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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 4, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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the impeachment of a u.s. president after weeks of hearings democrats lay out their case against donald trump but we do know this without any doubt and that is the present united states solicited foreign interference in our election. alone barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up an alliance divided donald trump and a mantle of a crown go head to head as the nato summit begins in a rare admission iran's government concedes that people were shot and killed during november's and fuel price protests and disabled in yemen how the war has affected
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health services for those in them for most. welcome to the program we begin in the u.s. where house democrats have released their much anticipated report laying out the case for the impeachment of donald trump the report says the u.s. president who was meeting nato leaders in london use the powers of his office to solicit foreign interference on his behalf in the 2020 lection it says the phone call between trump and the ukrainian president was a dramatic crescendo of a months long campaign to extract what it called personal political benefits well the chairman of the house intelligence committee spoke shortly after the report was released. this report chronicles a scheme by the president lied states to coerce an ally ukraine that is at war with an adversary russia into doing the pleasure of the president's political dirty work
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it involves a scheme in which donald trump withheld official acts a white house meeting as well as hundreds of millions of dollars of needed military assistance in order to compel that power to deliver to investigations that he believed would assist his reelection campaign let's cross over now to head the show castro who is on capitol hill for us i'm heidi i lot of what adam schiff said during the news conference we sort of knew about the report because of the public hearings but what are the next steps now. it barbara so what we're seeing now in this report isn't so much new information as you point it out for those who've been paying attention it's something that's really rehashing what the witnesses happened saying for weeks laying out the evidence that trump allegedly of the use the power of his office but what is new here is framing it in the context of u.s. history we heard chairman adam schiff the house intelligence committees chairperson
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talk about how the framers of the us constitution invision using impeachment as an important tool to hold the president accountable and what's interesting too is that when you see the republican rebuttal because they also came up with their own report which. understandably is a very different read on the evidence they also frame it in those wider grander terms claiming to be protecting the american people in their decision to have a duly elected president and president trump so where does this go now well a lot of it depends on what the people those american people remain evenly divided according to the latest polls on whether or not to impeach and remove trump exactly what way they will swing we know that through the months leading up to this there has been very little movement on people's opinions which has really just follow
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along their partisan while ts and with washington as divided as it is and as greater u.s. public also divided it's really it'll be interesting to see whether or not these reports move any minds and most people are saying that likely it will not and meanwhile the president is in long the for the 70th anniversary of nato facing divisions of the alliance there but staying in the u.s. what reaction of any of we had from the white house over the. sure while the white house spokeswoman issued a statement in response to the democrats' impeachment report she called it all a sham she can compare the writing of this 300 page report to that of a blogger in a basement trying to make these accusations against the president stick and she is really being supported by the opinions of other republicans who say that the president did nothing wrong in this and it's interesting when you see the
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republicans rebuttal looking at that very same table set of evidence they say that that trump did nothing wrong in this phone call they say that even using his private attorney as a surrogate in carrying out policy with ukraine although some republicans have said that they were disturbed by that in their official report they say there's nothing wrong with that either how does your pastor with his from capitol hill heidi thank you. well as we mentioned president trump is in london where cracks are appearing in the world's biggest alliance world leaders are gathered in the british capital for the 70th anniversary of nato and divisions among the nations are becoming clear the u.s. president and the french president clashed on several points including mentals role
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and the return of foreign fighters from syria our diplomatic editor james bays begins our coverage. it's supposed to be nato 70th birthday but there's no celebration instead an atmosphere of disagreement and division with the u.s. president who once called the alliance obsolete now saying he fears that france might leave nato and i heard the president you know the greater i think it's very sobering to a lot of different we're in pretty demanding a pretty crowded room. when we make a statement like that is a very very very nasty statement to essentially 20. 1 of the countries those comments were particularly pointed as president trump's next public meeting was with the french president there were uncomfortable moments when they were asked about european countries including france not taking back the nationals no prisoners in syria having fought for eisel. right to do
