd to have a nato meeting like this where not only do you have an old man or woman now you've got rouse going on between various of these leaders on different subjects and on that serious subject it's very much turkey against the rest because the other nations do not share turkey's vision of syria they see turkey which is getting quite close to russia with regard to its syria policy and they are not at all comfortable with that turkish incursion in northern syria so real difficulties
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there the meeting in downing street i believe also covered some other issues that were relevant to turkey. one for example we believe that's being dissuades being discussed there is libya and the efforts to try and get peace talks going the supposed to take place in berlin but there are other differences to chancellor merkel was there with president micro one of the untold stories of this summit is how bad relations are between those 2 the french german relations not going a tall well at the moment competition between those countries countries different visions of european defense and their role in the you a very senior political figure said the media really hasn't got how bad this is and suggested to me that one of the reasons for this is that the u.k. whenever there's rivalry between france and germany normally plays a counterweight role and that of course is not happening because the brics it i
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thank you very much for that james james bays our diplomatic editor live for us in london let's show you some live pictures now from buckingham palace where world leaders have begun to arrive for a nato reception house said by the queen we've seen a number of invesco and in the last few minutes again a reception hall said by the queen for leaders on this nato summit. in london now president us neither is in london in the middle of the next in campaign there of course an opposition candidate attacking britain's prime minister for his close relationship with the us president let's bring in a dame baba now who is at a protest in london stratigraphic square against the u.s. president 19 tell us about what's been happening and who's at this protest. will fully here it's a fog a square there have been several 100 people representing a whole range of campaign issues that you might expect a visit by the u.s. president to attract there have been and see nato protesters criticizing what they
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see as the u.s. is a nuclear arms race after president trump pulled the u.s. out of an important known for liberation treaty we've got people here who are worried about the perceived racism of the u.s. president we've got people here who are talking about what might happen to food standards in the u.k. after practice it whether they would have to be aligned with u.s. standards and so on but the protests which is getting bigger and include some people who've already arrived down at buckingham palace where the nato leaders are going to be heading the protests is being headed by people who work for the public health system here known as the n.h.s. that's crucial because it is now the number one issue that people identify as swinging. affecting their vote in the upcoming election the number one issue ahead of breaks it now it's seen as a national treasure of the n.h.s. and those n.h.s.
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employees protesting a bring a message warning good faith thing but in a brics it scenario under a boris johnson government there will be pressure from the u.s. under donald trump to give u.s. firms greater access to the public health system and to allow. them. drugs companies to charge more no further than that some people in boris johnson don't have in the past advocated for the privatization of hospitals he says that's nothing to do with their policy he says rest assured that is not the n.h.s. is not for sale the leader of the labor party jeremy corbyn has been making use of that phrase in his campaigning on tuesday the leader of the liberal democrats suggested that boris johnson and president trump have been trying to talk to each other about how to deal with this visit to to avoid any damage to the election campaign president chomps said he won't be getting involved in the same sentence
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indoors for his johnson is very capable he says he wouldn't take the n.h.s. would be interested in it in it if the u.k. handed it to the u.s. on a silver platter that's in direct contrast to comments you made just a few months ago on his last visit to the u.k. there is a lot of skepticism here amongst the public and that's why the those parties who want to topple boris johnson are trying to press that button and make the most of this friendship between boris johnson and donald trump thank you for that live for us in london let's turn to other world news now any rainy and say television has a knowledge for the 1st time that people had described as riotous was shot and killed during recent protests thousands of people joined demonstrations angry over an increase in petrol prices which are set by the government human rights groups say as many as $200.00 people were killed in iraq as government though has rejected that figure putting the death toll at 13 beg has more on tehran's acknowledgement
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that security forces shot protests. the iranian official figure has pretty much remained the same but this is the 1st acknowledgement by the iranians that security forces killed protesters now this was on state media it was a lengthy report around 7 minutes long and it was very much the iranian government's version of events and a defense of the security forces the report acknowledged that there were demonstrations across the country. shiraz and even here in iran but also categorized those that were killed called some of them and rioters on bridge knives and guns that attacked military centers said that some were peaceful protesters others of a passes and some security forces and they didn't say how those passes by and civilians those peaceful protesters were killed although the spokesman for the judiciary this morning has said that it was suspicious and those bullets that
