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tv   Anatomy Of A Bribe  Al Jazeera  December 5, 2019 4:00am-5:00am +03

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this is a. very great there. you don't. you're watching others their arms the whole raman in doha these are all top news stories legal experts invited by u.s. democrats have testified that president donald trump has committed impeachable offenses but a fault expert called by the republicans says there's no evidence of a clear criminal act how did your castro has more from washington d.c. . you swear or affirm under penalty of perjury some of us constitutional scholars have weighed in the president trumps ukraine scandal is an impeachable then nothing is and professor gary hart did president trump commit the impeachable high crime and misdemeanor of abuse of power we 3 are unanimous yes the 3 law professors
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called by democrats rang in unison alarm bells that the country's democracy is under threat by the president's actions what has happened in the case today is something that i do not think we have ever seen before a president who has doubled down on violating his oath to faithfully execute the laws and to protect and defend the constitution this president has attacked each of the constitution's safeguards against establishing a monarchy in this country in the simplest possible terms the president put his personal game ahead of the national security interest it's better to be on t.v. than by a whole. 4th scholar said if trump had tried to force ukraine to investigate a political rival in exchange for military aid it would be impeachable but the scholar wednesday's sole republican witness testified the case against trump has not been proven this would be the 1st impeachment in history where there would be
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considerable debate in my view not compelling evidence of the commission of a crime more than a dozen white house and state department professionals have testified that trump used the power of his office to pressure ukraine to open an investigation into joe biden a potential political rival in the upcoming us presidential election the house intelligence committee drafted a report saying there was overwhelming evidence for this including trump's own words in a phone call with the president of ukraine that's not politics as usual at least not in the united states or not in any mature democracy trump. the law professors called by democrats represent the liberal left but he declined to testify himself and refused to send white house attorneys to represent his case for in a sense what they're doing is a very bad thing for our country it's of no merit. and the republican party has never been more unified ever trump is counting on republicans who control the
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senate to acquit him of wrongdoing in an eventual impeachment trial how do you know castro al-jazeera washington the pentagon says the u.s. warship has captured a vessel with missile parts believed to be linked to iran the seizure was made in the northern arabian sea and the crew has been transferred to the yemeni coast guard washington accuses tehran of illegally smuggling arms to who the rebels fighting the yemeni government the nato summit has ended with some agreement on threats from russia and china but it's been overshadowed by personal training leaders and their meeting highlighted bitter divisions on several major issues. some is rolling out a mass vaccination program to stem a fast growing measles crisis $62.00 people have died from the disease with more than $150.00 new cases each day the e.u. delegation to malta says an investigation into a journalist's murder is at risk while the prime minister remains in office joseph muscat has been accused of shielding prominent figures implicated in the killing
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journalist daphne. died in a car bomb and 2017 well scott has resigned but won't leave until next month and thousands of people in chile's capital marching to condemn abuse against women this flash mob video in santiago went viral last week and encourage feminists in several cities around the world to join in it marked international day of for the elimination of violence against women. and a nationwide transport strikers started in france to protest against president manuel black holes plan to overhaul the pension system plans to merge $42.00 state pension systems but strikers say they'll work longer hours and have less money for retirement those were the headlines to stay with us more news in half an hour.
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ah. this film takes you inside a multimillion dollar corruption scandal. it's a minister who wants to get paid i'm sure you pay him. one question we believe he can reach out i guess if you do certain people. the minister will be listening or whatever but i do want to see. how. we reveal how an icelandic company is plundering africa's resources going to get us to some of the clothes that are going to help if i can move to. fibroid and its politicians utilities have said look we've got all the sites and the average those . people who enter. how do serious investigative unit
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obtains a cache of confidential documents from wiki leaks this is because russian scheme goes to the highest level i'm not going to be. buying from the people in truth that would be corruption but the files reveal that to me being cabinet members the minister of fisheries and the minister of justice are accused of accepting bribes you didn't know that your company was receiving money well i challenge you that would be perceived to show you the bank statements. and the man who paid the bribes tells his story. i can do much for that form of costs the minister was right to have been patient and. if you listen to. him and just think about people is the moment you're too stupid if you're in for weeks.
