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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 7, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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we're entering. 3 killed in a shooting at a florida naval base u.s. officials say the suspect is a member of the saudi air force who was there for training. hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're with al-jazeera also coming up on the program gunmen in calls opened fire on protesters in central baghdad killing at least 10 people. police in india are showered with sweet flowers and praise after they shoot dead 4 men suspected of raping and killing
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a woman in hyderabad. and months after they ousted their longtime president why algerians of protesting against next week's election to replace him. welcome to the program our top story a shooting at a u.s. naval base in florida has a 4 people dead including the gunman u.s. officials say the suspect was a member of the saudi air force who was in the united states for military training at least 8 people were injured and injured at the naval base in pensacola the gunman's motive is not clear and base remains sealed off while investigators search for evidence u.s. president donald trump says the saudi king called him to send his condolences and said he's directed his security services to cooperate with the investigation into the attack. the king said that the saudi people are greatly angered by the but
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american actions of the shooter and that this person in no way shape or form represents the feelings of the saudi people who love the american people so much so that was just given to me by the king of saudi arabia and i can tell you it's a horrible thing that took place and we're getting to the bottom of it all of the investigators are there now and they're studying it very closely i think there's obviously going to be a lot of questions about you know this individual being a foreign national being a part of the saudi air force and then to be here training on our soil that to do this and the f.b.i. is working with the dea they're working with the o.e. they're working with the scheme be a county sheriff's one of the things that i talked to the president about is given that this was a foreign national in the employ of a foreign service is an o.b. time to do this but obviously the government of saudi arabia needs to to make make
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things better for these victims and i think that they they're going to owe a debt here given that this is one of their individuals. let's get more now from my counter in washington on this and my president trump and his saudi counterpart wasted no time in trying to mitigate the effect of what has taken place but as we're hearing from the florida governor that could be some pressure on the saudis to. explain how something like this would have happened. well of d.d.'s there will be an investigation obviously those comments from the governor the governor there indicating that yes there will be pressure in terms of saudi arabia being requested to pay some form of reparation for this action the saudi individual concerned was a 2nd left in and to the saudi air force he was undergoing aviation training at the base now this is normally an 818 month syllabus that the would be aviators complete
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there are hundreds of foreign students on this particular if or space or aviation base and certainly there are also very stringent federal vetting processes in place that all the foreign pilots would have to go through before being accepted to study on this particular case so the 1st questions that are going to be honest is how did this individual get through the vetting process why did he have a handgun on a base on which personal weapons are banned so there are many questions in this investigation not least the one of whether this was an act of terror or what exactly the motive of the gunman was exactly we don't know the motive but some serious questions for the saudis to answer in terms of how somebody like this would have been would have overcome vetting procedures which would have happened there in order to end up at this training base in the united states beyond the political reaction has there been much of a public response just yet. well certainly there's
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a deep concern among the public and there is deep grieving among the public in pensacola which is essentially an aviation town it is surrounded by the air force civilians who work on the base is very much a part of that particular area and one is just realize as well how big this force base is that some 16000 permanent force people along with some 8000 civilians who travel on to the base every day to work so anything that impacts a space has a massive impact on the region as a whole and we've heard from the sheriff of the area we've heard from the governor that the effect that this has on this particular community but underlying it all is an added edge and that is that this is a foreign national in those questions you asked how did such a person get through the vetting 1st of all by the saudi authorities to be nominated for this particular course and secondly how he got through the vetting of
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several u.s. federal agencies which bit each and every international aviator who comes to train on the space thank you very much from washington mike hanna. well and on the story from the united states the white house has told congress it will refuse to participate in impeachment hearings against president on trump next week in a letter to judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler the white house counsel called the democrats' impeachment inquiry completely baseless patch of baloney wrote that house speaker nancy pelosi had ordered the democrats to proceed with articles of impeachment before hearing any evidence the democrats are aiming for a house vote on impeachment before christmas. in the last hour the democrat house of representatives has passed a resolution backing a 2 state solution to the conflict between israel and palestine the house voted 226 to 188 mostly along party lines for a non-binding pact that ensures the survival of these raids state and fulfills
