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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 9, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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this is al-jazeera. alone has them seek and this is the news live from dakar coming up in the next 60 minutes a mass movement of people in syria's province activists say 18000 civilians have been displaced by fighting in just 24 hours. the impeachment inquiry against donald trump enters a decisive phase u.s. house democrats are set to press formal charges against the president. volcano erupts in new zealand killing at least 5 people were more than 20 are missing including tourists on thomas was sport as the world anti-doping agency hands russia
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a 4 year ban of from all major sporting events including the tokyo lympics and football world cup in qatar. paulo we begin in syria where russian and syrian government forces are escalating their assault on the last rebel held province and strikes have caused a mass exodus in observers say 18000 people have been displaced by the ongoing bombardment in just 24 hours dozens of civilians have been killed with mostly small villages in the countryside targeted so far this is all happening despite a truce being in place since august it was announced by russia but it has been continually violated in recent weeks but to smith begins our coverage now with this report on a live look there was a market here in the southern italy village when the strikes began. did you know they were russian jet. it's according to the syrian observatory for human rights.
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volunteer white helmet how medics are there within minutes to do what they've done thousands of times during the civil war trying to save the lives of civilians there are scrubbing through the dirt by hand when you know nothing was english could displace more rubble she day she said she said it was that it was somehow this man is still a large. muslim in a play on a lot of years there but intensive airstrikes by jets targeted the main market the airstrikes killed at least 8 civilians and left dozens injured as civil defense we took out the bodies and help the injured. by leon was one of 5 villages hit by syrian government forces in italy province in the last 48 hours this territory is the last holdout of groups opposed to president bashar al assad russia which supports assad and turkey which backs the rebels had agreed in august that this would be a deescalation zone but attacks of continued since then. more than $18000.00
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people have been displaced since sunday as a consequence of the latest bombardments most north towards the turkish border worsening an already desperate refugee situation. bernard smith al-jazeera. or for more on this let's speak to syria research our chris doyle in london thanks very much for being with us so what do you make of what is happening in the region right now and the fact that thousands of people have been displaced in just in the space of 24 hours and this cease fire has been broken so quickly. as i'm the situation of adlib an officer is extremely graham and it has been for a very long time and we're looking at a situation where at least half the population it live currently is probably internally displaced and they're having to face winter rains to face the cold
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largely without heating fuel there's hardly any of that and of course a drop in the syrian pound which is in the reducing of their purchasing power and on top of that we see the escalation of russian syrian regime bombing into into it live into even these villages and i think lying behind it is really an attempt by the syrian regime backed by moscow of course to retake could lead to actually. take this last area that is holding out against the regime and i think that most people suspect that turkey has largely acquiesced in this that they have centrally ripped up that cease fire agreement and. green lighted the russians in the syrian regime to do this in return for turkey getting its own way in what is happening in northeastern syria because that area is of infinitely more importance to turkey it matters far more in terms of its strategic objectives so in return for allowing
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turkey to get some of what it wants there to ensure that surrender kurdish groups are not close to the turkish border that there isn't going to be any form of serious kurdish autonomy there turkey is more than willing to allow the syrian regime and russia to deal with the province of idlib so for the civilians an adlib it's a very dire story because on the one hand yes you have these air attacks you have this bombing which is targeting civilian infrastructure hospitals schools mosques and the like but you also have a situation where the dominant faction within it was a very extreme group centrally what was an al-qaeda is affiliate in syria hired tough. and it's no fun living out of their control either. so they have a pretty grim few months ahead of them at least because i don't imagine there's going to be much letup in this assault right now so where else to do the people who've been displaced where else do they have to go then in syria. well you're
