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an innovative production techniques. i've seen a vertical farm a ford never in a restaurant have to say this is great earthrise feeding the 1000000000 on a just. this is al jazeera. hello and welcome to the sound is there a new live from doha i'm martine denis our top story almost 60 refugees and migrants drown after their boat sinks off the coast of mauritania also coming out schools close trains and buses stop running in france where tens of thousands downed tools in protest against planned pension changes. protesters out again in
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lebanon get that a businessman is the likely choice to become the next prime minister. saudi arabia's stays on oil company red is for its stock market debut amid questions about how much it's really worth how are all profit with the sportswear laurie from die hards brand new alger new stadium where asian champions qatar will face saudi arabia in the summer finals of the gulf cup. there are thinking of a boat carrying refugees and migrants of the case of mauritania has killed thousands of people at least 58 drowned when their boat capsized it's still too been carrying at least 150 people on board most of them from gambia dozens swam to shore and survivors are being treated in the northern mauritanian city of new. now globally more than 2 and
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a half 1000 migrants have died at sea so far this year that's according to the international organization for migration but that number of deaths although quite shocking is down compared to the year before mohammed valis our correspondent in the mauritanian capital no uk shot about 83 people managed to swim to the shore and they were found by the military police outside the northern city of and why they were that was the early evening hours yesterday those people gave more news about what happened that boat capsized off the shore. after about 10 days being stranded there running out of fuel and so on so they gave more details and scores of people at least dozens of people are still missing they are supposed to be of course dead women and children where on that boat coming from gambia the majority of the migrants were from the country of gambia lots of small
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nation west africa one of those poor countries that supply this migration to words up this story is still unfolding those people who escaped are being treated in and why do you we don't have much information about what's happening to the bodies are they going to return them to their countries of origin or are they going to be buried in itself. but we've been speaking to leonard doyle from the international organization for migration and he says people are being exploited by callous smugglers. i think we can fairly assume that this is the result of nancy where the vessel overcrowded as we're learning or 150 people who are and out of fuel so it speaks really to the callousness of this mother is a smuggling operation well of course it may you know money already and disappeared into the wilderness and i think that's basically the problem here isn't you being exploited well one can imagine that they're deeply traumatized and our staff are you as you rightly say are there helping with them aren't any authorities but
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people will be will need some medical care and then really to establish where what's their origin that we understand from the gambia and try to help them return in a in a dignified way as possible and then the vehicle all of this is that there's no happy solution for people who take these routes when certain especially when things like this happen they are actually end up back where they started and the only winner is this mother. well i've also been speaking to anya kathy wonder who's executive director of the african foundation for development he says young africans chasing prosperity and opportunity in europe there's been an issue with african labor the last 400 years during the slave era and it was taken to the americas to work for free and now people have. these boats to come to where the economy is so we have to disentangle lots of things why isn't that enough because this
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concession into the global economy for 400 years has been so problematic that simply take issue that we need to. you know this in time don't 2nd issue here is the demographic growth that is taking place and on the continent in africa at the moment by the end of this century 40 percent of the world's population will be african so what you're seeing is africa are exploiting its labor in a very dysfunctional munna and there is a some of the issues driving this and then the final huge thing is what's happening with then african economies where there's growth west africa is enjoying a period of growth of the moment but it's largely jobless growth so a lot of people who are looking to go head north because they can see that by getting into europe. they can transform their lives because they've seen artists who remits to people in gambia and they see the difference is that there's remittances make because you're dealing with the difference that strains wrecked.