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it is easy to say when you want to be safe. during october and it is your mom and i believe from the c.e.o. on the right really. is through this for advice coming from europe this is really. the big number one problem of the foreign fight this is the i. really. you have one more like to use is he. this is where he. is i was one of the great managers ok. ok the trouble disagreements are not the only ones at this summit the french leader attacked turkey because of its recent incursion targeting the kurds in northern syria to see. this in the feel of the arms of the. move to keep. they now are fighting
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against those who fight with. charlotte. turkey's president later met with his u.k. host prime minister johnson as well as president marc raul and the german chancellor merkel he's threatening to block nato has plans to protect poland and the baltic states unless others agree with him on syria. despite all the different scenes which exist and which we have to address and we also have to discuss the future of nato and things we have in common strategically but i am relatively optimistic about this meeting on top of all the other problems i'm told there is currently considerable tension between chancellor merkel and president mark roll over european defense and europe's role in nato the state of the alliance right now is full of division it is
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a multi dimensional mess james. london. well protests have been taking place in london against a meeting of nato leaders and the has more. with these protests has brought together people campaigning on a variety of issues denouncing donald trump some of them belong to antiwar groups like the stop the war coalition on the campaign for nuclear disarmament denouncing nato and its policies there are kurdish and pro kurdish protesters here. protesting the actions of president do on particularly in syria but it symbolically being led by people who work for britain's national health service the n.h.s. the public health system which according to the protesters is under threat in the future in a trade deal between president and prime minister johnson and they're saying 30 it's clear that the u.s. in such a trade deal would put pressure on the on britain to allow greater access for
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american pharmaceutical companies to sell their products at a higher price boris johnson says that's nonsense that the n.h.s. would not be for sale this is crucial because it's the number $1.00 issue that the public identified in the election campaign even ahead of breck's it at the moment the conservatives are around 10 percent ahead in the opinion polls but if there is a sweep up if president charm does actually go further in his statements that could harm boris johnson's prospects. iranian state television has acknowledged for the 1st time that people it describes as rioters were shot and killed during recent protests thousands of people joined demonstrations are angry over an increase in petrol prices human rights groups say that as many as 200 people were killed as a bank has more now from tehran. iran has acknowledged what many here already know security services killed protesters during demonstrations last month
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my son and that in just 8 media broadcast the iranian government's side its report describes some of those involved in the protests as writers and thugs armed with firearms and knives in the southwestern city of musharraf there are media reports alleging a massacre took place but iran says they were dealing with separatist elements who had an ulterior motive i've got a new one is on one's own now blood xin if the military forces and police didn't interfere not only the lives of people in this region would have been in danger but also the imports of essential goods into the country from port would have been jeopardized since the number of trucks had been reduced to 400 a day this caused the security forces and the police to get involved to protect the peace for the people the authorities insist some protesters were armed and were firing at security services. to the rights are where the hostile groups were hiding issuing at the police but thank god their own forces vigilantly came to the
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fields and foiled their plot and. it's still unclear how many people were killed amnesty international say it's more than $200.00 a figure the government rejects so. i can tell you that the numbers and figures given by hostile groups about the deaths in iran's recent protests a shia lies real statistics a seriously different from what by and outs and numbers a far less than what they climbed. but united states president donald. and had his own figures around that is killing perhaps now. people right now as we speak that's why they got off the internet so they got the internet for people to see what's going on the violence is the worst the country has witnessed for decades the u.s. presence intervention will not be welcome here in iran it will further fuel the government's claim that it's like forces will be behind some of the troubles there's a feeling here that the at the number of those killed will eventually be known for
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now the rain and government says security forces acted to protect lives but some peaceful protesters were also killed in what they called suspicious circumstances. al-jazeera that wrong. still to come on al-jazeera where in the eastern democratic republic of congo where hospitals are struggling to keep up with the number of people injured silicon valley entrepreneur a long mosque heads to court accused of framing and dressed. how i once again will perth australia earliest 40 degree december day on record to say some very high temperatures into that western australia it's going to stay pretty woman to go on through the next couple of days actually logically interac
