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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 6, 2019 5:00pm-5:33pm +03

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hard one on al jazeera. praise from many for india's police as they shoot dead 4 men suspected of gang rape in the murder of a woman who sparked widespread protests. hello and welcome i'm peter wu watching al-jazeera live from doha also coming up at least 2 people are dead in kenya's capital after a residential building collapsed. donald trump is set to become the 4th u.s. president to face impeachment as the deadline approaches for him to decide whether to formally participate in the hearings. a race against time to vaccinate in some or after an outbreak of measles kills more than 60 people.
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indian police have controversially shot dead 4 men suspected of raping and killing a woman in hyderabad and the case that reignited nationwide protests over attacks on women the accused were taken to the crime scene as part of the investigation however the police say they tried to escape and then were shot. in hyderabad welcome the killings hundreds of people gathered at the crime scene and chanted long live the police the victim's family have also thanked the police. i'd like to thinking congratulate the telling gonna government police and all those who supported me my daughter's so now has. they have. this with me and. and no one even think of doing it. i'm still voting joins us live
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from new delhi so and so what are the police saying this hour. what the police essentially justify their act by saying that all 4 of the accused had actually confessed to the crime earlier off raping and murdering the girl and adding that the try to escape but in that attempt this snatched a weapon or one of the police officers and in fact the accused was the 1st person to fire the 1st shot in the police only responded they also said that these 4 accused book or hard core criminals however peter the national human rights commission of india said that they will be conducting their own inquiry into the events of early thursday to find out what actually unfolded that require the police men to kill of these 4 accused is this an end to the police inquiry into the original rape and murder.
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but it does seem so peter they would have to officially close the case close the file from what to the police commissioner there has said it's pretty clear that they think that these accused were the culprit so for them the case has ended however there is another case that's bigger now about the conduct of the police itself and i would actually say a bigger one is the did society is the public now sanctioning such red tribute of justice because we've seen massive support for police action not just in hazara bar but in other parts of the country as well some parliamentarians had earlier called for lynching of rebates some might argue gaited castration the sentiments are very strong because people are just frustrated because of the delays. delays in the judicial system here so the bigger question is that women rights activists and lawyers are asking is if that's really the way to go and if it is it does set a very very dangerous precedent because even in such horrific cases law proper legal procedures must be followed in our last news and so we were talking to one
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analyst and she was questioning why these 4 suspects were taken to the crime scene at 4 o'clock in the morning it was dark she was also questioning the narrative the verse in of events put by the police will there or are people saying the there should be a police inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the police inquiry as to the original rape. oh well you know what you're right about many activists are raising questions over how these events unfolded and as earlier mentioned that national human rights commission will be conducting an inquiry into what led the police to commit the crime but as far as the case of this of the reaping in the lowering of the girl is concerned our inquiry in that case another inquiry can only be honest for if the family of the victim asked for one and that doesn't seem to be the case because
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a family has approved of the police action it also remains to be seen how far the activists all the national human rights commission would go in finding out the facts all for how the police ended up killing these 4 q.'s because as only a mention this seems to be our brought up public sanction to what the police has done and that seems to be rather dangerous and shell thanks very much committed christian and is the secretary of the all india progressive women's association she says it's unlikely the police will continue the investigation into the original rape and murder in hyderabad. according to the police the closing of that book you know they have done so-called justice and the problem mike and the way i see it is that i think that this kind of lynch mob sentiment is not no longer just the public sentiment but actually is deflected as a tool of government by those who govern us at the center in delhi as well as and
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state including cutting down on other states because these are governments that are unable to prevent a repeat them from buying bunter like when she's testifying unable to prevent them from being pilloried in court and from being told by the judge that all we agree that you said no but you're not with too feeble and people know could mean i guess this kind of thing that unable to change unable to protect unable to prevent and now they want to have to accept this kind of lynch mob sentiment as justice and we have to place this in a larger matrix where the central government now does and the ruling party is in creating a lynch mob incident to happen encouraging people to say just kill people from especially from minority communities and vulnerable communities and just kill them if you suspect them of anything and that certainly if you come from a vulnerable community or you're a poor person it's very easy to suspect you and accuse you of anything without any
