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so they become self-sufficient so to better businesses looking for work independently but for some it's not enough. gunman shoot of anti-government protesters in central baghdad at least 20 people are killed. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up what drove a saudi air force officer training at a u.s. naval base to shoot 3 classmates investigators are searching. thousands of afghans are forced to return from iran as u.s. sanctions bite and the work runs out. tell you how climate change is wrecking the
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once thriving fishing industry along the u.s. east coast. an attack by an identified gunman on protesters camped in iraq's capital is killed at least 20 people the shootings happened late friday night around kalani square a focal point in the weeks of gover anti-government protests more than 70 others were wounded we'll be live in baghdad in a moment 1st dorsetshire bari has more on how things unfolded. panic among crowds as gunfire echoing around the square in central baghdad moments earlier gunmen had pulled up in cars and trucks at a building where protesters have based themselves since anti-government rallies began in october medics struggle to treat the dozens injured there's been concerns that the rallies gathered around tahrir square could spiral into chaos.
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after supporters of hush the shabby paramilitary coalition flooded the area on thursday in a show of force they arrived in their thousands and we're square carrying pictures of the country's top shiite cleric grand ayatollah ali al sistani. the hashed initially backed iraq's government against the protests but switched to supporting the rallies after an intervention by grand ayatollah sistani. just hours before the shooting and it's the united states imposed sanctions on 3 leaders that xabi which is backed by iran. were not meddling in iraq in politics we support iraqi sovereignty and part of this is a demonstration or support for rock solid during friday prayers to stand as representative read a letter from the highest shia cleric in iraq calling on iraqi security to protect the peaceful protests and he stressed the need to form a new government without foreign interference amid the chaos after the shooting
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this protester asked where are the tribal elders or the religious authority to stop this madness many here in iraq continue to ask when or if they will be able to rely on their leaders to restore calm. 6 for over 2 months demonstrators in cities across the country have been demanding for a change in the country's electoral laws and an overhaul of the entire political system more than 400 people have been killed and thousands injured in suing violence prime minister abdullah abdullah met the resigned last week but remains in a caretaker role a replacement is yet to be announced while the political wrangling goes on ordinary iraqis continue to pay the price with their lives get more now from dorset jabari who joins us from to where square and baghdad so what is the latest where you are dorset. well wolf this is speaking to people who have been coming from the area where the shooting took place and that is the square which is just behind this
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factory or square that i'm standing in and they're telling me that there is no security presence and as of a few minutes ago that there is an absence of any kind of security this is concerning because their base supposed to be governor provided security for these demonstrators in these areas that is a point that they're trying to make is that they do need protection from groups that carried out attacks such as last night. concerning issue is not only the best so that continues to rise for that who is responsible for these attacks one of the as spokesman we spoke to from a group a long intimate father of souther said that they themselves lost 3 of their own security members in the gunfire that's a place last night and that there really isn't any room for this kind of division within the groups that are trying to bring about some kind of political change in this country so the violence that's how is that affecting what the protesters want how they're going to get it i mean the politics of trying to choose the next
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prime minister what is the effect of all of this. well it just makes things a lot more complicated in an already very complicated country there are deep political divisions sectarian divisions and these kinds of attacks only add to those greater divisions they increase those divisions they say that these kinds of attacks are not helping the main spread demands of the protesters and that is a systematic change in iraq and until these divisions continue and use a passion to you they're not going to get what they want because the concern will be shifting towards the security and stability of the country rather than political reform which is what the demonstrators have wanted here police. and baghdad or said thank you. yes investigators are trying to work out why a saudi air force officer shot dead 3 people at a base in florida the man was there for training and opened fire on classmates
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several were also wounded before he was shot dead by police mike hanna reports from washington. naval air station pensacola was immediately placed in a state of lockdown as were the surrounding neighborhoods where many of the 16000 personnel at the base live along with some 7000 civilians who work there each day. a navy spokesman confirmed it was a saudi national training at the base who opened fire in a classroom we have the international training syllabus we have students from from several different countries that come here to learn aviation they become naval aviators while they're here florida's governor was quickly on the scene and while briefing president trump on the phone raise the question of reparations one of the things that i talk to the president about is given that this was a foreign national in the employ of a foreign service is it will be time to do this but obviously the government of saudi arabia needs to to make make things better for these victims and i think that
