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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 5, 2019 5:00am-6:01am +03

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snapshots of our lives. providing a glimpse into someone else's one. witness on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. colognes the whole rahman you're watching the al-jazeera news hour live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes the u.s. congress asked legal experts if president trump sanctions on ukraine warrant impeachment the majority say yes a show of unity but the nato alliance can't hide the divisions over money and its own future also seeking justice for their loved ones the new push to see if war crimes were committed in afghanistan. and summer rolls out
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a nationwide vaccination program trying to stem the measles outbreak that has already claimed more than 60 lives. could have become need for the news we start in the u.s. where the u.s. congress itself has moved a step closer to impeaching president donald trump building on last month's testimonies before the house intelligence committee the judiciary committee has held its 1st formal impeachment hearing fall legal experts discussed allegations trump abused his power by asking ukraine to investigate his political rival joe biden we begin our coverage with heidi castro. found. perjuring some of us constitutional scholars have weighed in in president
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trump's ukraine scandal is an impeachable then nothing is and professor gary hart did president trump commit the impeachable high crime in misdemeanor of abuse of power we 3 are unanimous yes the 3 law professors call by democrats running in unison alarm bells that the country's democracy is under threat by the president's actions what has happened in the case today is something that i do not think we have ever seen before a president who has doubled down on violating his oath to faithfully execute the laws and to protect and defend the constitution this president has attacked each of the constitution's safeguards against establishing a monarchy in this country in the simplest possible terms the president put his personal game ahead of the national security interest it's better to be on t.v. than by a whole. 4th scholar said if trump had tried to force ukraine to investigate
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a political rival in exchange for military aid it would be impeachable but the scholar wednesday's sole republican witness testified the case against trump has not been proven this would be the 1st impeachment in history where there would be considerable debate in my view not compelling evidence of the commission of a crime more than a dozen white house and state department professionals have testified that trump used the power of his office to pressure ukraine to open an investigation into joe biden a potential political rival in the upcoming us presidential election the house intelligence committee drafted a report saying there was overwhelming evidence for this including trump's own words in a phone call with the president of ukraine that's not politics as usual at least not in the united states or not in any mature democracy trump says the law professors called by democrats right. resents the liberal left but he declined to
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testify himself and refused to send white house attorneys to represent his case for in a sense what they're doing is a very bad thing for our country it's of no merit and the republican party has never been more unified ever trump is counting on republicans who control the senate to acquit him of wrongdoing in an eventual impeachment trial. castro al-jazeera washington all speaking after the hearing the chairman of the house judiciary committee democrat jerry nadler the evidence presented so far is overwhelming this situation meets or 3 test the president committed impeachable offenses they were important impeachable offenses they go to the constitute the heart of our constitutional republic they threaten the survival of democracy itself in the integrity of free elections and a majority of the people and of the end of the house i believe i understand that.
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but the top republican on the committee doug collins says the facts are on their side when you talk about facts being undisputed these facts are disputed not just disputed they're actually contradicted so we have no problem final subs this president did nothing wrong there was nothing that we found as impeachable he did not do anything wrong so i've said all along it's easy for us to make the arm up because the process is terrible and the facts are on our side how he lets me in is a former u.s. justice department official and the host of talking feds podcast i spoke to him earlier and i asked him what happens next. i think things were divided along partisan lines in the clinton impeachment but everybody understood the facts and the need to confront but here only one side seems to see this as important and grave how how will it proceed from here i expect you know it's just along party lines as it did for during the overwhelming presentation of facts before the
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intelligence committee and the republicans i think are telegraphing their content to make it a procedural circus and not to take it seriously and if they do it that way and particularly in the senate the democrats efforts to make it a serious national sort of civics discussion are limited. the pentagon says the u.s. will ship has cut should a vessel with missile parts believed to be linked to iran the seizure was made in the middle of the new arabian sea and the crew has been transferred to the emmy coast go to washington accuses to haul of illegally smuggling arms to. the fighting the yemeni government. the nato summit has ended with leaders uniting behind common commitments despite the meeting highlighting bitter divisions leaders agreed on issues like russia and china and settled a major stumbling block when turkey dropped its objection to nato baltic defense
