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tv   Europes Recurring Shame P1  Al Jazeera  December 6, 2019 6:32am-7:01am +03

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in some cities. 4 members of the european parliament have abandoned i'm told that party to back the conservatives they say only a victory for prime minister boris johnson will ensure the u.k. leaves the e.u. the brics issue has dominated the election and torn apart old party alliances a mass vaccination campaign is underway across samoa aiming to contain him easels outbreak which is killed dozens of children people been asked to put out a red flag outside their house if they are not vaccinated place in india have shot and killed the suspects in the gang rape and murder of a bet nary an idea of god last week them in reportedly tried to escape while at the scene of the crime when they were shot this comes as a 23 year old rape victim was set on fire on her way to a court hearing she was doused with kerosene by a gang of men. so the headlines keep it on al-jazeera people in power as have next . that means coffee is a political deadlock since the threats and referendum in the u.k. is still utterly divided will the general election in december that's both his old
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anything boris johnson get bricks it done away does the you take i simply follow the u.k. general election on al-jazeera. the 2014 people in power revealed the shameful treatment of disabled people in romania state trying some of them funded by the your. difficulties promised to book reviews but now 5 years on we've heard fresh allegations about neglect the ministry of disabled people across eastern europe in the 1st of 2 special reports sarah spent has been to invest.
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it felt. that october 29th teen and hundreds of people with disabilities operate testing in brussels. they're angry over human rights violations committed against disabled people in institutions across europe 7. they claim that many european countries are ignoring international conventions designed to change the mistreatment of disabled people and their incarceration stagehands denying them the freedom to live in the community.
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for these 2 part in vestey geisha we've traveled across europe to find out about conditions in european institutions and state headends. we've found shocking evidence of abuse. and off the chicken it can say some of these institutions have received funding from the european union. people and 1st reported on the abuse of disabled people in state institutions when we came to remain a 5 years ago. then we revealed. youngsters tied to beds. school age conditions. allegations of assault or is it like if. i confronted a remain in minister with the evidence we gathered. what do you think about among your daughter bill citizens or what you get out of the ranch going to doing what
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they're what is necessary what they were have the means to do. now 5 years since the minister made that pledge i've returned here to investigate whether conditions for people with disabilities really have changed. i'm travelling in the county of madam or ash with human rights lawyer georgiana paskin she got in touch to tell me about a disturbing discovery she made here just this september. she came to see too much to this institution for 34 disabled adults with intellectual disabilities. down these corridors she sold residence tied up and imprisoned. around this room 8 people were kept in 5 chambers made of plexiglas with metal
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frames. she showed me pictures she'd taken when she came here she was told people were knocked up when they were agitated. in these cages you cannot have access to a toilet or a water. she saw these dormitories this shower room where residents were washed down with a hose. once in the washroom the residence with a hole is exactly this is what it is all around the rest exactly. there was no kitchen in this place say plates were washed in the same shower as. georgianna so residents tied to beds. in this room she was told a man was brought after a medical examination under this sheet georgianna so that the resident was tied.
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the staff told us that he is very sick and he cannot speak and he has his hands and his fate tied to the beds. georgianna made an urgent complaint about the treatment of people here. 3 weeks later where with pat as she tries to find out what's happened since. we were told of plexiglass cages had gone and we saw than dismantled. so had there been a real change in approach air we were told some residents had been moved to this day 10 we weren't allowed in but speaking from behind the gate one of the workers told georgiana wife the food cages are still necessary for disabled people here. about. the horrific of. privilege and
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a lot of. what is good for the start plus are there more largesse or what have. we then heard the view of management about security and disabled people this man is chief of institutions in secret to not th he told us something he calls an isolation chambers could still be needed. for people with disabilities in the future. these october unofficial reports needed new homes will be created for disabled people. under 2 forages had acquired approved means of containment a system of immobilization of arms to the bed. in response to our questions is it signal to marty said residents were put in isolated
