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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 4, 2019 5:00am-6:01am +03

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i really felt liberated as a journalist and i'm. going to the truth doesn't i will that's what this job. this is al jazeera. welcome to the al-jazeera news our life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes a damning impeachment report accuses donald trump of soliciting help from ukraine's president to boost his chances of reelection. this is about whether the american people have a right to expect that the president is going to act in their interests with their security in mind and not for some illicit personal or political reasons. also the
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threat of u.s. sanctions on china intensifies over beijing's treatment of weak and muslims. alliance the french and u.s. presidents at the center of a divisive nato meeting. and iran admits protestors it calls rioters were shot dead but disputes how many were killed. welcome to the news on donald trump's political rivals have laid out what they say is overwhelming evidence of the u.s. president's misconduct in office the 300 page impeachment report says trump used his power to seek help from ukraine's president to benefit his reelection bid hygeia castro has more from washington d.c. . house intelligence chairman adam schiff presentation of his committee's report on donald trump offered little more than was already known. but it's
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a key moment in what could be the impeachment of a president this is not about ukraine this is about our democracy this is about our national security this is about whether the american people have a right to expect that the president i states is going to act of their interests with their security in mind and not for some illicit personal or political reason so americans should care deeply about where the president and states is betraying their trust in him betraying that oath that he took to the constitution to protect our country and defend its institutions according to the report president trump solicited interference from ukraine to benefit his reelection conditioning a white house visit for the ukrainian president and $400000000.00 in u.s. military aid on a public statement that ukraine would investigate joe biden's family for alleged corruption trump denies he did anything wrong a white house spokeswoman released a statement saying at the end of a one sided sham process chairmanship and the democrats utterly fail to produce any
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evidence of wrongdoing by president trump this report reflects nothing more than their frustrations chairmanships report reads like the ramblings of a basement blogger straining to prove something when there is evidence of nothing the evidence came from 17 witnesses including state department and white house insiders who testified trump ran a shadow campaign that undermined official u.s. foreign policy toward ukraine there was also the partial transcript of a phone call in which trump asked ukraine's president for a favor the biden investigation republicans rebutted with their own report offering a very different reading of the facts they say the testimonies are here say that the phone call was perfect and that the democrats' efforts to include the president are an attack on a duly elected leader to laura provides nothing except a dreary drowsy appraisal for this country to watch as the impeachment process
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slowly drags on with no direction no focus because they're having one big problem and the big problem is the president did nothing wrong and they can't prove. the process will now shift to the house judiciary committee which will draft articles of impeachment likely to focus on abuse of power and obstruction of congress americans have been evenly divided on whether to impeach and removed from office both political parties are claiming to be protecting american democracy how do you know castro al-jazeera washington or from berman is a professor of law at the university of missouri and has written a book called high crimes and misdemeanors he joins me now from washington d.c. good to have you with us on the program we know where this is going it's going to the judiciary committee then it will end up in the senate's but generally commentators have said it's just not going to go anywhere after that so what is the point what is the driving force for the democrats. the driving force i think is
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laid out in considerable at considerable length and the report that was just produced by the intelligence committee and the driving force is the fact that. contrary to what the republicans want to say the committee has proven quite conclusively that mr trump did precisely what he's will be charged with doing that is to say has you've used his powers of prose in the united states. to extort help in his private election campaign from a vulnerable foreign country there really isn't any serious question that the facts prove precisely that now you raise a good question in the sense that given the plot party alignment of the senate it seems unlikely that the republican dominated senate will actually convict him once impeached by the house but i do think that the democrats are quite right that the house has an obligation to pursue an investigation of behavior that is this severe that severely undercuts american interests both domestically and abroad and i think
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without the investigation the facts would not have been brought forward and indeed in terms of president trump he certainly wants to try and avoid being a president that historically will have written against him will be a president that. will be impeached old potentially be impeached how worried is the white house in the oval office of just label it sells. well i don't know any more about that than you do certainly there have been reports that that is the case. but you know i again i have no special knowledge on that point well in the fold then the focus then moves to the election in 2020 and obviously if this drags all one wonders how much of the agenda will be taken up in terms of the impeachment what sort of impact it will have on the voting public all issues such as health care education and defense take back the.