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absolutely right to highlight that because you know many of these people arrived in it live as a result of previous ceasefire gleek grievance that saw them being transported there often in those dreaded green buses that so many syrians know about and it's very difficult and then see where now because crossing over into turkey is not going to be an option for them they may have to go into one of the areas that is now controlled by either turkey directly or turkish backed forces in northern syria but this will be a very very tough for them they may not be welcomed in those areas and indeed there won't be any of the resources that they will need in them as well so one really has to think what are what is the international doing community doing about this because we're watching on our screens we're seeing the images of a tucked in a deliberate targeting a civilian infrastructure and. camps of displaced people and very little has been
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said or done a very little is being done in security council to try to stop this largely because of course it's divided and even turkey has said very little and indeed it would appear that they are telling some of their syrian groups that back them to to back off in any criticism because they're pretty much party to what's going on yeah pretty dire situation for civilians living in that part of appreciate your analysis on that for us chris and well joining us there from london. now the u.s. impeachment inquiry is heading towards a key moments with house democrats poised to press formal charges against president the house judiciary committee city to resume hearings in the coming out of the case
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centering around allegations withheld military aid to ukraine to pressure kiev into investigating his political rival joe biden the white house has said it will not participate in this week's hearings house speaker nancy pelosi ordering all ticals of impeachment against the president on thursday can be how he joins us now from washington so kimberly what can we expect from these hearings today given the fact that the the white house wants no part of it what we can expect that there are going to be a lot of clashes between democrats and republicans essentially have to now the republicans have been serving as the president's defense threw out the impeachment inquiry and we expect that to really ramp up today essentially what we've got here is a review going on of the findings of the house intelligence committees investigation and we expect that as democrats lay out each point republicans are expected to
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battle it every step of the way but what we will be seeing are the staff attorneys that's the attorney for the democrats as well as the republican side says lee presenting to the public but namely to the judiciary committee their conclusions of the findings of the investigation is sort of look at it in the context of knowing on the heels of the house speaker nancy pelosi on thursday saying she wants the articles of impeachment drafted that this is really the laying out of the charges against president trump what this means is that essentially this committee is assessing the charges knowing that there will soon be a vote on whether to impeach donald trump. and so then as far as the timetable looks right now they could be a full house votes on this perhaps by by christmas yet what we're looking at here is a pretty rapid timeline essentially we have the knowledge that there will likely be
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a vote potentially as early as next week in the house of representatives we know how that's going to go essentially along party lines and then it would go to the senate for a trial but there is a side drama going on today has them that we should talk about in all of this and that is another report that's coming out today from the department of justice this is the release after the inspector general looking into the origins of the russia investigation and this could really be some fodder for republicans who want to make the argument look this impeachment inquiry is politically motivated and so to potentially will this report say according to republicans that the investigation that russia investigation that consumed the 1st 2 years of donald trump's presidency they want to say that this was also politically motivated we haven't seen the results of that inspector general report just yet but expect that that could change the dynamics somewhat if republicans find that there's something in there they were looking for. all right for the moment kimberly how could life for
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us there in washington and as the prospect of impeachment charges loom over donald trump we'll take a look now at how the last 2 months have played out a televised public hearings began in the democrat controlled house of representatives in mid november some of the most explosive testimony came from lieutenant colonel alexander as the top ukraine expert on the national security council he listened into the phone call at the center of the inquiry he said trump made an improper demand by pushing ukraine to investigate political rival joe biden european union ambassador gordon someone was also told he believed military aid had been withheld from ukraine to pressure its government into investigating trump's rivals for special envoy to queen curve volcker was the 1st to testify behind closed doors when he spoke publicly said trump's personal lawyer rudy giuliani was feeding a negative narrative of ukraine frank bauman is a professor of law at the university of missouri school of law he previously served
