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the city t.v. or computers. to short films show how in love i'm learning who finds a way to. al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. on the tail of this is the al jazeera news hour live from london coming up the house judiciary committee is told by constitutional experts the president donald trump did commit impeachable offenses. nato members reaffirm their commitment to collective defense but major questions remain about the future of the allied. summarize the results outbreak as the death toll rises at least one other pacific country takes its own measures to prevent infection. to john's road to reform the
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u.s. announces it will appoint and ambassador to khartoum for the 1st time in more than 2 decades. and i would be to stand with the sports with just over 7 months to go to the olympics to cure is hit with a radiation scare plots former australian rugby player israel for lower reaches a settlement of unfair dismissal for an empty case social media post. legal experts called by us democrats have testified that president trump has committed impeachable offenses in their statements to the house judiciary committee they were among 4 leading experts on constitutional law 3 were called by us democrats and one party the republicans he argued the inquiry was slipshod and rushed trump is accused of abusing his power to push ukraine into investigating his
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political rivals joe biden a constitutional expert palin akal and told the committee the president's conduct had threatened democracy in the united states as president john kennedy declared the right to vote in a free american election is the most powerful and precious right in the world. but our elections become less free when they are just started by foreign interference what happened in 2016 was bad enough there is widespread agreement that russian operatives intervene to manipulate our political process but that distortion is magnified if a sitting president abuses the powers of his office actually to invite foreign intervention professor jonathan turley professor from george washington university was the witness told by the republicans he said it was his opinion that the grounds for impeachment short this case is not a case of the unknowable it's
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a case of the peripheral we have a record of conflicts defenses that have not been fully considered and subpoenaed witness with material evidence i'm concerned about lowering impeachment standards to fit a paucity of evidence and an abundance of anger i believe this impeachment not only fails to satisfy the standard of past impeachments it would create a dangerous precedent for future impeachments. how did your customers forgive us for us on capitol hill so we heard the 2 different perspectives on this. yes very much so but if you listen to the 3 experts that were called by the democrats they said that they were unanimous in judging that these allegations against trump do rise to the level of intake of and teachable offenses which is defined in the u.s. constitution as treason bribery or other high mr nooners and high crimes so
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these 3 are using words that really nice sound a unison alarm bell we heard one saying that democracy is under attack another has testified that that trump has attacked each of the constitution safeguards against a monarchy but of course that one voice that is very different from the rest is the constitutional scholar called by republicans this is jonathan turley and it's notable that in his written opening statement he had said that if it was proven that trunk had been withholding u.s. security aid from ukraine as leverage to get their help with his political campaign then yes that would be an impeachable offense but truly says there is a big cobb got there he says that democrats have not proven that to be the case the democrats obviously have a very different story to tell they say that over the last few weeks the 17
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witnesses who have been the fact witnesses offering their testimonies on capitol hill have in their sense. offered overwhelming evidence that trump abuse the power of us office by putting his personal political interests above that of national security however republicans have said that that testimony was mostly here say that there was a lack of primary evidence here other than the phone call between trump and the president of ukraine in which trump sort of. beggarly says that he wants the president of ukraine to do the most favor when speaking in context of the security age so what republican saying now is that there's still the louth of a true insider from trump's inner circle who has implicated the president directly and the issue with that is it is the president and republicans themselves in the white house that have acted to not allow those trump insiders to offer their
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testimonies even though they're they've been subpoenaed by congress so right now we're in a catch 22 from the democrats perspective where they don't have that evidence from a firsthand perspective although republicans say that's what they need in order to move forward with the impeachment what is your question. joining us now from washington d.c. is henry olsen he's a senior fellow at the ethics and public policy center and columnist for the washington post newspaper want to pick up on what heidi was mentioning the lack of evidence that turley was talking about to me he said impeachment have to be based on proof not assumption is the problem with that line that the democrats will be able to argue well we wanted more witnesses and we weren't allowed to have them. well turley's argument is that in previous impeachment particularly that president richard nixon the party in control of the party that was holding the investigatory hearings gave enough time for the courts to rule on the questions of whether or not
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these subpoenas contradict or conflict with the president's constitutional right to run his office those suits are currently proceeding right now but the democrats have chosen unlike in the nixon case to wait they've decided to rush forward so turley's argument and i think one that sound is if you waited you might have the evidence and you might actually be able to make that proof but without the evidence you don't have the proof and you're not providing the court system time to give you the evidence and determine the legitimate arguments that have been raised by the president's team and was the strongest argument is intended it is it was 3 against one wasn't in terms of the kind of way to set this afternoon what you think the biggest. strength if you like is falling on the democrat side of things. i think the democrats' strongest argument is one that they don't make very often and that is that they don't know that the very act of the request is an impeachable
