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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 8, 2019 12:00pm-12:33pm +03

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more than 40 people have died in a fire in one of the oldest markets in new delhi. hello i'm adrian forgetting this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up i. saw some dryly in hong kong marking 6 months of protests calling for greater democracy and police accountability. u.s. investigators widened their inquiry into the shooting by a saudi officer naval base for now they're not calling it a terror incident. and we're in nasiriyah one of the epicenters of violence during anti-government protests in iraq.
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first to new delhi's worst fire and more than 2 decades at least 43 people on their own to have died in the blaze at a crowded market some of the city's poorest residents were taking shelter in the building at the time to zeerust were hit on a home that reports. the blaze broke out while many were still asleep in a notch monday in the old quarter of delhi and he was suffocated by smoke as they slept. police and firefighters try to save dozens of fact his but for some it was a ready too late crowds gathered watching as the smoke rose from the multi-story building and connecting sites. some people were sleeping in the factory and i didn't wake up it was a short circuit there was a fire and 2 buildings with a common staircase. people were taken to hospital in. anyway possible before
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ambulances arrived at the scene. the factory is close to one of the city's largest markets the narrow streets made it more difficult for emergency services to fight the fire and reach the injured. we have rescued 52 people so far we got a call at 522 this morning and deployed 4 fire engines and then later sent 35150 firefighters are involved in the operation the rescue people have been sent to hospitals the operation is underway and we believe a few people are still inside the building more than 18000000 people live in delhi it's one of the world's most densely populated cities the city has struggled to enforce modern fire safety codes earlier this year a fire swept through a hotel killing 17 people. the next day a fire broke out at a card factory. as emergency services searched the wreckage the government says they will be a full investigation into the cause of the fire for him mohammed al jazeera.
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reports now from new delhi and says the building often disregarded in older parts of the city. the delhi government has also ordered. inquiry into this case and the delhi police has escalated to the level at which the this is going to be investigated and the case has been transferred to from normal police the crime branch of delhi police so that is sort of an indication that the government is trying to send a message that they are taking this seriously we have a disaster last year we've had several such disasters unifies reaching out to across the country and many people say these are disasters waiting to happen because safety norms there are a regularly not followed flouted by the building owners these factories this i believe is a bad manufacturing factories and in this area there were several other walk shops although small factories one can call them were operating and they don't usually
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follow any norms it's sort of common knowledge here that's really not done and hence these are disasters that are waiting to get a weekend to happen we also believe that this is a very crowded market as are many other markets in delhi and across the country where cheap labor is brought in they're made to work long hours they're paid very little and on top of that they also have to stay where they work as happened in this case these laborers slept in their factory during the night i'm assuming that's what they did that is where that was their home too because of fire took place early in the morning so they were inside the factory when this happened. tens of thousands of people are marching through the streets of hong kong to demand greater protection of human rights they're marking 6 months since the beginning of protests calling for democratic freedoms police approved sunday's march but they've warned that they'll break it up if there's any violence that's going to live out of hong kong now serious atrium brownest there so adrian 6 months on one of these
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protests actually achieved. well they have achieved one thing adrian they managed to get the hong kong government to officially withdraw that extradition bill the triggered these protests in the 1st place 6 months ago but so far they have failed to get hong kong's embattled leader carol-ann to agree to their other demands laying klute universal suffrage that the chance to elect their own leader and also an independent commission of inquiry into police actions during the past few months china's government to continues to publicly support carry land but many people feel it's only a question of time before she is eventually removed from the scene this protest behind me which began several hours ago i think is going to be in the hundreds of thousands and so far it has been largely peaceful there was though a rather all minister development before the march started the police announced
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they had arrested 11 people after raiding a number of addresses in hong kong and seizing a 9 millimeter semiautomatic glock pistol along with more than 100 bullets and the police say that they believe that those who were arrested were planning to use that gun to disrupt this demonstration but this march as i say is another reminder that the voice of protest in hong kong is far from diminished. it began peacefully on june the 9th with a march against a bill for an extradition deal with china and the protest movement might well have ended then if punk. hong's chief executive carrie lamb had heeded their demand to absolutely. succeeded with the withdrawal of the bill to safeguard our freedom nothing would have happened. never saw him self as a frontline activist but that's what he's become he's been arrested and forced to
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leave home. i told my dad we're going out to fight for the rights we deserve we had a big fight and after that he said move out move out if you don't want to stay at home anymore. benson was also there when protesters smashed their way into the heart of hong kong's government the debating chamber of the legislative assembly many wearing the hard hats and face masks that have become symbols of this leaderless movement. as the long hot summer rolled on the air became more toxic. it was now. many in white chasing and beating those in black the color of the protest movement. tara. tara terrorism aided by foreign hands is how beijing defined it after its liaison office in hong kong was attacked and defaced. mainland owned businesses were also targeted.