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evidence whatsoever of these 2 people have been killed in the kenyan capital nairobi are for building collapsed military personnel are searching beneath the rubble of the 6 story residential building 10 people have been rescued so far off al jazeera as a testament to fatah joins us live on the line from nairobi has the rescue operation going so far. that it does today should be seen i'm going think the huge crowd of people 5. then trying to help 'd him frustrated saying that you know i knew when i spoke to president one of the resident fia say that most of it if you walk of zines they saw the density and also to health and safety some of the people but there seems let's face it in saying that then doing enough 9. to you know according to you you know i didn't fit in p.s. if it be possible to speak to the i think the morning and they'd only 8 or 10 people that have the keys and 8 of them bob being taken to the hospital to die so
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there seems to be people saying that you know if they had people 'd who help are yes and that they feel like the government. has anyone this speculation as to what might have caused this just. because of the collapse and the number of people shocked. by the 1 pm was the safety record like the buildings even in this area this immediate area or indeed across quite a city. you know. people they not just a good deal of ration of mccain's are you know what that meant to them by fight this they will have been big time on this it is you know if you pull sake of the road. 6 when things are said to they say that the foundations being onstage to actually
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leaving a lot of people are saying that you have the consumption of the houses that most basic and a lot of the names. you know that she should. go fishing. that you know that supposed to be held accountable for you know approving of the things that isn't safe to do. ok tasmin thanks very much. more heavy rain is expected in new surfaced of kenya where at least 130 people have died after 2 months of flooding a tropical storm off the somali coast is expected to make landfall this weekend the government says as many as 300000 residents of left their homes monsoon rains have affected close to 2000000 people in east africa from tanzania to ethiopia marcum where it has the latest from the among go to syria on the turn or river delta people living in the villages around here it's been devastating just a short while ago we walked over to some of the houses over here we had to wade
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through this playing field which is flooded water there's about knee deep in houses on the other side most of which are made of sticks and mud and stone walls have been destroyed people's properties been washed away lost all of their livestock chickens and also crops as well that people have to flee from here moved to a camp for displaced people which is on some slightly higher ground just a couple of kilometers away you can see a school there that's been flooded but it's the strongest structure so it has held up that the on that the water gets deeper it's about waist deep on the other side of the school down there there's a hospital which is now completely out of use and many more houses in this area alone in the last week more than 4000 people have been displaced they're now living in a camp and a very simple structures is made of sticks with sheets and scarves stretched over them just a few kilometers up the hill over there. donald trump and his lawyers have
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a few hours left to decide if they will take part in the impeachment inquiry so far they've declined to on so allegations the u.s. president committed crimes by pressurising ukraine to investigate his rival joe biden mr trump tweets the democrats are trying to impeach him over nothing and he said the good saying is that republicans have never been more united states we will when democrats say they're aiming for a congressional vote on impeachment before christmas john hendren has more now from washington on what will happen next the democrats have taken a strategy where they want to go limited it least at the beginning of this process they want one easy set of charges that are easily provable that the president improperly used his power to pressure the president of ukraine in order to investigate a political rival or at least to announce an investigation of his political rival there are a couple of key events today that will help us know a little more about this process at 5 o'clock that's in about 9 hours eastern time
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the president's team will let congress know whether they are going to participate in this process it is a beta that they will not participate in the house version of this process that is the drawing up of the chargers but that they will likely participate in this senate trial that would that would be carried out afterwards that's of course because they believe that that would be more favorable for them that's because the republicans their party will be running the senate at that time but the president has been tweeting up a storm about this this morning he's the clearly agitated criticizing the people these historical experts yesterday who testified also saying don't believe the anonymous sources that you're reading in the newspapers he says that those reporters are making up many of those sources i can tell you as a newspaper reporter of many years before i had this job that's not what they do but the president has been very critical very agitated and we'll learn a little more about this later today when the white house tells us they will