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for 5 years you have a stephens and worked iceland's biggest fishing company sam harry. his main row he says was to obtain lucrative fishing rights in africa by any means necessary. from 2012 the 2 middle of 2016 i was paying but i've. lost paying any kind of payments on behalf of somebody. they have probably made 12150000000 your story out of it. but in 2016 your highness decided to blow the whistle. he resigned and left sam harry but not before seizing over 40 gigabytes of e-mail
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spreadsheet photographs and other company data. to the documents form a blueprint of how foreign companies still resources from african nations. they are just dropping the resources of african companies for their own benefits and they leave nothing left in the company. knew i had to conform to. johannes passed the documents to wiki leaks who gave them to our to 0 as investigative unit and by sloan's national broadcaster. somebody. to get their way. sam harry is a household name in iceland. some haiti has developed into
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a fully integrated seafood complete with operations and fishing on processing and sales. the company presents itself as a family business and celebrates its produce at an annual gathering for the local community. it's been run for the last 40 years by thorston more than. he's proud of sam harris relationship with quality retailers it was one minute earlier winner of his career had little more 1st rate of return on. global brands such as test goes and car for also sell sam harris fish generating hundreds of millions of dollars each year. how do you think they view africa in their business structure. they view africa just a 2nd it's a given cast that's it. namibia
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on the southwest coast of africa is a country with a small population and abundant natural resources. but a 5th of its citizens still live in poverty. yanis deficit says that's because of companies like the one he used to work for. i would say is a very classic story at the best and company of commerce to now move. to get access by any means through the shoulder. and take all the profits of. the documents obtained by out zira concluded companies presentation which describes considerable corruption in the maybe. some harry's boss thorston was told that the company needed a political support to succeed. particularly from
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a man whose name repeatedly crops up in the files bernard the south the fisheries minister. armed with the leaked documents we began our own investigation. into how corruption in namibia works. we sent johny an undercover journalist into the capital windhoek. jony posed as a representative of wealthy chinese investors. his mission to gain access to lucrative fishing rights which are allocated by the government. he sets up a meeting with a lawyer who we knew had political connections. cease in the manties name. appears in the leaked documents. they reveal his company received over a $1000000.00 of unexplained payments from the state owned fisheries company and.
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he's also the president of namibia's personal lawyer. interested. like resource for sure is true and the fusion tubes. johnny asks césar to become his local consultant. guy you really. do want to go but look at this list if. i could also get you people because. that's like the united way here and they do it every. the right to catch fish in the maybe it is heavily regulated. the government is supposed to allocate fishing quotas based on merit. and foreign investors need to operate
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alongside and the may be in company. the ultimate aim is that the profits that remain in the country i mean sure that as much as benefits. the movie ans as possible. the lawyer ceased in a mangi has set up a meeting for johnny with a prominent businessman. for drug company to knock off your deal of the. sacchi could bella runs a large no maybe in fishing company called on wallowed. he listens to johnny's proposal. we could argue 1st and then you can use what each specialist to keep running the business. for this entire expand. they are given mr some food for thought.
