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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 7, 2019 5:00am-6:01am +03

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plus putin shown by the west completes his pivot to the east counting the cost on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan this is the al-jazeera news hour live from coming up in the next 60 minutes the government of saudi arabia needs to make make things better for these victims a saudi national opens fire on a classroom on a u.s. naval base killing 3 people and injuring 11 others. at least 9 people are shot dead in iraq near a protest site in baghdad's kilani square.
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india's police are called heroes after they kill 4 men suspected of gang rape and murder in a case that sparked a nationwide outrage. and they're calling it the mega fire several australian bush fires are now so big authorities say they cannot be contained. welcome to the program federal agents are investigating the motive the i'm friday's deadly attack at a u.s. naval base in florida a saudi national was being trained at the base opened fire in a classroom and killed 3 people it was one of many 200 foreign nationals in a training course mike hanna reports from washington d.c. . naval air station pensacola was immediately placed in a state of lockdown as were the surrounding neighborhoods where many of the 16000 personnel at the base live along with some 7000 civilians who work there each day.
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and maybe spokesman confirmed it was a saudi national training at the base who opened fire in a classroom we have the international training syllabus we have students from from several different countries that come here they learned aviation they become naval aviators while they're here laura does governor was quickly on the scene and while briefing president trump on the phone raise the question of reparations one of the things that i talk to the president about is given that this was a foreign national in the employ of a foreign service is you know be time to do this but obviously the government of saudi arabia needs to to make make things better for these victims and i think that they they are going to owe a debt here the saudi king contacted president trump to express his nation's condolences thinking that the saudi people have made me angry by the actions of the shooter and that this person in no way shape or form represents the feelings of the
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saudi people who love the american people so much the base is very much part of the local community which is now beginning to come to terms with the loss of their grieving mothers and fathers today who will never recover from this day the f.b.i. is assisting local law enforcement officials in the investigation the primary toss to establish an exact motive and to find out how the saudi national got through the extensive vetting process that all foreign nationals attending training undergo mike hanna al-jazeera washington when annie i spoke to if to cause a scene a fellow in georgetown university and a human rights lawyer i asked him what impact this will have on u.s. not even nation. to be honest yeah i think that it's going to have very little diplomatic compact between the united states and saudi arabia i mean the trumps the very hate relationship with both king solomon and crown prince a month better known as m.p.'s i think the bigger impact is going to be on.
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islamophobia here in the united states you're already seeing many right wing conservative republican lawmakers both in in florida and nationwide holding this an act of terrorism when we see these sorts of same and shootings happening on a daily according to the gun violence are as of december 1st this year there's actually been more mass shootings in the united states and there have been days there's been $380.00 match meetings and $335.00 days just yesterday a day before the pensacola shooting there was a national in prague in an old way but since that. muslim that was the next terrorism so my concern is more so there it is with you know this being used as a political football many right. that it is obvious that will magically. florida's governor says there's obviously going to have a questions asked about the shooter we know he's a foreign national he's part of the saudi air force and obviously he was training
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on u.s. soil what sort of questions then will the shooting itself throw up do you think. well i think the main question out for him out from a logistical standpoint there is obviously going to be in terms of that it's to ensure that you know most people who enter military installations in the united states their names are run against f.b.i. criminal databases probably for foreign nationals against interpol criminal not only but unless you have a criminal record unless you know outstanding warrants are talent you're probably not going to show up and you know somebody who has served in the armed forces of a foreign nation probably do not have any sort of long record node of showing up on an inner all or an f.b.i. database. also and i want to pick up on something you mentioned earlier because one congressional representative in florida says this indeed is a terrorist incident and not just workplace violence but fall into the trainees have been studying in pensacola that we know for a decade so is anything likely to change do you think the short answer is no i
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think that the long answer is trying to understand you know how things are frankly and united in the media where we see these sorts of national teams according to a 21000 university of alabama study handing out and. when he mass shootings committed by that receives 300 injured 7 percent more media coverage than a mass shooting committed by anonymous and oftentimes when he actually is committed by people who are not muslim the term terrorism and. even he roots for the discussion but again anytime there is an arab or a muslim who commits a mass shooting the terms here isn't the framing of caring for look in the new year i am we're connecting that is what is the most disconcerting think here to baghdad now where a gunman has killed at least 10 people in iraq's capital the shooting happened near a protest site in kalani square in central baghdad. it comes on a day when iraq's top shiite cleric called for a new prime minister to be chosen without foreign interference and the u.s.
