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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 5, 2019 7:00am-7:33am +03

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and. the u.s. congress gets legal advice on whether president donald trump sanctions on ukraine it warrants impeachment the majority say yes. and how he's in this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up why the u.s. president is being viewed as the disrupter in chief by a number of nato leaders. some more will say it's a nationwide vaccination program as the prime minister says people aren't getting the message about the deadly missiles i break. up people are more country now than before that by coming here and have your children that you need is the only way.
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and rallying against the abuse the forceful message from $0.05 of women in chile is capital. 3 legal experts cold by us democrats have testified president don't want trump commits impeachable offenses a 4th scholar invited by republicans says the evidence is insufficient trump is accused of abusing his power to push a crane into investigating his political rival joe biden joe cashel begins our coverage from washington d.c. you swear or affirm and to penalty of perjury some of us constitutional scholars have weighed in the president trumps ukraine scandal is an impeachable then nothing is and professor gary hart did president trump commit the impeachable high crime in my. i mean or of abuse of power we 3 are unanimous yes the 3 law professors call by
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democrats running in unison alarm bells that the country's democracy is under threat by the president's actions what has happened in the case today is something that i do not think we have ever seen before a president who has doubled down on violating his oath to faithfully execute the laws and to protect and defend the constitution this president has attacked each of the constitution's safeguards against establishing a monarchy in this country in the simplest possible terms the president put his personal game ahead of the national security interest it's better to be on t.v. than by a whole. 4th scholar said if trump had tried to force ukraine to investigate a political rival in exchange for military aid it would be impeachable but the scholar wednesday's sole republican witness testified the case against trump has not been proven this would be the 1st impeachment in history where there would be
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considerable debate in my view not compelling evidence of the commission of a crime more than a dozen white house and state department professionals have testified that trump used the power of his office to pressure ukraine to open an investigation into joe biden a potential political rival in the upcoming us presidential election the house intelligence committee drafted a report saying there was overwhelming evidence for this including trump's own words in a phone call with the president of ukraine that's not politics as usual at least not in the united states or not in any mature democracy trump says the law professors called by democrats represent the liberal left but he declined to testify himself and refused to send white house attorneys to represent his case for innocence what they're doing is a very bad thing for our country it's of no merit and the republican party has
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never been more unified ever trump is counting on republicans who control the senate to acquit him of wrongdoing in an eventual impeachment trial. castro al-jazeera washington. well speaking of to the hearing the chairman of the highest huge issue the committee democrat jerry nadler says the evidence is overwhelming this situation meets all 3 tests the president committed impeachable offenses they were important impeachable offenses they go to the constitute the heart of our constitutional republic they threaten the survival of democracy itself in the integrity of free elections and a majority of the people and of the of the house i believe i understand that but the top republican on the committee colin says the facts are on their side when you talk about facts being undisputed these facts are disputed not just disputed they're actually contradicted so we have no problem but in all subs this president
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did nothing wrong there was nothing that we found is impeachable he did not do anything also i've said all along it's easy for us to fight the army because the process is terrible and the facts are on our side well harry lippman is a former u.s. justice department science hosts all of the talking heads podcast he explains what happens next i think things were divided along partisan lines in the clinton impeachment but everybody understood the facts and the need to confront but here only one side seems to see this as important and grave how how will it proceed from here i expect you know it's just along party lines as it did for during the overwhelming presentation of facts before the intelligence committee and the republicans i think are telegraphing their content to make it a procedural circus and not to take it seriously and if they do it that way and particularly in the senate the democrats efforts to make it
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a serious national sort of civics discussion are limited. the pentagon says a u.s. warship has captured a vessel with military parts believed to be linked to iran the seizure was made in the north arabian sea and the crew has been transferred to the yemeni coast guards washington accuses tehran of illegally smuggling arms to hooty rebels fighting the yemeni government. the nato summit has ended with leaders uniting behind common commitments despite the meeting highlighting bitter divisions they disagreed on issues like russia and china and settled a major stumbling block when turkey dropped its objection to nato as baltic defense plan but behind the display of unity cracks were showing as john how reports from what 1st walked london so good morning i think we're ready to start if you can find those seats this gathering of nato leaders had one objective
