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tv   Education  Al Jazeera  December 9, 2019 6:32am-7:01am +03

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putin ukrainian forces have been fighting separatists backed by bosco for 5 years now in eastern ukraine placed in india say they don't expect to recover any bodies from a building that was destroyed in a fire in the capital on sunday more than 40 people were killed when the fire tore through one of the oldest markets and burned down a factory in new delhi it's the worst fire in the city and more than 2 decades the cause is not yet known rescue crews in kenya have pulled 2 people out of the rubble of a building a couple of days after it collapsed the survivors were rushed to the hospital after being found at least 5 people were killed when this 6 story building in nairobi fell on friday. so the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera more news to come in the meantime a.j. selects is that next. on counting the cost $48.00 trillion dollars to save the planet can call the trading bring big polluters
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to heel silicon valley of the algorithms that discriminates against women and people of color plus putin shown by the west completes his pivot to the east. room the cost. she'll. nestle. and tell me when george bush got on the safe and not. just. with feet and not the who doesn't know just the funniest thing and i think. i know what had become a litany. to
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me. i'm going to go 2nd to my president most not only you know. but. for lives only you i mean it's not so much you can begin to have a little. more going to him his or her. child or something. and i think when i mention. that i live as to have. got a few marathoner minuscule amounts of immigrants out there in the data when i suffer so you're on a roll not finish here in america we're going to remember the fredricka she put it
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there. and look that would include up there no i didn't. love it when i looked over to her it could be any other killing to vary. the i don't know what the appeal of although you. never clearly read many going to the movie. to do well saddam and hope the key to disarming him i mean you're a me element here if you do not do the mission of the american for you know much better what i think you know yes. indeed open that is that i don't operate most of the independent of you know when. you should are not even within a kind of a definite opinion with but can i will you remember better whatever kenny i mean but i'll be ok and how can i. say you know you had a lead of no nothing i could have i would just show up at the midst of all that this woman him. but in this way to
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a machine gun and so you got about it there were. under 2 words i wouldn't have been given to put their mother so if indeed but in the midst of the middle fade away i had the you still have to do a lot of nation a bit of it here and i am one of the shifa share of my bin laden to be some even do what are you using up there by using your method or at least me and i do not believe it will work in american for do we're going to learn from. your mr thomas mr gray can be so. good no human has to get. on the. road most. of the members of. the. family.
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members to burnaby up to me i'm a general i will end on a 3rd of the how we journey and then i'm. here in the bears. and if you dude. sure you know when martha feel. the physical 'd world has to. do world sort of. you know i didn't. think that there. was a minibus to charlotte but i guess for something bizarre is. just going. to say if you're us young you know this is your best early shot that was you know maybe not the biggest one of the physical. body but it could have been one had the
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fire in. it in the going to dig deep into just the sort of. the what a look the moment they're not going to let this little forget it i was young i didn't get a free hopefully as i feel your. body your but the way you did with their feet when i'm older that. i was not a. beautiful woman. cessation or the side. yeah and his 2nd. cousin is the one. who people who love. him i know we would defeat him with the medina hey yeah so here's what i'm course course. one of course course. course course while i'm away i said. the other question had you.
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when your shadow was a man of the class yes exactly that's the horse course. that's the reason i have this fear in view the little man so if the frog or the fulfillment going to call him to suffer do it school here in melbourne want to work there for do want to look at are you i mean i was in a pumpkin a lot your name will be 1000000000 are you mother the method rest of her mother a certain stage directed regrowth school or the brilliant early and one of the vigor to be a success in the do world he's big that are there and how to keep going to get it to put out of them open and show oh you can. always came out you were head and you can remember the point because the minute they got out the fear and it showed up. at the world believe it because you hear that it was if you took them in a heated job well you're going to get a picture for the animal how well you can i love the word because i had a really cool and all of them discipline you want to see and a good vision of us to live the most for the world and show love in berlin but if
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he could make. me sway so that there will be so what i will know but then it can be seen and can come to to know the room the same concerns benefited me through all of mr heathfield lives in that he said no not even a method and could have been if you theo wishes to be synonymous to the service you are in the other not of me doesn't make a single. i'm going to. guess we're going to i didn't because you know something. you know definitely but well but what i noticed you know reform is. the did you know going to. sit on the for profit anita i love you.
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my. number what could i want to write have today when i had. concluded it was the freedom the activity i was concerned with division was so much fun and from kind of oh i always envisioned me you couldn't not have the state. can i pull some admonish the offender back to bad service warned russia also though i had to make a theory on the number of a conflict of the. modern i like. so if it does so heavily for what has an affair and. i sank and if any kind of is
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among them is a month to fall asleep in the knee and was a better them for letting the fellows can see me and say i'm a seminar by him you can see how the money will join you to solo how to yemen that will i will also the war is totally in the michaud i look. at him best school board so do you have excess where you display the balance i hope it wouldn't of been tossed to some elements of the apple a little slower the what's going on groceries and a summons you are. out of it's off to have had so much that. i lost hope at an early. isn't. can only mean so surreal but then suddenly hell is a bit tells them to tell it has of course of the how far left. home . the colors were had in the. book. are minium confirms you. reasserts i don't do job with well i'm advocating for the
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for it well i'm a very heavy what so for all the good luck i lead a sense of the cliff fall out of the well of a cliff proto gems with the if to haggle floats family. with little hope of love a mythical had to move about how can we of course will fall mazzoli adding. value to a bad time for calling your mother live what a little smaller bestow nava shit for what a little not sort of feed my assistants woman a little couple for the trial of. the fearless it all was. it was some and she. was also in for a look at the majority but because i like all those that. a lot of chicken will follow when you've been shown that appear before the telly scrubber have been turned into and so no italy global a famine you oughta grain given the net result enough and go insane for an includes
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. i shouldn't it couldn't way you know because to do were lower but they. do were german i must say north and see a lot the world welcome and so ya know what about the. when we get there and get my old one of get. killed going to be a good. model for. what can we get you out of. the about if it turns into phone with a fellow jimmy of chicken i looked it was oh well i have come in a so have a. plan and have a look and one of flavor and. finesse a poem home plenty how does the fire play on my end a little open quite a way ahead and have a listen in for to liz i'm in the we and there's a mechanism to think that so how the should and that's
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a must not elected. a lot about you then i'm sure have. the. best.
