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locked up on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. this is the news hour live from our global headquarters in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes democracy is what is it state the president leaves us no choice but to act democratic house speaker nancy pelosi confirms that articles of impeachment will be drafted against u.s. president donald trump. french unions mobilized the biggest nationwide strike in years helping to force president markhor to abandon his plans to overhaul pensions also this hour protesters out again in 11 on i'm glad that a businessman is
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a likely choice to become the next prime minister. about peter seem a little bit school will live from doha as old stadium with asian champions qatar will for itself be rebuilt in the semifinals of the gold cup later those needs are . thank you very much for joining as the top democrat in the u.s. congress nancy pelosi says president donald trump must be impeached and removed from office his statement comes as the impeachment process enters its latest phase the house judiciary committee is deciding on charges for the house of representatives to vote on the final report from the intelligence committees inquiry said trump abused his power to pressure ukraine into investigating its political rival joe biden. i democracy is what is it stake the president leaves us no choice but to act because he is trying to corrupt once again the election for
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his own benefit the president has engaged in abuse of power undermining our national security and jeopardizing the integrity of our elections his actions are in defiance of the vision of our founders and the oath of office that he takes to preserve protect and defend the constitution of the state or the white house response was swift on twitter president trump accused democrats of having no case saying i say you're going to impeach me do it now fast so we can have a fair trial in the senate and so that our country can get back to business while our white house correspondent kimberly harkat is standing by with more reaction from there but 1st let's go to. also in washington d.c. for us heidi 1st of all how significant is. this meant what is she trying to achieve by ok the drafting of impeachment articles against president.
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well it is a great moment of political drama not only is nancy pelosi the speaker of the house of representatives but of course she's the 2nd in line to the presidency herself so bringing the weight of the house speaker's words to push this impeachment forward saying that she is now asking the judiciary committee to draft these articles of impeachment it doesn't change anything in the practical terms of where we were already headed but it brings more gravity to the situation and it frames the significance of this moment for the american public so what is it these articles of impeachment what does that really mean will these are the charges if you will that the president would eventually face if as all the signs indicate at this point when this impeachment reaches the senate or the trial phase which would determine whether or not trump is removed from office and so now the pending question is what charges what articles of impeachment will the president be facing it appears that
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there is a push to narrowly focused these articles on the abuse of power allegations in trump's dealing with ukraine there's also indication that they may they may include obstruction of congress detailing the president's. efforts not to cooperate with the impeachment inquiry itself and then there's also the question of whether or not democrats will look back at the russian vest a geisha in the mall or report which recommended several possible obstruction of justice charges that could be resolved in an impeachment as well so what is next then in the process itself when can we expect the house of representatives to vote on these articles of impeachment and then send them to the senate. well since this inquiry hit the ground democrats have been pushing forward at breakneck pace and this only indicates that will be sustained right now we're hearing that
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a full vote to impeach the president by the house will be held around christmas time which would put us on track for the senate starting a trial in the new year in january but how that trial will unfold is very much an open question this is only ever happened twice in the history of u.s. presidents where an impeachment has reached the senate phase and there's still a lot at stake a slot to be discussed among democrats and republicans that will have a shot what the rules of that trial will be of course trying to make those rules favorable to the arguments of either side i can believe heidi rather thank you very much for that we now go to kimberly hocket white house correspondent is going to tell us about the reaction from the president can be. yeah a lot of activity here the white house follow we know that the white house press staff had been huddled up hours earlier as this announcement by the house speaker nancy pelosi was taking place one of those officials are emerging just moments ago
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telling our senior white house producer chris sheridan that in fact there will be a statement coming from the white house later today we don't know if this will be the president we don't know if this will be the press secretary certainly the press secretary has already reacted she sent out a tweet saying that speaker pelosi and the democrats should be ashamed real donald trump era the president has done nothing but lead our country resulting in a booming economy more jobs a stronger military to name just a few of his accomplishments we look forward to a fair trial in the senate his campaign sending out a similar statement we're looking forward to a fair trial in the senate what are they saying the argument here seems to be with the case that the republicans in the white house are making to the american public is this has been a partisan process in the house of representatives controlled by demo. you continually hear them criticizing the process but not the actual facts of the case it's very clear that there is an attempt to try and defend the president not on the
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merits of the arguments of whether or not he committed any wrongdoing but instead on the process which the publicans argue has been skewed for political purposes thank you for that kimberly harkat live for us at the white house now on to other world news on a boat carrying at least $150.00 refugees and migrants. mauritania at least 58 people have been killed most of them from the gambia doesn't swam to shore survivors are being treated in the northern mauritanian city of more deeble globally about 2600 migrants have died at sea so far this year according to the international organization for migration and that number though is down compared to 2018. is in mauritania's capital with more. about $83.00 people managed to swim to the shore and they were found by the military police outside the northern city of and why they were that was the early evening
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hours yesterday those people gave more news about what happened that boat capsized off the shore. after about 10 days being stranded running out of fuel and so on so they gave more details and scores of people at least dozens of people are still missing they are supposed to be of course dead women and children where on that boat coming from gambia the majority of the migrants from the country of a small nation west africa one of those poor countries that supply this migration to words up this story is still unfolding those people who escaped are being treated and what we don't have much information about what's happening to the bodies are they going to return them to their countries of origin or are they going to be buried in itself let's speak now to sour oppressed yani who is the coordinator of the extremely sation policies watch project at r.c.