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participate in this process. top story in europe in france the unions have called for more strikes and demonstrations next week against president emanuel micron's pension reform plans the announcement was made is hundreds of thousands of public sector workers went on strike for a 2nd day its effect to transport schools and hospitals. still to come here on al-jazeera the saudi state owned oil company around code names its price falls way short of its original target. and fears of an escalation in the mediterranean greece and turkey react after a dispute over the maritime boundaries. had some pretty good conditions across central and eastern sections of china the cloud is on its way out of the picture leaving things
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a little bit cooler. at the weekend just 10 degrees celsius but not bad in hong kong at 21 and the skies all this cloud you can see is further to the east to. pull southward the remnants really of the recent typhoon so sunday a similarly pleasant day still want to scattered showers across the northern and central areas of the philippines but certainly a lot better than we have seen of late now heading into southern india still more rain in the 4 calls today so that will just add to the flooding problems across into tamada across into where it is relative to k. and tried $23.00 in new delhi on saturday the air should be feeling a little bit clearer in the wake of the recent a front that went through 23 again on sunday but still there's rain showers quite persistent 3 more eastern sections of the tamil nadu heading across the arabian sea we're watching very closely this is actually throughout the day what will it be that the system working its way on shore into somalia the latest tropical storm it
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will also produce some coastal areas of amman and yemen and then. nature's on sunday quite a mass of rain working its way southward so bringing showers across into appetite. for me out is there in london broke us into the special guests in conversation to do so. then in the rich countries we use hunger as a weapon i'm from uninterrupted it's much more difficult to be left wing than can be right wing when people think they are really rotten meat delivery are have to be subversive if you don't have a level of anger about you then stay at home studio be unscripted on al-jazeera.
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without 0 a reminder of our top stories for you indian police have shown 4 men suspected of rape and murder the police said they were killed when they tried to escape the case reignited nationwide protests over attacks on women at least 2 people have been killed in the kenyan capital after a building collapsed the military is helping to dig people out 10 people have been recovered so far. donald trump and his lawyers have just a few hours left to decide if they will take part in the impeachment inquiry so far they've declined to answer allegations that mr trump committed crimes by pressurising crane to investigate his potential wife by. the reuters news agency is reporting that opec has agreed to cut put by 500000 barrels a day talks went late into the night at the oil cartels headquarters in vienna and continued into friday opec has been cutting production for the past 3 years there
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were disagreements on her. to slip further reductions this time round correspondent osama bin covering up opec meeting in vienna with a press conference is due to start any time the summer why is the opec meeting been so contentious this time. there's been a lot at stake here this time around they've been discussing further cuts and head off more oil production coming into the 1st quarter of 2020 they want a stable oil price all of these countries rely on various forms of oil revenues some more than others and have been continuing to cut production and have been losing volume to other non opec oil producers and there's a lot at stake here they want to cut production they want to keep their volumes as well as keeping the prices steady so that they can make enough profit to run their economies and what we heard on friday night was a lot of squabbling over who's going to cut how much or how much of the rest needs
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to be distributed among members and that's where a lot of contention came into play today we heard from prince abdullah these him being representing saudi arabia for the 1st time opec saying that he wants the markets and analysts to make sure that they take in their critical view of opec's cuts but again this is this is all that's been happening before there's nothing new to what is the big question here is how are they going to make sure that countries are going to comply with those quote is that they have been given to the nigerians the iraqis and others have not been complying some have been over complying so now we're hearing 500000 barrels are going to be cut the saudis are confident that this time around people are going to be more in compliance but that the russians are happy because their $750000.00 barrels have been taken off of one of the oil products that they can continue to export and will not be part of their crude
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exports as you said there's a news conference that we have been waiting for since the last 12 hours or so it is about to get underway any time soon and we'll get you the latest as soon as that begins what do you think we can expect to come out of the discussions. well as i said these discussions have been ongoing so it opec since 2017 has been trying to do 2 things one stabilize the oil market and to take out shale oil producers from the united states so bring down the oil price enough that they can manage their economies but make sure that it is not profitable for and major investments from it coming in from the united states so that those producers could put them out of business leave because of that shale oil production that united states right now is the biggest oil producer and that is something which is of concern to this cartel the word that they do not like and say that they are not a cartel and a bloc which wants to stabilize oil prices and as you can see the commotion behind
