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my special guest and challenge them to some straight talking political debate here on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello i'm has i'm sick and this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes hundreds of thousands march in hong kong to mark 6 months of protests calling for greater democracy and police accountability. least 40 people were killed in a fire in one of the oldest markets in new delhi. u.s. investigators why didn't the inquiry into the shooting by a saudi officer at a naval base for now they are not calling it a terror incident and in full and in
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a race to has admitted he was overweight and out of save for his rematch with anthony just luck just reclaimed his the heavyweight title belt that with the points went over to waste in saudi arabia. we begin this news hour in hong kong where hundreds of thousands of protesters are bringing parts of the city to a standstill they're demanding greater protection of their democratic freedoms and human rights sunday's march is the culmination of 6 months of protests sometimes violent the cherry tree is locked in a dispute over the nature of its relationship with mainland china police approved sunday's march but they're warning they'll break it up if there's any violence more on that in a moment but 1st adrian brown is live for us in hong kong say jim you see the huge crowds there behind you what's happening there at the moment.
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where in the center of hong kong decide to take a gun and i must say i think that today's protest will be a good many on it is a reminder of what the protest group was like not the kind oh most 6 months ago was pounced on peaceful and that's what it has been so far people are counting things like 5 demands not on the last 5 by that they mean they want the government to initiate an independent commission of inquiry into police brutality and also the hong kong of polls to be allowed free and fair elections universal suffrage so those are the 2 principal demands but of course universal suffrage is not something that can happen overnight and many of the young people down there in the streets below me are impatient for change so far carry land the faculty executive hong kong has said to teach this thing humbly to the people that has so far done nothing and
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people now want action rather than words now the police had pulled as you pointed out a new introduction that if there was trouble the softer the road then they wouldn't hesitate to use force to break up this march so far that hasn't happened but i have to say on the fringes of this protest was there on the other from line sokol sunline activists who are gathering so i think it's possible that after this particular model has ended probably in a few hours' time we might well see trouble later on because there is a familiar pattern to these protests they begin peacefully and then descend into disorder but this demonstration is once again a reminder that the voice of protest in hong kong is far from undiminished. it began peacefully on june the 9th with a march against a bill for an extradition deal with china and the protest movement might well have ended then if hong kong's chief executive kerry lamb had heeded their demaio.
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absolutely found a man had succeeded with the withdrawal of the bill to saif got our freedom nothing would have happened. benson haute never saw him self as a front line activist but that's what he's become he's been arrested and forced to leave home. i told my dad we're going out to fight for the rights we deserve we had a big fight and after that he said move out move out if you don't want to stay at home anymore. benson was also there when protesters smashed their way into the heart of hong kong's government the debating chamber of the legislative assembly many wearing the hard hats and face masks that have become symbols of this leaderless movement. as the long hot summer rolled on the air became more toxic. it was now a color many in white chasing and beating those in black the color of the protest
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movement. tara. tara but terrorism aided by foreign hands is how beijing defined it after its liaison office in hong kong was attacked and defaced. mainland owned businesses were also targeted. as were transport links subway stations were vandalized and forced to shut tunnels were closed. and thousands of flights canceled after protesters occupied the international airport arrivals lounge chinese leaders have repeatedly warned they would send in the people's liberation army to restore order yet that still hasn't happened they fear that if they work mobilize the people's liberation army garrison in hong kong than china will lose face because. of chinese rule. they have not won the hearts and minds in hong kong police figures reflect
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a society tearing itself apart at least 2 deaths more than $10000.00 tear gas canisters fired and almost $6000.00 arrests. more fatalities seem possible after students turned a university campus into a fortress the fiery standoff with police becoming a defining moment of the unrest in spite of the violence local elections went ahead with voters sending a clear message of support to those agitating for greater democracy a few days later there was another setback for china's leaders u.s. president donald trump signed into law a bill aimed at protecting human rights in hong kong and punishing those deemed responsible for suppressing them. and i know you touched on this a a new report but it remains an open question as to whether the government in beijing response to these protests in hong kong morse more forcefully and other
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when sending in the army but that is is fraught with potentially huge negative fallout isn't. russia it's one of the great perplexing questions as to why china has not sent in the people's liberation army because president xi jinping is an old fashioned hardcore marxist and it's sort of de for position would be to send in the troops to end the sort of protests continuing here at home potter dropped hong kong now for the past 6 months but there's a reason i think why he hasn't done that if the pay were to come into home phone it would mean an end to hong kong's special status and china has an awful lot invested in hong kong we got a reminder of that actually just a few weeks ago when ali baba one of the biggest corporations in china was floated on the stock market here in hong kong why because there is no other stock market in asia that could handle a flotation of that size so china needs hong kong to succeed and to survive the