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as a deputy district attorney joins us now from washington thanks very much for being with us so just give me an idea of their of what we've what we've heard and seen some heard and seen from these hearings so far what are you expecting today what should we be looking out for. well as your reporter said we're not going to have a presentation of any new evidence are not going to be live witnesses talking instead you're going to have lawyers some one for the democrats one of the republicans summarizing what we've heard in the past now that suggest that we're not going to hear any shattering new revelations in terms of facts but there are a couple things to watch for within the democratic caucus there is ongoing debate about the scope of any potential articles of impeachment there is one school of thought that the article should be restricted to matters relating to your crane
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interaction where mr trump did i think extort from or attempt to extort from ukraine announcement of investigations of his political rival joe biden. there's one school of thought that that that should be the pretty much exclusive focus of the articles of impeachment along perhaps with an article claiming obstruction of that investigation. by the house the other school of thought is that the in order to put place president trumps behavior generally into context that articles of impeachment ought to in some measure or another refer to at least portions of the report produced by special counsel bob mueller in particular those portions that are in the 2nd volume of his report that deal with obstruction of justice so you feel like that that the moola findings on the russian investigators should be included in this and it's not it should not be all about ukraine i mean it's
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interesting you say that because the democrats up to this point have no committed. to that but they've they've also not ruled it out. you know please don't misunderstand me i'm made no recommendation about what i think the democrats should do what i think it what i think is true is that within the democratic caucus. and within the democratic membership of the judiciary committee there has been ongoing debate about the scope of what they should do. maybe now if you ask me personally though obviously i don't get a vote i think my disposition would be to focus more on the matter of the of ukraine but i think what we're going to learn it to the extent there's anything to be learned from watching these hearings today one of them will be. trying to determine whether the democrats seem to be leaning for a narrow or for a broad. a broad scope of impeachment i think things can also be learned from
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watching what the republicans do candidly i think the facts that have been brought forward so far are so strongly against the president that one might expect republicans to concede some impropriety but nonetheless argue that perhaps it doesn't rise to the level impeachable conduct. but given the behavior of the house republicans so far what they may gauge is a kind of scorched earth approach where they try to claim that the case is it hasn't been proven at all or that frankly some of the facts just aren't facts or try to try to claim that the civil servants and who testified in this in this case before the intelligence committee are in some sense biased against the president so we're going to get a window into the republicans defense strategy good to get your a perspective on this frank baum and thanks so much my pleasure. are plenty more
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ahead on this news hour india's parliament is set to vote on a bill that threatens to alienate millions of muslims we'll have the details. damning evidence emerging a sudanese paramilitary group has stolen a large part of the nation's gold. and later in sport the 20 year old from slovenia who just broke one of michael jordan's records in the n.b.a. . i have a 1st police in new zealand say there is no sign of any more so following a volcanic eruption 5 deaths have been confirmed in the eruption on white island a popular tourist site of the country's north island police say at least 10 people remain unaccounted for a group of people believed to be tourists were seen near the crater moments before the eruption legislator's human 100 has more on one of new zealand's worst natural disasters in recent years. thick smoke and ash rises thousands of metres
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into the air as the white island volcano also known by its indigenous madi name as for caare erupts 50 kilometers off the coast of new zealand releasing toxic fumes of sulfur and chlorine. dozens of tourists were on the island. some seen walking on the crates of floor moments before the eruption police said more than 20 people managed to get off the island some in boats others including some of the injured by helicopter. full cannick ash is now hampering rescue is attempts to get to the island a number of other people have been taken to hospital removal hospital. a number of people have burns as a as a result of the eruption new zealand's prime minister has called for calm i know there will be a huge amount of consume and anxiety for those who have loved ones on or around
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the island at the time and i can assure them police are doing everything they can why thailand is located in the bay of plenty and has been active for at least 150000 years it's new zealand's largest and most unpredictable volcano erupting every couple of years releasing gas clouds steam and rocks the alert level was raised last month warning the volcano may experience a period of activity more than normal and it's not a particularly big eruption is is seed it was kind of. almost like a throat clearing kind of eruption and that's why material probably won't of made it to. what mike it might only in new zealand on the scheme of things for volcanic eruptions it's not large but if you're close to there it is of it's not good.