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now one of the largest strikes a mole in a decade is starting to cripple services across france with schools closed transport disrupted many government offices shut tens of thousands of workers have not turned up to work a march is a happening all over the country there's been major disruption particularly in paris with trains canceled as well as hundreds of flights the strikers are angry at president plan to overhaul the pension system they say they'll end up working longer for less money in retirement let's go live now to our correspondent. who is at the train station i do believe natasha and it looks very much as though this heed for workers to unite and come out on to the streets to protest against these punch pension reform plans is being heated. well i was at a train station a bit early and there were many people there that because most of the trains are
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working but right now i'm actually at a march in central paris where thousands of people have gathered they're going to be walking across the city and they are here all to protest against the french government's plans pension reforms now some of the people i've been speaking to been telling me about why they're here why they're concerned and what they're mainly worried about is that the government's reforms will mean that they will have to work longer so later in life and they are also worried that some of them or have their pensions reduced we've got all sorts of people who have more from across french society really are transport workers teachers lawyers health workers and as you can imagine that means there's an awful lot of disruption not just in paris but across the country where trains are working buses make sure schools are shut universities disrupted so this really is a truly nationwide strike you know we've been speaking to people who really have opinions on both sides we've been speaking to those who feel that this protest is
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necessary they're very angry the government even. also been speaking to people though who say that this is them does need to change the pension system is out of date and they all support you. know me as passionate about his job producing bread and pastries in his bakery outside paris but after working for more than 40 years he's looking forward to retiring he hopes the french government's plans to reform the pension system won't affect his future and he understands why so many people oppose them. the ideal would be defined a system that's fair for everyone it's a big ask some people were hired with certain benefits and now they're being told those advantages could be taken away. in france the pension systems complicated each profession has a different scheme some people fear losing certain advantages or having their pensions reduced under the government's proposed reforms others say the system must be simplified. i think pension systems need to be reformed it's not acceptable that
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there are so many schemes i think france has needed reforms for a while they're not done because there's a lack of courage and people take to the streets immediately reforming the pension system was one of emanuel marcos campaign promises says it needs to be streamlined to make it fairer and save public money but past presidents have tried to reform it and failed. in 1995 president jacques chirac's government scrapped its reform plans after 3 weeks of nationwide strikes in 2007 president nicolas sarkozy pushed through some changes but not without public protest macro's plans faced opposition from many sections of society including transport workers who threatened rolling strikes. the ideal would be to find a system that's fair for everyone it's a big ask some people were hired with certain benefits and other being told those advantages could be taken away this analyst says the president faces his big. test
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yet. you think there's a risk that all the sectors join in health transports lawyers university then the government could fall i don't think that we had that point yet but the government certainly can't back down because it would be a political failure. or has a ready past several controversial reforms and although he may feel confident of to surviving months of yellow vest protests social discontent still lingers. we saw you know events protests not reports and there are protesters here in this march because they say they go to join in today's events and what the protesters the trade union leaders want is the more this nationwide action to continue for as long as it takes for the government to meet their demands that the far as we know most people are actually going back to work tomorrow but chance to start certainly
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see in paris that they will continue some form of industrial action over the next few days so they will be more disruption. all right natasha butler live in paris thank you very much for that right let's go to the united states now where the house of representatives speaker nancy pelosi is about to deliver a public statement on the status of this impeachment inquiry into the president within the next hour we believe in a cause and says it will go to it but she's giving her statement after meeting the democratic caucus now that was after 3 leading scholars testified saying president trump did commit impeachable offenses the president is accused of having ukraine investigate his own domestic political rivals let's go live now to our white house correspondent kimberly harkat so kimberly waterway expecting then to say in this statement. i think we're going to get
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a sense martine of where things move from here as you point out there was the hearing of the judiciary committee a long and lengthy 8 hour process where legal scholars debated the merits of whether or not the articles of impeachment should be drafted but i think that what we're going to hear from the 2 palosi is whether or not that will actually take place what that timeline would look like and in just the last few minutes we've heard from u.s. president donald trump on twitter where he's advocating that this happened very swiftly he says the do nothing democrats have a historically bad day yesterday in the house they have no impeachment case and are demeaning our country he goes on to say therefore i say if you are going to impeach me do it now fast so we can have a fair trial in the senate so that our country can get back to business i was elected to clean the swamp and that's what i'm doing now the tweets were a bit longer the president went on to say that he wants to call various witnesses
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and that's something that we're hearing on capitol hill that we know that republicans had a huddle if you will with some of the white house counsel on wednesday and what they discussed is that there is this conclusion that the president has not had an opportunity to defend himself in the house of representatives so they want this process to move forward in essence what you just heard from the president there was go ahead impeach me because the that is it seems a foregone conclusion down party lines that that's what democrats appear to want to do why does the president want this to go to the senate the senate is controlled by republicans so he's looking for a trial one that republicans could use to their political advantage as the president has said repeatedly as he seemed to suggest here on twitter he wants to call some witnesses that would not be particularly favorable to the democrats namely hunter biden this is the son of the former vice president joe by. and in
