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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 7, 2019 11:00am-11:33am +03

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gunmen opened fire on anti-government protesters in central baghdad at least 16 people are killed. and we shall carry this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up a saudi or force officer training at a u.s. naval base opens fire killing 3 classmates. thousands of afghans are forced to return from iran and stressed sanctions bite and the work runs out. i'm catherine home of the royal drawings. i'll be telling you about a culture that has been. an
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attack by an identified gunman in iraq's capital which has killed at least 16 people is causing new security concerns the shootings happened at kalani square on friday more than 70 others were wounded iraqis are still awaiting news on their replacement prime minister which the top shia cleric says must be chosen without foreign interference. from back to. panic among crowds as gunfire echoing around the square in central baghdad moments earlier gunmen had pulled up in cars and trucks at a building where protesters have based themselves since anti-government rallies began in october medics struggle to treat the dozens injured there's been concerns that the rallies gathered around tahrir square could spiral into chaos. after supporters of hush the shah prepare a military coalition fly. added the area on thursday in
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a show of force they arrived in their thousands and to hear square carrying pictures of the country's top shiite cleric grand ayatollah ali al sistani. the hashed initially backed iraq's government against the protests but switched to supporting the rallies after an intervention by grand ayatollah sistani. just hours before the shootings the united states imposed sanctions on 3 leaders that xabi which is backed by iran. we're not meddling in iraq in politics we support iraqi sovereignty and part of this is a demonstration or support for rock solid during friday prayers just on his representative read a letter from the highest shia cleric in iraq calling on iraqi security to protect the peaceful protests and he stressed the need to form a new government without foreign interference amid the chaos after the shooting this protester asked where are the tribal elders or the religious authority to stop
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this madness many here in iraq continue to ask when or if they will be able to rely on their leaders to restore calm. for over 2 months demonstrators in cities across the country have been demanding for a change in the country's electoral laws and an overhaul of the entire political system more than 400 people have been killed and thousands injured in suing violence prime minister abdullah abdullah met the resigned last week but remains in a caretaker role a replacement is yet to be announced while the political wrangling goes on ordinary iraqis continue to pay the price with their lives. talk to dorsetshire pari now who joins us from traverse square and baghdad so what is the latest where you are dorsey. well we just arrived at this where and i can tell you the mood is quite tense we've been speaking to some people on the way there is extra security
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certainly a number of our carries that lead to tahrir square which is just behind me have been blocked by security forces to try and calm the situation after what took place just north of town here overnight many people worried that the events that unfolded a few hours ago will only make the situation worse that of the demonstrations is supplying bring reform political reform in this country and the violence that seems to be escalating certainly not hours or. so the violence how has that affected the protesters demands and the choosing the politics of choosing the next prime minister. will assist complicate the situation further it appears that there are very streets week in that house shopping forces that are trying to up out of it out as they say there is seems to be a conflict going on we heard from the south there is movement here that we have
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their security personnel were killed in the clashes and there is a sense that these aspirations it is owns and it's not as worse we heard from. a top shia cleric in the country grand ayatollah sistani on friday to find he was trying to avoid this very situation from taking place urging the various factions not to take up any kind of arms against one another on presenting a unified front with the demonstrators in tahrir who are going to see real reform in their country their view is that if this escalates further there could be more tensions in position in the demonstrations and then the calls that they're fighting for wrong you get lost in the process your focus will become security is the reason in the country rather than actual political reform right or center far away from baghdad or say thank you. a saudi military student has shot 3 people dead at a u.s. naval base on a training course in florida this is the 2nd deadly shooting at a u.s.