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they they are going to owe a debt here the saudi king contacted president trump to express his nation's condolences thinking he said that the saudi people have made me angry by anybody actions and shooter and that this person in no way shape or form represents the feelings of the saudi people who love the american people so much the base is very much part of the local community which is now beginning to come to terms with the loss of their grieving mothers and fathers today who will never recover from this day the f.b.i. is assisting local law enforcement officials in the investigation the primary toss to establish an exact motive and to find out how the saudi national got through the extensive vetting process all foreign nationals attending training undergo mike hanna al-jazeera washington taliban and u.s. negotiators have resumed talks aimed at ending the war in afghanistan and the u.s. team says her new negotiations and qatar will focus on quote the reduction of
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violence that leads to enter afghan ago and a cease fire in september u.s. president donald trump abruptly stopped the talks just as both sides appear close to signing a deal thousands of afghan workers and refugees are leaving iran each week because of the dire economic situation caused by u.s. sanctions 1st. afghan's desperation for work now outweighs the danger as they once ran for 20 berkeley report some is some color border between for the crossing that is between iran and afghanistan. getting a job in iran provided a lifeline for many afghans crossing the border was both and a skate from fighting between taliban and government forces as well as from u.s. airstrikes but the afghans couldn't escape the u.s. sanctions which are crippled the iranian economy many have left because of hyperinflation. prices for food have doubled and it's hard for us to find the jobs it's hard living in iran because our wages lost so much value in the
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price of basic things increased a lot and it's difficult to survive here. at the iran afghanistan border crossing point at islam color really 500000 afghans are returned so far this year adding further to the overstretched resources of aid organizations coping with the country's internally displaced one point was an estimated $3000000.00 afghans in around half of them illegally those who are caught without identification documents are deported even unaccompanied children. they denied. attention or families and for us this stuff they did 40 of. them in our in you are an accomplice to. those without papers could be treated harshly. the police hit me with an electric rod and i fell into a ditch i was not able to move my leg but there are no jobs in afghanistan so i will try and go back when my leg is better can ali is one of the desperate he is
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heading to iran even though times there are hard but he is the sole bread winner for 12 family members and something is better than nothing. they're going to the bone is going to be i know it is expensive in iran but in afghanistan that is hardly. seems to be only a few dollars a day not enough. afghans are having to make stark and often life changing choices . afghans may have been suffering economically but at least they were safe in iran they're now returning to a country that is dangerous and highly unpredictable and once again their futures are far from certain tony burke 30 islam call a border crossing between iran and afghanistan or a victim in india who was set on fire has died the 23 year old was on her way to court when she was attacked on thursday one man told police she was beaten and stabbed before 5 men set her on fire this is in the northern state of atar protests her family is demanding
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a similar treatment for her attackers as the accused in the 100 bad rape case in that case 4 suspects accused of rape and murder were shot dead by police record is now in direct police to preserve their bodies and properly investigate the killings the action was condemned by rights activists but was hailed by many indians. thousands of pro beijing protesters have rallied in hong kong there calling for an investigation and 2 recent elections where pro-democracy parties when an outright majority another protest is planned later timelike human rights concerns sarah clarke joins us live from hong kong so sara what is this pro-choice rally about. where the pro china rally which has been ongoing now for about the last few hours at the crowds are starting to disperse but as you mentioned several 1000 people were here in the area known as one child is a number of key demand that they are asking for here but the main message is their loyalty to china you mentioned one message here is that they want an investigation into the recent district council elections which were held
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a couple of weekends ago that was where the pro-democracy politicians and the political parties secured a majority in 17 of the district councils this group they want a rerun of that council because they believe that there was rigging involved they're also calling on the protest movement to stop the pro-democracy or anti-government demonstrations which have lasted for about 6 months now we're now about to hit the 6 month anniversary they condemning the protesters calling them violent and radical. but also another message here is showing support for the police in the place have been accused of using excessive force by some of the demonstrators in recent months this group is showing their support for those up place so certainly the mind message here you might ever see behind me the flags the key messages here and here is that they are showing their loyalty and patriotism to mainland china ok so let's look ahead to sunday our rally that's going to be organized by the pro-democracy groups what what can we expect from that.
