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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 7, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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only. gunshots ring out across iraq's current battle following a night of violence which saw gunmen opened fire on protesters. and i want to touch on this is a long way from london also coming up iran releases an american student to return for a scientist in a rare prisoner swap between the 2 countries. several saudi nationals are detained for questioning in the u.s. all for a deadly shooting at a florida naval base and the u.n.
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report reveals rising temperatures are starving the oceans of oxygen scientists describe it as the ultimate wake up call for humanity. at least $23.00 people have been killed in an attack by unidentified gunman chest as in bank they stormed one of the main protests in kilani square friday nights less than 24 hours after that attack gunfire has again been heard in the capital and there are reports at home of shia leader look how they're all sather was hit by a drone strike dorsetshire probably reports from back down to. panic among the crowds of protesters as gunfire echoes from central baghdad. moments earlier gunmen pulled up in cars and trucks at the building where protesters have faced themselves since the latest series of anti-government rallies began in october. medics
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struggle to treat the dozens injured this is what is left behind after what survivors are describing as a massacre. lovesick. they were wearing civilian clothes this is the bullets they slaughtered people i don't know what kind of islam this is these people believe in i don't even know where they took the dead bodies the. 60 to 70 men came asking us to leave this area they showed us their knives and guns and walked us out i heard screams and saw them killing people throwing them over the building they told me they are gangs. but sources tell al jazeera the call from these demonstrators for protection was answered by volunteers from soraya al salam which is part of the southern us party the shia muslim group is led by cleric my father also other hours before the shooting the united states imposed sanctions on 3 of the group's leaders early on saturday in a district of not just province south of baghdad and an identified armed drone attack the souther family compound the cleric wasn't home at the time of the attack
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the threat of attacks on protesters in baghdad has been a concern supporters of the ring in fact has still xabi paramilitary coalition arrived in their thousands in fact as they're here square on thursday carrying pictures of iraq's leading shiite cleric grand ayatollah ali sistani during friday prayers says danny's representatives read a letter from the highest shia cleric in iraq calling on iraqi security to protect the peaceful protests and he stressed the need to form a new government without foreign interference more than 400 iraqis have been killed and thousands injured in the past 2 months demonstrators in cities across the country have been demanding more jobs less corruption and sectarianism changes in the electoral laws and an overhaul of the entire political system prime minister he resigned last week but remains as a carrot taker his replacement is yet. to be announced as tensions increase here
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protesters keep asking the same question where other government forces which are supposed to protect them a question that is becoming increasingly difficult to answer as the political and sectarian allegiances continue to create further division between iraqis or such a party al-jazeera backed out while similar fulton is lifeless now in baghdad so now what can you tell us about the government's response so far to this well the ministry of interior has said it has begun an investigation into last night's attack attacks but as of now it's still uncertain who is responsible president barham salih issued a statement just a few hours ago blaming the attack on criminal gangs and outlaws so it's still unclear at this point who exactly is responsible the protesters themselves have blamed militia as well as parties for this attack but this is something that hasn't
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been confirmed at the moment the parliament has also called for an extraordinary session to morrow morning several military commanders to try to better understand this situation but for now the slower the response of the government has been very slow and has raised concerns among protesters that as this violence really risks escalating even more the government should take a much stronger stand and push for a fast investigation to really bring those responsible to account and there have been rocket attacks as well understand on u.s. bases it's all connected. well it's unclear if it's connected but for certain there has been a spike in rocket attacks on military bases where u.s. soldiers are based on these attacks are not unusual but we have seen an increase with 8 attacks between 20th of october and the 5th of december now there has been a statement put out attribute it to a u.s.
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official today and what is unusual in this statement is that it actually attributes responsibility for one of these attacks on the summer 1st. balo which is one of the groups under the popular mobilization forces which is this umbrella group of armed groups some of them with links to iran of course is one of the groups that has been particularly opposed against u.s. presence the question is why is the statement being put out now of course the popular mobilisation forces are also being blamed for some of the attacks that occurred last night but it's unclear whether or not the tax on the u.s. bases are related to this now it is possible that the u.s. is simply becoming increasingly frustrated with the slow response by iraqi government to really investigate these attacks and to bring those responsible to account many thanks so much history full time there speaking to us live from baghdad and the u.s.
