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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 5, 2019 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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rammstein spot on al jazeera. hello again i'm not seeing then if you're with al-jazeera live from doha and our main story only 60 refugees and migrants drowned after their boat sings sinks of mauritania. and also coming out french unions mobilize the biggest nationwide strike for years hoping to force president to abandon his plans to overhaul pensions protesters out again in lebanon they're angry that a businessman is the likely choice to become the next prime minister. and summers measles emergency claims more lives but the prime minister says people are getting the message about vaccinations.
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the 1st the sinking of a boat carrying refugees and migrants off the coast of mauritania has killed at least 58 people it's thought that there may have been 150 people on board most of them from gambia dozens were able to swim to shore survivors are being treated in the northern mauritania city of new people globally around 2 and a half 1000 migrants died at sea this year that's according to the international organization for migration but that number as high as it is is much less than that of 2018 mohammed valdez our correspondent he's in no upshot mauritania's capital about 83 people managed to swim to the shore and there were found by the military police outside the northern city of and what people would. that was the idea
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evening hours yesterday as those people gave more news about what happened that boat capsized off the shore. and that's after about 10 days being stranded there running out of fuel and so on so they gave more details and scores of people at least dozens of people are still missing they are supposed to be of course dead women and children where on that boat it's coming from gambia the majority of the migrants were from the country of gambia that's a small nation west africa one of those poor countries that supply this migration turn to words drop this story is still unfolding those people who escaped are being treated in and why do you we don't have much information about what's happening to the bodies are they going to return them to their countries of origin or are are they going to be buried in and what the book itself but we've been speaking to lana del here is from the international organization for migration and he told us that
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people are being exploited by callous smugglers but i think we can fairly assume that this is the result nancy where the vessel overcrowded as we're learning or 150 people who are out of fuel so it speaks really to the callousness of the smugglers the smuggling operation well of course that made their money already in this here into the wilderness and i think that's basically the problem here is that you're being exploited well we're going to maginot they're deeply traumatized and our stocks are you as you rightly say are there. any authority these people will be will lead to medical care and then really to establish like where what's their origin that we understand from the gambia and try to help them return in a in a dignified and way as possible and i mean that. all of this is that there is no happy solution for people who take these routes and especially when things like this happen they are actually end up back where they started and the only winner is this mother. right to lebanon where many people are
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still protesting across the country as politicians come closer to nominating a new prime minister demonstration started in beirut on wednesday night against some of the teens but he's a man widely believed to be the front runner people are angry at the outgoing prime minister saad hariri for backing him protests is a been calling for a complete overhaul of the political system which is dominated by sect then the holder has more from holiday just outside beirut. some euro hi to your recording to the protesters is close to the ruling elite yes here's a businessman he may have no political experience but he has ties with those in power so there are demands that the next government should be independent from any political party in order to pave the way for early elections has not been met people continue to take to the streets definitely the numbers not as large as it was during the 1st weeks of this uprising which began in mid october
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a lot of people definitely are tired but people like you mentioned they consider him part of the ruling elite that it's not just that what we understand is that the next government is going to have representatives of the political powers the political parties so basically nothing has changed maybe the faces will change but it is the same political parties who have been governing this country for the past 30. nancy pelosi the speaker of the house of representatives is in the u.s. let's listen to her necessary for us to address among other grievances the president's failure to faithfully execute the law when crafting the constitution the founders feared the return of the monarchy in america and having just fought a war of independence they specifically feared the prospect of a king president corrupted by foreign influence. during the constitutional
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convention james madison the architect of the constitution warned that a president might betray is trust to foreign powers which my proof to the republic another founder of gov morris fear that a president may be bribed by a greater interest to betray his dress he emphasized that this magistrate as a nod to the king the people are the king therefore created a constitutional remedy to protect against a dangerous. or corrupt leader impeachment unless the constitution contained an impeachment provision one founder warned a president might quote spare no effort or means whatsoever to get himself reelected similarly george mason insisted that a president who procured his appointment in his 1st instance through improper and
