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tv   Syria The Last Assignment  Al Jazeera  December 8, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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it's recurring shame on al-jazeera. i'm. but you know. some of it i like. hello i'm barbara sarah in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera protest leaders in hong kong say 800000 people turned out for a mass march marking 6 months since pro-democracy demonstrations began police approve the event but warned that they wouldn't tolerate any more violence the vehicle palin has the latest from hong kong. i. fight for freedom one of the many slogans chanted by the hundreds of thousands who gave up their sunday for yet another protest was they came from all walks of life
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young and old and in all shapes and sizes the march was meant to coincide with the united nations human rights day on call is no longer free so. the fall is crumbled to the ground you like to stand out expression of opinion. hong kong is falling. c c many marched with 5 fingers in the air to symbolize the movement's 5 demands including political reform investigation into allegations of police brutality against protesters and amnesty for activists arrested and accused of rioting organizers say this is the last chance for the government to give in to their demands now over the past couple of weeks since local elections showed over the last support for the protest movement had some not subsided or become more peaceful by the government's hasn't shown any willingness to make any concessions. since june there have been hundreds of demonstrations possessions and public
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meetings but response from the government has been muted i don't think we should decide whether to come out by stone how effective these protests are as long as i believe what i am doing is right and our demands have not been met we will continue to come out and not be deterred by the government's inaction this protest was organized by the civil human rights front the group responses. well for some of the biggest demonstration turnouts this is the 1st time since august they have been given permission by the police for a march and it's the 1st time in months this many people have taken part in the hong kong is the only city in china where people can express dissent freely and the fight to preserve its autonomy and freedoms has attracted much international attention. to the problem because they see it's not just the. problem of democracy in the world many of the demonstrators left after finishing the 4 kilometer march to the city's financial center leaving behind the more
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hardline masked and black testers who have become a familiar symbol of the movement. they have done over the months they set a very cade's blocking main roads of police looked on god but after hours of tense exchanges the protesters decided it was time to retreat and so with no violent confrontations remained a peaceful rally to mark 6 months since the protests and political turmoil began devika pollen are just 0 hong kong the head of the f.b.i. inquiry into a shooting at a united states naval base in florida says that they believe that mohammad saeed rani acted alone the saudi national shot dead sri students at the pensacola school on friday 10 saudi citizens are being questioned in connection with the attack the f.b.i. says they're working on the assumption that it was an act of terror. at least 43 people have been killed in india's capital new delhi after a fire destroyed
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a factory thousands of laborers were inside the factory sleeping when the blaze started its the worst fire in the city in more than 2 decades the indian prime minister narendra modi called the fire horrific and sent his condolences. 22 bodies have been recovered from water during floods in western uganda that's according to the red cross which is conducting a search and rescue operation with police and the military it's not yet clear how many people are missing western parts of the country on the border with the democratic republic of congo were battered by torrential rain from saturday night into sunday morning. those are the top stories we're going to have more news for you in half an hour stay with us syria the last assignment is coming up next thanks for watching by.
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i thought about that thanks. thanks. i was. thankful that it was that much.
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of the 1st. leadership. i set up. the last time i spoke to him was on facebook messaging. and this is where he told me i was thinking of going to syria. we talked about syria before and i made my feelings are a place where i said look you know if you go i'll stop talking to you because it's so dangerous for people to go in particularly as freelancers. i think the problem in syria and the danger in syria is that there are so many unexpected dangers thank. goodness that you can pick up was. no no no. i think he probably believed it would be a little bit like iraq and it was nothing like around.
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on a jamal cost him 5 people for women so again. i don't know yes if we saw these maybe we can never know with so little for them and i think he's. been enough in the thought of when you won't be you know that. in the lead if you're going out and about being so what do you know that you know about of. but i know about a much more much more for you he had a list where you would act like you could do. it against the known the clothes be ready for the heavy beyond. i thought he had lost a close ally meaning for the for the better at the thought that he had them.
