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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 9, 2019 6:00am-6:34am +03

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this is a dialogue everyone has a voice so for the northeast 36 o'clock our coverage will be varying accounts but i want to give people the reason for joining the global conversation. here you have foreign military personnel coming to our base should not be doing that if they hate our country. a passionate call in the u.s. to end its saudi military training program after 3 sailors were killed at a florida naval bits. i'm richelle carey this is. also coming up. on the show us during 6 months on in hong kong hundreds of thousands of activists continue their demands
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for political reform plus. we have moved. to for. the 1st time in years there's a feeling of optimism that political tensions could. meet this week in riyadh also . little. song thousands taking aim at colombia's government. the head of the f.b.i. investigation into a shooting at a u.s. naval base in florida says they're working on the presumption the attack was an act of terrorism saudi air force officer mohammad saeed shot dead 3 students on friday saudi crown prince mohammed bin solvent as call the u.s. president to express his condolences and her schapelle has more. more information from the f.b.i. about mohammed saeed nani a junior officer in the royal saudi air force who shot 11 people on friday killing
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3 sailors our main goal right now is to confirm whether he acted alone or was he part of a larger network we carli assess there was one gunman who perpetrated this attack and no arrests have been made in this case. the opened fire in a classroom using a gun that he'd legally purchased around 2 hours beforehand he allegedly tweeted his disdain for u.s. troops returning to saudi arabia calling america a nation of evil our hearts break for the families who lost their precious loved ones in this atrocity another atrocity. the president trump has helped the saudis with damage control conveying the kingdom's condolences others want the military training program to be paused for us to be bringing in these foreign nationals you have to take precautions to protect the country. he was one of more than 850 saudi
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nationals in the u.s. benefiting from this program which its defenders say is vital to u.s. national security thousands of students from more than 150 countries take part in it sadly i think this is one of those instances where someone slipped through the cracks but we have to be 100 percent sure but we never will be 100 percent sure get their flight school maybe go fly jets would be pretty cool but for families of 23 year old joshua caleb watson was in alabama this weekend 21 year old cameron scott walters in georgia and 19 year old mohammed sama hate them in florida it's a tragedy too hard to bear. the navy says they ran towards danger and saved lives without them the incident could have been far worse and al-jazeera. and hong kong a strike has been called to mark 6 months since the start of anti-government protests on sunday 800000 people turned out for
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a mass rally to demand protection of their democratic freedoms typical pollen reports. fight for freedom one of the many slogans chanted by the hundreds of thousands who gave up their sunday for yet another protest they came from all walks of life young and old and in all shapes and sizes the march was meant to coincide with the united nations human rights day on call is no longer free so. before the scrum go to the ground you like to stand out expression hoping you know hong kong is falling. c many marched with 5 fingers in the air to symbolize the movement's 5 demands including political reform investigation into allegations of police brutality against protesters and amnesty for activists arrested and accused to frighten the organizers say this is the last chance for the government to give in
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to their demands now over the past couple of weeks since local elections showed over gun support for the protest movement had somewhat subsided or become more peaceful but the government hasn't shown any willingness to make any concessions. since june there have been hundreds of demonstrations possessions and public meetings but to response from the government has been muted to oh yeah i don't think we should decide whether to come out by sun how effective these protests as long as i believe what i am doing is right and our demands have not been met it will continue to come out and not be deterred by the government's inaction this protest was organized by the civil human rights front the group responsible for some of the biggest demonstration turnouts this is the 1st time since august they have been given permission by the police for a march. and it's the 1st time in months this many people have taken part in hong kong is the only city in china where people can express dissent freely and the
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fight to preserve its autonomy and freedoms has attracted much international attention. to the problem for people on the t.v. it's not just the local people it's a problem of democracy in the world many of the demonstrators left after finishing the 4 kilometer march to the city's financial center leaving behind the more hardline masked and black testers who have become a familiar symbol of the movement. as they have done over the months they set up barricades blocking main roads of police looked on was it after hours of tense exchanges the protesters decided it was time to retreat and so with no violent confrontations remained a peaceful rally to mark 6 months since the protests and political turmoil began devika pollin are jazeera hong kong. place in india say they don't expect to recover any more bodies from a building that was destroyed in
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a fire in the capital on sunday more than 40 people were killed or not fire tore through one of the oldest markets and burned down a factory in new delhi it's the worst fire in the city in more than 2 decades because of the fire is not known but the building's owner and manager have been arrested. muslim families and they are worried a new law could make them stateless even though they have deep roots in the country a citizenship amendment bill targeting illegal immigrants is due to be tabled in parliament on monday and aims to exclude muslims but encourages religious minorities from neighboring muslim countries to become citizens and india courts. monic john is relieved to be back home but remains haunted by the 4 reaction 4 months she spent in edge attention center for us tribunals which has the job of identifying illegal migrants sent her there. but monica insists she is an indian citizen and produces several documents to prove it she says she was born in india and her father and grandfather too. i distinctly remember those they see the