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question is what happens next at the moment there is no quick solution to the unrest here in hong kong the government as i say remains impervious to the growing calls for more democratic reform and for a commission of inquiry into alleged police police brutality but the for a moment as i say kerry land is not listening to these demands i think she and her government as well as a leadership in beijing are simply hoping that this protest movement will eventually run out of steam but that for the moment doesn't seem very likely. adrian thanks very much. in a crowded market in india's capital new delhi has killed more than 40 people laborers were inside sleeping at the time at least 60 a been rescued it is the worst fire in the city in more than 2 decades 100 reports . the blaze broke out while many were still asleep in monday in the old quarter of
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delhi and he was suffocated by smoke as they slept. police and firefighters try to save dozens of factory workers but for some it was already too late crowds gathered watching as the smoke rose from the multi-story building and connecting sites. some people were sleeping in the factory and they didn't wake up it was a short circuit there was a fire and 2 buildings with a common staircase. people were taken to hospital in any way possible before ambulances arrived at the scene. the factory is close to one of the city's largest markets the narrow streets made it more difficult for emergency services to fight the fire and reach the injured. we have rescued 52 people so far we got a call at 522 this morning and deployed 4 fire engines and then later sent 35150 firefighters are involved in the operation the rescue people have been sent to
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hospitals the operation is underway and we believe a few people are still inside the building more than 18000000 people live in delhi it's one of the world's most densely populated cities the city has struggled to enforce modern fire safety codes earlier this year a fire swept through a hotel killing 17 people. the next day a fire broke out at a card factory. as emergency services searched the wreckage the government says there will be a full investigation into the cause of the fire mohamed al jazeera. well let's go live now to. new delhi force so and show what's happening there now. well the fire is out now and the police says the rescue operation is all well over 60 people were rescued early this morning as a fire broke out and 43 have died we were just talking to an eyewitness he had
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a friend in the factory he was one of the injured and he said some sad news and said that his his friend is also false now this is a very congested area that a lot off workshops and small factories here the lanes are very tiny which makes actions very difficult the people on the ground are saying they've been talking to the authorities for years now and of complaint several times about in tangled electricity wires electrical wires and they say that the fire in this factory took place because of the shock and people died because of. poor states and that is the reason that they're forced they don't earn enough they're forced to even sleep inside these factories yeah a lot of people on hearing news of this story and she will be surprised to learn that the workers were sleeping inside the factory at the time so i'm just wondering how how unusual or how common is that in india. it's very common it's very very common in fact there are certain in india there are
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many votes in india rather and even in this city where you have such. congested areas there's supposed to be residential but people turn them into commercial areas and from that operate these small workshops or small factories and even spread shops not just grown ups pretty when kids walk out of these factories and that's where they sleep they make barely a few dollars a day they do not have enough money to rent out an apartment or even rent out a rule they come from some of the poorest states in india and they come here because there's no work back home and their conditions are pretty appalling actually and they're forced to sleep inside these factories and basically live off whatever their employer offers them. on child thank you. oh we've got plenty more ahead on the news hour an exclusive report from the scene of some of the most violent confrontations during anti-government protests in iraq. lanka's new leader says he is a president for all but can he win the trust of minority groups. and later in
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sports tiger woods hits problems in the bahamas santa is here with that still. to come but 1st the united states is widening the investigation into the gun attack at a naval base in florida on friday saudi national mohammed saeed. shot dead 3 students at the aviation school 10 saudi citizens are being questioned about the shooting the u.s. defense secretary says it is too early to call it an act of terrorism. of course we extend our condolences to all the families affected by it and touched by it and our military community downer but no like i can't say it's terrorism at this time i think we need to let the investigators the f.b.i. do its work and tell us get us the facts and we'll move out from there a u.s. president don't trump says saudi arabia is deeply concerned about the attack. but
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with the king of saudi arabia. they are devastated saudi arabia we're finding out what took place whether it's one person or a number of people. the king will be involved in taking care of family and loved one feels very strongly very very devastated by what happened what the. let's talk what talk more about this now with judy the way here in doha he's the director of the gulf study center a qatar university good to speak with you again matthew what is your read then of how the u.s. has responded to this shooting and how how would you assess the dynamic right now between the u.s. and saudi arabia but specifically between president trump and the saudi leadership this is trump's tired of the actions it is i'm not sure this is the this is the trump administration style of reaction to any of and so that it is involved and.
