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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. this is al-jazeera. hello and welcome i'm peter w. watching the news live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes donald trump is set to become the 4th u.s. president to face impeachment his political rivals could have charges drawn up within days. the police in india kill 4 man accused of raping and murdering a woman in a case that's prompted mass protests. and stations and close schools on day 2 of
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the biggest mass strike in from in over 2 decades. and in sports champions qatar won't be lifting a 2nd trophy in 2019 the host nation who was beaten in one nail in the semifinals of the ever both cup by saudi arabia. impeachment process against the u.s. president donald trump is shifting into high house democrats of announced they're drawing up formal charges on a rapid timetable they're setting the stage for a vote before christmas and that could mean a senate trial showdown in january heidegger castro sets up reporting from washington. it's official sadly that with confidence and humility with allegiance to our founders and heart full of love for america today i am asking our chairmen to proceed with impeachment. donald trump will become the 4th
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president in u.s. history to face formal impeachment charges that could remove him from office the facts are uncontested the president abused his power for his own personal political benefit at the expense of our national security by withholding military aid and crucial oval office meeting in exchange for an announcement of an investigation into his political rival the white house says democrats are abusing their power and lying to the american people are you referring to the right are usually buying up on your legacy. that reza hoax it's a hoax and some big fat 0 now with the big question in washington is what these articles of impeachment will be a report by the house intelligence committee makes a case for abuse of power and of struction of congress stemming from the ukraine investigation but then there are still those lingering concerns from the earlier
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russia investigation. into why special counsel robert muller told congress that while there was no evidence trump had colluded with russia to win the 2016 election there may be grounds that he obstructed justice and what about total exoneration if you actually totally exonerate the pres you know for muller's appearance had little impact and the very next day trump told the president of ukraine over the phone that muller had quote a poor performance then according to the call transcript trump asked for an investigation into his political rival constitutional scholars called by democrats have testified that trump's impeachable offenses go beyond the ukraine phone call call i think the way you need to ask about this is how does it fit into the pattern of behavior by the president republicans counter democrats have been trying to remove trump since the day he took office they've always wanted to impeach the
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president. watch them at their words watch them at their actions watching what they have done the democratic majority in the house will likely vote to impeach trump before christmas then the senate dominated by the president's own party will put trump's fate on trial in the new here. castro al-jazeera washington. ok let's bring in sasha linn states from birmingham in the u.k. she's a professor at the university of essex she specializes in american politics national in state so they're raising articles of impeachment at what point over the next couple of weeks or so can we start to say he's being impeached high natasha's preacher in doha can you hear us now yes i can hear you ok i was just asking you there to break it down for us because it occurs to us we're in something of a gray area here behind us now we've got the impeachment inquiry ahead of us we've
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got a constitutional process at what point do we start labeling this as donald trump is going through the process of impeachment right well he's going through the process of the beach and right now they are laying out the articles of impeachment by next week then the house judiciary committee room vote on that and then the entire house will vote on that before the end of the year and then that will then if it passes by a simple majority that will then move it to the senate where that conduct a trial which will be presided over by the chief justice and it would require 2 thirds of the senators to convict but not one republican in the senate said this is a good idea so presumably when push comes to shove they will want to back their man their president and they will want to reject the idea that he should be impeached. right the republicans have been totally loyal to trump and this is actually
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a departure from what happened under clinton where 31 democrats voted for the inquiry and 5 democrats in the house voted to impeach there's not going to be any republicans in the house that will vote to impeach they're very devoted and he has total control over the party and i think we can be pretty certain that there are going to be any senators from the republican side that are going to vote to compete to impeach and the bar to pass the impeachment with 2 thirds is so high that it was unlikely even if there are a handful of senators that decide to convict this guy who will be these republican senators get treated in 2020 but for the moment he has total control over the party ok so just to be clear the democrats must must be aware of that so come january february we're well past christmas were a couple months closer to the the next u.s. election does that mean that the impeachment process just becomes
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a distraction to the election campaign. well that's what the republicans are arguing that this is a big distraction that this is a witch hunt it's a complete waste of time and trump has called them the do nothing democrats that they are not really doing anything that's helpful to the country but what nancy pelosi and adam shift have made clear is that there was an abuse of power that no one is above the law and that they have to stick to what stated in the constitution and if they don't do that then trump is going to engage in this type of behavior again we saw that what happened after the moeller probe there was no pressure to impeach trump and the day after he was on the phone with ukrainian president trying to pressure the ukrainian president to investigate his political opponent so the way the democrats see it if if this is not impeachable and this is also what one of the experts said on wednesday if this is not impeachable then what is because we're going to then allow further behavior to take place that will be an abuse of power.