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lost much of southern australia down to was the southeast well it's been about the snow that was seen over the high ground recently this cold front here that's been rattling its way through winds coming in from a southerly or southwest direction really picked those temperatures back over there will recover a little as we go through the next couple of days but 21 celsius in melbourne is still a couple of threes below the seasonal average warm enough there in perth around $29.00 celsius the bush. this continues a call center good parts of eastern australia will see temperatures here picking up to 33 as root. well worn through with a 35 that embrace been still pretty hot there in perth 38 celsius on thursday afternoon with more hot sunshine rolling through maine while because it's a cloud rolling across new zealand prices guys talking back in behind will see temperatures getting up to around 24 degrees celsius that's the cross just a fad bit of rain moving across the south as we go on through wednesday but dry to
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the north. global food production is waste and streaming our planet. but pioneers are adapting with new food sources jellyfish is delicious with a very light seafood taste and a texture. and innovative production techniques. i have seen a vertical farm before i would never in a restaurant have to say this is great earthrise feeding the 1000000000 on a. minder
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now the top stories on al-jazeera house democrats have released a much anticipated report laying out the case for the impeachment of donald trump the report says the us president used the powers of his office to solicit foreign interference on his behalf in the 2020 a lecture divisions between u.s. president donald trump and his french counterpart in the record has been on display at a nato meeting in london the 2 leaders have sparred over trade taxes and i saw fighters returning to new york and iranian state t.v. has acknowledged for the 1st time that people were shot and killed during recent protests over petrol prices amnesty international says at least 270 people were killed in the protests tehran though rejects that number. at least 5 people have been killed in anti un protests in the eastern democratic republic of congo a police officer is among the dead demonstrations having dull for the city of bam.
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well local people accuse the u.n. peacekeeping force that's. of failing to protect them against toria song group the allied democratic forces. reports. on the doctors of the main hospital in the eastern city of beni treating patients with gunshot wounds sam was participating in a protestant that was violently dispatched by congolese soldiers on monday the doctors say several need a module. to live near the he's a. serious. in the head and died in the night 3 are in critical condition. also in the hospital of victims of recent attacks by the allied democratic forces or rebels they've killed more than a 100 people in one month and up to 2000 over the last 5 years with. 3 children and 3 other relatives killed during one of the latest attacks by
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remaining son was nearly kills 2. tries to run during the attacks but some of the attackers say they would protect us then they stopped my husband and killed him and then our children. 2 children watched their parents as they were hacked to death. it's such scenes that are causing and out on the streets of. protesters accuse a u.n. mission here and government forces of not doing enough to protect them from rebel attacks on the un. people have also been protesting inaki was provisional capital goma they say the security situation in baghdad is not acceptable the army has want to protest as to keep off the streets saying people have joined in. to the gallon or move the provisional government well it was rewards that some protesters are armed with machetes and clarks. we know that because.
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for the security forces. and the. police but. even some politicians telling the group to join in the protests the only solution is to support. but the sentiment by many protesters is that they would. leave here angry by the military claiming that the protests in beni have been infiltrated by armed people they say they're trying to vilify the protesters and deflect attention of what is really going on in that region they say there is genuine anger and frustration about the state of security and this is an issue that needs to be addressed i gently catherine al-jazeera. the world health organization say that efforts to eliminate measles globally have baxley as the death toll in some was outbreak
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continues to rise 60 people have died since the epidemic started in mid october at least 50 of those are children under the age of 4 up to allow someone has had low immunization rates of just over 30 percent and emergency measures include making immunizations compulsory and closing schools the crisis though shows no immediate sign of slowing down more than 170 new cases have been recorded in the last 24 hours and that brings the number of cases in this outbreak to more than 4000 in a population of 200000 people. cross to jessica washington who is at a vaccination clinic in that someone capital and so jessica how is the vaccination campaign progressing because there had been a case of a vaccination having badly makes them ended up being lethal for a few children that put a lot of people off so how are people reacting now to vaccinations.