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as were transport links subway stations were vandalized and. tunnels were closed. and thousands of flights canceled after protesters occupied the international airport arrivals lounge chinese leaders have repeatedly warned they would send in the people's liberation army to restore order yet that still hasn't happened they fear that if they work mobilize the people's liberation army garrison in hong kong than china will lose face because. of chinese rule. they have not won the hearts and minds in hong kong police figures reflect a society tearing itself apart at least 2 deaths more than $10000.00 tear gas canisters fired and almost $6000.00 arrests. more fatalities seem possible after students turned a university campus into a fortress the fiery standoff with police becoming
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a defining moment of the unrest in spite of the violence local elections went ahead with voters sending a clear message of support to those agitating for greater democracy a few days later there was another setback for china's leaders u.s. president donald trump signed into law a bill aimed at protecting human rights in hong kong and punishing those deemed responsible for suppressing them. as you said in your report adrian china has threatened to do so why hasn't it so far intervened. well i think adrian that's one of the great sort of perplexing questions i think there are a number of reasons why china hasn't intervened militarily it knows that if it did so hong kong would lose its special status and china has an awful lot invested in hong kong and if it sent in the people's liberation army it would lose
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a lot of money and also was willy lam said in my report if that pilate were to come in here it would be a sort of tacit recognition recognition that china's efforts to try to win the hearts and minds in hong kong were a failure 22 years after the handover you know i think hong kong remains enormously important to china just a few weeks ago we got a reminder of that when one of the biggest corporations in china listed on the hong kong stock market why did you do that well because there's no other stock market in asia you could handle a flotation of that size so yes china wants you know hong kong to succeed and to survive. i was there is a dream brown reporting live there from hong kong adrian many thanks the u.s. is widening its investigation into the attack at a naval base in florida on friday saudi national mohammad saeed ronnie shot dead 3 students at an aviation school 10 saudi citizens are now being questioned about the
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shooting the u.s. defense secretary says though it's too early to call it an act of terrorism. of course we extend our condolences to all the families affected by it and touched by it and our military community downer but no like i can't say it's terrorism at this time i think we need to let the investigators the f.b.i. do its work and tell us give us the facts and we'll move up from there. u.s. president on the trump says that saudi arabia is deeply concerned about the attack i spoke with the king of saudi arabia. they are devastated and study arabia with finding out what took place whether it's one person or a number of people and the king will be involved in taking care of family and loved ones feel very strongly very very devastated by what happened what took place. not a house for me is director of the center for middle east studies at the university of denver he says that the incident could have big political costs for donald trump
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. recall that he has spent a lot of political capital and energy trying to cover up the murder of jamal khashoggi he's praised the saudi crown prince there trying to put the controversial issues in u.s. saudi relations related to the murder of jamal khashoggi and the use of u.s. weapons in yemen to commit war crimes trying to try to put that all behind him and say that you know things are going very smoothly there's a lot of money to be made with the 2 between the 2 countries let's move forward this event if it's proven again if it's proven to be a wider terrorist plot is going to make life very difficult both for donald trump and for mohamed been so on and t. saudi sentiment in the united states both at a popular level and in congress all of the major candidates were running for president in the democratic party have publicly stated they want to re-evaluate and
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reassess u.s. saudi relations so this incident if it's proven to be a terrorist incident involving saudi citizens is going to raise the political temperature in raise the call and the demand for rethinking u.s. saudi relations so it's it's a big deal. north korean state media says the country has conducted a very significant test of the ones to smuggled launch site early appearing young said that denuclearization was off the table in any future talks with the u.s. at least for the moment 6 european countries condemned pyongyang last week for the 13 missile launches that it's conducted since the name israel is carried out as trikes in the gaza strip a number of hamas sites were targeted but no one was hurt israel says it was in response to rocket fire last month a 2 day flare up in violence led to the deaths of $34.00 palestinians before a ceasefire was read. on
