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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 8, 2019 8:00pm-8:33pm +03

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al jazeera. a sea of people in the streets of hong kong hundreds of thousands mark 6 months since the anti-government demonstrations began. here and this is the world news from al-jazeera at least 43 people have been killed in a fire in one of the oldest markets in the capital of india. also the u.s. defense secretary says washington will take precautions to ensure the safety of its military bases following an attack in florida. showing that really just going to
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sink. and why a group of indigenous alaskans are fleeing their ancestral land as it crumbles been the. so protest leaders in hong kong say 100000 people turned out for a mass march through the city on sunday have been demanding greater protection of their democratic freedoms and human rights the culmination of 6 months of protests even though police approved the event they warned they wouldn't tolerate a repeat of recent violent protests and in fact earlier confiscated a handgun and ammunition in raids that resulted in multiple arrests police say the weapon would have been used to create chaos during the rally adrian brown was reporting for us from hong kong and says there was a noticeable change in the atmosphere during sunday's match. what we got today was a flavor a reminder of what this protest movement was like when it began 6 months ago
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powerful peaceful and that's the way it largely was on sunday there was a little bit of vandalism a few mainland owned banks and shops were attacked by a radical fringe of this protest movement but that shouldn't be shouldn't we shouldn't sort of get the impression that this was you know like previous protests which of often ended in serious violence this was largely peaceful as you can see behind me the center of hong kong is basically back to normal it's just after 11 pm at night here the police are now cleared away the last of the barricades the protesters have have disappeared into the night now the organizers of this march say that this was the last chance for the chief executive of hong kong carry land to see to their demands remember there are not just figure versal suffrage but also an independent commission of inquiry into what they say are police actions during the past 6 months from what we've got of course on sunday was a further reminder that the voice of protest in hong kong is far from diminished.
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we got some analysis from steve sang a little earlier director of the china institute at science university in london he actually expects the protests in hong kong to continue over the coming months dini told hashed had change in terms of nature and focused from this summer. when it all started to it was about the n.t. is about the extradition you now the poultices is really not about the extradition bill it is about governance in hong kong how the police behave and whether hong kong can have democratic accountability and nest those are being met to be really isn't a big issue any longer that beijing is not going to make the concession and the
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protesters will continue to protest we already seemed then going back to the streets trying to send a clear message to the government in hong kong and in beijing to get them to go and work or a political solution and one of the initial repressive force and then you also have the government in palm kong led by chief executive who is frankly politically illiterate and doesn't understand what needs to be done and does not have the courage to do what it takes to bring a political solution so this will continue i think to other news this sunday in a fire in india's capital has killed at least 43 people it tore through one of the oldest markets and burned down a factory where some of the poorest residents were sleeping it is the worst fire in the city more than 2 decades until vora following this one for us from new delhi in says police of accuse the building owner of disregarding safety laws. the delhi
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police has detained the owner of this 4 story building and also charged the owner with this under section 304 which essentially is culpable homicide not amounting to murder the police has also said that they did not find any safety equipment inside the building after the inspection and owner of this building had not secured any sort of fire clearance we were also talking to a lot of people who live in that area very congested area and these these said that there are many such factories many such small workshops that operate out of that place and nearly this they don't know of anyone actually who has secured any sort of climate and this is a broader reality in the country and certainly in india where residential areas are turned into commercial areas without the employers the owners securing proper permits a lot of these people who come to work in delhi come from poor states from across the country the come to delhi because there's not enough work back home and they
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come here at whatever salary the employer decides and the essentially have to live off whatever the employer decides to pay them they don't have enough money to rent a room for get an apartment so they actually in groups live inside the places that they work in factories like this one or small workshops and that's also true for children who work in spec shops in the city even they live in the same place that they actually work in and that's quite widespread doctress in delhi but across the country. u.s. defense secretary says washington will take precautions to ensure the safety of its military bases mark aspen made those comments following a gun attack at a naval base in florida on friday a saudi national mohammed saeed granny shot dead 3 students at the aviation school 10 saudi citizens are now being questioned in connection with the attack. so some were detained friends of his that were also on that basis i understand it and i