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a political rival the if foundation of this impeachment inquiry has always been did the president abuses political powers in order to dig up dirt if you will on joe biden it's a very involved case but the essence of this is as it stands right now we're watching very carefully to see what the house speaker nancy pelosi has decided to do following those hearings in the judiciary committee is there going to be a drafting of the articles of impeachment is it going to happen quickly now in december so that we may see a senate trial in january sounds like a very interesting moment. we'll get back to the soon as we do hear from the. lots more to come on this al-jazeera news hour including somalia's measles emergency claims more lives but the prime minister says people are getting the message about vaccination. we take a walk along the older streets in baghdad where history is repeating itself with the latest revolt against government leaders. in schools another racism rally hits
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italian football ground talisman. hundreds of people protesting across lebanon as politicians come closer to nominating a new prime minister demonstration started in central beirut on wednesday against some near he's the man widely thought to be the frontrunner people are angry at the outgoing prime minister saad hariri because he's backing mr. protesters have been calling for a complete overhaul of the political system which is dominated by sectarian politics let's go live now to then a hot air a chorus when she's just outside beirut and then what are the specific objections then to this man mr hottie and and also how that's spilling over on to his
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predecessor possible previous as a hariri. were some aerial footage of according to the protesters is close to the ruling elite yes here's a businessman he may have no political experience but he has ties with those in power so there are demands that the next government should be independent from any political party in order to pave the way for early elections has not been met people continue to take to the streets definitely the numbers not as large as it was during the 1st weeks of this uprising which began in mid october a lot of people definitely are tired but people like you mentioned they consider him. part of the ruling elite and it's not just that what we understand is that the next government is going to have representatives of the political powers the political parties so basically nothing has changed maybe the faces will change but it is the same political parties who have been governing this country for the past 30 years so that is why people are angry but there's also anger in these suddenly
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street this is a country divided by sectarian lines and the post of prime minister is reserved for the sunni community and many people feel that. does not represent them and that the choice of severe fatigue was done unconstitutionally they are accusing the president and i'm including former prime ministers here even the something religious establishment has not endorsed they're saying you shouldn't have held back door meetings to agree on the next prime minister and the cabinet without holding 1st binding parliamentary consultation so there is agger here those consultations are expected to begin on monday but anything can happen in lebanon on a deal can break the last minute so it's still uncertain if those consultations will happen early next week so the protesters want to complete the whole of what is centrally is a sectarian based political system they're not going to get that do they have a candidate in mind who might satisfy them at least for the time being.
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no they're not putting forward any candidates they are concerned they continue to insist that this is a spontaneous leaderless movement they believe that there are enough experts in this country who can form a transitional government a smaller transitional government that will come up with a new electoral law and early elections they have been really criticized because they haven't presented an alternative plan or leaders who can you know take this country or this country forward there is a dire economic crisis in this country the lebanese leader is devaluing so a lot of uncertainty at this moment. then the whole. from holiday which is just outside beirut thank you. the medical teams are going door to door in summer as they raced to vaccinate as many people as possible against measles outbreak there in the pacific island nations killed more than 60 people messes in
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children and that of course has prompted an emergency response jessica washington reports from the capitol appiah thousands of red flags hang all over summer each one represents an unvaccinated household as the measles crisis in some o. escalates authorities have opted for a change in strategy. no longer asking people to go to clinics the message is to wait at home and help will come to you the only family is among those immunized in the early hours of the vaccine dr we are so thankful and i know that it's very important very important to be vaccinated. for the safety of all. fall family my family my child and also for all of us are ones the city center has been brought to a standstill with businesses closed and cars banned while the campaign continues
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this is the crisis center where efforts are being coordinated there is a sense of urgency to contain the outbreak more than 100 medical teams are roving the streets of samarra staffed by local and international medics and stocked with thousands of vaccinations authorities here hope they can get vaccination rates to at least 90 percent by the end of the week the government is determined to ensure such an outbreak does not happen again. that we are more conscious now people are more conscious now than before that by coming and have your children vaccinated is the only way those on the front lines say the campaign is working families are actually looking forward to turning in and being vaccinated they are open to having conversations to begin with that's a real bonus for us because it means that we're providing education whilst at the
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same time to the very end a vaccine to protect them a note of hope in summer was unprecedented health emergency jessica washington al-jazeera. that's one of the most eagerly awaited stock rotations in history saudi arabia is publishing the initial share price of its national oil company around can now the announcement will coincide with a meeting of the oil cartel opec which has the saudis of course of one of its key as one of its key members but experts say the listing will be smaller than initially hoped and shares have a limited availability will speak to our correspondent a solid range of aid in just a little while 1st here's his row report from opec in vienna. saudi aramco c.e.o. called it a historic day when last month the world's largest oil producing firm announced its listing on riyadh's to the exchange on thursday shares will be priced below the
