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tv   Feeding The Billions  Al Jazeera  December 4, 2019 1:33am-2:01am +03

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that we're in today it didn't exist 3 weeks ago now there's at least 20000 or hinder refugees who live here on al-jazeera i got to commend you all more i'm hearing is good journalism president hosni mubarak has resigned after all the lies the attempts of coverups jamal khashoggi his loved ones want some form of closure people are suffering people are dying entire school systems a collapsing going to beginnings of a mass extinction we saw the syrian army flag police the guy in the city the skip mccormick place. it's a good cinema saw some of the 100 meters away from the frontline but some. happened after about britney.
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sustainable food production is one of the greatest challenges for the future. with global demand for food set to increase by nearly 70 percent by 2050. agriculture is one of the most polluting and ecologically damaging industries so. if we want to keep food on the table without continuing to ravage our natural environments. we need to completely rethink how often to industries work. i'm russell beard in finland where one restaurant is championing a hyper local circular economy to create a revolutionary approach to dining a master 3. scientists are contacting jellyfish blooms by taking them out of the
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sea and on top plate. in developed countries like finland is hard to imagine that we're in the thick of a global food crisis. these helsinki shelves are stacked to the hilt with a wide variety of tasty treat fare salami. the worst a true cost of all this choice to our increasingly beleaguered planet reindeer spring roll. a global food system is incredibly wasteful use shooter amounts of energy water and land to grow food and fly thousands of miles around the world only for much of it to remain on it's an incredibly inefficient and imbalanced operation . of a post i don't know if my pronunciation is correct but what i. vocal steve ok so you can have anything around to see if you can get some statistics about the amount of food that is wasted so if you imagine this pool of bread is total food
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produced in the world the last 10 percent during cultivation 70 percent this last after the harvest 12 percent which is lost during processing or point of sale and i know their level percent is lost after it's been purchased i mean in total over a 3rd of the food the juice worldwide is wasted just thrown away and i guess that's something shocking to me. a growing movement of pioneers are taking steps to fix this global problem. this is ultimately a 5 star restaurant aims to be the model of sustainability all the ingredients are local and all the process is are designed to do as little damage to the planet as possible eliminating all the polluting effects of industrial agriculture is the brainchild of chef henry allen for the uninitiated can you explain a little bit about what ultimate is and why what you've set up it's all started
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when me and my colleague. were taking the bins out and we were thinking like how can i mean we make this much waste how could we do the things better for the environment for the costumer that is our biggest ambition one way to do that is by going hyper local in other words. right here in the restaurant i've seen a vertical farm before but never in a restaurant have to say this is great the main thing about the system it's hydroponic what the circulates from up here the plant makes always the water all it from the roots ok it's 95 percent less water than their conventional farming and the best thing for me in this idea is that we can cut the fresh herbs just. for the service of every day there is minimal waste. or no taste it it's very sweet and from the seat to poorly grown in the system one week totally organic
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no 1st this size no fertilizer nothing. is based on the principles of circular economics where waste is seen as a resource this approach minimizes the need for transport water and energy and even farms lifestyle on site edible carbon neutral crickets. yes you know the idea of life in baltimore serve up over 1000 crickets each week in their 5 star dishes with cricket larvae growing into fully grown adults within 2 months. this is the bigger home oh yes. it's so can you give us a sense of how the little critter has. this notion of a circular economy we can use all the stems of the salads or the peels of a cucumber if we feed them one week with basal leaves they will taste more basal
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and that's where we don't have to throw away thing away. or was a. mission is fundamentally about changing our attitude to the food to eat and preparing us for a future where meats like beef may not be so readily available. 100 gram of crickets it's 22 grams of sure protein. it's a 99 percent less water 10 growing beef. so their carbon footprint is it's like nothing henry's also trialing a protein rich. the idea is a so innovative they're being seen as the future of food production on this world and beyond this is caused this is sort of the one thing that not. interesting about . this space agency yeah. it's a potato space. so the growth in the air
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oh yeah that's something every day. but this way you don't really need. the benefits of. 10 times more. traditional way so this is this is for real for you guys this is not just a kind of a marketing stunt we don't have to be millionaires we just need to you know roll things forward make people think we're talking about you know food certification climate change. stuff. and. later on henry's invitation. ready to 1st to travel just want to down the road to see if these principles of circular economics can work on
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a much larger scale. farming on exactly. breaks. here. turned from a robert jordan has a vertical farm but this one is another level. who moves a jacket it's a different season in say disney. like herb safari would we go means possible again some coriander i need to speak to you to have kind of a glass that's just weird so this is entirely electric yes there's no no sunlight used to hold the wire meant a more efficient growth. of all your yield is a much waste from an operation like this we grow enough you know biodegradable so
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we have no plastics inside the growth area anymore everything is biodegradable. goal is to prove that these hyper sustainable take needs could one day be rolled out in every city and town in the world transporting. these 2 leaves on these peat and just around the world it's not that clever it should always be produced locally and consumed locally i love that rather than taking the food to the plate it taking the farm to get it to the cost of the proposed today if you want to get. you can see that they're constantly working on improving the efficiency of the whole operation even this isn't truly waste because it's going to get composting been used on the farms that say they're reconceptualizing the concept of waste. my way back to ultimately henry's asked me to pick up some supplies for tonight's dinner service 1st 150 come to the right place. funny
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how are you doing what you do you know you were growing mushrooms we're growing oyster mushrooms on coffee west finish people are crazy about mushrooms and they drink a lot of coffee and i've seen junk back then that is an absolute perfect specimen these are ready to harvest there will be harvested today actually we don't want to hold you up we love to get the. team clicks use coffee grounds from businesses right. the ground. need to explode into light. it's. amazing and you can just grab the whole cluster and then twist it until it comes off there you go. that's enough to eat. we have a consumer product are we call it the health sandy grow kit and basically you see it's the same as we have in our farm but this is so that people can grow it at home
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if you're a normal coffee drinker you can you can make do with your own coffee grounds i can imagine being quite magical to watch these incredible kind of peaches emerge and yet here in finland there is now quite active community of home growers encouraging consumers to grow food at home the kind of strategy that will reduce our dependence on industrial agriculture. team of 3000 of the kids and even run workshops to teach people how to grow fantastic funky. alright so we've done. mushrooms back their restaurant going to cook a lot. so what's the hand ready to go i already. called i'm going to take the crickets.