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detention camps how can i ever forget it was like i was inside a grave that's a space i had just that much. her neighbor that bibi says her husband died when she was in the detention center who breaks down as she recalls not being allowed to attend his funeral. involves other people convicted of serious crimes are eligible for parole people sent to these detention centers are not i'm going to live a longer me they are. spend 3 years in a detention center because he says his name had been respected in our government document i want to do is harder going to bring paul hill just a tiny gap between the beds so when we carried a bucket of water to go to the toilet and spilled even a drop of the convicts who beat us. the horrors this tribunals have declared over
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100000 people as illegal foreigners and sent to nearly a 1000 to languish in detention centers until they are deported but activists say no country can be expected to accept them because a large majority if not all are indian citizens of. nearly 2000000 people in assam are missing from a recently released list of indian citizens their fate will be decided by the tribunals judgements which are often criticised nearly everyone in these villages now has a well kept by all of documents to prove that they in fact are indian citizens but many here accuse the foreigners tribunals the 1st authority to determine their status of ordering wrongful detentions india's government is preparing to pass a citizenship amendment bill which would grant citizenship to hindu migrants but not muslims activists say the government intends to target the minority community they want to kind of order india no man's land everywhere everywhere we can go we
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are innocent and we are trying to become. transformed from these 4 course. to the hard lesson well they haven't yet. john and ashley there are terrified as are many other muslims they think that while bengalis who are hindu be saved by the hindu majority indian government muslims will be systematically stateless arch of war or al-jazeera. india. thousands of people in ukraine who rallied against a plan made admit wayne their president and a russian later in paris on monday the talks are aimed at finding a breakthrough to end the war in eastern ukraine the conflict between here and russia back separatists has killed more than 14000 people in 5 years so. the river you know this is the ukraine capital kiev if just one day before the paris meeting and it shows to pressure president followed emails alinsky is facing
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while many ukrainians want an end to what is described as europe's forgotten war these protesters accuse him of surrendering to russian president vladimir putin. zelinsky was elected in may on his promise to end the war that began in 2014 when russian backed separatists occupied cities in the east of ukraine. it's not only cost thousands of lives. but also destroyed large parts of the country taking a huge toll on the economy. in 2016 peace talks stalled with both ukraine and russia accusing each other of fire agreements but after becoming presidents alinsky broke the stalemate that is agreed to have elections in russian backed territories and allowing them a special status both nations exchange prisoners and some troops will withdraw all going to ships are in place for a return to the negotiating table but expectations for
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a major breakthrough are low yeah only they would cease fire violations and there's little trust between the 2 sides but analysts say the fact that the talks are happening since you have a group that is looking for a positive outcome. and that's perhaps because another part of ukraine is not up for negotiations in paris crimea which was annexed by russia 5 years ago. we took crimea and the worst will just accept this because. interested to go back to business as usual. the main outcome of the normandy talks for putin is the fact that he is welcome again in europe's power circles this is exactly what these protesters in kiev fear most that european leaders tired of the war and sanctions against russia it's good for selenski to accept major compromises for example in the timing of the elections in the territories at the center of the
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conflict selenski insists they can only be health after the troops have pulled out but russia does not agree that facet of al-jazeera moscow. so ahead on al-jazeera i'll tell you why there is a new hope for peace in afghanistan plus. he's never coming back never. what i don't understand you know him saying good bye to the man behind some of sesame street's most iconic characters. hello there it is still a very active picture weather picture across much of the united states the crowd is to the north this is where the next system is with the rain and the snow and of course we've seen some pretty big solmes what they way into california and some strong winds this is. this is big just look at this massive rock slide that has
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taken place this is always the concern with these storms as they came through but by monday everything is looking a lot calmer a lot clearer quite cooler in san francisco just 13 celsius but as i say the bulk of the weather is elsewhere really across the east and the country particularly around the upper midwest around the great lakes we got rain of course in that mild air and we have got snow in the cold abbott look at these temperatures up into canada my goodness monitor but when you pack minus 22 it is cold this time of year on average it's actually about minus 10 so that really is 12 degrees below the average or all of this system working its way across into the southeast the snow generally along the lines of the appalachian mountains we have got rain ahead of that system so wet day and atlanta on a choosing the high of 20 celsius a few showers in the forecast across areas of the caribbean. monday across into the windward islands extending down into the leeward islands on tuesday and on both days expect to see wanted to showers in areas of the bahamas.
