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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 6, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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footage on and behind the front lines cost him his life his body was good with an exclusive documentary syria the last assignment on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. either from doha everyone on come on sons of maria this is the news hour from al-jazeera. praise for india's police as they shoot dead 4 men suspected of gang rape and murder of a woman which sparked widespread protests also in the news the world's largest oil producers decided to production by half a 1000000 barrels will be live at opec headquarters in vienna and the teenage
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activist grid to keep the carbon neutral as she arrives in madrid for the un's global climate summit. and in sport anthony josh was having it is world title rematch against abby really a leaner that after the britain has waited more than 20 telegrams the wider than the man that took his title as they prepare to face off in saudi arabia. so we're starting in india where police have controversially shot dead 4 men suspected of raping and killing a woman in hyderabad a case that has reignited nationwide protests over attacks on women the accused were taken to the crime scene as part of the investigation but police say they then tried to escape and so was shot. and this is some of the reaction crowds in hyderabad will. in the killings hundreds
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of people gathered at the crime scene and chanted long live the police the victim's family also thanked the officers involved busy. i'd like to thinking congratulate the telling god the government police and all those who supported me my daughter's so now has. a happy. ending. and nobody will even think of doing it. and reports now from new delhi police say the case is closed now that the alleged rapists are dead. well the police essentially justify their act by saying that all 4 of the accused had actually confessed to the crime of raping and murdering the girl and adding that the try to escape in that attend this national weapon or one of the police officers and in fact the accused was the 1st person to fire the 1st shot in the police only responded they also said that these 4 accused were court hard core criminals the
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national human rights commission of india said that they will be conducting their own inquiry into the events early thursday to find out what actually unfolded that require the policeman to kill of these 4 accused they would have to officially close the case close the file from watch the police commissioner there has said it's pretty clear that they think that these accused were the culprit so for them the case has ended however there is another case that's begun now about the conduct of the police itself and i'd actually say a bigger one is the did society is the public now sanctioning such a great tribute of justice because we've seen massive support for police action not just in her bar but in other parts of the country as well some parliamentarians of earlier called for lynching of rape someone advocated castration the sentiments are very strong because people are just mistreated because of the delays. delays in the judicial system here so the bigger questions that women rights activists and
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lawyers are asking is if that's really the way to go and if it is it does set a very very dangerous precedent because even in such a ridiculous is law proper legal procedures must be followed this is obviously just one case but sexual violence against women in india appears to be a widespread problem government figures sure more than 33000 women were raped in 2017 the actual number though is going to be much higher because so many cases are actually just not reported due to fear or shame after the down rape of 23 year old joke to sing on a bus back in 2012. the laws were introduced including the death penalty for some cases and prison terms were double that these latest cases a put right back on the political stage there are m.p.'s again debating the crime in parliament was here from covey to krishna now the secretary of the all india progressive women's association sami's i down spoke to her earlier and asked if she was concerned about the police version of events the police that has to give
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evidence to explain why 4 unarmed men all 4 of them unarmed had to be shot down and could not be controlled by an enormous police force that had taken them to the spot the other thing i'd like to say is that. in 2008 the same hype about police had similarly going on the police had similarly killed 3 youths who were accused of attacking some goes the acid and this time around in the run up to the on social media as well as in political pronouncements people were egging on the police to do exactly the same thing which is why i am absolutely certain that this is a custodial killing and i want to say that the police which failed that the victim the government which fails all women they are posing as saviors of women on the dead bodies of 4 unarmed men whom they are declaring to be guilty without any evidence except the custodial concession which was probably opting under sources
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because of custodial concessions in india as routinely obtained only under source or by the police so it's a it's a sandan for investigation it's a sandan for the justice system that can actually listen to and respect the voices of the simple survival. with all of our human mind how confident are you that there will be either a proper investigation of what happened to be men all the investigations will continue to establish who actually raped and killed the victim in the 1st place no i am certain that there will be no investigation follow up to the recent murder case because according to the police the closing of that force you know they have done so far justice and the problem lies and the way i see it is that i think that this kind of lynch mob sentiment is now no longer just the public sentiment but actually is deflected as a tool of government by those who govern us at the center in delhi as well as an including pulling down on other states because these are governments that are
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unable to prevent them from buying going to light when she is testifying they are unable to prevent a rape victim from being pilloried in court and from being told by the judge that all we agree that you said no but you are not was too feeble and a feeble no it would mean i guess this kind of thing they are unable to change unable to protect and able to prevent and now they want us to accept this kind of lynch mob sentiment as justice and we have to place this in a larger matrix where the central government now and the leaders and the ruling party is encouraging a lynch mob incident to happen encouraging people to save just kill people from especially from minority communities and vulnerable communities and just kill them if you suspect them of anything and naturally if you come from a bundle community or you're a poor person it's very easy to suspect you and accuse you of anything without any evidence whatsoever. and have a look at what's coming up for you on this news hour