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emergency services say it's too early to confirm the number of injuries or deaths but there are fears of more fatalities were here mohammed al jazeera. is a journalist with news in for qahtani new zealand one of the closest towns to the volcano. originally the helicopters were managed to get close to the shore the boats. the paramedics to the island but they've now had to leave because of the ash there is a no fly zone for about 26 nautical miles around the island there's a 5 kilometer radius exclusion zone no one is around no one is allowed to break that zone until they are given the all clear from more thorough days which no one is happy about something because it's so heartbreaking to know that there are people still on that island and unaccounted for but simply they're not willing to risk any more lives at this stage no this island is not heavy heavy said that it's
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purely people visit it just for the experience of being on an active volcano it's usually sits at a level one alert risk and they are daily to was going the tourists international tourists but also local visitors coming and going out to see this incredible volcano that we have literally ferry ride away from so it's a very popular destination but what we understand is that the only people that are on me at the moment are those who were part of one of the total groups that leafed earlier today going on a trip of a lifetime and have not managed to get off there are movements the service is standing by waiting for the ash to clear. a thousands of protesters in india's capital have rallied against a controversial citizenship bill it's geared towards granting citizenship to goes fleeing religious persecution but it excludes muslims some say it is the governing hindu nationalist parties latest attempt at sidelining muslims in india the country's parliament is currently debating the proposed law the bills another
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setback for muslims of our state in the east many of them were recently declared stateless by a new census aimed at identifying those who migrated from neighboring bangladesh and shower water as more. monic john is relieved to be back home but remains haunted by the 4 years and 4 months she spent in every 10 sion center of foreigners tribunals which has the job of identifying illegal migrants sent her there. but monica insist she is an indian citizen and produces several documents to prove it she says she was born in india and her father and grandfather to the bottom of the books i distinctly remember those days in the detention camp how can i ever forget it was like i was inside a grave that's a space i had just that much. her neighbor that bibi says her husband died when she was in the detention center breaks down as she recalls not being allowed to attend
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his funeral. involves other people convicted of serious crimes are eligible for parole people sent to these detention centers are not i'm going to live a longer me they are. spent 3 years in a detention center because he says his name had been respected in a government document i don't want to do is hardly going to bring paul hill just a tiny gap between the beds so when we carried a bucket of water to go to the toilet and spilled even a drop of the convicts and beat us. the foreigners this tribunals have declared over 100000 people as illegal foreigners and sent to nearly a 1000 to languish in detention centers until they are deported but activists say no country can be expected to accept them because a large majority if not all are indian citizens of. nearly 2000000 people in assam are missing from a recently released list of indian citizens their fate will be decided by the
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tribunals judgements which are often criticised nearly everyone in these villages now has a well kept pile of documents to prove that they in fact are indian citizens but many here accuse the foreigners tribunals the 1st authority to determine their status of ordering wrongful detentions india's government is preparing to pass a citizenship amendment bill which would grant citizenship to hindu migrants but not muslims activists say the government intends to target the minority community they want to go toward india no man's land everywhere we go. we are innocent and we are trying to become. transformed from these 4 course. to the hard lesson well they haven't yet. wife of the atlantic john and i'm sure they are terrified as are many other muslims they think that while playing goalies who are hindu leave the sieved by the hindu majority indian government muslims will be systematically
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state less algebra al-jazeera assam india a sudan's powerful rapid support forces have been accused of stealing a large part of the nation's gold wealth the rights group global witness says the paramilitary group and its leader mohammed hyundai and the garlow may be a growing threat to sudan's fragile peace that are also known as him ed t. is said to be linked to 3 companies at the heart of our s.f. under one is a gold trading company and 2017 the rapid support forces seize control of a dollar for gold mines global witness says 2 other companies controlled by hand families are used to funnel money to and from the paramilitary group report also says they are a 7 bought a 1000 vehicles from dealers in the united arab emirates and the rights group says the group has an account under its own name in a subsidiary of an emirates bank the rapids of fort force is supposed to be
