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more gunshots in baghdad and attack on the house of influential shia cleric tension and iraq after a night of violence. also coming up a 2nd woman has raped sparked outrage in india has died of her injuries. thousands of afghans are forced to return from iran as u.s. sanctions bite and the work runs out. i'm catherine home of the war new drawings. i'll be telling you about a culture that has been. a
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rock and less than 24 hours after protesters were gunned down there has been more violence in the streets of the capital. and fire was again heard in parts of baghdad people running for cover on friday night a group of armed men attacked a group of protesters near kalani square killing at least 20 people more than 70 others were wounded and in what seems to be a related escalation sources close to a prominent shia cleric. say his home has been hit by a drone strike it happened in the city of new jobs we're still getting details but his party says all saddam was not in the country at the time of the attack or more in the reports of the attack aimed at one of the most powerful figures in iraq. we've just heard from various sources from the largest political blog within parliament that there has been an attempt on the life of the cleric shia cleric
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coveralls souther his compound in the holy city of najaf was apparently attacked by an armed drone overnight in that city you know we don't know if there were any injuries or casualties in his in that compound and we don't know who could have been responsible for that attack but we have heard from various sources saying that there was an attempt on his life that is booked other us father the shia cleric in najaf now this happened after many of those demonstrators who were attacked just behind me here. on the square overnight they were demanding protection from government forces and there were no effort there was no government security to protect these protesters and that is when there a souther called on his military wing of his party to come to the rescue of these protesters that is what they've been telling various other media outlets that they tried to rescue and that helped the demonstrators and they lost 3 of the men in
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that gunfight and now we're hearing that there was an attempt by. armed thrower on the other compound in the holy city of najaf. as store some mention more than 20 people were killed by an identified gunman she sent us this report a bit earlier one of those violent nights in recent weeks. panic among crowds as gunfire echoing around the square in central baghdad moments earlier gunman had pulled up in cars and trucks at a building where protesters have based themselves since anti-government rallies began in october medics struggle to treat the dozens injured there's been concerns that the rallies gathered around tahrir square could spiral into chaos. after supporters of hush the shabby paramilitary called listen flooded the area on thursday in a show of force they arrived in their thousands and to hear square carrying pictures of the country's top shiite cleric grand ayatollah ali al sistani. the
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hashed initially backed iraq's government against the protests but switched to supporting the rallies after an intervention by grand ayatollah sistani. just hours before the shootings the united states imposed sanctions on 3 leaders that xabi which is backed by iran. were not meddling in iraq in politics we support iraqi sovereignty and part of this is a demonstration or support for iraq itself during friday prayers just on his representative read a letter from the highest shia cleric in iraq calling on iraqi security to protect the peaceful protests and he stressed the need to form a new government without foreign interference amid the chaos after the shooting this protester asked where are the tribal elders or the religious authority to stop this madness many here in iraq continue to ask when or if they will be able to rely
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on their leaders to restore calm. for over 2 months demonstrators in cities across the country have been demanding for a change in the country's electoral laws and an overhaul of the entire political system more than 400 people have been killed and thousands injured in suing violence prime minister abdullah abdullah met the resigned last week but remains in a caretaker role a replacement is yet to be announced while the political wrangling goes on ordinary iraqis continue to pay the price with their lives. door such a pari al-jazeera baghdad. let's bring in. who is here in doha is a researcher focuses on identity politics and iraq and the middle east thank you so much for joining us so obviously these reports are just happening within the last few minutes at the top of our starters home. being bombed by a drone what might the implications of that be well the only implication that this
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is showing us is the governmental desperation and trying to politicize the revolution in iraq and trying to pull the peaceful revolution into an armed revolution and try to label it as a conflict between process than the factions and procedures factions. and is still a money as an awesome solution monied the iranian general who controls the probably iran militias on the ground in iraq which are also the armed doings of the political parties that govern iraq since the early stages of the invasion people in iraq are very aware that these are tactics to. to to to turn the protest movement on the streets into a violent one because they are very aware that on the terms of the sumber or the protest movements the grassroots led protests movements in from across the provinces of iraq whether it be in the south or north or east the worst or go into baghdad on the 10th of december to join the protest movement in the capital city and pressure the government as much as they can to do to topple the entire regime
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rewrite the constitution and be a part of the transition every period and not only accept a resigned nation of a figurehead and then having him being replaced by the very same parliament that consists of the political parties so what does it mean that this movement seems so far to have largely been leaderless what does that say about the prospects of this movement and what the people seem to want what is the same for the process for the prospects for it to be successful if the prospects were to be successful and this is to be continued in the way that the protest movements wants it to be continued and in the way it should be continued then they will be focusing on the transitional period which will 1st look at. rewriting the constitution which was written under us led invasion through the pressures of regional power players were promoting for certain political parties and individuals who promised to push for economic and personal interests of the political leaders of the regional players the prospects of the future prospects hopefully of the protest movement will be