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a race to save lives of buildings collapsed in nairobi in the scale of the disaster is only now emerging. i'll take you for a rare look inside hong kong's bomb disposal unit as police prepare for another weekend of protests. an english premier league side chelsea receive a massive transfer boost the details with foreign sport a little late. more now on that building collapse in kenya at least 2 people have been killed in nairobi after that building came down military personnel searching beneath the rubble of a 6 story residential building 10 people have been rescued so far and more heavy rain is expected in southeastern kenya where at least 130 people have died after 2 months of flooding now a tropical storm off the somali coast is expected to make landfall this weekend the
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government says as many as 300000 residents have left their homes monsoon rains affected close to 2000000 people in eastern africa from tanzania to ethiopia welcome whereas the latest now from the on the town a river delta. people living in the villages around here it's been devastating just a short while ago we walked over to some of the houses over here to wade through this playing field which is flooded water there's about knee deep in the houses on the other side most of which are made of sticks and mud and stones the walls have been destroyed people's properties been washed away has lost all of their livestock chickens and also crops as well to people had to flee from here moved to a camp for displaced people which is on some slightly higher ground just a couple of kilometers away you can see a school there that's been flooded but it's a stronger structure so it has held up at the on that the water gets deeper it's about waist deep on the other side of the school down there there's
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a hospital which is now completely out of use and many more houses in this area alone in the last week more than 4000 people have been displaced they're now living in a camp and a very simple structures is made of sticks with sheets and scarves stretched over them just a few kilometers up the hill over there opec has agreed to cut oil output 550-0000 barrels a day talks went late into the night at headquarters in vienna they continued on friday opec has been cutting production now for the past 3 years and there were disagreements on how to split further reductions this time around on the line or some of binge of aid he has set in vienna at the conference a summit this is exactly what opec how it's doing no wonder there was division over how to do it because it's an admission that the demand just isn't there. well absolutely and then rising production levels from now on opec members will have to
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bear in mind that in the 1st quarter generally about $800000.00 additional barrels the world will be injected into the market from sources that cannot control in the last few moments we've heard from the concluding news conference by led by the saudi women a certain segment of the. chairing it for the 1st time and he's been optimistic about how what can actually achieve and you've been defending his company's position with saying that the voluntary cuts in addition to the water are going to continue to bear in mind that saudi arabia is leading this effort to cut production to make sure that oil prices are at a steady level as well as take out profit margins for shame producers in the united states which has made the united states the largest producer of oil in the world what of this means for the rest of the world it looks like that prices are going to continue to hover more or less around the same level that they are and they won't be any major increases or decreases they're going to see an oil price value
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somewhere even $60.00 to $65.00 a barrel which is currently at and that is what saudi arabia wants not just for its . projections and making sure that it controls the market but also for the i.p.o. that it is just put out for its not just cash cow and it wants to make sure that the world's investors at large see it as a profitable company which both has the value of war and just that it has done its production just a little background a few don't want to some of. my nobody completely out where the oil markets what the drop in demand of this because all of the new bowls of this because all of what is driving it in the end. there is all of the above there is obviously. 1 an energy of electric vehicles become in congress and what the carbon be doing to the planet and also because just too much oil production now in the market as i
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mentioned earlier the united states is the world's largest producer there is more production that is being done by russia by the. final capability. able to produce more oil from the crude and then there is more crude in the market . picking up about $400000.00 barrels as various as brazil so there is a lot of factors which are 1 down oil prices and it is a real concern such as venezuela president boulder who are relying on the commodity country thank you been generated opec headquarters in vienna just to build on what santa was saying about saudi arabia's state owned oil company it says its share price sale i'm sorry will be the biggest public offering in history. to take in $25600000000.00 for $3000000000.00 of its shares that will suppose the previous
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record set by chinese online joined ali baba back in 2014 but it still falls short of saudi arabia's original targets. the french government says it is very determined to implement a controversial new pension scheme french unions have called for more strikes and demonstrations next week against president emanuel micron's plans announcement was made as hundreds of thousands of public sector workers went on strike for a 2nd day now this is affecting transport. and hospitals as well from the pass. on the outside one of the main train stations in paris is the needle busier than it was yesterday when all those train services were caught there are some trying to running about a 3rd of railway workers are actually at work today you can probably see behind me a poster now that's telling you about some of the metro services because several of the metro lions have also been caught so getting around in paris is very difficult indeed and you are seeing people on their bicycles and scooters is pouring with
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rain and that's making it a lot harder as well some schools also are shot next week though looks as if we might have another day like we had on thursday because the trade unions have called for a nationwide strike next to say they're hoping to mobilize people like they did on thursday to go into the streets against the government's pension reform plans now the fear is for lots of people not just rail workers of course the transport workers but across all sections of french society teaches. health workers they're really worried that the government's plans will mean that they'll have smaller pensions less payouts i also worried that they'll have to work for a lot longer and they say that they're going to continue with this sort of industrial action until their demands are met the government was trying to push through this reform they are responding you might say in a way to this social movement because they were supposed to reveal the details of the plan towards the end of next week it looks like they'll probably reveal the details of what's actually in this pension reform in the middle of next week.