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sakhi invites johnny to visit his company's facilities. and what. do over here that. he suggests they go into business together. the plan is to set up a joint venture with this fishing company. which i can for. sackey soon reveals why the proposed joint venture is a guaranteed money maker he claims he can use public officials in the maybe to bypass the fishing laws we could trying to mimic human instinct and then he could also get laid it may come. sakhi can then ensure that the joint venture will always catch enough fish. but persons only for the influence would ensure that the model always gets a court that. if and now he doesn't say who this public official would
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be. in 2012 you have us was looking to break into the namibian fishing industry. he was introduced to a local deal maker times and you could be. thompson as the fixer. he finds right foreign companies he talks to his people and they connect and together . tamzin connected your hannahs to his cousin james how to kill e.p. a local entrepreneur. james is the mastermind of the set of a car. how payments out of the. ethos of the business part of the question. james and tamzin how to kill e.p. would become central enablers in sam harris bribery scheme through their close relations to thames and father in law and maybe as minister of fisheries learned to
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south. if the power brokers were doing the deals directly themselves. they'd probably be too exposed. but when the lid is lifted you often see that the people behind that company a middleman notorious for corrupt deals. good. times and 1st job to sam harry was to connect your hand s. and his boss thorston with their high level political contacts. this was the big moment for them on. their bit to make it when meeting. the decision maker dos i'm going to toss that. decision maker and not be the mr fish it s. up. based meeting was about is the toughest because the trust is
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so important in a big question. once you're in you're in a you don't get so easy out. for delivering this meeting the leaked documents reveal that tamzin was paid $38000.00 u.s. dollars. 3 weeks after the 1st meeting with our enabler sakhi he tells johnny he has the political connection we need. undercover reporter was led to the same man that you hannah's met at the party. the minister of fisheries. group on the on who spews group contribution you go a fishing industry it's all based on who the president should you choose. and then you have the cookie that it will be your you because it comes to money bill. going to cook opportunities to be both. going to
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miss out presides over an industry worth 3 quarters of a $1000000000.00 a year. the minister tells our reporter he should use a private number to contact him what thank you thanks very much if it also asks about a phone that would make his life easier. it's only. way you could i am sure you have to see. these reviews of. the 2 for the color of misfire the comic. book. was a good man to go to. the meeting with the minister is a success and sackey will soon suggest our 1st deal to get him finish the
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dishwasher. sakhi has invited johnny to a trade fair organized by the national fishing corporation of namibia known as fish coal it's a government run company i have my us using here right now so we have my guest today. mike nigam poignant he's a fish course c.e.o. . thank you very much you've given me this. each year the fisheries minister assigns fish call thousands of tons of fishing quotas which they then sell to private companies that the government wants but. they can do with them what they would like to see in the market that's. the quote is the fish course sells can generate millions of dollars in fish sales bidding for
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them is meant to be highly competitive. but the cursed johnny he's backed by sacchi mike says he can help. them bypassed any competition. this one is a facebook makes this a bit. more softly you helped sucky before reporters. a few days later sakhi arranges another meeting with mike during their meeting is. a deal is struck to guarantee fish called quotas for johnny and sac each joint venture. johnny will hand over 20 percent of the company to mike as well as hoffa 1000000 us dollars. mike will then
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ensure the quote is a given to johnny's joint venture with sacchi. he will make sure that you get the quote there and it's in nice interest because by the way to hell you could say it's interesting to know the issues. my kids came to use sakhi to hide his involvement with the registry mr. prince in the senate it becomes to me then that i'm just stuck to that they think it was then i'm going all the police. to hide mike's 20 percent share in our company and the heart of a $1000000.00 payment sakhi office to launder the funch through one of his companies s p k consulting. business my company of the time the only several the and i'm the only american enterprise that
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ok then that is the only reason why are we using this term but it was we don't want anybody else. asking questions that nobody will find. then you have to see what was the distance if you were on the. pier and. we showed a no maybe i'm professor of law at the evidence that are on the cover reports i had gathered about facebook or c.e.o. . a c.e.o. he would be checking into capacities as a private citizen and as an official and in both cases the beneficiary of that that's just. lent him in. in 2013 you have a says he was offered to provide a payment for fisheries minister bernard as south in return for securing fishing
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quotas. the request was made by thames and had to could be. asked to. give the minister 60000 you was thrown off so. i called one of the team on a sort of summit it. told me. if mr fish city wants to get paid i'm. going to most for costs. through this tunnel sent the minister was right it had been presented for. a year after the payment was made minister a south appointed a new chairman of fish. while mike newcombe is the c.e.o. the man appointed to head the company with tam's and cousin james had to be.
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there had the fish course he made sure that much for the fishing for the schools to summit even though some of the other companies were willing to pay a higher price. for the documents reveal that some harry made payments of over 4 and a oh off 1000000 us dollars into companies owned by thames and how to kill e.p. . james becomes the chap off fishbowl the companies that are getting the money are linked to thomson. this looks very much like bribery. saberi plus a very difficult explaining to. the minister of fisheries than it is sour has flown to tokyo on official business
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our undercover reporter johnny a range is to meet him for dinner. many times this summer for a french restaurant. and the election is soon to take place in namibia and the minister asks johnny to help the ruling party not being on the kids charge of. the fridge students and. the like you need to eat fast johnny says he knows a factory that can do the job. should give you know the lady with a. small gift. it gives the minister the phone he wanted. or is there that will. improve the truth of. the time. i've chosen to. join and then explains that he needs the minister's support to secure fishing quotas. boards.