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association which is an ngo focusing on migrant she is via skype from rome thank you very much sorry for being with us now we understand that this particular boat began is journey in the gambia and followed a different route basically then the mediterranean sea crossing most commonly associated with african migrants who are looking to to get to europe how important is mauritania as a transit point for migrants right now is it becoming the new way to your. money. that may have comes with such as the leave. from this country be. equal though because you are supporting the political and economical way. and there are more force to stop my ground. forces.
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such as. you were. there was a modicum of people leaving from an incentive and there you are. from . agencies. planets and. all. that is me. me get through their. last. 2 weeks. that i was going to have you get what is it risky to leave from the gambia what are the risks associated with taking this particular route. the piece we see that. you can see is a really dangerous boat search and the journey from. long
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it takes more then. can you maintain that we read your time or. with that so many people in it so all these kind of. lost their lives be so high that we had to have waited what was their last because there are not legal adequate saw each you arkansas here are glad to or. the level exactly. for protection yeah i was going to ask you that in fact what is driving of these desperate journeys and what would make a difference in preventing such tragedies is it at the local level or is it at the international level you 1st of all i think. you're gotten started collaborating with all of the current police. because one of the main reason or so why.
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cammarata p.s.n. . is. under control of this. in a 2nd and the main goal of. an illegal act we respect the men who arrived illegally who are only these wait people who would not lie and not transfer the parts because the rants even see 3 such as we see in the last year thank you so much sara prestine for talking to us there from rome thank you for your time. one of the largest strikes in france has seen in a fantasy in more than a decade has brought services everywhere to a hold with schools closed transport disruptive and many government offices shut tens of thousands of people haven't turned up to work and marches are happening right now all over the country the strikers are angry that president emmanuel mccoy is going ahead with plans to overhaul the pension system they say they'll end up
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working longer and have less money in retirement. is live in paris for a start to one of those marches i believe tell us how big the crowds on a tasha and what sort of destructions every scene today. will there are thousands of people here in central paris they've come to protest against the government's plans to reform the pension system we've been speaking to some of them i've been speaking to one transport work you said that he's really worried that these reforms are me going to have to work much later in life more and that he's going to have is a his pension payouts reduce knots pretty much the sentiment across most people in this process you've got teachers noirs health workers as well as those transport is really people from all walks of life and that is because in france most people pay into a state pension into a public pension scheme and that is why people like you know i did it which is
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relatively unusual now the government says it's necessary to reform the pension system because it's on wildey it's inefficient and it costs too much or public money they also say it's unequal and on fact there are many people who support the government on this one and there are of course the others here mainly many of them behind me who say that the government's plans are unfair now we spoke to people all sides and this is our. nominee as passionate about his job producing bread and pastries in his bakery outside paris but after working for more than 40 years he's witty thing with 2 retiring he hopes the friend. government's plans to reform the pension system won't affect his future and he understands why so many people oppose them. the ideal would be defined a system that's fair for everyone it's a big ask some people were hired with certain benefits and now they're being told those advantages could be taken away. in france the pension systems complicated
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each profession has a different scheme some people fear losing certain advantages or having their pensions reduced under the government's proposed reforms others say the system must be simplified. i think pension systems need to be reformed it's not acceptable that there are so many schemes i think france has needed reforms for a while they're not done because there's a lack of courage and people take to the streets immediately reforming the pension system was one of the manual marcos campaign promises says it needs to be streamlined to make it fairer and save public money but past presidents have tried to reform it and failed. in 1995 president jacques chirac's government scrapped its reform plans after 3 weeks of nationwide strikes in 2007 president nicolas sarkozy pushed through some changes but not without public protest macro's plans faced opposition from many sections of society including transport workers
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who threatened rolling strikes or objecting to the government's aim is very clear to contribute to the impoverishment of the pensioners of tomorrow who are today the employers who drive the economy of this country. this analyst says the president faces his biggest test yet. you think there's a risk that all the sectors joining in health from sports lawyers university then the government could full i don't think that we had that point yet but the government certainly can't back down because it would be a political failure. macko has a ready past several controversial reforms and although he may feel called for dint of to surviving months of yellow vest protests social discontent still lingus. because today the transport is not been working public public transport has been working properly schools shut universities courts have been affected and