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killed those people weren't from the scripture forces but they also said that there were people killed in the south western city of mashhad read there is an arab population now the report called them separatists said that they were with guns and that they fired on security services and the security services were forced to fire back and defend themselves now very much this report that was carried on state media is saying that the security forces intervened used force to protect lives they say that rightism dogs were attempting to set fire to petrochemical plants that could have risked many lives and the report also carried interviews with what they say were. people within the neighborhood who said that look we're grateful for the scooter services intervening because many life schools have been at risk. iraq's largest parliamentary bronc says it's giving up its right to lead the nomination process for a new prime minister the ally inside iran insists it's the iraqi people who should be the ones to pick their leader prime minister submitted his resignation on
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saturday but he was saying in a caretaker capacity on monday dozens of people were wounded after security forces used live ammunition and tear gas during protests. imus international says more than 4000000 yemenis living with disabilities lack access to basic care the rights group says disabled people are most at risk because of the war between the healthy rebels and the un recognized government which is backed by a saudi u.a.e. coalition a tory gate and b. as are reports. 5 years of fighting in yemen has killed at least 10000 people strikes and all teary attacks have left many move with life changing injuries 15 year old old that was hit by a bullet. and the land of helmets and how can i go to school when the reason new support for me to be able to do that to learn since i have been injured i can't go anywhere. amnesty international says 8 out of 10 yemenis need age
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people with disabilities often face challenges accessing health care and education parents say their children face particular challenges in camps the displaced people still have father i need help with his clothes i need to make socks to cover his feet in the cold anything would be good but the most important thing is a wheelchair to move him around. 18 year old mekdad has had limited mobility in his legs since he was 2 he struggles to cope in a camp it's not designed to accommodate disabled people are turning. by craig to the toilet in the toilet people urine it on the ground i want to toilet for myself but i can access. as the war continues so does the misery the united nations has described it as the worst humanitarian crisis in the world
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documentation on the ground in yemen or at least in the 3 southern governorates that we visited indicates that there are still significant gaps in the humanitarian response that people with disabilities continue to be left behind and face challenges in accessing equal rights when it comes to health education jobs and living conditions in camps for displaced people make dad's experiences shared by thousands of yemenis like him after years of conflict all they want is for the suffering to end victoria gate and be. still ahead on al-jazeera the un warns that nearly half of zimbabwe's population is facing severe hunger. hello there pens are winter weather on its way across into mono all that and central areas of turkey plains. cloud elsewhere as working their way across iran
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but you can see as we go through wednesday it really is about that snow sweeping its way through central and eastern areas of turkey 6. a day a very cold day 3 celsius but it should be dry and bright that snow white its way south was pushing across into syria on a towards northern sections of iran so just as in a tie around the south of that we have got to a woman weather of cools mid to late twenty's celsius what a bank of these coastal areas of amman down across and yemen on its way because of this we have a system just to the east of somalia looking to bring some heavy rain as we head into thursday and we could see some coastal shows to the north because of that system meanwhile into southern africa those rains extending right way down across into bowls wanna and again into south africa now temperatures 24 celsius you in cape town on wednesday a look at those up and with the shallows and these thunderstorms rain into the. day
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and then look at the temperatures as we head to thursday no real change in johannesburg but capetown a real jump 33 degrees which is about 10 degrees above the average.
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the in. there watching al-jazeera live from doha a reminder of our top stories divisions between the u.s. and from song for display ahead of a crucial nato summit in london president trump and france's leader emmanuel rock all aspiring over trade taxes and the fights against isis on the sidelines of that nato summit syria is also on top of the 8 gend at talks between turkish president russia typewriter one and european powers at all on wants european backing for respond to repatriate millions of syrian refugees but he's facing criticism over his military operation into syria and in other news iranian state television has acknowledged for the 1st time that security forces shot and killed what it describes as why it has during recent on thai government protests human rights groups say as many as 200 people were killed. now saudi arabia's king has
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invited qatar's emir to attend the annual summit of the gulf states in riyadh next week the g.c.c. summit is scheduled to take on december the 10th saudi arabia bahrain and the united arab emirates along with egypt imposed. june 2017 the 3 boycotting gulf states have sent their football teams however to play in the ongoing arabian gulf golf cup here in doha they siding to take on at the last minute now this invitation though came as a 2 sides faceoff at the international court of justice. egypt and bahrain closed a space to qantas national airline. space restrictions violate international law and qatar has made a number of complaints to the courts after the gulf states in polls to bill kate let's bring in jamal who joins us now live from the hague where it was day 2 of the proceedings jamal i believe talk us through what happened today.
