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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 8, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm +03

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and the uprising coming soon on al jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello from doha everyone i'm come out santa maria this is the news hour from. a sea of people in hong kong the hundreds of thousands mark 6 months since the anti-government demonstrations began also in the news at least $43.00 people killed during a fire in one of the oldest markets in the indian capital. really just going to sing why a group of indigenous alaskans are fleeing their ancestral land as crumbles beneath them. and in sport abby raises admitted he was overweight and out of shape for his
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rematch with anthony joshua reclaimed his heavyweight title belts with the points win over ruiz and saudi arabia. just a little after 11 pm in hong kong where protest leaders say 100000 people have marched through the city in a show of anger and frustration they are demanding from their leaders greater democratic freedoms and human rights this march the culmination of 6 months of widespread protests now police did approve sunday's event but they warned they wouldn't tolerate a repeat of recent violent demonstrations in fact just before the march began police despite the handgun and some ammunition they said were recovered during a raid they said those weapons would have been used to create chaos during the march let's go to adrian brown in hong kong for us as we say adrian getting into the later hour was a lot of people have gone home but goodness me
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a lot were out on the streets today as well. what we got today was a flavor a reminder of what this protest movement was like when it began 6 months ago powerful peaceful and that's the way it largely was on sunday there was a little bit of vandalism a few mainland owned banks and shops were attacked by a radical fringe of this protest movement but that shouldn't be shouldn't we shouldn't sort of get the impression that this was you know like previous protests which of often ended in in serious violence this was largely peaceful as you can see behind me the center of hong kong is basically back to normal it's just after 11 pm at night here the police are now cleared away the last of the barricades that protesters have have disappeared into the night now the organizers of this march say that this was the last chance for the chief executive of hong kong kerry lamb to see to their demands remember they're asking not just for universal suffrage but
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also an independent commission of inquiry into what they say are police actions during the past 6 months what we've got of course on sunday was a further reminder that the voice of protest in hong kong is far from diminished. it began peacefully on june the 9th with a march against a bill for an extradition deal with china and the protest movement might well have ended then if hong kong's chief executive kerry had heeded their demand. absolutely i had succeeded with the withdrawal of the bill to safeguard our freedom nothing would have happened. never saw him self as a front line activist but that's what he's become he's been arrested and forced to leave home. i told my dad we're going out to fight for the rights we deserve we had a big fight and after that he said move out move out if you don't want to stay at
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home anymore. benson was also there when protesters smashed their way into the heart of hong kong's government the debating chamber of the legislative assembly many wearing the hard hats and face masks that have become symbols of this leaderless movement. as the long hot summer rolled on the air became more toxic. it was now. many in white chasing and beating those in black the color of the protest movement. tara. tara terrorism aided by foreign hands is how beijing defined it after its liaison office in hong kong was attacked and defaced. mainland owned businesses were also targeted. as were transport links subway stations were vandalized and forced to shut tunnels were closed. and thousands of flights canceled after protesters occupied the
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international airport arrivals lounge chinese leaders have repeatedly warned they would send in the people's liberation army to restore order yet that still hasn't happened they fear that if they work mobilize the people's liberation army garrison in hong kong than china will lose face because. of chinese rule. they have not won the hearts and minds in hong kong police figures reflect a society tearing itself apart at least 2 deaths more than $10000.00 tear gas canisters fired and almost $6000.00 arrests. more fatalities seem possible after students turned a university campus into a fortress the fiery standoff with police becoming a defining moment of the unrest in spite of the violence local elections went ahead with voters sending
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a clear message of support to those agitating for greater democracy a few days later there was another setback for china's leaders u.s. president donald trump signed into law a bill aimed at protecting human rights in hong kong and punishing those deemed responsible for suppressing them. adrian let's just talk big picture now that we are as we say marking this 6 months the protesters got the extradition bail removed which was a big victory but other than that what would you say that really achieved in this time and what's left on their list of demands. well they have 5 demands and those principle demands really are universal suffrage and also that independent commission of inquiry into police action during the past 6 months they allege widespread brutality by the police but most of all they won't carry a lamb to listen to them they don't feel that the embattled chief executive hong
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kong has been doing that they say they've heard her say that she's just and patiently to them but what they want is action they are impatient for something to happen but the problem is you can't just have universal suffrage overnight that takes time but the problem is these people are getting more and more impatient one of the real sort of perplexing questions i think for the last few months is why china hasn't intervene because china has warned repeatedly that it was prepared to do that but in the end that regionally that really sort of amounted to nothing more than bluster i think president xi jinping has realized that if he did send the pillay into hong kong and that would end hong kong special status and china of course has a great deal invested in hong kong and if that special status ended then china would lose an awful lot of money we've got another reminder kemal of the importance of hong kong to china just a few weeks ago when ali baba $1.00 of the biggest corporations in china decided to