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palestinian aspirations for their own homeland since becoming president donald trump has been condemned by palestinian and arab leaders this decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital move the u.s. embassy there and to also caught aid to the palestinians. will on the developing stories been from iraq where gunmen opened fire from cars on anti-government protesters in central baghdad killing at least 10 people well and 40 others were wounded in the shooting security officials say 2 policemen are among the dead it came hours after u.s. state department officials said washington had blacklisted 3 iran backed iraqi paramilitary leaders over that alleged roles in the killings of protest as someone a full tank is in baghdad and she says the incident is an unusual escalation of violence by armed groups against protesters and it's likely the death toll could rise. it seems to have been
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a targeted attack what appears to have happened is that a number of cars civilian cars with gunmen wearing civilian clothing and without any insignia pulled up to one of the buildings near one of the bridges close to tahrir square which has been the epicenter of the demonstrations in baghdad and then opened fire killing at least 10 but we're also getting reports that up to 15 protesters may have been killed during that attack with dozens injured so it's possible that the number of dead will rise in the coming hours because we're hearing that a lot of people were severely injured these gunmen then moved on to burn some of the tents and mattresses that were inside that building which protesters had used to camp out and then the violence moved in direction of tahrir square now one security source is telling us that iranian backed armed groups may be behind this attack but this is just one source and we cannot confirm this account of what is certain however it is an unusual escalation the violence we have seen so far has
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been as a result of anti-riot police firing either tear gas canisters or using live ammunition against the mustard as we haven't had this sort of attack of unknown gunmen opening fire to clearly target demonstrators in such a fashion now we're also hearing that 3 members of the law which is an armed group led by shared. have been killed while trying to protect their most traders this is according to the media office of milk that looks at a starter so this is an interesting development where you have one armed group trying to protect the demonstrators while they have another one attacking them and all of this comes at a time when a lot of demonstrators fear infiltration by different groups with different agendas trying to basically hijack these protests to pursue their own objectives so the situation remains very tense when we do hear that the violence has subsided over
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the past hour there is still some sounds of gunshots coming from the direction of tahrir square but the situation seems to have the escalated a little bit over the past hour. people across india have been set up bright enough to police shot dead 4 men suspected of raping and killing a 27 year old woman in hyderabad they've been taken back to the scene of the crime and police said they were killed when they attempted to escape but while many have welcomed the controversial killings human rights organizations say they are a dangerous precedent and show her reports from the daddy. that. was flowers and messages to congratulate them it's the kind of welcome police in india rarely receive but in hyderabad police are being praised for shooting 4 men accused of gang raping and murdering a 27 year old veterinarian dr last week police commanders say the accused were taken to the alleged crime scene to answer questions but try to escape one of the suspects is said to have snatched
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a policeman's gone and opened fire on the old offices and interesting and i was going to say i'm better but we don't use the computer to fire and. so on there are people talking dilation and they're going to be or doctors will want to the family of the murdered woman says justice has been delivered now he may have to for their family and i think this will be an example and no one even think of doing it. protests were organized in several cities across the country to seek justice. some parliamentarians have been speaking out one called for the lynching of rapists another advocated castration ideas with some with tim's support. shine i was 23 when a man whose marriage proposal she had refused threw acid on her she supports the police's action and also demanded that all the culprits be hanged. when rapists get
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the death penalty then we will stop protesting rapists should be hanged. however some crime experts say capital punishment is not an effective deterrent the killing of the 4 accused has been broken by many here who continue to be frustrated at length the delays in the justice system but several lawyers and women's rights activists say that justice must be delivered only by following proper legal procedures and they say that the stigma attached to rape victims that gives offenders much. is the real problem. activists say the government must address the wider problem of prejudice against women in a mostly male dominated society the same persons who are asking for the sky and of . custodial killings and lynch lynchings and so on are actually the ones who are both starting up or perpetrating battery aki and but perpetrating but react to latitudes towards women i think gang rape of a woman on
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a bus who later died of her injuries provoked massive protests and international outrage 7 years ago india's government responded by possible tougher penalties for rapists but experts say conviction rates haven't risen and others think improved policing a fast track justice system and attitude changes in society are all needed to reduce sexual violence against women throughout india. al-jazeera new delhi. and with al-jazeera live from london more still ahead after running from as strikes people displaced in syria are facing a new deadly challenge. and one last showdown in the run up to the u.k. election conservative and labor party leaders face off in their final television debate.
