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ana. i really felt liberated as a journalist was. going to the truth was that i would love for this job. aligns divisions on show donald trump and emmanuel mccall go head to head as the nato summit begins or some countries that are folks really there has never been you know so if you're going to be dealt with. this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. in a rare admission iran's government admits people were shocked and killed during november's fuel price protests. washington unveils new terrorists targeting billions of dollars worth of french goods in response to france's new digital tax.
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cracks are appearing in the world's biggest alliance well the leaders are in london for the 70th anniversary of nato and divisions among the nations are becoming clear u.s. president donald trump and french president. clashed on several points in trading nato's role and the return of foreign fighters from syria the practical to the change phase begins our coverage. it's supposed to be nato's 70th birthday but there's no celebration instead an atmosphere of disagreement and division with the u.s. president who once called the alliance obsolete now saying he fears that france might leave nato and i heard the president you know to break i think it's very sobering to a lot of different for. very crowded room. when you make
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a statement like that is a very very very nasty statement to essentially 20. 1 of the countries those comments were particularly pointed as president trump's next public meeting was with the french president there were uncomfortable moments when they were asked about european countries including france not taking back their nationals no prisoners in syria having fought for eisel. this. is. what you were looking at. her in october i discovered that mom i'm on this coming from. iran really. is through this. i just i mean you wrote this is all over the region you know number one problem of the 4 and 5 this is the fine print. and you have one more
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like you this is the beat and this is where he swears politician is that was one of the greatest financial is. ok the trouble disagreements are not the only ones at this summit the french leader attacked turkey because of its recent incursion targeting that could see in northern syria to see if. this indeed i feel will be part of the. we needed to keep. they now are fighting against those who fight with. charlatans. turkey's president or one later met with his u.k. host prime minister johnson as well as president macro and the german chancellor merkel he's threatening to block nato has plans to protect poland and the baltic states unless others agree with him on syria james outside buckingham palace where
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queen elizabeth is hosting the nato leaders at a reception at london residence how bad are these divisions james i think nato is pretty badly divided and the divisions of there for all of us to see that out there in the open you have president trump against the rest when it comes to the budgets of the nato countries these linking all of that with international trade you see moments ago the tension between president trump and president macro then you've got president against the rest i think with regard to syria and also the fact that he's much more cozy with russia than the other countries here but there are other divisions too one senior european political figure told me recently that you the media are not really watching what's going on with regard to the divisions between germany and france both within nato and in the you without the u.k. who normally plays a counterweight to those 2 in the you with them tied up with brics it that division
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is getting very bad as well and of course the u.k. involved in an election and because of brics it also has tensions with its european allies so it is i think now a place full of division in fact i describe the nato alliance right now as a multi dimensional mess james bass thank you very much indeed. situation in syria was on the agenda some nato leaders met the u.k. prime minister at his residence in downing street to paul brennan is there and joins us now so what do they come up with on syria. where many of the leaders will be returning here within the next hour you can hear valid compter of my head at the moment there's been a reception taking place at buckingham palace as you know and there was a meeting a kind of quadrilateral meeting between the leaders of britain france germany and turkey here at downing street mid-afternoon the main topic of that meeting was syria a particular cause of concern for nato for several reasons 1st of all because of the actions of america and turkey to nato members who. acted
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without consulting the other members of nato when america 1st of all decided to pull its troops out of northern syria and turkey then launching a military offensive into northern syria none of which was done through a consultative process with the other members and some of the members particularly france not happy at the prospect that nato might be dragged into a conflict if it escalated with russia against its will essentially so the talk of syria was very important a lot of it was about the return of civilians to that northern syria area syria which turkey says it's has made safe by its presence in that sort of buffer zone that it's created along the border of turkey and syria i have to say that there's some skepticism angela merkel came out after that meeting and said that from her point of view it would really be the u.n.h.c.r. that would be responsible for returning any residents of syria back into syria into
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that suppose it safe zone she wasn't happy about nato being responsible for us and of course this is all against the backdrop of tensions as you heard in james's report there kind of 3 way presidential tensions between france america and turkey as to how turkey fits in. to the nato framework overall with its purchase of the s 400 from russia and also its kind of its unilateral actions in the threats the turkey has had to veto the protection that nato wants to offer to those baltic states so it's been a difficult diplomatic day here head of that main meeting which will take place on wednesday night's meeting which the leaders will hope will be a lot more convivial perhaps giving the chance more to talk about strategy and direction as opposed to the into fighting that they've had on the on a diplomatic level so far in the course of today already and thank you very much.