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also with was told that some one or 2 were filming it what's unclear is where they filming it before it began or was it something where they picked up their phones and filmed it once they saw it unfolding that may be a distinction with or without a difference but again it's why i think we need to let the investigation play out more with mike hanna in washington now mike who else has been discussing this issue today well you heard there the secretary of defense saying that the investigation must be left to play out and also refusing to characterize at this stage the attack as a terrorist attack however not so from the congressman from florida that gates who in a tweet says this was a premeditated terrorist attack he's also asked for the entire program of taking saudi nationals into u.s. training systems to be frozen while this investigation continues we need to have a review of this program and it's my belief that as secretary asper is looking at
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the record keeping the accounting for the saudi nationals that are in our country the continuous observance and monitoring of their activities to ensure that there is not radicalization while that's going on we should pause this program we should not be taking new incoming saudi students until we are absolutely confident in our vetting process so what we hear from the congressman sort of. highlighting the fact that not just foreign nationals involved but particularly saudis i guess a hangover from 911. d.d.'s institutional memory off americans about $911.00 remembering that the majority of the actors in that attack were indeed saudi nationals so certainly there is a lingering memory of this which is directly related to this particular case the fact that to is a saudi national once again carrying out an attack on u.s. soil but more importantly as well is that fact that you heard confirmed there that
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a number of saudi nationals who were training at that base as well have also been placed in detention this is raising the question of whether or not this was more than an isolated act by an individual and that it could amount to a conspiracy once again echoing back to $911.00 this is what the investigators are looking at but certainly there's a lot of speculation to that end throughout the country as a whole thanks for that mike hanna in washington d.c. . well the top security official in baghdad has been removed from his post after weeks of anti-government protests since the demonstrations began in october more than 400 mostly unarmed protesters have been killed right across the country where focusing on the southern city of nasiriyah which is in some of the worst violence similar 14 met survivors and protesters who say they've been tortured by security forces. hospital wards in the remain full after security forces opened fire on protesters last week in the intensive care unit this demonstrator who was shot in
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the head clings on to life prayers are all his family has left after doctors declared him politically dead the lucky ones if they can be called that recover from non-fatal gunshot wounds the flags they carried defiantly penned to their hospital beds 17 year old safe says all he wanted was a homeland instead he got a bullet in his leg or what though with when they started shooting we were treated as we ran the guy next to me fell down i couldn't just leave him but when i attempted to carry him i was also shot and fell and the 3rd one who came to help us also fell on me. video shows the moment of the attack the government has issued an arrest warrant against a senior security force commander and promised an investigation. that there's an investigative committee formed for this purpose at the highest levels and for sure the people in charge of the investigation will bring those responsible to account
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and they will be punished by the law but the victims' relatives want more i want the government to change i don't want this government i demand my son's rights what is his guilt nasiriyah has been rocked by violence many times since u.s. troops invaded 16 years ago but iraqis say they are suffering unprecedented suppression now hundreds have been temporarily detained since protests began october 1st this activist says he was lurched to a meeting by intelligence officers who then arrested him. i got a call from someone it was an unknown number he said i'm so and so we have supplies for your tent and we want you to take you to your tent specifically for your tent he was tortured and interrogated for 16 hours his body still bears marks of electrocution and then x. ray shows a fractured rib who they call it an investigation but it's not an investigation it's torture like the bulk of those arrested he will soon released on bail but many
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believe the use of violence is likely to continue the problem that we have use the government by others they call. the problem there is theoretical type of investigation. but without any results the crackdown has stoked fear among demonstrators that the same time fueling more anger the people of nasiriya have seen too much and lost too many to simply return to normal life seem wonderful team al-jazeera nastia. in the news ahead. more on the search for migrants and refugees off the coast of mar tenure. and the 1st i suppose we are in malaysia in milton 25 years and what that means for global eradication efforts.