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we saw such thing previously how you know how to basically describe saudi arabia in a you know in a very you were selected words avoiding accuse ation we have also to remember that on that level did actually use. diplomatic words in criticizing not the criticizing i would say undermining the way how. can god man himself in a lot of remarks he made but then when it comes to that this matter in. tickler from them you know the 1st minute it was a clear that he was defending the saudi government he was reading the statement from concerned man in the cabinet meeting. of his department his secretary of state actually repeating this untutored so there is sort of defending and isolating this event from the saudi leadership. yes it's often said that words matter after an
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attack like this what do you take from the fact that trump didn't use the word terrorism at all in talking about this attack when in the past he was very quick to say it after previous attacks in which the attacker was either muslim and all of a middle eastern descent i think this has to do the perception he has toward the so these leadership he has no interest basically to have a confrontation at the moment his focus on the campaign and the elections on 20 november 2020 you know in the region he still perceives saudi arabia as you know the best alliance to the united states and to him personally we know that he relies on a lot of investment a lot of. weapons and all of this from saudi side and all of this helps him on his election campaign let's not forget that he used all of the promises of saudi.
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deals on his campaign or his slogan his rhetoric to the american. public and in his style of populism so basically he wants to benefit from that he has no interest basically to link it to the saudis and the moment and also that is i think it enters also to be more of a ticket data than his you know. narrative about so that the moment there has been a lot of criticism of this relationship now and how the u.s. handles it in the u.s. is this is this relationship on life support. i think this is this is not normal you know when it comes to the saudis and american relations. member how but i obama dealt with this we had what biden said a few weeks ago about so that is that is not normal is doing and that's not normal
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also even what the stablish meant when it comes to the department of state and even the statement of the secretary of the defense but again this is this is something happens related to the administration a style of leadership a sort of to the trumpet mistaken of the leadership and also to the perception to our saudi arabia i'm sure that. this might change if any of the investigation led to something different of what already we have. to speak in iran has very. iraq's parliament is holding an emergency meeting to discuss the growing violence there over the past few days on saturday a drone dropped a bomb close to the home of shia cleric. and unidentified gunmen killed 23 people at protests in baghdad the southern iraqi city of nasiriyah has seen some of the worst violence against demonstrators 96 people were killed since the beginning of
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october 40 of them in a sudden 2 day surge of unrest last week soon fault in has this exclusive report. hospital wards in the remain full after security forces opened fire on protesters last week in the intensive care unit this demonstrator who was shot in the head clings on to life prayers are all his family has left after doctors declared him politically dead the lucky ones if they can be called that recover from non fatal gunshot wounds the flags they carried defiantly penned to their hospital beds 17 year old safe says all he wanted was a homeland instead he got a bullet in his leg or what or with when they started shooting we were treated as we ran a guy next to me fell down i couldn't just leave him but when i attempted to carry him i was also shot and fell and the 3rd one who came to help us also fell on me.
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video shows the moment of the attack the government has issued an arrest warrant against a senior security force commander and promised an investigation. that there is an investigative committee formed for this purpose at the highest levels and for sure the people in charge of the investigation will bring those responsible to account and they will be punished by the law but the victims' relatives want more i want the government to change i don't want this government i demand my son's rights what is his guilt her son safe was shot in the stomach neither the violence nor the bullets that remains lodged in his hip are enough. to silence him the 22 year old has no stable job and no hope for a better future than they killed me a long time ago i'm dead whether or not i go out to demand my rights i don't have anything i'm dead because of the situation wherein i don't feel alive. the 3 year has been rocked by violence many times since u.s. troops invaded 16 years ago but iraqis say they are suffering unprecedented
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suppression now hundreds have been temporarily detained since protests began october 1st this activist says he was lurched to a meeting by intelligence officers who then arrested him. i got a call from someone it was an unknown number he said i'm so and so we have supplies for your tent and we want you to take you to your tent specifically for your tent he was tortured and interrogated for 16 hours his body still bears marks of electrocution and then x. ray shows a fractured rib who. they call it an investigation but it's not an investigation it's torture they beat being gave me electrical shocks in every part of my body. he told me to confess i asked him what can i confess he asked who do you belong to and what is your organization who supports you do you have foreign sides behind you i said i don't have anything like the bulk of those arrested he will soon released
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on bail but many believe the use of violence is likely to continue the problem that we have used the government by other side of they call them party the problem there is theoretical type of investigation. but without any result the crackdown has stoked fear among demonstrators that the same time feeling more anger the people of nastia have seen too much and lost too many to simply return to normal life seem wonderful team al-jazeera. israel has carried out air strikes in the gaza strip a number of homicides were targeted but no one was hurt israel says it was in response to rocket fire last month a 2 day flare up in the violence led to the deaths of 34 palestinians before cease fire was agreed. iran's president has suggested his country will limit its reliance
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on oil exports to reduce the impact of u.s. sanctions president has done rouhani presented a draft budget to parliament on sunday it says it will stay in the country away from oil trading which washington has targeted the u.s. impose restrictions on other countries purchasing iranian oil this earlier this year a us president donald trump has thanked iran for the negotiations that led to a prisoner swap the red diplomatic breakthrough was brokered by switzerland and a ship powell has. 2 men caught up in tensions between the united states and iran able to reunite with their families after a prisoner swap american graduate student. and iranian scientists mustered sulaimani a stem cell expert who'd been treating stroke patients at the best hospital in the nation the mayo clinic in minnesota so the money was arrested last year while trying to take medical materials back to iran it was far cheaper to buy in the united states prosecutors said that was a violation of u.s.