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much hyped 2 trillion dollar price the saudis wanted but some asset managers say even at the lower price the company's overvalued analysts say there's been tension between the saudi government's valuation ambitions and what western investors are willing to pay you national estimates that were given by the saudi leadership hasn't been proven yet and so that's what i mean by taking the feedback going back and seeing if they can make those numbers work or not saudi arabia derives most of its money from oil exports and says it will use the income from its public listing to diversify its economy but a recent drone attack on 2 of its facilities the rebels in yemen said they carried out took out more than half of the kingdom's oil production and cause major concern among international investors so far the stock listing is only available for saudis and nationals in the arab states of the g.c.c. and not to will be kept by the to the exchange. saudi aramco is international listing was the crown jewel of prince prominent salons vision 2030 an ambitious
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project to take saudi arabia into the future without an over reliance on oil but since he announced it in 2017 the i.p.o. or the initial public offering was delayed several times and transparency concerns a murky anticorruption drive against wealthy businesses the killing of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi and other factors have not been helpful to achieving that vision. so far saudi aramco has refrained from listing on an international stock exchange the company also canceled a road show intended to attract rest in an asian investors but there still said to be interest from russian and chinese investors at the meeting of the oil producers bloc opec it's likely that output cuts will remain in place to keep oil prices steady nowaday says they can use it all in a new discoveries have been set up on the map across the world we have a new alliance that we can call it of back in all but class that includes some of the countries that i when i was like russia for example. and of course. the market
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shaping if it's all back or opec plus controlling their own production so limiting their volumes and allowing some other nations to grow production of course that in some way limits their market share. all right let's go live to vienna now and a suburb interviewed our correspondent there so we got 2 events taking place. there is what's going on in riyadh we're expecting the listing to be announced i'm there anything yet and of course you're at the opec plus meeting in vienna. yes martin there is a direct relationship because saudi arabia remains to be one of the key players in opec and opec plus so many of us who asked this question about the jargon of politics of oil and how does it work somebody explained to me of that and i'm going to do that for you to compare it with apples and i'm going to compare apples and
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for you saudi arabia essentially wants to sell its apples along with others in the cartel which it is not the only apples in the market what it wants to do is it wants to reduce the number of uppers so it can push the price up but because it's not the only player many others are not playing ball many are there in part of the opec plus association such as russia no not only have apple they have more right of uppers and they do not want to sell less for more price but they'd rather sell more and that is something that we've been hearing there are rumors that our oil production cuts are going to be happening more than somewhere between 402800000 barrels and what will that mean for an overall economy which is still very much for a lie and on oil to discuss that further we have david funk with us from august media david very good to have you with us we've been hearing about opec and opec plus cutting oil production what will this mean for the market in is that really
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a feasible solution yeah i think. you know we have gone from a situation both about a week ago where more we were hearing about was rolling over the present agreements of $1200000.00 barrels per day of cuts we die. seem to be talking up 28900000 barrels per day of extra cuts. the problem is i think once that gets out into the market it creates an expectation of therefore in a sense the organization. has to follow through with something in terms of further cuts our own view of argus is that the market next year slightly permanent surplus but only to the tune of $3400000.00 barrels per day so we don't think the real focus of action is 2021 b. 2021 when we think the propensity for a surplus in the markets if anything slightly worse but what is very interesting is that this is happening simultaneously with the share valuation of saudi aramco
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saudi aramco is in a position because of saudi arabia and if the state does not bring stability to the oil price or pushes it further up you not going to get a valuation what the saudis want on the market so do you think that is actually going to happen is that something that they can get others to play ball with. i think it's i think it's going to be a combination of some of the core producers within the g.c.c. talking about potentially some further limits maybe squeezing a bit more compliance out of the less compliant nations iraq maybe russia maybe nigeria so i think they'll be some sort of combination there in terms of the influence of the crude price price. on the saudi i.p.o. it's possibly a little less important now that the the target set of purchases of equity has narrowed somewhat but nonetheless there is no desire i think in anyone with the
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opec plus for the price to fall markedly below $60.00 a barrel in very quickly you mentioned compliance that's the big buzzword that we've been hearing because you can continue to squeeze and give out these numbers of cutting down oil supply but if member states and opec plus nations are not come in compliance how do you go about it because you can come up with new numbers and it's just going to happen it's it's very very difficult i suppose the ultimate weapon the saudis and maybe a couple of others have is to say look if implying improve we all remember. the policy that we tried back in 20152016 that was fairly painful at that time. for producers in general terms but i suppose it's the ultimate sanction if there are members who refuse to comply right thank you very much for being with us and that you have it as the ministers for opec and opec plus nations meeting there are
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still rumors abound of what is going to be their decision about the production numbers that are going to come out of this opec meeting in bed the opec can continue to cut down its numbers or is it going to coast along until march that's when the current deal expires. as on a binge of a live in vienna at that meeting thank you. now a tropical storm is expected to bring even more flooding to somalia at kevin his hand now with the latest in the weather that's right we're going to start here in the arabian sea we're watching cycling power and right now as it is intensifying and you can see the clouds right there in the open water but of course somalia is on alert for the storm system as it makes its way towards the southwest you can see the rain showers really beginning to affect that region as we go towards friday now we do expect to see a landfall with the storm a cripple into a tropical storm probably friday evening and into saturday morning in terms of the rain though we do expect to see really it affecting all the parts of the coast