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there's no shortage of right in the full cost across the middle east over the next couple of days lots of class rolling through iraq into iran a fair bit of cloud too just spilling in across that east to saddam's the mediterranean sofa syria lebanon jordan maybe down its positive israel we could expect to see some rather lobby showers longer spells of rain as we go through monday a rather dull and damp day some dull weather so into northern parts of iran to run at around 11 celsius i suspect it will be dry to some of the conditions there for couple on monday afternoon going into shoes day and more the same really because some what's the weather coming across q city that could lead to some localized flooding slot in the bryson around the levant but still some wet weather there it's north of syria southeastern parts of the struggling to get around 11 celsius that
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in the last bits and pieces snow over the high ground i would come down in say the arabian peninsula and there is a fair bit of cloud around of course gulf of aden got some wet weather still in place here just as the a remnants of our old typical sox i may have away another one waiting in the wings that you know just will drive us while little further races but by the time we come to tuesday look at the qana rifle we're looking at around the gulf we could see some rather heavy rain here in doha temperatures struggling to reach 24 degrees. we know the culture we know the problems that affect this part of the. well that is something that we're trying to take to the rest of the world we have gone to places and with point on a story that you might take an international network for months to be able to do it united nations he was really anti-riot more. challenging the voices were challenging companies who are going to places where nobody else is going.
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to just take you through the top stories now on al-jazeera protests that is in hong kong 800000 people have marched through the city to demand more human rights police did approve this demonstration marking 6 months since the protest movement began. in a fire in the capital new delhi has killed more than 40 people happened at a crowded market in the old quarter this is the worst fire in new delhi in more than 2 decades in the u.s. defense secretary says washington will take more precautions to ensure the safety
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of its military bases a saudi national mohammad saeed al shaab brownie shot dead 3 students at maple base in florida friday. 3 saudis soldiers have been killed in fighting near the yemeni border that is according to the news agency and says it happened in the southern region yemen's hooty rebels have previously launched attacks in that area. coalition's been fighting for more than 4 years now. now should i because prime minister mean the rajapakse has opened a new port city to attract foreign investors projects under construction just outside of the capital colombo it is designed to be a regional financial hub its initial funding one and a half $1000000000.00 comes from china's so-called belt and road initiative. 22 bodies have been recovered after flooding in western uganda that is according to the red cross to rancho rain battered parts of the country on the border with
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democratic republic of congo started saturday night and through into sunday morning at least 20 others were killed by floods and mudslides earlier in the week. but 2 days after a building collapse in kenya rescue crews have found a pair of survivors while digging through the debris but 2 were rushed to hospital after being pulled out from under the rubble it was a 6 story residential building in nairobi that fell to the ground on friday killing at least 5 people there are around 2 dozen still missing now the gambian president is promising action against people traffickers after dozens of his country's citizens drowned off the coast of mauritania they were trying to reach spain's canary islands but the 85 people survived and within brought ashore mohammed val met some of them he sent us this report from the northwest of moratoria.
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2 nephews were victims of the boat which capsized on wednesday she's a migrant some from. to mauritania a few years ago. allowed this the boat was anchored on the sea shore in the smugglers were scouting for passengers my grandson and 2 others heard about this and they decided we were hopeful that they were going to succeed. out of 150 mostly gambian migrants 85 managed to swim to safety and were found by the mauritanian military near the northern city of what they were given food cloth and shelter by mauritanian authorities and various you and agencies including the international organization for migration. the rule did receive treatment at the local hospital the bodies of dozens. buried outside on thursday. i paid more than $700.00 to get to europe i took the ship with gambians and the single when the disaster happened we were on the edge of death thank god we are risky by the
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mauritanian authorities i am from the republic or senegal i was on my way to spin for better work it was a cruel journey and we were deceived deceived too where these families back in who thought the smugglers could help their relatives reach europe. this woman in the town of bar lost her 17 year old grandson in the boating accident could. put it on you know we don't really know him they went to the migrant center monday those who perished many others drowned on that board i know about it from my family in gambia no one deserves that. on friday and other boat carrying $192.00 migrants also mostly from gambia was intercepted by more routine of course got compared to the relatively short voyages across the mediterranean sea the atlantic called from gambia to the nearest spanish source is about 1600 kilometers trying to make it on a smuggler's boat is seen by some as an act of suicide yet hundreds on this voyage