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when we're then in the stage of the election campaign having i guess officially kicked off after the primaries if it's joe biden as a reaction to this impeachment process going on as a sidebar if you will will the republicans then sort of deliver on what they've been hinting at which is kind of joe biden's the best you can come up with because he's clearly associated for republicans with what's gone before he's associated with the past not necessarily the future. right willy biden is nominee that republicans are going to attack his past and in particular what happened with hunter biden being on the board of one of these companies in ukraine they feel that if they can distract and focus on some of these past transgressions that that will be what will attract independents to their side to vote for trump but one of the
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things they have to remember is that biden also attracts the trump voter he really resonates really well with white male voters with midwest voters with southern voters and trump clearly thought that he was so dangerous that he was going to go to this extent to pressure a foreign country to investigate him so they me want to project that they're not afraid of joe biden but i think they're actually very worried about joe biden being the nominee in session and in the u.k. thank you very much thanks for having me. the police in india have shot dead 4 men suspected of raping and killing a vet in hyderabad in a case that reignited a nationwide protest over attacks on women they were taken to the crime scene as part of the investigation but the police say they tried to escape and they were shot the family of the victim welcomed the killing. oh dear god in the garden where
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i'd like to think in congratulate the telling gonna government police and all those who supported me my daughter's soul now has painted it and i think they have to hide it better and i think this will be ending. and no one even think of doing it. until voter joins us live from new delhi and shall understand we've had a news conference from the police what are they saying. well the it's just standard peter they've said that the accused had confessed and they'd taken the accused to the crime scene to investigate and one of the accused snatched a weapon from one of the police officers and he fired at the policemen and they only shot them dead in retaliation in the heat of the moment they could not shoot at the leg of these accused and ended up killing them the police commissioner a local police commissioner also said that 2 policemen were injured in the scuffle and that these accused were hardcore criminal their previous cases against them the
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police commissioner also said that they've collected all the evidence to support their case and. that the confession point already made i'm sorry i'm reading off the points i've made the accused had already confessed but some of which will speed off the site of this new crime scene now have been telecast did and in that visual i saw one of the accuse the dead body of one of the accused on the ground with a weapon in his hand but he's not wearing any foot when i wonder why that is and several similar questions are now being raised by activists the national human rights commission of india said that they will be sending their own police officer their own investigating investigative team to the spot to investigate how exactly this police intervention and how exactly the events of last night unfolded with his public opinion since on this particular case right now. mixed beat up but broadly tooting supporting the police action many people are
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tired and frustrated because of the delays in the justice system they say the delivery there is either no justice or it just comes too late probably supporting the police action the people are also some of the people that i spoke to said that it is dangerous and that's and it is makes while the lawyers and the human rights activists that we've been speaking to say that in this case it seems that the police police was a bit too trigger happy and this sets a dangerous precedent and that law must be followed and while justice must be delivered and it must be delivered quick legal processes have to be followed even if it is a horrific horrific crime as a revered as raping and killing a woman. live from new delhi while india has a history of sexual violence against women government figures show more than 33000 women were raped in 2017 but the actual number is thought to be much higher than
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that as many cases go unreported because of fear or shame after the gang rape of a 23 year old joyce is sitting on a bus and 2012 tougher laws were introduced including the death penalty in some cases prison terms would double to these latest cases a put rape back on the political stage with m.p.'s again debating the crying in the indian parliament well in another case that shocked india a rape victim was set on fire by a gang as she made her way to a court hearing in order pradesh nicholas cage has more. detectives collect evidence from a charred roadside in utah pradesh hours earlier witnesses say a 23 year old woman was doused in petrol and set on fire police say she was a right victim and was on her way to give evidence in court against her alleged attackers or as. she was coming up and running from that side of the road and she asked for help i was scared because she was burnt. the attack left her fighting for
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her life in hospital police arrested 5 suspects including 2 she found right charges against in march. in her victim impact statement she said 5 men tried to burn her alive she was immediately sent to sadar hospital. it's the latest in a series of attacks against women in india that have caused widespread outrage. nationwide rallies will hold this week protesters want courts to fast track right cases and are demanding tougher penalties and the girl is suffering from this every guy gets to go after after night after night even after 90 and every girl is like scared to go out sexual violence against women has attracted international attention especially since the gang rape and killing of a young woman on a bus in new delhi 7 years on and attacks continue. it's
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a good idea to get a woman was burnt so that she could not raise her voice and not demand justice we are not safe when the new delhi here appears happened the government said we would do this and that for women but what did they do. the moist recent government figures from $27.00 tane reported more than $32000.00 rape cases that year together with unreported cases the total is believed to be far higher because the gauge al-jazeera. lost more still to come for you here on the news including we'll tell you what action greece is taking over its disagreement with a maritime do you between libya and turkey. will visit the mississippi communities struggling to hold on to their way of life in a changing landscape. and the sport tiger woods is back in title contention of the hero world challenge sanity with that story in about 30 minutes.