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because once it moves inland it's really going to dry out in that region so you can see here as we go towards sunday most of the heavy rain will be along the coast we could be seeing anywhere between $2250.00 and that could lead to some localized flash flooding across that area the other areas that we're watching is what is happening down here in the south indian ocean this is a psych load 2 s. and this is cycling 3 s over here really it's only this one to the west that we're going to be watching because of the proximity of its look as it moves down towards the south to madagascar now really not a factor here on saturday but if we went out towards the beginning of next week we could be watching the cycler make landfall somewhere here on the north coast of madagascar so we are going to be watching this for carefully for of course localized flooding in that area as well back to you martin kevin thank you very much indeed lots more to come here on the al-jazeera news hour including they rebuild their lives of think years of war only to see their homes washed away we'll have more on the floods of south sudan and. why
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thousands of people are blocking roads will kill off the job in colombia. and support the organizers of the take in 2020 of them gets a feeling the heat after more events a reshut killed because of health and. safety concerns. almost the last time you were out on the streets protesting whether on line you feel the weight of the system we do walk through each and every luxury or layer further and further into the jail or if you join us on say retention has to start from day one whether again melinda tension or your own parser this is a dialogue everyone has a voice recording artist those that support our coverage will be varying accounts but i want to give people the reason for joining the global conversation on how does iraq kenyan journalists in pursuit of press freedom and justice i have
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a feeling very desperate situations where someone seeking but they cannot afford being clean and investigating government corruption and the national health care system some of the transactions espionage and the collapse. of money that is unexplained to africa uncensored and publish will seem some people don't want to publish even if it doesn't knock the oscar truth is it anyway on al-jazeera. paradis some of the top stories here on the out as their news out at least $58.00 migrants have drowned when their boat sunk off the coast of new mauritania
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survivors are being treated in the northern city of know what the vessel was carrying at least $150.00 people most of them came from gambia and ran low on fuel one of the biggest public set to strike that more than a decade is taking place across france millions of big. our angry at president plan to overhaul the pension system. in the united states the house of representatives speaker nancy pelosi is due to deliver a statement on the status of the impeachment inquiry into president tom we think within the next hour also in a tweet the president called on the democrats to impeach him quickly so he can have a fair trial in the senate. that russian and syrian government astra's have killed at least 6 people in syria's province in the past 2 months or so attacks on the last remaining rebel stronghold has intensified as victoria gave him the reports.
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of course. this is the 1st of 3 children rescued after their home province was destroyed in an asse strike the assad government is determined to retake this final piece of territory this still under the control of opposition fighters attacks are intensifying and they are indiscriminate when. there are many more people trapped under flattened buildings. where all my children this woman screams oh but the air strikes and barrel bombs are relentless and volunteer rescue is known as the white helmets of force to run for cover. a lot more. a lot. of perfectly good reason it's a raid by warplanes helicopters against the brave village a couple. of critical appraisal. 4000000 people live in it live province which is
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under the control of hyatt teria al sham an armed group with former links to al qaeda the russian and syrian government say recapturing the province is just a matter of time but the increase in attacks is worsening the humanitarian crisis. syrians in villages south of labor used to be able to flee to rebel held territory but they're now surrounded and there's nowhere left to go of humanitarian colleagues remain deeply concerned for the safety and protection of more than 4000000 civilians in the north west of syria following continued upsurge in violence and are still bodies in the area. yes trikes in the northwestern province are in breach of the deescalation deal russia and turkey agreed last september but syrian government forces backed by russian airpower seem determined to stop at nothing to take back the province victoria gate and be al jazeera. now the united states in sudan are to exchange passengers for the 1st time in 23 years secretary
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of state mike pumpin announced it on twitter and it comes at the same time as the sudanese prime minister abdullah dog is on his 1st official visit to washington as the transitional prime minister the moves are the latest side of a possible warming of relations between these 2 countries which began to improve after the removal of former president obama bashir or we can speak now to walid madiba who's president of the sudan policy forum and is a governance and development expert joining us from doha and walid what would constitute a successful trip as far as mr duck is concerned what does he need to bring back to sudan i believe so far has succeeded. a great extent because the distortion of u.s. relationships with sudan is very essential i think america can only
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influence other nations by getting in good. in good relationship with them not by alienating itself however i think there is. some. part of government and some moral ambiguity on part of the americans let me start with the american side that i i think america is too putting too much emphasis on. the state is partly sponsored terrorist list and instead it should help the duke and his government. core areas military officers to come gradually out of the equation of power because america does have a live image of the sudanese army it can cause it can pierce with the 2 to become yet more democratic and to help it to restructure to let itself there
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doesn't there hasn't been any indication so far correct me if i'm wrong that america is prepared to take that vital step vital for cutting these and that is to remove it from the the list of state sponsors of terrorism because that's what sudan needs in order to to open itself up to investment nobody would invest in sudan whilst it's on that this yeah i think that's a very good remark on your part i think it's now the role of hunger to occur needs to get in gear in general in a lead bargain he needs to get involved in serious talk with the. military officers especially the so-called military council or what used to be the military council he needs to find out who did what is it exactly that they need so that they come come. out of this equation of governance do they need immunity.