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plan but behind the display of unity cracks were showing as jonah hole reports from what i've heard just north of london so good morning i think we're ready to start if you can find your seats this gathering of nato leaders had one objective a show of unity to mark 70 years of the world's most successful military alliance one for all and all for one instead it was a public display of differences that began the day before on tuesday u.s. president donald trump was on the combative form number one point from his not only will macron on nato strategy budget payments and trump's unilateral withdrawal of u.s. troops from northern syria this way. there is more of the various party years ago. but trump's views are no longer those of a president seen as preeminent leader of the alliance now some allies here including the british french and canadian leaders see donald trump as disruptor in
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chief apparently sharing a joke at his expense tearing tuesday night's reception at buckingham palace. trumps response on being asked about the canadian prime minister's comments. and soon afterwards he tweeted that there was no need for a final press conference. emanuel macron meanwhile continued to press his case for change you know to me who is our enemy how can we act together against international terrorism in particular these are all subjects that were not sufficiently settled. to be about something or their budgetary and financial issues or this particular lot of thought if the voices of reassurance were left sounding a bit thin. always been able to overcome these differences and then unite around the record tossed to protect the founding fathers and that's exactly
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what to do today the question it all raises is central to what nato is and what it exists for what happens to an alliance built on collective defense when that collective commitment that spirit of unity isn't just solid as some would like it to be nato member turkey's president richard tired earlier on earlier demanded that the kurds abandoned by trump in northern syria be recognized as what he called terrorists or he'd veto alliance efforts to bolster eastern defenses against russia this was a threat that represented a fracturing of nato's central accord is what trump and macron do seem to agree on but many others don't that russia is no longer the enemy it was and while nato is focus has widened to include china cyber security hybrid warfare the alliance can't hide from the difficult truth that multiple challenges mean multiple conflicting interests undermining the unity they'd come here to celebrate going to al-jazeera
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at watford north london robert peston is a former us ambassador to turkey he says leaders made commendable steps to resolving some of the problems but issues still remain especially with turkey. i think that the worst hasn't happened but the best hasn't happened either so the problem still remains turkey danish they are more is required from nato about what it perceives as its threat on the southern border and allies are concerned at turkey's action in northeast syria in the last month and more to march as actually 'd met a this situation worse and has aided the russians and surprised other countries and so i think that there is a lot of work to be done and i think there's a lot of suspicion of turkey's long term motives the eastern mediterranean security picture is worse than it's been and the time that nato it was created so they get
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a lot of work to be done there in turkey owes more than just sawing a problem here and they are. now russia's president is accusing the u.s. of using space as a potential theater of war blood in me a putin says the rapid development of america's space command has prompted moscow to ramp up its own sect the putin insists he's again thema tries ation of the cosmos the old trump says that he wants the u.s. to dominate space. now there's a diplomatic fight between germany and russia following the expulsion of 2 russian diplomats in berlin prosecutors say they have sufficient evidence a musket could be behind the killing of a georgian man in the lead in the victim a chechen separatist who fought against russia was shot last oldest the kremlin denies any involvement and promises retaliatory measures saying the expulsions are unfriendly and unfounded step vasant has more from will skate of. this is rapidly
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turning into a diplomatic rod between russia and germany after german prosecutors have announced that they have strong indications that russia is behind the murder of a former chechen rebel commander selim khan congress feeley and 2 russian diplomats have been expelled from germany now russia says it will take countermeasures and the foreign ministry here in moscow sas that these expulsions have been groundless the murder took place in berlin on broad daylight in august and a russian national has been arrested for shooting him in the hat but according to media reports his identity papers were false and they have suggested that the russian secret service was behind the murder something that the spokesman of president putin the nice. i don't think there are serious suspicions and there cannot be a what relation to the russian authorities does this this is absolutely groundless speculation dystopic has been somehow whipped up by german media but this doesn't
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mean that this is how things are this murder in berlin has been compared to the poison attempt on foremost by cripple and his daughter in the united kingdom in 2018 also then the russian secret service was mentioned as being really high in the attack and the incident had a very bad impact on the relationship between the united kingdom and russia now this role with germany comes only a few days before president putin is about to board a plane to paris where he will meet with german chancellor angela merkel to discuss peace in eastern ukraine a visit which is meant to improve ties between russia and europe. the head of a japanese medical aid group has been killed in an attack in afghanistan tetsu nakamura was shot dead along with 5 members of his team when their car was bush t. being awarded an honorary afghan citizenship for his years of charity work no group has it claimed responsibility. now the international criminal court will decide whether those involved in the war in afghanistan including the u.s.