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a lot of the members to use the relationship you know and. yes that's really what. the minister suggests that we donate to his reelection campaign. believes he really felt that's not he lists some people. even asks for a 2nd donation to the ruling party known as swap i. can sneak back in if i miss the fact that. you're for the initial. standard there so yes yes yes that's the. we were using treatment for his overcoat krrish next definitive said look for me on the side to the other drivers who truly feel yes ok now i'm going to see something.
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mr south and those implicated in the leaked documents are members of namibia's ruling party a south west africa people's organization all swapped. swapo was born out of namibia's independence struggle the party has won every election since independence in 1990. 1 controls public institutions. corruption become the point of the day. the moment just think about it is the moment you close your grave yet in all weeks ringback ringback ringback. you have
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a says the corruption he experienced went right to the top of the party. in 2014 he was asked for a political donation by james had achilles on behalf of the incoming president again job. james called me and asked us to pay him 140000 you were still there because the president needed to pay his fellow trouble members this was a lection coming in the party 2 months left there. the emails appeared to confirm that a payment equivalent to $140000.00 us dollars was made it was said to be for the party. we have no evidence of president game go bad post no knowledge of this. i call tossed a new. and asked if we should we immediately gave a green light. for the past.
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in part to the international trade deal that was a front for corruption by that they're going to it. was to get fishing for the p.r. for the shah. and the minister who says he knows nothing of payments to his company . to some not if it director of running the company you didn't know that your company was receiving money from sam henry i challenge you that we received the money i'll show you the banks they have you see the bank statements here. the world's largest oil producer has failed to trade on the foreign stock exchange was a transparency valuation over ambition what happened there the world's largest oil producer and you don't list in the world's largest stock exchange that definitely says something al-jazeera investigates the politics of the middle east's most potent economic weapon saudi aramco company understand. on al-jazeera.
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there were children there with the reminder of our top news stories legal experts invited by u.s. democrats have testified the president trying to pass committed impeachable offenses but of all the experts called by the republicans there's no evidence of a clear criminal act it's a joke and everybody is saying it works really what they're doing is a very bad thing for our country it's of no merit. and the republican party has never been more unified ever. the pentagon says a u.s. warship has captured a vessel with missile parts believed to be linked to iran the seizure was made in the northern arabian sea and the crew has been transferred to the a mini coastguard washington accuses to iran of illegally smuggling arms to who the
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fighters and the yemeni government the nato summit has ended with some agreement on threats from china and russia but it's been overshadowed by personal riles between leaders and the meeting highlighted bitter divisions on several major issues samo is rolling out a message vaccination program to stem a fast growing measles crisis 62 people have died from the disease with more than 150 new cases each day and the u. delegation to malta says an investigation into a journalist's murder is at risk while the prime minister remains in office joseph muscat has been accused of shielding prominent figures implicated in the killing of journalist daphne a kind of one that deletes here who died in a car bomb in 2017 where scott has resigned but won't leave office until next month thousands of people in chile's capital are marching to condemn abuse gates where in this flash mob video in santiago went viral last week and encourage feminists in
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several cities around the world to join in it mark international day for the elimination of violence against women. and they should my transport strike has started in france to protest against president manuel marquess plan to overhaul the pension system micron's plans to merge $42.00 state pension systems but strikers say they'll work longer hours and have less money for retirement and uganda's president yarima 70 has that thousands of civil servants on anticorruption march calling people who commit the crimes parasites central kampala was on lockdown with hundreds of soldiers deployed to protect politicians who join the rally but the opposition has dismissed it as a meaningless and those are the headlines i'm back with al jazeera news hour in the half an hour we continue with al jazeera investigations.