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and there's been a pretty rough start weather wise to australia's summer we've had hard times in perth breaking records the city heatwave in queens in them in brisbane's at 38 and of course where you don't see it is not really weather related just the fires still burning in new south wales and southern queensland and nothing weather wise is going to change that i'm afraid the few showers that are around are just a few showers the temperatures are hovering near normal and i have a place not melbourne looking quite as a 27 this is been a cold area. although if you're in tasmania it's still windy and wet temperature drop significantly in person down to 27 on saturday not much different on sunday if anything is what we have a little in melbourne but in adelaide the heat's coming out of the interior you're about to get another heatwave in brisbane slowly cooling down by much of the weather that has been i think the word is correct plaguing victoria has been sweeney truss the tasman sea says being clad lower right in the south of new
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zealand but picked up in that flow has been the smoke and it's been quite excessive smoke currently across sydney if you see a picture of sydney harbor bridge and the sky is orange but that's where it's being taken across the north around new zealand i think it'll be rained out and disappear but the pictures tell a cloudy and often wet one. own culture because $48.00 trillion dollars to save the planet can call the trading bring big polluters to heel silicon valley of the algorithms that discriminates against limited people of color plus putin shown by the west completes his pivot to the east. room of cost 0.
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come back here with al-jazeera live from london and look at the headlines now a shooting at a florida naval base has left 4 people dead including the gunman the u.s. officials have been saying that the suspect is a member of the saudi air force who was in the united states for training don't trump says he spoke to saudi arabia's king selman who expressed his condolences over the attack. at least 10 people have been killed by gunman firing from cars near a protest site in the iraqi capital baghdad 1140 all those wounded. people across india and celebrating off to police shot dead 4 men they're suspected of raping and killing a 27 year old woman in hyderabad they'd been taken back to the scene of the crime
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and police said they were killed when they attempted to escape. castle's foreign minister said he's hoping for a positive result after talks with saudi arabia speaking at a conference in rum shah mohammed bin abdul rahman a phony said talks with the kingdom had gone well a blockade has been in place since june 2017 when saudi arabia u.a.e. bahrain and egypt cut trade and diplomatic ties with. we have moved from a stalemate it's to some progress where there are some talks. that took place between us and the specifically and saudi and we hope that this these talks would lead. to a progress where we can see and. to feel for the quarter because i suspect. we go to vienna now where the organization of petroleum exporting countries has agreed to cut oil output by another 500000 barrels
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a day the idea is that less supply to the oil market will help stabilize a slump in prices but raising prices may not be that simple as a solid binge of aid reports from the. the world oil markets move on decisions made by ministers at the headquarters of opec for the last 3 years saudi arabia has led opec nations in reducing oil output by 1200000 barrels a day that was supposed to keep the demand supply ratio in check and keep oil prices between $50.00 to $65.00 per barrel saudi arabia has announced additional cuts beyond its opec quota what with oversupply from nano pick sources further cuts might be easier said than done as you know there are quite a few moments. including economic growth including 3 issue is countries like russia also play an important role being part of a wider opec plus group but with getting all they wanted one analyst told al-jazeera
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christmas came early for the russian delegation. we have come to the conclusion that splitting crude oil and condensate is more transparent and basically does not lead to any changes in the quota russia's quota before today's agreement is put in $228.00 barrels a day with all without condoms so there are no changes to the quota. production cuts are also meant to keep prices low enough so that u.s. shale oil producers can't make large profits which has helped the u.s. in becoming the world's leading oil producer cuts in the oil output of iran and venezuela because of u.s. sanctions meant it was relatively easier for opec to reduce production in 2019 when forward might not be that easy option a is watch while prices collapse nobody wants to see that again option b. is to again do the difficult work a signal into the market credible production cuts and that's the challenge for them here today is to make credible not just paper but credible production cuts. the
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bigger question is how will they get non-compliant nations to abide by the cuts countries need high oil prices and also the ability to sell the volume of oil required to support their budgets not paradoxes meant oil producers such as iraq agreed to output cuts but in reality that doesn't always happen in the car if you will hand over $250000.00 per day if to store more marketing gas armaan will mark about oil and therefore iraq and the minister of oil over iraq will be in a position i'm in a much better position for a come license. when opec was formed it was all about oil growth but with opec producers coming into the market bridging the demand supply gap the cartel of influence has dwindled and with a sharper focus on renewables as well as decreasing oil demand in the current global economy oil does not seem to have a guaranteed future summer job without
