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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 8, 2019 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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was i out in force hundreds of thousands of people rally in hong kong to mark 6 months of protests calling for greater democracy. a lot has i'm sick of this is as you see a live from davos a coming up. more than 40 people have died in a massive fire in one of the oldest markets in new delhi. an exclusive report from iraq where speaks with protesters who say they've been tortured by security forces
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. africa's largest lake is drying up threatening to devastate entire communities by generations to come. but a protest leaders in hong kong say 800000 people turned out for a mass march through the city on sunday they're demanding greater protection of their democratic freedoms and human rights it is the culmination of 6 months of protests even though police approved the event they warned they would not tolerate a repeat of recent violent protests earlier they said they confiscated a handgun and ammunition in raids that resulted in several arrests police say the weapon would have been used in their words to create chaos during the rally way jim brown is live for us in hong kong so adrian we saw some impressive numbers of people out there earlier but apart from removing that controversial extradition
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bill which was kicked off these protests what what have the demonstrators achieved up to this point over the 6 months. well i think possibly they've achieved quite a lot they did manage to get that controversial expedition bill finally withdrawn by the government but of course it was too little too late then and since then their demands of morphed into other cool's like total democracy for hong kong and an independent commission of inquiry into police actions during the past 6 months but you could argue that the movement was responsible bringing out 800000 people more than 800000 people onto the streets of hong kong on sunday and many of those people who marched on sunday were the same people who voted in those historic district council elections 2 weeks ago when the government party suffered a real dropping and the pro-democracy cam was left with control of 17 out of hong
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kong's 18 district councils and today i think you know the people of hong kong sent another defiant message to the embattled chief executive kerry land the organizers of this march the civil and human rights front of said that today marks the last chance to carry to meet their demands now caroline has said that she is listening humbly to the people but so far we have seen no action is going to be no quick solution to this crisis china continues to to watch from the sidelines has been no intervention so far from china military intervention we are in a sort of quagmire and you know this void is going to go on i think for weeks if not months and i think if people thought that the you know the protest movement was coming to an end that it would run out of steam i think you know they're mistaken. but is that still the hope for the government in beijing you know because the question of whether they will respond with force and send in the army looks looks
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remote at this point so if they're hoping that these protests will eventually fizzle out doesn't seem to be any indication of that so far does that. yeah i mean at the moment 'd beijing is continuing to sort of sit this out i think beijing is playing the long game but at the moment there's no sort of understanding any recognition that eventually there's going to have to be dialogue to to to end dollar of this you know i think what's needed at the moment is frankly some mediation but china won't allow any outside mediators to come into hong kong to try to do that because they say that would represent an interference in hong in china's internal affairs i think that china has decided it doesn't want to send troops in here because of it sends in the peer way that would end hong kong special status and china has an awful lot invested in hong kong and it stands to lose an awful lot
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of money were that to happen also more importantly would be a sort of tacit recognition that the effort to try to win hearts and minds in hong kong that began 22 years ago when hong kong was handed back from britain to china that would mean that that effort was a complete failure so it would symbolize too much that's too damaging for china so i think for the moment they they insist they want hong kong to succeed and survive and we've got actually another reminder that just a few weeks ago when china's one of china's biggest corporations audi barber decided to float on the hong kong stock market now the reason for that is that there's no other stock market in asia that could handle a flotation of that size and that's another reminder i think why china still needs hong kong adrian brown thanks very much asked steve sang is the director of the china institute so as university of london he expects protests in hong kong to continue over the coming months dean told has had change
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in terms of need and focus from this summer. when it all started in june it was about the n.t. is about the extradition. now deportation is really not about the extradition bill it is about governance in hong kong how the priest behaved 'd and whether hong kong can have democratic accountability unless those are being met it isn't that big issue any longer beijing is not going to make the concessions the protesters will continue to protest we already seen them going back to the streets trying to send a clear message to the governments in hong kong and in beijing to get them to go and work for a political solution and one attendees repressive forced and then you also have the