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my suspicion is that by the time we get around to a year from now when the election is or 11 months from now when the election is due to occur i think that the impeachment controversy will have receded considerably from the public mind i think that's one of the reasons why the democrats feel 2 things at this point one i think they feel a genuine constitutional obligation to pursue this investigation to its logical conclusion to expose the facts to be american public to defend in my view the constitutional order but they also recognize that there are unlikely to be able to secure the removal of this president through the impeachment process and they want to do what they need to do do it expeditiously and then allow people to focus on the upcoming election i think the impeachment process and the evidence that's been produced it will will be a factor but i think that the more general issues that you describe i think will
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begin to predominate in terms of the relationship that the president has with. the national security agency with the military with the pentagon. in terms of the processes the witnesses that are come forward the testimony that we've heard. what sort of schism has been created between the executive office and the rest to all those you might say the establishment and schism as the be rectified in in in the experiences that we are all witnessing right now. well i don't think i think you're certainly right that there is a a huge schism there is a huge disconnect between the office of the president and certainly virtually everyone else who is a competent career professional or and even a indeed a cop and a political appointee and the current administration mr trump is pursuing his own private interests and doing so often without facts or based on
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speculation or conspiracy theories or information it gets from heaven knows where and the result of that of course is not only to produce bad policy as it certainly did in the case of ukraine but also to profoundly disillusion undermine the the guts of the american government the public servants that actually make it make it run i don't think that that division is going to be he'll bowl so long as he's president the more profound concern going forward is assuming as i hope will be the case that mr trump will no longer be the president in 2021 that the question is whether whether or not the country can and can rebuild the government from the inside and restore the public servants faith that their expertise is going to be valued that they're going to be listened to and that they're going to be able to serve the american the american public's interests. without being foolishly 2nd
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guessed by a man who is who has seems predominately have his own interests in mind and is also staggering the way ignorant about the world around him so the fascinating tons of issues that we will be watching very carefully from the u.s. for the moment to fight them and thanks so much for joining us. the u.s. has stepped up its threat of sanctions against senior chinese communists over the threat of weaken muslims the house of representatives has followed the senate in passing a bill calling on president trump to condemn abuses against the minority group it urges the closure of detention camps in the north western region. and names members of jones' communist party who washington say are responsible for abuses china has urged the us to stop the bill from becoming law. last month highly classified chinese government documents were leaked giving a stark insight into the mass detention of ethnic minorities rights group estimates
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that more than a 1000000 have been locked up in camps in the region the leaked papers of tamed and verified by the international consortium of investigative journalists shows that every aspect of camp live is controlled from the frequency of toilet used to haircuts the chinese government rejected the documents as fake news it insists the centers are for education and vocational training get some more on this market respondent she have returns he joins me now from our washington news center she has been i mean more legislation that trump really perhaps was pressed to agree on all fours to act on because of those sort of the ground well of support for the week is in the political spectrum there in washington. we haven't agreed on this one yet this is only just passed the house but it's another emphatic vote very similar to that that we saw in support of the hong kong protesters 407 to one bipartisan support for this bill condemning the treatment of muslims and challenging calling
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for the closure of those camps you were just you just referencing also battling the export of surveillance equipment to the u.s. u.s. companies heavily involved in that also calling for the secretary of state to come up with a report with its assessment the state department assessment of what's going on what's at what what scale of human rights abuses there is in the view of the state department and crucially as you also mention. giving the white house 120 days to come back to congress with a list of people to sanction who they feel are responsible for the alleged human rights abuses that that is the key part that that would mean that something i mean the u.s. actually sanctioning senior members of the politburo of the chinese communist party is a pretty big deal as you can imagine having said that then as we saw with the signing of the hong kong legislation last week the president does have an out when it comes to that he can sign this and it looks like because there's such
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a veto proof majority in both the house and the senate for this legislation he may have no choice but to sign it but he can sign it but have a signing statement which says he reserves the right not to sanction anyone because of national security in the end the president is in charge of foreign policy as far as u.s. national security is concerned so he can decline to in fact sanction anyone but this still has a few more steps to go there before it reaches the president this is actually a modified version of what was passed in the senate in september a stronger version so this has to go back to the senate and a compromise version has to be reached upon and voted upon and then it gets the president but because of the strength of the bipartisan majority in both the house and senate that is likely to move quite quickly perhaps the president does have an out of this could end up being rather symbolic although very deeply symbolic of course all plays really into the friction that there is between china and the u.s. at the moment and of course there are all these trade talks a lot of how it's all going to sit into that because you know political sort of separate politics and trade at the moment when it comes to china and the u.s.