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a whole spittles has been a major disruption for the public as you can imagine that is something that the governor would like to see end what we understand is that most people will go back to work tomorrow however the transport workers have said that they're going to continue their strike and that will affect services at least for the next few days until monday. natasha we're looking at live pictures right now of what seems to be perhaps security forces firing some tear gas i'm not sure exactly what it is but a bit of a commotion going on at one of those protest sites in paris there any word on whether there's been any violence so far today. well you know the police and protesters have clashed in the western city. and also in paris there were a few scuffles between the police and protesters that's not all so unusual at these protests in france i have to say because in each protest there are a group of people who often come in you perhaps saw the lines of the actual
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protests and so you don't necessarily have the same demands or causes that are it can cause trouble so that's what it looks like today it doesn't seem any different than in any of the other protest books from what we understand is most of the protests across the country have to be peaceful ok thank you very much for an attack i will keep a close eye on the events in paris with you of course throughout the evening here on al-jazeera and there's plenty more ahead on this news hour including they rebuild their lives after years of war to see their homes washed away we have more in south sudan's flux plus organizers of the tokyo 2020 lympics are feeling the heat after more events are rescheduled over health and safety concerns be to have the details in sports. this one of the most eagerly awaited stock rotations in history saudi arabia is publishing the initial share price of its national oil company aramco the
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announcement coincides with a meeting of the oil cartel opec in which saudi arabia is a key member but experts say the missing will be smaller than initially hoped and shares have been have a limited availability or speak to our engineer as osama bin job shortly in vienna but 1st here's a report from opec headquarters in austria scamp. saudi aramco c.e.o. called it a historic day when last month the world's largest oil producing firm announced its listing on riyadh's to the exchange on thursday shares will be priced below the much hyped 2 trillion dollar price the saudis wanted but some asset managers say even at the lower price the company's overvalued analysts say there's been tension between the saudi government's valuation ambitions and what western investors are willing to pay initial estimates that were given by the saudi leadership hasn't been proven yet and so that's what i mean by taking the feedback going back and
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seeing if they can make those numbers work or not saudi arabia derives most of its money from oil exports and says it will use the income from its public listing to diversify its economy but a recent drone attack on 2 of its facilities the rebels in yemen said they carried out took out more than half of the kingdom's oil production and cause major concern among international investors so far the stock listing is only available for saudis and nationals in the arab states of the g.c.c. and that too will be kept by the to the exchange saudi aramco is international listing was the crown jewel of prince mohammed bin cell man's vision 2030 an ambitious project to take saudi arabia into the future without an over reliance on oil but since he announced it in 2017 the i.p.o. or the initial public offering was delayed several times and transparency concerns a murky anticorruption drive against wealthy businesses the killing of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi and other factors have not been helpful to achieving that vision. so far saudi aramco has refrained from listing on an international
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stock exchange the company also canceled a road show intended to attract rest in an asian investors but there still said to be interest from russian and chinese investors. at the meeting of the oil producers bloc opec it's likely that output cuts will remain in place to keep oil prices steady nowadays as they can use it all in a new discoveries have been set out to cross the world we have a new alliance that we can call it of back and class that includes some of the countries that everyone knows like russia for example. and of course. the markets hate it if it's all back or opec plus controlling their own production so limiting their volumes and allowing some other nations to grow production of course that in some way limits their market share and joins us now live from vienna your opec headquarters where ministers have started meeting what can we expect from
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countries like russia and saudi arabia have been campaigning for high oil prices. well folly that is the case here h.q. that we've been hearing the mood has changed in the last 24 hours from maintaining the level of cuts to deeper cuts to oil production this is by far the largest group which controls oil production across the globe and this is important because oil production and oil prices touch every sector of the economy so it is going to be crucial in this meeting what they decide on how they want to forge ahead saudi arabia has been campaigning for deeper cuts it wants a stable oil prices you heard in the arab poured on to higher oil prices well so it could have a direct correlation with iran because i obviously the higher the price of oil the more lucrative the deal becomes but others including opec countries such as russia have agreed in principle but there are ways around exporting more and more oil not
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complying with what they've agreed upon russia there's iraq there is no geria who opec nations are trying to bring back to the table and say they need to do more to make those cuts saudi arabia saying that they will do make more cuts but only if other countries continue to comply with the targets that they have set for them so it is going to be an interesting few hours where these ministers are going to knock heads and many with competing national interests to what the opec cuts actually want. thank you for that osama bin job headline forests in vienna. iran's foreign minister has accused 3 european powers of showing cold miserable incompetence in their commitments to the 2050 nuclear deal is some response to a letter sent by france germany and the u.k. to the u.n. secretary general in which they urged him to inform the council that iran is ballistic missile is inconsistent with the deal the u.s.