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a 6 story building has collapsed in the kenyan capital it happened in eastern nairobi military personnel are conducting search and rescue operations there are fears more people are still trapped under the rubble and local media is reporting that fire crews and ambulances have had trouble getting to the area because of damage to roads caused by recent heavy rain and flooding the cause of the collapse is still unknown. saudi arabia's state owned oil company says it's share sale will be the biggest public offering in history but it still falls short of its original target saudi aramco is set to take in 25600000000 dollars for 3000000000 of its shares that will surpass the previous record set by the chinese online giant alibaba in 2014 let's bring in our economics editor a bit early for analysis on this welcome to the news hour why is it falling short of what they were going to go for and they've been talking about this for a good couple of years now abbott well peter you're absolutely correct so back in
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2016 crown prince salma someone been mohamed was looking for a price of about $2.00 trillion dollars for a war he didn't get that he was also looking for $100000000000.00 he didn't get. that and he wanted international investors to park their money in a run co as a show of confidence in the economy well he didn't get that either and the reason is because of the valuation and we go beyond the fairly ation you look at the geopolitics the recent attacks on the on the on aramco itself and the neighborhood that that saudi arabia is actually in and you see the reasons why international festers weren't interested but on the valuation side itself investors there look we see this as a company that's valid between 1 point one trillion and 1.5 trillion and anything beyond that is way beyond the pockets of the that we're willing to pay so the saudis decided in the end listen we can do without the international vestas world go for a more local listing with g.c.c.
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investors. taking part in this and they've encouraged saudis saudi billionaires and the saudi public to park their money inside aramco the only thing is now we have to wait and see what happens on the 1st day of trading which will be late next week. we if you look at precedents in the past whether it's a face book on the 1st few days you see the stock price for because they have been overvalued and here again what you see is the investment bankers putting the pick in the price right at the top of the scale $1.00 trillion dollars we could see the share price fall on the 1st day of trading. with the sort of component factors that are making potential investors a little wary those factors are not on the face of it going to change any time soon even if the g.c.c. to driven by. is lifted or begins to ease over the next year or so so those
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investors are kind of indulging in a little bit of spread betting here that kind of taking their money elsewhere you're absolutely right there peter so investors are very very canny they know exactly what they're putting their money into they've seen the prosper. you know this is an amazing company it's worth $1700000000.00 it's got $111000000000.00 of profits and the giving away a dividend of $75000000000.00 but when you compare that to what you get for investing in other oil companies it still doesn't stack up. with the with the economy with the global economy moving towards building away from carbon hydrocarbons but with climate change in mind so people are saying ok you know do we really want to park our money here you've got norway's biggest investment fund which basically is saying look we're going to sell all stocks you had the russians 1st of all show some interesting investing in but they've decided against it we don't know what the chinese are going to do we do know that the in the g.c.c.
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that kuwait and the u.a.e. may put some money into into this particular but a few months ago of saudi arabia went and raised $11000000000.00 from investors which was in the form of a bond because it's a guarantee that they going to get their money back with the oil company like this you're going to see the share price go up and down and that's really is not where people people want to put in the money in ok many thanks. hundreds of thousands of people across france are walking off the job for a 2nd day in one of the biggest drugs by workers the years natasha is in paris the what's happening where you are. what many of the people who are on strike on thursday have actually gone back to work today but there are still some schools charge but the main disruption is that continues to be public transport air traffic controllers at the airport are still on strike too but in terms of public transport i'm starting it's we're outside one of the main train stations in paris
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and yesterday was absolutely nobody here because all the services were cards there are a few more people here today because about a 3rd of the services are running but there are still several metro lines in paris for example that have been totally cut as well as pretty much the same picture across the country so for people trying to get around today it's still very difficult even if it wasn't as bad as yesterday not transport workers say that they want to continue to strike like this for the next a few days and they really seem to have they feel that they seem to have the most to lose from the government's plans to reform the pension system because they have a special benefits if you like in their pension schemes allowing them for example to retire much earlier than everyone else but it's not just transport workers of course who are against the government's plans to reform the pension system there are workers from across french society. there were people from all walks of french life teaches students and lawyers joint transport and health workers in central
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paris part of a nationwide strike protesting against the government's plans to reform the pension system they fear the changes would force them to work for more years and reduce their pay outs we are here to try and preserve. which is one of the best in europe and we don't want to go backwards micron's reforms are destroying french society. looks like we'll have to retire. even later. even less money in. the demonstration was mainly peaceful but there was some clashes between police and so-called black bloc and his protesters i. think more than $6000.00 police officers were deployed in the city this police union spokesperson said many of them would have wanted to join the strike a lot of them wanted to come. we are. told so we do not. like so. yes it's difficult for.