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should answer allegations of war crimes a panel of judges ruled against a similar request made earlier this year finding that it was unlikely that any of those involved would cooperate lawyers representing victims say they're united in wanting an investigation tony berkeley has spoken with relatives seeking justice for 4 men killed during the conflict in eastern afghanistan this was a bedroom that became an execution chamber the night afghan special forces stormed a family home in jalalabad suspecting it to be an eyesore terrorist cell the operation ended with the death of 4 brothers hands tied behind their backs and shot at close range. mohammed millet sadder describes the way his nephews were killed in cold blood. sidique joanne's eben supports a hill well we're not i saw members one was a judge another a lawyer and 2 were money changes the government has not given an explanation as to why they were killed and to the families knowledge no one has yet been charged with
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a crime among why richard other son when you will we want all those involved to face justice the one who shot that the one who gave the orders and the one who gave the wrong intelligence they need to be hanged in front of us then we will know justice has been done. the villages of jo daraa in eastern afghanistan want justice as well to avenge the deaths of 70 friends and relatives who died in a bomb attack as they prayed in a mosque the perpetrators are either eisel all the taliban ready girl lost 10 members of his family in the blast. but there was a bandit i wasn't in the mosque when i came home i found the bodies of my family including my little son i fell unconscious it was truly horrible and as devastated our village. in a country that has suffered for decades of conflict justice has been in short supply the international criminal courts chief prosecutor for 2 bensouda wants to end the climate of impunity in afghanistan and start an investigation of war crimes
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a request has been refused by the i.c.c. his own judges on the grounds that none of the main players will cooperate and the process will be lengthy and costly she's appealing that decision and has accused the taliban of targeting innocent civilians and the afghan government of torturing prisoners but she also says that the united states may be guilty as well the united states is concerned that if this i.c.c. investigation goes ahead it will also focus on the role of the cia in afghanistan its black ops and so-called black sites where prisoners were subjected to controversial some say inhumane methods of interrogation and treatment. misspend sudha says there is information that members of the u.s. military and intelligence forces committed acts of torture cruel treatment rape and sexual violence against conflict related detainees. the u.s. has defended its actions in afghanistan and has responded by attacking the i.c.c. its threaten to prosecute its investigators and take retaliatory measures against
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any country that cooperates with the investigation. in eastern afghanistan they've been bombed from the air shot on the ground and no investigation is about to change that. we're caught in the middle when government forces on the other side of the fighting we're the ones who suffer our houses are destroyed our loved ones are killed we want it to end. it's not clear if the i.c.c. investigation will ever get off the ground and achieve anything but what is clear is that all sides have blood on their hands and most people in afghanistan want something more than justice they want peace tony berkely al jazeera eastern afghanistan. plenty more ahead on the news hour including saudi state all company readies for its stock market debut despite questions about how much it's really worth plus. why tens of thousands of people are
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blocking roads and walking off the job in colombia. the best heavyweight boxer about a battle it out in clash of the you more not story in sports with peter. summer is rolling out a mass vaccination program to stand its fast growing measles crisis $62.00 people have died from the disease with more than $150.00 new cases each day and we know is ation is compulsory under a state of emergency imposed last month families who are vaccinated are being advised to fly a red flag or cloth outside their house to help speed the process jessica washington has more from the summer when capital of up here we've just heard from the samo and prime minister his message is for people to stay calm in these tragic circumstances while of course acting on those demands to make sure that people do
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get vaccinated we have just heard that the number of cases has actually increased to more than 4200 the message from the prime minister is that from these tragic circumstances there are lessons for thought from for some our children learn but that they are doing the best they can in the circumstances. that we more countries now people are more conscious now than before that by coming here and have your children vaccinated is the only way. more. if one of your children. are sick and shows. measles then the best way the most sure way. take. to the hospital today on thursday is very much about these mobile vaccination
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drives and we have heard that since that began just this morning it's only been a few hours more than 2000 people have been vaccinated so the message prior to this mass vaccination campaign was for people to visit those clinics but today on thursday those clinics are shut down and people are being told to stay at home and wait for these mobile vaccination medical professionals to come to their houses china has warned us not to meddle in its internal affairs it was responding to new legislation to congress demanding that beijing ties its so-called reeducation camps in the north western region of. china is accused of human rights abuses against more than a 1000000 was the weakest in the region injuring brown reports. at 1st china's government denied their existence but then last year state television released pictures of what were described as vocational training centers where ethnic muslim
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week is a learning new skills in the remote western region of shin jang human rights groups estimate that more than a 1000000 week isn't being held in what they describe as a 21st century good leg where inmates are being brainwashed and forced to renounce their religion. now the united states house of representatives has decided it's time to act it voted overwhelmingly to call on president donald trump to apply sanctions against senior chinese officials the bill which refers to arbitrate detention torture and harassment still needs to be approved by the senate and the president before it becomes on wednesday china's foreign ministry spokesperson read a lengthy prepared statement accusing washington of a random smear urging it to correct its mistake made funny also demonstrates the relevant bill to liberally slanders the human rights situation in china and jang and blackens china's efforts to eliminate extremism and crackdown on terrorism it
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will definitely have an effect on china a u.s. cooperation in important areas it is just a week since trump signed another contentious bill into law that is also raising tensions between washington and beijing on another front hong kong. where antigovernment protests are almost into this 6 month the hong kong human rights and democracy act has been welcomed by protesters there because it means the city special trading status with the u.s. will now be dependent on a yearly review the law could also be used to punish officials deemed to be suppressing freedoms in retaliation china has halted american warship visits to hong kong and sanctioned several non-governmental organizations it is unclear what all this means for the other big point of friction between china and the united states right now their trade war analysts warn that the odds on there being an agreement before christmas have now been lowered after president from warned there
