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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 9, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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polonia we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter to 0 . the world anti doping agency bans russia from the olympics and the football world cup. and sammy's a than this is al jazeera live from coming up of ok now erupts in new zealand killing at least 5 people rescuers say more than 20 are missing including tourists a mass movement of people in syria's it lived province activists say 18000 civilians have been displaced by fighting in just 24 hours. india's parliament
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debates a citizenship bill that many say discriminates against muslims. now the world anti doping agency has banned russia from the next olympics and football world cup the committee met in switzerland to impose a 4 year ban on russia using its flag and team names from a range of sporting events that means some athletes could compete under a neutral flag a government sponsored doping scheme was revealed 5 years ago let's get more on this now and bring in our sports correspondent lee wellings he joins us from london so. how. is this ban towards sporting events. well it's significant and it's important it covers all sporting events however it
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doesn't change that much about the situation we've already been in for the past 5 years after russia effectively poisoned its own winter olympics in sochi the widescale state sponsored corruption was of course uncovered from that position on words it's been about the politics of the situation there are very few if anybody who believes that russia isn't doping the question is what are people going to do about it and in this instance it's this the same 4 year ban but it's a ban really on the flag of russia will have the same situation we've had in rio and shine lympics in that there will be neutral athletes from russia that are effectively a russian team that situation is going to continue the hosting of events becomes a big deal as well russia has some big world sports events coming up in the next few years and it's whether they can find a loophole by the court of arbitration for sport to actually continue to host those events we know that big figures in world sport want to keep russia in the game
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rather than push them away from it despite this clear evidence of doping. it's not a surprise is it lee that there's doping in sports what sort of difference is this likely to make. well i don't think it makes much difference to talk to perception of sport whatever sport it is whether it's athletics which is of course the key part of of any olympics whether indeed even its football which plays into this with whether russia can compete in a world cup under a name that would be farcical you know a neutral thing from russia but in terms of other people perceive sports obliquely no they don't they saw what happened in sochi it's not just russia who are responsible for it's not just russia who do it but the levels the state sponsored level of russian doping means people cannot believe what they're seeing and this is why it's such a difficult position for an organization like the international olympic committee
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on one hand i know people are losing faith and trust in sport rapidly and apathy will take over on the other hand they won't so you stay in with russia in some way and not completely exclude them it's a very difficult situation and an unsatisfactorily one all right thanks so much lee wellings there. of all came out has erupted in new zealand killing at least 5 people many more still missing a webcam set up to monitor white island court the moment of the eruption a number of people thought to be a tour group can be seen moving towards the crater up to 50 people including visitors from a cruise ship or on the island when the volcano sent a plume of smoke and ash thousands of meters into the air al-jazeera have a mohammed has the latest. thick smoke and ash rises thousands of meters into the air as the white island volcano also known by its indigenous mardi name as for carry erupts 50 kilometers off the coast of new zealand releasing toxic fumes of
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sulfur and chlorine dozens of tourists were on the island some seen walking on the crater floor moments before the eruption police said more than 20 people managed to get off the island some in boats others including some of the injured by helicopter volcanic ash is now hampering rescue is attempts to get to the island a number of other people have been taken to hospital or move more hospital. a number of people have burns as a as a result of the eruption and new zealand's prime minister has called for calm i know there will be a huge amount of consume and anxiety for those who have loved ones on or around the island at the time and i can assure them police are doing everything they can white island is located in the bay of plenty and has been active for at least 150000 years it's new zealand's largest and most unpredictable volcano erupting
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every couple of years releasing gas clouds steam and rocks the alert level was raised last month warning the volcano may experience a period of activity more than normal it's not a particularly big eruption is is sieved it was kind of. almost like a throat clearing kind of eruption and that's why material probably won't of made it to a new zealand what mike it mainly in new zealand on the scheme of things from volcanic eruptions it's not large but if you're close to it is of this not good emergency services say it's too early to confirm the number of injuries or deaths but there are fears of more fatalities here mohammed al jazeera. this is a journalist with news she's in fact aaton a new zealand one of the closest towns to the volcano. originally the helicopters