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. yet already this week of trump knowledge that the hong kong legislation didn't make the boat the trade talks any easier however when china did respond to the hong kong legislation this week it was moving relatively subdued it was about on u.s. military aircraft and ships from entering hong kong and more restrictions on u.s. n.g.o.s in hong kong they weren't exactly being treated terribly well anyway so there's a sense that there's a bit more pragmatism in beijing about all this is these were veto proof majority in congress had much choice he did have he does have that signing statement so we'll have to see whether whether both sides really want to avoid the next the next big deadline december the 15th when more u.s. tariffs will be slapped onto chinese consumer goods perhaps we'll see more pragmatism although there's talk right now of diplomatic visas being affected for the u.s. from beijing well for the update thanks. in washington d.c. . plenty more ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour including anger frustration in
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democratic republic of congo the state of security as more people are returning and killed. devastation to more children die as a measles outbreak ravages the tiny south pacific island of sama. and in sports heavyweight boxers and junior and in the job sure work out for the 1st time in the saudi capital. of such days we. are appearing in the world's biggest alliance leaders in the united kingdom for the 70th anniversary of nato and divisions are becoming clear the u.s. and french presidents have disagreed on several points including nato has role and the return of foreign fighters from syria are diplomatic editor james bays has more . it's supposed to be nato 70th birthday but there's no celebration
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instead an atmosphere of disagreement and division with the u.s. president who once called the alliance obsolete now saying he fears that france might leave nato and i heard. a lot of different we're. very proud. because this. is a very very very nasty state to essentially 20. 1 of the countries those comments were particularly pointed as president trumps next public meeting was with the french president that were uncomfortable moments when they were asked about european countries including france not taking back their nationals no prisoners in syria having fought for eisel. would you like some nice isis fighters you could give them you you could take everyone you want to take
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a. very large number fight with them the wrong are focused on the. community. you have foreign fighters coming in from europe. all of them we have in the region the number one problem of the foreign fighters this is the ice cream. and you have more fighters use is the reason. this is where it is where the decision is ours where the green party enters over. ok the trouble disagreements are not the only ones at this summit the french leader attacked turkey because of its recent incursion targeting the kurds in northern syria and to see. this in the field of the county. we needed to keep. things now finding against those who fight with us. charlotte. turk is president later met with
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his u.k. host prime minister johnson as well as president marc raul and the german chancellor merkel he's threatening to block nato has plans to protect poland and the baltic states unless others agree with him on syria. but i don't differ that despite all the differences which exist and which we have to address also have to discuss the future of nato and things we have in common strategically but i am relatively optimistic about this meeting on top of all the other problems i'm told there is currently considerable tension between chancellor merkel and president mark roll over european defense and europe's role in the state of the alliance right now is full of division it is a multi-dimensional mess. london. after a day of tense exchanges nato leaders gathered for a reception buckingham palace they were welcomed by queen elizabeth but disapproval
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of the alliance hasn't just come from world leaders they were also protests in london against the nato meeting that in baba has more. with this protest has brought together people campaigning on a variety of issues denouncing donald trump some of them belong to antiwar groups like the stop the war coalition on the campaign for nuclear disarmament denouncing nato and its policies there are kurdish and pro kurdish protesters here. protesting the actions of president do on particularly in syria but it symbolically being led by people who work for britain's national health service the n.h.s. the public health system which according to the protesters is under threat in the future in a trade deal between president trump and prime minister johnson bear saying 30 it's clear that the u.s. in such a trade deal would put pressure on the on britain to allow greater access for
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american pharmaceutical companies to sell their products at a higher price boris johnson says that's nonsense that the n.h.s. would not be for sale this is crucial because it's the number $1.00 issue that the public identified in the election campaign even ahead of brecht's it at the moment the conservatives are around 10 percent ahead in the opinion polls but if there is a sweep up if president chum does actually go further in his statements that could harm boris johnson's prospects. they're all says it security forces shot and killed protesters during demonstrations against petrol price rises state television describes the rioters disputes figures that the toll was as high as $200.00 reports from the capital. iran has acknowledged what many here already know security services killed protesters during demonstrations last month mass and that in just 8 media broadcast the iranian government's side its report describes some
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of those involved in the protests as writers and thugs armed with firearms and knives in the southwestern city of musharraf there are media reports alleging a massacre took place but iran says they were dealing with separatist elements who had an ulterior motive i got to. zain if the military forces and police didn't interfere not only the lives of people in this region would have been in danger but also the imports of essential goods into the country from port would have been jeopardized since the number of trucks had been reduced to 400 a day this caused the security forces and the police to get involved to protect the peace for the people the authorities insist some protesters were armed and were firing at security services. to the rights are where the hostile groups were hiding in shooting at the police but thank god the armed forces vigilantly came to the fields and foiled their plot. it's still unclear how many people were killed