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government in hong kong led by the chief executive who is frankly politically illiterate and doesn't understand what needs to be done and and does not have the courage to do what it takes to bring a political solution so this will continue for a few more months i think. our fire in india's capital has killed at least 43 people it tore through one of the oldest markets and burnt down a factory where some of new delhi's poorest residents were sleeping the worst fire in the city in more than 2 decades mohammed reports. the blaze broke out while many were still asleep in monday in the old quarter of delhi and he was suffocated by smoke as they slept. police and firefighters try to save dozens of factory workers but for some it was already too late crowds gathered watching as the smoke rose from the multi-story building and connecting sites. some people were sleeping in
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the factory and they didn't wake up it was a short circuit there was a fire and 2 buildings with a common staircase. people were taken to hospital in any way possible before ambulances arrived at the scene. the factory is close to one of the city's largest markets the narrow streets made it more difficult for emergency services to fight the fire and reach the injured. we have rescued 52 people so far we got a call at 522 this morning and deployed 4 fire engines and then later sent 35150 firefighters are involved in the operation the rescue people have been sent to hospitals the operation is underway and we believe a few people are still inside the building more than 18000000 people live in delhi it's one of the world's most densely populated cities the city has struggled to enforce modern fire safety codes earlier this year a fire swept through
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a hotel killing 17 people. the next day a fire broke out at a card factory. as emergency services searched the wreckage the government says there will be a full investigation into the cause of the fire mohamed al jazeera. he is following this from new delhi she says police have used the building out have you accuse the building are not of disregarding the safety of. the delhi police has detained the owner of this 4 story building and all saw a charge the owner with this under section 304 which essentially is culpable homicide not amounting to murder the police has also said that they did not find any safety equipment inside the building after the inspection and that the owner of this building had not secured any sort of fire clearance we were also talking to a lot of people who live in that area very congested area and this they said that
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there are many such factories many such small workshops that operate out of that place and nearly this they don't know of anyone actually who has secured any sort of climate and this is a broader reality in the country and certainly in india where residential areas are turned into commercial areas without the employers the owners securing proper permits a lot of these people who come to work in delhi come from poor states from across the country the come to delhi because there's not enough work back home and they come here at whatever salary the employer decides and the essentially if you live off whatever the employer decides to pay them they don't have enough money to rent a room for get an apartment so they actually in groups live inside the places that they work in factories like this $1.00 or small workshops and that's also true for children who work in sweat shops in the city even they live in the same place that they actually work in and that's quite widespread doctors in delhi but across the country. the southern iraqi city of nasiriyah has seen some of the worst violence
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against anti-government demonstrators 96 people have been killed in the city since the beginning of october seen on a fulton has met survivors and protesters who say they've been tortured by security forces. hospital wards in the remain full after security forces opened fire on protesters last week in the intensive care unit this demonstrator who was shot in the head clings on to life prayers are all his family has left after doctors declared him politically dead the lucky ones if they can be called that recover from non fatal gunshot wounds the flags they carried defiantly penned to their hospital beds 17 year old safe says all he wanted was a homeland instead he got a bullet in his leg or what or with when i started shooting we were treated as we ran a guy next to me fell down i couldn't just leave him but when i attempted to carry him i was also shot and fell and the 3rd one who came to help us also i fell on me
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. video shows the moment of the attack the government has issued an arrest warrant against a senior security force commander and promised an investigation. that there is an investigative committee formed for this purpose at the highest levels and for sure the people in charge of the investigation will bring those responsible to account and they will be punished by the law but the victims' relatives want more i want the government to change i don't want this government i demand my son's rights what is his guilt and the syria has been rocked by violence many times since u.s. troops invaded 16 years ago but iraqis say they are suffering unprecedented suppression now hundreds have been temporarily detained since protests began october 1st this activist says he was lurched to a meeting by intelligence officers who then arrested him. and. i got a call from someone it was an unknown number. he said i'm so and so we have