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so that. he can find his way of bringing those accused of having committed crimes independently or sudan to trial if he gives them immunity. maybe there you can help him bring those criminals to justice but without bringing those criminals to justice merely military and security officers who have committed the genocide in darfur i don't think that the americans will take him seriously but also i mean conversely what he also needs in order to get anything done is to bring in investment. himself has been created by the financial times as saying that his country is bankrupt i mean how bad how dire is the economic system situation in sudan and can sudan move forward to the next stage without international finance i think sudan this estate is morally bankrupt
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not economically bankruptcy than is a very. nice 80 percent of the national g.d.p. goes to the army so without the restructuring the army you can put your financial statement in order but in order. to convince the army to restructure itself. they need some assurances especially the top ranking of fischer's i think. is. is wrong in the sense that he thinks that sudan's problem is primarily economic it is primarily a political problem so far no attempt has ever been done by himself or by us law. colleagues in the busy cabinet to do to handle the issue of the. crimes that have been committed again is the mountains and south kordofan for what lead my
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david thank you very much indeed thank you. there are almost 3000000 people are currently affected by flooding across a whole region of east africa at least 160000 of them are in kenya then there's djibouti 2 years of rainfall fell in just one day and that triggered flash floods in somalia and in sedan the figure is close to a 1000000 people that have been affected and a similar story since june in south sudan priyanka gupta has more. they were displeased by 6 years of civil war and now they are again forced out of their homes this time by floods which in south sudan have destroyed crops homes and livelihoods people say they haven't seen such devastation in more than 20 years during your go along when we were displaced by the flooding we felt sad because we had to leave everything behind we need shelter we need food now we're not getting
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those things because we had to leave our homes. it's rainy season in east africa but the downpours have been unusually heavy this year nearly 3000000 people are affected by floods across the region most in south sudan last month the government declared a state of national emergency. aid is pouring in but that's not enough. yes we can provide emergency support now but these people relied on are going to rely on have been relying for years and years and harvests have a cell like to be badly affected so there's going to be less food are they going to grow themselves and therefore they might be more dependent on food coming in from outside. and that increases the long term threat of malnourishment in a largely rural country where 80 percent of the population lives on less than $1.00 a day the risk of water borne diseases like cholera too is rising and there is no
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sign of a let up more rain is expected in the coming days priyanka gupta are dizzier. the decision by the u.k.'s main opposition labor party to hold another vote if it wins the upcoming election as upset some of its supporters in the hall the poll for instance in the northeast of england most people there voted to leave the e.u. in that referendum of 2016 so now they're threatening to switch to pro bracks at parties from hot the poll here's our correspondent emma hayward. british politics is that time spent like a game during the past few years albeit one with no winners hardly paul has been a labor town for more than half a century but 7 out of 10 people have voted to leave the e.u. in the 2016 referendum and the brics that party has made this a target seat and now long held political loyalty is being cast aside people do all
4:44 pm
believe 11 out. of water. because of a jar of peter what i got out. of between conservative in breakfast because it's time you left you got a vote and it doesn't mean nothing because if the don't like it and there was a commons we'll have to go. many here are disillusioned with politics altogether and for good reason for years successive governments happen accused of doing little to help towns like. there is still big business but decades of deindustrialization have led to high levels of unemployment labor has a long history of doing well here in holland but this is an election like no other in recent times it is unpredictable and the stakes of course couldn't be higher for the people of holly paul what they want more than anything is their voices to be
4:45 pm
heard and their lives to improve. the free at the water and trust community center one of the most deprived areas of the country people are keeping count life can be challenging here people help each other out and they want real change it's about people who need. better. but brixton looms large in areas like this where people voted to leave the e.u. and that could mean punishing parties at the polls if ever a bracks and pay extra ordinary party has been around for $7.00 or 8 mums who has got absolutely no connection with how. they vote for him enough to get him elected that would be extraordinary and would say it remains the single biggest issue in their lives or at least that element of democracy remains the single biggest issue lies all parties are promising to improve the lives of ordinary people politics
4:46 pm
since the e.u. referendum has deeply divided society and the issue of could end up forging a deeper split at the ballot box when it comes to the result and he would al-jazeera. the columbia years in the graph of its 3rd national strike in just 2 weeks unions and student groups of course are the latest walkout after 2. so the government failed protesters are angry at president. plans for economic reforms and they want him to do more to tackle corruption and police violence down to iraq street in baghdad as become a front line between protesters and security forces and is no stranger to these kinds of scenes because the buildings there that lined the streets they tell a story of revolt both past and present a similar fault in the reports. but that's all the street has become the main venue of anti-government protests rashid street dates back to the 16th century tracing