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sanctions. welcomed with tears he's back with his family and patients after spending a year in jail. that you know. i told them that i had patients that needed my help and they said who cares let them die michael duffy on the same tarmac incirlik she was welcomed by the point man of trump's maximum pressure campaign brian hook a graduate student at princeton university chinese born wang maintains he was conducting research in iran for a history degree when he was convicted of espionage and sentenced to 10 years in prison recently at least where it is by all means his wife who campaigned for his release for 3 years said he was criminalized for his american citizenship. saturday's prisoner swap a rare acts of cooperation between the u.s. and iran president trump even thanking iran for a very fair negotiation i think it was a great thing and i think with great joy that we can do something that might have
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been a break during the what could be done dozens of iranians remain in u.s. prisons while at least 4 americans remain behind bars in iran returning them a priority for both countries whose long list of grievances rarely see such moments of cooperation and or chapell al jazeera a north korean state media says the country has conducted what it calls a very significant test at a once dismantled launch site hours earlier it said denuclearization was off the table in any future talks with the u.s. for now 6 year pm countries condemn north korea last week for the 13 missile launches its conducted since may. in a few moments we'll have the weather with avatar and fox but still ahead on i just you know. a boom or a burden but maybe a struggle to make the most of its valuable lithium reserve. africa's largest lake is drying up threatening to devastate time communities generations to come. and
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later in sport russian athletes are waiting to find out if their country will be banned from international events. saying another surge of very heavy right into eastern africa causing further flooding the latest post a very big downpours have made their way across the western side of uganda are so tied to the feature known as the indian ocean dipole i'm sure we get warmer waters just off the east coast of africa amat late to the end hans downpours the the very heavy rains the flooding rains that we have seen recently floods and landslides heavy downpours break down poles will continue from the therapy and highlands right
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down across the heart of africa see more showers there into kenya into uganda rwanda burundi pushing right down the rift valley and more of the same as we go on through chews day in fact they fall away that way further south was the eastern side of south africa has also seen some very very heavy rain recently further thundery downpours coming through here just night just to the north of madagascar this face here that is a tropical cyclone belmar now making its way across the north of madagascar we're going to see flooding here as well of course we're going to see that what's the weather continues to drive as well cost more than possible madagascar into those central areas as we go on into choose day and gradually push a little further south as we go through the week all the time we think but for the shallows around the eastern cape. the weather sponsored by cats are in less.
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than a. day one of the new era in television news we badly need at these moments leadership and felt this encampment that we're in today it didn't exist 3 weeks ago now there's at least 20000 or hinder refugees who live here on al-jazeera i got to commend you all know i'm hearing is good journalism president hosni mubarak has resides after all along the lines the attempts of coverups jamal khashoggi his loved ones want some form of closure people are suffering put on dying entire school systems are collapsing and we are in the beginning of a mass extinction we saw the syrian army flag foisted into the city disappear
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recorded. told lemann so good cinema saw some of the 100 meters away from a square in the front line but some good. critics. from the al-jazeera in london broadcast sentence to special guests in conversation to do so. in a rich country we use hunger as a weapon i'm from to uninterrupted it's much more difficult to be left to remember and to be right when when people think they are really right and ken loach meets a regular have to be subversive if you don't have a level of anger about you them stay at home studio be unscripted it's on al-jazeera.