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oh my god what are your. dreams and hopes which are good over there because the crickets are going up there and the mushrooms which are but. so it's very local it's about as low as i can get you know. you know fish at one of these little guys yeah. i think it's a prickly little legs yeah well. i think it's. a really nice protein pretty yeah yeah it is thank you thank you so much is this a share that you can use it does ideas can go mainstream is what they want whether it's you know the circular economy or the hyper local production or just the general transparency of the operation could start to see a globalised piece of film that is feeding the world and reduce. i know in fact absent. the world's growing demand for food is pushing ever increasing pressure on natural resources. food waste campaign
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as believe our environment may be close to breaking point food is the single biggest impact that humans have on nature we are deforesting the earth to grow more food is by far the biggest user freshwater the single biggest source of carbon dioxide emissions and the biggest reason why we're in the middle of the mass species extinction event the 6th planet earth has faced at least a 3rd of the world's food is currently being wasted we're talking about ugly fruit and vegetables on farms being waste because they don't comply with cosmetic standards we're talking about huge heaving shopping oils the food which is just going to end up in the supermarket bins and the reason why. is because the supermarkets know that's what triggers our response of taking and filling our basket even though week after week on average people are wasting 20 percent of the groceries that they're buying in those stores it's
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a system with entrenched waste within it we do have the power as individuals to waste less shift away from most ecologically destructive practices should give us hope that we can flick this enormous problem into one of the most delicious tools to tackle compartment. with over 7500 kilometers of coastline italy has relied on the bounty of the sea for thousands. is hidden beneath this is your water and environmental catastrophe maybe and away. i'm a super furry neo and i finish shaphan food right for naming. 30 years. italian cuisine is one of my passions so when i heard it's these fishing waters were under threat i just had to investigate and here in southern mississippi where italians
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are facing a rather stinging problem. jellyfish numbers are up by 400 percent in the last 13 years alone with the tentacle terrace swamping the coastline and damaging the delicate marine ecosystem. but sometimes one problem can solve another. i've come to lead change to find out how jellyfish could help alleviate the impending food crisis becoming an ingredient in the italian kitchen. first though i've met up with marine pilot just talk to stefano pre-owned who is researching the rise in jellyfish numbers there is scientific evidence that there are some increases as particularly in causal arias subject to anthropogenic impacts human impacts on the cause may produce an announcement of the frequency and the bonus of charlie fish. dr stefanos research suggests jellyfish numbers are booming
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due to a variety of manmade fact. artificial waterways the suez canal which connects the red sea to the mediterranean are transporting new jellyfish species. changes neighboring these newcomers to survive with some the sea temperatures in the mad rising by 1.15 degrees c. in the last 3 decades. how bad is the problem there ecological impact of jellyfish is equivalent to lions in this are now they are top predators so they can have an impact on the functioning of the marine ecosystem some cases so we have large eliphaz wish to reach dance it is life up to 300 or 400 pounds a square tube. meters along the coastline so this would affect particularly human activities flies. swimming along the course or fishery and even our cultural plants
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may be affected because in some cases the venomous china fish can kill hundreds or thousands of fish in a few days these booms are using local fishing industries and it's estimated that in the north is rarity they cost italian fishing fleet $8500000.00 euros a year steffen and sent me north to the aquarium of genoa to discover how the creek tissue nick reproductive process is really compounding the problem babies found when live here very limited the fish. curator sylvia lever on know is breeding thousands of jellyfish. this little she doesn't know about these potent pulsing creatures. why are the jellyfish so efficient reproducing they are doing that relieve a huge a quantity of sperm and egg they feel alive in this that we have plenty of love all this can go on the bottom of this thing a 30 on the bottom and became
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a 4 leaf each fall if they're relieved after visual not a very big number of jellyfish live in the room or that their fans saying they feel . jellyfish a so prolific appraising to single adult can lead up 245000 eggs a day these ancient invertebrates existed since before the dinosaurs and they inhabit every ocean and. jellyfish swarms that decimated arre salmon fisheries and hit the tourist industry of a strange one beach so 13000 bases get stung in a single week. the back and neck i've heard that a research project is close to a breakthrough it's called go jelly. this is our love of. the internet and her colleagues aim to show food saying to her. that jellyfish are a safe plentiful food source. but serving poisonous jellyfish makes me