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a 0 at the opec headquarters. well jerry has held its 1st ever televised presidential debate ahead of next week's election earlier tens of thousands of people held their last friday protest before that vote which they've rejected is meaningless many demonstrators say they'll refuse to vote unless there's a complete change in the ruling elite than it smith reports. i. most of these protesters of our own to boycott next week's presidential election in algeria but those who turned out every friday for 42 weeks they said the poll is pointless army remains involved in politics and the old guard linked to the former leadership retain their jobs analysts predict of voter turnout of just 12 to 15 percent i don't think there will be an open in of for the political system what is happening in a the moment is some sort of inertia it gives the impression that something is happening that so many multi-party system exists or look presidential
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elections will take place next to the and so on and so forth but in reality nothing changes. there are 5 candidates in thursday's election as a team he is the youngest he like the other 4 either supported or served in the government a president abdelaziz bouteflika before he was forced to resign in april when confronted by mass protests i am he says thursday's election is the only way to end the standoff with the opposition. amnesty international says algeria security forces have escalated a crackdown on the protests the human rights group says there's been a wave of abra tree arrests and imprisonment of dozens of peaceful activists burnitz met. the leaders of the case 2 main parties and gone head to head in their final debate before next week's election went back to being the main topic of the election it was the subject boris johnson jeremy corbyn repeatedly crashed into. we
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cannot go on forever saying we represent the $48.00 or $52.00 i want to lead a government that represents the whole country and the whole community so we will within 3 months negotiate a live agreement with the european union that will protect trade and jobs and the peace process in northern ireland and put that alongside remain in a referendum within 6 months and what we can do with the deal that we have is get it done by january 31st you come out and then it to get to the question about the advantages we can do such things as improve our standards for animal welfare ban the live export of animals we can cut the 80 on tampons we can do things to create free ports around the country there are all sorts of ways in which we can regulate differently better. paul brennan is live for us now in maidstone just outside london where the debate took place and it was course was billed as the final showdown between these 2 who came out on top form.
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difficult to say i think the early straw polls that have been conducted by some of the polling companies would suggest that boris johnson probably aged it certainly both men i can say was significantly more enthusiastic an animated than i've seen them in recent days jeremy corbyn in the past week has been a little bit tired i felt when i've been looking at him watching him campaign events but tonight he was he was very animated very enthusiastic they clashed on bricks it is as we heard there boris johnson challenge by jeremy corbin as to how he can say he can get it done when the reality is they'll be 7 more years of negotiating over trade and boris johnson challenging jeremy corwin to answer the question well how can you advocate a brics a deal that you yourself will remain neutral and you won't even say what your deal is or how you're going to negotiate it so that they were both going at each other. entirely predictably but it was a wider debate i thought the moderator did very well to keep it bouncing along
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quick fire questions on law and order on the n.h.s. and i think that there was no knockout blow and so with 5 days of campaigning left before the country goes to the polls next thursday remains to be seen how much of a difference this debate made as far as the 13 or 14 percent of people that are estimated to still be undecided at this late stage of the campaign and during the course of the campaign paul there have been many claims and promises and pledges on a number of different issues made of course by both parties how important is trustworthiness coming in all of this does does that matter. well i tell you one of the surprises for me was that was that trust was mentioned but it wasn't a massive issue. as far as time goes in this in this debate tonight that the actual political issues were war mentioned i was surprised for example there's
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a whole hall who is a president worth the at the british embassy in washington who quit with a scathing letter saying that you couldn't stand peddling half truths anymore for political masters that i thought might be brought in by labor by jeremy called and it wasn't but just was mentioned but it wasn't really an intrinsic part of a central theme of this t.v. debate that said tonight we heard that boris johnson will not be doing the andrew neil interview a set piece half hour b.b.c. interview underneath a famously stroke notoriously direct and rigorous interviewer all the other leaders have been interviewed by him during the course of this campaign boris johnson has declined to face that level of interrogation trust it's it is an issue it's a central issue and it remains to be seen how much of an issue will be with the