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germany's chancellor has visited auschwitz for the 1st time to the merkel said remembering nazi war crimes was an inseparable part of germany's identity there's a 1000000 jews and others were killed in the gas chambers of hitler's largest death camp in occupied poland and she handed over a $66000000.00 donation which will be spent on preservation work to remind future generations of the atrocities committed during world war 2 the climate change now greater thornburg the climate activist has arrived at the un climate change conference in madrid the 16 year old has become the global face of public anger over climate change was mobbed by the media and supporters she joined other young activists at a sit in protest at the conference center for the demonstrations are planned in cities around the world as young people demand urgent action from world leaders attending the cup 25 summit that's all to end your life now senior fellow in the global climate program at the world resources institute previously he was
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a senior advisor to the u.s. special envoy on climate change that was during the obama administration with us on skype from arlington i believe you might have a class coming in so in so we'll get on with our interview what do you think could could be different at this. conference are highlighted greater there clearly many young people around the world of change the discussion about climate change does that make these climate conferences different. well i don't really think what makes that different is not that there are protests around the country and there always are i think it's great that civil society shows up and the the negotiators on the inside feel the pressure from the outside i think that's an important part of this process what's different of course is that over the last year almost 2 no thanks to both of them are going to others we're just seen an increase in in public interest in this issue an international negotiation this problem and on pressure on the answer of the targets that various countries but for
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in this process that this is just not something that you know you're going to seeing once a year of it on something you see continuously and that could potentially be a game much obviously made of the fact that the united states pulled out of the paris climate agreement and isn't so much a part of the global effort anymore. how important is that or can the rest of the almost $200.00 odd countries in the world come together at a conference like this and get on with the job. they will get on with the jump 1st for sure it is still a terrible thing the united states pulled out of the paris agreement i think it's bad just for the sheer interest the american public it makes the united states less competitive in the world marketplace it's created to help other countries make the transition to a clean energy economy the united states don't basically taken itself out of the race against the e.u. china canada others who are up there are really competing in the marketplace and it makes americans less secure because you know the rest of the world isn't under any
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illusion that climate change is not happening they see it as a problem i have the only world leader who seems to still doubt the science on this and so countries around the world are going to be looking for secure partners who will help them to be more resilient in a more dangerous world the united states is taking a lot of that in the united states to be less one full blown pull. to claim what would you hope to come out of this conference this is cup $25.00 paris was cop $21.00 i think and that was obviously the biggest. agreement to come out since since kyoto. what happens in the intervening years. well so what we've been doing 2 things have been happening one is that since we negotiated the paris agreement 2015 and i was part of the u.s. delegation and we've been refining and you know and really sort of making sure we've got the rules right on the overall agreement the 7 person the last couple of those should land at this meeting in madrid over the next few weeks but the most
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important thing about paris is not that text as such but the commitments that countries made under and we got a lot of those commitments from over 2 countries representing over 98 percent of global emissions in 2015 now the critical years 2020 when those countries who made their original pledges up to 2030 are being asked to either announce to the world that they're going to stick with their original commitment word that they're going to enhance it to do more and we absolutely need every major emitter in the world to do more that's essential and none of the g 20 countries for example have yet come forward and been able to say they're willing to enhance their 23 target they're not going to do it this week in madrid but we need them to do it between now and the next cop which will be glasgow nov 2100 not talking to you thank you for your time and for your expertise thank you or many people around the world maybe even you yourself are already trying to do things differently to reduce
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the impact on the planet even when off as around them and here's an example many atacama who is a modern one from new zealand this year and bought on what became a very public journey towards 0 waste. it's a feeling actual thing i think for most indigenous peoples to to hear about their footprint in the way that we engage with detail the environment and how we respect that we did this pretty close to 0 waste values growing up but i didn't even think of it that way until the beginning of this year when i decided that i will try this thing to write west for one month and i shall share this with others so i called it takes a month of change. really focused on it being one month one month i'll try this thing out and man i really struggled for. i mean i i think i probably failed immediately because it means that you can't really decide to go 0 waste. you