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supplies for your tent and we want you to take it to your tent specifically for your tent he was tortured and interrogated for 16 hours his body still bears marks of electrocution and then x. ray shows a fractured rib who was him they call it an investigation but it's not an investigation it's torture like the bulk of those arrested he will soon released on bail but many believe the use of violence is likely to continue the problem that we have use that us a government by other side of they call them party the problem there is theoretical type of investigation. but without any result the crackdown has stoked fear among demonstrators that the same time fueling more anger the people of nastia have seen too much and lost too many to simply return to normal life seem wonderful team
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al-jazeera nastia 3 is saudi soldiers have been killed in fighting near the yemeni border that's according to the saudi news agency which says it happened in the southern region yemen's hurt the rebels had previously launched attacks in the area the saudi u.a.e. coalition has been fighting who it is for more than 4 years now $22.00 bodies were recovered after flooding in western uganda that's according to the red cross to wrench all rain battered parts of the country on the border with the democratic republic of congo from saturday night into sunday morning at least 20 others were killed by floods and mudslides. are 2 days after a building collapse in kenya rescue crews have found a pair of survivors while digging through the debris the 2 were rushed to hospital after being pulled out from under the rubble 6 the residential building in nairobi fell to the ground on friday killing at least 5 people around 2 dozen still missing . well still ahead on the edges in austria lanka's new leader says he's
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a president for all but can he win the trust the minority. and the 1st case of polio in malaysia in moving 25 years what it means for global eradication efforts. how i once again welcome to look at the international focus of a slot he said fabric across china at the moment generally high pressure in shots mostly clear skies and some sunshine temperatures in hong kong get up to around 20 celsius 15 degrees there in shanghai we go on into monday more to try and find weather coming through a lot of fine weather too across a good pass all of india china and the dry weather stretches of whack-o. secure part of india we are still seeing some rather lively showers into more generally into eastern than southern policy off frank and that will be the case as
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we go on through the next couple of days but otherwise as you can see lots of dry weather basin places of cloud in sioux india up towards and more west even that he will be lost he settled for the most parts shop was there will continue to was flying and i was seeing some very heavy rain some shallows making the way through the gulf of aden more impossible somalia flooding rains of course could see all of our recent typhoon that's sidelined that's now gone through another system out into the open waters will head towards the horn of africa with keeping an eye and furthermore this one to just around the gulf we've got some other what the sliding out of kuwait western parts of iran could even see some showers along the spoils of right here in doha i choose day. big stories generate found some news of headlines these protests are saying down with this is down and down with all of the party. with different angles from
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different perspectives just because we came to prison doesn't mean the right stopped at the gate separate the spin from the facts the western media jumps on stories without taking down the misinformation from the journalism it's about telling the stories of those human beings out there with the listening post on al-jazeera. and again you're watching i just see it a reminder of our top stories protest leaders in hong kong say 800000 people have marched through the city to demand more human rights police approve the demonstration which marks 6 months since the protest movement began. a fire in
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india's capital has killed at least 43 people through one of the oldest markets and burned down a factory it is the worst fire in the city in more than 2 decades. 22 people have died after flooding in western uganda that's according to the red cross western areas were battered by to wrench will rain overnight on sunday. thousands in ukraine's capital have rallied against president one of the participation in a european summit he'll meet with russian president vladimir putin in paris on monday to talk about ending the 5 year war in eastern ukraine protesters are accusing selenski of surrendering to putin the 2 leaders have not met since 2016. the u.s. defense secretary says washington will take precautions to ensure the safety of its military bases mark esper made the comments after a gun attack at a naval base in florida on friday saudi national mohammed saeed ashanti shot dead 3
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students at the aviation school 10 saudi citizens are being questioned about the shooting u.s. president donald trump says saudi arabia is deeply concerned about the attack. but with the king of saudi arabia. they are devastated saudi arabia we're finding out what took place whether it's one person or a number of people and the king will be involved in taking care of families and loved ones feel very strongly very very devastated by what happened what. iran's president has suggested his country will limit its reliance on oil exports to reduce the impact of u.s. sanctions president has presented a draft budget to parliament on sunday he says it will steer the country away from oil trading which washington has targeted the u.s. impose restrictions on other countries purchasing iranian oil this year and president trump has thanked the iran for the negotiations that led to