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offense i think it is clear nobody denies that the president made this request and least one of their witnesses has argued that that fact alone is sufficient for impeachment and i think the democrats should be resting more of their case on that because it is a very troublesome request that the president of the united states says can you help me investigate a political opponent and he wasn't making a request say can you please help us and cooperate in our own ongoing legal investigation which would have been a proper request but rather he's putting it in personal terms and asking them to do something that is not clearly a violation of their laws that they should be investigating i think that this is the democrats' strongest case the strongest argument and i think they should be making more of it and less of the things that are much more difficult for them to prove now is it in the hands of the judiciary committee and then that is any of what people here are going to change the minds of republicans in congress was this
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will designed for voters beyond that. it's totally designed for voters beyond that and i don't think there's any sign that it's going to change supporters views the fact is you have to put yourself in the shoes of somebody who supports or is open to supporting president trump they've been hearing about impeachment for 3 years and the story in the cause always changes whether it's russia or whether it's you know emoluments clause or whether it's something that's quite clear is that a very high proportion of people who oppose the president dislike him so much that they are searching for a reason to impeach him that's the strongest argument that the republicans have it's not a constitutional argument but it's one based on the conduct of the democrats over the past 3 years and it's one that as a result resonates with the republicans i think we're going through a political version of compute the theater where we have trotting out witnesses to
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a conclusion that everyone knows is foregone that the democrats will vote to convict the republicans will vote to acquit and that the president will not be removed from office and may also thank you very much indeed for your thoughts on the subject. coming up on al-jazeera this news hour the body of a u.n. peacekeepers found in the democratic republic of congo as protests against there were continued. israeli bypasses driving straight through palestinian lands israel says it will spur development the villagers say they'll pay the price. and the best heavyweight boxer about to battle it out clash on the do more with peter and sport . in asia summit has ended with leaders uniting behind common commitment that's despite the meeting highlighting bitter divisions on several major issues it has managed to agree on issues such as russia and china and resolved
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a major stumbling block when turkey dropped its objection to nato baltic defense plan but behind the public display of unity cracks where on show as to how reports so good morning i think they're ready to start if you can find those seats this gathering of nato leaders had one objective a show of unity to mark 70 years of the world's most successful military alliance one for all and all for one instead it was a public display of differences that began the day before on tuesday the u.s. president on trump was on the combative for number one point from the front is not only will nato strategy budget payments and trumps unilateral withdrawal of u.s. troops from northern syria this was. exactly one of the. issues over. but trump's views are no longer those of a president seen as preeminent leader of the alliance now some allies here
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including the british french and canadian leaders see donald trump as disruptor in chief apparently sharing a joke at his expense during tuesday night's reception at buckingham palace. were trump's response on being asked about the canadian prime minister's comments these 2 faced and soon afterwards he tweeted that there was no need for a final press conference. emanuel macron meanwhile continued to press his case for change you know to me who is our enemy how can we act together against international terrorism in particular these are all subjects that were not sufficiently settled debates should be about something of that then but history and financial issues doesn't always fully get left out of the audience. the voices of reassurance were left sounding a bit thin that always been able to overcome these differences and then unite
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around the record tossed to protect the founding fathers and that's exactly what to do today the question it all raises is central to what nato is and what it exists for what happens to an alliance built on collective defense when that collective commitment that spirit of unity isn't just solid as some would like it to be nato member turkey's president ridge of tired early one had earlier demanded that the kurds abandoned by trump in northern syria be recognized as what he called terrorists or he'd veto alliance efforts to bolster eastern defenses against russia this was a threat that represented a fracturing of nato's central accord is what trump and macron do seem to agree on but many others don't that russia is no longer the enemy it was and while nato is focus has widened to include china cyber security hybrid warfare the alliance can't hide from the difficult truth that multiple challenges mean multiple conflicting
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interests undermining the unity they've come here to celebrate going to al-jazeera at watford north london. meanwhile russia's president is accusing the u.s. of viewing space as a potential theater of war that amir putin has said washington is rapidly developing its military forces in space from to moscow to develop its space sector further britain said he categorically opposes the miniature as a sion of the cosmos but has had to ramp up russia's presence for the launch of u.s. space command in september as president donald trump has said he wants his country to dominate space. germany has expelled 2 russian diplomats after federal prosecutors so there was evidence russian intelligence was involved in the killing of a georgian man in berlin the victim who had fought with chechen separatists was shot in broad daylight last august a step fasten reports from moscow the kremlin denies any involvement and says the expulsions are unfriendly and unfounded. this is rapidly turning into