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president donald trump has thanked he ran for very fair negotiations that led to a prisoner swap between the 2 countries she drew one a u.s. citizen sentenced to 10 years in prison in iran on spying challenges was released in exchange for iranian scientist massoud solomonic he's been held in the us since last year for violating u.s. trade sanctions so the money was brought back to iran by from foreign minister mohammad jarrett zarif said baik is in teheran he says the president has been under negotiation for some time. barman's to divulge reeve has been talking about a possible swap for a while back in september he had said that he had offered an exchange of prisoners but it had to be for an iranian he said that a foreign minister he couldn't just go to the courts here in iran and ask for the release of sure where one had to be for an iranian not that terrain was the stem cell research of prominence themselves a researcher mohammed so the money that he was detained last year in october at
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a u.s. airport and accused of violating u.s. sanctions and seeking to transfer a growth hormone to iran without a license not sure one he's a student american citizen and he was detained back in 2016 accused of espionage found guilty in 2017 and sentenced to 10 years here in iran now princeton university where she where one is a researcher his wife and the u.s. government maintains that it was here for research purposes here to study the culture of tennessee. at least 19 people have been killed in syria in air strikes carried out by russia and the assad regime they talk to 2 villages in the province last remaining rebel held area in syria activists say 8 children are among the dead around 25000 syrians have fled the province in the past week alone after an escalation in astronautics
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fighters loyal to libya's u.n. recognized government say they shot down 2 separate funny to jets belonging to warlord county fire have topped the 2 incidents reportedly happened in the south of tripoli and the western coastal city of also in up after us forces have been fighting to take the capital from the internationally recognized government of national accord. in india right thanks him who is down in petulance set on fire has died of her injuries the 23 year old was attacked on thursday in the state of each opera desh while she was on her way to court to give evidence against her alleged assailants she told police 5 men beaten stopped before setting her on fire meanwhile full suspects accused of rape or murder in hyderabad where shot dead by police on friday a court has directed the police to preserve the bodies in order to properly investigate the killings the police shooting is being condemned by rights activists
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but praised by many in it. says the latest cases of rape have intensified frustrations across the country. people are very angry there are several protests that have been organized in several cities across the country we've seen the similar similar protests back in december 2012 when a girl was raped in a bus and then later she died of her injuries then the government had made the law most stringent about now the people are demanding an even more stringent law and even the family of the girl is saying that all the accused must be hanged and that must be done quickly that reflects how people have sort of lost faith in the justice system there been many delays back then the government has said that many fast track courts would be set up the justice is done quickly somewhere but not as many as promised and certainly not as many would need it the scary part is that the conversation has moved from following the legal procedure to obtain justice to
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justice anyhow and that comes in the killings of the 4 accused in hyderabad by the police many people including even the family of the girl who died last night the family from with the police there say that either you hang the accused and do it quickly or even if the police shoot them down that's fine with us and that is what is worrying many human rights activists because once that starts once to this public sanction for police to go out and kill people then where does that stop the death of the 2 women has caused outrage in new delhi. dozens of blind people have taken part in a flash mob in the capital they chant protest songs against rape culture in solidarity with the victims. investigators in florida are questioning 10 sounded nationals in connection with the deadly shooting at a u.s. naval base on friday mohammad saeed rummy was taking part in a u.s.