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float on the hong kong stock market now the reason for that is of course there's no other stock market in asia that could handle a flotation of that size but nevertheless it was another important reminder of the importance of hong kong to china and also let's forget if china. did intervene militarily it's still possible unlikely i think that that would be a tacit recognition the china's leaders have failed in their bid to win hearts and minds since the handover 22 years ago thank you adrian brown in hong kong the thoughts now of staved sang who is the director of the china institute of the science university of london he expects the protest in hong kong to only continue over the coming months he told has had change in terms of nature and focused from this summer when it all started in june
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it was about the n.t. is about the extradition you now deportation is really not about the extradition bill it is about governance in hong kong how the police behave and whether hong kong can have democratic accountability and nest those are being met. isn't a big issue any longer beijing is not going to make the concessions the protesters will continue to protest we already seemed then going back to the streets trying to send a clear message to the government in hong kong and in beijing to get them to go and work or a political solution and one in 10 years from press of force and then you also have the government in hong kong led by the chief executive who is frankly politically illiterate and doesn't understand what needs to be done and and does not have the
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courage to do what it takes to bring a political solution so this will continue for a few more months i think. let's have a look at what's coming up for you on this news hour the 1st case of polio in malaysia and more than 25 years and what that means for the global eradication efforts. was. also on the search for migrants and refugees off the coast of mauritania and in sport russian slaves waiting to find out if their country will be banned from international events. before all that though a fire in india's capital which has killed at least 43 people it tore through one of the oldest markets and burned down a factory where some of new delhi's poorest residents were sleeping it is the worst fire in the city in more than 2 decades its report from mohamad. the blaze
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broke out while many were still asleep in an agile monday in the old quarter of delhi and he was suffocated by smoke as they slept. police and firefighters try to save dozens of factory workers but for some it was a ready too late crowds gathered watching as the smoke arose from the multi-story building and connecting sites. some people were sleeping in the factory and they didn't wake up it was a short circuit there was a fire and 2 buildings with a common staircase. people were taken to hospital in any way possible before ambulances arrived at the scene. the factory is close to one of the city's largest markets the narrow streets made it more difficult for emergency services to fight the fire and reach the injured better method to do it all but we have rescued 52 people so far we got a call at 522 this morning and deployed 4 fire engines and then later sent 35150
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firefighters are involved in the operation the rescue people have been sent to host . the operation is underway and we believe a few people are still inside the building more than 18000000 people live in delhi it's one of the world's most densely populated cities the city has struggled to enforce modern fire safety codes earlier this year a fire swept through a hotel killing 17 people. the next day a fire broke out at a card factory. as emergency services searched the wreckage the government says they will be a full investigation into the cause of the fire mohammed al jazeera. in new delhi where it's just coming up at a quarter to 9 in the evening just an update from you 1st of all on the situation as far as rescue and recovery goes.
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well the police and to their rescue operation pretty early in the day they said that they had rescued over 60 people and 43 people had died in there just the injured 2 to 3 different hospitals now the latest development is that the police has actually detained the owner of this factory and that they've also says that the owner did not apply for anything fire clarence's he did not have any fire clearances and when they inspected the building after the fire was put out to they found that safety equipment which is mandatory was also not found in this building we also spoke to several people around the area where the fire took place in these says that there are many such workshops and small factories which operate in this area and we already know that services factories operate across daily in many areas and they said that they don't know of any workshop or any small factory that actually has the required permits and said that this continues to be a big problem that being that residential areas are converted into commercial areas without proper authorization here i wonder if you can give us
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a little more context to that for people who haven't been to new delhi you know just seeing some of these pictures what strikes me in regina said in her report as well as the the very narrow street where a very crowded overcrowded it looks like as well and also i mean the fact that it's a lot of the poorest residents of the city you appear. not is correct many of these factories actually are in water would be defined as open slums these are very congested areas very tidy and that of course makes it difficult. for them to be accessed in the firefighters did say that the feast of those days in putting the fire out today because of that reason now these people who come here come from poor states from across the country they come here because they don't have enough work back home so they basically have to live off whatever their employers offer them here. they come along with their family members and friends in their villages they all live in side the factory under the same roof
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where they work that is because they cannot afford an apartment for get an apartment it can only afford a room in the city because their rent rates are exorbitant so what ends up happening is that these people are being exploited they live in these urban slums inside a room sometimes $510.00 or 12 of them and the safety measures have not paid any sort of importance to by building owners and by the factory owners so that sort of all comes together and makes these situations dangerous as one expert that i was speaking to earlier in the day says that these are disasters really waiting to happen. bringing the story together for us from new delhi thank you to iraq where the parliament is holding an emergency meeting to discuss the escalation of violence in the past few days 96 people have been killed since the beginning of october in the city of nasiriyah alone there seen some of the worst bloodshed against demonstrators simona 14 has met survivors and protesters who say