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was now no deadline for a deal and on wednesday china also said it doesn't have a deadline for a deal now either adrian brown al-jazeera home. at least $58.00 migrants have drowned out their boat capsized off the coast of mauritania the international organization for migration to survivors are being treated in the northern city of new why the it says the vessel was carrying at least $150.00 people from the gambia and had been running out of fuel this is one of the deadliest disasters of its kind this year and for the 1st time in all due decades u.s. and saddam plan takes change ambassadors u.s. secretary of state might compare made the announcement and cigars prime minister of the landmark of his it is washington. and sudan shift away from military rule and the establishment of a civilian transitional government was a major factor in the decision daniel shin was the deputy chief of mission at the
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u.s. embassy in sudan he says the move goes well beyond a symbolic gesture but the details of the plan need to be worked out. it's a very significant decision it's been 23 years since we have had an ambassador and khartoum we have kept the embassy open we've got a sharp deaf ear in khartoum all of those years but not having an ambassador sends a major signal to our government that we have real concerns about it this is an indication that the united states wants to be more supportive of this new combination of military civilian government in sudan and this is the 1st step in what will probably be a series of steps to improve relations assuming that progress continues to be made on the sidneys side 1st off this is only a decision to fill the post and no one has been named and there's no indication of how long it will take to name someone i assume that this will be a career foreign service officer who will fill that position but then it to has to
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require it require senate confirmation there may be some reluctance on the capitol hill to to go forward with this i don't think it will be as serious reluctance but you never know there there may be a desire to hold back sending an ambassador to syria and i hope that does not happen this is a decision that frankly is long overdue. it's one of the most eagerly awaited stock flotations in history and is just a few hours away saudi arabia's state oil company is expected to price it shares but experts say iraq is listing will be smaller than initially hoped and it coincides the meeting of the oil cartel opec in vienna where members are to go sheeting global supplies asama binge of it has more. saudi aramco c.e.o. called it a historic day when last month the world's largest oil producing firm announced its listing on riyadh's to the exchange on thursday shares will be priced below the much hyped 2 trillion dollar price the saudis wanted but some asset managers say
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even at the lower price the company's overvalued analysts say there's been tension between the saudi government's valuation ambitions and what western investors are willing to pay the initial estimates that were given by the saudi leadership hasn't been proven yet and so that's what i mean by taking the feedback going back and seeing if they can make those numbers work or not saudi arabia derives most of its money from oil exports and says it will use the income from its public listing to diversify its economy but a recent drone attack on 2 of its facilities the rebels in yemen said they carried out took out more than half of the kingdom's oil production and cause major concern among international investors so far the stock listing is only available for saudis and nationals in the arab states of the g.c.c. and that too will be kept by the to the exchange saudi aramco is international listing was the crown jewel of prince mohammed bin cell man's vision 2030 an ambitious project to take saudi arabia into the future without an over reliance on
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oil but since he announced it in 2017 the i.p.o. or the initial public offering was delayed several times and transparency concerns a murky anticorruption drive against wealthy business is the killing of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi and other factors have not been helpful to achieving that vision. so far saudi aramco has refrained from listing on an international stock exchange the company also canceled the route you intended to track dressed in an asian investors but they're still set to be interest from russian and chinese investors at the meeting of the oil producers bloc opec it's likely that output cuts will remain in place to keep oil prices steady nowadays as they can use it all in a new discoveries have been set up on the map across the world we have a new alliance and we can call it a back and class that includes some of the countries that i will and those like russia for example. and of course. the market shaping if it all back or
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opec plus controlling their own production to limiting their volumes and allowing some other nations to grow production of course that in some way limits their market share for a successful the saudis will need a steady and higher oil price although there is interest from local and g.c.c. investors the i.p.o. will fall well short of $100000000000.00 it was intended to raise and the saudis won't be able to get the 2 trillion dollar valuation that they desired some of the . well still ahead here all al-jazeera. breaking the silence thousands of people in chile called for and violence against women plots. in beijing with the world all that section festival happening this week in amsterdam i'll be looking at why it says that it's chinese projects like this one the dominant in the awards. and radiation hot spots could interfere with
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that just a lympics piece about story in sport. through the interior of china but most of the coast is relatively clear on sign you can see streaming up of it all that is actually tied to what was a big typhoon now a tropical storm and continuing to weaken on into thursday and friday but the rain showers they might just make it to the south coast so keeping those temperatures low in hong kong just 60 degrees celsius clear skies in shanghai over the next couple of days feeling cool a sudden on friday just 10 celsius warming up in hong kong because that rain that have beginning to push away as that system in the south china sea pushes the south so it does mean as it pushes away from the philippines we shall still see those
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showers but they won't be anywhere near as heavy as they were the position of that storm on thursday meanwhile the rains a very widespread further to the south 3 much of borneo and slightly down across into java as well so a rainy couple of days ahead across into jakarta maybe a few showers into coastal vietnam as we go through friday then it tools and do without that flooding across the south this is something else we're watching the latest a tropical system but it's pushing away from land that is a some good news but we have still got some fairly heavy rain really across much of sri lanka for the next couple of days that rain pushing away from the coast of india but we will be watching through thursday and friday is like own heading towards. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. from engine to empress to communist leaders. age old philosophies and the rule of order remain central to the world's oldest living civilization. in the 1st of
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a 2 part series the big picture charts how a history spanning by 1000 years shaped china's world in the industrialized world. the china complex part one on al-jazeera from the al-jazeera in london broke us into 2 special guests in conversation who would have still been in the rich countries we used hunger as a weapon i'm from to uninterrupted it's much more difficult to be lecturing them from the right wing when people say i'm like things they are really right and ken loach meets edward lee ray are have to be subversive if you don't have a level of anger about you then stay at home studio be unscripted on al-jazeera.