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in tokyo the discussion about our payment to the namibian minister of fisheries continues. is for illegal immigration and usually for me at least in truth too often truth to actually be some truth just to make you feel stupid. to consciously mean. when you get very weak and we think if we could cut we could do pretty quick said. ben so in the film. i was if you don't stay focused on. the minister's suddenly changes his mind instead of going to his account he wants the money sent to seche could dela. the enabler who introduced us to him when we are only doing so so that. she really knew the
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strength of those like you. are saying they're going to marry that. city 1st that the city should be i guess they. need to do something. for you. the following day the fisheries minister meet jonny again he wants to make sure our political donation remains hidden by. people who feel that you cannot do. what you have. no muss. actually that's a good news money number the baby must be. something to support the country that's. a few feet deep easy. to
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shoot we can leak if. there's an obvious issue some feats. in 2039 s. claims that sam harry would deepening vettori as to the swapo party leadership. they invited james and tamzin had to kill e.p. on a trip to iceland to meet with sam harry see thorston mahboub woodson. accompanying them was a rising star in the party psyche shang gala. at the time a close advisor to the president he went on to become the minister of justice.
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how do you do the level of corruption going on in the maybe and now what can be done by your office to try to stop to thank you for asking that i have been at the forefront of reforming the fishing industry so we have all the legislation in place . and what we've picked up is that is there are levels of corruption very miniscule it's not really an issue well you know but. in 2014 shang gallo was the architect of an even bolder attempt by sam harry to increase its access to fish in africa. that year angola and namibia signed an international agreement a deal allowing my golden company rights to namibian fishing quotas. it was
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supposed to be beneficial for both nominee and uncle last but the 2 motivation was that the shares i found the way to x.x. for us. we have no evidence that angola ministers were involved in any wrongdoing. the quota was officially awarded to a company called nanga mar pesca. you have a says it was a front company controlled by the namibian sharks. by letter agreement between one caller number was to get fishing for dynamic here for the sharks. a few months after nanga mark pascoe was awarded the fishing quota a confidential meeting took place at sam harry's headquarters in iceland james and tamzin had to kill e.p. with their. but the man who led the namibian delegation was sakhi shang gala.
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sakhi gave a presentation to thoughts than the boss of sam harry. outlined how some harry could buy the quotas from langham are pesca. they have to move fast. the opportunity we have is not available to everyone he wrote we need to move before everyone wakes up. according to your hannahs it was sackings political connections that made the deal happen. at all no. more politics. to get a bilateral agreement like that in place you need their big political support. i spoke to you have a stephens he said when he was operating in the media. corruption was rife and he had to pay what he called bribes to politically well connected individuals to
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obtain access to fishing quote that sound familiar to you. it was actually corrupt before we came in you had a lot of people who understood that what i have official right i can get rich quick . soon after the trade deal was signed assam harry born quota they paid mangum are $2200000.00 u.s. dollars over 4 years well below the market rate but they transferred a further $4000000.00 to a dubai company 200 vala. owned by fish cause chairman james how did. the money. bank of gentian to buy was for james to distribute further like to the minister of fish. and also possibly to the vicar to politicians in the company. even voices for almost all of the payments that sam
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harry made to james and tamzin had a cool e.p. describe the services they provided as a consultancy. this use of the word consultancy is typical in bribe retail is. it given that there's very strong evidence bribery occurred. and that the bribes but channeled through a myriad mysterious entities offshore companies and trusts. i think there are 4 grounds to investigate saberi and his associates for money till . the documents also appear to suggest the shang galah has been receiving money for securing the angolan deal for sam harry. you know one of the well connected political individuals. steffensen said he paid with you i haven't received payment from him. maybe he has evidence to that he should prove it
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and in the should be investigated. of the $2200000.00 that sam harry paid to nanga mom pesca. pascoe transferred 3 quarters of a $1000000.00 to a company called faecal logistics. shortly afterwards large payments were transferred to 2 companies that shango and james own. one a lair investments received $330000.00. the other received $170000.00. you and your business partner james had a clue own 2 companies that received hundreds of thousands of dollars from companies that were getting paid by sam harris and that is not true i don't have no recollection of money coming from any relationship with some harry.