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is also accusing tehran of working to obtain nuclear capable missiles iran denies the allegation. to samoa now where medical teams are going door to door as a race to vaccinate as many people as possible against measles an outbreak in the pacific island nation has killed more than 60 people mostly young children prompting an emergency response jessica washington reports from the capital. thousands of red flags hanging all over. each one represents an unvaccinated household as the measles crisis in some o. escalates authorities have opted for a change in strategy. no longer asking people to go to clinics the message is to wait at home and help will come to you the only family is among those immunized in the early hours of the vaccine dr we are so thankful and i know that it's very important very important to be vaccinated for the safety of all.
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fall family my family my child and then also for all the time once the city center has been brought to a standstill with businesses closed and cars banned while the campaign continues this is the crisis center where efforts are being coordinated there's a sense of urgency to contain the outbreak more than 100 medical teams are roving the streets of samarra staffed by local and international medics and stocked with thousands of vaccinations authorities here hope they can get vaccination rates to at least 90 percent by the end of the week the government is determined to ensure such an outbreak does not happen again and. that we are more conscious now people are more conscious now than before that by coming and
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have your children vaccinated is the only way those on the front lines say the campaign is working families are actually looking forward to turning in and being vaccinated they are open to having conversations to begin with so that's a real bonus for us because it means that we're providing education whilst at the same time delivering a vaccine to protect them. a note of hope in summer was unprecedented health emergency jesica washington out to 0. now a group backed by the world health organization gabi is talk piling a bone of vaccines for use in emergencies it's amassing $500000.00 doses which will be made available in case of outbreaks poor and middle income countries will get vaccines free of charge more than 2000 people have died of ebola in the democratic republic of congo since $28.00. still ahead on this news hour.
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breaking their silence thousands of people in chile call for an end to violence against women in sports another racism raw hits italian football people happy story to stay with us we're back after the break. hello again welcome back to your international weather forecast where we are watching one system coming out of turkey bring some rain towards parts of eastern turkey as well as into syria by the time we get towards friday it is going to be a chilly day there for aleppo where the temperature a few of 11 degrees and a chilly day in baghdad clouds in the forecast for the time to there of 18 now as we go from friday and into saturday that system makes its way down here towards the southeast bring a lot of heavy rain across the region also snow in the higher elevations so for quite city expect to see some thunderstorms possibly as we go towards saturday
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tempers are coming down but we do think by sunday it could be looking much better a little bit cooler though with the time to there of 19 degrees well here across the gulf we will be watching that storm system carefully but we don't think it's going to bring any rate here in doha if anything by the time we do get toward saturday it is going to be a little bit cloudy or across much of the area here and don't expect to see 25 degrees the rain though should stay into iran as we go through the rest of the weekend and out across parts of southern africa well it is going to be a little bit cooler because we have a front pushing across much of that area and it is bringing some heavy rain for parts of south africa as well johannesburg it is going to be a rainy day for you bakula with a temper there of about 18 degrees. for an ancient emperors to communist leaders. age old philosophies and the rule of
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law down remain central to the world's oldest living civilization. in the 1st of a 2 part series the big picture charts how a history spanning by 1000 years shaped china's world in the industrialized world. the china complex part one on al-jazeera. out planet is warming as a napa before with profound consequences for all. but the world's leading scientists say there is still time to pack. the facts and the science behind the issues affecting our planet. and brings people across the globe a doing to turn the crisis around. on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching the news hour on al-jazeera with me for a reminder of our top stories the speaker of the house of representatives nancy pelosi has asked congress to proceed with articles of impeachment against president donald trump saying his auctions have left her no choice trump is accused of abusing his power by trying to get ukraine to investigate his political rival joe biden. at least 58 migrants have drowned after their boat sank off the coast of mauritania in west africa survivors are being treated in the northern city of. the boat was reportedly carrying at least 150 people from the gambia and was snow on fuel. and police have fired tear gas at protesters in the french city of non
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services across france have ground to a hold us tens of thousands of people take part in a nationwide strike demonstrators are angry that president emanuel my call is pressing ahead with plans to overhaul the pension system. now monday's expected to be decision time for lebanon's politicians to nominate a new prime minister. a businessman with connections to the ruling elite appears to be the favorite to replace saad hariri but that sign good both anti-establishment protesters who are demanding a complete change at the top and also the sunni community is in a hard to explain some side on in south lebanon. good numbers are a lot lower than joining the early days of the uprising that began almost 2 months ago but protests against the governing elite persistence of areas of look at not especially after it was a no. that formal parliamentary consultations to appoint a prime minister to head a new government will be held on monday. ever since the revolution started we've