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by then took it up at a facility as they call it the line and in this game on a man in the head of the sham is my creative sort of your model for the known to be seen on the left anybody who would forward on. yes come on honey. how did the film to his game get over listlessly. and that's. just all. i'm going to call it socialism oh. look honestly. this is going. to have that's. one of the books on the diploma he gave up of the finance class getting. sued he.
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had a what i thought of on the show that monica sit down and be in a while like i did you we even have a much in them but i mean what i mean and i'm like and how to bit be drawn away will be no need to be defeated in. the machinist and that i need invention and there will be. a thing that. would really be sort of. how the show kind of learning to show the you even if you know could fit that either heavy sleep at the. moment the dean could be been on the same film even more powerful that's true to you. leno no. love me or want to be the kind of women who know him in a coffin for him i am unfairly imbecility.
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going to any number of coupling even when i mean every driver for most of it and it's one of those free will ferrell you could even been a hot button and what i. can no matter what article and everything must have been much more kind of mine i'm out of. your house or. off. there with a loon and. see how that one of. those who still don't feel for those of another if you don't read the lady you will hit on me and when you do you know very well known that howard is on not all of that not will be in. and it's a totally artificial one has always has a danger that there's a belligerent in the law which is
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a form of. logic his own physical. limits most of us are from little. more. vivid than most in need be made use of be had that look at me and i know yourself or can know could just mean he would do this let me know 1st lot about. one woman. he did rock i saw really true for no they really dislike me will ferrel actually it can be mccarty been a journey in give it enough for. give them a little believe me it can be even a lot of things getting me up in this would be. a bomb bomb but we're not sure about the reduction of all this of thunder because we have. i learned i learned. i think until
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saturday and then you better listen to the plot to get your gun in the thirty's when it when the torch is that it will be a going canvas we had a lady damon anybody'd they musta coincide me on the boat over the. stuff at the national see em in the aesthetic of i wouldn't know how feet but then we don't we germany whom we found meant that i see any gun in this wood or. some obscure link to a little. girl of either gender god rather the pope rather. than the pentagon. i don't want to. feel. like i'm the only. one a concern on. the minds of the messiah and then why says the enemy
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a hostile be some kind of man i would be able to hack in and when it's obvious that it might be enemy even when he only thought going to him showed up on the in the struggle to see it like that had been out of the bath when the folks who work on line of thought the modern pinnacle of the open mind of the fore. shelley downie. kids your mouth and they get all the men home i mean yes. i'm looking at the work i said and the key of my father says even if it almost of that is hell but i guess that the people she with so worry anybody and get. more they get it and i don't miss it i just want a slightly just should really no fat and if i feel a little bit. if i can build fan did then the next person might be enemy on home or to cut it off i don't wish i had selfish actually and if you do the job they kick in and. i develop and use it as
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a hate receiver been falsified. and how would i know i'm alone. and with another to muzzle even know she feels like she. you have a government that losing grip and then you come in you are well i'm sure you impose it on the people but it's not only al qaida and syria it's different groups some of them wanted it some more direct some of them on extremists some of them mob. out of nationalists. and you know of the in the telling. us. a little bit on the sort of i don't know it's a hollowness that recovered in the south and we have been. less.
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of a side. what do i have to do i don't. really. know what i'm saying if i did not interview with ms and must inform the. business with. the should the couple. who are more. she will most. going on gordon.
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and the coffin of. the most rock and i'm going to be put. in. i don't have to. think. what i'm on and i really. doesn't matter. if you had not been the sort order by then. i'll go for now as i'm one i live in journey and. when i went to any one because bald look. any man the footman commutativity or so when. i didn't know what i was doing that i had
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done to him over and. over what i was. like i'm not going to come by often after the old. i'm only i wouldn't but i think that he got it. when he heard the argument hardly. need a lesson we could both know if you've got a few injuries and one could. be high level. but. don't photo. and. play it on was done. in my day when i really.