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case that you mentioned was an incident that happened last year when an easel vaccination was administered in correctly so that vaccination was mixed with a muscle relaxant an expired muscle relaxant rather than with water and as a result 2 babies died in the and after they were given that vaccination in the immediate aftermath of that there was a lot of fia around the safety off the measles vaccination and the government's vaccination program was actually temporarily suspended but in to what is happening in today's situation people are realising the very real consequences of going unvaccinated and the message is loud and clear that it was nothing wrong with the measles vaccination itself that that was simply a medical mishap that led to a number of people number of parents being put off from vaccinating their children
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that message has been well and truly made clear considering the number of deaths that have happened since this recent outbreak in terms of how this vaccination drive is progressing we have seen that since the beginning we've had non-government organisations such as the red cross working hand in hand with public health officials initially when this outbreak did happen the focus was very much on making sure that children in the most vulnerable age group that is those aged from 6 months to 4 years old were given priority the message was that those children needed by the tyrant times and they needed to be vaccinated but since then as the scale of this crisis has unfolded it has become clear that the scope of this mass vaccination program needed to be expanded the message from the government now is that everyone under the age of 60 must be vaccinated and that we can see people
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getting vaccinated behind you but what are source he's doing about reaching out to people that maybe don't live near a vaccination center or don't want to go there what are authorities doing there to ramp up their efforts. well since the state of emergency was declared in mid november authorities really have friends up the efforts to get this message out and also to make that's the nation's more accessible to the public around here there are medical clinics all around some all but for those who can't get to medical clinics the government has actually launched mobile vaccination services so in fact tomorrow when the there is a government shutdown in place and most government offices will be closed with the exception of electricity and water utilities offices all government employees will be deployed on the front lines of this mass vaccination campaign they will be working in health clinics but they will also be involved in those services people
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are being advised to let authorities know by tying a red star or red tide to their front doors if there are people within their houses who have not been vaccinated authorities will be making efforts to go to every single house regardless just to get an idea of how many capel have been vaccinated vaccinated and how many have nots in terms of the private sector as well the government recently just overnight announced that they would in fact be a private sector shut down most government most private offices will also be shut down so roads can be cleared making it easier for those mobile services to get around some more. just go washington with the latest from a vaccination clinic there in the someone the capital jessica thank you. amnesty international says more than 4000000 people living with disabilities in yemen lack lack access to basic care the rights group says the sable people are most at risk
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because of the war between who the rebels and the u.n. recognize government which is backed by a saudi u.a.e. coalition victoria gave him the reports. 5 years of fighting in yemen has killed at least 10. 1000 people as strikes and artillery attacks have left many more with life changing injuries 15 year old that was hit by a bullet man and the way out of 10 minutes and how can i go to school when the reason no support for me to be able to do that to learn since i have been injured i can't go anywhere. amnesty international says 8 out of 10 yemenis need age people with disabilities often face challenges accessing health care and education parents say their children face particular challenges in camps the displaced people. have. i need help with his clothes i need to make socks to cover his feet in the cold anything would be good but the most important thing is
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a wheelchair to move him around. 18 year old make dad has had limited mobility in his legs since he was 2 he struggles to cope in a camp it's not designed to accommodate disabled people. i create for the toilet in the toilet people urine it on the ground i want to toilet for myself but i can access. as the war continues so does the misery the united nations has described it as the worst humanitarian crisis in the world documentation on the ground in yemen or at least in the 3 southern governorates that we visited indicates that there are still significant gaps in the humanitarian response that people with disabilities continue to be left behind and face challenges in accessing equal rights when it comes to health education jobs and living conditions in camps for displaced people make dad's experiences shared by