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they have been tortured by security forces. hospital warrants in their sleep remain full after security forces opened fire on protesters last week in the intensive care unit this demonstrator who was shot in the head clings on to life prayers are all his family has left after doctors declared him politically dead the lucky ones if they can be called that recover from non-fatal gunshot wounds the flags they carried defiantly penned to their hospital beds 17 year old safe says all he wanted was a homeland instead he got a bullet in his leg and what door were there when they started shooting we were treated as we ran one guy next to me fell down i couldn't just leave him but when i attempted to carry him i was also shot and fell and the 3rd one who came to help us or so i fell on me. video shows the moment of the attack the government has issued
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an arrest warrant against a senior security force commander and promised an investigation. that that there is an investigative committee formed for this purpose at the highest levels and for sure the people in charge of the investigation will bring those responsible to account and they will be punished by the law but the victims' relatives want more i want the government to change i don't want this government i demand my son's rights what is his guilt her son safe was shot in the stomach neither the violence nor the bullets that remains lodged in his hip are enough to silence him the 22 year old has no stable job and no hope for a better future than they killed me a long time ago i'm dead whether or not i go out to demand my rights i don't have anything i'm dead because of the situation wherein i don't feel alive. the 3 has been rocked by violence many times since u.s. troops invaded 16 years ago but iraqis say they are suffering unprecedented suppression now hundreds have been temporarily detained since protests began
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october 1st this activist says he was lurched to a meeting by intelligence officers who then arrested him. i got a call from someone it was an unknown number he said i'm so and so we have supplies for your tent and we want you to take it to your tent specifically for your tent he was tortured and interrogated for 16 hours his body still bears marks of electrocution and then x. ray shows a fractured rib who. they call it an investigation but it's not an investigation it's torture they beat being gave me electrical shocks in every part of my body. he told me to confess i asked him what can i confess he asked who do you belong to what is your organization who supports you do you have foreign sides behind you i said i don't have anything like the bulk of those arrested he will soon released on
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bail but many believe the use of violence is likely to continue the problem that we have use the government by other side of they call them party the problem there is theoretical type of investigation. but without any result the crackdown has stoked fear among demonstrators that the same time feeling more anger the people of macedonia have seen too much and lost too many to simply return to normal life seem wonderful team al-jazeera now a city of. 3 saudi soldiers have been killed in fighting near the yemeni border that's coming from the saudi news agency which says it happened in the southern region yemen's hurt the rebels have previously launched attacks in the area the saudi u.a.e. coalition's been fighting the there for more than 4 years. israel's carried out air strikes in the gaza strip
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a number of hamas sites were targeted but no one was hurt hours earlier 3 rockets were fired from gaza to wardes southern israel last month remember there was a 2 day flare up in violence which led to the deaths of 34 palestinians before a ceasefire was agreed and. the u.s. defense secretary says washington will take precautions to ensure the safety of its military bases marcus made those comments following a gun attack at a naval base in florida on friday a saudi national named mohammed saeed granny was shot dead or he shot dead 3 students at the aviation school opera for he was killed himself 10 saudi citizens are being questioned in connection with the attack course we extend our condolences to all the families affected by it and touched by it and our military community downer but no i i can't say it's terrorism at this time i think we need to let the investigators the f.b.i. do its work and tell us give us the facts and we'll move from there. and in addition to that u.s. president donald trump is saying saudi arabia is deeply concerned about the attack
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but with the king of saudi arabia. they are devastated really arabia we're finding out what took place whether it's one person or a number of people. will be involved in taking care of family and loved ones feel very strongly very very devastated by what happened what the. academic mustards when he says the trump white house has been working to separate this attack from its relationship with the saudi government. this is the trump administration style of reaction to any event the saudi arabia is involved and. we saw such thing previously how you know how to. basically describe saudi arabia in a you know in a very you were selected words avoiding. we have also to remember
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that on other level did i actually use a very diplomatic words in criticizing not the criticizing i would say undermining the way how. can the man himself in a lot of remarks he made but in when it comes to that this matter in particular from them you know the 1st minute it was a clear that he was defending the saudi government he was reading the statement from concerned man in the cabinet meeting his his his the part of secretary of state actually repeating this on twitter so there is sort of defending and isolating this event from the saudi leadership. now some of colombia's biggest artists are taking part in a concert in support of the recent downturn government protests there demonstrators remain angry at president even dukas plans for economic reforms and wanted to do more to tackle corruption and police violence his own son drove his life for us in
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bogota bring us up to date with what things are like that status on the. welcome as you can see behind me is one of 3 fix the stages a mobile musical truck that's moving through both tasmania having you know from the center of the city to the north for days precedented truly way of protesting of demonstrating this support for the growing strike here and now colombia 44 different parties. participating it's 10 am in the morning here they've been playing music since 8 am we understand that there is a major demonstration moving from the center and stopping at each. stage is and this seems to go well with a strike that it's unprecedented here in colombia that has been.