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and again you're watching i just did a reminder of our top stories this hour hundreds of thousands of people marching through the streets of hong kong to demand greater protection of human rights police approve the demonstration which marks 6 months since the protest movement began. a fire in the indian capital new delhi has killed more than 40 people it happened at a crowded market in the old quarter is the worst fire in the city 2 decades us is widening the investigation into an attack at a naval base in florida saudi aviation students shot dead 3 people at the base 10 saudi citizens are being questioned u.s. defense secretary says it's too caught early to call it an act of terrorism. a
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fight just under the command of libya's u.n. recognize government say they shot down a jet belonging to the wall plea for after the incident reportedly happened in the south of tripoli near the western city of zawiya after us forces have been fighting to capture the capital. sri lanka has suffered decades of religious and ethnic violence the newly elected president. has promised to unite the country but as charles strafford reports in the capital colombo there remains deep distrust among the country's minority groups that voted overwhelmingly against him ali mohamed just these pasta factory owned by his muslim family was burned down by a mob of around $100.00 people in may last year it happened during days of violence targeting sri lanka's muslim community after the easter sunday attacks suicide bombers who were members of a local group linked to eisele killed more than 250 people in the tanks and
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churches and hotels. the newly elected president got to by a rush upon his promise to protect minorities and to serve every sri lankan and his words irrespective of race or religion this new order a dream i think. you know i'm not political scientists but i think everybody realizes now i think not just. as well that if you will do not with the minorities if you do not my knowledge is in the they are not working together you cannot follow like i thought so sad you cannot function that the buddhist nationalist group. which means buddhist power is accused of inciting hate and taking part in violence it's x. because minority muslim and christian communities in recent years the group campaigned hard for president carter by rajapaksa and celebrated his election
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victory the b.b.s. leader says the group may dispense parliamentary elections expected in april then up or how do you get it now hasn't our father come home in recent times the sinhalese people were destitute like children without a father the spirit of the sinhalese was killed by cheap politics now there is a revival and sinhalese but that revival is not a threat to minorities. because religious and ethnic minorities overwhelmingly voted against russia planks in the election newly elected president got to russia pax has promised not to leave behind those who did not vote for him he said that he will be a president for all sri lankans but the fact that what is often described as a buddhist nationalist group like b.b.'s so heavily support means there are many amongst the country's minorities who are questioning whether the new leader can deliver on his election promises. most experts say support for nationalist groups
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such as bubalo sena is weak among the majority sinhalese population they say the new president must seize the opportunity to unify the entire country the more wholesome sense of citizenship is something that he should work for and that comes with the rule of law is before the law and you know put in systems in place which makes a minute of pretty early and millions of sri lankans like him can only hope that years of religious and ethnic violence of a chance not that al-jazeera colombo. sri lanka's prime minister has opened a new port city to attract foreign investors the project is under construction just outside the capital colombo it is designed to be a regional financial hub its mission of funding is a one and a half $1000000000.00 investment on the china's so-called belton road initiative. argentina's outgoing president has given an emotional speech at
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a farewell rally what he told supporters his 3 years were harder than he imagined but he pledged to be a constructive opposition to president elect a better fernandes. bolivia is home to one of the largest reserves of lithium the mineral is used in smartphones and electric car batteries but extracting it can be challenging and now the future of the industry seems uncertain as the country descends into a political crisis john homan reports. the unique so it's the biggest in the world and ground 0 for a believe in dream elite deal this was a nature's political bolivian territory in the salt flats of uni we have the biggest reserves in latin america. and the countries aiming to crush it if you didn't know lithium is the minerals of the moment by smartphones laptops and crucially electric car batteries
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a growing market it's become especially important as the countries face not just a political crisis but an economic downturn. believe in plans been to keep the whole lithium production chain in the country under a state run firm why it would be. this pilot plants part of a trial that's taking years to see if that plan can actually work but from movember there's been big setbacks. while b. was planning to partner with a german firm to finally chernow electric car batteries on an industrial scale but it's fallen through and it's tough to find others willing to be a junior partner with the state which doesn't present this to hit us look at foreign companies what they want is to get the most profits so it's very difficult that someone comes in with the conditions you lay down which gives more benefits to the country. so. shortly after the german setback ever more rallies a president keen on nationalizing industries and who championed lithium was going