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navy training program at the base in pensacola he killed 3 of his fellow students and injured at least 8 before he was shot dead by sheriff's detectives on now investigating whether the shooting was an act of terrorism for more on this us go to mike hanna in washington d.c. mike i understand more details are emerging about the gunman and indeed some of the other men around there are also being investigated. indeed yes world it appears that another 10 saudi nationals have now been detained on that naval base they were also among the students studying at that particular base as was the gunman in this particular case he was on a 3 year course starting there at the base back in august 2017 but certainly indications are now of the possibility of a wider conspiracy and not just a lone gunman running amok certainly the investigators indicate that there may be
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more to this than just a single individual action now the associated press reports that one of the saudi nationals actually filmed from outside the classroom complex where the shootings took place it also reports that the gunman held a party a video watching party which videos of mass shootings were watched the night before the shooting took place further reports through the day indicate that the gunman had a long twitter feed and which he posted a will at one particular stage shortly before the shooting and also expressed admiration for asama bin laden along with severe criticism of u.s. policy in the middle east particularly with regard to jerusalem so while the investigators have still not formally announced any conclusion about motive all indications are is that the motive may be wider than somebody simply gone crazy and running amok on 8 individual basis now mind these training courses are supposed to
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be all about fostering links with a these 2 foreign allies and the reaction so far from saudi arabia. well the king of saudi arabia was very quick to telephone president trump to express his condolences to express the support of the saudi people in the friendship with the united states but questions arise about the vetting process within saudi arabia the gunman was a 2nd left tenant in the saudi air force he would have gone through a series of training programs there he would have been carefully selected to take part in what is an elite training program within the united states itself furthermore of course says that the u.s. vetting system as well is coming under question there are a series of federal agencies that screen foreign students who are attending the aviation school in florida and certainly it would appear that if this particularly if this is wider than an individual's action that they are faults within that screening process something that the secretary of defense's department has already
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said is being looked at very closely now it will be examined it will be part of the wider investigation as yet there's no formal comments from the investigators it's being led by the f.b.i. we do understand as well is that if the i agents are now in riyadh cooperating with saudi vesta gaiters to get to the bottom of the background of the gunman so this is an ongoing case and will remain so would appear from all these emerging details for a long period of time to come that's why can a lie for us about in florida. still to come a little tj's there are several bushfires combine to fall one mega fine in australia one firefighters are struggling to battle the blaze.
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had some pretty good conditions still across central and seeth southeastern areas of europe we've got a band of try working its way across the northern areas plenty of the weather to little through scandinavia some rain and some snow but where we haven't had the morning fog and even in some places where this is clear we've been treated some very nice clear crisp the winter weather this is in southern germany now as we go through sunday and on into monday that travel be encroaching from the west so a rather more cloudy picture generally and then here a very heavy line of rain trailing all the way from northern portugal spain up through western central france and into again scandinavia at the same time another system just really impacting the northwest so much of the u.k. through scotland northern sections of od and some very strong winds with that now by monday it'll move quite swiftly away to the east but it does mean again a very unsettled day across much of the western half of europe of course to the mountains and again another area of rain just working its way into more southeast
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an area but the washing across the wall so you can see the fairly cool there moscow the high of just 3 plenty of trad generally across northern areas of africa but it's a dry day on sunday is really monday we'll see the showers pushing across into tripoli . an investigation of how foreign companies plunder africa's natural resources with russia is show important in a big question revealing how media's officials demand cash in exchange for favors. of belief in confidential documents provided to al-jazeera by wiki leaks you committee controversial i will fight to the crunch and i'm not dealing with al-jazeera investigations the anatomy of a. reminder
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of the top stories on al-jazeera gunshots have been heading back down to 23 people were killed on friday night by unidentified gunmen iranian scientists must suit solomonic has arrived back in teheran he was released from a u.s. prison as part of a prisoner swap deal changer one was released from an iranian prison after being sentenced to 10 years in prison for spying. investigators in florida home questioning 10 saudi nationals in connection with the deadly shooting at a u.s. navy base on friday mohammed saeed killed 3 of his fellow students before he was shot dead. the un is migration agency says