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overwhelmingly peaceful throughout the 19 days of demonstrations that we've covered except for the 1st couple of days since things have been absolutely peaceful almost 55th even so a concert like this one seems to go a well with what this with that with these demonstrations that have been led mostly by young people. try to expose to the rest of the country but they also remain unshakable in their commitment to demand changes from their government from this government. and demanding that even ducasse starts negotiating directly with the leader. the strike both the union leaders and student leaders on a list of 13 demands that they have this hasn't happened yet and as you can see 19 days into this protest rallies and demonstrations continue both formal like this
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one that have been organized and spontaneous ones that are happening throughout the city so this is what's happening here in colombia there's really no precedent for it then people remain energized and i think president took it will have to respond in a different way because even if we're getting close to the biggest holiday season here in colombia people seems to be keen on continuing blocking roads on a daily basis continuing their demonstrations. on a sunday or robbie as he was the update from bogota thank you. 22 bodies have been recovered after a flooding in western uganda that's according to the red cross toronto rain battered parts of the country on the border with democratic republic of congo from saturday night into sunday morning at least 20 others were killed by the floods and mudslides earlier in the week. gambian president is promising action against people traffickers after dozens of his country's citizens drowned off the coast of mauritania they were trying to reach spain's canary islands at least 85 survived
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and were brought ashore mama damage some of them and has sent us this report from northwestern mauritania. 2 nephews were victims of the boat which capsized on wednesday she's a migrant from. to mauritania a few years ago. and that the boat was anchored on the sea shore. were scouting for passengers my grandson and 2 others heard about this and they decided we were hopeful that they were going to succeed. out of 150 mostly gambian migrants 85 managed to swim to safety and were found by the mauritanian military near the northern city of what they were given food cloth and shelter by mauritanian authorities and various your own agencies including the international organization for migration. the room to receive treatment at the local hospital the bodies of dozens perished buried outside on thursday i paid more than
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$700.00 to get to europe i took the ship with gambians and the single when the disaster happened we were on the edge of death thank god we are risky by the mauritanian authorities i am from the republic or senegal i was on my way to spain for better work it was a cruel journey and we were deceived. deceived to where these families back in who thought the smugglers could help the relative city cheer up. this woman in the town of bar lost her 17 year old grandson in the boating accident good day putting it we don't really know him they went but other migrants and by monday those who perished many others drowned on that board i know about it from my family in gambia no one deserves that. on friday and other boat carrying $192.00 migrants also mostly from gambia was intercepted by more routine of course to guard compared to the
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relatively short voyages across the mediterranean sea the atlantic called from gambia to the nearest spanish source is about 1600 kilometers trying to make it on a smuggler's boat is seen by some as an act of suicide yet hundreds on park on this voyage every year. the i.o.m. says up to 158 people have died so far this year trying to reach the kind of the islands last year the death toll was 43 the current surge is causing concern in african and european countries trying to curb the flow of illegal african migration to the west ham the divine. north and mauritania. now thousands in ukraine's capital of rallied against president vladimir landscapes participation in a european summit the landscape is due to meet the russian president vladimir putin in paris on monday to discuss ending the 5 year war in eastern ukraine protesters are accusing selenski of surrendering to persian the heads of both countries have met since 2016. now the british prime minister johnson has refused to say whether
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he would resign if you fails to win a majority in thursday's general election in a television interview johnson also insisted he wants to cut back on a u. migration catherine stansell has more now from london. it's the final push to the finish line with just days to go before the election the party leaders are rallying for every vote some appeared on the u.k.'s main political programs including prime minister boris johnson he appealed to voters who want to leave the e.u. promising to get banks it done and lower immigration what we want to do is bear down on migration particularly skilled workers who have no job to come to and i think that's what's happened over the last couple of decades or more you've seen quite a large number of people coming in from the the whole of the e.u. 580000000. population able to treat the u.k.