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me these delegates have started to come and this is something that they're going to express now and how did they work out who is going to cut how much and they're there these countries are going to comply this time around. thanks very much we'll come through that news conference kicks off but in the meantime thank you. will certainly be a state owned oil company shares will be the biggest public offering in the history we're talking about saudi aramco $25600000000.00 for $3000000000.00 shares will surpass the previous record set by chinese online giant alibaba back in 2014 but it still does fall short of saudi arabia's original target al jazeera is economics editor a bit ali has been following the story in the saudi government has refused to budge on the company's valuation. let's have a look at this 2016 mohammed bin sun man said you know i want to want to i want
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a company which is going to be worth 2 trillion dollars well he didn't get that he wanted to raise $100000000000.00 he didn't get that and he wanted international investors to buy into the company and he didn't get that but what you do have is a $1.00 trillion dollar company he raised 25600000000 is still going to be the biggest i.p.o. in history so there is some success there but the reason why international investors weren't interested in buying into the company because they didn't see the same value that the saudis did they thought the company was worth between 1 point one trillion to 1.5 trillion now the saudis wouldn't budge on that price the international investors want to budge on the price that they saw that this was a fair value and so they decided not to invest and so the saudis went out and said ok well we'll sell this company to. people in saudi arabia as well as the g.c.c. now they've got to make sure that this is not only only to save face but to make
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sure that those small investors who are coming on board weren't be underwater when this company floats later on in the month because you've got to remember that these small investors have taken out huge loans just to invest in the aramco. in algeria . of presidential elections for the next protest to say all 5 candidates in the december the 12th election have links to the former president abilities but if he was forced out by mass protests in april demonstrators are demanding a complete change in the political classes before any vote takes place. is a professor of political science and international relations at the castle university he says this election is a band-aid solution. all the candidates without any exceptions have been part of the vote for the cause. and obviously over the last 40 weeks or so algerians have been demonstrating to the to put to bring and the to the regime in place in algeria
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and obviously the election is simply a smokescreen for the consolation of principle to the cause there is no difference whatsoever i don't think there will be an opening of the political system what is happening at the moment is some sort of inertia it gives the impression that something is happening that so many multi-party system exists. in the presidential elections will take place next thursday and so on and so forth but in reality not ng changes it's a what's happening in algeria is police resettlement shows the current regime is going to stay and changing but for the car by an older person will not change the type and the nature of these retardants political system but exists over the last all that has been easy in existence over the last 6 decades is independence in 162 . greece is expelling libya's ambassador in athens after libya signed
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a maritime deal with turkey that sets a new boundaries in the eastern mediterranean sea which greece says is illegal greek relations with turkey a tense because of a territorial dispute about oil and gas drilling around the island of cyprus turkey has condemned greece's decision to expel the libyan ambassador john psaropoulos is in athens for the reason for greek displeasure at libya is that the libyan government had given the greek government assurances that it was not concluding such an agreement with turkey it was known that these talks were going on the greeks were concerned but can that be off the record discussions that the foreign ministers had had and that the ambassador had had with counterparts here was that this wasn't really a realistic prospect so this has taken the greek side by surprise and they believe with a certain amount of trickery on the libyan part. now the reason that the greeks are
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displeased is that the legal reason is that the turkish and libyan areas of sovereignty in the greek are you should not touch because greece lies between them greece says that according to the international law of the sea its southern e.g. an island should have a continental shelf that comes between the continental shelf of turkey and that of libya so that that is why the greek side says this agreement is legal it says that we condemn it without reservation it is the wrong violation of the law of the sea. well the green foreign minister was in egypt earlier this week as part of a stew in support in the region over this dispute it's all to do with the island of cyprus which has been divided of course since 1974 into the turkey speaking north and the greek cypriots of turkey has been drilling for oil and gas off the cypriot coast which has resulted in sanctions from the european union now the e.u. sister he is infringing on cypriot sovereignty while ankara maintains it doesn't