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a show of unity to mark 70 years of the world's most successful military alliance one for all and all for one instead it was a public display of differences that began the day before on tuesday the u.s. president on trump was on the combative form number one point to france france is not only will macron of nato strategy budget payments and trumps unilateral withdrawal of u.s. troops from northern syria this is one of the worst politician examples were of the various party years ago. but trump's views are no longer those of a president seen as preeminent leader of the alliance now some allies here including the british french and canadian leaders see donald trump as disruptor in chief apparently sharing a joke at his expense tearing choose a nice reception at buckingham palace. trumps response on being asked about the canadian prime minister's comments on his
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2 friends and soon afterwards he tweeted that there was no need for a final press conference. emanuel macron meanwhile continued to press his case for change you know to me who is our enemy how can we act together against international terrorism in particular these are all subjects that were not sufficiently settled based should be about something or their budgetary and financial issues but it was a thought if the voices of reassurance were left sounding a bit thin. always been able to overcome these differences and then unite around the record toss to protect the founding fathers and that's exactly what to do today the question it all raises is central to what nato is and what it exists for what happens to an alliance built on collective defense when that collective commitment that spirit of unity isn't just solid as some would like it
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to be nato member turkey's president rigid tired earlier one had earlier demanded that the kurds abandoned by trump in northern syria be recognized as what he called terrorists or he'd veto alliance efforts to bolster eastern defenses against russia this was a threat that represented a fracturing of nato's central accord is what trump and macron do seem to agree on but many others don't that russia is no longer the enemy it was and while nato is focus has widened to include china cyber security hybrid warfare the alliance can't hide from the difficult truth that multiple challenges mean multiple conflicting interests undermining the unity they've come here to celebrate going to al-jazeera at watford north london. tens of thousands of people have joined government demonstrations in colombia the unions and student groups called the nationwide strike after talks with the government failed it's the 3rd strike in 2 weeks
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protesters are angry at president ivan do case plans for economic reforms strike cletus want him to do more to tackle corruption and police violence santorum has moved from a rally in the capital over time. this is the certain national strike in just 14 days here in colombia part of an unprecedented series of demonstrations and protests against the government. against the number of economic reforms that the government is proposing but also a long series of grievances that both the old and new to be on the streets now today has been absolutely at peaceful and face steve atmosphere but crowds have been smaller than the one that we've seen in previous demonstration but the people who are out say they want to continue putting pressure on the government that. is
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the only in the school to government doesn't listen to our demands on the contrary it passes new laws against the people on taxes and police repression they leave us with no option other than remaining on the street to strike comes after a failed attempt at negotiations between the leaders of the strike and the government however they have announced that they will sit down again on thursday the discussion now is focusing on tax reform that the government needs to pass by the end of the year and the protesters want to be scrapped complete the another big question here is what's going to happen with the arrival at the biggest holiday season here christmas season that will start in earnest next week some people are saying that these demonstrations by to be suspended. could 3 start in earnest next year. a feminist force as rallies in chile to condemn abuse against women
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some as old as 19 joins in the process to get their message across about rape and violence or latin america and service in human reports from santiago the little black women over the age of 40 answered the call to converge outside of chile's national stadium dressed in black their lips painted red ready for rehearsal. they come to perform the senior version of a choreographed feminist chant that has gone viral worldwide it accuses courts of judging rape victims rather than the rapists and the state of total rating femicide and violence against women in the uk sophia says the performance launched last week by 4 young chilean women inspired her to take part in her 1st demonstration at the age of 82 more but i'm looking like all women have experienced harassment at the very least and when it happens to girls who go to preschool where i was a teacher the trauma lasts
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a lifetime. the code the chorus says the rapist is you. know it's also about remaining silent the only australian the late we were coming out of a dictatorship and you know in this country you're just a woman. and the performance brought out thousands of women some more agile than others this movement references to squat some women have been forced to do at police stations naked after being arrested. earlier the organizer told just what had motivated the presentation and the look at those we feel were tired generation didn't have a condom or it's of women who joined forces and protected each other we put up with soo much but now the younger ones are teaching us to speak out. that was. the chant has already been translated into english french turkish portuguese and german but the performance ended with
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a specifically chilean demand apart from the chants about alleged police abuse of power than about rape and mistreatment of women in general they are also chanting and asking for women to get 50 percent representation in the upcoming constituent assembly here in chile. indeed a rapist in your past as the tube in a chant is called is quickly becoming i'm on trial for women's rights in any country and at any age you see in human al-jazeera santiago. still to come on al-jazeera malta's prime minister plans to keep his job for another month but the u.s. says that he threatens to derail a murder investigation and saudi state all company bradys for its stock market debut despite questions about how much it's really worth.