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thousands of yemenis like him after years of conflict all they want is for the suffering to end victoria gates and be out. the defamation trial for one of the united states most high profile businessmen that's a long lost has begun in los angeles the owner and founder of tesla cars and space x. is being sued by a british diver who helped in last year's cave rescue in thailand. war of the story from los angeles. billionaire musk's tweets is gotten him in hot water before. now they've landed him in court musk is being sued by british cave rescue diver vernon un's worth on worth participated in the successful effort to rescue 12 boys and their coach from a flooded cave in thailand last year musk sent a robot mini submarine to thailand but said the sub was useless and musk was
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pulling a publicity stunt that's when musk called unsworth petto guy on twitter implying with 0 evidence that he was a child molester unsworth later sued musk's judgment has been questioned often must came under scrutiny by regulators when he tweeted in august 28th that he had secured funding to take tesla he's money losing heavily indebted electric car company private with he later implied backing from the saudis there was no deal and musk was charged with fraud and abuse on you tube you hear anybody not only are you getting a settlement reached with regulators required him to resign as tesla's chairman and pay a $20000000.00 fine another incident that shook investors occurred in september 28th ened when musk went on a live podcast and smoked some marijuana offered to him by the show's host federal law still designates cannabis as an illegal narcotic. and
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musk's pot for pot put his company space x. contracts with nasa in jeopardy. last month with wild with the ad fanfare must unveiled an electric pickup truck the so-called cyber truck the vehicles designed was widely mocked is appearing like something out of a teenager's video game to make matters worse most boasted that the cyber trucks windows were bulletproof only to watch them get shattered in a live demonstration. meanwhile musk's lawyers argue that his tweet about words wasn't really meant to imply the diver is a sexual deviant just a creepy old man 'd. is seeking $75000.00 in damages robert oulds al-jazeera los angeles california and senator of camelot harris has announced that
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she's ending her bid in the 2020 democratic presidential race harris was once considered a front runner in the crowded democratic field but she's been overtaken by several of her rivals including elizabeth warren and. she was announced poken critical of republican president and donald trump's immigration policies. now the headlines on al-jazeera the u.s. house democrats have released their report laying out the case for the impeachment of donald trump donald trump the report says that u.s. president use the powers of his office to solicit foreign interference on his behalf in the 2020 alexion it says the phone call between trump and the ukrainian president was a dramatic crescendo of a month long campaign to extract what it called personal political benefits the white house said the investigation was
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a one sided sham process where the chairman of the house intelligence committee spoke shortly after the report was released. this report chronicles a scheme by the president night states to coerce an ally ukraine that is at war with an adversary russia into doing the pleasure of the president's political dirty work it involves a scheme in which donald trump withheld official acts a white house meeting as well as hundreds of millions of dollars of needed military assistance in order to compel that power to deliver to investigations that he believed would assist his reelection campaign well divisions between donald trump and his french counterpart among one mccrone are on the splay at a nato meeting in london the 2 leaders sparred over trade that taxes and i saw fighters returning to europe from also criticized earlier comments that nato is quote brain dead it raining on state t.v.
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has acknowledged for the 1st time that people were shot and killed during recent protests over petrol prices amnesty international says at least $200.00 people were killed in the protests but tehran rejects that number amnesty international says more than 4000000 people living with disabilities in yemen lack access to basic care the rights group says the sable people are most at base because of the ongoing war. those are the top stories that stay with us coming up next our fries exploring the sustainable alternative foods that may be the cuisine of the future values of half an hour of my. day one of a new era in television news we badly need at this moment leadership and felt this encampment that we're in today it didn't exist 3 weeks ago now there's at least 20000 or hinder refugees who live here. i got to come in you're almost all i'm
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hearing is good journalism president hosni mubarak has resides after all the lies the attempts of coverups jamal khashoggi his loved ones want some form of closure people are suffering people are dying entire school systems books elapsing we are in the beginning of a mass extinction we saw the syrian army flag police that is the city is here recorded. to massage the 100 meters away from the front line but. up it after about.
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sustainable food production is one of the greatest challenges for the future. with global demand for food set to increase by nearly 70 percent by 2050. agriculture is one of the most polluting and ecologically damaging industries so. if we want to keep food on the table without continuing to ravage our natural environments. we need to completely rethink how all through to industries work. i'm russell beard in finland where one restaurant is championing a hyper local circular economy to create a revolutionary approach to dining i master 3 in the end it's the scientists all combat ing anything.


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