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relearn the fair isaac a girl iran or any vs energy grab. determine the love of god or job to suit her chin a little glad to let go. of the noble we do you really never really have with us. the more red needles the bludging of moving.
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as a girl would be more bitching always then in a love the in loans the older the need true he dno better. go only that is publicly is. see. the core than living the sky the living. the fire while the well in the glory i live there and there are a chair while the valen off cause our sun in that god was a volatile phantom door the morning a blog about them and their goal funy the malo downhill and i was very valuable from awards. rock and then
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i read news of brown yes there is a prayer for the theses are me that casey was the mom all. does the sound of this case are going to be real nice she was as one of the girls i mean i'll do the job with you girls the law isn't a lawyer queerly. they're gone now can't the us have rebuilt of will never love. them at the lesser melkor rather than that of a bit of the red white and i've read does that mean according to my good play that game. and out. by out bowl better than as the course and they are now but i don't want to call more of that old hyena yet. so god will all they called good.
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to be said to him what is on i thought this would be you saw him now oh it's starting to sound like you can call it in the movies. and. me but i have to be cautious yeah some extent so cool for to try and score only. score. in their school about it for the song spoiler to vietnam but i hadn't want to make them just about miss my motive power to make a plan to be bloody nice to beat up with the taxi see if they're turning attack of us see. that. rick i'm a monster. jong or you know.
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me all the. way down now be making that the buddha you only have legs on the on up or through down i lend more gordon and me an equal god made of the. well i gotta say graham was a sochi does or when they're in charge and you're decent family one that god knows she's. gonna get us on that boat she got go that rod not give you as big as last call that the rouge yaga gmo course sally for down with the chin a bit down on up and the left for them lisa love them. the fuzz the style i'll call it out of him that boy a boy in there isn't know who loved leon day grandpa was rather a lark was but as does love with
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a promise and often gorgeous. diana into the sun and the attack of. yaqui upon it and the thought of owning that audio only down to that. valise holy holy the 2000 in the theater the only pretend alchemy pretty it gave me soon i know that's created to flee 5 of them was. the. the. the.
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the new. them all the droid won't fall into the i doubt no guy laterals or roof or ride it doesn't ned and them on them and their god that's a little looking for a. little girl ruth not yet a check on the cranium or radish yet family that we should get in a groove or it is employed. as leverage of god in origin one led us out there on the nile.
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and the. problem bring this out is going to. dog would pull duck all i replied and he could kill he does that to your god i don't i just think that on the same dish with guys in a fish lab i know just. well at that it's a glimmer of the. alchemy
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of the at the us president shit just to be one ness of all those school official limo yep shit i was. below him a bit below the chilean offical got off. and i will go up there. probably. you'll sit on the list of where you do you know you saw some of the i have a meal. deal. well mom and i'd be lying if a boy. i am ready to go
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so she became more they. are they don't mind being evil good and go bad i go i dog go but out that. she is doing albeit an on going out more local gold watch a day with a. by after you learned the bus them at the is over below got real got that it go and really be daily gaga that your daughter has and will you will now coit you all are glad you know. dan. good to some of the us a. little that's why i like your locks are the bosal will be premium and. yet on a modular board shared i am aware though the go would have noticed. yet of our yet
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allow go yet out of bros you draw a war dead girl called up to god are all more what we are but what you are driving . and. until then i'm a big young. gal gas. you. don't let me speed.
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that just. yeah. but. that. doesn't.
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g.v. just said all the up on the telly they give me a really. nice bottle with allah i'll take us on their life that our lives. will be severely aliya if the lowly lossless will kill us life. well as i said all a deal with us a study was a little. think
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stories generate foundations of headlines these protests are saying down with the system and down with all of the parts with different angles from different perspectives just because we came to prison there's a me right stopped at the gate separate the spin from the facts the western media jumps on stories we've all taken down the misinformation from the journalism it's about telling the stories of those human beings on the ground with the listening post on al-jazeera from the al-jazeera in london broadcasts and to the special guests in conversation who would have still been in the rich countries we use hunger as a weapon i'm from to uninterrupted it's much more difficult to be left for england to be right wing when people family things they're all really wrecked and ken loach
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meets edward lee ray are tough to be subversive if you don't have a level of arguer about you then stay at home studio be unscripted it's on al-jazeera. of ok no abrupt stop the northeastern coast of new zealand some people are unaccounted for. i shall carry this out to sara live from doha also coming up we are as we do and most active shooter investigations work with the presumption that this was an act of terrorism. a call for the u.s. to end saudi military training program after one of its citizens opens fire at a naval base in florida killing 3 american sailors.


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