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been calling for an end to corruption everyone in the ruling class has been accused of corruption and they're now working on forming a new government that includes the same political parties which means they're not listening to our demands some are successful businessmen with no political experience is likely to be nominated for prime minister his ties with the political elite has enraged protesters his name emerged after a caretaker prime minister. withdrew his candidacy his condition to head a government independent of political parties was rejected by the governing alliance or. has been the 2nd choice for political powers media has been law for allies. they would they would have preferred. to have this government because they need this national unity government they need this thing they call for. actually to face.
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international pressure it's not just protesters who are against the teams nomination the sunni religious establishment hasn't endorsed him the post of prime minister is reserved for a sunday muslim in lebanon sectarian power sharing system so many politicians including former prime ministers are accusing the president and his allies of violating the constitution they say the president should have called for binding parliamentary consultations before holding back door meetings to reach a deal on the next prime minister and the make up of his government this they explained weakens the position of the head of government whose jurisdiction is to choose his ministers and present the lineup to parliament for approval whether monday's meeting will go ahead is uncertain the governing ally. it's led by the iranian backed hezbollah group which is a target of u.s. sanctions it knows a government that doesn't have the support of all sects and to see hezbollah led or
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controlled is unlikely to receive the international financial assistance that is badly needed to revive the economy. sidon south lebanon. not to the iraqi capital baghdad where russia has become a front line between protesters and security forces and is no stranger to uprisings the buildings that lined the streets a story of revolts past and present simona felt and has a story. but that's all the street has become the main venue of anti-government protests russian street dates back to the 16th century tracing the tigris river it's an important access route to both tahrir square and the central bank demonstrators see this historic avenue as a strategic defense point to prevent security forces from marching on to here square but holding it has come at a price a banner to commemorate those killed hangs on a burnt building next to the barricades the protesters who guard them fear being
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targeted and don't want to show their faces or. we advanced here because we want to block the road there are government employees going to work here and we're trying to make civil disobedience we will not withdraw until this response to our demands to get rid of all of the party. this is not the 1st time russian street bears witness to a revolt historian he was born here and has studied the streets to mulch was passed it was here where iraqis rose up against the british occupation in 1920 the british and did up crushing that rebellion in 1988 student protesters took to russians to eat again although they failed to end the monarchy this time they forced the british government to resign. 3 people died at the hands of the police but this forced the cabinet of then prime minister a solid job or to resign and when he resigned the parliament also had to go a stark contrast to today's events hundreds have been killed as part of the recent
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protests but it took 2 months for prime minister other than the hoodie to resign while parliament has yet to be dissolved. this hasn't happened in iraq's history that hundreds are killed and neither the prime minister nor the parliament have condemned it. and i should street is the commercial hub of the capital but the violence between protesters and security forces has brought straight to a halt many shops are closed and instead of customers the street now teams with anti-riot police the barricades behind me are the front line between demonstrators and security forces and in addition to the loss of life the historic buildings around us have borne the brunt of these confrontations now none of the security officials here were authorized to speak to us on camera but they told us the demonstrators regularly throw petrol bombs across the barricades to target security forces as well as the building. this old building used as a warehouse is among several burned down over the past weeks manana hopeful they
6:37 pm
stood at the corner over there and they threw a patrol on this building which is full of stores our store deal with shoes and handbags the storage was full of silicon and it passed even before these protests began rashid street was in dire need of a. ability the local government had begun restoring parts of it in september but was forced to stop when the protest started now the street once again risks becoming call that will damage in a struggle for a better future simone awful to al-jazeera but. one person has been killed in northern syria by a twin car bomb attack 5 others were injured in the turkish control city of. early on when say 2 others were killed by a car bomb in the same city has been the scene of frequent bombing since turkey began its offensive against kurdish rebels there in october. 7 close associates of israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu have been charged with money laundering
6:38 pm