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education is the beacon that might. take inspiration and determination to ensure you get to live in the remote areas don't have electricity t.v. or computers. show our love finds a way. to
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watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now that the f.b.i. investigation best occasion into a shooting at a u.s. naval base in florida says they're working on the assumption the attack was an act of terrorism as a national who was there to receive training shot dead 3 students on friday. a strike is being called in hong kong to mark 6 months since the start of anti-government protest organizers say the movement shows no sign of slowing as hundreds of thousands joined the largest marches on sunday. and thousands of ukrainians have rallied against president planned meeting with vladimir putin ukrainian forces had been fighting separatists backed by moscow for 5 years now and eastern ukraine. gulf leaders are meet and riyadh this week for the 40th session of the gulf cooperation council the 6 nation regional bloc a struggle since 2017 when saudi arabia the u.a.e. rein in egypt sever ties to katara and imposed
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a blockade. reports on whether the summit might offer a new beginning. for the 1st time in years there are signs that a diplomatic dispute that has paralyzed the gulf region may be easing that's according to statements made by a qatari foreign minister ahmed abdullah fani during a conference in rome on friday we have moved from a stalemate to some progress where there are some talks. that took place between us and. specifically and saudi and we hope these talks will need. to our progress where we can see an end. to 4 of the core of the crisis. this is the last time gulf leaders put on a show of unity that was in riyadh in may 2017 a few weeks later saudi arabia u.a.e. behind an egypt cut diplomatic ties with qatar accusing it of funding extremism and
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building closer ties with iran qatar has repeatedly denied the charges and rejected a list of 13 demands by the blockade in countries which include closing a turkish military base downgrading ties with iran and shutting down the aisle to 0 media network. the u.s. has called on its gulf allies to and their feud fearing the rift might undermine its 1st to contain what it sees as iran's growing influence in the region the signs are they are but at the same time despite these 2 are momentous steps that have been taken over the past weeks we know that to know why diplomatic initiatives have so far over the past 2 and a half years taken place with our robust u.s. diplomatic pressure and a background that have been signs of possible deescalation in recent weeks saudi
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arabia the us. bahrain took part in a gold football tournament held in doha reversing an earlier decision to boycott the event and many are not waiting to see if the same effort and cool ration will be in place to the crisis that's begun in june 2017. 0. political crisis in lebanon shows no sign of ending after a main contender for prime minister withdrew from the race so america tape says lebanon's tops any religious authority backs the reappointment of a former prime minister saad hariri he resigned in october after weeks of anti-government protests politicians were scheduled to meet on monday to pick a new prime minister but the president postponed that meeting to next week people are angry over corruption and sectarianism. taliban and u.s. negotiators have resumed talks aimed at ending the war in afghanistan president donald trump halted those meetings in september of following the killing of a u.s. soldier now he's hoping for a solution before the 2020 presidential election tony burke has more from kabul.