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sometimes rallies organized by the civil human rights front this is the organization that part of a group that's organized the big mass rallies in the last 6 months the ones that attracted the one and 2000000 people at this particular rally it's a march from central park into central hong kong it's being given to police approval which is an interesting move because it means and i've actually been in the place of objected to they were a recent quests to hold similar rallies but that place approval a means that they expect more people together they're hoping to raise $1000000.00 we're yet to see whether or not that will happen but also it comes in the wake of these district council elections as i mentioned a couple of weeks ago so it's it's they're hoping to attract big numbers and again this organization the civil human rights front is the one behind it and the big pro-democracy groups which has quite a widespread support in hong kong from those pro-democracy candidates as well as they the people here in hong kong so sometimes really it will starts in victoria pocket it will go through to central and again we do expect it to be big all right
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sarah clarke live for us in hong kong sarah thank you so much as government says nearly 90 percent of the population have now been vaccinated against measles a compulsory program was rolled out after an outbreak 6 weeks ago 65 people have died mainly children and more than 4500 people infected a curfew has now been lifted the health ministry says 103 new cases have been reported since friday at least 7 kenyan police officers have been killed after a bus was attacked near the somali border government from the armed group al-shabaab stopped the bus on a remote road between the towns of was your men tara in june 8 police officers were killed in a similar attack in which year a county. still ahead on al-jazeera the british prime minister and the opposition leader face off in their final t.v. to pay before next week's election plus we'll see how people in yemen are turning to solar energy to ease fuel shortages.
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however since a really heavy rain making its way towards malaysia now much quieter into the philippines largely clear and dry plenty of sunshine it is the case too across a good part of india china being see whether the main crop of storms is across a good part of malaysia and now pushing down into indonesia say we'll see some wetter weather coming back in here was to go on through sunday some lively showers into jobber they will ease as we go on into monday but still never really too far away and there's that what's the weather a little further north heavy downpours there for kuala lumpur and also into singapore that we could do with some lively showers into parts of australia for i know sort of any significant rainfall in the forecast here over the next couple of days you can see it stays dry and hot with a push father at their worst course at least the side of the country through queensland and also of course into new south wales this is the latest that we're
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seeing with this to be too large fires that are burning just either side of sydney causing major problems hopeful that we'll see something of a rest by as we go through this weekend but i'm afraid temperatures will gradually pick up winds will also pick up as we go on through the next couple days as sydney at $26.00 on sunday and a touch will still by the time we come to monday. it cost $48.00 trillion dollars to save the planet can call the trading bring big polluters to heel silicon valley of the algorithms that discriminates against women and people of color plus putin shown by the west completes his pivot to the east. coast.
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you're watching al-jazeera let's take a look at the top stories right now identified gunmen in iraq have shot dead 20 people at a protest camp in baghdad security forces deny involvement and happened a week after prime minister mahdi resigned that the saudi air force has been shot dead after killing 3 people at a u.s. naval base in florida. says the saudi king has called him to condemn the attack taliban and u.s. negotiators have resumed talks in doha aimed at ending the war in afghanistan and september u.s. president. stop talks to us as both sides appear close to signing
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a deal. the leaders of the u.k.'s 2 main parties have faced off in the final t.v. debate before next week's election cracks in the national health service were among the key issues discussed paul brennan was at the debate. a week from today one of these 2 men will be britain's new prime minister a month since the campaign began and with just days until it finishes this t.v. debate was the last chance for voters to compare and contrast these 2 leaders side by side predictably dominated the early exchange of mr johnson will spend at least 7 years ago shaping the usa on access to our public services on the price of medicines in britain on the access to our national health service and so what he will do is walk out of a relationship with the go into a relationship with nobody everybody on the labor front bench is campaigning to remain apart from mr goldman who's who is neutral on the matter who is going to secure this deal how can you get a deal
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a new deal from brussels for bret's it if you don't actually believe in it it was a fast paced encounter skipping swiftly from their rival plans for the national health service how the parties intend to pay for their election promises and even a question about socialism vs capitalism johnson tackle corbin on labour's alleged anti semitism problem corp in challenge johnson on fake news and misleading slogans on campaign busses and at the end both men addressed the audience directly. the future really is ours to make together we can tackle the climate emergency and child poverty and properly fund our national health service on thursday you can choose hope and vote for real change we can get threats done get out of neutral and get a parliament that works for you and on your priorities the n.h.s. the cost of living $20000.00 more police more cash for our schools let's get it done on the basis of this t.v. debate though with just 5 campaigning days left before polling day there are no