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a diplomatic row between russia and germany after german prosecutors have announced that they have strong indications that russia is behind the murder of a former chechen rebel commander selim khan hungers feeley and 2 russian diplomats have been expelled from germany now russia says it will take countermeasures and the foreign ministry here in moscow sas that is expulsions have been groundless the murder took place in berlin on broad daylight in august and a russian national has been arrested for shooting him in the hat but according to media reports his identity papers were false and they have suggested that the russian secret service was behind the murder something that the spokesman of president putin the nice to look. i don't think there are serious suspicions and there cannot be any what relation to the russian authorities does this this is actually groundless speculation dystopic has been somehow whipped up by german
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media but this doesn't mean that this is how things are this murder in berlin has been compared to the poison attempt on former spies cripple and his daughter in the united kingdom in 2018 also then the russian secret service was mentioned as being behind the attack and the incident had a very bad impact on the relationship between the united kingdom and russia now this role with germany comes only a few days before president putin is about to board a plane to paris where he will meet with german chancellor angela merkel to discuss peace in eastern ukraine a visit which is meant to improve ties between russia and europe. some was rolling out a mass vaccination program on thursday and friday in an attempt to stem its fast growing measles crisis immunization is now a compulsory understatement mergence imposed last month families who are not facts native believed to be around 70 percent of the population are being advised to fly
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a red flag or cloth outside the house to help speed the process 60 deaths have now been confirmed boss majority of them children it comes as neighboring fiji has postponed all sporting events to draw large crowds over worries the outbreak could spread jessica washington is in the someone capital apia so how is the vaccination campaign progressing. lauren the focus is very much on these roving medical teams they are traveling in vans like this one stocked with vaccinations and staffed by both local health workers and also international medical personnel now they have been going door to door not only to those houses which have a red flag tied out their front but also to those which don't they are checking in just to make sure which families have been vaccinated and which haven't and all the efforts today on thursday a very much centered around making that job just that little bit simpler roads are
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cleared and only those traveling to hospitals are allowed to drive today and residents have been asked to stay indoors and wait for these medical teams to arrive it's going to be the key to success in trying to ramp up the efforts today. lauren the key focus is very much on making sure that everyone under the age of 16 is vaccinated and it does signify a shift in focus from when this outbreak began in october at that moment it was very much about making sure that the most at risk populations that is those under the age of 4 were vaccinated but in order to ensure herd immunity the message now is that everyone even adults must be vaccinated and what we do know is that among the 60 people who have died since this outbreak began 3 of them were adults and that has really reinforce the message that measles is
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a risk to everyone here in some our thank you very much indeed jessica washington reporting there. the world health organization says the fight against malaria is stalling even though it's still making more than $200000000.00 people sick every year about $400000.00 of those who get infected die mostly children in africa on average one child dies from malaria every 2 minutes the researchers latest report also shows $11000000.00 pregnant women had malaria in sub-saharan africa last year affecting the health of almost 900000 newborn babies the report goes on to say while progress has been made money is short so donor countries and governments need to do more of his or her nor is the team leader of the surveillance unit for the world health organization's global malaria program he says data can be used to target those risk of contracting malaria better quite clearly we need to improve how we invest the existing resources to allow us to achieve bigger impact. and the
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double issue on the global partnership is working with the countries to improve the efficiency of the heart of this is better use of data to effectively target populations a trip on the other hand we need more money and they double it to estimates that in 2018 we needed about $5000000000.00 globally to be to put us on target for the global stores but the investment was about $2700000000.00. especially for the army and democratic republic of congo says the body of a u.n. peacekeeper has been found a year after he was killed in an ambush it comes as protests by local people have continued accusing the un forces of failing to protect them against rebels catherine sawyer is in goma and says the u.n. is keen to point out it has the rebels on the run. the spokesman of the military did not give much detail about the body of the peacekeeper they found in an operation against rebels in the forest he said he's going to leave that to the
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united nations to give us details but we know last year 7. were killed in a joint operation against a.d.f. the year before 15 were killed these are some of the most deadly attacks that have happened in this in that region and in this country the spokesman also talked about the progress that troops are making in the fight against a.d.f. they say he says that they have taken several bases in the forest of a.d.f. he says that they have killed 6 commanders as well and groups fighters are very much on the run but a lot of people in beni that with talks to do not seem to be a piece by this they're saying why is it that with an ongoing or fence even there are about 20000 congolese troops with the u.n. carrying out this offensive so why is it that a still able to come to their villages and attack them so brutally this offensive