4:47 pm
the tigris river it's an important access route to both tahrir square and the central bank demonstrators see this historic avenue as a strategic defense point to prevent security forces from marching on to here square but holding it has come at a price a banner to commemorate those killed hangs on a burnt building next to the barricades the protesters who guard them fear being targeted and don't want to show their faces and. we advanced here because we want to block the road there are government employees going to work here and we're trying to make civil disobedience we will not withdraw until this response to our demands to get rid of all of the parties. this is not the 1st time russian street bears witness to a revolt historian he was born here and has studied the streets to mulch us past it was here where iraq has rose up against the british occupation in 1920 the british and it up crushing that rebellion in 1908 student protesters took to russians to
4:48 pm
eat again although they failed to end the monarchy this time they forced the british government to resign. 3 people died at the hands of the police but this forced the cabinet of then prime minister a solid job or to resign and when he resigned the parliament also had to go a stark contrast to today's events hundreds have been killed as part of the recent protests but it took 2 months for prime minister other than the to to resign while parliament has yet to be dissolved. this hasn't happened in iraq's history that hundreds are killed and neither the prime minister nor the parliament have condemned. and i should street is the commercial hub of the capital but the violence between protesters and security forces has brought straights to a halt many shops are closed and instead of customers the streets now teams with anti-riot police the barricades behind me are the front line between demonstrators and security forces and in addition to the loss of life the historic buildings
4:49 pm
around us have borne the brunt of these confrontations now none of the security officials here were authorized to speak to us on camera but they told us the demonstrators the regularly throw petrol bombs across the barricades to target security forces as well as the building. this old building used as a warehouse is among several burned down over the past weeks manana hopeful they stood at the corner over there and they threw a picture on this building which is full of stores our store deal with shoes and handbags the storage was full of silicon and it passed even before these protests began rashid street was in dire need of a. the local government had. to stop. in a struggle. it's
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
time for the school scenes now with iran whole lot scene thank you very much we're going to start with football and it is a huge day for the asian giant paeans council they take on saudi arabia in the semifinals of the arabian gulf cup later on thursday the kothari at the feet of the united arab emirates and their last
4:52 pm
a group stage going to reach this stage saudi arabia like the u.a.e. are one of the countries currently blockading cats are already richardson is at the hours a new stadium which is hosting of america and the cats are all the asian champions are but they got off to a bad thought losing to a rock in their opening but they've really grown into this competition since then have a very. good they really have and i think it's as much for the carrots or if this team that they used to dealing with big tournament is now. it was interesting i had a thought u.a.e. game the now former coach of the year eeks he's been fired but i'm all excited it's very noticeable with the cats all the same just how well they play with each other and how well they know each other well the vast majority of this cats out seem to have been together since academy level they came mostly came through the national academy aspire level coached all the way by felix sanchez the spanish coach he used to be involved in buffalo in his youth sets up he's been with them every step the way he's now taken. with the scene and seen
4:53 pm
a lot of that same $119.00 asian cycling $24.00 saying that and of course up the great just have a truck winning the asian cup at the start of the year coming through a really difficult situation where they had no friends in the united arab emirates very little expected of them but much of the teamwork in the character they show. to be cheap it is a fact that those players know each other that they are with a very different pressure now because of course there is an expectation with success comes expectation that go to full crowd who do expect them to be saudi arabia a little later on. a huge deal when 3 of the nation's more carried in qatar saudi bahrain all this started to play in this tournament do you think that the gulf cup has helped. lose interest in listening to the coach of saudi arabia in the buildup to this game saying he hopes that in some way this game could be a step on the whites awards reconciliation let's compare and contrast that with the last time the gulf cup was staged at the end of $27.00 say not just
4:54 pm
a few months after the blockade had begun on that occasion with this sort of being held in kuwait see how the situation whereby members of the saudi arabian sea wouldn't even address press conferences if there were members of the cats on media in the room in points remember at all times that cats are as far as cats is concerned all fans are welcomed the imposition the book kate is all dance of the 3 of the countries involved in this tournament having said that $650.00 bahrain fans have made the trip paid for their semifinal against iraq having said that they didn't come direct they did fly by kuwait to be remembered as well that at all times during this blockade some sort of sporting relationship house payments hanging between the countries that carried on playing each other on a club level in the asian champions league hell out of saudi arabia will be coming off the club world cup in a few days' time and all of the countries have ambitions to carry on being the harvests of major sporting events you've got that the heavyweight boxing coming up in saudi at the weekend the u.a.e.