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amnesty international say it's more than $200.00 a figure the government rejects so. i can tell you that the numbers and figures given by hostile groups about the deaths in iran's recent protests a shia lies real statistics seriously different from what they are now it's and numbers are far less than what they climbed. but united states president donald trump had his own figures a rare. thousands of people right now as we speak that's why they are huge in the international scene which goes. the violence is the worst the country has witnessed for decades the u.s. presence intervention will not be welcome here in iran it will further fuel the government's claim that forces were behind some of the troubles there's a feeling here that the actual number of those killed will eventually be known for the rain and government says security forces acted to protect lives but some
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peaceful protesters were also killed in what they called suspicious circumstances. al-jazeera that run. at least 5 people are being killed in protests in the eastern democratic republic of congo residents in the city of benny accuse the un peacekeeping force failing to protect them against the notorious armed groups catherine sawyer reports. doctors at the main hospital in the eastern city of beni treating patients with gunshot wounds some were participating in a party that was violently dispersed by congolese salters on monday the doctors say several need. to live here. we received 7 patients on monday. in the head and died in the night 3 are in critical condition also in the hospital victims of recent attacks by the allied democratic forces or rebels they've killed more than 100 people in one month and up to 2000 over the past 5
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years with. 3 children and 3 other relatives killed during one of the latest attacks by remaining son was nearly killed 2. tried to run during the attacks but some of the attackers say they would protect us then they stopped my husband and killed him and then our children. 2 children watch their parents as they were hacked to death. it's such scenes that are causing and on the street. protesters accuse the u.n. mission here and government forces of not doing enough to protect them from rebel attacks on the u.s. . people have also been protesting the provisional capital. they say the security situation is not acceptable the army has want protesters to keep off the streets saying people have joined. we spoke to the governor who say the
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provisional government also has reports that some protesters are armed with machetes and clubs. we know it has taken a long time for the security forces to. and the group has caused a lot of harm and it's causing tension within the population but. the problem even some politicians telling the group my my to join in the protests the only solution is to support the military but the sentiment by many protesters is that they would. here are angry by the military claiming that the protests in beni have been infiltrated by armed people they say they're. trying to really follow the protesters and deflect attention of what is really going on in that region they say there is genuine anger and frustration about the state of security and this is an issue that needs to be addressed. kathleen.
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gas explosion outside of a tree in sudan has killed at least 23 people injured 130 others it calls a tree in the capital so. the gas tanker exploded next to a ceramic site street in the industrial area in haifa. because was sent flying people ran for their lives the factory was gutted my own and i said i don't know i honestly don't understand anything but as we came in from inside the factory i heard a loud boom in iran and behind me was another man severely injured my leg was injured we immediately ran outside and there was even. a gas tanker near the factory exploded either as a result of it not being connected properly or
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a technical error in the way the gas was released caused an explosion would set the factory on fire will find out more later from the investigation. overwhelmed to the number of injuries and severity of burns the health ministry has called for blood donations in nearby hospitals have brought in off. we were working without a warning there was spire outside as soon as they ran someone tell him next to me i didn't know what to do i had to leave him and he took me to the hospital and thank god i'm alive. police say poor health and safety standards caused the fire to spread to the indian embassy and hunt to him says more than 50 of its nationals worked at the factory. some of them are amongst the casualties. nearly whole for zimbabwe's population faces of a hunger that's you know
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a sense from the un's world food programme the un is planning to more than double the number of people it helps to more than 4000000 but as many as 7000000 need aid is expected to get worse with little rain expected before the april harvest extreme weather and an economic meltdown have pushed those people into severe hunger and for a country that used to be the bread basket of southern africa the situation is nothing short of tragic there's no other way of putting it the crisis is being exacerbated by a dire shortage of foreign currency runaway inflation mounting unemployment the lack of fuel prolonging power outages and large scale living a life stock losses. now summer's government is ordering unvaccinated families to tie a red flag outside their homes as it steps up efforts to contain a measles outbreak 60 people have died since the epidemic began in mid october 50
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of those are children under the age of 4 up to now less than a 3rd of some owens were immunized against the highly contagious disease but that's the nation's and compulsory under emergency measures and schools have been shut down however infection rates continue to climb with 171 new cases that have been recorded in the past 24 hours and that brings the number of cases of this outbreak to more than 4000 in a population of 200000 just the coat washington is in the summer and capital up here with more on the emergency measures the government is taking. the outbreak 1st began in one of the. schools the focus really was on making sure that children in the most vulnerable age group of 6 months to 4 years old. but since then as this crisis has the scope of the emergency measures. the message. is that everyone under the age of 60 must be. and this. program.