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has now been going on for a month yet more than 100 people in the villages in beni have been killed by a.d.'s so people very angry very frustrated they have been protesting all last week saying that the u.n. force is not doing enough to protect them and those troops needs to leave the region. the united nations says a record number of people will need humanitarian assistance next year it says almost 168000000 people that's one in every 45 on the planet are in need of basic assistance such as food and shelter the u.n. says it requires almost $29000000000.00 to provide that help but last year it only received $16000000000.00 from donors and it's focusing on $53.00 countries where climate change war and failing economies see the worst human suffering but low coke is the united nations under section general for humanitarian affairs he says investing in humanitarian action is one of the most cost effective ways to save
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lives and prevent problems from spreading i think it would be a very good idea if all the member states of the united nations were to pay the money they promised as a responsibility of being a member but that is a separate issue to what we're doing on the humanitarian side you're right that there is a need for a lot more money than we get and i will i will continue to make the case that investing in humanitarian action is a good thing to do it's a very cheap way of saving a life and it's also a good way of preventing problems because if we don't help people where they are when the problem arises as we've seen too often around the world people will move immigrates all sorts of other challenges which no countries won't have to deal with the 1st time in more than 2 decades the u.s. and sudan plan to exchange ambassadors relations between washington and khartoum have improved since the overthrow in april of then president omar bashir his
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downfall was precipitated by months of demonstrations over price hikes the few and bread and cash shortages sudan's transitional government was formed in august and is led by prime minister i've done one doc who is on his 1st visit to washington. we're joined now from washington by daniel shedden who is the deputy chief of mission at the u.s. embassy in sudan tell us how significant it is this decision to appoint an ambassador at this point it's a very significant decision it's been 23 years since we have had an ambassador and khartoum we have kept the embassy open we've got a charge a deaf air in khartoum all of those years about not having an ambassador sends a major signal to our government that we have real concerns about it this is an indication that the united states wants to be more supportive of this new combination of military civilian government in sudan and this is the 1st step in what will probably be
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a series of steps to improve relations assuming that progress continues to be made on the sidneys side you mentioned there's been progress made what would you say the biggest challenges for this new administration. well the single biggest challenge is making sure that this transition to a civilian government takes place you have in sudan today centrally 2 military organizations you have the traditional army which i think is quite willing to go along with this transition to a civilian government but you also have what is called a rapid support forces which is a paramilitary a sort of militia type of organization probably more powerful than the actual sudanese military which seems to have its own agenda it's led by a general that their loyalty is personal to him and it's not at all clear where it is going what is going to happen with the rapid support forces there really should
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be integrated into the national army but that hasn't happened yet and that's the biggest major concern there are also many financial issues that are of great concern and some of which concern relate to the united states because sudan is still on the the list of state sponsors of terrorism and that keeps certain sanctions in place making it hard for sudan to get foreign assistance i mean you mentioned some of the challenges what in terms of what the steps you've seen safe i think anything that stands out is actually a sign that they're on the right road. well the fact that doc has been selected as prime minister is certainly a major step in the right direction he's a very well qualified technocrat with with an excellent background certainly acceptable to all peoples he seems to be proceeding in the right manner in terms of bringing the country together again resolving
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a variety of internal disputes they haven't been resolved yet but he's working on it he's making the right noises and the right decisions so far so that clearly is an indication that the united states would like to work with him and ensure that this process comes to a successful conclusion which means a civilian government here just about the naming of an ambassador and it's there's so many ships that have been left vacant haven't they and what do you read into the fact that this one they've decided to to nominate someone to put someone in place well 1st off this is only a decision to fill the post and no one has been named and there's no indication of how long it will take to name someone i assume that this will be a career foreign service officer who will fill the position but then it to has to require it require senate confirmation there may be some reluctance on the capitol hill to to go forward with this i don't think it will be serious reluctance but you
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never know there there may be a desire to hold back sending an ambassador to syria and i hope that does not happen this is a decision that frankly is long overdue thank you very much indeed for your thoughts daniel shane thank you. so to come on down to 0 this news out the international criminal court prepares to decide on war crimes charges in afghanistan if any of the taliban and i still be charged but the u.s. could be too. grave concerns european officials say they have doubts over the integrity of the investigation into the death of a maltese journalist. and radiation hotspots could interfere with next year's take care lympics be here to tell us in school. thank you to each one.