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signs of a shift in gear from either of the 2 main parties on labor got passed offering and cold in the mix supposedly is relatively popular so it's definitely important for labor to try and branch out but for conservatives it is all about getting back to the government minister and. i mean right or argument that in the spin room here buck stage of the t.v. debates it's indicative i think of just how divisive this election campaign has been the t.v. debate really only serving to emphasize the stock choices that voters face when they go to the polling booths next thursday britain is a divided country polarized by political tribalism and these 2 main contenders for prime minister both have very different ideas about how to address that holdren an al-jazeera makes them. foreign minister says he's hoping for a positive results after talks with saudi arabia the saudis bahrain and egypt and the u.a.e. have blockaded katara since cutting trade and diplomatic ties 2 and
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a half years ago now speaking at a conference in rome shaikh mohammed bin up all rockman all thought he said discussions with the king had gone well we have moved from a state of minutes to some progress where there are some talks. to complete this between us and the specifically and saudi and we hope that these talks will need. to progress where we can see and. to feel for the poor to become licensed the signatories to the 2015 nuclear deal has stepped up the pressure on iran to stop pulling back from its commitments france germany britain china and russia are trying to keep the deal from collapsing after the u.s. pulled out last year representatives met in vienna but did not decide on whether to take the case to the u.n. security council or really impose sanctions millions of people been displaced by the war and yemen now in its 5th year and 11 camps are abandoned buildings with no
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electricity or proper sanitation facilities fuel imports are restricted or banned making their hardship worse as. some sana many people are now turning to solar power to try to ease their suffering. and his family fled their home in the course of the city of her data to ski the fighting and there is strikes me the saudi you're a qualification you have be living in an abandoned house on the outskirts of the capital sana'a there is no electricity but jimmy is hoping this solar panel will help brighten up their dark nights. i could hardly earn a living to provide enough food to feed my family about the solar panel because we have lived for months in darkness. jimmy the sun general is delighted with his father's a persian base but would have liked a more powerful system. i'm happy but i hope one day we can watch t.v.
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like any kids around the world it's not just families like the more shirts that are improving conditions for themselves with the help of solar power farmers too are reaping the benefits but as with so many things in yemen restraint pins on imports mean set backs are never far away. but lennon and. because of the saudi intimate ban on fuel and the current brutal war we've been forced to buy solar panels now we have been told importers can't bring such alternative sources of power we wonder if it might be a direct war against us who are not affiliated to any group. military molly relies on our electric wheelchair to get around but has found it difficult to keep it folly charged now he has the answer karen gave again and the only breadwinner from
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a big family before i installed the solar panel i used to stay for hours at some of the shops to recharge my welchers battery the situation is better for me now. he really has now become one of the largest importers of solar panels the environmentally friendly power system providing some comfort for families devastated by years of fighting between the saudi you. and your theories prior to our technology can't bring isn't and to the war with the yemenis want to be on everything else. does it or it's on our. several bushfires in australia have combined into a single so-called mega fire strong winds are stoking this fire at us north of sydney and orange haze has caused breathing difficulties difficulties for people on several weekend sports games have been cancelled more than $100.00 fires are
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burning in the state of new south wales the gulf of maine on the united states east coast as warming faster than the rest of the world's oceans and the house 1000000000 dollar local fishing industry as struggling to adapt to the loss of some species like shrimp christensen let me reports from port clyde in maine. just in libya is what's known as a ground fisherman just like his father before him but in his home base support clyde maine he could be one of a dying breed declining fish stocks and tougher regulations are making it harder for ground fishermen to make a living tradition only a boat like this would go around fishing for the summer months usually. mangy to november then you do estate water sculpting from november to december and then you go shrimping from december to. may it's not really surprising but regulators have made what little shrimp are left in these coastal
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areas off limits to fishermen taking away libby's winter catch they blame warming waters for shrimps decline here the gulf of maine has warmed faster than just about any other place in the ocean over the last 30 years we've formed at 4 times the global ocean average it's not a coincidence that we started seeing signs of stress in the shrimp population right around 2012 which was the marine heat wave year that we had here in the gulf i mean we had temperatures that were 3 degrees celsius above normal main sea food as a half 1000000000 dollar industry not only is it crucial to the state's economy it's part of its cultural identity for fishermen who live in villages like this it's a way of life that's getting harder and harder to says. justin has seen shrimp go from about 40 percent of his business to 0. scientists predict that other ground fish species he catches like cod and had to also see substantial declines i've been