and bribery the case revolves around a $2000000000.00 state contract with a german submarine builder the prime minister's former personal lawyer who is also his cousin is among the suspects it's now isn't a suspect himself but has been interviewed by police his currently fighting charges in 3 separate corruption cases. in the u.s. a new evacuation order has been issued for a city in the state of texas where a chemical plant exploded last week 2 large explosions rocked the plant in nash sparking a fire that burned for 6 days authorities are worried about high levels of chemical silly near a voluntary evacuation order is in place for 50000 residents. u.s. attorney general general william barr is in mexico to discuss the threat of drug cartels president donald trump earlier said he wanted them designated as terrorist groups mexican president andres manuel lopez obrador rejected the idea as
6:39 pm
a form of interventionism but he said he'd work with trying to stem the flow of guns n. dollars from the u.s. . and the u.s. and the u.k. have laid charges against 2 russian nationals accused of taking part in what they're calling one of the biggest hacking schemes of the past decades let's go live to she returns in washington d.c. for more on this story what is being alleged exactly. well the numbers a pretty huge actually 40 countries affected thousands of people having money stolen from them over $100000000.00 stolen but the charges are against those 2 russian residents and 7 individuals those are the 17 individuals and 7 entities meanwhile will have the assets frozen the charges are specifically there against maximum yacoob at the russian national he's accused of being a ringleader of the group and igor to russia of who is accusing the system administrator of a group called evil court known as evil court and that. as far as laid out in the
6:40 pm
indictment that they would spread. through attachments and e-mails that would be opened by people that would then go to work i would harvest the logon information that people would have in various banks and financial institutions and then would almost automatically start transferring funds to offshore bank accounts which evil corp owns so this is the plan this is this is their plan this is their successful plan according to according to authorities here in the u.s. small businesses. religious orders school districts apparently targeted they went through lists trying to show the humanity of all of the stuff $100000000.00 stolen however clearly both of these are russian residents so it's very difficult to see how they will be extradited so there is actually a $5000000.00 reward up to $5000000.00 for information leading to the capture of
6:41 pm
bet's who is said to be the ringleader of of evil corp as well as an asset freeze on any any companies and individuals associated with this organization she had thank you very much for that she had just returned to live for us in washington d.c. . pirates have kidnapped 18 indian crew members from an oil tanker off the coast of nigeria a turkish colleague was all sore kidnapped from the hong kong and ship in the gulf of guinea the shipping industry recently warned of the increasing danger in the area accounting for 80 percent of crew kidnappings worldwide. landslides have been glance flies have killed at least 26 people in northwest brawne de security forces commanders in soon to work of province say at least 10 others are missing heavy rain triggered the landslides in the hills close to the border with wanda the nearly 3000000 people are currently affected by flooding
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across east africa at least 160000 people of of them are in kenya in djibouti 2 years of rainfall fell on one day triggering flash flooding in somalia and sudan the figure is close to a 1000000 and it's been a similar story since june in south sudan priyanka gupta reports. they were displeased by 6 years of civil war and now they are again forced out of their homes this time by floods which in south sudan have destroyed crops homes and livelihoods people say they haven't seen such devastation in more than 20 years during your go along when we were displaced by the flooding we felt sad because we had to leave everything behind we need shelter we need food now we're not getting those things because we had to leave our homes. it's rainy season in east africa but the downpours have been unusually heavy this year nearly 3000000 people are
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affected by floods across the region most in south sudan last month the government declared a state of national emergency. aid is pouring in but that's not enough. yes we can provide emergency support now but these people relied on are going to rely or have been relying for years and years and harvests have a cell like to be badly affected so there's going to be list food are they going to grow themselves and therefore they might be more dependent on food coming in from outside. and that increases the long term threat of malnourishment in a large she drew a country where 80 percent of the population lives on less than $1.00 a day the risk of water borne diseases like cholera too is rising and there is no sign of a let up more rain is expected in the coming days priyanka gupta al-jazeera. the head of a european union fact finding mission to malta wants police to question the prime
6:44 pm
minister about the murder of a journalist joseph muscat has resigned but won't leave office until next month he says the prime minister is accused of shielding powerful people implicated in their car bomb that killed daphne corona gallies here 2 years ago every foreigner was investigating corruption links between politicians and business executives. is 7 days to go before britain's general election and the main opposition labor party is promising to hold another bracks at referendum if it wends but that's not going down well in traditional labor supporting towns such as hog. which voted to leave the e.u. as emma haywood reports voters there are threatening to ditch labor and switch to probe parties. british politics has at times felt like a game during the past few years albeit one with no winners hardly pool has been a labor town for more than half a century but thurbon out of 10 people have voted to leave the e.u.