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the strike cause major disruption across the city there was little public transport and most schools were shots even the eiffel tower was forced to close the french president says the pension system needs to be streamlined to make it fairer and safe public money the strikes on a major test for emanuel micron because he made reforming the pension system one of his campaign promises so if it gives in to the protesters in scotland is reform it will be a political failure so far the french president is showing no sign of backing down this analyst says macro has a track record of controversial reforms since the beginning of its mandate the government has passed several reforms that many would have believed would be almost impossible but they managed to push them through despite the challenges and risk. my call may not make concessions but if the disruption continues he may have to
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rethink although most people are expected to return to work this week some transport workers say they won't give up their fight and will continue to strike. when no one actually knows what is in the government plans to reform the pension system but the government has said that they will reveal the details next week it was going to be the end of next week it's now going to be towards the beginning of the week perhaps out. in response to the people who have been on strike and this movement it has to be said the french president is very keen to push these reforms through who knows that these are difficult controversial reforms but opinion polls do suggest that even though so many people are against these reforms and what they believe will be in them there are many people in france who understand that this pension system is out of date that it does need to be reformed and very mainly they feel that it is unfair so a moment probably banking on that support as he continues to try and push through
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with these reforms in the next few weeks we'll have to see though how this social movement pans out because of course he will want this disruption to continue and sasha thanks very much. let's go back to one of our top stories here in the news to india where the police of 4 men suspected of raping and killing a woman in hyderabad may hear a sort is a supreme court lawyer and academic specializing in gender equality she joins us from new delhi welcome to the news hour what do you make of the police narrative here when it comes to the deaths of these 4 men i think the police narrative has a lot of you won't i don't think anybody really buys the story that this is a genuine encounter. claim that they were taking the you cues to the crime scene to reconstruct the crime scene at 4 in the morning which is completely ludicrous and then to see the 4 unarmed men who were presumably handcuffed or restrained in some
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way were attacking armed police officers and they had to shoot them dead in self-defense nobody nobody really buys this story even people most of the people who are celebrating. celebrating this this killing do not believe that it was a genuine case of an encounter so you believe that the police are implicitly saying look justice has been. let's move on. i think the police were under a lot of pressure to cover up firstly their own lapses in this case we all know that you know when the when the girls the victim's sister 1st approached the police saying that my sister has gone missing the police into running from pillar to post at that time they could have perhaps even saved her life and there was a lot of anger and outrage towards the police when this case 1st happened when this incident 1st happened so i think the police were under
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a lot of pressure to show that they had taken some stringent action there will mobs outside the police station every day and demanding some kind of quick fix justice. in this case and i think they decided that this was this was the easy way out we remember when the young woman was rapes gang rapes on a bus there was a lot of anger understandably of course and there was a lot of talk in the aftermath of that of the police doing their jobs properly the investigative police doing their jobs properly the court system doing its job properly what's gone wrong if anything has gone wrong with that overlap between the crime how society reacts to it in india how the police do their job and how the judiciary then follows through on the legal cases. i think fundamentally there is
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a disconnect i mean of course to start with there are still huge lapses in investigation the judicial process is still very slow despite a slew of reforms and that does lead to a lot of inefficiency but there's also a disconnect between. oh what ordinary lay people understand as justice and what the legal system dispenses as justice and i think there's a there's a lack of understanding that these things do take time and that doesn't necessarily mean that justice is not eventually going to be done there's an impatience with the system that is just boiling over. ok we have to leave it there mayor sued thank you so much. firefighters are struggling to contain bushfires and circling australia's biggest city sydney has been blanketed by smoke for days now reducing visibility for drivers and causing the consolation of sporting evans' chiefs in new south wales say several fires north of sydney have joined in to what's being called
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a mega blaze. now in a few moments we'll have the weather for you with jenny harrison but also still to come here on the al-jazeera news hour doctors rushed to vaccinate against measles but some islanders in the south pacific say the campaigns come too late we'll have the latest from some or. another no shows from boris johnson the u.k.'s prime minister is accused of running scared before next week's general election. and on the sports news with the wheelchair basketball team aiming to school points and change perceptions about disability. i would like to have some better weather news for you when it comes to conditions across into the east over straight to however i don't and this of course is just