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on the recommendation of a specialist doctor when people will self destructive for aggressive and paste a serious threat to themselves and others they said since residents were really hated accommodation and staffing had improved every time when i have to speak about the situation over may i have to stick about the glock and abuse i feel ashamed to be our last. couple but it's not as if these abuses have gone unreported over the past 5 years there have been a plethora of reports from around this country about the treatment of disabled people in a state home in bucharest a deaf boy is left tied to a door. in the county of alt a staff member is filmed physically and verbally abusing a 9 year old girl. to encourage their own
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county further allegations that youngsters in centers were virtually physically and sexually abused. reports about medication this year the use of sedation in children centers around romania. i don't think that now the main problem is in the main you know is the lack of money and the lack of resources. what is the. is the lack of understanding as. to why our abuse is continuing in this country. a journey in the transylvanian mountains heading to the county of c.p.u. . on fire is take us here to an institution near the town of tal much to. the conditions for some disabled people here downed over the past year. in the
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grounds a resident whose hands are tied. this is privilege and one where over 40 severely disabled residents with intellectual disabilities with the surroundings are bleak and spartan. we understand there were over $160.00 serious incidents a time out shoot over the course of just 18 months the majority in pavillion one violence between residents needing to injuries including teeth pulled out and fractures there were also a suicide attempts. we traveled to meet an independent psychologist who's monitored conditions inside remain in institutions for the past 15 years an expert brought in to investigate the telemachus center a place he says that's emblematic of the response of all forages in rumania when it comes to the abuse of disabled people have. just shot com
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or is the government my doctor knows a lot of thing for muncie some can see that at the start of the fact not all over the property to ask a question. he thought his doctors and general support but virtually city was cared for by his sister a friend number of years aged 32 he was living at the time much institution then on the 30th of july last year his sister got an unknown in call. the number listed it in the book at most an up of yet another massive. muslim upped in a bottle at the mosque in a total amount of matter to multiple the teleport. is by the minute something like a bottle of mouth she found her brother in intensive care he'd been subjected to a brutal attack by another disabled resident she was told his eyes had been gouged out. more picked up what the once
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a word. well thought out lives. in from a while yet of course the good out of the. there is now until it's gone way out for sports on the old. food to grass she had injuries on vassal his body and out his arms and out his ankles apparent ligature marks which raised disturbing questions. but once an album she now. in this is going to have his way into. new software mot or some of this is the. examples you are more open to than victim are so he forced the got. however they all for ages have continued to maintain vasily was not tied up when he was attacked they told us the center complied with minimum quality standards and to the director of the center had taken all necessary
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measures to optimally resolve the incident and to come to be ensure the integrity in safety of the other institutionalized beneficiaries they also said that the center does not employ medical specialist which is why restraint procedures have never been employed by the center in the meantime vasily now blind has been brought back to term i choose to live in pavilion one the same place where he was attacked but his sister still wants her questions answered about why this brutal assault could have happened. or the more you open the bottle with the other. kids but also the bulk of the all married. and for the most common not as moment romagna. when they see it would seem. up to. super insulin or the thing. is.
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that your. arm doesn't need. a lot of warming up just the persona and the persona for obama to the town for a while or. deep frustration to some hoops applied to busso him a nice institutions is the big sister. elisabetta l.-e. to her friends was abandoned as a baby and lived in a total of 8 different institutions as a child any young woman the mall doesn't for us. what is. she isn't for our supper. i just. didn't get the email ya put it out there. this year it's artist institute. with the help of an artist ellie has written an extraordinary graphic autobiography recount of what it
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was night. remain in state. as for them there was a. child by a car a method. what they were there. for and that of a child walk on that. they began to bet. they said the. stamkos as. they are. any escaped and now lives independently in here in flat adjusting to freedom after decades of institutional life. group world they look.
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uncle my are. along with martin another survivor of institutions kelly is working with a charity into mush wiring to refurbish apartments their health that they can create for disabled people still living in institutions. will close their 4th a lot of people. said. j r. r. 5 was no creating thousands of years apart of them and she fear choir on what is the best and that it's fair go for the sun always a bit better that they get on with that. in fact the right of disabled people to live independently is a key e.u.