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don't. want to come out horn and yes it is a fact mr don't want to get in the war with everyone but i fought on the bottom of the stand on what's it going to do but this should any but do. you have. a month left yet will hosley here's a plan yeah that one then the one. other king of the world and i. was that i do the yeti with a bit of a little fun there. a little here and he could be. managed to get a lesson from the little movies you get out of egypt but of course of that anything i think took
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a lot to laugh you go of it oh you know. with . that being. it was the most like. the in the film i suppose. and yes i think it kind of looked at what are you see the mark of a gun. she almost all of us look at just say i don't tolerate. it offered for could have been or any of what i think is going to be that can hear sort of jealous mohawk and into egypt at the most sort of. shout outs to. the
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mission of the club. be that good. for welfare worker was just silly gun so now we have to throw any of them overall but i think the less they will have. what about that they can and should i still need which i. shall a much weaker than what i think. of it i'm another about to look at the later bob and let it get to the bit about the star level i scarcely. did you heard about all the after that one for all of us how kind that is an ideology i'm guided not a number of people it's not a group of people it's not a leader that if you kill dallied you will end up either in the santa bin laden was
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killed why didn't i cried and even if i do mouth should feel kind of. little hakkinen or any finding find it sort of down once i'm glad i'm going to have it and had different chemical a isn't that a truth lead to food job you've got me to look i did a little bit at hello my liko obviously but equally. followed by bob are viciously out over the. web outlets to mark. well i can only load up their own. thought oh well oh well that's all i got about the show. in the law i thought about some of the. a we. started almost at what part of the americans the superpower of the world with which i lived i remember attending press conferences in iraq and some generals would come and change weekend number 2
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good number one because number 3 and then when you ask. general can you give us a list of who are the main leaders they would they can't answer because they don't know. there was only a month ago i don't know i'm here to join my life that i think pretty. much the the devil is in from following the party of influence. that shouldn't even know he's in the benefit of the so you. have to have.
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a little one meaning to transform them and across life you know and still live with it and it's what you know well. it was a. i don't know how the thank you leon and i'm just a little horn you could have found you know idea in. the fall out with a lot of different. kind of manna the norcross where you had less if you mean i mean my little mark there left the wattle cup but. you have the other on when. i want to put them in a dish home and play on jr your reality of. what i just. you know you're going to have a. whole. other argument. you got out of the. top of my head. dr murray.
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had all she had was. a lot of your blood loss really involved if you had one of them being a nice that they are going to. make you know yes i had my leonore. i mean who killed them one home. if i'm dead. now can we supposedly any new man the help of the. cologne stick and 6 flags. and. i mean in the end there can be. firm friends. i will go on and look a little reddleman suffered when i listen to what looked like the other. and escape
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. when people are watching t.v. or half watching t.v. doesn't really occur to them how it is that those images got there but you know and i know and everyone who works places like that know that it's people like yasser it's a person with a family producing those images the ones that are bought and sold and go around the world to be seen by millions of viewers the ones that live on in people's minds difficult sort of are there oh my god my god will have a camera. so well that i know i'm home which will have to the. attorney instead of a no and so would. part of the mass from before you can in mass i'm a to have a she them health and comment on. the emphasis have been minimal garbage man
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had a gun you've got to smoke full cost of it from the one i had learn to behave the fuck up you want to be the king. was always on. and you know and who. let me know when. i found it on the but. if you're a journalist in the middle east you have to fight every day as well you're not fighting with guns and you're not fighting with rocket propelled grenades or even shields you are fighting with your desire to show people what's actually happening which. which burned so strongly in yasser so yasser is weapon was his camera and this picture is wonderful because in that you can see the strength that was at the core of everything that he did and not just strength he's got a little bit of a smile there but it's. to me it's an expression that says this is who i am this is where i belong this is where i'm going to stay he was passion for syria and syrian
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people and he wanted to tell that story and you have to remember you know he lived through a similar situation in iraq you know when the iraqi regular people refugees when the polls are open the american dream they did when fallujah was on the far the white phosphorous that was used against you know he'd been through it by now system for just about. this is. just going to monaco most of. the country he's. right you know something. that's already a little sort of a go sort of a bridge. that's it is a very talented can run mike and his work and him that reputation that people from all over the world including al jazeera english i'm just here out of it all going to yes. i think it's really dangerous time to be.