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again showing you these massive blaze is that it continues to burn n.c. new south wales is one blaze in particular it is thing called the mega blaze already it has been to 300000 hectares of land and this of course is what we're dealing with this is sydney can barely see it all of the haze and there is more of that as we go through the next few days and this is why because we have the winds coming through the interior so they're literally feeding everything east was on a course across the city not just across sydney because these winds a strong and so is that smoke and he's lying right the way across to will's new zealand so it remains clear it remains dry appall see the haze we have. the cross into tasmania and we have got some better news out into western australia because the thomas has have come down in perth and in fact they should even be lower as we head off into south he said that is good because we got temperatures in the mid twenty's just a couple of days ago these temperatures are in the low forty's celsius so again the have of course being bushfires out here this is the scenario through sunday there's
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no real change over the next few days temperatures will stay at the average but it will stay dry and it will also stay extremists mikey and hazy. who want to sponsor countdown and. ancient emperors to communist leaders. age old philosophies and the rule of order remain central to the world's oldest living civilization. in the 1st of a 2 part series the big picture charts how a history spanning by 1000 years shaped china's world in the industrialized world. the china complex part one on al-jazeera news education is the beacon that lights the future and if in any society but those who live in and on the new places getting an education takes inspiration and determination to get out
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of the carriage to live in the remote areas don't have electricity t.v. or computers. to short films show how a love of learning finds a way. on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching new york 0 news my name's peter told me these are your top stories u.s. house democrats in the states are pushing formal impeachment charges against president obama trump they're setting the stage for a vote before christmas at a senate trial in january. a 6 story building has collapsed in the kenyan capital military personnel are on the scene conducting search and rescue operations the
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cause of the collapse is still unknown. indian police are shot dead 4 men suspected of raping and killing the female that in hyderabad and he said the man was killed when they tried to escape. to algeria why spread protests. as to taking place ahead of presidential elections next week protesters say all 5 candidates in the december the 12th election have links to the former president abilities but if he was forced out by mass protests in april demonstrators are demanding a complete change in the political classes before any boat takes place let's bring in you blundell here in doha he's a professor of political sciences and international relations at the cats are university he specializes in the politics of algeria yourself welcome back to the news our other demonstrators right now these main candidates just too close to what went before. all the candidates without any exceptions. of the wood for the cause.
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and obviously over the last 40 weeks or so algerians have been to mostly to the to put to the to the regime in place in algeria and obviously do the lections simply a smokescreen for the continuation of president bush for the cause there is no difference whatsoever between the for the 5 candidates they all represent of course of the algerian people concerned a continuation of beautiful because you know it's been several months now since the original protests were at their peak given how long has happened taken place between then and now why is there not anyone on the ballot paper who is younger fresher and not associated with mr beautifully you could say that. was didn't the whole be. young educated but he has unfortunately has been involved with the regime there has been a few names. in the political scene who. were about
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to. preserve prison themselves for the elections but they thought that the conditions allow you to present themselves some of the above and they have not reached a few 250000 signatures required them obviously do you keep the good they have not been selected orders simply refused to present themselves because they said under the current conditions nothing will change it would simply give some credibility to a corrupt system. what does this say about the state of real democracy in the country then where. i don't think that would be an option in a political system what is happening in a moment is some sort of inertia it gives the impression that something is happening that so many multipole to you in the system exists or look presidential elections will take place next tuesday and so on and so forth but in the you're getting nothing changes it's a bit what's happening in the julia is police all seans gruesome shows the could on
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to the g.m. is going to stay and change in beautiful. person will not change the nature of these. political system but exists over the last all that has been easy in existence over the last 6 decades is the dependency 962 as you're talking to us use if we're looking at pictures filmed on tuesday more demonstrations on the streets in the capital algiers what do you think might happen when the election rolls around next we could be talking about potentially a low turnout all more protest. i think that there would be more protests today especially given the irresponsible decorations by the millions to the interior of the. chords for some sort of. civil disobedience obedience told him on sunday. expected the election turned out to be more of the word of 215 percent very very biased yousif thanks very much your support here