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when president trump abruptly canceled the talks with the taliban in september he said it was because of the killing of a u.s. soldier he said the talks were dead but many believe it was because it was felt the u.s. was giving away too much or too little but with the resumption of talks in doha observers say they are starting where they left off with no change one thing is for sure the u.s. led coalition the united states of america is very keen to put an end to disprove that was started long back there had 9 rounds of talks in 2018 in 2019 and perhaps this is the time where it needs to be done and dusted the afghan government has been sidelined from the previous year long dialogue because the taliban refuses direct talks but president ash afghani's government bolstered by a series of military successes is quietly optimistic that now the talks will lead
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to a place at the negotiating table few months ago. was an defense position . and the fence of position in. we took the money district from taliban we are doing much better in the hay with that that is too important and one. ceasefire one of. both of these demands have been rejected by the taliban in the past but president trump talked optimistically about a cease fire during a visit to u.s. troops in afghanistan in november where he also met the afghan president asad afghani taliban wants to make a deal and we're meeting with them and we're saying it has to be a cease fire they want to do is use fire but now they do want to do is use fire and i believe it probably works. but so far the taliban has not responded to that claim the afghan army with u.s. air support has been taking territory recently but the taliban still controls more
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than 50 percent of the country it's unlikely the taliban will agree to a cease fire before there's a definitive signed agreement for a u.s. troop withdraw it's still in a strong position and a cease fire is a valuable bargaining chip it won't give away easily afghanistan has been in political deadlock since his presidential elections 3 months ago the results are still not been released because of allegations of widespread vote rigging and fraud that is unlikely to help the peace process the taliban has said the war is now about time and money and it has the time president trump is keen to reduce the financial burden and bring the troops home and he wants that done before next year's presidential election for such a complicated issue that may be an overly ambitious time frame tony berkeley al-jazeera kabul there are reports ports of entry send stranded tourists after a ball kaino erupted at the east coast of new zealand
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a plume of white smoke the same coming from white island prompting fears for a group of tourists in walking in the crater moments before the prime minister says 100 people were on the island at the time of this eruption and some of them are unaccounted for we will continue to follow that story for you. some of colombia's biggest music artists have taken part in a concert in support of the recent anti-government protests demonstrators are angry at president ivan her case plans for economic reforms and want him to do more to tackle corruption and police violence. reports. another massive demonstration in colombia scapular 18 days into an unprecedented run of protests known as the national strike i this time as a musical road show with 3 fixed the just 44 bands performing in the travelling concert. but despite the fear steve atmosphere objective remains the same demanding
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changes from the in popular government of even the kids that. we've been on strike peacefully for 18 days because we're not afraid anymore and will continue until the government gives us more solutions. university students and union members keep leading the strike but as the days go by larger sectors of society have been championing the protests and its demands from the middle class to musicians. i have never seen in my life a movement that lasted this long and with such a huge participation of the youth i think we were apathetic because. and i think this new generation is hopeful and this keeps motivating them and. as you know other latin american countries in a feminist's here to perform. a song a rapist in your path that has become an international. down early afternoon didn't stop the show chance percent of colombians are supporting
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the strike and its demands for the country's peace deal with far too halting the killing of human rights activists in the country and police repression of protest but the focus now is i'm blocking legislation which would cut duties on businesses by the pressure. congress are pushing forward with a number of reforms starting with the protesters want to see scrapped altogether many of the people present here today when the government to make a 180 degree turn well that's not going to happen anytime soon this government is not going to be. overnight it needs things that it can compromise on and these these protesters resent the government with viable options were to do it . in the meantime the pressure will continue unabated with more demonstrations
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planned for next week. rescue crews in kenya have pulled 2 people out of the rubble of a building 2 days after it collapsed there survivors were rushed to the hospital after being found at least 5 people were killed when this 6 story residential building in nairobi fell on friday around 2 dozen are still missing $22.00 bodies have been recovered after flooding in western uganda for actual rain battered parts of the country on the border with the democratic republic of congo from saturday night into sunday morning at least 20 others were killed by floods and mudslides earlier in the week. more now on reports of injuries and stranded tourists after a volcano erupted off the east coast of new zealand a plume of white smoke was seen coming from white island prompting fears for a group of tourists same walking in the crater moments before the prime minister says 100 people were on or near the island at the time of the eruption and some are unaccounted for daniel walker is a journalist at newstalk z.b.