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is that it's basically part of their own country and the problem with that is there's been no control at all but critics say by using the skill points based immigration model johnson describes migration will actually increase something brags that voters don't want. support for the main opposition labor party has steadily increased jeremy corp in its decision to remain neutral and that is likely to cost him seats in leave constituencies and longstanding accusations of anti-semitism within the party have also had a negative effect we've done everything i think we can possibly do i apologize to. jewish community for the suffering with inflicted on them on the site of the we're doing everything possible we're going to learn more lessons and we want to be the show me an example of one to racism that the labor party should be and squeezed between the 2 main parties is joe swinson of the liberal democrats party's strategy has shifted from trying to get to 10 downing street to taking seats away from
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forrest johnson a point of voting liberal democrat is to have more lib dems payees who will work to stop bricks and invariably just by labor he won a 2nd term i mean and in very many parts of the country it's liberal democrats who are taking on the conservatives and whether those labor minded voters decide to back the liberal democrats in lots of seats will help to determine whether or not boris johnson has a majority the latest polls suggest the conservatives could secure a majority but the polls got it wrong when it came to the e.u. referendum as well as predicting that series some may would win a majority in the 2017 election if there is a hung parliament boris johnson will face a challenge trying to find partners to prop him up as well jeremy corbin the liberal democrats have refused to partner with either leader the political quagmire could throw britain's future in the e.u. into further doubts catherine stansell london. in the news ahead a boon or a burden but if you struggle to make the most of its valuable lithium. africa's
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largest lake in dangerous communities rely on the victoria demand action plus your sports news bahrain looking for their 1st gulf cup title as they prepare to fight saudi arabia in the final here in qatar. there's no shortage of right in the forecast across the middle east over the next couple of days lots of class rowing's. iraq into iran affair but a clatter just spilling in across that the east is sought out the mediterranean sofa syria lebanon jordan maybe down its positive israel we could expect to see some rather lobby sawzall dispose of right as we go through monday rather dull and damp day some dull weather simonson northern parts of iran to run at around 11 celsius i suspect it will be dry to some of the conditions there for couple on
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monday off nic i wanted to choose to move the sign really because some watch the weather coming across q city that could lead to some localized flooding slot in the bryson. but still some wet weather there into northern syria southeast and pos of a struggling to get around 11 celsius that in the last bits and pieces snow over the high ground i would come down in say the arabian peninsula and raise a fair bit of cloud around of course gulf if i had to go some wet weather still in place here just as the a remnant of our old trouble spots i may have away waiting in the wings you know just drive us well little further races but by the time we come to choose to look at the kata rifle we're looking at around the gulf we can see some rather heavy rain here in doha temperatures struggling to reach 24 degrees. the last time i spoke to him he told me he was thinking of going to syria the world
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wants to see syria's fighters up close and personal but those behind the camera pay the price filmmaker yes it is you made these chillingly intimate footage on and behind the front lines cost him his life his body was riddled with bullets and exclusive documentary syria the last assignments on al-jazeera. investigative journalism the world. global experts and discussion 3 times you put a deal and you disagreed with that deal because of the terrible twos it was to let it was brought to us we want to. stories from. opening your eyes to an alternative view of the world today you have to rethink pretty much everything thank you for talking to al-jazeera the great programs to inspire you on al-jazeera.
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you're on the news here at al-jazeera and these are the top stories protesters in hong kong cite 800000 people have marched through the city to demand human rights police approve the demonstration which marks 6 months since the protest movement began. a fire in the indian capital new delhi has killed more than 40 people it happened at a crowded market in the old quarter of the city the worst fire there in more than 2 decades and the u.s. defense secretary says washington will take precautions to ensure the safety of its military bases in saudi national mohammad saeed al shaab shot dead 3 students at a naval base in florida on friday. taliban and u.s. negotiators have resumed their talks aimed at ending the war in afghanistan
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president donald trump halted those meetings in september following the killing of a u.s. soldier now he's hoping for a solution before the 2020 presidential election the support from tony berkeley in kabul. when president trump abruptly canceled the talks of the taliban in september he said it was because of the killing of a u.s. soldier he said the talks were dead but many believe it was because it was felt the u.s. was giving away too much or too little but with the resumption of talks in doha observers say they are starting where they left off with no change one thing is for short the u.s. led coalition the united states of america is very keen to put and to disprove that was started long back there had 9 rounds of talks in 2018 in 2019 and perhaps this is the time where it needs to be done and dusted the afghan government has been sidelined from the previous year long dialogue because the