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a little nervous for their own safety it's not you know we're with the starving it just feels this because it just is this a different docs a compound so each jellyfish you will measure yes we measure the way after the frog and the liquid the need to adjourn in order to extract different venoms of jellyfish that could be left out for your man and jellyfish that are really say to enter netherlands research shows that most mediterranean jellyfish are perfectly safe to eat with just a small number needing toxins removed through freezing or simply by washing it's giving me hope that this could be a genuine food for the future but if it has the challenges that you face in the year of jellyfish just consider it an oyster and. this could be changed if for starve them
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a stray that they are very powerful or a source of food could be important for local fisherman or local restaurants or for local economy is. if jelly fish meat goes mainstream here it could help rebalance marine ecosystems and read it in motions of this gelatinous minutes. and with 80 percent protein and just 5 percent fat it could also become a highly prized alternative to me. farming knife stock is responsible for 2 food 1.5 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. easing jellyfish as a substitute. it could help reduce the very global warming that causes the blooms. already popular in much of the far east. but right now they can't legally be sold
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as food anywhere in europe. so antebellum has provided some jelly fish and sent me to go chinese collaborating share fabriano viva. please can we cook with bass ok now call the no doubt i say i do yeah yeah. this is 2 different spaces of jellyfish this brawl is perfect to all roll all night bouts there's only coal to create the most tender jellyfish and aims to cook it slowly but 1st we wash it in an ice bath facing the head to ensure it doesn't lose the taste of the sea for piano avoids all seasoning no salt no pepper only oil ok so looking this movie which is in the water about why did you decide to work with go jelly radio of
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a big picture given all types of leg that day every night oh yeah. when the jelly fish comes out of the suv be it's finished off in the oven the piano has the vision for the future and for me that is truly truly exciting fusing traditional italian cooking with striking martin ingredients for beyond all plans to serve the jellyfish with spears of campari gin and parsley on a bed of italian leaves we have a taste it looks like it's you. it's time for me to taste for pianos creation on the go jenny team has joined us to see the results for themselves. it truly magnificent. i love it i don't like it i love it still it's just it really knows jellyfish is delicious with
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a very light seafood taste and the texture. but if jellyfish ok to make it on to the plates across the world to the public will have to. try. to. do you can find the some of the things that people are looking now so not low calorie so and also a good taste you have all the ingredients of all of the food to be appreciated about it cast. i feel privileged to try jellyfish this has given me a taste of what the future might hold if we all get on board and find this new food then we might have a chance of progressing the damage we have done to our. food
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pioneers around the world a planning the diets of the future. globally over a quarter of ice free land is used for grazing animals. causing enormous habitat damage. as a californian company may have a solution. the impossible. a soit based meat substitutes that looks and tastes just like the real thing. meanwhile in israel scientists the farming mediterranean fruit flies as a source of protein. using 99 percent less land and emitting just $170.00 of the greenhouse gases generated when raising regular life starts. and in you see . and. produces a making insect smoke palatable to western tastes by coating them in chocolate it's . time is running out to halt the food industries environmental
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destruction the challenge for us is wherever possible to eat with the planet in mind and she choose our menus wisely to help prevent the decline of on not. just 7. 0 as this year comes to an end we look ahead to 2020 and the stories that may shape the year people in power investigates the shocking treatment of disabled people in eastern europe capitals and exclusive look at the world's largest conference on h.r. v. in rwanda will be efforts achieved an aids free africa a true part series charging china's rise as a 21st century sukkot. un leaders will gather in spain to discuss issues about
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climate change and examine the possible global solutions join us for live coverage to somebody on al-jazeera. the shocking treatment of disabled people in eastern european state run cabins in cages who cannot have access to toilets or water and the bureaucratic indifference to their plight she has his hands and his fates tied to the bed 5 years after fast highlighting such abuses people in power returns with a 2 part investigation to continuing mistreatment and neglect europe's recurring shame hard won on al-jazeera news education is the beacon that mights the future and if in any society but for those who live in amanda new places getting an education takes inspiration and determination to put out a live shot him dead to live in the remote areas don't have electricity t.v.
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or computers. to short films show how a love of learning finds a way. out is in that. this is al-jazeera. when you watch the al-jazeera news our last one headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes a damning impeachment report accuses dole trump of soliciting help from ukraine's president to boost his chances of re-election. this is about where the american people have a right to expect that the president as they see is going to act in very interests with their security in mind and not for some illicit personal or political reasons .


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