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corrupt acts might repeat his guilt and return to power. during the debate over impeachment at the constitutional convention george mason also. any man be above justice so that man be above it who can commit the most extensive injustice in his great wisdom he knew that injustice committed by the president erodes the rule of law the very idea that a fair justice which is the bedrock of our democracy and if we allow the president to be above the law we do so surely at the peril of our republic in america no one is above the law. over the past few weeks through the intelligence committee working with the foreign affairs and oversight committees the american people have heard the testimony of truly patriotic career public servants
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distinguished diplomats and decorated war heroes some of the president's own appointees the facts are uncontested the president abused his power for his own personal political benefit at the expense of our national security by withholding military aid and crucial oval office meeting in exchange for an announcement of an investigation into his political rival yesterday the judiciary committee at the committee the american people heard testimony from leading american constitutional scholars woman it is without a doubt that the president's actions are a profound violation of the public trust the president's actions have seriously violated the constitution especially when he says and acts upon the belief article 2 says i can do whatever i want now his wrongdoing strikes at the very heart
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of our constitution a separation of powers 3 co-equal branches each check and balance on the other a republic if we can keep said benjamin graham our democracy is what is its stake the president leads us no choice but to act because he is trying to corrupt once again the election for his own benefit the president has engaged in abuse of power undermining our national security and jeopardizing the integrity of our elections his actions are in defiance of the vision of our founders and the oath of office that he takes to preserve protect and defend the constitution of the united states sadly. but with confidence and humility with allegiance to our founders and hopeful of love for america today i am asking our chairman to proceed with articles
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of impeachment i commend our committee chairs and our members for their somber approach to actions which wish the president had not made it necessary. in signing the declaration of independence of founders involved a firm reliance on divine providence democrats to a prayerful and we will proceed in a manner worthy of our of the of the oath of office to support and defend the constitution of the united states from all enemies foreign and domestic so help us . thank you. so very you saw nancy pelosi the speaker of the house of representatives of course the lower house of the u.s. congress there announcing that she indeed is prepared now to draw our papers for the impeachment of president donald trump quite
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a moment in this process that we've been witnessing highly jocasta is our correspondent who's been watching this with us from from the very start so this is a moment isn't it heidi which signifies a new phase to this whole process. that's right it is a moment but it wasn't a requirement martine which is kind of what's puzzling about this yes this is significant you just heard the speaker of the house say that she wants articles of impeachment to be drafted by the house judiciary committee well the thing is they were going to do that anyway and in fact there's no requirement for the house speaker to direct that committee to take any sort of action so really what this makes me think is this is a part of the fight for the opinions of the american people to crowd to put some context into the hearings that we heard from yesterday in this continued battle between republicans and democrats to shift american public opinion on this
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impeachment which from the start of this inquiry the poll numbers have not really changed it's been about 5050 half of americans think that trump should be impeached and in fact removed from office and still 50 percent think he should not that is after hearing from these more than a dozen witnesses who are state department and white house insiders who have been testify in public about what they perceive to be the president's wrongdoing so the significance of palosi going out just now and saying that she wants articles of impeachment to be drafted yes that creates a public moment it's a it's a great sound bite from her that will be played over and over again on american television it was not a legal requirement in a does little in practical matters to move us any further along than we were before which we already knew that she house judiciary committee is in the process of crafting these articles of impeachment which are in set in
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a sense the charges trump will face once this eventually moves to the senate for his impeachment trial but before we get to that stage i just wonder could you give us an idea i realize that there is sort of established timeline for this just yet but can you give us some idea as to when when will the house of representatives vote on these articles of impeachment and then send it up to the senate can we see it by the end of this year. all signs are that that is the timeline that house democrats are shooting for that by christmas time there may already be a formal impeachment vote which basically is the indictment of president trump and then it will be up to the senate which of course as you know is dominated by republicans then to take those charges on those articles of impeachment and then create the rules of a trial how long could that trial go on for when will it start well we're not