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fortunate in younger and i know for a lot of the older generation there isn't really any options for them they've invested their whole lives and their money. and while worming waters have been a boon for other species like lobster. even maine's most lucrative seafood could eventually suffer if warming trends continue there's going to be opportunity that comes with climate change we just need to be able to understand it and we need to be able to mitigate for it and we need to be taking steps to slow it and adjust and adapt. the main coastal fishermen's association is calling for more and better data to better prepare for what could be a sea change and preserve a bedrock of the state's economy. christian salumi al-jazeera. you can see more stories like that went on al-jazeera as environment program planet s.o.s. on saturday at 1730 g.m.t. . burundi had been considered sacred and the symbol of unity since ancient times
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now young children are being taught the rich will dance to help keep the heritage alive catherine so it has a story from. the. best dramas they leave in home to the famous for oil drums and a culture of drumming that dates back centuries the ritual of the royal drugs is the good last call heritage least. leads drama he tells us this compound in the heart are entering a significant wound is ancient king came here seeking refuge when belgian colonizers wanted to kill him at the time of the 19th century he later surrendered but the drumming he loved stayed on to mark the bravery of those who helped him. when people heard he was here they brought him a gift of. he slaughtered them for a feast and used to make 2 roll drums which exist to date in this century. this
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is a special hardware the most important drums are kept including this too we are told there are about 100 years or conserving the culture is important to everyone here. every time the drums beat the xara the whole neighborhood comes out this surgery is one of the country's main tourist attractions and a source of livelihood for most people here. says she once has the tradition women are not allowed to be dramas. every thursday after school my son comes here to learn from the older dramas teaching the young generation will keep the culture alive. so twice every week young boys come here for training sessions lining the arts. affecting their moves. i started drumming when i was very little my father and grandfather were drummers
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i'm hoping one day i'll be able to transcend other countries and. royal drumming is not only allowed in official functions the government says this is to avoid commercializing the culture the showstoppers in functions like this presidential events are often the children brood his future dramas catherine's. it's for the headlines right now on al jazeera and identified gunmen in baghdad have shot 20 people at a protest count security forces deny involvement this happened a week after the prime minister. resigned force authorities at the main protest camp in fact that. there is extra security certainly a number of arteries that lead to tahrir square which is just behind me you have been blocked by security forces to try and calm the situation after what took place
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just north of town here square overnight many worry that the events that unfolded few hours ago will only make the situation worse the heart of the demonstrations to try and bring reform political reform in this country and the violence that seems to be escalating coming out or saudi arabia's king has condemned an attack on a u.s. naval base as barbaric a member of the saudi air force kill 3 people at the facility in florida he was there as part of a training course the king said that the saudi people were greatly angered by the bowe bergdahl actions of the shooter and that this person in no way shape or form represents the feelings of the saudi people who love the american people so much the taliban and u.s. negotiators have resume talks aimed at ending the war in afghanistan and the u.s. team says for new discussions and qatar will focus on reaching a ceasefire and september u.s.
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president on abruptly stopped talks just as both sides appeared close to signing a deal at least 7 kenyan police officers have been killed near their somalian border gunmen from al-shabaab stopped their bus on a remote road between the towns of was year and indira. thousands of pro beijing protesters have rallied in hong kong there calling for an investigation into the recent elections where pro-democracy parties when an outright majority there's also another protest planned later to highlight human rights concerns. some us government says nearly 90 percent of the population have now been vaccinated against measles a compulsory program was rolled out after an outbreak that killed $65.00 people since october so the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera bulletin at the top of the hour in the meantime counting the cost is that next. the prime minister. mission is to give the critics on the 31st of october and making this country the
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greatest place only person to touch it is delayed but follow the drama of bricks it on al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian figure and this is counting the cost on al-jazeera a weekly look at the world of business and economics this week as campaigners to moan the world does more to tackle climate change we delve into the multibillion dollar carbon trading market is it fit for purpose or are the biggest polluters being given a free pass. big data algorithms that discriminates we find out why women and people of color continue to get a war deal from silicon valley plus president putin and by the west completes his pivot to the east.


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