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hello there it is a fairly winter picture across northern sections of the middle east plenty of cloud on the satellite as well but out here and head further to the skies a relatively clear cooler 18 celsius in baghdad on thursday 21 in kuwait city you can see by that bank of cloud is the next funnel system sweeping mix of rain and snow 13 celsius in toronto those they likely to be rain maybe a bit more wintry as we go into friday but really becoming quite unsettled throughout much of the syria and on into more northern and central areas of iraq meanwhile across the arabian peninsula it's mostly clear temperatures in the made 20 is what we have got. it's quite a bit of activity here particularly along the coast of oman that this is becoming coming from this area to the south this is the latest cycle which is on its way
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into somalia got off into friday the further it pushes tools malya the more it will clear along these coastal areas of oman so temperatures in the mid to high twenty's meanwhile down into southern africa the heat is on across the southern portions of south africa but you can see not far away from that quite a band of rain very heavy at times pushing through both wanna and also into more eastern areas of south africa over the next couple of days so cool in johannesburg at just 19. sponsored by chance on in. on this last time you out on the streets protesting whether on line you feel the weight of the system you walk through each and every level or layer further further into the jail or if you join us on saying the entry has to start from day one whether again you're in detention or you're incarcerated this is a dialogue everyone has a voice so for there to stay 6 o'clock our coverage will be varying accounts but i want to give people the reason for joining the global conversation on out is iraq.
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this is al jazeera reminder over top stories this hour legal experts invited by u.s. democrats testified that president don't want trump has committed impeachable offenses but a 4th scholar calls by the republican said there's no evidence of a clear criminal act. the nato summit sas ends its what some agreements on threats from russia and china but as. overshadowed by personal rise between leaders and between bitter divisions on several major issues. and unions and student groups in
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colombia have called a nationwide strike after talks with the government failed it's the 3rd strike in 2 weeks protesters are angry at president ivan 2 keys plans for economic reforms. a syrian civil defense agency says at least 6 people have been killed by russian and government airstrikes in northwest adlib the white helmet say children were trapped under rubble after homes were hits in the attack syria and russia have increased bombing off the area since april with more than a focus and civilians killed. some more is rolling out a mass vaccination program to stem rapidly growing measles crisis 6 people have died from the disease with more than 150 new cases every day immunization is compulsory under a state of emergency imposed last month families who haven't been vaccinated are being urged to fly a red flag or cough outside their house to help speed up the process jessica
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washington has more from the samoan capital of. we've just heard from the samo and prime minister his message is for people to stay calm in these tragic circumstances while of course acting on those demands to make sure that people do get vaccinated we have just heard that the number of cases has actually increased to more than 4200 the message from the prime minister is that from these tragic circumstances there are lessons for from for some our children learn but that they are doing the best they can in the circumstances. this and. then we more conscious now people are more conscious now than before that by coming and have your children vaccinated is the only way and more. if
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one of your children is sick and show signs of measles then the best way the most assured way. take. to the hospital today on thursday is very much about these mobile vaccination drives and we have heard that since that began just this morning it's only been a few hours more than 2000 people have been vaccinated so the message prior to this massive vaccination campaign was for people to visit those clinics but today on thursday those clinics a shut down and people are being told to stay at home and wait for these mobile vaccination medical professionals to come to their houses. the world health organization says the fight against malaria is stalling even though it's still making more than $200000000.00 people sick every year around $400000.00