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certain because it's not there's a few parameters in the u.s. constitution and there's so much experience this is only the 3rd president who will actually be formally impeached if it does proceed to that point but all indications are that senate republicans likely will want this process to move along quickly they have a number to dismiss the case within a week if they so wished and acquit the president or there has also been some indications that there that within the white house itself there's now a push for a more robust and aggressive defense of the president within the senate trial yesterday behind closed doors for members of the white house counsel's office met with senate republicans to discuss this very issue and now there's reports that possibly the white house itself might want live witnesses to testify during trump's impeachment trial in the senate because they believe that that will be a better way to convince the public and of course senate republicans that the
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president is innocent as he claims right thank you for the sure there live from washington. 3rd let's have a look and see what's going on in france today because one of the biggest the nationwide strikes is being called it's the biggest parts a decade and it seems as a service is everywhere of come to a halt that's the scene live in paris the schools of close transport destructed many government offices are shut tens of thousands of people have not gone to work and marches as you can see from this one in paris are happening all over the country the strikers are angry that president emanuel mccraw is pressing ahead with plans to overhaul the pension system they fear that they will end up working longer and have less money for retirement. one of the most eagerly awaited stock flirtations in history saudi arabia is due to publish the initial share price all that state energy company around the announcement will coincide
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with the meeting of opec that's taking place in austria where members are considering deeper cuts to their output a summer binge of a divorce now from vienna. saudi aramco c.e.o. called it a historic day when last month the world's largest oil producing firm announced its listing on riyadh's to the exchange on thursday shares will be priced below the much hyped 2 trillion dollar price the saudis wanted but some asset managers say even at the lower price the company's overvalued analysts say there's been tension between the saudi government's valuation ambitions and what western investors are willing to pay you national estimates that were given by the saudi leadership hasn't been proven yet and so that's what i mean by taking the feedback going back and seeing if they can make those numbers work or not saudi arabia derives most of its money from oil exports and says it will use the income from its public listing
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to diversify its economy but a recent drone attack on 2 of its facilities the rebels in yemen said they carried out took out more than half of the kingdom's old production and cause major concern among international investors. so far the listing is only available for saudis and nationals in the arab states of the g.c.c. and that too will be kept by the double exchange saudi aramco is international listing was the crown jewel of prince mohammed bin cell munns vision 2030 an ambitious project to take saudi arabia into the future without an over reliance on oil but since he announced it in 2017 the i.p.o. or the initial public offering was delayed several times and transparency concerns a murky anticorruption drive against wealthy businesses the killing of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi and other factors have not been helpful to achieving that vision. so far saudi aramco has refrained from listing on an international stock exchange the company also canceled a road show intended to attract rest in an asian investors but there still said to
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be interest from russian and chinese investors. at the meeting of the oil producers bloc opec it's likely that output cuts will remain in place to keep oil prices steady nowadays as they can use it all in a new discoveries have been set up across the world we have a new alliance and we can call it a back and open class that includes some of the countries that are and those like russia for example. and of course. the markets hate it if it's all back or opec plus controlling their own production so limiting their boilers and allowing some other nations to grow production of course that in some way limits their market share for a successful the saudis will need a steady and higher oil price although there is interest from local g.c.c. investors the i.p.o. will fall well short of the $100000000000.00 it was intended to raise and the saudis won't be able to get the 2 trillion dollar valuation that they desired solid
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job without. their medical teams are going door to door in samoa as they raced to vaccinate as many people as possible against measles and outbreak in the pacific island nations killed more than 60 people most of them children and that's prompted an emergency response jessica washington reports from the capital appear thousands of red flags hanging all over summer each one represents an unvaccinated household as the measles crisis in some o. escalates authorities have opted for a change in strategy. no longer asking people to go to clinics the message is to wait at home and help will come to you the only family is among those immunized in the early hours of the vaccine dr we are so thankful and i know that it's very important very important to be vaccinated for the safety of all.