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a weather update next year i was in syria then sri lanka's new leader says that he's a president for all but can he win the trust of minority groups africa's largest lake is drying up threatening to devastate entire communities for generations to come. the weather may well have improved for the philippines has seen some very heavy rain and see parts of malaysia recently big downpours into kuala lumpur 104 millimeters here in the space of 24 hours sesa around half the december average in just one day a little further south where it's been even wetter still 272 millimeters of rain in 24 as a staggering 600 millimeters of rain over the last couple of days and 1st southern parts of the malay peninsula well there's this amount for that really heavy rain
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does that set to stay in place singapore seeing some rather nasty weather over the next couple days shows to push their way down into indonesia but is going to be into those central areas that we got to see the heavy downpours lingering more the same as we go one into tuesday we could do with some heavy downpours we'll see. well straight i'm afraid there's no right in the full cost for the time being i'm hopeful come the end of the maybe months he wanted to use full showers pushing toward sydney at the moment somewhat to whether pushing through the bites is easing towards south australia ahead of that high pressure ridge shot so we drag him winds from the interior at that hot wind 38 celsius in melbourne and then push its way over towards sydney as we go on through tuesday as i said hopefully little bit of rain here by the weekend. education is the big and nights the future and in any society. those who live in
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and on the new place it's getting an education takes inspiration and determination to get out of the shadow of the trade to live in the remote areas don't have electricity t.v. or computers. to short films show how a love of learning finds a way. a.j. now does it. again this is al jazeera let's remind you of the main news this hour a fire in the indian capital new delhi has killed at least 43 people it happened at a crowded market in the old quarter it's the wast 5 in the city and more than 2 decades. hundreds of thousands of people are marching through the streets of hong
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kong right now to demand greater protection of human rights police approve the demonstration which mosque 6 months since the protest movement began. and the u.s. is wiping its investigation into an attack on the naval base and flora. a saudi aviation student shot dead 3 people at the base 10 saudi citizens are now being questioned the u.s. defense secretary says that it's too early to call it an act of terrorism. iraq's parliament says to use a hold an emergency meeting to discuss the escalation of violence there over the past few days on saturday a drone targeted the residence of shia cleric. who wasn't at home at the time an unidentified gunman killed 23 protesters in baghdad on friday the southern iraqi city of nasiriyah has seen some of the worst violence against demonstrators 96 people have been killed since the beginning of october on
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a serious amount of 14 has met survivors and protesters who say they've been tortured by security forces. hospital wards in the remain full after security forces opened fire on protesters last week in the intensive care unit this demonstrator who was shot in the head clings on to life prayers are all his family has left after doctors declared him politically dead the lucky ones if they can be called that recover from non-fatal gunshot wounds the flags they carried defiantly penned to their hospital beds 17 year old safe says all he wanted was a homeland instead he got a bullet in his leg or what though when i started shooting we were treated as we ran a guy next to me fell down i couldn't just leave him but when i attempted to carry him i was also shot and fell and the 3rd one who came to help us also fell on me. video shows the moment of the attack the government has issued an arrest warrant
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against a senior security force commander and promised an investigation. there is an investigative committee formed for this purpose at the highest levels and for sure the people in charge of the investigation will bring those responsible to account and they will be punished by the law but the victims' relatives want more i want the government to change i don't want this government i demand my son's rights what is his guilt and the 3 has been rocked by violence many times since u.s. troops invaded 16 years ago but iraqis say they are suffering unprecedented suppression now hundreds have been temporarily detained since protests began october 1st this activist says he was lurched to a meeting by intelligence officers who then arrested him. i got a call from someone it was an unknown number he said i'm so when we have supplies for your tent and we want you to take it to your tent specifically for your tent he
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was tortured and interrogated for 16 hours his body still bears marks of electrocution and then x. ray shows a fractured rib who they call it an investigation but it's not an investigation it's torture like the bulk of those arrested he will soon released on bail but many believe the use of violence is likely to continue the problem that we have use the government by others they call. the problem there is. a type of investigation. without. the crackdown has stoked fear among demonstrators at the same time fueling more anger the people of nasiriya have seen too much and lost too many to simply return to normal life seem wonderful team al-jazeera nastia. iran may soon be limiting its dependence on oil to counteract the economic damage of u.s.