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taliban refuses direct talks but president ash afghani's government bolstered by a series of military successes is quietly optimistic that now the talks will lead to a place at the negotiating table few months ago. was an defense position . of position and. we took the money district from taliban we're doing much better in the hay with that is too important and one. ceasefire one of. both of these demands have been rejected by the taliban in the past but president trump talked optimistically about a cease fire during a visit to u.s. troops in afghanistan in november where he also met the afghan president asked for afghani taliban wants to make a deal and we're meeting with them and we're saying it has to be a cease fire they want to do is useful but now they do want to do
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a ceasefire i believe would probably work. but so far the taliban has not responded to that claim the afghan army with u.s. air support has been taking territory recently but the taliban still controls more than 50 percent of the country it's unlikely the taliban will agree to a cease fire before there's a definitive signed agreement for a u.s. troop withdraw it's still in a strong position and a cease fire is a valuable bargaining chip it won't give away easily afghanistan has been in political deadlock since his presidential elections 3 months ago the results are still not been released because of allegations of widespread vote rigging and fraud that is unlikely to help the peace process the taliban has said the war is now about time and money and it has the time president trump is keen to reduce the financial burden and bring the troops home and he wants that done before next year's presidential election for such a complicated issue that may be an overly ambitious time frame tony berkeley
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al-jazeera kabul. a 3 month old baby boy in malaysia has been diagnosed with polio an incurable disease that can cause paralysis this is the 1st case reported there since 1992 in fact malaysia had been declared polio free in the year 2000 the vaccination rates in some areas dropped below 95 percent and that's allowed the disease to reemerge it comes months after the neighboring philippines reported its 1st polio case in 26 years despite these setbacks though the global effort to eradicate polio through vaccination has been highly effective infections have dropped 99.9 percent since the program began in 1988 heidi lawson is the director of the vaccine confidence project and told us even small pockets of unvaccinated populations can cause the disease to spread widely. when we see a case like the one in malaysia it exposes areas that don't have enough vaccination
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to prevent the spread so it's it's absolutely important that children who are not vaccinated in malaysia and frankly in nearby countries this particular strain is related to the strain and the caisson in the philippines so these things travel so it's really the only way to stop it in its tracks is to really make sure everyone's vaccinated vaccines are very related to government they're provided regulated sometimes mandated by government so if you're a minority are marginalized group with any issues with the government you might be a bit suspicious. which in the case of vaccines i would think that it's such a public health issue that that would come before politics but it doesn't all the time sometimes its concerns about safety the safety of the vaccine because people hear rumors or sometimes there are there are some very small risks and sometimes
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things do happen with vaccines so it's important to reassure the public that they understand how important it is to take them to prevent the spread of disease. well after centuries of living on their ancestral land rising river levels of forced a group of indigenous alaskans to just abandon their homes climate changes triggered stronger storms causing the land to crumble away it's been to the town of new talk to learn of the financial and emotional toll of finding a new place to live. 2000 years ago the you pick people began sheltering in the embrace of the ningaloo river to endure alaska's winters for millennia the water brought food and life but now it brings destruction. so our girl rises for more this year. albertine a charles was born in the village of new talk like her ancestors before her but the
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land is slipping away beneath her feet care if i or there's there's a storm coming from my grandchildren a fatal combination of sea level rise stronger storms and melting permafrost is putting an end to human civilization on this patch of the alaskan tundra about 25 meters of land crumbles away each year everything man builds collapses atop the melting ground the garbage landfill is now under water so to the boat dock and soon charles is home will also teeter over the edge or to sing. that's what the editors satirist say shown the religious going to sing so the whole village of $350.00 people is moving to higher ground. newtok was among the 1st communities in the world to recognize the dangers of our warming planet even in
6:43 pm
the 1990 s. the tribal council knew it was in a race against time and after decades of planning finally the day to move has arrived we're on our way now to new tops future 15 kilometers from the old village atop. solid volcanic rock a new village is under construction it will be called merk to vic meaning getting water from the spring in the you pick language they elders and everything on the religious cultural wanted everybody to stay together because what you're what you're really talking about is dislocating people the new village had to be close to you pick hunting grounds along with houses the people need roads a power plant clinic and school the entire project costs around 100000000 dollars money difficult to secure from the government because laws written to address sudden natural disasters never envision the slope catastrophe of climate change there's other communities that are right in line. you know our brothers and sisters