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a number of initiatives from the government there health clinics all around. government organizations and. now they're all signs that those initiatives are working since. mid november at least 60000 people. there isn't exactly. what we do know is that most of the cases. where the capital city is. we do know that it's mostly. in urban areas that the. authorities. still ahead here on the al-jazeera news experts warn of long term toxic effects of take us exposure as protests in chile enter a 7th week also fears of
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a humanitarian crisis a deepening despair for migrants stuck in a makeshift camp in bosnia and we hear from the new top of the cake she was able to see for pres to face the top of that sanctum a year ago stay with us here on the news out. however the weather squat is fine and dry across a good parts of central and southern china to make the most of it because a change is on the way particularly to the north the southeastern corner come down into the philippines and of course hey we've been keeping a close eye on our typhoon comrie that's going to continue making its way further westwards more very heavy rain across the good part of the philippines but further
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north you go there's a fine weather 21 celsius there for hong kong but as it often makes its way into the south china sea is pushing further south with and west with temperatures dragged down quite a bit actually some cloud of rain coming in hong kong no warmer than around 16 degrees is that wet weather the tattoo with the windy weather does set in but the real wet and windy weather of course has been across the philippines that's going to continue making its way from aced to west pulling out into the south china sea heading towards vietnam not quite making it towards vietnam in fact is going to continue phase ling and sinking a little further south which as we go on through the next couple of days showers there across malaysia borneo seeing some rather wet weather some showers there into indonesia as well meanwhile the showers continue across southern parts of india and a developing system giving cause for concern down towards the southwest. the weather sponsored by catherine. kenyon journalists in pursuit of press freedom and
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justice i have this thing desperate situations where someone says something about that i'll be giving up on painkillers investigating government corruption and the national health care system some of their transactions espionage and the collapse. of my need to run explain to africa uncensored and publish those things that people don't want to publish even if it doesn't let me ask whose truth is it anyway on al-jazeera. living in a war zone is a risk not worth taking for most. but for a 10 year old boy there is nowhere else to go. in the absence of his parents his grandmother dedicates herself to his upbringing. never knowing whether the next explosion. will echo one step closer to the place they call her. the distant barking of dogs a witness documentary on al-jazeera. welcome
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back you're watching the al-jazeera news hour with means the whole robin a reminder of all top stories u.s. house democrats have released a report laying out the case for the impeachment of donald trump it says the president used his powers to get ukraine to help him with the 2020 election the white house has called the report of one side of. the u.s. house of representatives has passed a bill demanding sanctions on senior chinese communists over the treatment of weaker muslims minorities china condemns the bill and denies allegations. also the 70 other verse 3 of later has turned into a tense war of words the u.s. and french presidents argued on several points including nato his role in the
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return of beisel fighters. experts in chile warned that the daily use of take us by police could have serious side effects the nearly 7 weeks the protesters have been demonstrating often leading to clashes with security forces are lots in america lucien human reports from santiago. the famous 16th century biochemist paracelsus once said that the difference between a beneficial and a toxic chemical was doakes and the dose of the tear gas that is being fired every single day in this and other parts of capital is massive. in the last 2 weeks the tear gas has become much stronger more toxic more there with bicarbonate of soda to alleviate pain isn't working anymore. the chemical agent is chloro binzel dean of melon on a trial or c s for short which isn't a gas but a solid mixed with a dispersal agent. but if you cadman betting again and her husband or count is that
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it's making them ill they live right above what's nicknamed ground 0 where they've been demonstrations for nearly 2 months even with their windows taped and shut the tear gas seeps in. it's been very difficult for my health because it's our grieving miasma we have headaches lightheadedness all those things too well i've only left my house once since october 18th and i was sick for 3 days because the air outside isn't breathable i'm worried about the long term effects. and so she should be according to several studies carried out in the united states to begin with tear gas exposure is meant to be limited to 10 seconds not hours for weeks on end even after the security forces are long gone you can still smell the tear gas especially if it's windy the residues of these crowd control weapons remain on the
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ground on the dirt and on just about everything else. that you can see here if you don't have a doctor along from the dallas medical school warns that over time c.s. decomposes into cyanide especially at high temperatures and if you're going to use this kind of toss to to restore order which sometimes it's necessary. just should do it we can't quit we're there with knowledge where research investigation is urgent to measure the amount of cyanide from his arms. and because of the absence of serious studies cancer can't be ruled out either he says. unlike many of their neighbors cadman and padlocks say they can't hear about cademy is a writer and works from home and loves living here she just hopes the price won't be too high. to see any human santiago. regional