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in doha thank you now back to greece expelling the libyan ambassador in athens after libya signed a maritime deal with turkey now that sets new boundaries in the eastern mediterranean which greece's illegal greek relations with turkey are tense because of the territorial dispute about oil and gas drilling around the island of cyprus let's go live to athens and my colleague john psaropoulos john what's the backstory to this. well as you know the libyan ambassador was summoned this morning to the foreign ministry where the foreign minister has told him he has 72 hours to leave the country that means tuesday morning the reason for greek displeasure at libya is that the libyan government had given the greek government assurances that it was not concluding such an agreement with turkey it was known that these talks were going on the greeks were concerned but the the off the record discussions that the foreign ministers had had and that the ambassador had had with counterparts here was that this wasn't really
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a realistic prospect so this has taken the greek side by surprise and they believe that a certain amount of trickery on the libyan part. now the reason that the greeks are just pleased is that the legal reason is that the turkish and libyan areas of sovereignty in the greek you should not touch because greece lies between them greece says that according to the international law of the sea its southern region islands should have a continental shelf that comes between the continental shelf of turkey and that of libya so the that is why the greek side says this agreement is legal it says that we condemn it without reservation it is a rule violation of the law of the sea that is the foreign minister's statement made this morning to us. the greek side now has to react and it has been doing so both diplomatically and militarily on the diplomatic front it's been briefing
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its allies and nato key allies within the european union and the organization for security and cooperation in europe also china russia and israel it is working very very hard to internationalize the issue as quickly as possible and get as many countries as possible to agree that this is a violation of the law of the sea. the. message to turkey has been unambiguous. we have been told off the record that the turkish side has been informed that should turkish exploration vessels attempt to enter the disputed maritime area they will be far to poland they will be so greece has turned military reinforcements to its naval base on crete to make sure that it can make through all that through john thank you. well the 20000 people and some more of being vaccinated for measles over a period of 2 days medical teams going door to door trying to hold the outbreak
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which is killed at least 60 people in 2 months but as jessica washington reports from the capital many say the immunization initiative is too late in this small village the measles outbreak has claimed 3 young lives from the same family the parents are still in shock struggling to come to terms with what's happened and maybe very. sad for. last of my kids. reading. reading this. support groups are visiting communities like this bringing medical supplies and offering counseling lena chang is traveling around the country and has spent time with the poor family it's not easy because you know t.s.a. when we are there that the moment you start talking about it. everybody soon notion
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that even us this community has experienced the devastation of the measles outbreak in this village 3 siblings under the age of 3 died they buried side by side in this shed across some oh are dozens of parents are mourning the loss of their children and it will take time for this small island nation to heal. some more has been in lockdown with businesses and most government services shot and cars banned for the past few days to make it easier for medics to reach as many families as possible at ministering vaccines the outbreak isn't over but the government says the success of the mass vaccination programs means it's unlikely a total shutdown will be needed again however it's recognised things won't just suddenly get back to normal and the emotional toll from the loss of young lives will remain in a country like. a and extent it's just. a
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culture that everybody. so that no one should be left. without help the poor family visit the graves of their loved ones every day it will take time for this family and the nation to recover jessica washington al-jazeera. more heavy rain is expected in southeastern kenya where at least 130 people have died after 2 months of flooding a tropical storm off the coast of somalia is expected to make landfall this weekend the government says as many as 300000 residents have left their homes monsoon rain has affected close to 2000000 people in east africa from tanzania to ethiopia. the british prime minister boris johnson's conservative party remains ahead in the
1:43 pm
opinion polls ahead of next week's general election but the opposition labor party believes there is a possibility of unseating him mr johnson was nowhere to be seen at a campaign event in his own constituency on thursday lawrence levy explains. here it is democracy in action voters queuing in the cold and dark to hear what their would be member of parliament has to say problem is someone's missing they were used to voice not a very much of us for himself lost it at the previous election he turned up for about 3 photo shoots or something like that came had his photograph taken and then off he went. among the most irritated worthy environmental activists campaigning against the proposed massive expansion of heathrow airport just down the road johnson had promised to support them years ago but now i don't know i'd like to know why he has gone against the pledge he made in 2015 all seemingly that's what
1:44 pm