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for family my family my child and then also for all the songs the city center has been brought to a standstill with businesses closed and cars banned while the campaign continues this is the crisis center where efforts are being coordinated there's a sense of urgency to contain the outbreak more than 100 medical teams are roving the streets of some are staffed by local and international medics and stocked with thousands of vaccinations authorities here hope they can get vaccination rates to at least 90 percent by the end of the week the government is determined to ensure such an outbreak does not happen again. that we are more conscious now people are more sanctions now than before that by coming and have your children vaccinated is the only way those on the front line say the
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campaign is working families are actually looking forward to turning in and being vaccinated they are open to having conversations to begin with so that's a real bonus for us because it means that we're providing education whilst at the same time delivering the vaccine to protect them a note of hope in summer was unprecedented health emergency jesica washington al-jazeera. wellness 3000000 people are currently affected by flooding across the swathe of east africa more than 150000 of them are in kenya in djibouti 2 years of rainfall fell on just one day triggering flash floods in somalia and in sudan almost a 1000000 people are affected as a similar story since june in south sudan priyanka gupta reports. they were displaced by 6 years of civil war and now they are again forced out of their homes this time by floods which in south sudan have destroyed crops homes and livelihoods
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people say they haven't seen such devastation in more than 20 years during your go along when we were displaced by the flooding we felt sad because we had to leave everything behind we need shelter we need food now we're not getting those things because we had to leave our homeless. it's rainy season in east africa but the downpours have been unusually heavy this year nearly 3000000 people are affected by floods across the region most in south sudan last month the government declared a state of national emergency aid is pouring in but that's not enough. yes we can provide emergency support now but these people relied on are going to rely on have been relying for years and years of us. to be badly affected so there's going to be a list food are they going to grow themselves and therefore they might be more dependent on food coming in from outside. and that increases the long term threat of
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malnourishment in a largely rule country where 80 percent of the population lives on less than $1.00 a day the risk of water borne diseases like cholera too is rising and there is no sign of a let up more rain is expected in the coming days. al-jazeera. now the u.s. answer said they are to exchange ambassadors for the 1st time in 23 years secretary of state made the announcement on wednesday at the same time as the sudanese prime minister abdullah hum dog is on his 1st visit to washington the moves are the latest sign of looming relations between these 2 countries which began to improve after the former president omar al bashir was overthrown in april. pushed by politicians to introduce a new citizenship legislation in india is being promoted as making life easier for migrant communities buses and show her reports from state some experts say the
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changes violate the constitution because muslims are excluded. these people after all testing their citizenship amendments bill which has been cleared by the indian cabinet and will soon be tabled in the indian parliament the b.c.s. that if you're a hindu or a christian or a general but these from of dance on pakistan and bangladesh and country live in india then you would not be treated as an illegal migrant breed excludes the muslims these people say that that's a part of the plot raising politics of the ruling party in the country not the janitor party some experts are going to the extent of defining it as unconstitutional they say this bill goes against the idea of a secular really are because it excludes muslims in short as this government makes a national register of citizens which is essentially a list of people of who isn't isn't an indian then the hindus will be captain but not the muslims. the dust has begun to settle in bolivia off to weeks of political
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upheaval nothing more than says he fabled dead hundreds more were wounded oh arrested the long time president ever this is in exile in mexico he's been there since he resigned after being accused of stealing elections gone home and tells us why from. off to the abrupt exit of long term president ever more rallies the protests and that followed a tense calm prevails in bolivia. the country is functioning at least under an interim government but it's also in limbo waiting for fresh elections that have yet to be called there to be. the best thing would be for elections democratic elections without the fraud that the last president did and that it happens soon because the country is paralyzed in certain aspects and with the new elected government things will be better. meanwhile interim president jimmy 9 years is unelected to ministration has been busy radically altering the country's foreign
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policy and accusing venezuela of course in the recent people not just in bolivia throughout the region you see. mr moore through. using his cousin has financed all the terror the bolivians have experienced in recent days the terror that colombians chileans employee unions are experiencing this is really a conspiracy against latin america. and we're going to be closer to home we're ellis has been accused of sedition and heading up a narco network charges have also been presented against other leaders from his party. some believe you are happy with what they see is a rooting out of institutionalized corruption you know you will be having to do you know the interim government is acting to bring to light the barbarities that the last government committed so it would be good that they stay for a bit longer. others see it as a revenge mission from. it is finally back in power the country's next president
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was jus to take up the reins on the 22nd of january that's not going to happen now a me while the interim administration instead of just a caretaker role is taking actions which while it and its supporters feel a necessary to clean up the country and bring fresh direction to others curry the with of political persecution. and allowed to supporters vex president really set that been a clamp down against of the rejection the 9 years seeing her as illegitimate and only then is the most let it get right now we need elections janina now says there's peace but peace in alto there's no peace they say that we have been vandalizing the city but it's a lot more they were gathered to try and find out if social programs begun and to continue that and of the questions will only be definitively answered of to believe it goes to the polls whenever there is don't hold with al-jazeera.