6:44 pm
are west and there's a lot more communities that are just looking for a way right to grants and everything like that you know for this type of disaster thanks to an early start and persistence new talk believes it will complete the village relocation in 2 years. albertine to charles a teacher is among the 1st people to go her things are packed and she's excited but the moment is also vetter a born again give this place because it's. i love this place and it's it's beautiful i grow a pair all my life her life and the life of her village is now pioneering forward into a new era of the earth's changing climate heidi jo castro al-jazeera new talk alaska. and we're going to stay with climate change africa's largest lake
6:45 pm
is drying up it's a major source of fresh water and fish but those who make their living from lake victoria fear their livelihoods could disappear nothing is done. has more from kampala in uganda. john so while it has been a fisherman nearly all his life so was his father and grandfather too it's how the bills get paid but he says something's not been right for a long time on lake victoria. the water is warmer than years before this is the 1st fish she's caught in alice. waters every time i come to fish i catch very little it's said sometimes i don't get enough to properly take care of my family. scientists warn life in africa's largest freshwater lake could die if the warning signs continue to be ignored millions in east africa depend on lake victoria but when drink fish stocks are being blamed on overfishing pollution and climate change its pressure will have issues relating to work live within the city where they live
6:46 pm
with country more expose idiot read this which is the breed which is late believe the eggs in mist switch up with the sun around the shores and you've been limited to news and look at what bruce getting exposed and the production is quickly. fish farming is one way of repaying missing stocks for the domestic and international markets fish are read in cages and given food and you change daily it usually takes about 9 months but sloppier fish to reach maturity. we've been a small short big volume of water we have ever bought for 15 marks a mom for activity. fairview a thing behind us it's a kid who has a top dollar should be for volume of $698.00 it. may pass out over this the kid you would stalk $55.00 on the fish and the from the $50000.00
6:47 pm
fish when we harvested them. vote the way for 500 grams. of 98 percent we are employed for gates printed 5 tons of fish from this small volume with rising temperatures contributing to climate change and threatening to wipe out entire species fish farming is being encouraged but the cages are expensive to buy for poor fishermen. fishing is one of uganda's leading exporter and as if the fish continue to disappear it's not only the economy that will be devastated but entire communities for generations to come. now bolivia is home to one of the largest reserves of lithium and mineral used in smartphones and electric car batteries extracting it though can be challenging and now the future of the industry seems uncertain as the nation descends into a political crisis john heilemann has that story what do you need so
6:48 pm
it's the biggest in the world and ground 0 for a believe in dream elite deal this was a nature's polygamy and bolivian territory in the salt flats of uni we have the biggest reserves in latin america. and the countries aiming to crush it if you didn't know lithium is the minerals of the moment by smart phones laptops and crucially electric car batteries a growing market it's become especially important as the countries face not just a political crisis but an economic downturn. believe in plans been to keep the whole lithium production chain in the country under a state run firm why it would be. this pilot plants part of a trial that's taking years to see if that plan can actually work but from november there's been big setbacks. while b. was planning to partner with the german to finally chernow electric car batteries
6:49 pm
on an industrial scale but it's fallen through and it's tough to find others willing to be a junior partner with the state which doesn't present this to hit us look at foreign companies what they want is to get the most profits so it's very difficult that someone comes in with the conditions you lay down which gives more benefits to the country. so. shortly after the german setback ever more rallies a president keen on nationalizing industries and who championed lithium was going to. that uncertainty won't help investment no one knows who will be in charge next or even if they want the current model to continue. at least ask about agus says any future government would privatized lithium production at the peril said about that yet though the lead yet again all of bolivia would rice not just potosi which is in the state in which the uni salt flats are located and which has been most militant but now all bolivians have the contracts to defend our natural resources
6:50 pm
not to that. not all here would agree but even if the state company remains there are other obstacles bolivia has to negotiate to take advantage of its lithium there's more than enough lithium underneath the soap flats but there are questions about the viability of getting it out and one of the reasons for that is if it's mixed in with a lot more magnesium than elsewhere and separating it from that magnesium dries production costs up. those higher projected costs a part of the reason why plenty believe the believe in lithium dream is due to fate but those still getting it out of the ground here refuse to stop believing. john home and al jazeera uni so flat's libya. really quick break here on al-jazeera then the sports and we'll hear from boxer anthony joshua he says the world heavyweight title belt up back where they belong.