the manifesto is seeming to say when he actually could call the government for review right now and have imposed vote on it again. all through the campaign johnson's team have limited his appearance is limited his ability to make mistakes and his doj debates with other party leaders but not turning up to the only campaign event in your own constituency to talk your own voters is something else again particularly when success isn't guaranteed. the constituency is an urban sprawl west of london rough around the edges and down on its luck boris johnson's majority is small enough that even as prime minister a win here isn't a given particularly since there are a large number of students at the local university likely to support the labor opposition as well as that there is much criticism of johnson's refusal to fully participate in this election i think in a way present something of
1:45 pm
a crisis in british politics if someone a senior is a prime minister refuses to take part in what is normal democratic convention now of course debates are a recent thing but interviews with senior journalists are not the extent to which he seems to be dodging these would seem to present a problem in the longer term in the end johnson's place at the table was offered to independent candidates a comedy acts called counts been face he joined the other more serious politicians to discuss the airport expansion and everything else to a whole half empty because the most important politician at it all felt completely surreal. what johnson has in his favor is that people seem to like having a prime minister as their local m.p. and as well as that this constituency voted for it and so johnson is their main cheerleader further than that though his plans for his constituency things like the airports will not be revealed before next week's election lawrence leigh al-jazeera
1:46 pm
usually. and of course for the sake of complete political balance just to fill you in on the back story of what's going on in that particular bara there are 12 candidates vying for the seat of oxbridge and. the constituency there including boris johnson the u.k. prime minister there are the other candidates breaks it of course is the key talking point in 2016 the bar of hillingdon the london borough that includes slips and oxbridge voted 56 percent in favor of leaving the e.u. and it was one of only 4 london constituencies to vote in favor of brics it. now in parts of the u.s. land is being lost to the sea at the rate of a football field every single hour 10 years ago al-jazeera snick long visited southern louisiana where he saw the destruction caused by oil extraction and rising sea levels his return to find communities now living on the brink. travels through
1:47 pm
the delta system of the great mississippi and southern louisiana and you'll soon feel the precarious nature of existence here the gulf of mexico inexorably away at the roads fields and homes so water killing biodiversity. 10 years ago there were 60 people living just above sea level on the small strip of land that is ill to join shell today its 20 and 20 lng fast this community is slowly being returned to nature you know what we see here is repeated in many communities right across southern louisiana and the wetlands retreat fewer and fewer people want to take the risk of living here but many say that these decaying buildings a testament to the folly of what we're doing to the planet. just days after we filmed that this defective hurrican perry causing the total evacuation of the town locals film the subsequent devastation this used to be an occasional occurrence
1:48 pm
today it happens pretty much every year because there's less land there's more water and because there's more water now to surge from a storm caused greater damage you know in the area so you know it's not as. live will be here take to the skies and you can clearly see what's happening at one time these waters were completely planted in green and natural defense against. through time deep channels were cut for oil pipelines throw in climate change and sea level rise and you have a perilous mix. has lived here for nearly 60 years depending on the pouncey of the marshes now she knows the advancing sea spells the end what's your worst fear for my fear is that we're going to have to leave one day and never turn. it over there was nothing left to return to and i see it's.
1:49 pm
very soon. my fear is this and next an exit big. freight is gonna wipe us out that's what i'm afraid the next big storm will wipe us out. you leave here wondering how much longer the resilient people of the by you will have any land to live their lives on before they become 1st world climate refugees. al-jazeera southern louisiana. program.
1:50 pm
1:51 pm
thank you sports news we've been joined by stop thinking about a larger pizza asian champions cut out won't be lifting a 2nd trophy in 2019 the host nation was beating in the semifinals of the arabian gulf cup by saudi arabia saudi is a one of a group of countries currently located in qatar and had initially opted to boycott this tournament a single goal from the abdullah and it was enough to decide this game in saudi's favor will now play behind in sunday's final a correspondent and the richardson was at the elgin old stadium which will be one of the venues for the 2022 world cup. it's perhaps inevitable that any sporting
1:52 pm
events unfolding as we go to these are also going to be sold in the political dispute will not and i don't bother with the crime scene maybe it's just interesting to build up the saudi arabia character and even also using some point is maybe could be a step on the roads reconciliation on one to 10 that was the last time the gold cup was fighting 27 seems cool when you find stuff to beat the other day had begun to take you had a situation where the saudi arabia players because we refused to talk in a press conference if there was i was doing i was already dealing with the regime list on the ground just in that was my last game against the united arab emirates and other behaving nations the saudi arabian national i was it was you had to be observed by the council on the ground you had if a statement about the level of questions obviously really did say see you then later in the game and so this kind of army stuff posted chances in saudi arabia went on so we want to deal instead of a final with another of the blockading nations bahrain just like saudi they made a last minute decision to not listen we focus on these told things like it's still