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every year. the i.o.m. says up to 158 people have died so far trying to reach the kind of the islands last year the death toll was 43 the current surge is causing concern in african and european countries trying to curb the flow of illegal african migration to the west . and disease. north and mauritania. thousands of people in ukraine's capital have rallied against president of a lot of participation in a european summit zelinsky is due to meet the russian president vladimir putin in paris on monday as they discuss ending the 5 year war in eastern ukraine protesters are accusing zielinski of surrendering to prison the heads of both countries haven't met since 2016. iran's president suggested his government will limit its reliance on oil exports to reduce the impact of u.s. sanctions. president hassan rouhani presented
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a draft budget to parliament on sunday saying it will steer teheran away from oil trading which is exactly what washington has targeted the u.s. imposed restrictions on purchasing iranian oil earlier this year. the british prime minister bar's jonson's refused to say whether he would resign if he failed to win a majority in next those days general election in a television interview johnson also insisted he wants to cut back on european union immigration catherine stansell has a report now from london. it's the final push to the finish line with just days to go before the election the party leaders are rallying for every vote some appeared on the u.k.'s main political programs including prime minister boris johnson he appealed to voters who want to leave the e.u. promising to get bags it done and lower immigration what we want to do is bear down on migration particularly skilled workers who have no job to come to
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and i think that's what's happened over the last couple of decades or more you've seen quite a large number of people coming in from the the whole of the e.u. 580000000. population able to treat the u.k. is that it's basically part of their own country and the problem with that is there's been no control at all but critics say by using the skill points based immigration model johnson describes migration will actually increase something brags that voters don't want. support for the main opposition labor party has steadily increased jeremy corbin his decision to remain neutral and brags it is likely to cost him seats in leave constituencies and longstanding accusations of anti-semitism within the party have also had a negative effect we've done everything i think we can possibly do i apologize to jewish community for the suffering we've inflicted on them on the site of the we're
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doing everything possible we're going to learn more lessons and we want to be the show me an example of anti racism that the labor party should be in and squeezed between the 2 main parties is joe swinson of the liberal democrats her party strategy has shifted from trying to get 10 downing street to taking seats away from forest johnson reporter voting liberal democrat is to have more left and m.p.'s who will work to stop brakes on invariably has failed labor he won't miss a meal and in very many parts of the country it's liberal democrats who are taking on the conservatives and whether. those labor minded voters decided to back the liberal democrats in lots of seats will help to determine whether or not boris johnson has a majority the latest polls suggest the conservatives could secure a majority but the polls got it wrong when it came to the e.u. referendum as well as predicting that to rescind may would win a majority in the 2017 election if there is a hung parliament boris johnson will face a challenge trying to find partners to prop him up as well jeremy corbin the
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liberal democrats have refused to partner with either leader the political quagmire could throw britain's future in the e.u. into further doubt catherine stansell london. a 3 month old baby in malaysia has been diagnosed with polio and curable disease that can cause paralysis what's significant here is that this is the 1st case reported in malaysia since 1992 a country that was declared polio free back in the year 2000 but vaccination rates in some areas dropped below 95 percent and even that is enough to allow the disease to reemerge comes months after the neighboring philippines also reported its 1st case of polio in 26 years but despite the setbacks the global effort to eradicate polio through vaccination has been highly effective infections have dropped 99.9 percent since the program began back in 1988 the thoughts now of heidi lawson who
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is the director of the vaccine confidence project and says even those small pockets of unvaccinated populations can cause the disease to spread widely. when we see a case like the one in malaysia it exposes areas that don't have enough vaccination to prevent the spread so it's it's absolutely important that children who are not vaccinated in malaysia and frankly in nearby countries this particular strain is related to the strain and the caisson in the philippines so these things travel so it's really the only way to stop it in its tracks is to really make sure everyone's vaccinated vaccines are very related to government they're provided regulated sometimes mandated by government so if you're a minority or marginalized group with any issues with the government you might be
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a bit suspicious. which in the case of vaccines i would think that it's such a public health issue that that would come before politics but it doesn't all the time sometimes its concerns about safety the safety of the vaccine because people hear rumors or sometimes there are there are some very small risks and sometimes things do happen with vaccines so it's important to reassure the public that they understand how important it is to take them to prevent the spread of disease. after centuries of living on their ancestral land rising river levels of forced a group of indigenous alaskans to abandon their homes climate changes triggered stronger storms which of course the lands to crumble away on is your construct travel to the town of new talk to learn of the financial and the emotional toll of finding a new place to live. 2000 years ago the you pick people began sheltering