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aiming at developing the education of the country the health care and the social services we can already see a utopian example going on in tahrir square today you know what i'm saying i understand what you're saying what the protesters seem to want but there's this or seem to be any structure any mechanism in place to really speak for the people and put that forward beyond being out on the street well we can't ask for mccann isn't a very organized structure from the protesters who don't even have enough power or protection from militias coming to the right to stop them i think the protesters in the protest movement provide them in the structure of a political alternative structure if you rock in the future of iraq when they have the right platform where they have the right security and protection freedom to do so right now their protest movement is only trying to survive a militant in an armed violent crackdown coming from the government and the militia
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side once they're done with that and they have the freedom and the right to express themselves according according to their constitutional right of freedom of expression and according to their right of free writing their very own constitution and not having regional power players writing the constitution and deciding the fate of a nation they have no 'd they have no interest in taking care of or even have any connection to the reigning government or the interest of the arena government does not align with the interest of the iraqi people. thank you so much for your perspective for your insight we appreciate it thank you. in india a rape victim who was doused in petrol and set on fire has died she was 23 years old she was attacked on thursday while on her way to a court to court rather to give evidence against her alleged assailants she told police 5 men feet and stabbed term before setting her on fire this is in the northern state retard pradesh her family is demanding similar treatment for her attackers says the accused in another high profile rape case and that case 4
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suspects accused of rape and murder in hyderabad were shot dead by police on friday the court has directed the police to preserve the bodies in order to properly investigate the killings the police shooting is being condemned by rights activists but praised by many in india for us says the latest at this intensify frustrations across the country. people are very angry there are several protests that have been organized in several cities across the country have you seen the similar similar protests back in december 2012 when a girl was raped in a bus and then later she died of her injuries then the government had made the law most change and about now the people are demanding an even more stringent law and even the family of the girl is saying that all the accused must be hanged and that must be done quickly that reflects how people have sort of lost faith in the justice system there being many delays back then the government has said that many fast track courts would be set up the justice is done quickly somewhere but not as many as promised and certainly not as many would need it the scary part is that the
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conversation has moved from following the legal procedure to obtain justice to justice anyhow and that comes in the killings of the 4 accused in hyderabad by the police many people including even the family of the girl who died last night the family from with the police there say that either you hang the accused and do it quickly or even if the police shoot them down that's fine with us and that is what is worrying many human rights activists because once that starts once there is public sanction for police to go out and kill people then where does that stop taliban and u.s. negotiators have resume talks aimed at ending the war in afghanistan there is delegation says her new discussions in qatar will focus on the reduction of violence that leads to enter afghan negotiations and a cease fire that's obviously a quote and september u.s. president on a trump i'll probably stop talks just as both sides appear close to signing a deal. alvin's about afghan workers and refugees are leaving iran each week
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because of the dire economic situation caused by u.s. sanctions for some afghans the desperation for work now outweighs the dangers they want ran from tony berkeley reports from the border crossing between iran and afghanistan. getting a job in iran provided a lifeline for many afghans crossing the border was both and a skate from fighting between taliban and government forces as well as from u.s. airstrikes. but the afghans couldn't escape the u.s. sanctions which are crippled the iranian economy many have left because of hyperinflation. prices for food have doubled and it's hard for us to find the jobs it's hard living in iran because our wages lost so much value in the price of basic things increased a lot and it's difficult to survive here. at the iran afghanistan border crossing point at islam color really 500000 afghans are returned so far this year adding
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further to the overstretched resources of aid organizations coping with the country's internally displaced one point was an estimated $3000000.00 afghans in around half of them illegally those who are caught without identification documents are deported even unaccompanied children. they denied. attention or families and for europe is the 1st they did 40 of. them and are in europe and i come from this trial. those without papers could be treated harshly. the police hit me with an electric rod and i fell into a ditch i was not able to move my leg but there are no jobs in afghanistan so i will try and go back when my leg is better can ali is one of the desperate he is heading to iran even though times there are hard but he is the sole breadwinner for 12 family members and something is better than nothing. i
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know it is expensive in iran but if i understand that it's hardly unique. only a few dollars a day. afghans are having to make stark and often life changing choices afghans may have been suffering economically but at least they were safe in iran they're now returning to a country that is dangerous and highly unpredictable and once again their futures are far from certain tony birth 3 hours 0 islam color border crossing between iran and afghanistan still here on al-jazeera education under occupation israeli forces move against students at the most prestigious university in the occupied west bank . the british prime minister and the opposition leader face off in their final t.v. debate before next week's election.