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for history taking place in london against the meeting of the nature latest let's cross to nadine baba sanity and how big are those protests were lower and they are very small compared to the protests that accompany previous visits here by president trump a few 100 people here very close to buckingham palace where there's no major leaders of very vocal presenting a whole range of issues there are a lot of pro kurdish protesters here denouncing the president there are members of campaign against the the campaign when you clear disarmament and stop all coalition denouncing nato as an organization but symbolically the protests being led by people who work for britain's public health system the n h s and to chew on tuesday for donald trump rather addressed fears from people at these protests this that's part of the n.h.s. would be sold off to american companies for the future trade deal he said he didn't know where anyone got that idea and that he would be interested even if it were handed to him on
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a silver platter what they called the idea from his own press conference in the summer when he was here when he said it would be on the table the opposition the labor party leader jeremy corbin and now the leader of the liberal democrats certainly have said they don't trust donald trump's word or boris johnson on that matter people close to boris johnson including his current foreign secretary have admitted that in future american drug companies might be able to charge higher prices to the n.h.s. and this is a crucial issue in the general election campaign ahead of the vote on december the 12th donald trump says he's not going to get involved in that campaign for fear of doing damage but he's already come out and said that he thinks boris johnson is very capable and basically got him even though he's wary and he's being told not to intervene in teen mom i thank you very much.
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iranian state television is acknowledged for the 1st time that people were shot and killed during recent protests over petrol prices thousands took part in demonstrations across iran in november which began after the government hiked the price of fuel by as much as 300 percent cars and buildings including banks were burnt and the city international says at least 208 people were killed in the protests tehran rejects that number and didn't give any figures of its own on state television the demonstrations were the biggest in iran since 2009 asad big has more on tehran's admission and its defense of the country's security forces. the iranian official figure has pretty much remain the same but this is the 1st acknowledgement by the iranians that security forces killed protesters now this was carried on state media it was 'd a lengthy report around 7 minutes long and it was very much the iranian government's version of events and the defense of the security forces the report
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acknowledged that there were demonstrations across the country. shiraz and even here in iran but also categorized those that were killed it called some of them codes and rioters bridge knives and guns that attacked military centers said that some were peaceful protesters others were passes by and some security forces and they didn't say how those passes by and civilians those peaceful protesters were killed although the spokesman for the judiciary this morning has said that it was suspicious and those bullets that killed those people weren't from the scooter forces but they also said that there were people killed in the south western city of mashhad where there is an arab population now the report called them separatists said that they were on with guns and that they fired and security services and the security services were forced to fire back and defend themselves now very much this report that was carried on state media is saying that the
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security forces intervened used force to protect lives they say that rightism dogs were attempting to set fire to petrochemical plants that could have risked many lives and the report also kate interviews with what they say were people within the neighborhood who said that look we're grateful for the scooter services intervening because many lives could have been at risk. amnesty international says more than 4000000 people living with disabilities in yemen lack access to basic care the rights group says disabled people are most at risk because of the war between the rebels and the un recognized government which is backed by a saudi u.a.e. coalition dora gave the reports. 5 years of fighting in yemen has killed at least 10000 people as strikes and artillery attacks have left many more with life changing injuries 15 year old that was hit by a bullet of that man made their way out of 10 minutes and how can i go to school
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when the reason no support for me to be able to do that to learn since i have been injured i can't go anywhere and. amnesty international says 8 out of 10 yemenis need age people with disabilities often face challenges accessing health care and education parents say their children face particular challenges in camps the displaced people. have father ok i need help with his clothes i need to make socks to cover his feet in the cold anything would be good but the most important thing is a wheelchair to move him around. 18 year old make dad has had limited mobility in his legs since he was 2 he struggles to cope in a camp that's not designed to accommodate disabled people. and. i crawled to the toilet in the toilet people urine it on the ground i want to toilet for myself but i can access. as the war continues so does the misery