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offices officials in mexico have visited the site where 23 people were killed at the weekend in a gun fight at least 100 heavily armed gang members fought with security forces in the town of villa unio on sunday the battle contributed to a national toll of $127.00 dead in 24 hours the highest on record residents of the town's cartels are trying to reclaim the territory after being pushed out 5 years ago. then they moved those yes when we took them but we've had it for a long time the warning from the northeast cartel rumors and its presence in the north of the state even closures in other towns the warning that they want to into the state here will deliver over the gang see our region as a perfect site to carry drugs into the u.s. and above all else be able to sell it it's been many years since they carried drugs through our state which is force them to go to other states or lose the drugs which later in the up on the street. california senator has dropped out of the democratic race for the white house the trump critic was once considered
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a front runner but she's faced months of falling poll numbers and struggle to raise campaign funds there are still 15 candidates competing to be the democratic party 2020 nominee. for the head of the mission to multi-task called for the prime minister to quit over his handling of the journalists sophia felt says every day joseph muscat stays in the job he makes the problem worse needs barco reports from the latter. baltar is shaped by centuries of sea and island fortress in the mediterranean outside the office of the prime minister police are erecting new defenses the gulf between the public and those in power is widening by the day arriving in multi-room choose day a delegation from the european parliament here to review the crisis they purge joseph must got to step aside immediately everybody recognizes including the prime
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minister himself studies made some serious errors of judgment. and i would say that you know staying on longer than necessary is also a judgment error. prone minister of state must get resigned on sunday by owing to public pressure but he wants to stay on until january the 12th when i successor will be chosen to test a say he's too close to people implicated in the murder of journalist and blogger. they want him gone now. never forget that their i mean our friends are giving was collapsing around andrew carolina remembers the day his mother was murdered killed near her home by remote controlled car bomb 2 years ago there was just the burnt carcass of my mother's car here and now it's been turned into something that's almost beautiful to look. he believes the office of the prime
5:41 am
minister had a direct hand in his mother's death and they know that we know that the prime minister himself has been implicated in this assassination and that's called it's intolerable for a country to have as its prime minister someone implicated in his most powerful critics of. 3 men arrested for the murder are awaiting trial the investigation is now closing in on those who may have ordered the killing of one of my alters richest men you're going fenech was arrested and charged in connection with a journalist's murder he denies involvement after his arrest implicated the maltese prime minister's chief of staff keith as a coconspirator he was signed last week and was interrogated for 2 days by police before being released without charge to other ministers have also stepped down and been questioned by police many protesters blame the current crisis on a culture of secrecy that permeates the very foundations of multi society law
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enforcement and politics in a country dominated by 2 main political rivals while many welcome the resignation of the prime minister few expect any real lasting structural change. between the business school as between big business between organized crime and politicians has existed for a very long this created the whole environment for such a serious thing stalker this is the world that daphne. explored investigating corruption at the highest levels she delved deep and paid the ultimate price of park al-jazeera for letter a 6 story building in albania has been demolished being damaged in last week's earthquake. did the demolition in the western port city of jewish one of the worst hit areas at least 51 people died and more
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than 3000 others were injured when the 6.4 magnitude quake hit albania's adriatic coast. a top european human rights official is demanding the immediate closure of a makeshift camp in bosnia so the government's border with croatia but hundreds of refugees and migrants are stranded there in freezing conditions and there are fears of a humanitarian crisis reports. inside this temporary camp near the bulls me in town of. migrants huddle around a fire to keep warm with temperatures dropping they're facing freezing conditions little food and an uncertain future all people value. the big problem there are barely any facilities for the hundreds of people who've been here since the camp was set up in june. the conditions have most and since snowy started to full with tents giving way to the elements. probably we can expect an increase
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in diseases in the coming few days these people need to be taken care of all of their rights are violated here. it's led to protests in the camp with people now refusing any food or water human rights groups say the only option is to close it down immediately that prius or call bottom card has these conditions are not fit for human beings this is shameful i cannot believe something like this has been set up here i'm talking about our history about everything we were free although where refugees this come must be close today. for those near has struggled to hells thousands of refugees and migrants have arrived here in the past 2 years from the middle east africa and asia the government says it is looking at relocating them but that may not happen for another month. we have agreed to use the army barracks outside sarajevo as