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hello once again welcome to another look at the international forecast it's largely dried out across a good part of japan are seeing some live shot some of them wintry recently so a fair bit of cloud there across honshu down into key issue in this weather system here this cold front making its way across the city japan will introduce a little more the where wintry weather as we go through sunday suspect see some snow there. 12 celsius there but last a dry sparkling sunshine for tokyo and more the same as we go on into monday a little cold as that system pushes for 456 celsius there across the kimmitt korean peninsula a touch warmer into were basing northern parts of china generally dry fact a good part of trying to seeing settled and dry weather now as we go on through the next couple days temperatures will struggle a touch for hong kong on sunday no woman around 90 degrees celsius in that northeasterly break but the temperature is at up a little as we go on into monday afternoon as you can see it does generally stay dry and settled and much drier now in places say across the philippines still
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a chance of one or 2 showers coming in here as we go on through the next day or so sunday sees a few showers more very heavy showers across a good part of borneo easing over towards the malaysian into at a similar picture monday. from the. sentence. we use as a. difficult to be left. when people. are really ready. to be subversive if you don't have a level of. script on al-jazeera.
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and watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories for you right now a drone has reportedly targeted the home of iraqi cleric. but his party says he was not in the country at the time. and parliament has supported anti-government protests. meanwhile it's been another night of. baghdad on friday night. with protesters killing at least 20 people. taliban and u.s. negotiators talks aimed at ending the war in afghanistan in september u.s. president donald trump. talks just as both sides appear close to signing a deal. israeli army is accusing the occupied west bank most prestigious university
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to become being a recruitment center for what it calls terrorism thousands of students are currently in israeli jails the nursery denies the accusations but has told al-jazeera fears there are some raids to calm reports in the occupied west bank. a 1st glance at present university looks like an ordinary campus that could be anywhere in the world that's because it is the university in the occupied west bank goes about its daily business but the israeli army says it's far from ordinary and that this campus is a recruitment center for what it calls a terrorism and incitement to violence according to his latest video. since the beginning of $2964.00 students have been arrested in total 80 students are in jail the vast majority have yet to be convicted this video from march 2018 shows israeli special forces arresting a student on campus at gunpoint the students currently awaiting trial on charges of activities relating to the hamas islamic bloc which is the student wing of the
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political party the university fairs more israeli incursions and more students arrests from our long. experience with israeli occupation whenever they launch a campaign. of this information about the university it means that they are preparing for a campaign awful pressure and increasing a stick sions on the education process in the palestinian territories especially because it university. because it does pride itself in encouraging students to take part in political life and fight the occupation by israel using legal means. brazil university has been subject to harassment and raids by the israeli army for decades now because of the occupation is very difficult the visiting lecturer is the come and give classes here and the faculties own stuff have been subject to harassment and arrest also however it's the students that bear the brunt of the israeli army's actions. on hamdan is a student here he's been arrested 4 times serving
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a total of 3 years in prison he was only charged choice of being a member of the hamas islamic bloc the other times he was held without charge for a total of 10 months. i was supposed to have graduated 3 years ago but i keep getting arrested for political activity i've had to change my major from engineering to accountancy because i lost so much time it was impossible to keep up with something as difficult as engineering. membership of the mass student political bloc is not illegal under palestinian law nor does it contravene university policy the palestinians in the occupied west bank come under israeli military rule and israel considers the group a terrorist organization but it's not just how my students when that's in the sights of the israeli army shouldn't have been arrested for membership of a variety of groups and for terrorism financing according to the israelis the israeli army video is being seen as a warning here and once again students and staff are bracing themselves for more