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were managed to get close to the shore the boats. the paramedics to the island but they've now had to leave because of the ash there is a no fly zone for about 26 nautical miles around the island there's a 5 kilometer radius exclusion zone no one is around no one is allowed to break that zone until they are given the all clear from authorities which no one is happy about simply because it's so heartbreaking to know that there are people still on that island and not accounted for but simply they're not willing to risk any more lives at this stage no this island is not heaven. it's purely people visit it just for the experience of being on an active volcano it's usually sits at a level one a risk and they are daily toas going the tourists international tourists but also local visitors coming and going out to see this incredible volcano that we have
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literally ferry ride away from so it's a very popular destination but what we understand is that the only people that are on the air at the moment are those who were part of one of the total groups that leafed earlier today going on a trip of a lifetime and have not managed to get off there are movements the service is standing by waiting for the ash to clear syrian activists say more than 18000 people have been displaced in the last rebel held province in the last 24 hours syrian and russian government airstrikes have intensified despite a cease fire announced by moscow in august these 10 civilians were killed on sunday on one couple and is the director of policy analysis at the arab center for research and policy studies he says government is trying to gain control of an important highway. i think it looks very much like there is a massive are offensive by the regime and its allies in order to capture them in
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towns along the m 5 between them them in broad in 5 was the main road between hamas and liberal. of president bashar assad the forces of the regional president bashar assad are trying actually to capture the main towns along that road it has been for a prolonged actually the main target of the syrian government there was an agreement actually between turkey and russia. concerning of course this part of. that agreement has been actually violated many times and we are seeing it one more time actually because as i said i mean this is going to be for the regime a very important military operation for actually begin in control of this main road between how and. turkey has sent more suspected eisel fighters and their families to their home countries this time to france 11 suspects have been deported joining
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more than 60 other foreign nationals have been sent home by turkey since mid november most of them have come from france or germany but the revulsive been others from belgium australia and the u.s. turkey has been holding more than 1200 suspected ice all members in its prisons and in northern syria last month ankara amounts that would be ramping up its efforts to deport more ice or fighters the has more from paris on the agreement between turkey and france. back in november when the turkish government announced that it would be deporting some of these suspected eisel fighters that the french interior minister chris of the time confirmed that france would indeed receive them under an agreement that had been made back in 2014 between france and turkey so it was a different government before president backhauls government that's been very adamant that they do not wish to receive adult eisel suspects the french government
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says that they are open to receiving children minors but not adults now what normally happens though when suspects arrive here in france is that they are arrested as soon as they do arrive and that they then face the french justice system but as i said because the french government does not want to receive adult suspects believing that they should be tried in the area where they committed their crimes they the relationship between france and turkey is probably going to be further strained by this and of course we've seen just recently how that has become increasingly tense last week emmanuel macro suggesting that turkey was taking unilateral decisions outside of nato rules that a nato summit in london and of course the turkish president has recently accused the french president of harboring terrorists because of a man or macros meetings with kurdish groups spend 2 years since i saw was defeated in iraq but the victory is overshadowed by the slow pace of reconstruction and lack
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of services in the north in mosul alone 14000 houses are badly in need of repair while 6000 must be rebuilt from scratch simona fault and reports from more soul. life is slowly returning to mosul's old city 2 and a half years after a devastating battle left in ruins some houses a finally being rebuilt dean's home was partly destroyed in an airstrike the damage was less than 60 percent and so he qualified for a rehabilitation project run by the united nations development program he's grateful for the support but blames the government for the slow pace of reconstruction and the lack of services i think. we live in and just as our country is rich we have oil and displacing but it's not in the hands of the citizens why is it only they were going to war coming to help you with their government i ask you who brought this failed corrupt government they are thieves who were put in power