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a boat carrying up to 180 migrants was intercepted by the mauritanian coast guard on friday it was discovered in the same waters where at least 63 people who cling children around the city of new at hebrew just 2 days ago the un's international organization for migration in mauritania say both boats left from gambia although there were at least 6 senegalese survivors on the boat that come sized on wednesday the boats were headed to spain's canary islands this migrant route is dangerous and poorly monitored some 158 people are known to have died trying to reach the canary islands so far this year up from 43 last year but it's becoming more popular as authorities clamp down on mediterranean crossings to europe particularly from libya but unlike previous cases foreign media have been denied access to the migrants mohamed atta narod who are mauritania's coast and says there's been
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a lot of speculation as to why that is. the mauritania authorities have in the past been very cooperative with the media they even invited the international media and the local media to see how they treated the migrants oversaw the n.g.o.s the u.n. agencies of every interest in showing that they are dealing in a very good way with these migrants they that situation now the new situation the obscurantism and the lack of access for the media has given rise to some speculations about why this time around this issue is and has been blocked from the eyes of the international public speculations talked about but that the facilities were not up to standards when those people suddenly. showed up on the shore but also the authorities here and the ngos are saying that not the case other speculations you know also giving rise to because these are the people who died were buried very quickly with coordination between the 3 countries mauritania
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senegal and the gambia they were buried outside the city in a matter of they are even less than dot. not clear why this time around they are being secretive about it and the report has warned that the world's oceans are under threat due to loss of oxygen caused by climate change and pollution very poor says the increase in carbon emissions has led to ocean water warming which means it can carry less oxygen fish such as china marlin and shocks particular risk scientists released a report of a cop $25.00 summit in madrid where representatives of conscious have gathered to discuss the climate say they called it a wake up call for humanity when the director of the global marine and power program at the international union for conservation of nature she says the changes will be home full to biodiversity and natural habitats. what we're seeing what
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we've seen is actually a decline in 2 percent of the global oxygen level they have been reduced by 2 percent and it doesn't sound like a lot but just these 2 small changes will have enormous implications and but within that is actually a lot of regional differences so we can take an example south southeast coast of the fornia into deeper waters we've seen a decline in 30 percent oxygen level in the last 25 years so how does this all effects you know life in the ocean and ultimately us and because we're dependent on it for the regulatory system so deal qsa generation will have an impact on biodiversity on biomass of commercially important species and vulnerable species or rare species but also habitats so those oxygen rich and which are favorable conditions as to species will shrink these are shrinking and habitats but also we
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are altering the energy and biochemical 'd cycles within the ocean and that means these systems which are absolutely crucial to sustain these fisheries that's bringing the new true rich water up into the surface areas so we are seeing that species are migrating because of this. several bush finds an australia have combined into a single so-called mega fire strong wind some stoking the blaze north of sydney and fungus in the state of new south wales more than 680 homes have been destroyed and 6 people have died since the fires began in september or haleh mohammed was has more. the giant inferno is spreading in bushland and forest across large areas of new south wales emergency crews are battling to controlled more than 100 fires as the flames burned into the night they formed what firefighters are describing as a mega fire destroying several homes and scorching 300000 hectares of land
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firefighters say they can't cope but not as well for the next minute as a 30 made a fire morris i mean. highlighting the dangers facing emergency crews a water bombing helicopter crashed while trying to douse the flames the pilot survived. thousands of firefighters are battling to protect communities and wildlife with many australians forced from their homes australia's bushfire season started early this year it's considered the worst on record fueled by drought soaring temperatures and high winds the smoke that is going. on. communities that far why so. significant the fall is extraordinary australia's largest city is shrouded in orange skies many weekend sports events are cancelled in sydney and doctors are treating many patients struggling to breathe just over the last week we see a 25 percent increase in the number of people presenting to our emergency
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departments with asthma and breathing problems that's an increase from an average of about 900 to just over 1100 people dozens of firefighters a flown in from canada and the us to support emergency efforts temperatures are expected to rise of a 40 degrees in the coming days and the summer heat wave is set to continue for weeks rain is the only thing that could bring some relief to sydney's 5000000 people. thousands of probate ging protesters have rallied in hong kong as one china district echoing for an investigation into recent local elections where pro-democracy policy is one and right majority tensions in the region have been high since june and pro-democracy protests began over an extradition viral they've since turned into a why the anti government and and t. china movement sarah clarke has been at approach china rally in hong kong. this but