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raids and more arrests imran khan algis a visit university the occupied west bank the democratic led house of representatives has passed a resolution backing a 2 state solution for israel and palestine and that it largely along party lines to pass a largely symbolic measure farm longstanding u.s. policy and get settlement expansion that was reversed last month and ministration. the king of saudi arabia has offered his condolences to the victims of a shooting at a naval base in the united states as our air force officer on a training course killed 3 fellow students in florida before he was shot dead by share us the tactics are investigating the motive mike hanna has more from washington. naval air station pensacola was immediately placed in a state of lockdown as were the surrounding neighborhoods where many of the 16000 personnel at the base live along with some 7000 civilians who work there each day. a navy spokesman confirmed it was a saudi national training at the base who opened fire in
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a classroom we have the international training syllabus we have students from from several different countries that come here they learned aviation they become naval aviators weather here florida's governor was quickly on the scene and while briefing president trump on the phone raise the question of reparations one of the things that i talk to the president about is given that this was a foreign national in the employ of a foreign service is you know be time to do this but obviously the government of saudi arabia needs to to make make things better for these victims and i think that they they are going to owe a debt here the saudi king contacted president trump to express his nation's condolences thinking said that the saudi people have made me angry by the actions of the shooter and that this person in no way shape or form represents the feelings of the saudi people who love the american people so much the base is very much part of the local community which is now beginning to come to terms with the loss of
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their grieving mothers and fathers today who will never recover from this day the f.b.i. is assisting local law enforcement officials in the investigation the primary toss to establish an exact motive and to find out how the saudi national got through the extensive vetting process that all foreign nationals attending training undergo mike hanna al-jazeera washington at least 7 kenyan police officers have been killed after their bus was attacked near the border with somalia kenya's president says gunmen from the army stopped the bus on a remote road between the towns of was cher and tara and 8 police officers were killed in a similar attack in which your county. thousands of pro beijing protesters have rallied in hong kong there calling for an investigation into recent elections where pro-democracy parties when an outright majority clark has been at that rally in
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hong kong are people expressing support for the city's police. this by china rally in central hong kong supporting carry land there also condemning the fight about the protests which are now in a 6 month they're also calling for an investigation into the recent district council elections where the plate evokes a movement and the lawmakers secured a majority in the 17 of the 18 district councils they're also here to show their support to the police i think the whole home believed is there you can't control and patient. 'd doing the right thing this gathering comes on the eve of the pro-democracy rally which will march from victoria cock through to central home this organization called the super human rights fund has been given approval by the police to go ahead with this rally it's the 1st time they've got approval since all this the civil rights front is the organization behind the mass rallies in the past including one and 2000000 people attending that rally hoping to similar numbers at sunday's assembly. the leaders of the
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u.k.'s 2 main parties have faced off in the final t.v. debate before next week's election back in the national health service or among the key issues discussed paul brennan was at the debate. a week from today one of these 2 men will be britain's new prime minister a month since the campaign began and with just days until it finishes this t.v. debate was the last chance for voters to compare and contrast these 2 leaders side by side predictably dominated the only exchange of mr johnson will spend at least 7 years ago shaping the usa on access to our public services on the price of medicines in britain on the access to our national health service and so what he will do is walk out of a relationship with the e.u. into a relationship with nobody everybody on the labor front bench is. campaigning to remain apart from mr goldman who's who is neutral on the matter who is going to secure this deal how can you get a deal a new deal from brussels for bret's it if you don't actually believe in it it was
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a fast paced encounter skipping swiftly from their rival plans for the national health service how the parties intend to pay for their election promises and even a question about socialism vs capitalism johnson tackled corbin on labour's alleged anti semitism problem corp in challenge johnson on fake news and misleading slogans on campaign buses and at the end both men addressed the audience directly. the future really is ours to make together we can tackle the climate emergency and child poverty and properly fund our national health service on thursday you can choose hope and vote for real change we can get threats done get out of neutral and get a parliament that works for you and on your priorities the n.h.s. the cost of living $20000.00 more police more cash for our schools let's get it done on the basis of this t.v. debate though with just 5 campaigning days left before polling day there are no signs of a shift in gear from either of the 2 main parties on labor got