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to. that uncertainty won't help investment no one knows who will be in charge next or even if they want the current model to continue. and least ask about agus says any future government would privatized lithium production and the peril about that yet though that will eat at the end of all of bolivia would rise up not just potosi which is in the state in which the uni salt flats are located and which has been most militant but now all bolivians have the contracts to defend our natural resources not to that. not all here would agree but even if the state company remains there are other obstacles bolivia has to negotiate to take advantage of its lithium there's more than enough lithium underneath the soap flats but there are questions about the viability of getting it out and one of the reasons for that is if it's mixed in with a lot more magnesium than elsewhere and separating it from that magnesium dries
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production costs up. those higher projected costs a part of the reason why plenty believe the believe in lithium dream is doomed to fade but those still getting it out of the ground here refuse to stop believing. john home and al jazeera uni so flat's bolivia. a protesters in haiti voiced their anger over what they see as american meddling in the country's affairs 100 set fire to barricades and march towards the u.s. embassy on friday they're demanding the resignation of haiti's president jovan and morsy the economy has suffered after months of violent protests leading to shortages of fuel and food the u.n. estimates some 3700000 people are in urgent need of aid in. research and we are here to speak out against the american administration that is supporting corruption in haiti and corrupt officials of states the american
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governments have supported 2 criminal heads of state our last president and the current one everyone is saying this cannot be it's immoral for a country. of the gambia as president is promising action against people traffickers off the dozens of its citizens drowned off mauritania's coast they were trying to reach spain's canary islands at least 85 people survived and were brought ashore as it is mohammad vall met some of them. 2 nephews were victims of the boat which capsized on wednesday she's a migrant from. to mauritania a few years ago that it developed all of this the boat was anchored on the sea shore in the smugglers were scouting for passengers my grandson and 2 others heard about this and they decided we were hopeful that they were going to succeed. out of 150 mostly gambian migrants 85 managed to swim to safety and were found by the
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mauritanian military near the northern city of what they were given food cloth and shelter by mauritanian authorities and various you and agencies including the international organization for migration. the rule did receive treatment at the local hospital the bodies of dozens. were buried outside on thursday i paid more than $700.00 to get to europe i took the ship with gambians and the single when the disaster happened we were on the edge of death thank god we are risky by the mauritanian authorities i am from the republic or senegal i was on my way to spain for better work it was a cruel journey and we were deceived. deceived to where these families back in who thought the smugglers could help their relatives reach europe. this woman in the town of lost her 17 year old grandson in the boating accident. they put on you know we don't really know him they went with other migrants. just many others drowned on
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that border i know about it from my family in gambia no one deserves that. on friday and other boat carrying $192.00 migrants also mostly from gambia was intercepted by mauritania costa got compared to their relatively short voyages across the mediterranean sea the atlantic called from gambia to the nearest spanish source is about 1600 kilometers trying to make it on a smuggler's boat is seen by some as an act of suicide yet hundreds on this voyage every year. the i.o.m. says up to 158 people have died so far trying to reach the kind of the islands last year the death toll was 43 the current surge is causing concern in african and european countries trying to curb the flow of illegal african migration to the west have a divine disease. not a mauritania. the funerals have been held for
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a group of protesters who rallied against the president of guinea despite the killings opposition leaders say demonstrations against president condé will continue. for. the coffins of 8 men are carried along the streets of guinea's capital opposition leaders say they were killed by security forces for speaking out against president alpha condé and his government 3 of them were shot dead during funerals for fellow protesters the youngest was 15 years old so me see what i did. we are here to bury our children they are killing them even when we are out within our rights to protest they come out and kill us we are tired of this government. 6 6 the killings reflect the power struggle between guinea security forces and anti-government protesters tens of thousands have taken to the streets in the past 2 months. led by the national front for the defense of the constitution they are against president konitz plan to
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change the constitution which would allow him to seek a 3rd term next year the 81 year old has been in power. for 9 years something some men said they went toe to oppose a change to the constitution they're opposed to a 3rd term for president conduct but they were shot while protesting. government leaders say the people should have the option of voting to extend congress presidency several opposition leaders have been jailed for organizing protests but despite the killings demonstrations have continued to exercise the decision it's on to me things need to change they need to change for our youth and all the innocent people who have been killed one caught imagine what it feels like the government is promising to investigate the killings but the opposition says that's not enough the protests they say will continue katia locus of the young algis here.