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controlled by sudan's military but according to global witness its funding is almost totally independent which you can't is a campaigner with global witness and one of the authors of the report he says action must be taken on the evidence against terrorists or. our report and our findings show that the rapid support forces have have a series of budget accounts they have from what we believe to be the front companies from from the documents that we've seen the funneling money to the sometimes to the tune of 11000000 and this seems to be very little oversight and scrutiny by the democratic civilian component of the government or even the sudanese armed forces itself it seems there is very little oversight and we believe that it's the done is really to be on a course for a peaceful transition it's essential to have this this oversight and accountability with the with the r.s.s. finances its sources of wealth how do you know this is vast amounts of money we're
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talking about here from natural resource industries and other of the sources but there's also a question for the international gold industry about how much of this gold is making its way into into international supply chains we know the bust majority's going through dubai and the emirates and that really seems to be the hope of a lot of this this business activity that has very little oversight and transparency. our gulf leaders are meeting in saudi arabia for the 40th session of the gulf cooperation council the 6 nation regional bloc a struggle to unite since 2017 when saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt imposed a blockade on qatar reports on whether this summit might offer a new beginning. for the 1st time in years there are signs that a diplomatic dispute that has paralyzed the gulf region may be easing that's according to statements made by a qatari foreign minister said. any during
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a conference in rome on friday we have moved from a stalemate to some progress where there are some talks. that took place between us and. specifically and saudi and we hope that this these talks would need. to are progress where we can see an end. to 4 of the core of the crisis. this is the last time gulf leaders put on a show of unity that was in riyadh in may 2017 a few weeks later saudi arabia u.a.e. behind an egypt cut diplomatic ties with qatar accusing it of funding extremism and building closer ties with iran qatar has repeatedly denied the charges and rejected a list of 13 demands by the blockade in countries which include closing a turkish military base downgrading ties with iran and shutting down the aisle to 0
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a media network. the u.s. has called on its gulf allies to and their feud fearing the rift might undermine its 1st to contain what it sees as iran's growing influence in the region the signs are they are but at the same time despite these 2 are momentous steps that have been taken over the past weeks we know that to know why. diplomatic initiatives have so far over the past 2 and a half years taken place with our robust u.s. diplomatic pressure in the background there have been signs of possible deescalation in recent weeks saudi arabia the u.a.e. and bahrain took part in a gulf football tournament held in doha reversing an earlier decision to boycott the band many are now waiting to see if the same effort and group ration will be in place too and the crisis that began in june 2017. 0.
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0 rights time for the weather now his negative how's it looking here in the gulf over the next few days well hasn't it's looking a little unsettling as you've got a fair bit of cloud around and some rain with sharing that wet weather around so that's good news for some but not all we're seeing some very heavy rainfall here to the northwest over my downpours here rather years with a brain as you had about 120 millimeters of rain is about the average for the entire year up in 17 is the average for this particular part of a man is you can see is altered in widespread flooding those rights are now in the process of clearing out of the way but another area cloud which just slide its way down towards bahrain towards us here in qatar actually stretches over towards riyadh as well so we've got some clouds making its way further south which in these was over the next couple of days eschews days picher looks like a wet one there will be some heavy downpours around maybe 30 or 40 millimeters of rainfall here in casa that will make us well little further south which in this was
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as we go on through were jews then on into wednesday and you can see wednesday could well be another wet day brightening up there to central parts of saudi arabia further north that's where the unsettled weather has been spilling in from is a fair amount of cloud around here as well that class can continue making its way south was and this was temperatures struggling whatever you do over the next couple of days they hasn't grabber brawly. thanks very much evidence still to come on al-jazeera i saw fighters are long gone from mosul but life is far from normal for the people in the northern iraqi city plus. i'm groban 1st see a walk in georgia where power is booming with river systems in danger of going bust. and later in sport heavyweight world champion anthony joshua reveals he had a health issue before his 1st defeat back in june. or
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. investigative journalism the world her this is a. global experts in discussion 3 times you got a deal and you disagree with the deal because of the terrible twos it was till it was brought to us when you looked at stories from. open your eyes to an alternative view of the world today you have to rethink pretty much everything thank you for talking to al-jazeera the great programs to inspire you on al-jazeera.