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imposed sanctions on for iraq use of human rights abuses and corruption the sanctions target people reportedly linked with iran backed militia groups some of the folks in is in baghdad and says the incident is an unusual escalation in the violence. it seems to have been a targeted attack what appears to have happened is that a number of cars civilian cars with gunman wearing civilian clothing and without any insignia pulled up to one of the buildings near one of the bridges close to tahrir square which has been the epicenter of the demonstrations in baghdad and then opened fire killing at least 10 but we're also getting reports of up to 15 protesters may have been killed during that attack with dozens injured so it's possible that the number of that will rise in the coming hours because we're hearing that a lot of people were severely injured these gunmen then moved on to burn some of the tension mattresses that were inside that building which protesters had used to camp out and then the violence moved in direction of tahrir square now one security
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source is telling us that iranian backed armed groups may be behind this attack but this is just one stories and we cannot confirm this account of what is certain however it is an unusual escalation the violence we have seen so far has been as a result of anti-riot police firing either tear gas canisters or using live ammunition against the mustard as we haven't had this sort of attack of unknown gunmen opening fire to clearly target demonstrators in such a fashion now we're also hearing that 3 members of the law which is an armed group led by shared. have been killed while trying to protect their most traders this is according to the media office of milk that makes that a starter so this is an interesting development where you have one armed group trying to protect the demonstrators while they have another one attacking them and all of this comes at a time when a lot of demonstrators fear infiltration by different groups with different agendas
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trying to basically hijack these protests to pursue their own objectives so the situation remains very tense when we do hear that the violence has subsided over the past hour there is still some sounds of gunshots coming from the direction of tahrir square but the situation seems to have the escalated a little bit over the past hour. well final is to bodies a former iraqi diplomat he says iran is interested in political change in iraq but has its own issues to deal with this seems to be a significant escalation not because it's the worst single day of violence by the clause in part it comes on the same day that the ground 0 for law has done the issued his statement today about peaceable demonstrators and the obligation of the security forces to protect a peaceable demonstrators as well as telling the demonstrators that they must remain peaceful and it looks like it's an effort by at least some in the political
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block to disperse the demonstrations of that they can make some. changes and keep doing business as usual that's my fear some sources suggest there are verizon groups backed by iran who have their own agendas i mean if it's true why would they want to hijack the protest movement do you think iranians are about to have their own protests of them so they can't be looking at these demonstrations with any degree you know of saying going into. the. sectarian dispensation in iraq that those 2003 settlement suits iran to which she that is precisely what these demonstrators are rejecting. and i think iran has a real interest and thence in intruding that genuine political reform does not come to iran. indian police have shot dead 4 men suspected of raping and killing
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a 27 year old woman in the southern state of telangana but he said they were killed while trying to escape many in india have welcomed the controversial killings but activists describe the incident as a dangerous precedent reports now from new delhi was flowers and messages to congratulate them it's the kind of welcome police in india rarely receive but in hyderabad police are being praised the shooting for men accused of gang raping and murdering a 27 year old veterinarian dr last week police commanders say the accused were taken to the alleged crime scene to answer questions but try to escape one of the suspects is said to have snatched a policeman's gone and opened fire on the order officers may be interesting and i'm going to sound bad but we don't use the computer to fire and. so on there are you know when. i listen to their games on the board i just want them
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the family of the murdered woman says justice has been delivered now he may have been here and i think this will be an example and when even think of doing it. protests were organized in several cities across the country to seek justice. some parliamentarians have been speaking out one called for the lynching of rapists another advocated castration ideas with some with tim's support. shine i was 23 when a man whose marriage proposal she had refused threw acid on her she supports the police's action and also demanded that other culprits be hanged. when rapists get the death penalty then we will stop protesting rapists should be hanged. however some crime experts say capital punishment is not an effective deterrent the killing of the poor. by many here who continue to be frustrated at the delays in the
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justice system but several lawyers and women's rights activists say that justice must be delivered only by following proper legal procedures and they say that the stigma. that gives offend as much leave it is the real problem. activists say the government must address the wider problem of prejudice against women in a mostly male dominated society the same persons who are asking for this kind of. killings and lynch lynchings and so on are actually the ones who are both standing up. and perpetrating steward's women. the gang rape of a woman on a bus who later died of her injuries provoked massive protests and international outrage 7 years ago india's government responded by passing a law with tougher penalties. but experts say conviction rates haven't risen and others think improved policing
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a fast track justice system and attitude changes in society are all needed to reduce sexual violence against women throughout india. al-jazeera new delhi. and in a separate case a rape victim allegedly set on fire by the men accused of her attackers died 23 year old was on my way to court when she was attacked a woman had told the police she was beaten and stabbed before 5 men set her on fire . but also it's coming on the news hour including a desperate search for survivors after a 6 story building collapse in kenya killing at least 3 and trapping many others. and why thousands of afghan refugees and workers are choosing to leave iran and returning to the dangers of their homes. and in support the countdown is on the boxing is 1st of a heavyweight title fight in the middle east details from the rule is just a way of coming up in the sport a little bit later. in