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base this week i cannot reports from washington. naval air station pensacola was immediately placed in a state of lockdown as were the surrounding neighborhoods where many of the 16000 personnel at the base live along with some 7000 civilians who work there each day and navy spokesman confirmed it was a saudi national training at the base who opened fire in a classroom we have the international training syllabus we have students from from several different countries that come here to learn aviation they become naval aviators while they're here florida's governor was quickly on the scene and while briefing president trump on the phone raise the question of reparations one of the things that i talk to the president about is given that this was a foreign national in the employ of a foreign service is you know be time to do this but obviously the government of saudi arabia needs to to make make things better for these victims and i think that they they are going to owe
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a debt here the saudi king contacted president trump to express his nation's condolences thinking that the saudi people have made me angry by the actions of the shooter and that this person in no way shape or form represents the feelings of the saudi people who love the american people so much the base is very much part of the local community which is now beginning to come to terms with the loss. they're grieving mothers and fathers today who will never recover from this day the f.b.i. is assisting local law enforcement officials in the investigation the primary toss to establish an exact motive and to find out how the saudi national got through the extensive vetting process that all foreign nationals attending training undergo mike hanna al-jazeera washington the u.s. supreme court justice has temporarily blocked the release of the president all times financial records to house democrats trump asked the court to consider the
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emergency request on thursday an appeals court in new york had ordered 2 banks to comply with subpoenas seeking information about trump's finances and india rape victim who was doused in petrol and set on fire has died the 23 year old was attacked on thursday while on her way to court to give evidence against her alleged assailants she told police 5 men beat and stabbed her before setting her on fire in the northern state of retard pradesh her family is demanding similar treatment for her attackers as a suspect and another high profile rape case and in that case 4 suspects accused of rape and murder were shot dead by police on friday the court has directed police in charge of bad to preserve the bodies in order to properly investigate the killings the police shooting has been condemned by rights activists but praised by many in india. the leaders of the u.k.'s 2 main parties have faced off in the final t.v. debate before next week's election by accident the national health service were
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among the key issues discussed. brennan was at the to pay. a week from today one of these 2 men will be britain's new prime minister a month since the campaign began and with just days until it finishes this t.v. debate was the last chance for voters to compare and contrast these 2 leaders side by side predictably dominated the early exchange of mr johnson will spend at least 7 years ago shaping the usa on access to our public services on the price of medicines in britain on the access to our national health service and so what he will do is walk out of a relationship with the e.u. into a relationship with nobody everybody on the labor front bench is campaigning to remain apart from mr goldman who's who is neutral on the matter who is going to secure this deal how can you get a deal a new deal from brussels for bret's it if you don't actually believe in it it was a fast paced encounter skipping swiftly from their rival plans for the national health service how the parties intend to pay for their election promises and even
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a question about socialism vs capitalism johnson tackle corbin on labour's alleged anti semitism problem corp in challenge johnson on fake news and misleading slogans on campaign busses and at the end both men addressed the audience directly. the future really is ours to make together we can tackle the climate emergency and child poverty and properly fund our national health service on thursday you can choose hope and vote for real change we can get threats done get out of neutral and get a parliament that works for you and on your priorities the n.h.s. the cost of living $20000.00 more police more cash for our schools let's get it done on the basis of this t.v. debate though with just 5 campaigning days left before polling day there are no signs of a shift in gear from either of the 2 main parties but labor got a vast offering and cold in the mix supposedly is relatively popular so it's definitely important for labor to try and branch out but for conservatives it is
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all about getting back to the government minister and. shadow minister having a right old argument that in the spin room here backstage at the t.v. debates it's indicative i think of just how divisive this election campaign has been the t.v. debate really only serving to emphasize the stock choices the voters face when they go to the polling booths next thursday britain is a divided country polarized by political tribalism and these 2 main contenders for prime minister both are very different ideas about how to address that brennan al-jazeera makes them several bushfires in australia have combined into a single so-called mega fire strong winds are stoking this fire north of sydney and orange haze has caused breathing difficulties for people and several rican report weekend sports rather sports events have been cancelled more than 100 fires are burning in the state of new south wales emergency officials say they need flooding
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rains to put them out. still ahead on al-jazeera tell you why many ontarians are not so enthusiastic about any of the presidential candidates ahead of next week's pope's. now rebel group and one of me and lars may know drug growing areas is combat addiction. whether squatting down nicely across central and southern parts of europe but up towards the northwest it's a very wet and windy weather streaming in the form of what's become known as storm a tear when a cloud just gradually making its way towards the united kingdom towards little france and the low countries must see these was gradually wrestling through as we go on through the next couple days saturday is a wind that was slightly drier weather milder 11 degrees celsius but quite