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the united nations has described it as the worst humanitarian crisis in the world make dad's experiences shared by thousands of yemenis like him after years of conflict all they want is for the suffering to end victoria gate and be. still to come on al-jazeera our report from the philippines where some areas have been devastated. by typhoon cameron. on a tweet that some trial a silicon valley entrepreneur a young musk heads to court accused of defamation. still quiet weather across central parts of europe but some of the lively storms down towards the southeast some wintry weather actually sliding down across turkey there it's in the central palls we have high pressure in china light winds so mr fogel
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lingering into the middle part of the day early part of the afternoon for some they've got these weather systems trying to roll their way in and just mix things up a little over the next day sunday mixed up downs was that western side of the mediterranean color an active area of low pressure here is swirling away bringing some heavy showers some thunder showers into that eastern side of spain temperatures madrid just 12 degrees celsius there but the valley area still seeing some very wet and windy weather the quater weather the light winds is to say further north so struggling all the time which is least dry the 5 celsius in paris 7 celsius that for london just getting about freezing the into vienna there's a wintry mix down towards. pushing through greece because some rain hippa snow with the high ground clearing through brought us guys come back in behind the 4 celsius in ankara some wetter whether they're cool central pos in the mediterranean by that stage and still some rather whether they're just around that eastern side of spain
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some of those showers longer spells of rain will affect the fall northwest of africa before the reste is fun and dry. when is the last time you out on the streets protesting whether online you feel the weight of the system going to walk through each and every level or layer further further into the jail or if you join us on say. has to start from day one whether again you're in detention or you're in part this is a dialogue everyone has a voice. i want to give people the reason for joining the global conversation is iraq.
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or mind of the top stories here now jazeera divisions between u.s. president donald trump and his french counterpart. are on display at a nato meeting in london the 2 leaders have spotted a trade taxes and also fighters returning to europe. world leaders have arrived at buckingham palace to meet the queen that says protesters gather trafalgar square to demonstrate against u.s. president visit to london. and amnesty international says more than 4000000 people living with disabilities in yemen lack access to basic care rights group says disabled people are most at risk because of the ongoing war. promises foreign minister says there will be a strong e.u. response if the u.s. hits luxury french goods with tariffs of up to 100 percent the u.s. is proposing tariffs on $2400000000.00 of french goods including champagne cheese handbags and cosmetics they say it's retaliation for
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a 3 percent digital tax on tech firms earning more than $27000000.00 in revenue in france that would impact around 30 companies including google amazon and facebook. french luxury stocks dropped following the announcement m.s. and caring the owners of gucci dipped 1.7 percent in paris but french and european firms continue to dominate the market louis of utah has just acquired tiffany's the iconic american jewelry brand for most $17000000000.00 their share price dropped almost 2 percent following the u.s. announcement with french president emmanuel michel and the us president donald trump sake they hope they can find a solution to the dispute if you will still lose some of the i'm confident in the fact that we will be able to find a solution to get our i have not been part of the comments that they proposed but for my part i am determined to defend the interests of my country and the european union and do so would be greatest respect for the united states of america as the
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president as we tax why are the taxes well we'd rather than do that but that's the way it works or to work we'll work out. beneficial to us. the tax will be substantial. i'm not interested in how to do that. but actually butler has more from paris. shops on this paris streets are selling many all the sort of products that u.s. trade officials say could have us terrorists and that is the problem things like luxury cheeses wines also luxury fashion products handbags beauty products and makeup now u.s. trade officials say that these terrorists would be in retaliation for france's digital services tax now this is a tax on a big tech companies but the president of the united states donald trump says that this tax is simply unfair and discriminates against big u.s. firms such as google and facebook well donald trump had an opportunity to discuss
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this with the french president the matter micron the sidelines of the nato summit in london where it was quite clear that the 2 do not see eye to eye checks on their american car if the take off is. there nothing to reveal because they're not exactly for me but that's ok we're very very close. and we want yes very much so we want out of the surface of the because it. is the present tense we tax why that actually. works rather than do that but that's the way it works much in my part i'm determined to defend the interests of my country and of the european union and i do so with the greatest respect for the united states of america while several e.u. countries including spain the united kingdom and italy are also looking at imposing a similar digital services tax to the one that france has put in place but there is no doubt that this dispute between the u.s.