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china rally in central hong kong is according to carry land there also condemning the quite about the protests which are now in a 6 month they're also calling for an investigation into the recent district council elections where the pro-democracy movement and the like and secured a majority in the 17 of the 18 district councils they're also here to show their support to the police i think the whole homilies this. honcho and patient. doing the right this gathering comes on the eve of the pro-democracy rally to march from victoria pottery to central hong kong this organization called the civil human rights front has been given approval by the place to go ahead with this rally it's the 1st time they've got approval since the civil rights organization behind the mass rallies in the past including one and 2000000 people attending that rally hoping to similar numbers at sunday's assembly. so as government says nearly 90 percent of the population have now been vaccinated against measles
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a compulsory program was rolled out after an outbreak 6 years 6 weeks ago at least $65.00 people have joined the vast majority of children and more than 4500 people infected curfew has now been lifted despite the row the health ministry said 103 new cases have been reported since friday. millions of people have been displaced by the war in yemen many live in camps or abandoned buildings with no electricity or proper sanitation facilities fairly imports are restricted or bound making the situation worse but as mohammed there have reports from santa many people who are now turning to solar power. and his family fled their home in the course of the city of to ski the fighting and the strikes by the saudi you're a qualification they have been living in an abandoned house on the outskirts of the
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capital sana'a there is no electricity but jimmy is hoping this solar panel will help brighten up the dark nights rama's. could hardly earn a living to provide enough food to feed my family a boat the solar panel because we have lived for months in darkness. jamile the son general is delighted with his father's a persian. but would have liked a more powerful system. i'm happy but i hope one day we can watch t.v. like any kids around the world. it's not just families like the more shirts that are improving can the sions for themselves with the help of solar power farmers too are reaping the benefits but as with so many things in yemen restrictions on imports mean set backs are never far away but lennon and. because of the saudi intimate ban on fuel and the current brutal war we have been
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forced to buy solar panels now we have been told importers can't bring such alternative sources of power we wonder if it might be a direct war against us who are not affiliated to any group. will carry molly relies on our electric wheelchair to get around but has found it difficult to keep it formally charged now he has the answer karen gave again and the only breadwinner from a big family before i installed the solar panel i used to stay for hours at some of the shops to recharge my welchers battery the situation is better for me now. even has now become one of the largest importers of solar panels the environmentally friendly power system providing some comfort for families devastated by years of fighting between the saudi you. and the whore thiis. prior to our technology can't bring isn't and to the war with what most yemenis want
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be on everything else. bob does it or so on our ever get plenty more news on their website just log on al-jazeera doc. thank you. i'm sorry says in london these are the top stories more gunshots have been had in baghdad up to 23 people were killed on friday night and identifying gunmen and there are reports much tada al solders home was hit by a drone strike in the influential shia cleric is said to have been away at the time simona fulton has more on the response to friday's attack in baghdad well the ministry of interior has said it has begun an investigation into last night's attack at a tax but as of now it's still uncertain who is responsible president barham salih
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issued a statement just a few hours ago blaming the attack on criminal gangs and outlaws so it's still unclear at this point who exactly is responsible the protesters themselves have blamed militia as well as parties for this attack but this is something that hasn't been confirmed at the moment the parliament has also called for an extraordinary session tomorrow morning several military commanders to try to better understand this situation iranian scientists must be money has arrived back into he was released from a u.s. prison response of a prisoner swap deal she was released from an iranian prison after being sentenced to 10 years in prison for spying u.s. president donald trump tweeted his thanks to iran for a very fair negotiation investigators in florida are questioning 10 saudi nationals
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in connection with the deadly shooting at a u.s. naval base on friday mohammad saeed al shaab rohani killed 3 of his fellow students before he was shot dead detectives are now investigating whether the shooting was an act of terrorism. and india a rape victim who is doused in petulance set on fire has died of her injuries she was on her way to court to give evidence against her relates to silence the death comes after a full suspects accused of rape are mad in hyderabad were killed by police on friday a court has directed the police to preserve the bodies in order to investigate the killings. those of the top stories on the air but do stay with us the listening post is up next it takes a closer look at the british media ahead of next week's general election don't go away.
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case bracing for an election setback the best doctors honestly think really my best. to try to see that i'm trying to kill the guy but i have to say misleading why should we. hello i'm richard ginsberg and you're at the listening post here are some of the media stories that we're covering this week the british are in election mode once again and their news outlets are proving to be no more adept at dealing with a lying politician than american ones are my beauty my purpose advertising those feel good ads designed to make you feel good about buying something filipino president roderigo do territory is taking on the media once again specifically the
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country's biggest broadcaster and representing the unrepresented.


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