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a blustery wind coming through to see that what the weather what is coming into northern ireland western parts of scotland snow there into scandinavia come further south generally quiet down towards those central areas a few shows still just around greece maybe heading over towards the iranian sea just pushing it will see a g.m. as well 18 celsius in athens the dry weather the 7 weather with mr folks said he still a problem into the central parts but the settle in quiet the air force and flair is athens at around 8 celsius says that wet and windy and at times wintry weather across the northwest if it continues to make its way back in this we go on through sunday some heavy rain there across northern spain imports into france meanwhile across the north of africa generate dry and now we still got bits and pieces of cloud rolling through the fine in out is. the weather sponsored by countdown to. the stories generate fountains of the night these protests are saying down with the
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system and down with all of the parts with different i. from different perspectives because we came to prison. separate the spin from. the misinformation from. the stories of those. listening post. there watching. the top stories right now identified gunmen in iraq have shot dead 16 people at a protest camp baghdad security forces deny any involvement but just a week after the prime minister mahdi. the king of saudi arabia has offered his
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condolences to the victims of the shooting at a naval base in the united states the saudi air force officer on a training course killed 3 fellow students in florida before he was shot dead by sheriff's detectives are investigating the motive. petrol and fire has died the 20 year old was attacked on thursday while on her way to court to give evidence against her alleged assailants in the northern state which are protests. foreign minister says he's hoping for a positive result after talks with saudi arabia the saudis bahrain egypt and the u.a.e. have blockaded qatar since cutting trade and diplomatic ties 2 and a half years ago speaking at a conference in rome shaikh mohammad been up to iraq on all funny said discussions with the kingdom had gone well. we have moved from a state. to some progress where there are some talks. took
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place between us and. specifically and saudi and we hope that these talks will need. to up progress where we can see an end. to form of the crisis algeria has held its 1st and only televised presidential debate before next week's election earlier tens of thousands of people held their last friday protest before the vote rather which they were checked it is meaningless and a demonstrator so there were fears to vote until there's a complete change of the ruling elite are in smith reports. 5 men lined up for a television 1st in algeria i did paid between candidates in next week's presidential election all of them have either supported or served in the government of president abdelaziz bouteflika before he was forced to resign in april when confronted by mass protests this half a cup but the sort of kids all former constitutions in algeria have served the
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heads of state but the constitution must serve the algerian people was why i will start an inclusive debate and seek help from constitutional experts and all political classes that resulted in national referendum that will lead us to a constitution would be of the algerian people. would have been a fit. the constitution is the mother of all legislation is the 1st step and change the algeria people have demand to change we all demand change and change will not happen without the law and 1st and foremost the amendment of the constitution. but all of them seem to represent algeria's old guard is what leading calls for a boycott of the polls. thousands of protestors were out again in towns and cities across the country earlier for the 42nd successive friday protest many of them say the election is pointless and they won't vote analysts predict
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a voter turnout of just 12 to 15 percent i don't think there will be an open in political system what is happening in a moment is some sort of inertia it gives the impression that something is happening that so many. in the system exists to look presidential elections will take place next tuesday and so on and so forth but in the changes. the army says thursday's election is the only way to end the standoff with the opposition. amnesty international says all cheery security forces have escalated a crackdown on the protests ahead of the december 12 election the human rights group says there's been a wave of abra 3 arrests and imprisonment of dozens of peaceful liked. burnitz made . several world powers have been pressuring iran to stop pulling back from its commitments to the 2015 nuclear deal france and germany britain china and russia
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are trying to keep the deal from collapsing after the u.s. pulled out presented as met in vienna didn't decide on whether to bring the case to the u.n. security council or whether to reimpose sanctions taliban and u.s. negotiators have resumed talks aimed at ending the war in afghanistan as delegation says renewed discussions in qatar will focus on the reduction of violence that leads to enter afghan to go and a cease fire and september u.s. president ronald trump are probably stop talks just as both sides appear close to signing a deal. thousands of afghan workers and refugees are leaving iraq each week because of the dire economic situation caused by u.s. sanctions for some afghans desperation for now outweighs the dangers they once ran from tony berkeley reports on the border crossing between iran and afghanistan. getting a job in iran provided a lifeline for many afghans crossing the border was both and
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a skate from fighting between taliban and government forces as well as from u.s. airstrikes. but the afghans couldn't escape the u.s. sanctions which are crippled the iranian economy many have left because of hyperinflation. prices for food have doubled and it's hard for us to find the jobs it's hard living in iran because our wages lost so much value in the price of basic things increased a lot and it's difficult to survive here. at the iran afghanistan border crossing point at islam color really 500000 afghans are returned so far this year adding further to the overstretched resources of aid organizations coping with the country's internally displaced one point it was an estimated $3000000.00 afghans in around half of them illegally those who are caught without identification documents are deported even unaccompanied children. they denied. attention families and for us this is the 1st they did 40 of. them in our area.