6:45 pm
in the 2016 referendum and the brics that party has made this a target seat and now long held political loyalty is being cast aside people do all believe. because of authority of peter want to go out. between clans even bricks as. you go to vote in the. course of the dialogue and there was a commons will have to go to the un so what. many here are disillusioned with politics altogether and put good reason for years successive governments have been accused of doing little to help towns like hartley poor there is still big business but decades of the industrialization have led to high levels of unemployment labor has a long history of doing well here in holland this is an election like no other. in recent times it is unpredictable and the stakes of course couldn't be higher for
6:46 pm
the people of holly paul what they want more than anything is their voices to be heard and their lives to improve their lives. be free at the wharton trust community center in one of the most deprived areas of the country people are keeping count life can be challenging here but people help each other out when they want real change it's about getting people who need plump and elderly better. sort of food banks because we do not put bricks that looms large in areas like this where people voted to leave the e.u. and that could mean punishing parties at the polls if ever a bracks em pay extra ordinary 0 you know a party that's been around for 70 mums who has got absolutely no connection with how. they vote for him in order to get him elected that would be extraordinary and would say it remains the single biggest issue in their lives or at least that
6:47 pm
element of democracy remains the single biggest issue lies all parties are promising to improve the lives of ordinary people politics since the e.u. referendum has deeply divided pressures society and the issue of work that could end up forging a deeper split at the ballot box when it comes to the result emma he would al-jazeera. a feminist force has rallied in chile to condemn abuse against women some as old as 90 joined in the protests to get their message across about rape and violence a latin america added to lucy in human reports some santiago was that women over the age of 40 answered the call to converge outside of chile's national stadium dressed in black their lips painted red ready for rehearsal. they come to perform the senior version of a choreographed stimulus chant that has gone viral. worldwide it accuses courts of judging rape victims rather than the rapists and the state of total rating femicide
6:48 pm
and violence against women. sophia says the performance launched last week by 4 young chilean women inspired her to take part in her 1st demonstration at the age of 82 more but i'm looking like all women have experienced harassment at the very least and when it happens to girls who go to preschool where i was a teacher the trauma lasts a lifetime. the chorus says the rapist is. cool it's also about remaining silent the. we were coming out of a dictatorship and you know in this country you're just a woman. the performance brought out thousands of women some more agile than others this movement references to squat some women have been forced to do it police stations naked after being arrested. earlier the organizer
6:49 pm
told just what had motivated the presentation and they look at those we feel were tired generation didn't have a condom or it's of women who joined forces and protected each other we put up with soo much but now the younger ones are teaching us to speak out. that one. of the chant is already been translated into english french turkish portuguese and german but the performance ended with a specifically chilean demand apart from the chants about alleged police abuse of power than about rape and mistreatment of women in general they are also chanting and asking for women to get 50 percent representation in the upcoming constituent assembly here in chile. we have indeed a rapist in your path as the tube in a chant is called is quickly becoming a montra for women's rights in any country and at any age you see in human al-jazeera centrality.
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
tampa's force his folly thank you very much football and it's a huge day for asian champions kutta they take on saudi arabia in the same the finals of the arabian gulf cup later on thursday the cut salaries defeated the united arab emirates in their last group stage again saudi arabia like the u.a.e.