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they didn't do anything for us and still the family is lucky to soon have a roof over their head some parts of the old city remain level to the ground the result of a relentless campaign of coalition airstrikes. the made an area is where i saw made its last stand in july 2017 and since then it has remained virtually unchanged the biggest obstacle is not just like a funding but also disagreement over how it should be rebuilt some officials want to open it up to private investment while others want to rebuild it in a way that preserves whatever is left of the spirit and the architecture of the old city residents whose houses have been completely destroyed are entitled to government compensation but less than 5 percent of the $33000.00 claims submitted in this province have been paid out so far this family lost their house in an air strike since then they rented this rundown apartment in east mosul last year the
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government finally agreed to pay compensation but only a 3rd of what they paid to constructed just 5 years ago and even that money has yet to be processed. for them now when this paper was issued we were shocked we lost our house we lost the furniture and we cannot do anything and i understand there is no benefits to appeal it will cost more money whatever they told me i will accept this is our fate. none of us knew governor the 3rd person to hold that post in just 2 and a half years admits the government made mistakes. the startling bureaucracy has affected the pace of construction yes the funds that we received are insufficient to meet the needs of the province but unfortunately many of these funds were also returned to state coffers because of bureaucracy. the mounting feeling of neglect is reminiscent of 2013 when thousands protested in mosul against
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corruption the government violently crushed the demonstrations paving the way for iceland's rise people are no less angry now but they say they are too exhausted simply trying to survive see one awful teen al-jazeera mosul. still ahead on al-jazeera a ride scroope says sudan's rapid support forces are a threat to its emerging democracy. and can the gulf crisis be resolved meters from the region need for a crucial summit. hello welcome to the other look at the international focus we've got moto x. coming in across parts of japan over the next comes a little more cloud dies so it's not all good news high pressure in charge said that will help to keep things settles we'll see temperatures same take at around 12
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degrees celsius that cloud not really too far away as you can see as we go on the into where wettest day it was a little model still was pushing in from the sea of japan this time 15 celsius there in tokyo double figures for so little colder than for peeling yang and cooling off in beijing with a top temperature of 4 degrees celsius should be 90 dries it is across central and southern parts of china 22 in hong kong and similar conditions as we go on into awareness day by wednesday so a little bit of sharon right just pushing over towards taiwan a few showers into the philippines over the next day but where the west sunshine and chad was the majority of the showers we have been across malaysia borneo seeing some very heavy downpours more heavy downpours over towards singapore kuala lumpur does look a little drier than it has been recently temperatures here around $3334.00 degrees celsius the shower was creeping the way further south that we want to 2 of those making the way into java jakarta with
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a high of 32. the last time i spoke to him he told me he was thinking of going to syria and the world wants to see syria's fighters up close and personal but those behind the camera pay the price filmmaker yes it is you made these chilling the intimate footage on and behind the front lines cost him his life his body was riddled with bullets and exclusive documentary syria the last assignments on al-jazeera.
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come back here watching i'll just 0 time to recap our headlines now the world anti doping agency has banned russia from the next olympics and football world cup russia will not be able to use its flag anthem or team name for the next 4 years. of all kaino has erupted in new zealand killing at least 5 people up to 50 people including tourists who were on the wife island when the eruption happened 20 are still missing syrian activists say more than 18000 people have fled lived province in the last 24 hours syrian and russian air strikes have intensified despite the city's file announced in august dozens of civilians have been killed. india's parliament has begun debating a controversial citizenship bill the proposed law is gearing towards granting citizenship to those fleeing religious persecution but it excludes muslims some say
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it's the governing hindu nationalist parties latest attempt at sidelining muslims in india. well the bill is another setback for muslims of our some states in the east many of them were recently declared stateless by a new census aimed at identifying those who migrated from neighboring bangladesh has more. monic john is relieved to be back home but remains haunted by the 4 riyadh's and 4 months she spent in edge attention center of foreigners tribunals which has the job of identifying illegal migrants sent her there he said but monica insists she is an indian citizen and produces several documents to prove it she says she was born in india and her father and grandfather to the bottom of their books i distinctly remember those days in the detention camp how can i ever forget it was like i was inside a grave that's a space i had just that much. her neighbor are sure that b.b. says her husband died when she was in the detention center who breaks down as she