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talk about you're watching officers news with me said holroyd to remind of our top story legal experts invited by u.s. democrats have testified that president donald trump has committed impeachable offenses but a false scholar called by the republicans that there's no evidence of a clear criminal act also nato summit has ended with some agreement on france russia and china but it's been overshadowed by personal riles street leaders at the meeting as highlighted bitter divisions on several major issues. and summer is all about him aspects. nation program in an attempt to stem is fast growing measles crisis 62 people have died from the disease with more than 150 new cases every day . more on our top story of the hearings into whether to impeach president trump chris eagleton is the assistant professor of government at the school of public affairs at the american university and he joins me now from washington d.c.
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good to have you with us on the program so let's begin with the statements made outside to the press corps after sort of the 1st day of hearings at the house judiciary committee each side really setting up their stall for the public wouldn't you say well yes but it's important no this is not an ordinary proceeding i think professor carlin said it well whether what the president allege of done strikes at the heart of our democracy and our elections and really if it isn't stopped the integrity of our elections will be undermined this is a really critical moment for our democracy so is there a benefit then to these proceedings been rushed through or dragged out to either or both parties. well i wouldn't say they're being rushed through there have been weeks of hearings i think about 2 months now the investigations are going on a 3 page report was just released yesterday but i think most importantly this is an emergency what the president is alleged to have done and for all we know he's continuing it he's made public statements that effect is to attack the election
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that's going on right now our campaign has already begun the 2020 election you can't wait it's an emergency and in a functioning system the republicans would stand with the democrats to defend our elections what we're seeing here is a failed system and really what i was struck by as i was watching the hearings today is 2 years from now 5 years from now it might not be possible to have hearings like this in the united states anymore because our democracy is really badly at risk and may not survive many analysts have their own opinions about whether the democracy is badly at risk or is ok i mean how does this actually resonate in your opinion with the public i mean other hearings now attracting their attention or will they only really attract attention once you might say they get to the set it to we expect some sort of debate in the senate eventually it's hard to say i mean polling shows that the rules recent polling i've shown is 40 percent of the public thinks the president should be impeached and 43 percent says no i don't know how closely people are following people are pretty divided but again what
5:35 am
should happen here is republicans should say this is not a partisan issue as republicans did in 1074 the president nixon this goes beyond partisanship if president can do this democratic presidents can do this republican presidents can do in the future it will mean that any president can ask foreign countries to attack our election that can't be that's not compatible with a democracy so what happens and really when republican representatives on the committee very clear as they were today that they felt they didn't get as much of a chance to have their say they are adamant that they will get their say is it a psychological way to say to that they support that the democrats are playing dirty. they're not acting in good faith i'm sorry to say that it's not a partisan observation doesn't have to do with republicans or democrats there's no way to defend what the president has done it's there in black and white we've seen the transcript of his call july 25th call when he says i need a favor from ukraine as he's talking about delivering military aid to the witnesses
5:36 am
testified to the same think investors on that said there was a quid pro quo other witnesses testify that they saw the quid pro quo there's no way to defend this republicans are hoping and i think they'll succeed that they can simply play this out and as you say keep the peace with the president the place is with him no matter what and sorry to say it's more like a cult than a regular political party at this point and i think they'll succeed and i think the only way to stop this president will be the election in 2020 the very election that he is attacking in terms of the proceedings over the next few days and weeks chris what should we be looking for or keeping it close to the ground as to the way the situation could change or could pivot one way or the other. so the important thing will be will republicans move will republicans take action right now there's no evidence that they will. but one hopes are well i guess one waits every day to say if that will happen i say one hopes because if you support a constitutional democracy that must happen i see no evidence right now but of
5:37 am
course that's what i'll wait for and the key question will be in the senate you need to get 20 republicans to support impeachment to remove the president from office right now i see no evidence that will happen but i would certainly watch for that that's the key question obviously what does happen chris thanks very much for your insight chris and there in washington d.c. thank you. israel is planning to build a new settlement in hebron the largest city in the occupied west bank the area is considered sacred by both muslims and jews the illegal settlements in occupied palestinian territories have been one of the most contentious issues in the conflict between 167 and 2017 israel built more than 200 illegal settlements in the occupied west bank and their jurisdiction goes far beyond the homes and estimated 620000 israelis live in these illegal settlements it's also built several enclaves in palestinian neighborhoods in occupied east jerusalem home to more than 215000
5:38 am