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a vast offering and cold in the mix supposedly is relatively popular so it's definitely important for labor to try and branch out but the conservatives it is all about getting back to town as a government minister and a shadow minister having a round of argument there in the spin room here backstage at the t.v. debate and it's indicative i think of just how divisive this election campaign has been the t.v. debate really only serving to emphasize the stark choices that voters face when they go to the polling booths next thursday britain is a divided country polarized by political tribalism and these 2 main contenders for prime minister both have very different ideas about how to address that paul brennan al-jazeera maidstone. or i'll try. arms or burundi have been considered sacred since ancient times and assemble and unity now young children are being taught the ritual dance to keep the culture of life out there and so as a story from. these are some of the rudest best dramas
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they leave english our home to the famous royal drums and a culture of drumming that dates back centuries the ritual of the royal drugs is known the good last call heritage least. lead drama he tells us this compound in the heart we're entering a significant wound is ancient king came here seeking refuge when belgian colonizers wanted to kill him at the time of the 19th century he later surrendered but the drumming he loved stayed on to mark the bravery of those who helped him. when people heard he was here they brought him a gift of. you slaughtered them for a feast and used to make 2 roll drums which exist to date in this century. this is a special hardware the most important drums are kept including this 2 we are told there
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are about 100 years or conserving the culture is important to everyone here. every time the drums beat shara the whole neighborhood comes out the surgeries one of the country's main tourist attractions and a source of livelihood for most people here. says she once has the tradition women are not allowed to be dramas. every thursday after school my son comes here to learn from the older dramas teaching the young generation will keep the culture alive. so twice every week young boys come here for training sessions lining their art. affecting their moves. i started drumming when i was very little my father and grandfather were drummers i'm hoping one day i'll be able to beat the trams in other countries. royal
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drumming is now only allowed in official functions the government says this is to avoid commercializing the culture the showstoppers in functions like this presidential events are often the children through these future dramas catherine's . al-jazeera. to the headlines right now on al jazeera more gunfire has been heard on the streets of baghdad after one of the worst nights of violence in recent weeks on friday a group of armed men attacked protesters near kalani square killing at least 20 people and in what seems to be related escalation sources close to a prominent shia cleric and taught all solders say his home has been hit by a drone strike his party says it was not in the country at the time of that attack or sadr bari has more. many of those demonstrators who were attacked just behind me
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here. on the square overnight they were demanding protection from government forces and there were no effort there was no government security to protect these protesters and that is when most other of souther called on his military wing of his party to come to the rescue of these protesters that is what they've been telling various other media outlets that they tried to rescue and to help the demonstrators and they lost 3 of their own men in that gunfight and now we're hearing that there was an attempt by. armed drone on the other compound in the holy city of najaf the taliban and u.s. negotiators are resume talks aimed at ending the war in afghanistan the celebration says renewed discussions and caught her will focus on quote reduction of violence that leads to intra afghan negotiations and a cease fire and september us president donald trump abruptly called the talks off just as both sides appeared to be close to signing a deal and india
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a rape victim who was doused in petrol and set on fire has died she was 23 years old when she was attacked on thursday while on her way to court to give evidence against her alleged assailants for families to man doing similar treatment for her attackers says the accused in a nother high profile rape case in that case the attackers were killed by police the democratic led house of representatives has passed a resolution backing a 2 state solution for israel and palestine and voted along party lines and it's largely symbolic measure the house reaffirm longstanding u.s. policy against settlement expansion that was reversed last month by the trump administration keep it our morning and sarge story is next.
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a fights over control of the mediterranean sea libya and turkey draw back injury line in the border but sitting in the middle as the greek island of crete athens says the move violates international law so what's at stake and could it lead to armed conflicts this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm home he'd seen greece and turkey are its holds over a host of issues but the latest has pushed them closer to a military confrontation so key.


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