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recalls not being allowed to attend his funeral. involves other people convicted of serious crimes are eligible for parole people sent to these detention centers are not i'm going to live a longer me they are. spend 3 years in a detention center because he says his name had been respected in a government document i don't want to do is hardly going to bring paul hill just a tiny gap between the beds so when we carried a bucket of water to go to the toilet and spilled even a drop of convicts would be to us. the horrors this tribunals have declared over 100000 people as illegal foreigners and sent to nearly a 1000 to languish in detention centers until they are deported but activists say no country can be expected to accept them because a large majority if not all are indian citizens of. nearly
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2000000 people in assam are missing from a recently released list of indian citizens their fate will be decided by the tribunals judgements which are often criticised nearly everyone in these villages now has a well kept by all of documents to prove that they in fact are indian citizens but many here accuse of foreigners tribunals the 1st authority to determine their status of ordering wrongful detentions india's government is preparing to pass a citizenship amendment bill which would grant citizenship to hindu migrants but not muslims activists say the government intends to target the minority community they want to go toward india no man's land everywhere. we are innocent and we are trying to become. transformed from these 4 course. to be hardly well haven't yet. wife of the atlantic john and ashley there are terrified as are many other muslims they think that while bengalis who are hindu be saved by the
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hindu majority indian government muslims will be systematically state less arch of war or al-jazeera. india harsh mander is director of the center for equity studies he believes the bill goes against india's secular constitution. it's quite transparent he doesn't get into the muslim minorities in india and in fact it is probably the the most feet. to the entire idea of india as imagine doing a freedom struggle or as gauged in the constitution of india but the central idea of india was this this is a country that we don't believe. in the bushes and george do me good they can do to got pissed off that it is a good thing even though but just on the spot out of india asms the nation was back
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on he in fact dade in defense of this idea that india would instantly joyous to live in india or would be equal citizens in m.t.v. . the present government is part of the whole i don't tickle steam that was opposed to this idea from the very start and they never accepted this secular constitution and this law this no i mean this bill which is being considered bought into the if it does passed i do believe that it marks the end of the secular democratic institution of india because you don't deem that we have been doing this in order to persecuted minorities in an e-book neighborhood what about the new india in in mine money what about the end lydia's in pakistan what about people who is in in china or in a neighborhood wouldn't dream of not be accepted they would not be given citizenship and they would need distance between them and dumas who will be given citizenship
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is there to be disagreement and that is not the pieces in the indians ever imagined and it must be abused. as a strong beat and is firmly. but every indian who believes that this should be a humane and into so treat. so dan is powerful rapid support forces have been accused of stealing a large part of the nation's gold wealth the rights group global witness says the paramilitary group and its leader mohammed hamed than the gallow may be a growing threat to sudan's fragile peace the gallows also known as heredity he said to be linked to 3 companies at the heart of r.s.s. funding one is only going a goal trading company in 2017 the rapid support forces seize control of the dar for gold mine globe witness says 2 other companies controlled by him a this family are used to funnel money to and from the paramilitary group the report
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also says the r.s.a. of water 1000 vehicles from dealers in the united arab emirates and the rights group says the group has an account under its own name in a subsidiary of an american bank the rapid support forces pose to be controlled by sudan's military but according to global witness its funding is almost totally independent global witness says major industries across the world must act on the evidence. our report and our findings show that the rapid support forces have have a series of budget accounts they have from what we believe to be the front companies from from the documents that we've seen that are funneling money to the sometimes to the tune of $11000000.00 and there seems to be very little oversight and scrutiny by the the democratic civilian component of the government or even the sudanese armed forces itself it seems there is very little oversight and we believe
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that it's done is really to be on a course for a peaceful transition it's essential to have this this oversight and accountability with the with the r.s.s. finances its sources of wealth how do you know this is this is a vast amounts of money we're talking about here from natural resource industries and other of the sources but there's also a question for the international gold industry about how much of this gold is making its way into into international supply chains we know the bust majority's going through dubai and the emirates and that really seems to be the hope of a lot of this this business activity that has very little oversight and transparency. gulf leaders are meeting in saudi arabia for the 40th session of the gulf cooperation council 6 nation regional bloc a struggle to unite since 2017 when saudi arabia the u.a.e. behind in egypt imposed a blockade on qatar how you might about our reports on whether this summit might offer a new beginning. for the 1st time in years there are signs that