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again you're watching i just need a reminder of our top stories this hour in syria more than 18000 people have fled rebel held province within a 24 hour period syrian and russian government asterix have intensified despite a cease fire and ousted all the dozens of civilians have been killed. the u.s. impeachment inquiry into president trump is set to resume in just under an al of the house judiciary committee will review evidence before considering potential charges against later in the week. police in new zealand say there's no sign of any
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more survivors following a volcanic eruption 5 deaths have been confirmed in the eruption on white island a popular tourist site of the country's north on. turkey has sent more suspected eisel fighters and their families to their home countries this time to france 11 suspects have been deported joining more than 60 other foreign nationals who've been sent home by turkey since mid november most of them have come from france or germany germany but they have also been others from belgium australia and the us turkey. has been holding more than $1200.00 suspected i saw members in its prisons and in northern syria last month turkey announced that it would be ramping up its efforts to deport more i saw fighters tasha butler has more from paris on the agreement between turkey and for us back in november when the turkish government announced that it would be deporting some of these suspected eisel fighters that the french interior minister chris of the time confirmed that france would indeed
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receive them under an agreement that had been made back in 2014 between france and turkey so it was a different government before president might cause a government that's been very adamant that they do not wish to receive adult eisel suspects the french government says that they are open to receiving children minors but not adults now what normally happens though when suspects arrive here in france is that they are arrested as soon as they do arrive and that they then face the french justice system but as i said because the french government does not want to receive an adult suspects believing that they should be tried in the area where they committed their crimes they the relationship between france and turkey is probably going to be further strained by this and of course we've seen just recently how that has become increasingly tense last week emmanuel macross suggesting that turkey was taking unilateral decisions outside of nato rules at a nato summit in london and of course the turkish president has recently accused
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the french president of harboring terrorists because of a man or macro's meetings with kurdish groups it's been 2 years since i saw was defeated in iraq with the victory is overshadowed by the slow pace of reconstruction and lack of services in the north in mosul alone 14000 houses are badly in need of repair or 6000 must be rebuilt from scratch on a fault in reports from most. life is slowly returning to mosul's old city 2 and a half years after a devastating battle left in ruins some houses a finally being rebuilt dean's home was partly destroyed in an airstrike the damage was less than 60 percent and so he qualified for a rehabilitation project run by the united nations development program he's grateful for the support but blames the government for the slow pace of reconstruction and the lack of services i feel. we live in and just as our country
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is rich we have oil and can't displacing but it's not in the hands of the citizens why is it only their organization was coming to help you with their government i ask you who brought this failed corrupt government there are thieves who were put in power they didn't do anything for us and still the family is lucky to soon have a roof over their head some parts of the old city remain level to the ground the result of a relentless campaign of coalition airstrikes. the made an area is where i saw made its last stand in july 2017 and since then it has remained virtually unchanged the biggest obstacle is not just like a funding but also disagreement over how it should be rebuilt some officials want to open it up to private investment while others want to rebuild it in a way that preserves whatever is left of the spirit and the architecture of the old city residents whose houses have been completely destroyed are entitled to government compensation but less than 5 percent of the $33000.00 claims submitted
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in this province have been paid out so far this family lost their house in an airstrike since then they rented this rundown apartment in east mosul last year the government finally agreed to pay compensation but only a 3rd of what they paid to constructed just 5 years ago and even that money has yet to be processed. for them now when this paper was issued we were shocked we lost our house we lost the furniture and we cannot do anything and i understand there's no benefits to appeal it will cost them more money whatever they told me i will accept this is our fate. and then of us new gov the 3rd person to hold that post in just 2 and a half years admits the government made mistakes. the startling bureaucracy has affected the pace of construction yes the funds that we received are insufficient to meet the needs of the province but unfortunately many of these
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funds were also returned to state coffers because of bureaucracy. the mounting feeling of neglect is reminiscent of 2013 when thousands protested in mosul against corruption the government violently crushed the demonstrations paving the way for iceland's rise people are no less angry now but they say they are too exhausted simply trying to survive see one awful teen al-jazeera mosul. our security forces in iraq are enforcing a complete lockdown in the southern city of karbala checkpoints have been established an entrance is closed off to prevent people from entering or leaving the city people have been mourning a prominent activists who was shot dead late sunday after attending protests for him if they were critical of efforts to intimidate demonstrators taking part in anti corruption protests. our russian and ukrainian leaders are sitting down for