6:52 pm
are one of the countries currently blockading in qatar. and the richardson is at the only stadium which is hosting the game and it was a huge deal when 3 of the nations blockading tatar saudi arabia u.a.e. and bahrain decided to play in the student what effect does it have that cuts i have already played the iraqis and now the saudis. yeah i think it is of me you have a school safe and spread of countries you know god told him in political speeches well what if that in case you were still having. significant also was interesting missing saddam and some of the saudi arabia was a run off. to escape saying it was something like this that might. be a step on rights or reconciliation in the. parents and trust that. kind of stuff that was last bite in the end of what 77 months of what they had been going about
6:53 pm
it was like the way you had a situation whereby saudi arabia life was over you meet your maximum for membership that's all media in the room so there is a sense of us like a different atmosphere around this was said during the last match against united arab emirates the national i would be here years back obviously higher than you'd expect something god was very good as well was there i was offered a some sort of school to write your house and it was hanging this week i was updating a. couple buying so i see a family as they arrive in the next few days how the hell out of saudi arabia will be that saw 5 ok look like son friends. have a huge fight syria and it comes up i stink big events or i was raised in. government in saudi arabia on saturday night one of the reasons countries i speak
6:54 pm
sporting events just to show off the best. will surface for us in reading events would do much to have a productive and syllables and speaking of sporting events there is a thing called the fifo will cup come of the cuts are now just 3 years away how significant has the hosting of this event been as a trial run. time you might have. we really use the liberal socialist back time in the gulf and i'm coming up with the pop world was right. from the beginning to the end of the world you're looking at around 2 weeks and you have a nice sing out of something civil war that's what it was there and it's referenced obviously a very different scale we used with terms of writing statements like this you know the new stadium will be using 20 points to match our system runs around. 165 will be a bigger challenge you've got all fancy shoes to 500 students who don't have
6:55 pm
a lot of knowledge to get around as well while they still made it in the sanction they do have a service here taking a look at how the local writing which you have hoping with with little stadiums because it's something that i wasn't necessarily you stick with also from a hopefully level is really important as well that's often had never why you know. there isn't one of them to be told me reading this one is this they just have a group of the top for america next year what i guess that was. like was i'd like to have a beer and brazil so really no standing up and turning to her in this country have a national see was that i was one. who cheats and always a pleasure. now the winner of that match between qatar and saudi arabia will head into the final where they will play either iraq or bahrain that match is currently locked at $22.00 as they go into extra time now another racism row has hit italian football one of the most well known sporting newspapers in the country corriere
6:56 pm
della sports published the headline black friday alongside pictures of 2 black players into romelu lukaku and rumors for a small in will face each other in friday said they are meeting between the 2 teams yes roma have condemned the headline on twitter meanwhile into that we needed football is passion culture and brotherhood we are and will always be against all forms of discrimination but the strongest condemnation has come from intercity rivals ac milan who wrote it is totally unacceptable to see such casual ignorance on racism we will not stay silent on this issue the heat and humidity in tokyo is causing more headaches for the organizers of the 2020 summer olympics 2 more events and that it will reshape dueled in an effort to combat the sweltering temperatures expected in the japanese capital next july the equestrian cross-country and triathlon will now start at the earliest times of 7 30 am so as to avoid the high
6:57 pm
temperatures that can exceed 30 degrees celsius not the only sports to be affected americans and race walks were moved 800 kilometers north to the cooler climes of sapporo and they have also been calls to shift the open water swimming out of the capital at a test event the summer water temperatures were found to be in excess of 30 degrees celsius incredibility is is also built on consistency and when you have one message which is accurate safety and security 1st i think we've been very consistent and this is how we build credibility. and that's what we'll leave it for the most sport again later on thank you very much for that we'll talk to you later of course about the results of that qatar saudi arabia game more news coming up on al-jazeera very shortly do stay with us.
6:58 pm
an investigation of how foreign companies plunder africa's natural resources with russia is show important and the question is revealing how new movie is officials demand cash in exchange for favors. with confidential documents provided to al-jazeera by wiki leaks visitors saver you committed interesting i will fight to the crunch and i'm not dealing investigations the anatomy of a bribe. for the last 2 years the students have been collecting rubbish every day it's helped clean up the campus and helped build some of its facilities for
6:59 pm
every 2 kilo's of plastic waste they collect the school receives a brick made of plastic and cement. for some activists this may not be the most ecological way to eliminate the problems of plastic but this is seen as an immediate solution to the growing problems of landfills across the country waste can now be used to manufacture building materials. going green bacteria in a board tree and super heated gas escaping from volcanic points and this is really the heart innovation in the for what happened to experiments both exploring and innovative by fear could help counter the impacts of climate change the science of capturing call that using knives on 'd the bryant park on the back of my maintained and why does it have to contend so tired no more nor does it.
7:00 pm
i democracy is what is it stake the president leaves us no choice but to act u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi says democrats are moving forward to impeach president donald trump by drafting 4 more charges the white house says democrats should be ashamed that trump looks forward to a fair trial in the senate where republicans hold up. player watching al-jazeera live from doha with me fully back t. ball also coming up mass strikes and protests against pension reform state and nasty turn in paris and other friend cities we'll have a live report and some more as.


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