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and france really has further soured relations between the 2 countries. the saudi king has invited katter's emir to attend the annual summit of gulf states in riyadh next week the g.c.c. summit is shuttle to take place on december 10th saudi arabia bahrain and the united arab emirates along with egypt imposed an air land and sea blockade on qatar in june 20173 boycotting gulf states have also sent their football teams to play in the ongoing arabian gulf cup in qatar. a top european human rights official is demanding the immediate closure of a makeshift camp on bosnia herzegovina as border with croatia hundreds of refugees and migrants a stranded there in freezing conditions and there are fears of a humanitarian crisis nicol a gauge of guilt. inside this temporary camp near the bulls me in town of. migrants huddle around a fire to keep warm with temperatures dropping they're facing freezing conditions
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little food and an uncertain future for people very. big problem there are barely any facilities for the hundreds of people who've been here since the camp was set up in june. the conditions have most and since snowy started to full with tents giving way to the elements he says. we can expect an increase in diseases in the coming few days these people need to be taken care of all of their rights are violated here. it's led to protests in the camp with people now refusing any food or water human rights groups say the only option is to close it down immediately. called was uncomfortable these conditions are not fit for human beings this is shameful i cannot believe something like this has been set up hey i'm talking about our history about everything we were for all who wear
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refugees this come must be closed today. both mia has struggled to helles thousands of refugees and migrants who have arrived here in the past 2 years from the middle east africa and asia the government says it is looking at relocating them but that may not happen for another month. or are we have agreed to use the army barracks outside sarajevo as a new place where the migrants i think within the next 20 days to a month at this location will receive its 1st migrants our priority is to move all these migrants into the barracks many here are hoping for change before the winter conditions get worse gauge al-jazeera. extreme weather and an economic crisis have left nearly half of zimbabwe's population facing severe hunger the u.n. is warning that the country is on the brink of starvation with women and children the hardest hit to play into more than double the number of people it helps to more than 4000000 but as many as 7000000 are in need of aid
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a situation is only expected to get worse with little rain expected before the april harvest. at least 2 people have been killed in the philippines by a devastating typhoon that forced nearly a quarter of a 1000000 people from their homes typhon community has flooded villages tall roofs from buildings and severely damaged an airport is the 20th storm to hit the country this year from a province in the central philippines to mainland began reports. maury badger the beagle region in central philippines for more than 10 hours the wind was violent and harsh and incessant rain drenched the province of i'll buy for people here so food come more reason landfall at night brought fear and despair. and the morning brought no respite cynthia blew out the is devastated her home
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is destroyed. we evacuated i moved to the center with my children at 4 am i came back to check on my home barely anything is left by then no way to get the money to rebuild it again with the wall was built to protect villagers perms farm. but more than a 100 homes were the void monday night by their preparations there was no stopping the record come more of the raw. power lines are down the airport and seaports have suffered severe damage. more than a 100000 people were evacuated before hit many expect they'll have to live in the evacuation center for weeks if not months. we have been doing the seeing and of course yours and of course the majority of the people will always. but there are many areas across the beagle region affected by typhoon come worry that remain
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cut off the government says it is doing all it can to reach them and get aid to those who need it most it took cynthia more than 13 years to rebuild her home after another devastating typhoon in 2006 typhoon durian left more than a 1000 people dead and more than 600 missing. it was a tragedy that cynthia had hoped would not be repeated. she says life can be unfair especially for people who don't have much anyway. she has no choice now but to start all over again jim duggan al-jazeera central philippines. the us house democrats released their report laying out the case for the impeachment of donald trump the report says the u.s. president who's meeting nato leaders in london used the powers of his office to solicit foreign interference on his behalf in the 2020 election it says the phone