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at home let him know so i think i will plug oh my then i'm thinking maybe. this is a really fabulous news from one of the best i've ever worked in there is a unique sense of bonding where everybody teams in but something i feel every time i get on the chat every time i interview someone well often working around the clock to make sure that we bring events as i currently as possible to the few and that's what people expect of us and that's what i think we really do well. a bit of a strange day to start the centrifuge we just heard today to city of aleppo has
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fallen. or should we say liberate the. arrow 12 or 4 astonishing stories told and their own wired's how did you know who to trust them not to trust. a stranger came to town witness on al-jazeera. in 2008 al-jazeera documented a groundbreaking ski. preparing some of in the as poor as children for entry into its toughest universities ready. we return to see other students on the scheme of helping change the face of india. super that he announces era. that's. al-jazeera. for you.
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hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera protest leaders in hong kong say 800000 people turned out for a mass march marking 6 months since pro-democracy demonstrations began there demanding greater protection of their demon democratic freedoms and human rights against what they say is increasing influence from mainland china in contrast to many of the protests this one and that peacefully at least 43 people have been killed in india's capital new delhi after a fire destroyed a factory in a crowded market dozens of laborers were inside the factory sleeping when the blaze
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started its the worst fire in the city in more than 2 decades an investigation is underway with an electrical fault suspected of starting the fire the head of the f.b.i. inquiry into a shooting at a united states naval base in florida says that they believe it's a brownie acted alone the saudi national shot dead 3 students of the pensacola aviation school on friday 10 of the gunman's fellow trainees were saudi citizens are being questioned in connection with the attack the f.b.i. says they're working on the assumption that it was an act of terror. we are as we do most active shooter investigations work with the presumption that this was an act of terrorism. this allows us to take advantage of investigative techniques that can help us more quickly identify and then eliminate any additional potential threats to the rest of our community 22 bodies have been
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recovered from water during floods in western uganda that's according to the red cross which is conducting a search and rescue operation with police and the military it's not yet clear how many people are missing western parts of the country on the border with the democratic republic of congo were battered by torrential rain from saturday night into sunday morning. and 2 days after a building collapse in kenya rescue crews a found a pair of survivors while digging through that they breach the presidential complex in the capital nairobi fell to the ground on friday killing at least 5 people more than 20 people are still missing but i'm going to be back with more on all those stories with the al-jazeera news hour that's coming up in less than half an hour right after the 2nd half of syria the less the sign.
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will not hold by the canal a. gun and fishing along i mean and them each other in depression theme of how. can you work and if you should jump at the most i wish i could but it's in this to mean other cop and.
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a nurse and. you are working but also in my early home and on. the purpose of a school communal and with an orange one on one this one home was our. murphy me home you measured. it all. when he thought i thought i befriended him i hear you should be able. to shove a sword because i do i'm going to be betting i'm. ok. i'm just. going to be going to the international. committee. on december did i just i don't. mean it. takes a. shipment up with. it and it kind of came out of good then should the.
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well cost of living in the play on what the philippine see. and. the little puppy on a phone i was given appreciate the motion. become nuns. and. if you have you had them in the new method if you had become difficult clue to the new through our. own thought of having. had when i had to do a lot also and for the who we have been when she. was young was. the. cause was.
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it was do with. was was the man was a load i was. only. going to leave it some of them we needed then i move them my day and never we and i she did. was. i was the i. was was the was was the. was was was was going to didn't show
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a fiend what i want to and. we are sort of theater enough so multiple sim who will be more than me and i'm awesome beloved. added to the auto. even while. i scared him a shock when he left how we do not achieve for them. upon us can you let them know so i will help you sort of yank and ok some how to. but the. but them and it will come in at all and tomorrow you on your way are you doing here. yeah. yeah. yeah. oh oh. oh oh oh. oh come on. down here to.