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have to undo so much of what you've learned i've discovered how much we believe that we need stuff that we actually don't need so i had to undergo a whole lot of beliefs and a whole lot of practices and one of those things was discovering that i didn't need cleaning products i don't buy cleaning products to lean more just don't need them and i was trying to insert baking breeden making biscuits and because i didn't i'm a total sugar freak and i didn't want to be buying chocolate like i normally would find either source of where we can find testicle packet tree produce or grow it so it's tricky focus for me i get this really is trying to keep the rubbish bin empty this is some of the paraphernalia that i've collected for 0 waste this year i don't have all of this with me all of the time and i have usually 2 or 3 of these things depending on what i think i'm going to need here in the day and i struck something that i would like to buy but don't have the ability to. to buy without having
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something like this and. we're not winning every day but we're trying every day and that's what i say to people who are interested in this journey is try everyday do what you can and. more everything. at the end of the month there was no question of whether i would keep going and a lot of it was to do with the joy that i found in practicing this lifestyle you reconnect with that you reconnect back to what it provides for us how how hard it tries to sustain us. and how lucky we are that we have a planet that is despite our great if it is still trying to keep us alive firefighters are struggling to contain bushfires in circling australia's largest city sydney has been blanketed by smoke for days reducing visibility for drivers and causing the cancellation of sports events fire chiefs in new south wales several fires north of sydney have now joined into what is being called
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a mega blaze. donald trump and his lawyers have a few hours left to decide if they will participate in the impeachment inquiry so far they have declined to answer allegations that the u.s. president committed crimes by pressuring you ukraine to investigate his rival joe biden trump tweeted democrats are trying to impeach him over nothing and he said the good thing is that republicans have never been more united we will when democrats say they are aiming for a congressional vote on impeachment before christmas. john hendren in washington to talk more about this john i mean no suggestion really that the president would want to participate in what he calls a witch hunt. that's right the widespread belief is that the president is not going to participate in the house version of impeachment the house of course comes up with the charges that they would eventually vote on whether to impeach the
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president that would then go to the senate for a trial the democrats control the house the republicans control the senate so the belief is that the administration would likely not continue not to go operate with what's going on in the house but that they would offer a vigorous defense in the senate to try to prevent the president from being removed from office but formally the president has until 5 o'clock that's about 7 hours from now eastern time to respond we expect that to be a negative response the big questions remaining are will the democrats go broad in their charges or will they do what they've done so far which is keep it limited to this one exchange in ukraine with ukrainian president in which president trump is alleged to have traded money for military aid in order for an announcement that ukraine would be investigating what he at the time thought was his biggest rival and that is former vice president joe biden we know that the
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united states these days is a divided country but i'm wondering about how public opinion if it is changing at the moment the fact is another u.s. president is about to be impeached in all likelihood and that is historic whichever way you look at it. that's right the polls have shown rising support for a good amount of time but recently they've stabilized with something like 50 percent and in some polls even a majority of americans saying that they favor both impeachment and removal of the president but we haven't seen those numbers move substantially lately and that may be because there is some fatigue among americans with this process and they largely stick to party lines while democrats are largely for him preaching the president republicans are solidly behind him some polls suggest 8090 percent of republicans solidly back the president and that's what he is counting on in the days weeks and
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months ahead and you may recall that after president bill clinton was impeached and went through that whole process he was more popular than ever at the end of his term that what trump is hoping for at this point he has been energizing his base and raising money and getting millions of dollars from people who are angry about this impeachment process ok john hendren in washington thank you some of the story out of the u.s. a shooting attack at a naval base that's killed 3 people including the gunman at least 11 people were injured at the naval air station in pensacola florida the suspect began shooting victims at the base cheering the morning as most of isn't korea the base remains sealed off on investigators search for evidence it is 6 months now since the start of the latest mass protests demanding change in hong kong ahead of another anti-government rally planned on sunday police have given reporters rare access to their bomb disposal headquarters as they say they have disposed of more than 10000
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petrol bombs seized from student protesters just in the past week the support from sarah clarke. sit in the hills behind central hong kong is a city's only explosive disposal managed by the police force it's a last port of call for explosives and devices considered too risky for other emergency services to handle i think the biggest surprise was was a large seizure of 2 i think the point about time was unexpected to the police just to see a homemade explosive of that nature appearing in hong kong in that quantity t. i t p explosive chemicals often used to make homemade bombs since the anti-government protests began 6 months ago the bomb disposal bureau says it's dealt with an increasing number of explosives and raw chemicals used to manufacture makeshift weapons. place a 10000 petrol bomb seized from the polytechnic university were detonated at the