israeli settlers the settlements violate international law and large numbers of israelis living in occupied territories complicate efforts to establish a palestinian state our correspondent in one car reports from the divided city of hebron this was once a fertile farmland on palestinian territory providing homes and livelihoods for the villagers now it's an israeli military protected construction site linking it to settlements illegal under international law the construction has divided the palestinian village a bit all marked in a half well it's completed the villages won't be able to reach their land on the other side of the bypass road legally that land still belongs to the palestinian villages practically speaking there will be no way they can farm it if they cannot reach it around the island with it when i realize my land had gone and pain my chest i inherited this land from my father as he did from he's an overnight has gun
5:39 am
i wanted to give it to my children but instead we became like an fiji's with our property these really ultra g.'s of offer compensation but that's been rejected by the palestinians the construction is going full speed ahead despite a palestinian challenge in an israeli court to stop it the case is ongoing. improving and linking the settlements as part of an israeli policy aimed at encouraging its citizens to move to the occupied west bank however it's often the palestinians that pay the price when land is confiscated and split by the settlements. nowhere is it more evident than in the divided on city of hebron where palestinian leader. there are calls now by israeli politicians to bulldoze market and build houses for a new wave of israeli settlers the markets remained empty since the mid ninety's when israeli settler killed $29.00 palestinians and the israeli government forced the remaining palestinians to leave the area some jewish families claim ownership
5:40 am
of the market going back to 929 colors of why she owns one of the shops in the market place this is as close as he's allowed to get to it by the israeli army. i think it's going to get worse for him today they want to take the market tomorrow they will take over nearby streets and then what perhaps they will take over more properties nothing seems to stop this israeli government if this market place is destroyed and more homes for settlers are built it will already divide this very fractured city now there are some 800 settlers here in the city back to by the israeli army and they dominate the lives of about 250000 palestinians m.r. carney. tens of thousands of people have joined mass antigovernment demonstrations in colombia unions and student groups called the nation wants strikes after talks with the government failed is the 3rd strife in 2 weeks protesters angry at
5:41 am
president even dukas clans the economic reforms striking just want him to do more to tackle corruption and police violence on the sun's run p.s. he has more from buckets. this is the 3rd national strike in just 14 days here in colombia part of an unprecedented series of demonstrations and protests against the government. against the number of economic reforms that the government is proposing but also our long serious grievances that both the old and new to be on this streets now today has been absolutely at peace full and fair steve atmosphere but crowds have been smaller than the one that we've seen in previous demonstration but the people who are out say they want to continue putting pressure on the government that. is called to government doesn't listen to our demands on the contrary it passes new laws against the people on taxes and police
5:42 am
repression they leave us with no option other than remain on the street this strike comes after a failed attempt at negotiations between the leaders of the strike and the government however they have announced that they will sit down again on thursday the discussion now is focusing on tax reform that the government needs to pass by the end of the year and the protesters want to be scrapped complete the another big question here is what's going to happen with the arrival at the biggest holiday season here christmas season that will start in earnest next week some people are saying that these demonstrations by the suspended but could restart in earnest next year. thousands of people in chile's capital are marching to condemn abuse against women. the slash of video in santiago and
5:43 am
by last week the coach feminists in several cities around the world join in it marked international day for the elimination of violence against women latin america to lucy in newman has more from santiago. they are outside a church that was a national stadium where there are thousands and thousands of women dressed in black with their lips painted red many of them with bandanas over their eyes are on their mouth to symbolize the fact that women have been silenced for decades and this is part of a feminist creation a performance if you like that took place in chile a week ago and it went viral it's been seen all over the world but it was young women a week ago now these are for women over the age of 40 and it's extraordinary how many people have actually come women 80 even 90 are here part of the choreography calls for them to actually squat down to ship to as a demonstration as a symbol of the kind of treatment that women are getting at police stations during the ongoing crisis here there had human rights watch denounce that and so they are
5:44 am
here anyway they say that this is the person many of them about it chance to really speak out about abuse against women and also about the way that the state and the justice system treats those who rape and mistreat them. no need to allegation to multan says an investigation into a journalist's murder is at risk while the prime minister remains in office just said muscat has been accused of shielding prominent figures implicated in the killing of journalists daphne kind of wanted to leave syria who died in a car bomb attack in 2017 but scott has resigned but won't leave until next month bought the house more for multiple capital the latter. pressure is mounting on the office of the prime minister not only have there been daily protests but now a damning assessment from a delegation from the european parliament here to investigate the crisis they believe that while the prime minister remains in office there's a risk of the investigation into the murder of daphne carol and i believe being