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australia several fires have combined into a single so-called mega fire the blaze north of sydney has been stoked by strong winds more than 100 fires are burning in the state of new south wales it's leaving a shroud of smoky orange awning of a sydney hazardous smoke a score some sporting events to be canceled an outdoor workers stand. so it's another smoky day in sydney and right across new south wales and we're seeing evidence in our surveillance systems that this smoke is having an impact on people's health just over the last week we've seen a 25 percent increase in the number of people presenting to our emergency departments with aspirin and breathing problems that's an increase from an average of about 900 to just over 1100 people so what that means is that this is having an effect and it just reinforces the need for people particularly those with existing heart lung conditions to take the conditions seriously and do what they can to avoid exposure. a rescue operation is underway in kenya after
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a residential building collapsed in nairobi at least 3 people died in the incident at the raaf is 7 others remain trapped got up as high on reports. the 6 storey building was home to more than 20 families it's now the site of a rescue operation in kenya's capital amid the rubble emergency crews desperately look for survivors it was neighbors who 1st arrived to the scene looking for victims and sifting through the debris with their bare hands many were found injured and covered in dust but alive the best given minute by now. after the building collapse this morning we rushed in and tried to rescue as many people as possible we're still here doing what we can to find more victims. during the search a glimpse of hope crowds cheer when a child is rescued and carried out on a stretcher. but nearby 1st responders walked through the rubble
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taking a newborn wrapped in a blanket to safety others weren't as lucky. we've rescued several people but on the other side of the building our team found 2 women who unfortunately died. recent heavy rain made the rescue effort more challenging resources were stretched thin and access to the site took longer than usual collapsed buildings are common in kenya with a high demand for housing regulations are often ignored by developers. a 2015 audit of king is buildings revealed that nearly 60 percent were unfit or unsafe to live in the investigation was ordered by president who can yatta after 8 buildings collapsed and now years later a similar tragedy has left an entire community and disbelief cuts here locally so the young al-jazeera. meanwhile thousands have been displaced in southern kenya in
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the last week after the river tama burst its banks more than 130 people have died across the country since october as a result of flooding and landslides caused by heavy rains malcolm webb reports now from turner is a county. this is the village of a tatar. suliman daddy is its chief he showed us what's left after the river town of burst its banks every year there is a rain that is what. we come full force water we throw out of our. house we're going to decamp suliman and all his neighbors had to flee to higher ground this is his house. inside everything that he couldn't carry away is ruined most of the houses here are built of sticks and stones walls have been washed away
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so this whole structure will have to be taken down and built again from scratch and that can only be done when the rains stop and the floodwaters subsides chickens lived in this shelter they were all washed away most people's lives stock suffered the same fate along the banks of the river farms and crops have been completely destroyed that's the next harvest so in the months ahead many people here will be suffering from a serious food shortage there's hardly anything to eat or drink at the nearby camp it's now home for the whole community. more than 4000 people are staying here they're waiting for the government to bring emergency supplies. we need food we have no pots and pans everything has been swept away is sleeping on the sand last night my child was bitten by a scorpion every year we come here because of the water problem we just need to be resettled in
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a new area. blankets and plastic sheet from the red cross to help people shelter from the rain that just keeps coming we used against heavy flooding. but this time it is becoming. now it is one. out of a flood we got into a drought and we are back in. power who roofers home was washed away last year as well 71 years old she says the flooding this year and last year is the worst she's ever known. when the flood rich my home it collapsed it washed away both of my goats and all my other perceptions how was among thousands who have been displaced by flooding in kenya in recent weeks dozens of died un scientists expect to extreme rain events to increase in eastern and southern africa as the world gets warmer and more rain is forecast in the coming days. it's not the 1st time she
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and her community have been displaced by flooding and it probably won't be the last mile com web al-jazeera turner river county kenya a gas explosion at an apartment block in the back in town of pressel was killed at least 5 people the blast caused the fire which ripped through the top 5 floors of the 12 story building the roof and an internal staircase also ok then firefighters say the building is at risk of collapsing the town's mayor called it the biggest tragedy in 50 years. anglo merkel has visited the birkenau memorial for the 1st time in her 14 years as a german chancellor merkel told the death camp along with the polish prime minister lang reed said in a tourist death war where victims were executed during world war 2 she announced a 60000000 euro dinner to help preserve what was the nazis biggest death camp merkel's trip follows in the footsteps of 2 former german chancellor who visited
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the site before their terms ended thousands of afghan workers and refugees are leaving iran each week because of the dire economic situation caused by u.s. sanctions and as tony burton found out for some afghans the desperation for work now outweighs the dangers they once ran from. getting a job in iran provided a lifeline for many afghans crossing the border was both and a skate from fighting between taliban and government forces as well as from u.s. airstrikes. but the afghans couldn't escape the u.s. sanctions which would cripple the iranian economy many have left because of hyperinflation. prices for food have doubled and it's hard for us to find the jobs it's hard living in iran because our wages lost so much value in the price of basic things increased a lot and it's difficult to survive here. at the iran afghanistan border crossing point at islam color really 500000 afghans are returned so far this year adding
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further to the overstretched resources of aid organizations coping with the country's internally displaced one point it was an estimated $3000000.00 afghans in around half of them illegally those who are caught without identification documents are deported even unaccompanied children. they denied. attention families and for us this stuff they did 40 of. them in. an economist's truck. those without papers could be treated harshly. the police hit me with an electric rod and i fell into a ditch i was not able to move my leg but there are no jobs in afghanistan so i will try and go back when my leg is better than ali is one of the desperate he is heading to iran even though times there are hard but he is the sole bread winner for 12 family members and something is better than nothing.