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of those who get infected die mostly children in africa on average one child dies from malaria every 2 minutes that's all the way it shows latest report also shows 11000000 pregnant women had malaria in sub-saharan africa last year affecting the help of almost 900000 new born babies the report goes on to say that while progress has been made money is short so donor countries and governments need to do more of this lenore is the team leader of the surveillance unit for the world health organizations global malaria program he says data can be used efficiently to target those at risk of contracting malaria quite clearly we need to improve how we invest the existing resources to allow us to achieve bigger impact on the double issue and the global partnership is working with the countries to improve the 'd efficiencies all of the heart of this is a better use of data to effectively target populations at risk or the other hand we
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need more money and they w $2.00 estimates that in 2018 we needed about $5000000000.00 globally to be to put us on target for the global stores but the investment was about $2700000000.00 . and he you delegation to malta says an investigation into a journalist's murder is at risk while the prime minister remains in office just of muskrats has been accused of shielding prominent figures implicated in the killing journalist daphne kind of want to go he died in a car bomb attack in 2017 mosque it has resigned but won't leave until next month if parker reports from walters capital for letter pressure is mounting on the office of the prime minister not only have there been daily protests but now a damning assessment from a delegation from the european parliament here to investigate the crisis they believe that while the prime minister remains in office there's a risk of the investigation into the murder of daphne car and i believe being
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compromised there has to be absolute confidence in the process and i think when he's in office that confidence is not there the way functions or doesn't function in malta has direct implications for the position of malta in the european union soon after current elisi is murder 3 people were arrested they are awaiting trial on the 20th one of the wealthiest people a multi confederate was arrested and accused of being complicit in the journalist's murder something he denies soon after his arrest he pointed the finger at a person very close to the prime minister keith schembri the prime minister's former chief of staff he stepped down from his role last tuesday spent 2 days being questioned by police before being released without charge meanwhile the person regarded as the middleman in the killing has pointed the finger both at schembri and faded as being coconspirators in planning the killing of car want to. as the
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european parliament delegation said it was either out of complete naivety or complicity that the prime minister allowed this to happen on his watch. israeli bulldozers have started leveland around 40 hectares of palestinian owned land north of hebron they are building a 7 kilometer bypass road connecting the illegal settlements of hebron to jerusalem human rights groups say it for the cement occupation off the west bank in one can reports from need to find its city of hebron this was once a fertile farmland on palestinian territory providing homes and livelihoods for the villages now it's an israeli military protected construction site linking it to settlements illegal under international law the construction has divided the palestinian village of beit omar in a half well it's completed the villages won't be able to reach their land on the other side of the bypass road legally that land still belongs to the palestinian
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villages practically speaking there will be no way they can farm it if they cannot reach it around the island with it when i realized my land had gone i had pain my chest i inherited this land from my father as he did from he's an overnight has gone i wanted to give it to my children but instead we became like an fiji's without property the israeli authorities have offered compensation but that's been rejected by the palestinians the construction is going full speed ahead despite a palestinian challenge an israeli court to stop it the case is ongoing improving and linking the settlements as part of an israeli policy aimed at encouraging its citizens to move to the occupied west bank however it's often the palestinians that pay the price when land is confiscated and split by the settlements. nowhere is it more evident than in the divided all city of hebron where palestinian leader been severely restricted there are calls now by israeli politicians to bulldoze
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a market here and build houses for a new wave of israeli settlers. the markets remained empty since the mid ninety's when israeli settler killed $29.00 palestinians and the israeli government forced the remaining palestinians to leave the area some jewish families claim ownership of the market going back to 929 college of law she owns one of the shops in the marketplace this is close as he's allowed to get to it by the israeli army. i think it's going to get worse for him run today they want to take the market tomorrow they'll take over nearby streets and then what perhaps they will take over more properties nothing seems to stop this israeli government if this market place is destroyed and more homes for settlers are built it will already divide this very fractured city now there are some 800 settlers here in the city back to by the israeli army and they dominate the lives of about 250000 palestinians m.r.