1:53 pm
being. really good 12 months old that's all he began with the agents are in the united arab emirates which in the face of very post offices here is no troubling symbol who they won't know until it's over for the 1st time when they didn't really seem to be galvanized by the stuff that the steroids are that it will be something of a concert that i coached critics on shows that with home advantage and full colonels behind them would have a time seems unable to deal with that level of pressure and expectation but it also what that big challenge is for 2020 will be the papa america with the 2nd straight edition you know just for the south americans he's easy to get which is playing amongst those cards colombia michael sarver says he'll just let his cats off the rail service because world cup experiences see you 3 years on the street. i'll tell you was his back in title contention at the hero will challenge in the bahamas a 15 time major winner ahead to 2nd round 6 to 6 sets in the wooden 6 shots also
1:54 pm
need the patch to create a woods is set to captain and play for the u.s. team next week's presidents cup. scoring conditions were a bit better. and i didn't probably need the balls was like starting out misty greens and. other the number 2 i missed all evergreen the correct spot so how do you see chips and try to make a couple but i got to go in the back 9 which is nice. women's wheelchair basketball teams are competing in championships in thailand this week which they hope will set them on the road to the paralympics in tokyo. has been following the come village in the team as they aim to score points and change perceptions about disability in that country. was 3 and she tracked it polio it left her permanently disabled in cambodia there were few facilities and limited access for those with disabilities and soon has felt isolated and lonely for most of her life but earlier
1:55 pm
this year at the age of $25.00 she joined the cambodian women's wheelchair basketball team she'd never played before but saw it as a way to make friends and to be with people in a similar situation to herself. and me. so now not only do i get to be outside and i have my teammates i get to travel abroad for tournaments and i love. sumi das team is in thailand competing in asia championships which acts as qualifiers for the 2020 paralympics in tokyo the team is supported by the international committee of the red cross the i.c.r.c. it provides training and coaching even the wheelchairs all former. canadian joe higgins is head coach he's played in coach wheelchair basketball for more than 40 years including at the paralympics and really. the people of cambodia too long to inspire people with disabilities to want to be
1:56 pm
active to want to play sport to be the voice of the future to ask. you know what. for pity or favors but what they'd want if they were in the sack same face the spark that led to the i.c.r.c. wheelchair basketball programs came about 10 years ago in afghanistan the support involvement has grown steadily since now there are programs in more than 20 countries around the world the red cross is also supporting 2 other teams in the championships in afghanistan and india. the man behind the red cross involvement in wheelchair basketball was himself disabled after an accident he says the progress being seen in the sport comes from the players themselves and seeing that these amazing athletes are also people with disabilities and social change society's perspective of what those people with physical disabilities are really capable of
1:57 pm
and it's a gradual slow process but eventually you start to see a little bit of a sea change in terms of the opportunities that are available to people with physical disabilities so while the cambodian team might not be that successful on the scoreboard the victory comes from changing people's minds. it's got to al-jazeera thailand. athletes from host nation the philippines continue to push themselves to the limit to at the southeast asian games and the fighting to reach the line and win a silver medal in the mass on. paying also with the philippines of course to top the medal table for the 1st time since 2005. and that's it for me. thanks very much lots more news for you as always there the web site the address al-jazeera. call me you can get more on the whole top stories whenever you wanted some he said we'll join you from 11 gee i'm back in the chair from 12 g. from everyone here on the news hour and thanks for watching we will see you very
1:58 pm
soon. i thought this conviction that everyone has a deep reservoir of tonic billeted and if you can give them the opportunity it wonderful things start to happen sometimes the simplest seditions author missed and packed for the last day or. yesterday. the main things that sets out 0 apart from other news organizations is that a lot of our reporting is about real people not about ideas or politicians or what they may want to do but how policy and how events affect real people itself
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a subway something. a little more complicated operations happen if this is not an act of creation i mean i don't know if the office of the work you're doing here is amazing but there aren't so many fossils and it feels like this is just a dent what was your relationship with joe not normal or ok the suddenly becomes. this job isn't just about what's on a script or a piece of paper it's about what's happening right now. the shocking treatment of disabled people in eastern european state run cabs in these cages who cannot have access to toilets or water and the bureaucratic indifference to their plight he has his hands and his fates tied to the bed 5 years off to fast highlighting such abuses people in power returns with a 2 part investigation to continuing mistreatment and neglect europe's recurring
2:00 pm
shane hot one on al-jazeera. donald trump said to become the 4th u.s. president to face impeachment his political rivals could have charges drawn up within days. sammy's a dan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up police in india kill for man accused of raping and murdering a veterinarian people welcome the action. stations and closed schools on day 2 of the biggest master.


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