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and i come from this trial. those without papers could be treated harshly. the police hit me with an electric rod and i fell into a ditch i was not able to move my leg but there are no jobs in afghanistan so i will try and go back when my leg is better or can ali is one of the desperate he is heading to iran even though times there are hard but he is the sole bread winner for 12 family members and something is better than nothing. i know it is expensive in iran but in afghanistan that is hardly unique. only a few dollars a day that's not enough family afghans are having to make stark and often life changing choices. afghans may have been suffering economically but at least they were safe in iran they're now returning to a country that is dangerous and highly unpredictable and once again their futures
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are far from certain tony berkeley our islam caller border crossing between iran and afghanistan i wonder whether and floods in syria are adding to the plight of hundreds of thousands of war refugees are sheltering in camps in the northwestern province of had lived many been driven from their homes as pro-government forces hard opposition fighters matheson reports. another front line in the battle to survive in syria these boys try to stop floodwaters sweeping into makeshift tents which are their families only shot from torrential rains there. look at us we are helpless the rains attacked us last night and we lost everything we face the rains and the cold weather and we don't know what to do there is no heating and there is no firewood to cook. and i am from the village and i left my village because of the barbaric attacks on. we have going to splice for 5 months the teams don't protect us from the rains it is scarily cold for the children and we have no money to buy
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shoes or clothes for the. syrian government forces backed by russian warplanes pounded concept home in august attempting to drive out opposition fighters several towns in syria's province have been under attack for months. aid agencies estimates nearly a 1000000 syrians are huddled in camps like this one. but winter is coming and so has heavy rain yes and i let my phone rains shocked us we lost the food and the clothes because the terrorists flooded we need blankets and clothes we have nothing and we need almost everything. because of the rain the whole camp is flooded with water half of the camp will be destroyed if the rain continues its a disastrous situation. many people like those in this camp have seen their homes destroyed the latest it is from nature itself. are disease. governments in southeast asia say more regional cooperation is needed to tackle
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a growing trog drug problem much of the methamphetamine in opium comes from me and armed groups huge drug money to fund their wars against the government but it's wayne hale reports one of those army says it is anti-drug and a stepping up its fight against addiction. in this part of me and rebels are in control. and they make the rules if you're addicted to drugs and get caught you're detained and put to work even those who aren't from this area are subject to the arbitrary laws of the tongue national liberation army. have checkpoints and they stop people who pass through their territory they tested by your own and i didn't pass and then they brought me here i didn't have a chance to defend myself and when they ordered me to come here i had to follow. the t.l.a. is a relatively small but active rebel army based in shan state which is one of me and miles main drug growing and manufacturing areas it's involved in regular fights
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with the me and my military and other ethnic minority militias that are allied with government forces the tongue say they don't want independence but autonomy they also say they're not involved in the drug trade but like other rebel groups they've been accused of human rights abuses including kidnapping and forcing people to join their ranks critics say the drug rehabilitation centers are also illegal addicts are taken to remote secret locations with are held for 3 months the methods often result in injuries but the t.n.l. a say they work and they're essential to combat the growing use of methamphetamine and heroin. when them in villages the addicts run away and hide and i don't arrest anyone so we worry that people who live here will become drug addicts little destroy the future for the tongue people so we arrest all addicts and dealers regardless of where they come from there are many legacies of me and long running civil wars and almost 50 years of military rule areas like this have been left
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behind through a lack of development and opportunity which is help to provide space for armed groups to operate with impunity wayne hay al jazeera. there are reports that around 30 people have been killed in a new massacre in the eastern democratic republic of congo follows a series of attacks by rebels and around many that have damaged efforts to contain ebola the democratic forces have killed more than $100.00 civilians since october a group suspended operations after attacks by a different rebel group last month. you have been considered sacred since ancient times and a symbol of unity now young children are being taught the ritual dance to keep the culture alive catherine so as a story from to shore. these are some of these best dramas the leaving home to the famous royal drums and a culture of drumming that dates back centuries the ritual of the royal drums is no