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a diplomatic dispute that has paralyzed the gulf region may be easing that's according to statements made by the qatari foreign minister sheikh mohammad one of the any during a conference in rome on friday we have moved from a stalemate. to some progress where there are some talks. took place between us and. specifically you and saudi and we hope that this is the store. we need. to our progress where we can see. 2444 of the crisis. this is the last time gulf leaders put on a show of unity that was in riyadh in may 2017 a few weeks later saudi arabia u.a.e. behala egypt cut diplomatic ties with qatar accusing it of funding extremism and building closer ties with iran qatar has repeatedly denied the charges and rejected
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a list of 13 demands by the blockade in countries which include closing a turkish military base downgrading ties with iran and shutting down the aisle to 0 media network. the u.s. has called on its gulf allies to and their feud fearing the rift might undermine its 1st to contain what it sees as iran's growing influence in the region the signs are they are but at the same time despite these 2 are momentous steps that have been taken over the past weeks we know there to know why diplomatic initiatives have so far over the past 2 and a half years taken place with our robust u.s. diplomatic pressure in the background there have been signs of possible deescalation in recent weeks saudi arabia the u.a.e. and bahrain took part in a golf football tournament held in doha reversing an earlier decision to boycott
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the band many are now waiting to see if the same effort and corporation will be in place too and the crisis that began in june 2017. 0. the political crisis in lebanon shows no sign of ending after a main contender for prime minister withdrew from the race some says lebanon's top sunni religious authority backs the reappointment of former prime minister sadly the he resigned in october after weeks of anti-government protests angry over corruption and sectarianism. public transport is being disrupted in france is a nationwide strike enters its 5th day commuters in paris faced long delays was some metro lines shutting on monday transport workers voted to extend their strike against the government's redesign of the national retirement system president of the new michael says the changes will make pensions more fair unions fear people will end up working more for smaller pensions the man behind some of the
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most famous children's television characters on the u.s. shows sesame street has died he's never coming. never. carol spinny brought big bird an oscar the grouch to life on the show he died aged 85 after having voiced and operated the characters for the last 50 years. and let's take you through some of the headlines here on al-jazeera now the world anti doping agency has banned russia from the next olympics and football world cup russia will not be able to use its flag anthem or team name for the next 4 years lee wellings has more from london the widescale state sponsored corruption was of
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course uncovered from that position on words it's been about the politics of the situation there are very few if anybody who believes that russia isn't doping the question is what are people going to do about it and in this instance it's this perceived 4 year ban but it's a ban really on the flag of russia will have the same situation we've had in rio. olympics in that there will be neutral athletes from russia that are effectively a russian team. a volcano has erupted in new zealand killing at least 5 people many more are still missing up to 50 people including visitors from a cruise ship were on the island when the volcano erupted. due to the current risk . services. to the oil and what i mean by that we have taken advice from joan it and they have assisted us with making a risk assessment that we are and is unstable india's parliament is
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debating a controversial citizenship bill the proposed law resigned that granting citizenship to those fleeing religious persecution in neighboring countries but it excludes muslims sudan's powerful paramilitary rapid support forces as being been accused of stealing a large part of the country's gold wealth global witness is obtained documents implicating the are s.f. and its leader mohammed had banned the gallow it says the group funneled money through banks in the u.a.e. without civilian or military oversight syrian activists say more than $18000.00 people have been displaced in the last rebel held a live province in the last 24 hours syrian and russian government strikes have intensified despite the cease fire it's inside story now.
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leaders of ukraine and russia meet for the 1st time they'll be in paris for a summit that aims to put an end to the conflict in eastern ukraine so will the 2 leaders find a solution un charter way forward and what's at stake this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm hala my he'd seen ukraine elected a president in april whose top priority was to end the conflicts in the east more than 13000 people have been killed during the fire.


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