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i know it is expensive in iran but if i understand there is hardly a need to. pay only a few dollars a day that's not enough family afghans are having to make stark and often life changing choices. afghans may have been suffering economically but at least they were safe in iran they're now returning to a country that is dangerous and highly unpredictable and once again their futures are far from certain tony virtually out his era islam call a border crossing between iran and afghanistan palestinians in the gaza strip resumed their weekly protest to demand an end to israeli occupation of gaza health ministry says at least $27.00 people were injured on friday some by live fire demonstrations were canceled for 3 weeks after an escalation of violence between gaza and israel palestinian want an end to israel's 13 year blockade of the strip so they can return to their ancestral home. qatar's foreign minister says he hopes for positive results after talks with saudi arabia speaking at
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a conference in rome chef mohammed been under rocket and out there any said talks with the kingdom had gone well a blockade has been in place since june 2017 when saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt all cut trade and diplomatic ties with cattle. we have moved from a stalemate it's to some progress where there are some talks. that took place between us and. specifically and saudi and we hope that this these talks would lead. to a progress where we can see an end. to 4 off the coast of the crisis. time for a short break here now does iraq when we come back the british prime minister and the opposition leader clash in their final t.v. debate before next week's election. and now a changing climate is affecting the heart of a $1000000000.00 fishing economy in maine. and of course we need the wheelchair
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basketball team aiming to score points on change perceptions about disability more on that status. how the rain is easing. over eastern china more especially over taiwan but doesn't look but underneath it was a broken up tropical cyclones a bit of mass of rain around the southern japanese islands and in taiwan it's still there's a green spot on your screen but the chinese buying land looking find the temperatures stabilised 10 degrees in shanghai and $21.00 in hong kong cold at night but not particularly cold to be honest all the action appears to be further east there's no real encroachments in further winter the skies clear in taiwan and the rain disappears otherwise it's a spot the different story the rain has picked up for the surface nothing much in
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the philippines we've had a chance to have their own city dump its most year on borneo in the form of sun still in heavy rain sudden sumatra as well peninsular malaysia to some degree more especially java and not so much so away sea so this is the area to watch for heavy rain if you're flying to k.l. singapore you just buy on the edge of it now the rain really is going south and sumatra is pretty difficult to discern from that point of view. now we've got the northeast monsoon really starting now to be producing some heavy rain strong banca curiously it's also been producing a tropical soccer in the arabian sea which is even now affecting somalia. the weather sponsored by catherine was. december on al jazeera as this year comes to an end we look ahead to 2020 and the stories that may shape the year people in power investigates the shocking treatment of disabled people in
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eastern europe skakel deciding the future of the u.k. and its place in europe will the general election result the breaks it is she's a story of palestinian women wasn't about purgative the struggle for freedom against all on and the world's best football teams had to cancel for the fee for club world cup 2019 joining us for special coverage of december on al-jazeera. the war on drugs in the philippines is pushing to a breaking point a record number of inmates languish behind bars for awaiting trial. on al-jazeera.
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welcome back to the top stories here on the news hour shooting at a u.s. naval base in florida has left 4 people dead including the gunman authorities say the suspect was a saudi national was receiving flight training. at least 10 people have been killed after gunmen opened fire in iraq the shooting happened near a protest site in kalani square in central baghdad. indian police have shot dead 4 men suspected of rape and murder but he said they were killed when they tried to escape the case has reignited nationwide protests about attacks on that. now governments in southeast asia say more regional cooperation is needed to tackle a growing drug problem much of the methamphetamine and opium comes from me and groups use drug money to fund their wars against the government but as 1 may now reports one of those army says it's anti drugs and is stepping up its fight against
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addiction. in this part of me and armed rebels are in control and they make the rules if you're addicted to drugs and get caught you're detained and put to work even those who aren't from this area are subject to the arbitrary laws of the tongue national liberation army. t.n.l. a have checkpoints and they stop people who pass through their territory they tested by your own and i didn't pass and then they brought me here i didn't have a chance to defend myself and when they ordered me to come here i had to follow. the t.l.a. is a relatively small but active rebel army based in shan state which is one of me and mars main drug growing and manufacturing areas it's involved in regular fights with the me and my military and other ethnic minority militias that are allied with government forces the tongue say they don't want independence but autonomy they also say they're not involved in the drug trade but like other rebel groups they've been accused of human rights abuses including kidnapping and forcing people to join
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their ranks critics say the drug rehabilitation centers are also illegal addicts are taken to remote secret locations with are held for 3 months the methods often result in injuries but the t.n.l. a say they work and they're essential to combat the growing use of methamphetamine and heroin. when them in villages the addicts run away and hide and i don't arrest anyone so we worry that people who live here will become drug addicts little destroy the future for the tongue people so we arrest all addicts and dealers regardless of where they come from there are many legacies of me and miles long running civil wars and almost 50 years of military rule areas like this have been left behind through a lack of development and opportunity which is helped to provide space for armed groups to operate with impunity wayne hay al jazeera.