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policy i'm like other member countries rumania has received billions in aid from the european union disabled citizens. but 5 years ago we revealed how some of this money had been spent not to close institutions and remain but to relief aid from places like this and the county. we also revealed a scandal that european union funding had pooled in to remain in institutions like time tarver where there were allegations of serious human rights abuses. a little bit a little earlier the focus of the issue to me. we challenged an e.u. commissioner is there a concern that is structural funds have gone into institutions in romania whether have been human rights abuses. we have no evidence if there's any evidence we will
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certainly follow up. returning to remain here this year we uncovered further evidence on e.u. money and allegations of human rights abuses. turn a russian in the county of sinew an institution for children and young people with a range of disabilities and needs. when stories began circulating here that sex traffickers were preying on vulnerable girls georgianna pascual try to find out. there were. interviews with children in that but the core awfully though some of the. girls did they just are involved in prostitution human trafficking against their will. at the time the e.u. and the remaining with more it is planning a huge investment in the. disturbed by what she was hearing georgianna published
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a report in 2014 detailing concerns. nevertheless we invest funds flowed in and in 2015 the refurbished building was for me a. huge sums of e.u. money was spent on medications here seen in this footage supplied by a visitor. 3 years later a man was convicted of trafficking in c.p.u. we understand prosecutors evidence included testimony that a trafficker 1st approached girls in the institution asking 2011 new authorities told us the girls were trafficked and 2012 after they left turn a russian. in january this year georgiana confronted an e.u. official about the funding of 10 a russian she says the officials only response was to suggest the remaining
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government write about it in. something like your peer usefulness legalizing human rights abuses against people with disabilities rumanian government didn't respond to requests for a written statement on issues raised in our phone. but rumania is not the only european country where there are deep concerns about disabled people and human rights violations in state institutions. an investigation next took us to hungary another country in receipt of millions in wait for disabled people. this is an institution called top half an hour's drive from hundreds capital the past. what's happened here has led to serious questions about the e.u.'s response when
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there are allegations of abuse. in footage filmed inside the institution 2 years ago a disabled boy is trapped beneath his claim. that images change the treatment of other young people. stephen allen from the ngo validity told me what they found when they visited top us in 2017 this is a young woman who we were told was placed in this cage for her own safety she has epilepsy it was really horrible a shocking thing to see in and keeping people in cages of course absolutely contravenes every human rights that there is this is a young man actually with down's syndrome is legs. very skinny this all suggests that he doesn't move very large. and this is someone tied radiator
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tied to a pipe this is a completely unlawful form of restraint where this young man was known to be particularly active able to move around and so what we understand staff would tie his leg to the radiator and then finally this image you found i think you found this. behind a knocking door didn't you behind a locked door that had had the handle removed and which we were told there was no one inside to buy stuff he was standing in the middle of the room rocking making really distressed sounds it was extremely extremely distressing sight. stephen allen's engineer discovered tom had received funding from the european union. when we have ensured got a response over a year later the commission's reply was that this is not our responsibility this is the responsibility of hungary now we say that is incorrect both legally but
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also morally doesn't mean to say that we would let hungary off the hook either they both need to answer for this but it's unacceptable and unsustainable frankly for the commission simply to say it's not it's not up to us go. we asked the hunger in government for a response to allegations about human rights violations which top house but received no reply so i'm ready i'm not i'm ready to be. so proud and happy to be here and all circuits to really stand with those who are not with us you're a liar they're all. back in brussels a key demand from demonstrators the end to institutional state. was . was. it
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was. the offices of the european commission a symbolic protest about european union money going into institutional. setting like. i den and development the european commission director comes to see what this protest is a one about a company. i then asked about human rights abuses. you know it said that there are pieces inside institutions but one is gone and i wouldn't go that much details because tracts occur that there ever was actually that's really good isn't it on a sensible that there's abuses take place outside the clerics of course it's on the sex of absolute there except a different human rights for you for your victory so what's the european commission is going to do but now we are in a quite interesting stage because we are just conducting the negotiations for the
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future for syria i think this is important and this is important that people also be disability speak about it. in part to this investigation we return to the european commission for a further interview with further questions. we travelled to bug area code up as a model for how even funding companies institutions and help disabled people live independently. this was a huge lie it will never gain the control of their lives millions in weight has poured into a new model of living for disabled children youngsters and adults their cooled small group aims seen as an alternative to large institutions of the past we expose the reality is inside from what we've seen is the perpetuation of neglect abuse and segregation that is human lives throughout it.
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the shocking treatment of disabled people in romanian state run care in this cages you cannot have access to a toilet or water institutions funded by the european union he has his hands and his fates tied to the bed 5 years after highlighting these abuses people in power returns to romania and a 2 part series and discovers the scandal runs further afield europe's recurring shame on al-jazeera day one of a new era in television news we badly need at this moment leadership and felt this encampment that we're in today it didn't exist 3 weeks ago now there's at least 20000 or hinder refugees who live here on al-jazeera i got to commend you all i'm
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hearing is good journalism business 1st up but as resides after all long lines the attempts of coverups jamal khashoggi his loved ones want some form of closure people are suffering put on dying entire school systems looks like saying we're going to beginning of a mass extinction he saw the syrian army force that in the city was here before but . it's a good zuma song 100 meters away from the front line but such a happy happy about that leap. kenyan journalists in the pursuit of press freedom and justice i have seen very desperate situations where someone seeking but they can't you can't afford to being clean and investigating government corruption and the national health care system some of the transactions we're seeing much of the killing. of money that is
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unexplained to africa on some sites and publish will see that some people don't want to even if it doesn't know the oscar truth is it anyway on al-jazeera. political rivals or acetylene pietschmann charges against the u.s. president within weeks. the president has engaged in abuse of power undermining our national security and jeopardizing the integrity of our elections. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. i'll lifestyle the evidence against russian hackers accused of stealing around $100000000.00 from businesses around the world. as the whole focus is on
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a measles outbreak in samoa the world health organization warns the problem is far bigger than most people realize. and journalism.


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