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and there were some pretty good conditions across central areas of europe if you make the most of them because things all set to change in the next couple days there is plenty of cloud around eagles and rain mickleson snow cloud across much of the north and to say we have had some snow this is the picture in the southeast of poland look at this we've got plenty of snow around a causing some fairly wide just wide just by destruction to the raise as we go through thursday it is a kara picture the cad really is banged up towards the new round this area of high pressure but we've also got some very heavy rain into the eastern side of spain the pushing into the western med that is becoming increasingly unsubtle across much of the northwest that really sweet through on friday very heavy amounts of rain and strong winds. across the u.k. into these northern areas of fons and on into the low countries center europe is fairly good as a say but it's becoming to be squeezed from the north and we have more work in the way across the central mediterranean well to about genitals much of northern africa
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those rains in the central med no way to make it that fall south what we will see the like thursday is amazed as pushing to fall south of the west or on their way further north as we head to friday feeling cooler in with the high the 70. i thought this conviction that everyone has a deep reservoir of tonic billeted and if you can give them the opportunity wonderful things start to happen sometimes the simplest situations are the mist and packed from that they are. the main things that sets out 0 apart from other news organizations is that a lot of our reporting is about real people not about ideas or politicians or what they may want to do but how policy and how events affect real people it's ok it's ok it's ok. a little more complicated operations probably if this is not
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an act of creation i mean i don't know if the walk the face of the work you're doing here is amazing but there aren't so many fossils and it feels like this is just a damn what was your relationship with joe not normal or ok that's certainly become yours in this job isn't just about what's on a script or a piece of paper it's about what's happening right now. among the top stories here now to 0 the 2nd round of impeachment hearings into u.s. president trump has begun with evidence from a legal witnesses those called by the democrats say he has committed offenses but
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a law professor selected by the republicans so there was no evidence of a clear criminal act. a nato summit held just outside london has ended with some agreement on threats from russia and china but it's been of a shattered by personal rouse between leaders including an accusation from the u.s. president that canada's prime minister is 2 faced. and a mass immunization campaign is planned and some are off to 60 deaths from the disease from diesels of the vast majority are children under the age of 4 parties have asked unvaccinated families to fly a red flag outside their home as a. gunman in eastern afghanistan have killed 6 people including the head of a japanese medical charity the vehicle was ambushed on the road to jalalabad in the east of the country 73 year old doctor to camera was given on early afghan citizenship by the president earlier this year he'd worked on successful irrigation
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projects in rural farming areas for more than a decade no group has yet claimed responsibility for its national criminal court is about to decide whether to investigate allegations of war crimes in afghanistan including some against the united states a panel of judges ruled against a similar request earlier this year saying it was unlikely anybody would cooperate in what would be a long and costly process tony but lee spoke to some of the relatives seeking justice in one go home province in eastern afghanistan. this was a bedroom that became an execution chamber the night afghan special forces stormed a family home in jalalabad suspecting it to be an eyesore terrorist cell the operation ended with the death of 4 brothers hands tied behind their backs and shot at close range. mohammed millet zuyder describes the way his nephews were killed in cold blood. sidique joanne's eben supports a hill well we're not i saw members one was a judge another
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a lawyer and 2 were money changes the government has not given an explanation as to why they were killed and to the families knowledge no one has yet been charged with a crime among wire. we want all those involved to face justice the one who shot that the one who gave the orders and the one who gave the wrong intelligence they need to be hanged in front of us then we will know justice has been done. the villages of jalandhar in eastern afghanistan want justice as well to avenge the deaths of 70 friends and relatives who died in a bomb attack as they prayed in a mosque the perpetrators are either eisel all the taliban ready girl lost 10 members of his family in the blast. but i wasn't in the mosque when i came home i found the bodies of my family including my little son i fell unconscious it was truly horrible and has devastated our village in a country that has suffered for decades of conflict justice has been in short supply the international criminal courts chief prosecutor for 2 bensouda wants to
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end the climate of impunity in afghanistan and start an investigation of war crimes a request has been refused by the i.c.c. own judges on the grounds that none of the main players will cooperate and the process will be lengthy and costly. she's appealing that decision and has accused the taliban of targeting innocent civilians and the afghan government of torturing prisoners but she also says that the united states may be guilty as well the united states is concerned that if this i.c.c. investigation goes ahead it will also focus on the role of the cia in afghanistan its black ops and so-called black sites where prisoners were subjected to controversial some say inhumane methods of interrogation and treatment misspend sudha says there is information that members of the u.s. military and intelligence forces committed acts of torture cruel treatment rape and sexual violence against conflict related detainees. the u.s.