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you nascar heritage least. leads drama he tells us this compound in the heart you are entering is significant wound is ancient king came here seeking refuge when belgian colonizers wanted to kill him at the time of the 19th century he later surrendered but the drumming he loved stayed on to mark the bravery of those who helped him. when people heard he was here they brought him a gift of. he slaughtered them for a feast and used to make 2 roll drums which exist to date in this century. this is a special hardware the most important drums are kept including this too we are told there are about 100 years or conserving the culture is important to everyone here. every time the drums beat shara the whole neighborhood comes out this surgery is
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one of the country's main tourist attractions and a source of livelihood for most people here. says she once has the tradition women are not allowed to be dramas. every thursday after school my son comes here to learn from the older dramas teaching the young generation will keep the culture alive. so twice every week young boys come here for training sessions lining there are. affecting their moves. i started drumming when i was very little my father and grandfather were drummers i'm hoping one day i'll be able to transcend other countries and. royal drumming is not only allowed in official functions the government says this is to avoid commercializing the culture the showstoppers in functions like this presidential events are often the children through these future dramas catherine's
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. hundreds of protesters in haiti's capital port au prince have burned barricades near the u.s. embassy. they say the u.s. is propping up the government of president reagan employees who's accused of corruption haiti is one of the poorest countries in the americas and suffers from widespread fuel and food shortages activists are demanding an apology from mexico city footballers caught making fun of a new feminist and that. video of the u. 17 club america dancing and laughing to the song emerged earlier this week called the team's actions disrespectful and response called america says its youth players will take an awareness course about violence against women. and hundreds of women gathered for a flash mob of mormons in argentina on friday highlighting the same minister the
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movement has also spread to brazil and venezuela calls for justice for gender based crimes as well as action against sexism and. the headlines right now on al-jazeera and attacked by an identified gunman in iraq's capital which is probably 16 people is causing new security concerns the shootings happened at kwame square on friday more than 70 others were injured rocky's are still awaiting news on their replacement for their prime minister which the top shia clerics us must be chosen without foreign interference. at the main protest camp in baghdad. there's extra security certainly a number of arteries that lead to tahrir square which is just behind me have been blocked by security forces to try and calm the situation after what took place just north of town here overnight many worry that the events that unfolded few hours ago
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will only make the situation worse than all of the demonstrations trying bring reform political reform in this country and the violence that's. coming out or the king of saudi arabia has offered his condolences to the victims of the shooting at a naval base in the united states a saudi air force officer on a training course killed 3 fellow students in florida before he was shot dead by sheriff's detectives are still investigating the motive the king said that the story people are going to be angered by the bowe bergdahl actions and the shooter and that this person in no way shape or form represents the feelings of the saudi people who love the american people so much and india a rape victim who was doused in petrol and set on fire has died the 23 year old was attacked on thursday while on our way to court to give evidence against her alleged assailants this happened in the northern state of protests. qatar's foreign
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minister says he's hoping for positive results after talks with saudi arabia the saudis bahrain egypt and the u.a.e. have blockaded qatar since cutting trade and diplomatic ties 2 and a half years ago speaking at a conference in rome shaikh mohammad. on all thought he said discussions with the kingdom had gone well and several bush fires in australia have combined into a single so-called mega fire strong winds are stoking this place north of sydney and orange haze has also caused breathing difficulties difficulties that is for people so the headlines keep it on al-jazeera. the listening post is up next.
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with every. case bracing for an election of a setback for their supporters of course which the country really fundamentalist. churches here are trying to show you can be. safe misleading why should we believe. hello i'm richard gere's virgin you're at the listening post here are some of the media stories that we're covering this week the british are in election mode once again and their news outlets are proving to be no more adept at dealing with a lying politician than american ones are my beauty my purpose advertising those feel good ads designed to make you feel good about buying something filipino president roderigo do territory is taking on the.


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