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call between trump and the ukrainian president was quote a dramatic crescendo of a months long campaign to extract what it called quote personal political benefits . california center kamala harris says announced she is ending her bid in the 2020 democratic presidential race harris was once considered a front runner in the crowded democratic field but she's been overtaken by several of her rivals including elizabeth warren and people to judge she was an outspoken critic of republican president donald trump's immigration policies. the defamation trial for one of the united states' most high profile business men eat on mask is underway in los angeles the owner of founder of tesla cars and space x. is being sued by a british diver who helped in last year's cave rescue in thailand reports from a centuries. tamara billionaire iran musk's tweets if gotten him in hot water
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before now they've landed him in court musk is being sued by british cave rescue diver vernon un's worth on worth participated in the successful effort to rescue 12 boys and their coach from a flooded cave in thailand last year musk sent a robot mini submarine to thailand but unless worth said the sub was useless and musk was pulling a publicity stunt that's when musk called unsworth petto guy on twitter implying with 0 evidence that he was a child molester unsworth later sued musk's judgment has been questioned often must came under scrutiny by regulators when he tweeted in august 28th that he had secured funding to take tesla he's money losing heavily indebted electric car company private with he later implied backing from the saudis there was no deal and musk was charged with fraud and abuse on you tube your i didn't know you didn't
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really know a settlement reached with regulators required him to resign as tesla's chairman and pay a $20000000.00 fine another incident that shook investors occurred in september 28th ened when musk went on a live podcast and smoked some marijuana offered to him by the show's host federal law still designates cannabis as an illegal narcotic. and musk's pot for pot put his company space x. contracts with nasa in jeopardy. last month with wildly the ad fanfare must unveiled an electric pickup truck the so-called cyber truck the vehicles designed was widely mocked is appearing like something out of a teenager's video game to make matters worse most boasted that the cybertron. windows were look proof only to watch them get shattered in
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a live demonstration the ha ha i think. the wild musk's lawyers have argued that his tweet about unsworth wasn't really meant to imply the diver is a sexual deviant just a creepy old man. 'd is seeking $75000.00 in damages robert oulds al-jazeera los angeles. am on a top stories on our jazeera divisions between us president donald trump and his french counterpart emanuel michael are on display at a nato meeting in london today it is spa day of a trade taxes and i saw fighters returning to europe trump also criticized because earlier comments that nato is brain dead. and i heard the president of the grounds are nearer the greater i think its roots are going through a lot of different ports in britain many drugs. will make you feel like that
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is a very very very nasty state and to essentially 20. 1 of your country's. on the sidelines of that nato summit syria was top of the agenda in talks between the turkish president. and european powers at iran is seeking european backing for his plan to repatriate millions of syrian refugees but he's facing criticism over his military operation into syria. nature leaders have been visiting buckingham palace to meet the queen well that says protesters gather at trafalgar square to demonstrate against u.s. president donald trump's visit to london. france's foreign minister says there will be a strong a year response if the u.s. gets luxury french goods like champagne cheese and beauty products with tariffs of up to 100 percent the tariffs are in retaliation for french digital tax
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iranian state television has acknowledged for the 1st time that people were shot and killed during recent protests over petrol prices amnesty international says at least $208.00 people were killed in the protests tehran rejects that number and didn't give it any figures of its own on state television extreme weather and an economic crisis serve left nearly half of zimbabwe's population facing severe hunger the u.n. is warning that the country is on the brink of starvation with women and children hardest hit it's planning to more and double the number of people it helps to move 4000000 as many as 7000000 are in need of aid the situation is only expected to get worse with little rain expected before the april harvest there's a top stories do stay with us the stream is up next by for now.
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i have any ok and i'm really glad when you're in the stream the sex trade is a nightmare for the millions of women and girls who fall into it but surviving is unhealthy battle and irani devan on the chapter of the comic book series pre-i shakti india's 1st woman super hero and the rape survivor returns to shed light on the challenges survivors face on trying to get back to a normal life today we meet the woman behind priya and the last goals. to series was born in the aftermath of the brutal gang rape and murder of a young woman on a bus in delhi in 22.


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