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sanctions president hassan rouhani has presented a draft budget to parliament and says it will steer the country away from oil export dependence something that washington has targeted the u.s. imposed restrictions on other countries purchasing iranian oil earlier this year protesters in haiti voiced their anger over what they see as american meddling in the country's affairs hundreds set fire to barricades and march towards the u.s. embassy on friday that the mahdi the resignation of haiti's president. i mean we're here to speak out against the american administration that is supporting corruption in haiti and corrupt officials of states the american governments have supported to criminal heads of state our last president and the current one everyone is saying this cannot be it's immoral for a country. sri lanka has suffered decades of religious and ethnic violence the newly elected president go to buy a rajapaksa has promised to unite the country but as. for the reports from the
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capital colombo there remains deep distrust among the country's minority groups that voted overwhelmingly against him ali mohamed just these pasta for tree owned by his muslim family was burned down by the rwanda 100 people in may last year. it happened during days of violence talks in sri lanka's muslim community to the easter sunday attacks suicide bombers who were members of a local group linked to eisele killed more than $250.00 people in the tanks and churches and hotels the newly elected president go to buy a rajapaksa has promised to protect minorities into every sri lankan and his words irrespective of race or religion. i think. you know i'm not party to this but i think everybody. i think.
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that if you will do not with the minorities if you do not. they are not working together you cannot like. you cannot function that the buddhist nationalist group. which means buddhist policy is accused of inciting hate and taking part in violence it's x. because minority muslim and christian communities in recent years the group campaigned hard for president carter by rajapaksa and celebrated his election victory the b.b.'s leader says the group may dispense parliamentary elections expected in april then up or how do you get that now hasn't our father come home in recent times the sinhalese people were destitute like children without a father the spirit of the sinhalese was killed by cheap politics now there is a revival and sinhalese but that revival is not a threat to minorities. because religious and ethnic minorities
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overwhelmingly voted against russia in the election newly elected president russia paxson has promised not to leave behind those who did not vote for him he said that he will be a president for all sri lankans but the fact that what is often described as a buddhist nationalist group like b.b.'s so heavily support means there are many amongst the country's minorities who are questioning whether the new leader can deliver on his election promises. most experts say support for nationalist groups such as bubalo sena is weak among the majority sinhalese population they say the new president must seize the opportunity to unify the entire country the more. sense of citizenship that is something that he should work for and that comes with the rule of law is before the law and you know putting. up with the. early millions of sri lankans like him can only hope the years of religious and
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ethnic violence of a child strike that al-jazeera colombo we're going to return now to our top story this hour the deadly fire in india's capital 43 people died we're now joined by al-jazeera who is at the scene in new delhi and. what's happening now is that 5 hours or under control. it is out the police has officially now sever the rescue operations are all this morning the fire broke out in what is a very congested area now the police said that they rescued over 60 people 43 have died we were just talking to a man and eye witness he said that one of his friends in the factory was rushed to the hospital was among the injured but he's also passed it's a rather sad people say that many factories many small factories and workshops operate out of this area but also accuse the builders of often flouting safety
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norms. be able to show you how there are electricity wires all entangled this factory they were making plastic toys so people are saying while the workers there died of suffocation they were also living inside the factory by the way bought. the power load because everybody else is steals power from these wires and the wires here that may have exacerbated the situation and cause the short circuit which was possibly the reason the fire occurred in the 1st place now many of the people here say that the workers come from poorest states in india. and be hard to get paid very little to work here they have to sleep inside the factories so there is also that sort of exploitation that is rampant here the police has barricaded the fly over the police barricade to the very tiny lane where the factory was and the police is now saying that officially their rescue operations are over. reporting live from new. scientist new ganda raising concerns about the effects of climate