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depôt this week. but the going to be would ever expect to be dealing with $10000.00 patra bombs but yes certainly the other thing i ever expect to be dealing with petrol bombs. in hong kong and certainly to be dealing with $10000.00 is is remarkable along with with the raw materials to go with. more than a 1000 protesters were arrested at polytechnic university after students barricaded themselves up inside for almost 2 weeks last month since the siege ended at the polytechnic university this dipper has become the kid collection point the explosives found at the campus of the team's head during just dead night they called up to clear the suds where the explosives have been night. the protests were initially in opposition to the extradition bill which would have seen fugitives in hong kong extradited to the mainland for trial the proposal was scrapped but the anger has now morphed into an anti-government movement demanding less control from
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china's leaders in beijing parts of hong kong remain paralyzed by the recent. stray sions police say protesters destroyed more than $700.00 traffic lights many are yet to be repaired police have condemned demonstrators as radical rioters pro-democracy groups are under pressure to do the same but said the police are to blame they are part of a movement we stand with each other only stand with them whatever their escalation off their actions we see always powerful and triggered by the unnecessary and excessive force police have approved a pro-democracy rally this sunday it's planned to mark the 6 month anniversary of demands for change and is expected to attract a large crowd sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong. in the news ahead we will look at lebanon and why the financial crisis there is costing the pound in syria. also
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how the search for oil in the mediterranean is causing a diplomatic incident in greece and in sports the wheelchair basketball team aiming to score points and change perceptions about disability. hello this and various other weather continue across northern sections of the middle east we've seen some pretty heavy rain as well over the last few days in particular to northern sections of syria and unfortunately this is the result we've got floodwaters just sitting and of course you're looking at some of the refugee camps but it'll be a while before these waters actually recede the rain is actually carrying away eastward you can see quite a a mass of the green here a pushing through iraq on into iran of course and snow to those higher elevations so slightly cooler sunday into taran 9 degrees celsius and you'll notice if you
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shout just creeping into the eastern end of the mediterranean 1900. s. those showers working their way through iraq and around the begin to push into northern sections of the arabian gulf and that she's sweet that way south was as we head on into sunday so probably a wet day certainly on sunday into abu dhabi and also across into muscat time which is generally in the mid to high twenty's and then we had down into southern africa some easing of the rains the across into but it's one of the still a rama not as heavy as they have been and also a bit of a break into more eastern sections of south africa by sunday those rain spreading further to the south but not a bad day and been still warm with a high of 20 full celsius. day one of a new era in television news we badly need at this moment leadership and films this encampment that we're in today it didn't exist 3 weeks ago now there's at least
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20000 or hinder refugees who live here on al-jazeera i got to commend you all more on hearing is good journalism presenters to follow as messiah after all long lies the attempts of cover ups jamal khashoggi his loved ones want some form of closure people are suffering put on dying entire school systems a collapsing we are in the beginning of a mass extinction we saw the syrian army flag hoisted high in the city just to play for the. moments a good 2 missiles the planet about a 100 meters away from us were in the front line but sometimes happened after about 6.
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you're on the news here at al-jazeera and these around top stories indian police have shot dead 4 men suspected of rape and murder police said they were killed when they tried to escape the case has reignited a nationwide protests over attacks on women opec's agreed to cops or oil output 550-0000 barrels a day in the world's largest oil collectives been cutting production for the past 3 years and plans to meet again at the beginning of march. and donald trump and his lawyers have a few hours left to decide if they'll participate in the impeachment inquiry so far they've declined to answer allegations that the us president committed crimes by pressuring ukraine to investigate his rival joe biden. greece has expelled libya's
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ambassador in the latest escalation of a maritime dispute involving several mediterranean countries there is a territorial agreement between turkey and libya it essentially draws a line in the eastern mediterranean sea cutting across a strip which is also claimed by greece libya's foreign ministry says the expulsion of its ambassador from athens is unacceptable. has more now from athens. the reason for greek displeasure at libya is that the libyan government had given the greek government assurances that it was not concluding such an agreement with turkey it was known that these talks were going on the greeks were concerned but the the off the record discussions that the foreign ministers had had and that the ambassador had had with counterparts here was that this wasn't really a realistic prospect so this has taken the greek side by surprise and they believe that a certain amount of trickery on the libyan part. now the reason that the greeks are
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just pleased is that the legal reason is that the turkish and libyan areas of sovereignty in the greek you should not touch because greece lies between them greece says that according to the international law of the sea its southern region islands should have a continental shelf that comes between the continental shelf of turkey and that of libya so that that is why the greek side says this agreement is legal it says that we condemn it without reservation it is a roll violation of the law of the sea. well the greek foreign minister was in egypt earlier this week as part of efforts to win support in the region for this dispute it all centers really on the island of cyprus that has been divided since 1974 you've got the turkish speaking north you've got the greek cypriot south turkey has been drilling for oil and gas off the coast of cyprus which has resulted