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has defended its actions in afghanistan and has responded by attacking the i.c.c. its threaten to prosecute its investigators and take retaliatory measures against any country that cooperates with the investigation in eastern afghanistan they've been bombed from the air shot on the ground and no investigation is about to change that was about to go but there was that i think we're caught in the middle when government forces on the other side of the fighting we're the ones who suffer our houses are destroyed our loved ones are killed we want it to end. it's not clear if the i.c.c. investigation will ever get off the ground and achieve anything but what is clear is that all sides have blood on their hands and most people in afghanistan want something more than justice they want peace tony berkely al jazeera eastern afghanistan. iraqi security forces have arrested a man said to be the deputy chief of the deceased are so leader baghdadi. was
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captured during an overnight raid in the city of how we judge and was carrying a fake id iraqi security forces say he was the military commander of saladin province north of baghdad. killed himself during a raid by u.s. special forces on his compound in northwest syria in october so sure barry has more from baghdad on how calderon's arrest is a major boost for iraqi security forces security forces arrested. late last night in the province we believe that he was a very high ranking eisel official. we know that he served time in. prison in basra prior to the formation of this group and that he had a very close relationship to the former leader now he himself is believed to be from salaheddine province and he did serve as the military emir of that province
12:38 am
for a few years at the height of isis reign in iraq but this certainly comes at a very important time in this country this will be seen as a very significant victory for iraqi forces fighting the what's left behind of this group since they announced that it was defeated i saw was the feed in iraq in 2017 but this comes at a time when the country's in turmoil in all senses and this news will certainly be seen as a positive step for iraqi security forces. colombian unions and student groups holding the 3rd national strike in 2 weeks and then straight as angry about president even dukas economic and social policies they want the government to abandon a proposed tax reform which would lower duties on businesses and demanding more support for leftist rebels the protests have gone in hundreds of thousands of people over the past 2 weeks and have led to 5 deaths despite being launched in peaceful. around kitty who's in bogota what's the mood where you are now.
12:39 am
well and this has been another overwhelmingly overwhelmingly peaceful demonstration almost carnival like a very risky. situation with people dancing on the streets but also insisting on pressuring the government. to stop with going forward with a number of economic reforms as you were saying with your introduction the other novelty in this demonstration which is the 3rd national strike part of an unprecedented serious of protests that have been going on now for 14 days whereas the presence of hundreds of indigenous leaders that have come from different regions of colombia they were here to march together with the members of the unions with this students because one of the demands here is to do more with the fact that
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indigenous leaders have been killed at a very high rate in this year and particularly in areas which were before under control fire grapples and where new armed groups criminal gangs are now operating but again this has been a very peaceful day we haven't seen we have seen smaller crowds then in past demonstrations and this is something to can see there is for the leaders of the strike but the people. who are on the streets are still very animated and want to continue putting pressure on president and sundry on thursday will be a new attempt to dialogue with the government what's at stake. well so far these negotiations diego ca sions haven't really been able to achieve much in particularly because the leaders of the strike are insisting that they want direct bilateral negotiations at the 13 points of their list of demands with the
12:41 am
government the government started what they're calling a great national conversation talking with all different groups of social sectors interpret nurse and the country and the leaders of the strike are saying that this is just the way the looting the reasons behind this strike and they are they will continue being on the streets we'll have to see what happens on thursday the other issue here is that we're getting very close to christmas season which is the largest haul they see season in colombia and some people here are saying that it might be necessary to suspend the strike now and started again next year. thank you very much indeed. and a huge allegation has expressed grave concerns over the integrity of the investigation into the murder of multis journalist and anticorruption blogger to make her want to she was killed by a car bomb in 2017 those accused of involvement in her murder of implicated government ministers close to the prime minister. is in the capital but letter with
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more on the ongoing investigation. pressure is mounting on the office of the prime minister not only have there been daily protests but now a damning assessment from a delegation from the european parliament here to investigate the crisis they believe that while the prime minister remains in office there's a risk of the investigation into the murder of daphne cow and i believe being compromised there has to be absolute confidence in the process and i think when he's in office that confidence is not there the way he. functions or doesn't function in malta has direct implications for the position of malta in the european union soon after current to lisi as murder 3 people were arrested they are awaiting trial and on november the 20th one of the wealthiest people a multi you know a confederate was arrested and accused of being complicit in the journalist murder something he denies soon after his arrest he pointed the finger at
12:43 am
a person very close to the prime minister keith schembri the prime minister's former chief of staff he stepped down from his role last tuesday spent 2 days being questioned by police before being released without charge meanwhile the person regarded as the middleman in the killing has pointed the finger both at schembri and faded as being coconspirators in planning the killing of car want to leave as the european parliament delegation said it was either out of complete naivety or complicity that the prime minister allowed this to happen on his watch. israeli bulldozers have begun to level ground in the occupied west bank as part of plans to link to illegal settlements palestinian villages say it will destroy their livelihoods and they fit fair this is the end of the start of more demolition israeli benefit in one qana ports in hebron. this was once a fertile farmland on palestinian territory providing homes and livelihoods for the villagers now it's an israeli military protected construction site linking it to