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he joins us now from auckland so what else do we know about the status of this or russian right now. yeah hi so like you said there the prime minister has confirmed or and 100 people on this island popular tourist spot off the east coast and that by plenty of the north island. there are. a nearby students on a school camp and. told coyotes are there but there are still concerns there's reports of helicopters and bugs unaccounted for at this stage these are tourists helicopters and tourist boats that are heading out of. and you know witnesses have described seeing this. this volcano just go off incredibly quickly we have footage from cameras on the island which sit there and take snaps every 10 minutes and one is actually sitting in the criteria and you can see
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you 10 minutes before the eruption and there's some smoke coming out of the crisis and 10 minutes after there is nothing it's black the cameras being completely wiped down from the serapion we know there is a shelter only on one island it was put there. 3 efore years ago by the defense forces on clear whether that was used in this russian at this stage you know when was the last time to walk a no reference. 8 reps relatively frequently doesn't it kind of is active and and is constantly bubbling there is this scares and smoke coming out of it quite often but this is some tours operators have described this is the biggest eruption that i've i've seen in the koreas and certainly it's been one of the most concerning in recent memory in terms of
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casualties ok daniel walker with his top c.b. thank you very much for that update. it's a sad day for sesame street fans as the man behind big bird and oscar the grouch has died and he's never coming back never. mind up here carol spinny brought the famed muppets to life on the ground breaking children's television show he died at the age of 85 after having voiced an operator the 2 major characters from their inception 50 years ago after announcing his retirement last years and he credited big bird for helping him find his purpose protesters demanding greater protection of the world's oceans have marched in central madrid dozens of people gathered on one of the city's main roads and used props including a model whale skeleton to get the point across the demonstration is happening as madrid hosts the annual u.n. climate change summit with which happened last week. the number of sudanese troops fighting in yemen has dropped by more than 10000 sudan's prime minister says 15000
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soldiers were initially part of the saudi i'm ready like coalition battling who the rebels but that number is now down to $5000.00 of them says a political solution is the only way to end the 4 year conflict. take a look at the headlines right now on al-jazeera that the f.b.i. investigation into a shooting at a u.s. naval base in florida says they're working on the presumption the attack was an act of terrorism a saudi national who was there to receive training shot dead 3 students on friday defense secretary mark asper says he's ordered a review of vetting procedures for foreign military personnel coming to the u.s. florida's governor says the u.s. needs to be on guard for people coming from saudi arabia. major social media trail this guy was somebody who. you know just had
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a deep seated hatred for the united states and and that was that was pretty clear from from that and obviously the fact that he would do something like this and so you know my my view is is that. you know for us to be bringing in these foreign nationals you have to take precautions to protect the country there are reports of injuries and stranded tourists after a volcano erupted off the east coast in new zealand you can see white smoke coming from this island and it's called white island this is prompting fears for a group of tourists in walking in the crater moments before the prime minister says around 100 people were on the island at the time of the eruption and some of those people are currently unaccounted for a strike has been called in hong kong to mark 6 months since the start of anti-government protests organizers say the movement shows no sign of slowing as hundreds of thousands joined in the largest marches on sunday thousands at the ukrainians have rallied against president autumn or selenski planned meeting with vladimir putin ukrainian forces have been fighting separatists backed by bosco for
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5 years now in eastern ukraine placed in india say they don't expect to recover any bodies from a building that was destroyed in a fire in the capital on sunday more than 40 people were killed when the fire tore through one of the oldest markets and burned down a factory in new delhi it's the worst fire in the city and more than 2 decades the cause is not yet known rescue crews in kenya have pulled 2 people out of the rubble of a building a couple of days after it collapsed the survivors were rushed to the hospital after being found at least 5 people were killed when this 6 story building in nairobi fell on friday. so the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera more news to come in the meantime a.j. selects is that next. on counting the cost $48.00 trillion dollars to save the planet can carbon trading bring big polluters
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to heel silicon valley of the algorithms that discriminates against women and people of color plus putative shown by the west completes his pivot to the east counting the cost on al-jazeera. eat. up he'll. nest. and then we've got him when george bush that i'm of a. 1000000000 different would feel not a good reason to do the front of me and many who don't want my brain summarily general i know have become ill if any.


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