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in sanctions from the european union the e.u. says turkey is infringing on cypriot sovereignty but ankara doesn't even recognize cyprus as a state meanwhile greece is pushing to lead a regional gas marcus cooperating with both egypt and cyprus with us on skype now from oxford in the u.k. his cronies a couple of this maritime security analyst with hudson analytics which is a u.s. based maritime risk management company thank you for your time. this i'm wondering how much of this is open to interpretation because each side is claiming their own part of the area you've got one country which says it doesn't recognize another one is there a clear breaking of maritime law here in your opinion well which they could do the letter of the law i would hear the say yes the u.n. convention or the law the cia says that any country that wants to declare or limits in any easy in its exclusive economic zone wherever there are then the counter
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parties sit down on the same table and beside what is the best solution to work or so in you know iraq or movements or any many of the states in the region is only going to close 'd their pensions and how much is at stake here obviously when you're talking about drilling for oil and gas if it changes the dynamics quite a lot. well what we have seen is that the expanse beyond does the states in the region there are several other interests for example france has been trying to boost government or 'd private companies to invest in their region mainly in cyprus we know that the u.s. is doing the same with exxon mobil in total so all of these countries there are other elements another part is coming into play some of the biggest players in the region so it's always very tempting to try and move forward without having any consensus and that's what goes as i said before 'd main tensions and he would have
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made the same bold promotes i mean it's even going to get worse so how optimistic are you then that any of this can actually be resolved you talked about people gathering around the table but you've also talked about about warships out there as well. well the greek government has been trying for years now to go to the international court in the hague with decade in order to show the solution that both sides have enough managed to come up to an agreement so far but looking about the political element i have to say 'd i'm not very 'd optimistic being a former navy officer myself having beaming the region several times and here having 'd fronted warships in the region i have to say that this is a scenario that worst case scenario that we should try in any case to avoid and focus on diplomatic means to solve this problem cronies companies joining us from oxford thank you for your time sir they have been more antigovernment protests in
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iraq a week after a violent crackdown killed dozens of people hundreds marched through the streets of baghdad the iraqi parliament has passed a bill to reform its electoral commission the tries to ease the tensions after 2 months of unrest punch protesters are calling for a complete overhaul of the political system. it is the final friday protests in algeria before presidential elections and he demonstrated say they will refuse to vote until there is same thing here complete change in the ruling elite and as the international is accusing security forces of attacking peaceful protesters and cracking down on freedom of expression and support from bennett's with. i most of these protesters of our aim to boycott next week's presidential election in algeria but those who turned out every friday for 42 weeks they said the poll was pointless army remains involved in politics and the old guard linked to the former leadership
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retain their jobs analysts predict of voter turnout of just 12 to 15 percent i don't think there will be an open in of for a political system what is happening in is some sort of inertia it gives the impression that something is happening that so many. in the system exists or look presidential elections will take place next as the and so on and so forth but in reality not being changes. there are 5 candidates in thursday's election as a team who he is the youngest he like the other 4 either supported or served in the government a president abdelaziz bouteflika before he was forced to resign in april when confronted by mass protests. the army says thursday's election is the only way to end the standoff with the opposition. amnesty international says algeria security forces have escalated a crackdown on the protests the human rights group says there's been
6:42 pm
a wave of arbitrary arrests and imprisonment of dozens of peaceful activists burnitz met. syria's local currency has been under pressure for a long time now obviously because of the war and deepening economic problems the syrian pound has recently sharply devalued and the financial crisis in neighboring lebanon isn't exactly helping say nevada has the full story. there is a shortage of dollars in lebanon it's affected the value of the lebanese libra and is believed to be behind the collapse of the currency in neighboring syria the syrian pound reached a record low of 950 to the dollar this week more than double the official rate the depreciation in the currency which is the largest since 2011 so 8 years of war did not have the impact that the economy crisis in lebanon had its due to that biggest the biggest syrian depositors having their money in lebanon where the capital
6:43 pm