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well finally this was the chance for qatar to respond to the statements made by the blockading nations on the opening session yesterday monday where they try to justify why they believe the international court of justice should intervene after the international council or international civil aviation organization had. decided in favor of qatar saying that the blockade in countries should cease they are prevention of qatari errors aircraft from flying over there are space and landing gear in there are airports through its counsel today said that what was taking place was not just a breach of international law but dismissed the statements made by egypt saudi arabia the united arab emirates on behaving as simply a smokescreen to justify their illegal action for more on this i'm joined by professor william we're start from the hague school of law what do you make of this
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unprecedented case and what we've heard from both sides in their initial hearings over the past 48 hours then did it is such an unusual case actually this idea of an appeal from one international organization to another one this is only happened one time in dark history of this course of this court so this is really unusual the civil international civil aviation organization is only dealt with these types of questions a few times and has never reached an actual decision again very unusual then we listen to the arguments that we have today really technical stuff jurisdiction is this body really judicial rather negotiations all this it sounds incredibly dry but has such huge importance for the outcome whether or not this other organization the international civil aviation organization whether it can open up the airways again so interesting case with massive import you're talking about procedure and technicalities but in essence this is a political case the 4 countries decided to take these measures to try and in force
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their policies now what's strange is that we're seeing a bit of. mixed messages coming out so on the one hand the basis of the blockade in countries coming to the i.c.j. is they're saying that which is the international organization was politicizing gets body by taking this decision but at the same time they're actually saying that the reason why they took these decisions was for political reasons how is this going to play out in terms of the decision that's being made and what can we expect the judges to come out with after the hearings finished on friday well you know every decision that comes before the court for a resolution everyone has political sides to it this one is intensely political of course but the court is not a stranger to that and the court has stepped into the separation wall between israel palestine they've dealt with posts of oh they're dealing with russia in crimea they're going to deal with genocide next week so they're very accustomed to dealing with these highly political context the key for them though is to look over
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the whole terrain and to set aside the politics and say do we see a legal issue if we see that we can speak on that and we can set aside all the politics thank you very much professor william as you hear. it is a complex case at least in the sense of its nature for countries blocking off airspace essentially imposing collective punishment at least on the civil side of things but for political reasons it's something that's taken a very long time to reach through the courts behind me here and it's likely to drag on for a few more weeks if not months before we get a final decision. at the hague thank you very much for that. now with winter in full force the council of europe's human rights chief says a makeshift refugee camp in bosnia must be shut down hundreds of people are living in miserable conditions in the camp on top of an old landfill site there sheltering
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in an insulated tents and have no access to sanitation or the said mrs austin authorities say they can't move the residents until a suitable alternative scientists found. explosive think that this is not a place full of human beings. as a person and. this is going to mean coming here and really ashamed. like this exists in our country. reports now from sarajevo the 1st snow brought new problems to the already problematic country. in the northwestern part of bosnia tents are flooded everything is muddy the cold is an issue all by itself around 600 migrants and refugees in the camp refuse this morning to eat the meal is provided by the local red cross volunteers are doubtful whether the conditions in the camp could be worse the council's commissioner for human rights visited the camp today and she said that it should be closed
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immediately the problem is that the authorities can't seem to figure out where to put the migrants the previous plans of the central government in sarajevo failed because of the refusal of the designated local communities to have migrant camps within their jurisdiction is the latest plan is to transfer the refugees and migrants to 2 military compounds near to the insoluble although the local communities are reluctant this plan is still to be declined or implemented. now the defamation trial of one of silicon valley's most colorful entrepreneurs is getting underway in a sanjaya scene and mosque is being sued for $75000.00 in damages by a british diver involved in the 2800 cave rescue in thailand musk send a robot mini submarine in an effort to help but the very non unsworth said it was useless and a publicity stunt in response musk called on it's worth a paedo guy on twitter let's bring in rob reynolds who is at the courthouse in los