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now the leaders of the u.k.'s 2 main political parties have clashed in the final t.v. debate before next week's election brings it on the national health service were on the key issues discussed al-jazeera as poor brennan was at the debate. a week from today one of these 2 men will be britain's new prime minister a month since the campaign began and with just days until it finishes this t.v. debate was the last chance for voters to compare and contrast these 2 leaders side by side predictably dominated the early exchanges mr johnson will spend at least 7 years ago shaping the usa on access to our public services on the price of medicines in britain on the access to our national health service and so what he will do is walk out of a relationship with the e.u. into a relationship with nobody everybody on the labor front bench is campaigning to remain apart from mr goldman who's who is neutral on the matter who is going to secure this deal how can you get a deal a new deal from brussels for bret's it if you don't actually believe in it it was
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a fast paced encounter skipping swiftly from their rival plans for the national health service how the parties intend to pay for their election promises and even a question about socialism vs capitalism johnson tackled corbin on labor's alleged anti semitism problem corp in challenge johnson on fake news and misleading slogans on campaign process and at the end both men addressed the audience directly. the future really is ours to make together we can tackle the climate emergency and child poverty and properly fund our national health service on thursday you can choose hope and vote for real change we can get threats done get out of neutral and get a parliament that works for you and on your priorities the n.h.s. the cost of living $20000.00 more police more cash for our schools let's get it done on the basis of this t.v. debate though with just 5 campaigning days left before polling day there are no signs of a shift in gear from either of the 2 main parties on labor got
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a vast offering and cold in the mix supposedly is relatively popular so it's definitely important for labor to try and branch out but the conservatives it is all about getting back to don the government minister and. shadow minister argument that in the spin room here backstage at the t.v. debates it's indicative i think of just how divisive this election campaign has been the t.v. debate really only serving to emphasize the stark choices that voters face when they go to the polling booths next thursday britain is a divided country polarized by political tribalism and these 2 main contenders for prime minister both have very different ideas about how to address that brennan al-jazeera maidstone. it's been a week since the attack on london bridge in which 2 people were killed and many others injured in the attack at least one can have a conviction for terrorism and was released early from prison last year he was taking part in a rehabilitation program when he began stabbing people and the attack has led to
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many questions about the effectiveness of such initiatives and he reports. they were dedicated to helping people whatever prisoners or former prisoners had done in the past jack merritt was 25 and saskia jones just 23. murdered in london by card who don't need being out of prison for 11 months after serving just half a sentence for a bomb plot. com grew up in stoke on trent he had an unremarkable childhood the by his teens he was known to the police and many here like elsewhere are asking how can could spend so long behind bars and still come out and kill clearly in the case of this individual the rehabilitation system has failed because having spent 7 years in prison he has gone out and committed the murder of 2 innocent people so the system does need looking at both men can was released from prison in december
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and taken part in a rehabilitation program but he was still deemed a risk he was restricted in who we could meet and where he could go and he had to wear an electronic tag so the authorities knew where he was. khana been helped by cambridge university's learning together rehabilitation program but months before we was given permission to travel alone to london last friday he even written a poem expressing his gratitude to stand up it's unclear whether he'd been deceiving them all along whether his violent ideology had at any point way that the attack counsellor to an urgent debate about those in prison who've been convicted of terror offenses and those who already been released all are off with what the government calls the distance and disengagement program which aims to rehabilitate people who've been involved in terror related activity and reduce the risk they pose to the u.k. this man can have been on the course he was in prison for over 70000 hours he would
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have spent possibly a few dozen hours engaged in any form of the radicalization program and just using common sense never mind expertise but just using common sense how can a few hours or untested the radicalization programs be expected to do anything when everything you're doing data day is tell him you're a terrorist of course some warn that it may be impossible to ever change the mindset of those who support the kind of ideology practiced by calm others say cuts to services and making it even more difficult to try there are many an answer questions as to how 2 innocent people with so much to offer lost their lives and he would al-jazeera stoke on trent. donald trump says he will delay a move to designate mexican drug cartels as terrorist organizations at the request of the mexican president and that his money praise the decision saying it was
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a very good move he also urged for a joint plan to tackle drug traffickers trumpet said last week the designation would disrupt cartels financing by imposing sanctions. the white house says it will not participate in impeachment hearings next week a letter from the white house counsel has criticized the inquiry as baseless trump faced a friday deadline to notify the house committee if intended to send a representative to face questions on monday the house speaker nancy pelosi ordered articles of impeachment against the president on thursday and a u.s. supreme court judge has temporarily blocked the release of president trump's financial records to house democrats trump asked the court to consider the emergency request on thursday an appeals court in new york ordered 2 banks to comply with subpoenas those subpoenas have been blocked for now. a jury at a court in los angeles has cleared tesla's c.e.o. in the mosque in a defamation lawsuit the case relates to musts tweet referring to the british diver