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yet the documents we obtained showed a money trail from sam harry to the company shang gala own with james had a cool e.p. . about investments only a is a company i own received $300000.00 from companies that have received large payments from the noncom are there paid by sam harris since since i'm not a if a director running the company i wouldn't know but the audit is there why are you didn't know that your company was receiving money from some every subsequent well i challenge you that we received many. very expensive easy but bank statements here. i showed the minister evidence of one of those payments $17000.00 paid from a fee cut into a loan. what did that lead do philosophy which is why getting a look i would put give evidence put me before
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a court of law put me before an investigating officer and the audit is there and then the onset and then we finished so you are just consumed with the payments from off of it into a lab they have nothing to do with somehow my answer to you is this to you 100 stiff times got some kind of simple question that i want my house or a vehicle to lay out like the others what that might help somebody come to live my and see what i listen when i went to the more informed development commission. i handed over all the powers to run all my entities and i handed it over to people and you don't see any benefit of that well but what i'm saying is only here is the company run not by and but by mr too could be paid for your benefit i told well look what do you say anything if it from the company. you take shares from that company and you take dividends from that company we haven't declared evidence of the wow that's 5 in 5. and they have received the payments for side 8 to none
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commodity they have the best regards and said thank you for the payments including psyche james sometimes. well you see you have you totally believe mr you honest and therefore it is difficult for me to convince you otherwise. james have to kill e.p. and psyche sharon gallo broke the rule according to an expert view dollar evidence they are both official so. it appears that they are obvious that sending. the stop issues do you know they're getting paid in the private capacities. that's unique there's no doubt about. the. bomb our undercover team had met the fisheries minister in tokyo
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now they were back in namibia our neighbor sakit della he's on the phone to johnny sack he had just met the minister bernard a sour. taste are you. think you're. going to mislead is that a meeting we discussed that didn't express. ok we were good out why are the 75 thought. ok so for the donation the minister needed the definitely for the most in the doing no with assistance of the free world for the fishing business of the to all the right of center there's no good reason to think the relationship with him in the 1st. experience of you show us.
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what it. will look i'm obsessed. with the $200000.00 figure agreed on the cover of puerto meet sacchi to find a life details. exactly i want to ask you about the payments and it must stop. there. sakhi explains how they intend to keep the transfer didn't. they ask for the money to be placed in a trust account managed by the president's personal lawyer see sentimental. you would take it from the south. and then you would give it to the minister
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occasion and the minister would listen you know you want everybody to want to sleep with thank you for being with rugby. and all that should flow out. to hide the true beneficiary of the money sakhi constructs us to use a fake payment reference number. the money will now appear to be an investment in a local housing development run by a company called the investments. we need to keep it right is this the same way it is why when the babies may be fun to meet with their friends that seems like a good. economy to many. they actually. don't use. them is there or usually manage. it because they have parental income to me photo so you then and there on the phone list and. it was like that so now it's
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one week it's been 3 since i started out with a reference number. 2 is 234 and they think the money that they have the car. slid in they are asking me said it not just me but for interest development and the rest of the 5 of. them bondo investments the company being used to homemade our $200000.00 payment to the minister owns this development called ocean view and. our undercover reporter visited the sales agent. the plan is for the payment to be lost amongst the investment in construction. so it won't be flagged as a suspected brawl i. want. you know about. best interests and i know that trust is the names of. the sales page and does
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indeed know sacchi could ella a trustee of in bondo investments. she's sackings wife. that's obviously hiding the audit you know of the money and i can feel how to make this nation of money that money laundering. by the sea those friends criminal oh well you go to prison for that. i guess i've done this before you get true no. we didn't we didn't this week. and the minister is ok let's arrange when. it's i mean it's appalling statement. that's true is that the trying to count one can reach the minutes that not only. once it's into the circle i'm sure that it's reached the minutes.