12:44 am
settlements illegal under international law the construction has divided the palestinian village of beit omar in a half well it's completed the villages won't be able to reach their land on the other side of the bypass road legally that land still belongs to the palestinian villages practically speaking there would be no way they can farm it if they cannot reach it for n.p.r. and i'm with it when i realized my land had gone i had pain my chest i inherited this land from my father as he did from he's an overnight has gone i wanted to give it to my children but instead we became like an fiji's without property the israeli authorities have offered compensation but that's been rejected by the palestinians the construction is going full speed ahead despite a palestinian challenge in israeli court to stop it the case is ongoing improving and linking the settlements as part of an israeli policy aimed at encouraging its
12:45 am
citizens to move to the occupied west bank however it's often the palestinians that pay the price when land is confiscated and split by the settlements nowhere is it more evident than in the divided all city of hebron where palestinian movement is severely restricted there are calls now by israeli politicians to bulldoze a market and build houses for a new wave of israeli settlers. the markets remained empty since the mid ninety's when israeli settler killed $29.00 palestinians and the israeli government forced the remaining palestinians to leave the area some jewish families claim ownership of the market going back to 929. colors of why she owns one of the shops in the market place this is as close as he's allowed to get to it by the israeli army. i think it's going to get worse for him run today they want to take the market tomorrow they'll take over nearby streets and then what perhaps they will take over more properties nothing seems to stop this israeli government if this market place
12:46 am
is destroyed and more homes for settlers are built it will already divide this very fractured city now there are some 800 settlers here in the city back to by the israeli army and they dominate the lives of about 250000 palestinians iraq on our desire. it's one of the most eagerly awaited stock flotations in history and saudi arabia is publishing initial share price of its national oil company iran co on thursday in ousmane coincides with a meeting of oil cartel opec which has the saudis as one of its key members of the listing will be smaller than initially hoped and shares have a limited availability. has more from headquarters in vienna. saudi aramco c.e.o. called it a historic day when last month the world's largest oil producing firm announced its listing on riyadh's to the exchange on thursday shares will be priced below the much hyped 2 trillion dollar price the saudis wanted but some asset managers say
12:47 am
even at the lower price the company's overvalued analysts say there's been tension between the saudi government's valuation ambitions and what western investors are willing to pay initial estimates that were given by the saudi leadership hasn't been proven yet and so that's what i mean by taking the feedback going back and seeing if they can make those numbers are from saudi arabia derives most of its money from oil exports and says it will use the income from its public listing to diversify its economy but a recent drone attack on 2 of its facilities the rebels in yemen said they carried out took out more than half of the kingdom's oil production and caused major concern among international investors so far the stock listing is only available for saudis and nationals in the arab states of the g.c.c. and that too will be kept by the to the exchange saudi aramco is international listing was the crown jewel of prince mohammed bin cell man's vision 2030 an ambitious project to take saudi arabia into the future without an over reliance on
12:48 am
oil but since he announced it in 2017 the i.p.o. or the initial public offering was delayed several times and transparency concerns a murky anticorruption drive against wealthy businesses the killing of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi and other factors have not been helpful to achieving that vision. so far saudi aramco has refrained from listing on an international stock exchange the company also canceled a road show intended to attract rest in an asian investors but they're still set to be interest from russian and chinese investors. at the meeting of the oil producers bloc opec it's likely that output cuts will remain in place to keep oil prices steady nowadays as they call them is it all in a new discoveries to have been set up on the map across the world so we have a new alliance and we can call it all back and all but a lot of that includes some of the countries that i will and those like russia for example. and of course. the market changed if it all back or opec
12:49 am
plus controlling their own production so limiting their volumes and allowing some other nations to grow production of course that in some way limits their market share for a successful. we'll need a steady and higher oil price although there is interest from local g.c.c. investors the i.p.o. with $100000000000.00 it was intended to raise and able to get the 2 trillion dollars valuation that they desired some of the. still to come there this news saudi arabia and host nation qatar are set to meet in a politically charged arabian gulf cup semifinal we'll hear from both camps in sport with peter. thank you business updates brought to you by qatar and we're going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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to pretend to support. lauren thank you very much greenpeace japan says radiation hot spots have been found with a tokyo 2020 olympic torch relay will begin in march the refurbished shavit age sports complex was used as an operational base to deal with the 20 live in fukushima nuclear reactor meltdown it reopened earlier this year and the argentina rugby team stayed they during the world cup the greenpeace survey in october of j village which is a national football training complex found radioactivity readings as high as $71.00 micro sieverts per hour that might not mean much when you learn that most people are exposed to natural radiation of $2.00 to $3000.00 micro sieverts
12:52 am