5:45 am
compromised there has to be absolute confidence in the process and i think when he's in office that confidence is not there the way. functions or doesn't function in malta has direct implications for the position of malta in the european union soon after carol and i got the c.s. murder 3 people were arrested they are awaiting trial and on november the 20th one of the wealthiest people a multi fenech was arrested and accused of being complicit in the journalist murder something he denies soon after his arrest he pointed the finger at a person very close to the prime minister keith schembri the prime minister's former chief of staff he stepped down from his role last tuesday spent 2 days being questioned by police before being released without charge meanwhile the person regarded as the middleman in the killing has pointed the finger both at schembri and faded as being coconspirators in planning the killing of power want to leave as
5:46 am
the european parliament delegation said it was either out of complete naivety or complicity that the prime minister allowed this to happen on his watch a nationwide transport strike has started in france to protest against president manuel merkel's plan to overhaul the pension system but flights trains and buses have been counsel 55 percent of teachers are expected to join the strike with hospitals affected to thousands of police officers have been deployed ahead of the march by workers unions backup plans to merge 42 state pension schemes but strikers say they'll work longer hours and have less money for retirements. us today is hosting the world architecture festival the largest annual showcase for the best in new buildings and urban design walls and 500 projects are shortlisted for an award with china leading the list of nominations under thomas has more from beijing . china is known for ancient architecture and more recently
5:47 am
ugly tower blocks but the reputation for dull buildings and places is changing this project the conversion of rooftops of traditional hutong housing into an offices open air meeting space is an example overlooked by beijing's ancient drum tower courtyard number 7 has been shortlisted for the old and new completed buildings prize at this week's world architecture festival awards it seems like we create a new wells of how to use the rule of of the old building we like this kind of conflict between the traditional things and a new things as we like the most of 534 projects worldwide shortlisted at this week's awards 94 of them are in china no other single country has more projects in the running it wasn't long ago that china was better known for knocking good architecture down than building it up that's changed and these awards reflect
5:48 am
that on the outskirts of beijing this park with public buildings in the shape of a traditional chinese hand scroll is shortlisted for the urban landscape projects prize chinese projects a shortlisted in virtually every one of the 39 categories of prizes at this week's awards. 2008 zelin picks were a catalyst for interesting buildings the beijing national stadium the bird's nest one dozens of prizes since all kinds of unusual architecture has been developed around china some 2 unusual in 2016 china's government issued a decree the bidding with. that is not economical functional or ascetic pleasing but a government that can at a stroke band some architecture can also push other projects through fast beijing's new airport which is the world's 2nd biggest single terminal airport was built in just 5 years the firm behind it has dozens of other projects completed or in
5:49 am
development around china a lot of architects lot of creative people are have to come here realize they work in such a short period of time and then they really are leading the. industry in terms of these new types of projects china's volume of new architecture and speed of project development is on matched the world architecture festival awards reflects that andrew thomas al-jazeera beijing. still ahead in sport the form australian rugby player israel folau settles after an anti-gay post sports story with peter after the break to do stay with us here.
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book about his time to support his pizza thank you very much greenpeace japan say is radiation hot spots have been filmed with a tokyo 2020 a limp dick torch relay will begin in march the refurbished shavit age sports complex was used as an operational base to deal with the 20 live in fukushima nuclear reactor meltdown it reopened earlier this year and the argentina rugby team stayed they during the world cup the greenpeace survey in october of j village which is a national football training complex found radioactivity readings as high as $71.00 micro sieverts per hour that might not mean much when you learn that most people
5:52 am
are exposed to natural radiation of 2 to $3000.00 micro sieverts a year which means anyone staying at j village for 2 or more days could be exposed to more the mass. the readings aren't deemed life threatening if exposed for a short length of time but greenpeace say the levels are 1775 times higher than prior to the nuclear disaster and heavy rainfall could spread the contamination. south korea's a limb pick committee are so concerned about tokyo 2020 that they plan to bring radiation detectors with them to the olympics they will also ship their own homegrown food to feed their athletes. and in the past we provided korean food in order to encourage athletes this time the main focus will be on providing food that is safe from radiation will bring as many ingredients as we can and even if we do get local food supply we will test it. fiji is postponing domestic support until january because of the measles outbreak in neighboring soma
5:53 am
or at least 60 people have died in summer fiji has a much higher rate of vaccination but they are canceling events likely to draw crowds the football beach volleyball and netball governing bodies have already suspended competitions israel folau has settled these dispute with rugby australia for what he claimed was unfair dismissal he wanted 9 and a half $1000000.00 but the terms of the deal are confidential flower is a conservative christian and the 30 year old was sacked over a social media post saying that hell awaited gay people he said it was religious discrimination rugby australia the new south wales rugby union and follow issued a joint statement saying the social media post reflected a mist of allows genuinely held religious beliefs and must of allowed did not intend to harm or offend any person mr flower wants all australians to know that he does not condone discrimination of any kind against any person on the grounds of