controls are not able to move their money to use it which will affect the syrian economy the level of the banks have been the engine for serious sanctions hit the economy but this country has been in political and economic turmoil in recent weeks forcing banks to control access to cash and prevent transfers abroad the crisis has also affected tens of thousands of syrian workers who transfer their salaries back home they're now being paid in the lebanese pound which has lost at least 30 percent of its value on the black market the remittances that were much needed hard currency sanctions by the west since 2011 for its clampdown on peaceful protesters syria has not been able to trade on word market western sanctions imposed on syria the business community in syria's and looters relied on them during neighbor or not and it's been consistent to continue the activities including in trade those new skills. in smuggling activities the syrian government says the pounds weak this is
6:44 pm
because of sanctions which it also blamed for a severe fuel crisis earlier this year tighter u.s. sanctions on its ally iran contra view to the shortage but fuel is now believed to be smuggled from levanon or we imported 1100000 tons of fuel oil in the 1st 7 months of 2018 but in the 1st 7 months of that doesn't mean it in 19 we imported. 4.7000000 tons of fuel oil. and increased. the demand for dollars because we had to pay the market had to pay an extra $1700000000.00 levanon is no longer syria's dollar market for the time being at least that occurred there on the lebanon syria border now more than 20000 people have been vaccinated against the measles insall more in 2 days medical teams are going door to door tending to halt the hour break which has now killed 63 people in
6:45 pm
2 months but as jessica washington reports from these are more in capital arpita and he said the immunization campaign is just too late in this small village the measles outbreak has claimed 3 young lives from the same family the parents are still in shock struggling to come to terms with what's happened and maybe very. sad for. last of my kids. reading. reading this. support groups are visiting communities like this bringing medical supplies and offering counseling lena chang is traveling around the country and has spent time with the poor family it's not easy because you know t.s.a. when we are there the moment you start talking about it. everybody gets to the notion that even as this community has experienced the devastation of the measles
6:46 pm
outbreak in this village 3 siblings under the age of 3 died they buried side by side in this shed across some oh are dozens of parents are mourning the loss of their children and it will take time for this small island nation to heal. some o. has been in lockdown with businesses and most government services shot and cars banned for the past few days to make it easier for medics to reach as many families as possible at administering vaccines the outbreak isn't over but the government says the success of the mass vaccination programs means it's unlikely a total shutdown will be needed again however it's recognised things won't just suddenly get back to normal and the emotional toll from the loss of young lives will remain in a country like we say and extend it's just. a
6:47 pm
culture that everybody. so that no one should be left. without help the poor family visit the graves of their loved ones every day it will take time for this family and the nation to recover jessica washington al-jazeera. but then a week to go now and boris johnson's conservative party remains well ahead in the polls for the u.k. general election the opposition labor party believes there is a possibility of unseating him in his own constituency lawrence the reports now from west london. here it is democracy in action voters queuing in the cold and dark to hear what their would be member of parliament has to say problem is someone's missing they were used to or it's not a very much out speech and self rushed it at the previous election he turned up for about 3 photo shoots or something like that came had his photograph taken and then
6:48 pm
off he went again. among the most irritated worthy environmental activists campaigning against the proposed massive expansion of heathrow airport just down the road johnson had promised to support them years ago but now they don't know i'd like to know why he has gone against the pledge he made in 2015 all seemingly that's what the manifesto is seeming to say when he actually could call this in the government for review right now and have him pace vote on it again. all through the campaign johnson's team have limited his appearance is limited his ability to make mistakes and his doj debates with other party leaders but not turning up to the only campaign event in your own constituency to force your own voters is something else again particularly when success isn't guaranteed. the constituency is an urban sprawl west of london rough around the edges and down on
6:49 pm
its luck boris johnson's majority is small enough that even as prime minister a win here isn't a given particularly since there are a large number of students at the local university likely to support the labor opposition as well as that there is much criticism of johnson's refusal to fully participate in this election i think in a way present something of a crisis in british politics if someone a senior is a prime minister refuses to take part in what is normal democratic convention now of course debates are a recent thing but interviews with senior journalists are not only the extent to which he seems to be dodging these would seem to present a problem in the longer term in the end johnson's place at the table was offered to independent candidates a comedy acts called counts been face he joined the other more serious politicians to discuss the airport expansion and everything else to a whole half empty because the most important politician. it all felt completely
6:50 pm
surreal what johnson has in his favor is that people seem to like having a prime minister as their local m.p. and as well as that this constituency voted for it and so johnson is their main cheerleader further than that though his plans for his constituency things like the airports will not be revealed before next week's election lawrence leigh al-jazeera usually. push themselves to the limits. of the south east asian games.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
all right cars here to talk sport i thought kemal hi there anthony joshua is heading into his rematch against andy murray's jr the lightest he's ever been for a while title fight britain weighed in at just under 108 kilograms that's more than 20 kilos lighter than his mexican opponent has pulled off when the biggest upsets of all time in june he stopped the then undefeated josh wanted to secure a 3 major world titles meanwhile reese goes into saturday's fight in saudi arabia nearly 7 kilos heavier than the last time. it was from really team chelsea have had their transfer ban reduced after a hearing at the court of arbitration for sport the decision means frank lampard scene will now be able to buy players during the january transfer window chelsea had been sanctioned for breaching rules on signing young players it was footballer