6:51 pm
to. both levels in cameroons with. owning greenstein. plastic is everywhere. but if both goals can be fishing doubts. on the bubble gum wellington boots what more can be done with this plague of columnists. earthrise reimagining plastic. on al-jazeera. cars here with the sport of football final in doha tonight yet in just
6:52 pm
a few minutes while the final of football's arabian gulf cup kicks off shortly in doha bahrain will be taking on 3 time champions saudi arabia i did 100 fans from bahrain have travelled to cats are especially for the match despite the ongoing blockade on the country saudi and bahrain are in fact 2 of 4 countries with imposed a land sea and air blockade on cats are since june 2017 is matches just one of 2 major football finals in cats are this month the country also set to host the club world cup. u.k. police have arrested a man in connection with alleged a race's abuse of manchester united players during their win over match or city on saturday a city supporter appeared to make monkey gestures towards united midfielder fred and just sealing guard during the 2nd half and a statement said he said anyone found guilty of racism would be banned from the club for life. each should in my opinion never be allowed into football ground
6:53 pm
again. in a video on acceptable so i'm sure the city and your sources will deal with it because that's you keep said we we keep talking about it every week and it doesn't stop and unless we. have consequences then pretty sure the club and polish woman or whatever are going to take the right decision to the up and again battle to fight every day and every day so unfortunate up and in many many places and hopefully cannot happen again. unfair and politically motivated as how russia is describing a proposed 4 year ban from international sports events the world anti-doping agency has accused the country of new manipulating doping records is due to decide on monday of the ban will be imposed stuff asin reports from moscow. banned or not russian olympic gym that's training for gold their target the olympics in tokyo next year among them silver medalist at least 2016 olympics in rio de janeiro
6:54 pm
events threat of which he also won the world title in stuttgart 2 months ago. too strong as a country therefore there will always be talks of some sort because we are strong competitors let them say whatever they want we will move forward and keep preparing . the world anti-doping agency wada recommended imposing a ban on russia after the sas the results of athletes blood and you read samples found in a moscow laboratory were incomplete or fabricated the scandal follows the international outrage after such an olympics in 2014 when a government sponsored doping scheme was revealed russian athletes continue to be banned from international track and field competitions because the world athletics body sas russia hasn't done enough to tackle doping but government and sports administrators in russia reject the latest findings as being politically motivated
6:55 pm
they continue to count the days towards the tokyo olympics. is just water and that's it what is what is responsibility in the world can you tell me to they have a criminal responsibility for their actions against an athlete who has dedicated 10 years of his life to the sport the proposed penalties not only jeopardize russia's participation at the olympics but all the high profile international events of the next 4 years including the football world cup in qatar they are us as bright young athletes who are working hard to book their place at the olympics but their dreams could be shattered if russia is banned from taking part in many here are angry at the possible sanctions others say russia could have prevented this. rise. you agree ghana's is on russia's frontline against doping as head of russia's anti doping agency despite the threats he has been receiving he
6:56 pm
continues to want sports officials that it's time to change this not only the corruption this is. really all. against the state against our country against our sports and i think we were asked to board the deep and complete investigation ghana's house we commended the dismissal of all national athletic coaches and the creation of an international working group to investigate doping cases but is not optimistic of avoiding a world wide ban that might be one option for even start of each to compete in tokyo by wearing his gymnastics outfit without russia's flak stepped past an al-jazeera moscow. in champion andy ruiz has admitted he was overweight and out of shape for his rematch with anthony joshua joshua reclaimed his heavyweight title bouts with the points win over worries in saudi the 30 year old briton won the
6:57 pm
middle east's 1st heavyweight championship fight by unanimous decision always had gained 7 kilograms since a shock win over josh why in june the bell spent some time with me the better suspect some time. and i think they're both realize that they want to be around my waist so they came home tonight and as i always say i'm only champion so the next time i go out because jenkins don't live forever. i came today on victorious and have to put them up in the air for the next competitor and looking at the car today you see all of the challenges are hungry and i don't want to say that 3 months of partying or of that i have celebrating in and one kind of fact may cause the kind of. but what can i say it says learn learned this mistake and i'm glad i learned and now that i'm still young you know this is just
6:58 pm
the beginning for me and there's a lot more fires coming soon. looking forward to bad about is all your support for now more coming up later but it's not are you yet something to be said for is honesty there i thank you thank you for that sars back with more support in the news are 1800 hours g.m.t. i'm back in a couple of minutes time with another full of news right here on al-jazeera. on counting the cost $48.00 trillion dollars to save the planet can call the trading bring big polluters to heel silicon valley and the algorithms that
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discriminates against women and people of color plus putin shown by the west completes his pivot to the east counting the cost on al-jazeera. the prime minister. mission to deliberate take on the 31st of october and making this country the greatest place. to function is delayed but for how long follow the drama of bricks it on al-jazeera going green bacteria in a bar and super heated gas escaping from baucau nick well. this is really the. innovation and the threat for how experiments exploring and. how counter the impact of climate change the science of capturing cult. do you think the night on the 5 on the back of my mixtape and the wind just happened and techno.
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sea of people in the streets of hong kong as hundreds of thousands mark 6 months since the anti-government demonstrations began. hello again everyone santa maria here in doha with the world news from al-jazeera at least 43 people have been killed in a fire in one of the oldest markets in the capital of india. also the u.s. defense secretary says washington will review the safety of its military bases following began attacking one of them in the 1st case of.


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