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change on africa's largest lake it's a major source of fresh water and fish but those who make their living off lake victoria for their livelihoods could disappear if nothing's done. reports from kampala. johnson has been a fisherman nearly all his life so it's father and grandfather too it's how the bills get paid but he says something has not been right for a long time on lake victoria the water is warmer than years before this is the 1st fish she's caught in hours. in water every time i come to fish i catch very little it's said sometimes i don't get enough to properly take care of my family. scientists warn life in africa's largest freshwater lake could die if the warning signs continue to be ignored millions in east africa depend on lake victoria but when drink fish stocks are being blamed on overfishing pollution and climate change
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this pressure will have. lived within the city where they live with. this he says the breed really is lake we live. in missed. out on the shores and you've been limited to. do so getting exposed and the production. fish farming is one way of repaying missing stocks for the domestic and international markets fish in cages and given food and daily it usually takes about 9 months but sloppier fish to reach maturity. if the kid you have the top. 8 it. out. 55 feet.
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500. 98 percent we gave. 25 tons. with rising temperatures contributing to climate change and threatening to wipe out entire species. but the cages are. poor. fishing is one of uganda's leading export. if the fish in lake victoria continue to disappear it's not only the economy that will be devastated but entire communities for generations to come. going president has given an emotional speech at a farewell rally. where it. told supporters that this 3 years were harder than he'd imagined they would be but he pledged to be
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a constructive opposition to president elect albert so. good to have you with us hello adrian finnegan here in doha the headlines and i was there a fire in india's capital new delhi has killed at least 43 people it happened at a crowded market in the old quarter it was the worst fire in the city in more than 2 many are calling for street to building regulations. we have a disaster last year we've had several such a disaster unifies breaking out across the country and many people say these are disasters waiting to happen because safety norms are a regularly not followed by. these factories this i believe was a bad manufacturing factories in this area there were several other walk shops over
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small factories one can call them were operating and they don't usually follow any norms hundreds of thousands of people are marching through hong kong right now in support of human rights marking 6 months since the beginning of protests calling for democratic freedoms police approved sunday's march but they've warned they'll break it up if there is any violence the u.s. is widening its investigation into the attack at a naval base in florida on friday saudi national mohammed saeed ronni shot dead 3 students in the navy ation school 10 saudi citizens are now being questioned about the shooting the u.s. defense secretary those says it's too early to call it an act of terrorism course we extend our condolences to all the families affected by it and touched by it and our military community downer but no i i can't say it's terrorism at this time i think we need to let the investigators the f.b.i. do its work and tell us give us the facts and we'll move from there. north korean
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state media says that a a very significant test has been concluded at once dismantle launch sites alasania pyongyang it said that the nuclearization was off the table in any future talks with the u.s. at least for the moment talks on denuclearization have been largely dead long since a summit between donald trump and kim jong un failed in february. iran may soon be limiting its dependence on oil to counteract the economic damage of u.s. sanctions president hassan rouhani has presented a draft budget battle but he says it'll steer the country away from oil export dependence something washington has talked it all those are the headlines more news here after a j selects. on counting the cost $48.00 trillion dollars to save the planet can carbon trading bring big polluters to heel silicon valley and the algorithms that discriminate against women and people of color plus putin shown by the west completes his pivot to the east counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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and he'll. wish that i'm of the if. he doesn't of the many. many who. i know have become a litany.


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