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are scientists in uganda are raising concerns about the effects of climate change on africa's largest lake it is a major source of fresh water and fish but those who make their living off late victoria fear their livelihoods could disappear if nothing's done. has more from the capital kampala. john suhaila has been a fisherman nearly all his life so as his father and grandfather too it's how the bills get paid but he says something has not been right for a long time on the lakes of toria. the water is warmer than yes before this is the 1st fish she's caught in alice. waters every time i come to fish i catch very little it's said sometimes i don't get enough to properly take care of my family. scientists one life in africa's largest freshwater lake could die if the warning signs continue to be ignored millions in east africa depend on lake victoria but when they fish stocks are being blamed on overfishing pollution and climate change
1:45 pm
is special or will we have issues to live didn't work live within the city where they live was country nor the expose idiot read this free shoes tend to breed which is make believe the exist in mists which up with new sun i don't be sure and if they'd let me tedious and look at what it is it was getting exposed and the production. fish farming is one way of repaying missing stocks for the domestic and international markets fish a rate in cages and given food and each and stable it usually takes about 9 months for to fish to reach maturity. will be in a smaller short big volume of water we bought for moxon mom activity. here view of things behind us if the kids you have the top dog should be for volume of 698 it. may pass out over these the cage you would stalk
1:46 pm
$55.00 on the fish and the from the fish when we harvested them. they wait all 500 grams. of 98 percent we are able to get printed 5 tons of fish from this small volume. with the rising temperatures contributing to climate change and threatening to wipe out entire species this farming is being encouraged but the cages are expensive to buy for poor fishermen. fishing is one of uganda's leading export earners if the thing in lake victoria continue to disappear it's not only the economy that will be devastated but entire communities for generations to come. out is a compiler a rising sea levels are a near daily problem for millions of people living in low lying coastal communities entrepreneurs an architects in the netherlands are using age old technology to explore solutions including the possibility of life on the water pressure but
1:47 pm
reports from amsterdam. i'm still dam is a city defined by water tool homes line it's famous canals but in this neighborhood people don't just live near water they live on it these houses are built on fleeting foundations and innovative solution for the city's growing population pool volk runs architectural tools of the area he says living on water comes naturally to the dutch because the netherlands is one of the world's lowest lying countries for almost 2000 years we build dikes and create land it's in our d.n.a. to live with the water and with all technical possibilities nowadays and the climate change we find new ways to make neighbors on the water because of climate change global sea levels are rising a quarter of the population in the netherlands lives below sea level so these homes are lapore tree for the future figure who thinks floating home is an enticing haven of shimmering light he helped design it after coming up with
1:48 pm
a plan for sustainable community with friends a decade ago the world needs to change we can't keep doing the same thing. grouping doing. and we wanted to make a statement and showed it is. floating houses may seem like a luxury but all it takes a the floating structures can be adapted according to budgets need so low cost homes schools hospitals even entire cities could $1.00 day be built on water in rotterdam's poor there's a floating farm powered by solar energy farms like this could be replicated in poorer parts of the world that are susceptible to rising waters when you are on a floating farm you go and out with the flooding or as we do here in the port we go up and down with the tide. and still go on with food production no matter
1:49 pm
how hard or whatever is current altos has does. floating apartment blocks ports and cities and hundreds of homes one of the world's leading experts in floating architecture he says climate change creates a sense of urgency that we if we have to work on this kind of technology and ideas and architecture for last 15 years but we really think that this is just momentum now because climate change is bigger than ever as asians begin to over and we think that water can be a solution because it's got space and case flexibility and it's quite stable building on water doesn't tackle the root causes of climate change but it can provide a creative and sustainable solution to one of the greatest challenges of our time natasha buckler i'm still the netherlands all right still ahead on al-jazeera in sport we'll hear from boxer anthony joshua who says the world heavyweight title belt back where they belong.
1:50 pm
to the prime minister. who should make it through to the british on the 31st of october and making this country the greatest place on a britain's departure is delayed but by how much follow the drama of bricks it on al-jazeera. from ancient embryos to communist leaders. age old philosophies and the rule of order remains central to the world's oldest living civilization. in the 1st of a 2 part series the big picture charts how a history spanning 5000 years shaped china's world in the industrialized world. but china complex part one on al-jazeera i. would.