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vernon unsworth as a paedo guy worth was part of an operation to bring out told boys trapped in a cave in thailand last year last post of the tweet after unsworth rejected his offer of a mini submarine to help with the rescue greece has given libya's ambassador 72 hours to leave the country in the latest escalation of a dispute over a controversial maritime border deal turkey and libya have signed an agreement that maps out a sea boundary between them in the eastern mediterranean close to the greek island of crete one of the why it has reaction from tripoli. the decision by the greek foreign ministry to expose libya's ambassador to things has raised a wave of criticism both in libya and in turkey the decision which has come immediately after the turkish parliament in dorset the agreement that was sealed between turkey and libya last week which includes maritime jurisdiction along with
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security and military cooperation between the 2 countries in libya the tripoli. foreign minister. told a russian news agency that the greek decision is unacceptable and if greece believes that the agreement is not in its favor or against its interests then greece can seek international justice also said that this agreement it was turkey the talks for the agreement to started years ago and it was set forth last year and was sealed and finalized this year c.l.r. also said that there have been talks between libya and greece regarding the same issue but the talks failed which started in 2004 during the former regime of moammar gadhafi now also in libya the head of the high state council here in libya sad that the grieg decision is
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a kind of diplomatic bullying and in turkey the turkish foreign minister. said the decision is against diplomatic norms. now 6 months since the start of the latest series of mass protests demanding change in hong kong ahead of another government run he planned this sunday police have given reporters rare access to their bomb disposal headquarters they say they've got rid of more than 10000 petrol bombs scenes from student protesters sarah clarke has more. sit in the hills behind central hung. kong is a city's only explosive disposal managed by the police force it's a last port of call for explosives and devices considered too risky for other emergency services to handle i think the biggest surprise was was a large seizure of 2 i think the point about time was unexpected to the police just to see a homemade explosive of that nature appearing in hong kong in that quantity. explosive
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chemicals often used to make homemade bombs since the added government protests began 6 months ago the bomb disposal bureau says it's dealt with an increasing number of explosives and raw chemicals used to manufacture makeshift weapons. place a 10000 petrol bomb seized from the polytechnic university were detonated at the depôt this week. but the going to be would ever expect to be dealing with $10000.00 bombs but yes certainly the other thing i ever expect to be doing with petrol bombs . in hong kong and certainly to be dealing with $10000.00 is this remarkable along with with the raw materials to go with. more than a 1000 protesters were arrested at polytechnic university after students barricaded themselves up inside for almost 2 weeks last month since the siege ended at the polytechnic university this dipper has become the king collection point that spices
5:43 am
found at the campus but the team's head doesn't just dead nice they called up to clear the suds where the explosives have been night. the protests were initially in opposition to the extradition bill which would have seen fugitives in hong kong extradited to the mainland for trial the proposal was scrapped but the anger has now morphed into an anti-government movement demanding less control from china's leaders in beijing parts of hong kong remain paralyzed by the recent demonstrations police i protest has destroyed more the. $700.00 traffic lights many are yet to be repaired police have condemned demonstrators as radical rioters pro-democracy groups are under pressure to do the same but said the police out of line they are part of a movement we stand with the charter them with them whatever the escalation of their actions we see always poor and triggered by the unnecessary and excessive
5:44 am
force police have approved a pro-democracy rally this sunday it's planned to mark the 6 month anniversary of demands for change and is expected to attract a large crowd sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong. winter weather and floods in syria are adding to the plight of hundreds of thousands of war refugees sheltering in camps in the northwestern province of idlib matheson reports. another front line in the battle to survive in syria these boys try to stop floodwaters sweeping into makeshift tents which other families only shelter from torrential rains there. look at us we are helpless the rains attacked us last night and we lost everything we face the rains and the cold weather and we don't know what to do there is no heating and there is no firewood to cook. and i am from the amir village and i left my village because of the barbaric attacks on a handshake we have going to splice for 5 months the teams don't protect us from
5:45 am
the rains it is scarily cold for the children and we have no money to buy shoes or clothes for the. syrian government forces backed by russian warplanes pounded concha cone in august attempting to drive out opposition fighters several towns in syria's province have been under attack for months. aid agencies estimates nearly a 1000000 syrians are huddled in camps like this one in adelaide but winter has come and so has heavy rain yes larry lead my phone rains shocked us the last the food and the clothes because the terrorists flooded we need blankets and clothes we have nothing and we need almost everything. because of the rain the whole camp is flooded with water half of the camp will be destroyed if the rain continues its a disastrous situation. many people like those in this camp have seen their homes destroyed now the latest threat is from nature itself rob patterson odyssey.