4:55 pm
and paul ryan host all sorts of events and one of the reasons that house these events is to try and show off the best side of that country to the world and to the same sanyal choosing to flock 8 countries and boycott sporting events without policy somewhat counterproductive to our care and a great for frankie. another race of the hours hit italian football one of the most well known sporting newspapers in the country della sports has published the headline black friday alongside pictures of 2 black players in the dramas chris smalling who will face each other in friday's syria clash between the 2 sides i have condemned the headline on twitter meanwhile inter tweeted football is passion culture and brotherhood we are and always will be against all forms of discrimination but the strongest condemnation has come from him to city rivals mainland who wrote it is totally unacceptable to see such casual ignorance on racism we will not stay silent on this issue where the heat and humidity and take
4:56 pm
care is causing more headaches for the organizers of the 2020 summer olympics to bore events of how to be reshaped jeweled in an effort to combat the sweltering temperatures expected in the capital next july or the a question cross country i'm sure after all and will now start at the earliest times of 7 30 am so as to avoid the hard temperatures that can exceed 30 degrees celsius they're not the only sports to be affected the marathons and race wars will move 800 kilometers north to the cooler climes of sapporo have also been cold to shift the open water swimming out of the capital of the test event this summer water temperatures at the marine park were found to be in excess of 30 degrees celsius rugby australia defended striking a deal with former player israel folau over unfair dismissal from our he's a christian but wanted 9 and a half $1000000.00 from the organization for religious discrimination after he was sacked a social media post saying that hell awaited homosexuals in the end he agreed to
4:57 pm
settle for an undisclosed amount to avoid a court case and the rugby australia chief hasn't ruled out flowers return to play rugby in australia. i need to write because i mean it may be crazy for me to say what i'm saying is i think we've got a value of this right where and at the end of the day i don't believe that he would sign on to the current plan a contract which means he to be respectful of the social media years no we didn't get it wrong at the end of the day we stood up for the values of rugby astride the priest in the charges to broach the code of conduct was found guilty his contract was ultimately tuman i should because of that that stands up and continues to say this is an inclusive sport behavior and commentary of this type is not acceptable are they all sports. body and rugby needs to be included regardless of what the big one. from a sort of small farmer would have multiple would pay to stomach but later on boxing thank you very much indeed and thank you very much indeed for joining us for this
4:58 pm
hour is there a news that don't go anywhere because we'll be getting live to washington quite soon. algis it was there when i was doing breaks but looks closer today to see what happens next iteration on the book fired by the leaders for a model barricade of the old 7th street that lead to here the middle east now is what about change people have gone to hear the area the mission of the national
4:59 pm
army is to fix the entire one complex and not just your stories about telling it from the peoples perspective what they think is happening in their country. what was the last thing the president said to you about impeachment when you last spoke to him for oz multicultural society it's not about. the pretty damning allegations out there that would allow you to go how worried are you that the conditions are still right for another i think they are right join me maddi how about putting up from questions to my special guests and challenge them to some straight talking political debate here on al-jazeera. investigative journalism pertinent. global experts in discussion 3 times you put a deal and you disagree with the deal because of the terrible twos the worst of the day was brought to us when we went to stories from other angles. open your eyes to
5:00 pm
an alternative view of the world today you have to rethink pretty much everything thank you for talking to al-jazeera the great programs to inspire you on al-jazeera . hello again i'm not seen dead this year with al-jazeera live from doha and the main story almost 60 refugees of migrants drowned after the sings sinks of mauritania. and also coming up french unions mobilized the biggest nationwide strike for years hoping to full sprezzatura to abandon his plans to overhaul pensions protesters out again in lebanon they're angry that a business when this is the likely choice to become the next prime minister.


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