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carney our desire. now is one of the most eagerly awaited stock photo ations in history and saudi arabia is publishing the initial share price of its national company a rum co this week bunce experts say the listen will be smaller than initially hoped and shares have a limited availability and some of binge of 8 has more from opec headquarters in vienna. saudi aramco c.e.o. called it a historic day when last month the world's largest oil producing firm announced its listing on riyadh's to the exchange on thursday shares will be priced below the much hyped 2 trillion dollar price the saudis wanted but some asset managers say even at the lower price the company's overvalued analysts say there's been tension between this out of the government's valuation ambitions and what western investors are willing to pay the initial estimates that were given by the saudi leadership hasn't been proven yet and so that's what i mean by taking the feedback going back
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and seeing if they can make those numbers work or not saudi arabia derives most of its money from oil exports and says it will use the income from its public listing to diversify its economy but a recent drone attack on 2 of its facilities the rebels in yemen said they carried out took out more than half of the kingdom's oil production and cause major concern among international investors so far the stock listing is only available for saudis and nationals in the arab states of the g.c.c. and that too will be kept by the to the exchange saudi aramco is international listing was the crown jewel of prince mohammed bin cell man's vision 2030 an ambitious project to take saudi arabia into the future without an over reliance on oil but since he announced it in 2017 the i.p.o. or the initial public offering was delayed several times and transparency concerns a murky anticorruption drive against wealthy businesses the killing of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi and other factors have not been helpful to achieving that vision. so far saudi aramco has refrained from listing on an international
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stock exchange the company also canceled a road show intended to attract rest in an asian investors but they're still set to be interest from russian and chinese investors. at the meeting of the oil producers bloc opec it's likely that output cuts will remain in place to keep oil prices steady nowadays as they can use it all in a new discoveries that have been set up on the map across the world we have a new alliance and we can call it a back and open class that includes some of the countries that i will and those like russia for example. and of course. the market change if it's all back or opec plus controlling their own production so limiting their volumes and allowing some other nations to grow production of course that in some way limits their market share for a successful the saudis will need a steady and higher oil price although there is interest from local and g.c.c.
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investors the i.p.o. will fall well short of $100000000000.00 it was intended to raise and the saudis won't be able to get the 2 trillion dollars valuation that they desired some of the . vietnam. era and these are the headlines legal experts invited by us democrats have testified that president on will trump has committed impeachable offenses but a 4th expert called by the republicans says there's no evidence of a clear criminal act it's a joke everybody is saying it. for a country it's of no merit. the republican party has never been more unified ever. the pentagon says a u.s. warship has captured a vessel with missile parts believed to be linked to iran the seizure was made in the north arabian sea and the crew has been transferred to the yemeni coast guards
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washington accuses to her arm of illegally smuggling arms to hooty babble's fighting the yemeni government's. the nato summit has ended with some agreements on threats from russia and china but it's been overshadowed by personal rows between leaders and the reason highlighted better divisions on several major issues unions and student groups in colombia have called a nationwide strike after talks with the government fails it's the 3rd strike in 2 weeks professors are angry at president ivan decays plans for economic reforms. thousands of people in chinese capital are marching to condemn a piece against women this flash mob video in santiago went viral last week and encourage feminists in several cities around the world to join in. the syrian civil defense agency says at least 6 people have been killed by russian and government's airstrikes in northwest adlib the white helmet say children were trapped under rubble after homes were hit in the attack syria and russia have increased their
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bombing of the area since april with more than a 1000 civilians killed. and some oil is rolling as a mass vaccination program to stem a fast growing measles crisis 62 people have died from the disease with one more than 150 new cases every day. and a huge delegation to malta says an investigation into a journalist murder is at risk while the prime minister remains in office joseph muskat has been accused of shielding prominent figures in the cases in the killing journalists often occur on to these he had died in a car bomb in 2817 that's the up to date the stream is up next to stay with us. thinking through the prime minister. we should do to give the critics on the 30 past about 10 and making this country the great just place all the parts of departure is delayed but the home followed the good drama of bricks it on
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al-jazeera. welcome to the streaming colombia desperate colombia awake that is the hash tag connect to the country's biggest protest me as a people still raising their voices after nearly 2 weeks of demonstrations i've had hey i'm really good as thousands of people take to the streets again today we want to hear your thoughts on what's next for colombia get in touch through twitter and you tube and you can be part of today's conversation.


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