5:45 am
a new place for the migrants i think within the next 20 days to a month that this location will receive its 1st migrants our priority is. to move all these migrants into the barracks many here are hoping for a change before the winter conditions get worse gauge al-jazeera. the defamation trial of one of silicon valley's most colorful entrepreneurs underway in los angeles. is being sued for $75000.00 in damages by a british diver who helped rescue a group of boys in a flooded cave in thailand in 2018 musk sent a robot submarine in an effort to help but vernon unsworth said it was useless and a publicity stunt in response musk called paedo guy on twitter rob reynolds has the latest from the court. well iran mosque has arrived he came here about an hour ago and camera people here staked out in front of the court caught him arriving walking
5:46 am
inside going through the stringent security measures before entering the courtroom he's now on the stand he's been testifying about his twitter account the size of his following in sort of the nature of twitter itself as to whether it's a vehicle for kenyan or or a statement of fact this will be important for the case now his opponent in this case the man who he tweeted about vernon unsworth has uncovered some documents through the discovery process that show that many of. the mosques senior advisers and captains within his business empires took this very seriously when it happened they urged mosque to apologize and to quickly put it behind him he was resistant although he did apologize but then sort of restated us on some of the the things that he said about on's were later on the documents uncovered in court also
5:47 am
show that musk paid tens of thousands of dollars to a detective agency to try and dig up some derogatory material about vernon on's worth and if they found it to leak it to the u.k. tabloids now apparently they were unable to find anything all of this raises a question does the this case have an impact on lost business empire well tesla the electric car company is up in the stock market although very slightly over the course of this year the new. cyber truck which we saw is received 250000 advance orders so the case hasn't really hurt mosque yet but we'll see how the verdict goes as he. well still ahead here. in the british town of margate the winner of the world's most talked about prize.
5:48 am
the big debut. coming up in school with here.
5:49 am
thank you very much will boxers anthony joshua and andy ruis jr have had their 1st workouts in riyadh ahead of their much anticipated clash of the dunes heavyweight title rematch the choice of venue is however controversial given saudi arabia's human rights record roos jr is aiming to retain his w.p.a. i.b.s. and i.b.o. heavyweight world title belts but joshua wants to get his revenge after losing his
5:50 am
belts true is in new york in june through a said he ate handfuls of snickers bars to prepare for his fight 6 months ago and fans are asking him in saudi if he plans to do the same. this. well i don't blame him after he beat joshua in june actually snickers sent him a chocolate themed belt true story well this upcoming fight is not the 1st to be held outside of boxing is traditional heartlands go back to 1973 and kingston jamaica george foreman became world champion by inflicting smokin joe frazier's 1st defeat of his career knocking him out in the 2nd round a year later probably the most famous of them all the rumble in the jungle in there today known as the deer see the champion form and was shocked by muhammad ali who regain the world title using the famous rope
5:51 am
a dope tactic. and to the philippines in 1975 and ali defended his crown against frazier in the thrilla in manila it was the 3rd time they fought and ali won after 14 brutal rounds when frazier's corner threw in the towel then fast forward 15 years to 1990 and probably the biggest upset in boxing history this time in tokyo after 37 straight wins iron mike tyson was beaten for the 1st time by buster douglas and there was another big shock in 2001 at the carnival city casino near johannesburg the champion lennox lewis was knocked out by the underdog a man in the 5th round while switching to football now jos a marine you know says he expects a friendly welcome at his former club manchester united on wednesday he took over at tottenham last month and faces united for the 1st time since they sacked him in december of last year and up to villa and up then we've got to the coach that is trying to win the against manchester united in this the. world chess and i think
5:52 am
from that. is the way is to go or it is bit like mr mandela was was saying sometimes you never lose your way in the warren and. at united. and i little. success or at united ole gunnar sol shire is under pressure he took over with them 6th in the premier league but after 50 games in charge their struggling down in once place $22.00 points behind leaders liverpool it's not the way we want to be and we know we have to improve so we were cannot to to do that right listen to what he's been told as well documented to be true to the debates being vocal but if you play the more you know post already know . italian striker mario balotelli can leave his current club on a free transfer in january that's according to the club owner. but
5:53 am
a telly returned to his hometown club back in august but he's only scored twice in the 8 matches that he's played are bottom of sciri off last month he was racially abused by helis verona fans and just over a week ago claimed that balotelli quote needed to whiten himself comments the club said were misunderstood now the owner has said he wouldn't stand and balotelli is way if he wanted to leave in january claiming the 29 year old was not best suited to a relegation battle 15 time major golf champion tiger woods will captain the united states team and the upcoming presidents cup in australia the u.s. will play an international team excluding players from europe woods hopes the captaincy experience will be a rewarding one when we're never going to have this team again and every team i've been on that's one time we're not going to have the same guys again so this is a $2900.00 presents got to be so enjoy it be a part of it and. it's want them to go out there and does have the time of their