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a prisoner swap the red diplomatic breakthrough was brokered by switzerland and chapelle has more. 2 men caught up in tensions between the united states and iran able to reunite with their families after a prisoner swap american graduate student. and iranian scientists must sued sulaimani a stem cell expert who'd been treating stroke patients at the best hospital in the nation the mayo clinic in minnesota so the money was arrested last year while trying to take medical materials back to iran it was far cheaper to buy in the united states prosecutors said that was a violation of u.s. sanctions going to be. welcomed with tears he's back with his family and patients after spending a year in jail and that you know i told them that i had patients that needed my help and they said who cares let them die michael duffel on the same tarmac incirlik she was welcomed by the point man of trump's maximum pressure campaign
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brian hook a graduate student at princeton university chinese born wang maintains he was conducting research in iran for a history degree when he was convicted of espionage and sentenced to 10 years in prison recently at least where it is by no means his wife who campaigned for his release for 3 years said he was criminalized for his american citizenship. saturday's prisoner swap a rare acts of cooperation between the u.s. and iran president trump even thanking iran for a very fair negotiation i think it was a great thing for her and i think we wait to go then we can do something that might have been a break there as to what can be done dozens of iranians remain in u.s. prisons while at least 4 americans remain behind bars in iran returning them a priority for both countries whose long list of grievances rarely see such moments of cooperation and or chapell al-jazeera. her sri lanka's prime minister mahinda rajapaksa has opened a new port city to attract foreign investors the project is under construction just
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outside the capital colombo regional it's designed to be a regional financial hub and its initial funding is a one and a half $1000000000.00 investment under china's so-called belt and road initiative a sri lanka suffered decades of religious and ethnic violence the newly elected president got a biologic parks as promised to unite the country but as charles strafford reports in the capital colombo there remains a deep distrust among the country's minority groups that over voted overwhelmingly against him only muhammad just as pasta from tree owned by his muslim family was booked down by a mob of around 100 people in may last year of. it happened during days of violence targeting sri lanka's muslim community to the easter sunday attacks suicide bombers who were members of a local group linked to eisele killed more than $250.00 people in the tanks and
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churches and hotels the newly elected president go to by rush upon his promise to protect minorities and to serve every sri lankan and his words irrespective of race or religion. i think. you know i'm not party to this but i think everybody. i think. that if you will do not with the minorities if you do not. they are not working together you cannot like a society cannot function that the buddhist nationalist group. which means buddhist power is accused of inciting hate and taking part in violence it's x. because minority muslim and christian communities in recent years the group campaigned hard for president carter by rajapaksa and celebrated his election victory the b.b.'s leader says the group may despise the parliamentary elections
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expected in april then up but how do you get that now hasn't our father come home in recent times the sinhalese people were destitute like children without a father the spirit of the sinhalese was killed by politics now there is a revival and sinhalese but that revival is not a threat to minorities. because religious and ethnic minorities overwhelmingly voted against russia in the election newly elected president got to russia pax has promised not to leave behind those who did not vote for him he said that he will be a president for all sri lankans but the fact that what is often described as a buddhist nationalist group like b.b.'s so heavily support means there are many amongst the country's minorities who are questioning whether the new leader can deliver on his election promises. most experts say in support for nationalist groups such as bubalo sena is weak among the majority sinhalese population they say
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the new president must seize the opportunity to unify the entire country the more are a wholesome sense of citizenship that is something that he should work for and that comes with the rule of law. before the law and you know putting systems in place which makes a minute of pretty. early on millions of sri lankans like him can only hope the years of religious and ethnic violence of a child started out as era colomba a 3 month old baby boy in malaysia has been diagnosed with polio an incurable disease that can cause paralysis it is the 1st case reported there since 1992 the country was declared polio free in 2000 the vaccination rates in some areas dropped below 95 percent and that's allowed the disease to reemerge and that's it comes months after the neighboring philippines reported its 1st polio case in 26 years
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the spike the setbacks the global effort to eradicate polio through vaccination has been highly effective infections have dropped 99.9 percent since the program began in 1981 heidi larsen is the director of the vaccine and confidence project she says even small pockets of unvaccinated populations can cause the disease to spread widely. when we see a case like the one in malaysia it exposes areas that don't have enough vaccination to prevent the spread so it's it's absolutely important that children who are not vaccinated in malaysia and frankly in nearby countries this particular strain is related to the strain and the caisson in the philippines so these things travel so it's really the only way to stop it in its tracks is to really make sure everyone's vaccinated vaccines are very related to government they're provided regulated