5:46 am
tens of thousands of people around the world running against climate change after a call by the teenage activist gretton berg she led a protest march in madrid where the un climate change conference is being held in birds become the global face of public anger over environmental destruction. we are in the middle. of climate and ecological emergency. and we need to start treating this crisis might get crisis and we need to step out of our comfort zone we want all of them get away with it any more we say nothing now was exchanged calmly with a you're 90 if only out. now the gulf of maine on the united states east coast is warming fausta than the rest of the world's oceans hall and local fishing industry is struggling to adapt to the loss of some species like shrimp christensen and he
5:47 am
reports now from port clyde in maine for. justin libby is what's known as a ground fisherman just like his father before him but in his home base support clyde maine he could be one of a dying breed declining fish stocks and tougher regulations are making it harder for ground fishermen to make a living traditionally boat like this would go around fishing for the summer months usually. made to november then you do estate water sculpting. november december and if you go shrimping from december you. may it's not really surprising but regulators have made what little shrimp are left in these coastal areas off limits to fishermen taking away libby's winter catch they blame warming waters for shrimps decline here the gulf of maine has warmed faster than just about any other place in the ocean over the last 30 years we've
5:48 am
warned it 4 times the global ocean average it's not a coincidence that we started seeing signs of stress in the shrimp population right around 2012 which was the marine heat wave year that we had here in the gulf i mean we had temperatures that were 3 degrees celsius above normal main seafood is a half $1000000000.00 industry not only is it crucial to the state's economy it's part of its cultural identity for fishermen who live in villages like this it's a way of life that's getting harder and harder to sustain. justin has seen shrimp go from about 40 percent of his business to 0. scientists predict that other ground fish species he catches like cod and had it will also see substantial declines i've been fortunate. younger and i can do something else but for a lot of the older generation there isn't really any option for them they've invested their whole life their money. and while worming waters have been a boon for other species like lobster. even maine's most lucrative seafood could
5:49 am
eventually suffer if warming trends continue there's going to be opportunity that comes with climate change we just need to be able to understand it and we need to be able to mitigate for it and we need to be taking steps to slow it and adjust and adapt. the main coastal fishermen's association is calling for more and better data to better prepare for what could be a sea change and preserve a bedrock of the state's economy. christian salumi al-jazeera. and you can see more stories like that one on al-jazeera is an environment program kind of s.o.s. that's this saturday at 730 g.m.t. . something else will break it down to 0 when i come back and i will score this for my tennis world number one makes a shock announcement marna stay with us. what
5:50 am
was the last thing the president said to you about impeachment when you last spoke to him for i was a multicultural society it's not about you. looking down delegation it was only years ago how worried are you that the conditions are still right for another i think they are right join me maddi house and as i put it up from questions to my special guests and challenge them to some straight talking political debate here on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. when people need to be hired. and the story needs to be told. 145000 prisoners under its care with exclusive interviews. and in-depth reports that month and i don't think the protect themselves al-jazeera has teams on the ground that's the story the thing right here to bring you more rewards we need documentaries and life means.