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angeles so how did this matter wind up in court rob. first thing i wanted to tell you is that while the trial was due to begin almost 25 minutes ago now. mr musk has not yet arrived we haven't seen any sign of him and when our producer went into the courtroom just a few minutes ago he was not there so we don't know whether he's running late whether it's los angeles traffic or whether he doesn't intend to show up but will we'll see now this case rule out of a incident that really captivated the world in 2018 the rescue of 12 always and their coach from a flooded tie cave complex and the way that this came about was that the last sent a robot submarine to help in the rescue one of the chief rescue divers burden on
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said that the sub would be useless because it couldn't negotiate all the tight corners and u. turns in the case passengers. so he sort of brusquely dismissed it. must then went on twitter calling him a paedo guy which was apparently a reference to. pedophilia and wall lust later. apologized for that vernon unsworth decided to sue so here we are today so what is going to be on mosques defense then. his lawyers have said that vernon unsworth is simply seeking money that this is a. money grab in their words and that the truth will come out for his part musk's lawyers have said that. for his part excuse me vernon unsworth lawyers 'd have said that musk is
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a dick divin finn skinned billionaire who's obsessed with his public relations image so they're asking for $75000.00 which seems like a pretty nominal amount to demand in damages from a band lost who is reputedly worth 24000000000 dollars but that's where things stand today all right thank you for that rob reynolds of course we'll check in with you later to find out whether or not a non mosque showed up in court today there in los angeles thank you for the moment rob now extreme weather and an economic crisis have left nearly half of zimbabwe's population facing severe hunger the u.n. is warning that the country is on the brink of starvation with women and children the hardest hit now expanding to more than double the number of people it helps as many as 7000000 are in need of aid the situation is only expected to get worse with little rain expected before the april harvests. extreme weather in an economic
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motorhome have pushed those people into severe hunger and for a country that used to be the bread basket of southern africa the situation is nothing short of tragic there's no other way of putting it the crisis is being exacerbated by a dire shortage of foreign currency runaway inflation mounting unemployment lack of fuel prolonging power outages and large scale living life stock losses and launch a fire in a factory in sudan's capital has killed at least $23.00 people and injured more than $100.00 more it broke out after an explosion at a tile manufacturing plant in north khan 2 cars that were possibly have a factory also caught fire it's not clear yet what caused the explosion. former malaysian prime minister najib razak has been on the witness stand for the 1st time to defend himself against corruption allegations the trial in the high court has to
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do with a multi-billion dollar scandal at malaysia's state funds known as one m d b is accused of illegally receiving about $10000000.00 when he was in office his speed is not guilty to all the charges which include money laundering and abuse of power. so again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera divisions between the u.s. and if france on full display ahead of a crucial nato summit in london president trump and france's leader in mannion mike or sparring over trade taxes in the fight against eisel but they agreed on the need to broaden the scope of nato. i don't use it as a mark my statement read some predictions shakily be a lot of people i don't mind and i have to see when you get one but me too the 1st full. season the issue isn't a problem to remind us of the news but when we think about it and it is noticeable
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. enough to be respectful it is also old news the full burden sharing the full scope of the use of all this money. and i do believe that in such simple terms we do the. less we have the police the security. the president i i think you will be more flexibility rather than we both agree on that so we can use it for other things that she has but you know what a specific target you know a lot of people say it was better to remove your original use soviet union now russia but we also have other things to look at whether it's the radicals well occurs or there is a tremendous growth of china. meanwhile turkey's president is threatening to oppose nato his plans for the defense of baltic countries and poland russia on is demanding the alliance recognized that turkey is fighting in northern syria as
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terrorists in other news iran's state television has acknowledged for the 1st time that security forces shot and killed what it describes as rioters during recent anti-government protests human rights groups say as many as 200 people were killed with winter in full force the council of europe's human rights chief says a makeshift refugee camp in bosnia must be shut down hundreds of people and living in miserable conditions in the camp on top of an old landfill site voz in authority say they can't move the residents entail a suitable alternative scientists found those are the headlines on al-jazeera i'll be back with the al-jazeera news hour in under 30 minutes time coming up next here it's inside story stay that's.
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is nato's still relevant cracks at the wells log just military alliance it's 70th birthday of the member states differences and what could happen if they don't this is inside story. of the program. the world's biggest military alliance is facing a crisis the united states kind of than 10 european nations formed nato at the end of the 2nd world war 2. rats.


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