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recognize cyprus as a state meanwhile greece is pushing to lead a regional gas market cooperating with both egypt and cyprus. earlier we took we spoke to mr policies an analyst at the defense news website defense point dot g r he says turkey's lack of recognition of international maritime law does deepen this dispute well the un cross the united nations convention of the sea. specifically states that islands do have an exclusive economic zone and especially island states the way turkey sees it it chooses to interpret it to make up its own version of what it believes to be. the law of the sea version non-cooperative by any. international 4 or 4. and which islands do not have such exclusive economic zones they do not have a continental shelf. and this poses quite
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a few problems the whole state like cyprus does not have an economic zone who've economics. it's a surprising from this then sicily does not have one. star dia does not have one and maybe great britain does not have one. how turkey interprets this is beyond us besides which it is not a signatory of the of the sea convention. police in samoa have arrested an opponent of vaccinations for measles they do in time a c.c.s. been charged with incitement against a government order he said compulsory mass vaccination was the greatest crime ever committed against these people more than 20000 have been vaccinated in just 2 days medical teams and are going door to door trying to hold the brick which has killed at least 60 people in 2 months but as jessica washington report reports now from the capital many say the immunization campaign is too late. in this small village
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the measles outbreak has claimed 3 young lives from the same family the parents are still in shock struggling to come to terms with what's happened i'm very very. sad for. the last of my kids. reading this. support groups are visiting communities like this bringing medical supplies and offering counseling lena chang is traveling around the country and has spent time with the poor family it's not easy because you know ts are everywhere and the moment you start talking about it. everybody even us this community has experienced the devastation off the measles outbreak in this village 3 siblings under the age of 3 died they buried side by side in this shed
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across some moa dozens of parents are mourning the loss of their children and it will take time for this small island nation to heal. some more has been in lockdown with businesses and most government services shot and cars banned for the past few days to make it easier for medics to reach as many families as possible at administering vaccines the outbreak isn't over but the government says the success of the mass vaccination programs means it's unlikely a total shutdown will be needed again however it's recognised things won't just suddenly get back to normal and the emotional toll from the loss of young lives will remain in a country like china with a an extended system of. eighty's culture that everybody hopes up so that no one should be left.
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without help the poor family visit the graves of their loved ones every day it will take time for this family and the nation to recover jessica washington al-jazeera. this is on to syria these are the top stories indian police have shot dead 4 men suspected of rape and murder the police say they were killed when they tried to escape the case has reignited a nationwide protest movement over attacks on women at least 2 people are being killed in the kenyan capital after a building collapsed the military is helping to dig people out 10 have been found so far al-jazeera is task is in nairobi she says people are blaming the authorities for failing to regulate the construction of buildings. but it doesn't actually belong growing they are huge crowds of people. trying to help 'd him saying that
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you know idea when i spoke to the president one of the residents being there that most of the ricky waka they keep you know that i was with them also. among the people but they have been creeping thing that day and not doing enough. wasn't. a good day and a lot of the blame on you know that you should that. that that. you should. that you know that the supposed to be held accountable. more heavy rains expected in the southeast of kenya where at least 130 people have died after 2 months of flooding a tropical storm off the somali coast is expected to make landfall this weekend the government says as many as $300000.00 residents of left the homes monsoon rain has affected close to $2000000.00 people in east africa from tanzania to ethiopia
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donald trump and his lawyers have a few hours left to decide if they will take part in the impeachment inquiry so far they've declined to answer allegations that the us president committed to a crime by pressuring ukraine to investigate rival joe biden mr trump took to twitter saying democrats are trying to impeach him over quote nothing. greece is expelling libya's ambassador in athens after libya signed a maritime deal with turkey that sets new boundaries in the eastern mediterranean sea which greece is illegal turkey has condemned greece's decision to expel the libyan ambassador those are your headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the stream after that here with the 15 g. news i'll see from tenshi tomorrow many countries aren't keeping up with their commitments to stop our planet t.-t. god. can be achieved anything at the un climate change conference in madrid. as representatives from over $200.00 countries gathered for a cop $25.00 join us for special coverage on al-jazeera.
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