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welcome back time for this board has far. thanks so much anthony josh was heading into his fight against andy ruiz jr the lightest he's ever been for a world title bout the boxers are getting ready for a rematch in saudi arabia on saturday in the 1st world heavyweight title fight to take place in the middle east of britain weighed in at just under 108 kilograms that's more than 20 kilos lighter than his mexican opponent ruiz pulled off one of the biggest upsets of all time in june he stopped the then undefeated josh walk to secure 3 major world titles meanwhile the release goes into the fight nearly 7
5:52 am
kilos heavier than the last time. english premier league team chelsea have had their transfer ban reduced after hearing out the court of arbitration for sport the decision means frank lampard steam will now be able to buy players during the january transfer window chelsea have been sanctioned for breaching rules on signing young players. suppose it are come for us and allows us to the potential to look at the market going forward so one place move up a level. was never my business to get involved in. the reasons while the legal side of it i say appeared on the football level so from our point of view for the club is moving forward it's obviously a good thing footballer kashif said the key has agreed to an unusual loan deal the defender is swapping oxford united for real or so the key will be heading to one of the most politically contentious regions in the world there is john hall sat down with him to find out why he agreed to the move you have played football
5:53 am
professionally for pakistan you're part indian in terms of heritage you're about to find yourself in the way of potentially an absolutely enormous potentially even nuclear storm when you head towards kashmir. does that worry you the militarism of the danger what's at stake. i think. for me i use it as exciting part of my next journey i'm not really thinking about the negatives of thinking about the positive or what i can bring and what it's going to bring to me as an individual i can definitely see that this is would be by far the most challenging issue that i'm going to be in and having paid for the pakistan national team having heritage from india my father i think there is no other better message that for boy doesn't matter where you come from what heritage you come from football ways about bringing people together and i think this for me is that is the
5:54 am
message going to the region and that's something i'm trying to advocate for as well how much do you know about what to expect yes there will be security issues we have we have armed guards with us all the time i myself will be under protection etc. it's not your normal low mood and it's not your normal for training sessions but. i guess that i'm not a normal individual. and you can watch the full interview with chris she said beaky on talk to al jazeera which airs for the 1st time at 430 g.m.t. on saturday. now women's wheelchair basketball teams are competing and championships in thailand this week which they hope will set them on the road to the paralympics in tokyo scott heiler has been following the cambodian team as they and to score points and change perceptions about disability and their country. was 3 and she tracked it polio it left her permanently disabled in cambodia there were
5:55 am
few facilities and limited access for those with disabilities and soon has felt isolated and lonely for most of her life but earlier this year at the age of $25.00 she joined the cambodian women's wheelchair basketball team she'd never played before but saw it as a way to make friends and to be with people in a similar situation to herself. that maybe i did was that mounting not so now not only do i get to be outside and i have my teammates i get to travel abroad for tournaments and i'll. soon does team is in thailand competing in the asia championships which acts as qualifiers for the 2020 paralympics in tokyo the team is supported by the international committee of the red cross the i.c.r.c. it provides training and coaching even the wheelchairs. for. canadian joe higgins is head coach he's played in coach wheelchair basketball for more than 40 years including at the paralympics and really. the people of cambodia
5:56 am
to look to inspire people with disabilities to want to be active to want to play sport to be the voice of the future to ask. not. for pity or favors but what they'd want if they were in the sack seen face the spark that led to the i.c.r.c. wheelchair basketball programs came about 10 years ago in afghanistan the support involvement has grown steadily since now there are programs in more than 20 countries around the world the red cross is also supporting 2 other teams in the championships in afghanistan and india. the man behind the red cross involvement in wheelchair basketball was himself disabled after an accident he says the progress being seen in the sport comes from the players themselves and seeing that these amazing athletes are also people with disabilities so it's
5:57 am
a change society's perspective of what those people would do with disability are we capable of and it's a gradual slow process but eventually you start to see a little bit of a sea change in terms of the opportunities that are available to people with physical disabilities so while the cambodian team might not be that successful on the scoreboard a victory comes from changing people's mind. it's got how to al-jazeera thailand. and former tennis world number one caroline wozniacki says she'll retire next year the 29 year old from denmark wrote on her instagram page that she wants to start a family and raise awareness about rheumatoid arthritis something she herself suffers from. is currently ranked number 37 in the world says the australian open will be her final tournaments and that is all you sport for now more later. thank you very much ok well that's it for me down in jordan for this news i'm like don is up next with much more of the day's news stay with us thanks so much.
5:58 am
living in a war zone is a risk not worth taking for most. but for a 10 year old boy there is nowhere else to go. in the absence of his parents his grandmother dedicates herself to his upbringing. never knowing whether the next explosion. will echo one step closer to the place they call home. the distant barking of dogs a witness documentary on al-jazeera investigative journalism the emergence of a 3rd thought global experts in discussion toshiba deal and you disagree with the field because of the terrible twos it was till it was bret's of us were matching up stories from other angles. open your eyes to an alternative view of the world today
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you have to rethink pretty much everything thank you for talking to al-jazeera the place programs to inspire you on al-jazeera the shocking treatment of disabled people in eastern european state run caverns in these cages you can not have access to toilets or water and made bureaucratic and difference to their plight she has his hands and his fates tied to the bed 5 years off to fast highlighting such abuses people in power returns with a 2 part investigation to continuing mistreatment and neglect europe's recurring shame hard won on al-jazeera. on.
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al-jazeera. every your. the government of saudi arabia needs to to make make things better for these victims. a saudi national opens fire in a classroom on a u.s. naval base killing 3 people and injuring 11 of those. sammies a this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. at least 9 people shot dead in iraq there are protests in baghdad square plus.


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