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with the voters come next thursday thank you very much from maidstone paul brennan stormbringer story now from the democratic republic of congo because there are reports around 30 people have been killed in a new massacre in the eastern part of the country and follows a series of violent attacks by rebels in and around benny the ally democratic forces an armed group with roots in uganda have killed more than 100 civilians since october a groups have suspended operations in the area following attacks on their facilities by a different rebel group last month. and just a couple of stories from kenya at least 8 people have been killed in an attack on a bus near the border with somalia the attack took place near the area of to know the somali based al shabaab group claiming responsibility has vowed retribution on kenya for sending troops to somalia to fight al shabaab and then 3 people are dead and 11 have been rescued after a 6 story residential building collapsed in kenya's capital nairobi it's not clear how many people were inside when it came down on friday but the red cross believes
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22 families might have lived in the building because of the collapse is not yet known but there are but they are common in kenya where a recent survey found 58 percent of nairobi's buildings are unfit for habitation. now winter weather and floods in syria are adding to the plight of refugees there they are sheltering in camps in north west and many have been driven from their homes as pro-government forces hunt opposition fighters matheson has the story. another frontline in the battle to survive in syria these boys try to stop floodwaters sweeping into makeshift tents which other families only shelter from torrential rains there. look at us we are helpless the rains attacked us last night and we lost everything we face the rains in the cold weather and we don't know what to do there is no heating and there is no firewood to cook. i am from the amir village and i left my village because of the barbaric attacks on her. we have going
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to splice for 5 months between start protect us from the rains it is scarily cold for the children and we have no money to buy shoes or clothes for the. syrian government forces backed by russian warplanes pounded concha home in august attempting to drive out opposition fighters several times in syria's province have been under attack for months. aid agencies estimate nearly a 1000000 syrians are huddled in camps in adelaide like this one but winter has come and so has heavy rain yes madeleine my 3rd rains shocked us the last the food and the clothes because the terms flooded we need blankets and clothes we have nothing and we need almost everything. because of the rain the whole camp is flooded with water half of the camp will be destroyed if the rain continues its a disastrous situation. many people like those in this camp have seen their homes
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destroyed now the latest it is from nature itself rob patterson obviously. just a quick look at the top stories this hour now a shooting at a u.s. naval base in florida has left 4 people dead including the gunman u.s. officials say the suspect was a member of the saudi air force who was in the united states for military training at least 8 people were injured at the naval base in pensacola the gunman's motive is not clear u.s. president on trump says the saudi king called him to send his condolences and said he's directed his security services to cooperate with the investigation into the attack. the king said that the story people were greatly angered by the burka actions of the shooter and that this person you know where shape or form represents the feelings of these sort of people who love the american people so much so where
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they were just given by the king of saudi arabia and i can tell you it's a horrible thing that took place and we're getting to the bottom of it all of the investigators are there now and they're studying it very closely. we've been following developments in iraq tonight where at least 10 people have been killed by gunman firing from cars near of protest site in central baghdad more than 40 others have been wounded in what appears to be a targeted attack against protesters scares the officials are also saying 2 policemen are among the dead. people across india have been celebrating after police shot dead 4 men suspected of right thing in killing a 27 year old woman in hyderabad they've been taken back to the scene of the crime and police said they were killed when they try to escape white house has told congress that will refuse to take part in impeachment hearings against president
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donald trump next week in a letter to judiciary chairman jerry nadler the white house counsel called the democrats' impeachment inquiry completely baseless the democrats aiming for a house vote on impeachment before christmas. and in all the developments the democrat led house of representatives has passed a resolution backing a 2 state solution to the conflict between israel and palestine the vote was mostly along party lines for a non-binding pact that ensures the survival of the israeli state and fulfills palestinian aspirations for their own state those the headlines this hour that's it for myself and the team here in london counting the cost is the program coming up next the king how much is needed to save the planet from climate change as always our website as well al-jazeera dot com stay with us.
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hello i'm adrian finighan and this is counting the cost on al-jazeera a weekly look at the world of business and economics this week as campaigners to man the world does more to tackle climate change we delve into the multibillion dollar carbon trading market is it fit for purpose or are the biggest polluters being given a free pass. big data and algorithms that discriminates we find out why women and people of color continue to get a raw deal from silicon valley plus president putin shunned by the west completes his pivot to the east. side his already suggest that the planet may have crossed a series of tipping.


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