5:54 am
their sexuality then follow that up with this post on youtube. with today's acknowledgement an apology by rugby is rather we have been vindicated and can now move on with our lives to focus on our faith and our family we started this journey on behalf of all people of faith to protect their rights of freedom of speech and religion we now look forward to the federal government in acting the legislation necessary to further protect in strengthen these rights for all australians thank you. right now in saudi arabia anthony joshua's for paying for his he way title rematch against andy rubin's jr the 2 will battle it out in the saudi capital riyadh on saturday in what has been dubbed the clash on the day you know this fight comes 6 months after josh was a shock defeat at madison square garden at last thing he's will title belts i'm used to this position and even when you watch champion nothing and he has a respected heavyweight nose at us out of
5:55 am
a challenge mindset or that he's quite satisfied has come up with his reality challenge mindset and i've always said that previously when that the boats around my waist and speaking into existence this is the challenge of mindset so i call it back to 16 but to my 16 fly hungry determined to focus on the go and i know there's really not much to say besides i'm ready to rock and roll i know ages and i come with a different game plan i know he's prepared i know he's motivated so i think that's what gives me that action and i've been more motivated you know being marked as i know he lost weight and i know he's and i try to box there around. but it is my job . to prevent that you know so i'm ready for whatever kind of my way and tomorrow to rock around. chose a marine who has lost tony's 1st game back in manchester united since taking over tottenham it was a better return to old trafford for the former man united manager spurs losing this one to one with the only tottenham goal coming from delhi alley and united now go
5:56 am
ahead of tottenham on the table with the victory meanwhile saudi arabia's national football team are preparing for a politically charged arabian gulf cup semifinal against host nation on thursday because ariz defeat of the united arab emirates in the last group stage game saudi arabia like the u.a.e. are one of the countries blockading qatar currently saudi boss of a renard says he hopes this match can bring the 2 countries closer together by all . of. this would be the most important. in the war. the cities of peace the next game that we know that. it's a very difficult one we know about the quality of our open and more in tomorrow's game but. once again. we are confident in our in our players
5:57 am
in their qualities as well and their commitment for sure we're going to try to do all our best tomorrow and have a good performance and hopefully a good result and we wind on some sad news for me england cricket captain bob willis has died at the age of 70 on wednesday he had been suffering a long illness according to a family statements were displayed 90 test matches for his country he took 325 wickets putting in 4th on the all time list for england perhaps he's most memorable performance was taking 8 final innings wickets to help england to a famous victory over australia in leeds in 1981 a match in which in both them also starred he would later go on to become a commentator as well ok most sport on the way again a little later we'll see you then. indeed you will thanks peter and of course you can follow all of those stories on our website al-jazeera dot com it's updated throughout the day if you've been watching the al-jazeera news hour with me it's a whole robin helos up next with another full half hour and tell it from me and the
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team that's your time and your company. the shocking treatment of disabled people in eastern european state run counts in these cages who cannot have access to toilets or water and the bureaucratic indifference to their plight she has his hands and his fates tied to the beds 5 years after fast highlighting such abuses the people in power returns with a 2 part investigation to continuing mistreatment and neglect europe's recurring shame hard won on al-jazeera the latest news as it breaks new polling shows 70 percent of americans believe the president did something wrong regarding the 3 with detailed coverage for the $4000000.00 followers of the movie brotherhood this is just a full the city of the their ritual capital from around the world the yellow ribbon
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became a symbol of the full of shots a lot of competition it's jails a sufficient last week. the last time i spoke to him he told me i was thinking to go into syria the world wants to see syria's fighters a close and personal but those behind the camera pay the price filmmaker yes it is you made his chillingly intimate footage on and behind the front lines cost him his life his body was riddled with bullets and exclusive documentary syria the last assignments on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. when people need to be hurt. and the story needs to be told $145000.00 prisoners under its care with exclusive interviews. and in-depth reports are you getting that mountain out of things to protect themselves al-jazeera has teams on
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the ground and that's a story the thing right here to bring you more award winning documentaries and liveliness. the u.s. congress gets legal advice on whether president donald trump sanctions on ukraine warrants impeachments the majority say yes. time how might he do in this is al-jazeera live from doha also coming up why the u.s. president is being viewed as the disrupter in chief by a number of nato leaders some more rolls eyes a nationwide vaccination program as the prime minister says people are getting the message about the deadly measles i brake.


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