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work on the spirit with joe we have a kind of theater you. * are going to. blow. and then you have nothing no call to look the so what i'm going many would be no guy me i mean who was home the amount of unknown kind of moniker in every friend that. while i would and i know the nick. at the ok you know you help when it's not enough to mean on the issue of any subject. and you know and you know me and i'm a didn't mean one hiding my ticket showed up in the j.c. and. then put up that i'm a and i'm n. but my soon caught on to looking to not only honey with but yet with. yeah me too are gonna have to get to get me to. theone i get off on the
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mule from social position if you want to connect me with something that doesn't fit the mythology and. the having that pointed out so far. a shot of you what the heat will. begin to luck out and get enough back because somebody got good knowledge while michael was 3 still and looking at my job how can i. whoa. whoa. analysis on leaving medicine how about some out of a whole. lot of. ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready media has seemed. to have come. 'd 'd
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'd on up. ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready on. ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready the. i mean i think if you had ever. met any and they said they want to. be a model for how to. get some money. for how the law would allow them assuming the loving kind of like the adam did in the children one
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. 'd in the in the my phoenix. yes. list and. the just. say no and yes. and with none of the others you for just. a homo no. for the michaela i would see them as house would be infamous would. it because. i didn't know. that that was when he and i looked out for the.
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gun and saw. the kind of book he. was. pushing with a let's see if you see if he didn't take anything listed out the. left on a theme but the half of on with about the 5th. so i'm envisioning a bone with. can i let it be dame ink in this manner. but none was out of the how you know. she just. got.
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in how they don't know. for sure let. me make a number of quote them and he'd. know it was the thought of the me of a little bit on. me. i did a lot if we had them to. be a couple in london. you know a month that i had would made new television and i. can i'm sorry but i have only
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met dhoni. when you. see this leg in the lead and so i think a more quality in my than in. if you get in there with them. and. you don't want to see a lot of and. at the way. well i'll only do it in the stem you know i'm just going to be about the war. home. and see if i had lemmy men and welcome here and what us me a mission. well son they had high just naming over them because we were going. oh i know if i died it came in a while but that would. mean a lot of them would. come for the building on
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a whole lot with the gold was going to have a good view of the building with the goal of becoming all the economy going to me. but i would get them on and i don't mean you know i. want to know what they want to see didn't give a lot of them and. with a little more than. a little bit. more color. and took on the horn in the water learned that i don't you could get them to go if you noticed and.
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then. the who would just listen to the people you know. and. the never thought and if you don't and you know how you know. that i mean you want to know kind of climate and do it up in the. pub on one of the happy ending to be about the most about. being done to for fun and the film off and on and on and on. the. level and. my good down we can it was ok. but it was. ok. that's.
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good. so. what i've done. yet is that we're going to do in human rights watch. so that was really couldn't get me some and. i said with a. yeah you do can be the man below. down on him. than mcconnell would couple you had with less cost with you. able to. get on the list but it. was a local that a religion of yet clearly i mean. one of them i aim to misspell and i can then when i leave the how welcoming that he had to so i feel so what. what keep the
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ability able where we both you know they're like they do you mean. how do they and it would be fairly subtle but authentic you know and the college in the. question of female he did. it i mean if you really feel. that if you look you moment to. follow the. lead that how little. had the one file and. i know you couple up the it about i've got a did you hear. the can i love something that even if i haven't done it for
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a dip in the solar system if you have. the one then if you feel you doubt the cleeve been a couple with. geno being getting along and you've seen that that you can if they think. it's just. you know be causing the food that he then what had been home. we walked alicia came you know who was on a lot. with the. media. believe. me choke you had to be neat. to get it. to get in. to cut they said it was there was a deal and they get misconstrued as a lie. that made. us go to do afghanistan or
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yemen or. the end of the. while there fanatically the iraqi s.s. men to you would also be libya but the could have been me it's a matter on we feel. over the us now did you know oh. yes i'm sure. we saw it how they looked land.