a year which means anyone staying at j. village for 2 or more days could be exposed to move the mask. the readings aren't deemed life threatening if exposed for a short length of time but greenpeace say the levels are 1775 times higher than prior to the nuclear disaster and heavy rainfall could spread the contamination. south korea is a limb pick committee are so concerned about 2020 that they plan to bring radiation detectors with them to the olympics they will also ship their own homegrown food to feed their athletes. to us and in the past we provided korean food in order to encourage athletes this time the main focus will be on providing food that is safe from radiation will bring as many ingredients as we can and even if we do get local food supply we will test it. fiji is postponing domestic support until january
12:53 am
because of the measles outbreak in neighboring soma or at least 60 people have died in summer fiji has a much higher rate of vaccination but they are canceling events likely to draw crowds the football beach volleyball and netball governing bodies have already suspended competitions israel folau has settled these dispute with rugby australia for what he claimed was unfair dismissal he wanted 9 and a half $1000000.00 but the terms of the deal are confidential allow is a conservative christian and the 30 year old was sacked over a social media post saying that hell awaited gay people he said it was religious discrimination rugby australia the new south wales rugby union and fellow released a joint statement saying the social media post reflected mist of allows genuinely held religious beliefs and must of allowed did not intend to harm or offend any person must allow once all australians to know that he does not condone discrimination of any kind against any person on the grounds of they sexuality fill
12:54 am
out then follow that up with this post on youtube. with today's acknowledgement an apology by a rugby astronomer we have been vindicated and can now move on with our lives to focus on our faith and our family we started this journey on behalf of all people who fight to protect their rights of freedom of speech and religion we now look forward to the federal government in acting the legislation necessary to further protect in strength in these rights for all the strengths thank you. right now in saudi arabia anthony joshua's for paying for his heavyweight title rematch against andy rubin's jr the 2 will battle it out in the saudi capital riyadh on saturday in what has been dubbed the clash on the dunes this fight comes 6 months after josh was a shock defeat at madison square garden that last thing he's will title belts i'm used to this position and even when you watch champion nothing and as a respected heavyweight knows that your ways out of
12:55 am
a challenge of mindset or that he's quite satisfied has come up with his reality challenge mindset and i've always said that previously when that the boat's around my waist and now i'm speaking into existence this is the challenge of mindset so i call it back to 16 back to my 16th fight hungry determined to focus on the go and i know there's really not much to say besides i'm ready to rock and roll i know ages and i come with a different game plan i know he's prepared i know he's motivated so i think that's what gives me that action and just me and my motivation you know being marked as i know he last way and i know he's and i try to box there around. but it is my job. to prevent that you know so i'm ready for whatever kinds my way and tomorrow to rock around josie marine who has lost tony's 1st game back in manchester united since taking over tottenham it was a bitter return to old trafford for the former man united manager spurs losing this one to one with any tottenham goal coming from delhi alley when united now go ahead
12:56 am
of tottenham on the table with the victory. meanwhile saudi arabia's national football team are preparing for a politically charged arabian gulf cup semifinal against host nation on thursday because ariz defeat of the united arab emirates in the last group stage game saudi arabia like the u.a.e. are one of the countries blockading qatar currently saudi boss of iran odds says he hopes this match can bring the 2 countries closer together by all. of. this would be the most important. in the war. the best years of peace the next game that we know that. it's a very difficult one we know about the quality of our open and more in tomorrow's game but. once again. we are confident in our in our players
12:57 am
in their qualities as well in their commitment for sure we're going to try to all of us tomorrow and have a good performance and hopefully good result and we'll end on some sad news for may england cricket captain bob willis has died at the age of 70 on wednesday he had been suffering a long illness according to a family statement well it's played 90 test matches for his country he took 325 wickets putting him 4th on the all time list for england perhaps he's most memorable performance was taking 8 final innings wickets to help england to a famous victory over australia in leeds in 1981 a match in which in both them also starred he would later go on to become a commentator as well that's where we'll leave it for now more sport coming up again later but right now back to lauren in london. thanks her speech and a quick reminder you can always catch up on our website address that his al jazeera dot com. that's it for me daryn tell if this news up i'll be back in
12:58 am
a moment with more news ahead. kenyan journalists in pursuit of press freedom and justice i have been seeing very desperate situations where someone says about the hope you can afford being clean and investigating government corruption and the national health care system some of the transactions espionage and the killing. of money that is unexplained to africa and sunsets and publishable scenes of the people who don't want to live the doesn't like the oscar who's truth is it anyway on al-jazeera. many countries aren't
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keeping up with their commitments to stop our planet teaching. in the achieve anything at the un climate change conference in madrid as representatives from over $200.00 countries gather for top $25.00 join us for special coverage on. the last time i spoke to him he told me he was thinking of going to. the world wants to see syria's fighters up close and personal but those behind the camera pay the price filmmaker. chillingly intimate footage on and behind the front lines cost him his life his body was riddled with bullets and exclusive documentary syria the last assignments on al-jazeera.
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you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. says the green house judiciary committee is told by constitutional experts the president did commit impeachable offense to. learn to live from london coming up nato members reaffirm their commitment to collective defense but major questions remain about the future of the. summer's measles outbreak as the death toll rises unvaccinated families are asked to provide a red flag outside their homes.


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