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sometimes mandated by government so if you're a minority or marginalized group with any issues with the government you might be a bit suspicious. which in the case of vaccines i would think that it's such a public health issue that that would come before politics but it doesn't all the time sometimes its concerns about safety the safety of the vaccine because people hear rumors or sometimes there are there are some very small risks and sometimes things do happen with vaccines so it's important to reassure the public that they understand how important it is to take them to prevent the spread of disease. africa's largest lake is drying up with those who make their living off lake victoria fear their livelihoods could disappear if nothing is done at home with has more from the ugandan capital kampala. johnson has been
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a fisherman nearly all his life so it's father and grandfather too it's how the bills get paid but he says something has not been right for a long time on lake victoria. the water is warmer than yes before this is the 1st fish she's caught in alice. waters every time i come to fish i catch very little it's said sometimes i don't get enough to properly take care of my family. scientists one life in africa's largest freshwater lake could die if the warning signs continue to be ignored millions in east africa depend on lake victoria but when think fish stocks are being blamed on overfishing pollution and climate change its pressure will we have issues lifting it would live within the city where to live was country nor the expose if you have read this we choose to believe which is lake not believe the exist in mists which up with new sun i don't be sure
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and even the limited changes and look at what it is it is loosing getting exposed and the production is quickly. fish farming is one way of repaying missing stocks for the domestic and international markets fish a rate in cages and given food and a chance daily it usually takes about 9 months but sloppier fish to reach maturity . will be in a smaller short big volume of water we bought for moxon mom activity. here view of things behind us if the kids you have the top dog should be for you all 608 it. may pass out or for this the kid you would stalk $55.00 on the fish and the from the $50000.00 fish when we harvested them. they wait all 500 grams. of 90 percent we are able to get printed 5 tons of fish from this small volume. with the rising temperatures
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contributing to climate change and threatening to wipe out entire species fish farming is being encouraged but the cages are expensive to buy for poor fishermen. fishing is one of uganda's leading export. if the fish in lake victoria continue to disappear it's not only the economy that will be devastated but entire communities for generations to come. let's get a round of our top stories on protest leaders in hong kong say 800000 people have marched through the city to demand more human rights in mark 6 months since the protest movement began even though police approved the event they warned that they wouldn't tolerate a repeat of recent violent protests or fire in india's capital as cure the least $43.00 people they tore through one of the oldest markets and burnt down
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a factory it is the worst fire in the city in more than 2 decades and child for a visit to the scene she says the congested streets made it hard for crews to fight before. there's a factory where a fire broke out early this morning in old delhi over 60 people were rescued including the 43 died the police says that the rescue operations are now all work. i've been rushed to hospitals most of these workers came from forest across india and even lived inside the factory as you can see the area is pretty congested there are many works of small factories that operate out of here and even the lanes are very tiny that makes it difficult to access many so that the builders often norms and do very major to make sure that such fires do not take place 22 people have died after flooding in western uganda that's according to the red cross the area was battered by to wrench rain overnight sunday. 2 days after
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a building collapse in kenya rescue crews are found a pair of survivors while digging through the debris 6 tory residential building in nairobi fell to the ground on friday killing at least 5 people 3 saudi soldiers have been killed in fighting near the yemeni border that's according to the saudi news agency which says it happened in the southern region yemen's hooty rebels previously launched attacks in the area the u.s. defense secretary says washington will take precautions to ensure the safety of its military bases market has been made the comments after a gun attack at a naval base in florida on friday saudi national mohammad say that he shot dead 3 students at the aviation school 10 saudi citizens are being questioned about the shooting those are the headlines the listening post is next talked to al-jazeera we were told to do that because to rush it as this has been addressed by turkey we listen what is the proposal of spain for
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a couple on you know we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter how does iraq. case bracing for an election rather setback. the starters are supposed to think really like that. the charges that you write your account but i. would say misleading why should we believe. hello i'm richard gere's bird and you're at the listening post here are some of the media stories that we're covering this week the british are in election mode once again and their news outlets are proving to be no more adept at dealing with a lying politician than american ones are my beauty my purpose is advertising those feel good ads designed to make you feel good about buying something filipino president roderigo deter to is taking on the.


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