6:53 pm
of say he has agreed to an unusual loan deal the defender is swapping oxford united for reale kashmir so the key will be heading to one of the most politically contentious regions in the world there is john hall sat down with them to find out why he agree to the move you have played football professionally for pakistan. you're part indian in terms of heritage you're about to find yourself in of potentially an absolutely enormous potentially even nuclear storm when you head towards kashmir. does that worry you the militarism of the danger what's at stake. i think. for me i use it as exciting part of my next journey i'm not really thinking about the negatives of thinking about the positive or what i can bring and what it's going to bring to me as an individual i can definitely see that this is would be by far the most challenging issue that i'm going to be in
6:54 pm
and having paid for the pakistan national team having heritage from india my father i think there is no other better message that for boy doesn't matter where you come from what heritage you come from football ways about bringing people together and i think this for me is that is the message going to the region and that's something i'm trying to advocate for as well how much do you know about what to expect yes there will be security issues we have we have armed guards with us all the time i myself will be under protection etc. it's not your normal low mood and it's not your normal for training sessions but. i guess that i'm not a normal individual. women's wheelchair basketball teams are competing in championships in thailand this week which they hope will set them on the road to the paralympics in tokyo scott has been following the cambodian team as they aim to score points and change perceptions about disability in the country. sundar was 3
6:55 pm
when she tracked it polio it left her permanently disabled in cambodia there were few facilities and limited access for those with disabilities and soon has felt isolated and lonely for most of her life but earlier this year at the age of $25.00 she joined the cambodian women's wheelchair basketball team she'd never played before but saw it as a way to make friends and to be with people in a similar situation to herself. that maybe i did was that mountain mother so now not only do i get to be outside and i have my team mates i get to travel abroad for tournaments and i love. soon does team is in thailand competing in the asia championships which acts as qualifiers for the 2020 paralympics in tokyo the team is supported by the international committee of the red cross the i.c.r.c. it provides training and coaching even the wheelchairs all over. canadian joe higgins is head coach. he's played in coach wheelchair basketball for more than
6:56 pm
40 years including at the paralympics and really. the people of cambodia too long to inspire people with disabilities to want to be active to want to play sport to be the voice of the future to. ask. not for pity or favors but what they'd want if they were in the sack same face the spark that led to the i.c.r.c. wheelchair basketball programs came about 10 years ago in afghanistan the support involvement has grown steadily since now there are programs in more than 20 countries around the world the red cross is also supporting 2 other teams in the championships in afghanistan and india. the man behind the red cross involvement in wheelchair basketball was himself disabled after an accident he says the progress being seen in the sport comes from the players themselves and seeing that these
6:57 pm
amazing athletes are also people with disabilities and social change society's perspective of what those people with physical disabilities are really capable of and it's a gradual slow process but eventually you start to see a little bit of a sea change in terms of the opportunities that are available to people with physical disabilities so while the cambodian team might not be that successful on the scoreboard the victory comes from changing people's mind. scott how to al-jazeera thailand. now athletes for host nation the philippines continue to push themselves to the limit at the southeast asian games mary jo it's about fighting to reach the line and win a silver medal in the marathon a collective effort is paying off with the philippines on course to talk about still. and that is all your sport for now back to you or thank you for that more sport with fire in the news our team 100 hours g.m.t. that's about 2 hours time but we're back with more news right after the break keep
6:58 pm
it here on al-jazeera. they've been bringing the hall for years a political deadlock since the wretched referendum and the united still up so they divided will the general election in december that's both his old anything better than boris johnson get rex it done away does the u.k. go for media follow the u.k. general election on al-jazeera. global food production is wasteful and it's training our planet. but pioneers are adapting with new food sources
6:59 pm
jellyfish is delicious with a very light seafood taste and a texture and some that kind of marinade. and innovative production techniques i've seen of a whole farm before but never in a restaurant after say this is great earthrise feeding the 1000000000 on a jazzy. investigative journalism. global experts and discussion 3 times you've got a deal and you disagree with that deal because of the terrible twos the worst of the night was brought to us what you want to know stories from other angles. open your eyes to an alternative view of the world today you have to rethink pretty much everything thank you for talking to al-jazeera but both programmes to inspire you on al-jazeera the war on drugs in the philippines is pushing james to a breaking point a record number of inmates languish behind bars for
7:00 pm
a year awaiting trial one o one in philippines locked up on al-jazeera. praise for india's police as they shoot dead 4 men suspected of gang rape and murder of a woman which spot widespread protests. this is the world news from al-jazeera the world's largest oil producers have decided to cut oil production by half a 1000000 barrels will be live better pick headquarters in vienna also months of protests and.


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