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in the embrace of the new river to endure alaska's winters for millennia the water brought food and life but now it brings destruction. though our girl rises more this year. elbert tina charles was born in the village of new talk like her ancestors before her but the land is slipping away beneath her feet i modest care if i have there's there's a storm coming scared for my grandchildren a fatal combination of sea level rise stronger storms and melting permafrost is putting an end to human civilization on this patch of the alaskan tundra about 25 meters of land crumbles away each year everything man builds collapses atop the melting ground the garbage landfill is now under water so to the boat dock and soon charles is home will also teeter over the edge or to sink but that's what the
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editors satirise say shown that really just going to sink so the whole village of $350.00 people is moving to higher ground. new talk was among the 1st communities in the world to recognize the dangers of our warming planet even in the 1990 s. the tribal council knew it was in a race against time and after decades of planning finally the day to move has arrived we're on our way now it's a new tops future 15 kilometers from the old village atop solid volcanic rock a new village is under construction it will be called markovic meaning getting water from the spring in the you pick language they elders and everything on the religious cultural wanted everybody to stay together because what you're what you're really talking about is this locating people. the new village had to be close to you pick hunting grounds along with houses the people need roads
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a power plant clinic and school the entire project costs around $100000000.00 money difficult to secure from the government because laws written to address sudden natural disasters never envision the slow catastrophe of climate change there's other communities that are right in line. you know our brothers and sisters are west and there's a lot more communities that are just looking for a way right to a grandchild everything like that you know for this type of disaster thanks to an early start and persistence newtok believes it will complete the village relocation into years. albertine a charles a teacher is among the 1st people to go her things are packed and she's excited but the moment is also vetter they go on again give this place because it's. i love this place it's it's beautiful i grew
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a pair of my life her life and the life of her village is now pioneering forward into a new era of the earth's changing climate how did joe castro al-jazeera new talk alaska. half past the hour on al-jazeera and these are the headlines protest leaders in hong kong say 800000 people have marched through the city to demand more human rights police approve the demonstration martin 6 months since the protest movement began. a foreign india's capitals killed at least 43 people told through one of the oldest markets and burned down a factory the worst fire in new delhi in more than 2 decades visited the scene and says the congested streets made it hard for crews to fight the fire that the factory were all far too early this morning and odell over 60 people were rescued including the 43 with the police says the rescue operations are now over and the
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injured are being rushed to india by hospitals most of these workers came from forest it's across india and even moved inside the factory as you can see the area is pretty congested there are many workshops and small parties that operate out of here and even the names of very tiny that makes it difficult to access many saying that the builders often follow safety norms and do a very negative to make sure that such was do not take place the f.b.i. is about to hold a news conference in pensacola florida are off to friday's deadly shooting at a u.s. naval base the u.s. defense secretary says washington will take precautions to ensure the safety of its military bases a saudi national mohammad saeed ronnie shot dead 3 students at the aviation school and 10 citizens saudi citizens them being questioned we will bring you. coverage from that a little bit later. so some were detained friends of his that were also on that
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basis i understand it and i also was told that some one or 2 were filming it what's unclear is where they filming it before it began or was it something where they picked up their phones and filmed it once they saw it unfolding that may be a distinction with or without a difference but again that's why i think we need to let the investigation play out 3 saudi soldiers have been killed in fighting near the yemeni border according to the saudi news agency says it happened in the southern region yemen's the rebels have previously launched attacks in that area. and israel has carried out air strikes in the gaza strip the number of sites were targeted but no one was hurt hours earlier 3 rockets were fired from gaza towards southern israel back with the news hour in about 25 minutes on al-jazeera inside story starts right now.
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the leaders of ukraine and russia meet for the 1st time they'll be in paris for a summit that aims to put an end to the conflict in eastern ukraine so will the 2 leaders find a solution and charts a way forward and what's at stake this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm home he'd seen ukraine elected a president in april whose top priority was to end the conflicts in the east more than 13000 people have been killed during the.


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