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phase it. well i. never see you. while i mean aren't you seem to me that at the most of all the shouting. and while the seattle made the manic i remember lanka eliminate everything else that i didn't. and the shouting had begun to give them a foot on a. valid body of. i thought of goodness the telly no
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offutt now was very much as a. 'd o'clock not but not sudden rush of it and it was and. 'd 'd 'd 'd 'd on one of the working age of dental. mysie out enough. not shipping to get the go ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready. you would think they intercepted a car they would open fire 'd on everyone in that vehicle but they didn't they chose to go where was yasser sitting in to his very location and they just shot him 102030 bullets his body was riddled with. bullets
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a credit for a big no i freaked out of my mouth. fenty any said didn't it's the other 'd marathon. i mean who. had to leave who were building these evil kolo no why did you shoot him in the car i told you not to shoot him in the car and we know i mean the later and no. luck to not avoid us you have. to do what i mean tell yourself. ready ready ready ready it's about killing the messenger ready it's about shooting the messenger yes it was the messenger he was the journalist he wanted to call the conflict. just sociable here who were going for trouble with the yes. 'd i do have to fill him. you know about the code of the one who got up and. bearing the.
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'd burden of my home to seattle if it could be muslim and didn't get what i don't and i should. want to buy the m.b. doing and fuck up for the shot of me doing a lot of this you know. what i didn't know was the. 'd wealth of on this. evening. we always thought that no matter what happened things would end up ok not because the world was such a wonderful place because he seemed to have an innate intrinsic faith in himself and in the world in general. he is not the 1st to be killed then he would be north the last i think it will continue the world has turned into
11:55 pm
a place targeting journalists from still. part of the reason there is so much amazing footage and there are so many amazing stories with networks all over the world is that yasser and people like yasser provided that footage and for the most part no one will ever know their names of people remembering answers. to just tell him i miss him. i saw him laughing very way off the acid he laughs about everything and makes fun of everything going to told me he was. came to smiling and laughing and so they've killed him. and this is the only thing he said to me.
11:56 pm
i just want to tell his kids that the father was amazing. i think that's the only thing i really want to. know here to tell you the. whole. corner of. my thought are going to hire.
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hello there the. southern areas of australia and in fact that he began to push towards the east i can see this bank of cloud that is bringing in some slightly cooler but of course the continue to burn and what they're doing here is actually back burning this of course is when the firefighters actually start fires to literally kill these fires can spread to so the idea is it stops them from then spreading further but of course we've got skies like this and we will see more of this particular the winds coming through the interior so. that he does across the
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southeast 3828 in sydney 100 degrees fahrenheit meanwhile on the west coast about 29 in perth the woman there as well as we go through choose a but it does begin to cool down so $26.00 in adelaide on tuesday down to 19 in melbourne once the system goes straight but look at $36.00 degrees in sydney so the heat obviously not helping the fires at all meanwhile across into a new zealand we have. 3 of the next couple of days but it's mostly. not feeling particularly cold it doesn't feel colder though into areas of the korean peninsula and japan we've just got to double figures in tokyo 12 celsius and dry on tuesday. everything through the whole 5 years a political deadlock since the threats of referendum on the still obsolete divided
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will the general election in december that's both his old anything that can boris johnson get the rx it done and where does the u.k. go for media follow the u.k. general election on al-jazeera. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of all the lives. of the stories. providing the camps into someone else's what. they needed one new day or. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. a witness on al-jazeera what are you protesting about how does this impact whether on line life face mental state comes directly translated slave labor if you join us on set this is an attack on academic freedom and on our ability to do research and teach freely this is
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a dialogue myanmar is not making it very welcoming for people to come back everyone has a voice climate change is real the discussion is real and i'm here to talk about the solutions on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next 60 minutes. hundreds of thousands of demonstrators filled the streets of hong kong to mark 6 months of protests calling for greater democracy. and of my. relatives anguish after at least 43 people die in.


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