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i try not to get old sport his santa thank you very much a has and walla beats in champion and u.s. has admitted that he was overweight and out of shape for his rematch with anthony joshua reclaimed his heavyweight title belt with the points that win over ways in saudi arabia 30 year old britain one the middle east its 1st heavyweight championship fight by unanimous decision it was had again to 7 kilograms since his shock win over joshua in june the bell spent some time with the bell suspect some
1:52 pm
time with andy and i think that both realize that they want to be around my waist so they came home tonight and as i always say i'm only champion so the next time i go out because jenkins don't live forever. i came today victorious and i have to put them up in the air for the next competitor and looking at the car today you see all of the challenges are hungry and i don't want to say that 3 months of party in our of that i had celebrating and why not kind of fact make has cited show the kind of day in and. well can i say jazz learned learned this mistake and i'm glad i learned and now that i'm still young you know this is just the beginning for me and there's a lot more flies coming soon. are you capable esau investigating the alleged racial abuse of majesty united plays during saturday's dobby win against man city a city supporter appeared to make a monkey gestures towards united midfielder's fred and just during the 2nd half and
1:53 pm
a statement a city said anyone found guilty of racism that would be banned from the club for life. in my opinion never be allowed into football ground again. medio unacceptable so i'm sure the city thirty's will deal with it because that's the keeper said we we keep talking about it every week and it doesn't stop and unless we. have consequences. and i'm pretty sure the club and polish man or whatever i'm going to take the right decision to the up and again bottom to fight every day and every day so uncertain up and in many many places and hopefully can not happen again unfair and politically motivated is how russia is describing a proposed 4 year ban from international sports events the world anti-doping agency has accused the country of manipulating doping records said ruston reports from
1:54 pm
moscow. banned or not russian olympic gym that's training for gold their target the olympics in tokyo next year among them silver medalist at least 2016 olympics in rio de janeiro event status which he also won the world title in stuttgart 2 months ago. too strong as a country therefore there will always be talks of some sort because we are strong competitors let them say whatever they want we will move forward and keep preparing . the world anti-doping agency wada recommended imposing a ban on russia after the sas the results of athletes blood and you read samples found in a moscow laboratory were incomplete or fabricated the scandal follows the international outrage after the saatchi olympics in 2014 when a government sponsored doping scheme was revealed russian athletes continue to be banned from international track and field competitions because the world athletics
1:55 pm
body sas russia hasn't done enough to tackle doping but government and sports administrators in russia reject the latest findings as being politically motivated they continue to count the days towards the tokyo olympics. water is just water and that's it what is what is responsibility in the world can you tell me to they have a criminal responsibility for their actions against an athlete who has dedicated 10 years of his life to the sport the proposed penalties not only jeopardize russia's process a patient at the olympics but all the high profile international events of the next 4 years including the football world cup in qatar they are russia's bright young athletes who are working hard to book their place at the olympics but dreams could be shattered if russia is banned from taking part in many here are angry at the possible sanctions others say russia could have prevented this.
1:56 pm
yuri ghana's is on russia's frontline against doping as head of russia's anti doping agency despite the threats he has been receiving he continues to want sports officials that it's time to change not only the corruption this is. real. against. the. country against sports i think. the deep and complete investigation ghana's house we commended the dismissal of all national athletic coaches and the creation of an international working group to investigate doping cases but is not optimistic of voiding a world wide ban that might be one option for even start of which to compete in tokyo by wearing his gymnastics outfit without russia's black star passing al-jazeera moscow. and excess and that made quite
1:57 pm
a comeback at the hero will challenge in the bahamas to claim his 1st title in 2 years 5 time when tiger was it was a share of the lead until he hit trouble on the 14th or. that gave a stance and his chance with this sort of final round the 66 to finish on 18 on the one shot ahead of defending champion don. you know when she was good solid week it was. i wish i could've said i was going to hit the ball the closer i had a few niners on down i normally would hit in their little closer than i did this weekend. and i want to give myself a few more minutes and this might have been different different story but i just didn't. and that's why as well for me i will have more for you later on not hasn't great stuff thanks santa and that is it for this news hour and for me as i'm sick of thanks for your company adrian is here with.
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our planet is warming as never before with profound consequences for all life on earth but the world's leading scientists say there is still time to act planet s.o.s. sets out the facts on the science behind the issues affecting our planet. and brings you what people across the globe doing to touch on the crisis around. us on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks all the hollings in its path what destroyed and this
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is all that's left with details coverage when mexico elected a new president last year they did so largely with the promises that he would end the plague of violence in the country and feel as journalism from around the world this rally was praised by placing the truck in the logic of the albatross rallies held in hong kong. buffaloes in cameroons rivers. on england's street. plastic is everywhere. but if bottles can be fishing boats. i'm bubble gum wellington boots what more can be done with this plague of palmas. earthrise reimagining plastic. on al-jazeera.
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all bought was. locked out in force over a 1000000 people rally in hong kong to mark 6 months of protests calling for more human rights. hello i'm adrian for the given this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. more than 40 people dead in a massive fire in one of the oldest markets in new delhi. were in nasiriyah one of the epicenters of violence during.


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