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the few countries take recycling as seriously as sweden when 99 percent of all household waste is turned into something new poll released ripples from a former c.e.o. making city that's now reinventing itself. this is retune the world's 1st recycled mall as in everything sold here is 2nd hand recycled or repurposed. manager and a bag stroma hopes it can begin to channel humanity's rampant consumerism or at least sweden's in a more sustainable direction and this is the future way to run a shopping mall i guess and any business in the future to be sustainable. as skills tune as waste plant processes 20000 tonnes of rubbish a year with smart cameras pointing different materials in the right direction food waste is sold back to residents as compost or used to power as skills tune as buses and provide heating for the town but there's a side project they hope will have
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a global impact breeding lot of it from the black soldier fly as a protein source for salmon farms to get the protein and we get your from the larvae of that it's perfect for the improving of the soil. so it's a win win for everyone. retune has also helped heal some of the hurt of a skills tunas high unemployment yeah. i love to paint change the fittings fix things it's perfect for me because i've had so many jobs in my life now i love to work with this really old furniture school students recycled future has not replaced it's form a steel industry with 15000 still unemployed in a city of 100000. we could just lay down and give up what we shows to to not we're still proud of being a a manufacturing town but we're also trying to find new ways and combine them with
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together green policies have given this city the chance to recycle its image after a loss of industry and identity the question is whether it remains an outpost in the war against climate change or a blueprint for the rest of the world to adopt. al-jazeera. sweden. a look at the top stories here and. within the last 20 minutes or so we heard from nancy pelosi who is the speaker of the house of representatives in the u.s. she's asked congress to proceed with articles of impeachment against president trump saying donald trump's actions have left no choice that this moves the process a significant step forward the president's accused of abusing his power by trying to get ukraine to investigate a political rival. i democracy is where does it take the president leaves us no
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choice but to act because he is trying to corrupt once again the election for his own benefit the president has engaged in abuse of power undermining our national security and jeopardizing the integrity of our elections his actions are in defiance of the vision of our founders and the oath of office that he takes to preserve protect and defend the constitution of the state. where the reaction has just come in from the white house the statement said the democrats should be ashamed of themselves but the $58.00 migrants drowned when their boat sank off the coast of mauritania survivors are being treating and treated in the northern city of new out who the vessel was apparently carrying at least $150.00 people most of them from gambia and was low on fuel police have fired tear gas at protesters in
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the french city of new aunt services across the country have ground to a halt as tens of thousands of people take part in a nationwide strike demonstrators are angry about plans over the pension system people are protesting across parts of lebanon as politicians come closer to nominating a new prime minister demonstrations began in central beirut on wednesday night against. medical teams in samoa a carry out of mass vaccinations aimed at stemming the fast growing measles crisis 62 people most of them young children have already died the stream is next. december on al-jazeera as this year comes to an end we look ahead to 2020 and the stories that may shape the year people in power investigates the shocking truth of disabled people in eastern europe scared this only to the future of the
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u.k. and its place in europe will the general election result the breaks it is a story of palestinian women rising above party and struggling for freedom against all of the world's best football team had to cancel for the fee for club world cup $29.00 t. . joint space station come. december on. welcome to the streaming colombia desperate colombia awake that is the hash tag connect to the country's biggest protests and yes people still raising their voices after nearly 2 weeks of demonstrations of having a k m a thousands of people take to the streets again today we want to hear your thoughts on what's next for colombia get in touch through twitter and you tube and you can be part of today's conversation.
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it's now 13 days since hundreds of thousands of people held wide ranging protests against colombia's government and pay for back out on the streets again the demonstrations have been joined by people from all walks of life with labor unions student movements and indigenous groups among those leading the way protesters are now leading a 3rd general strike after talks between the government and the national strike committee failed to make progress and they have a long list of grievances. we are protesting because of the new reforms that the government has tried to impose on us really the congress and the council are only helping themselves they are helping the needy people of the country amount doesn't help us as workers.


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