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johnnie them visits the lawyers cease in a month to confirm the money will make it to minister south. the money that we want to give to the minister b. but it would translate if you're going. to be speaking to people in the future. you see so want us to be discrete. if you stick to it and i hope you get a little bit of it good and then the. other people of you know me to be better than what my we've had gotten and i can also do what i want to be faulty that is i am not specifying one smoke. i can give insight you can. find with me and so i do yes we haven't discussed going to chemo i will try to. fill it with relationships good business. ceases account may have been used to launder funds before. the documents indicate that
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a total of $1200000.00 u.s. dollars were deposited in ceases trust by the state wrong company fish call after james had to kill e.p. became its chairman. with a plan to launder the bribe in place johnny meets minister south for a final dinner. and one to. send you the painting then we would do we've. got here is that ok do we feel this or that that. is occurring to $200000.00 a year. to syria we'll all be careful. we're going to do fine are true it true it's true of the unit but it. took money longer than the bible but it was all over. this way. caesar's courtney's roughly.
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there would be release of a street where you believe that. you're likely to guess who's. going to jail and i think that you know i mean for you to. grow. minister has sowed didn't reply to our request for an interview. let's find out now about the initiatives and challenges that being faced in namibia. he was busy attending a conference on the importance of transparency in fishing you know as you said misty just. so that if you're. with us. this is willing to. and here you're talking about accepting bribery or up to $200000.00 from way from chinese investors don't know. i have
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to get this i need to get more information on this you know a kind of a cult something that is nice to. have been an intro connection to some that you. know no you haven't but i know they have fishing you know even if. you met with the c.i. listening in and they came to the meeting. and to explain the songs we felt i would say. that it was you know about all the payments that somebody has been paying to actually look at them you know nothing about the nothing about what about the payments they're made to do a company and to buy which is owned by james how can he be don't know i don't know really i just i don't know don't know anything about i don't know in the us you're here today to speak about transparency but staying out of video talking about money laundering and i mix i mean it's not. what i said i am not involved in money laundering. we also wanted
4:54 am
sam harry's boss thorston mahboub would send to comment on our evidence from the 1st the summer before. the summer sale of. the monkey. puppets read about we're told no more how about the fairly or. i think you have to me you know fuck i'm going to find a home but. it'll all come out and i had it on my hands i meant. yeah and this is him but lynn deliver sign testimony about the corruption of sam harry. since blowing the whistle he travels with bodyguards cause i'm afraid i'm very high on their case today. he's taking
4:55 am
his evidence to the namibian embassy hoping that it will be passed to the country's anti corruption investigators. i believe it's my best fish of my life is to come forward and do my part. yanis you've committed crimes yourself there are going to be people who say you should go to jail as well. i'm for sure part of the cramps and i'm for sure. to go to jail if that this the cost i have to pay to expose this long time ago come to terms of.
4:56 am
4:57 am
get away from me we can meet in the courts of law if you're going to talk about that your son in law accepted money from con this i don't want is somebody sure you said that he was going to bring that money to you. were you aware of that. go and investigate some other things.
4:58 am
hello there we have another bit of snow across the northeast of the united states not just the last 24 hours but really for the last 3 days it is now finally carrying out of the picture but not before lots of damage was done hundreds of flights were delayed boston's that and it may look very nice all this snow on the trees however when you get snow on the trees guess what the branches come down and then you have power outages thousands of generally across much of the northeast that people working very hard to get up and running again through thursday it's a cold but clear day into new york city 6 degrees celsius just ace in washington
4:59 am
and we've got plenty of snow out across into the central plains really down into the southern rockies meanwhile of any kind of picture really through much of the pacific northwest and trading down tools california again pushing in as we had to friday just 15 degrees celsius in san francisco meanwhile we'll see more cloud across eastern sections as we go through friday the rain also pushing into the southeast 14 best for you in atlanta and we have a few rain showers across some much of the caribbean as well f.a.v. widespread no say they generally through much of the mimico public in haiti to the north across the bahamas we have in the 4 calls the rains heavier as we go into central america and they tend to stand the forecast throughout friday. night. snapshots of the line.
5:00 am
into someone else's. witness on al jazeera. this is al-jazeera. colognes the whole rahman you're watching the al-jazeera news hour live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes the u.s. congress asked legal experts if president trump sanctions on ukraine warrant impeachment the majority say yes a show of unity but the nato alliance can't hide the divisions over money and its own future also seeking justice for their loved ones the new push to see if war crimes were committed.


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