5:54 am
lives doing something that we all love to do which is compete play and do something we don't get a chance to do very often which is play for something bigger than just our son's southeast asian games organizers have been forced to delay even more events after the arrival of typhoon in the philippines most of the outdoor sports like beach volleyball surfing triathlon and sailing as you can imagine have been delayed until wednesday and thursday because of the weather conditions the sea games is held in 3 clusters on the island of luzon which has been hit rather hard by heavy rain and high winds. now from the sea games to surfing and chris some more has won her 4th world title after making it to the semifinals at the w. s.l. event in maui just a day earlier the whole why and had qualified for tokyo 2020 were surfing will be making its atlantic debut she was beaten in the semifinals by fellow olympic qualifier stephanie gilmore but that was still enough to give her the trophy the
5:55 am
only surfer with more world titles is kelly slater with 11 quite the trophy at that well that's it for me we'll have more sports for you later thanks to one of the world's most prestigious of towards has been split between old fulfilling lives for the very 1st time they asked to turn the prize judges to be treated as a group as a sign of solidarity in a divided world challenge the reports from gates in southern england. it's the most porked about prize in the world but this year the 4 artists redefined the competition by joining forces trying to 90. turn a prize has been awarded to the collective a radical move underpinned by the political nature of these artists we quickly realized the shared resource that runs across our otherwise very different practices when there is already so much that divides people we feel strongly motivated to use the occasion of the price to make a collective statement in the name of commonality multiplicity and solidarity
5:56 am
through video helen cam explores the role of women in the civil rights movement in northern ireland weaving in songs of protest her films delve into a history that informs the mass demonstrations we see today in another video he's lawrence abu hamed and questions sound and truth. in a project commissioned by amnesty international investigated the syrian regime's prison at certain air the prison known for its torture where silence was brutally enforced abbie hamdan interviewed former inmates and used their ear witness testimonies to understand what happened the powerful work that wouldn't feel out of place as evidence in a courtroom sculptor has produced some rather creepy effigy staring blankly at a black wall with a chink of light he says the work is about injustice industry and capitalism while thai shanny's dream like work draws on feminist tex she's created
5:57 am
a mythical world with subtle references to mysticism and philosophy the prizes co-curator says all the artists are equally deserving of the award winning the turner prize even being nominated for the turner prize being part of it is i'm a massive and amazing platform for an artist we've had $93000.00 visitors to the gallery 7 percent of those i've never been to a gallery before. so you get your work seen by a much broader audience the painted tunnel was described margate sunset is the most beautiful in europe but the artists nominated here are really pushing against what many expect to be inside is not art as entertainment or status as him but politics with a capital p. these winners will now have the platform to communicate their politics and the message of solidarity to a global audience al-jazeera monkeys. and you watching the news are with me so
5:58 am
robin harlow is up next a little full hall to stay with us. the un published the most comprehensive study of life on. they found 1000000 species face extinction that's more than 12 percent of known life on. one truck to destroy the much oil infrastructure on which a world that had the report identifies the 5 main drivers of this crisis just the way we use and abuse all politics was always says 75 percent of the land and to the marine environment have been severely altered by human activity exploitation of species through over fishing and hunting climate change caused by a greenhouse gas emissions. pollution and finally the how to create tunnel local ecosystems by invasive species. reports both to say the decline can be slowed even
5:59 am
stopped in some cases but to do that we must transform our relationship with. from ancient embryos to communist leaders. age old philosophies and the rule of order remains central to the world's oldest living civilization. in the 1st of a 2 part series the big picture charts how a history spanning vive 1000 years shaped china's role in the industrialized world . the china complex part one. on al-jazeera. i remember the 1st time i walked into the newsroom and it felt like being in the general assembly of the united nations has little so many nationalities. to build just that we all come from different places but it's one that gives us bankruptcy
6:00 am
us the ability to identify people who may live outside of the world but we can understand what it's like to have a different perspective and i think that is a strength for al-jazeera. a damning impeachment report accuses donald trump of soliciting help from ukraine's president to boost his chances of reelection. how about and how low he is in and this is the as al-jazeera live from doha also coming up the threats all of us sanctions on china intensifies over beijing's treatment so we can lose limbs. and all cords alliance the u.s. and french presidents up the center of a divisive nature.


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