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peace talks for the 1st time since 2016 russian president vladimir putin and ukraine's one idea news are lenski will meet in paris to discuss ending the 5 year war in eastern ukraine thousands of people have been killed in a 1000000 have fled the region since russian backed separatists began a bid for independence zelinsky was elected in a landslide this year on promises of peace let's go live now to step vasant who is following this forests in power so step one is at stake then at the end after 5 years of conflict. well there's definitely a lot at stake it's been called the forgotten war in europe but for these millions of people in eastern ukraine it's of course a very real war every week people are still dying they're mostly soldiers so president selenski has promised peace european leaders michael and michael also want peace because this war has really seriously affected their relationship with
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russia also the trade relationship with russia and it seems president putin also want an end to this war because in russia it's a lot less popular than 5 years ago when this war started but president putin is known to be a very tough negotiator and of course he's much more experienced than zelinsky who is a new kid on the block he was a comedian before he became the president in june so it's going to be very tough very tough day here for an unskilled to get what you want to use on a lot of pressure in ukraine not to sell as people are accusing him sell the country to russia to surrender to russia so it's going to be a difficult and tough negotiation here for him and what deal is on the table then and at the moment what and what are the expectations. well the deal on the table is the minsk agreement in 2015 and recently it isn't not a version of it it's called a steinmeyer agreement which was signed by president selenski
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a couple of months ago basically what it means is that it paves the way for elections in the separatist a russian backed separatist territories in eastern ukraine and also a special status for this particular region but the main stumbling block here is that there are differences about the timeline ukraine wants elections only when the troops have been pulled out russia doesn't agree with that kind of timeline so that's something that seems there's not going to be a breakthrough on these very serious issues here what we are expecting is a very small break for maybe some small steps in this peace agreement maybe only a cease fire or another prisoner exchange that's also something that so once again is on the top of his agenda here all right for the mr vasant in paris force how the political crisis in lebanon is showing no sign of ending after a main contender for prime minister would drew from the race so i mean furtive says lebanon's top sunni religious authority backs the reappointment of former prime
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minister saad hariri he resigned in october after weeks of anti-government protests people are angry over corruption and sectarianism. israel is being accused of torturing a palestinian prisoner left in critical condition samir are being the worst being questioned about an attack in the occupied west bank they killed in israeli jails near the abraham went to meet samaras family in the occupied west bank i had a b. doesn't know exactly what happened to her husband after israel arrested him in september but 2 days after his arrest he was taken to hospital with kidney failure and 11 broken drips his lawyers say israel security agency the shin bet c. really tortured him that she bet all the jazeera that server said he didn't feel well during interrogation so they transferred him to hospital but didn't give more details. nudo was only allowed to see him once block to machines now she has more
4:43 pm
questions than answers how will it be and not to have. my daughter googled his name she thinks we're hiding information from her she asked me what does that mean that my dad is in a critical condition i told her these are all rumors and that he is strong oh. samaras relatives and loved ones say they only have prayers to offer this israeli military court rejected the request for an illegal to. the shin bet says he's behind an attack that killed 17 year old israeli woman danish nerved in august this is ready supreme court has outlawed torture in 1999 but it allowed the use of physical pressure in some cases during interrogation the aim was to get information they say could prevent future attacks but critics say that some of those measures amount to torture under this exceptional circumstances what's known as the necessity defense or the ticking bomb scenario if an interrogator uses certain
4:44 pm
methods he cannot be charged he's exempt from criminal prosecution. lawyer says he's been disabled since israeli security agents tortured him in 2005 he says he was forced to sit in a position where his spine was bent backwards for 3 days. because usually every time i felt unconscious they would wake me up check on me then handcuffed me again and bend my spine the handcuffs were made of iron and interrogators close them so charge of my hands but i felt like they were pressing on my nerves the marks is still there. you know i was released from jail after serving 26 months for helping wanted palestinians he filed a case listing his torture claims but with do it after he was later arrested without charge there israeli committee against torture says out of $1200.00 cases brought against the shin bet for torture not one has led to an indictment. the
4:45 pm
occupied west bank. leader aung sang suu cheney is headed to the un's highest court in the netherlands to defend her country against genocide charges the case filed by gambia on behalf of the organization of islamic cooperation comes up on chews day it accuses me n. ma of committing genocide against muslims or georgia is planning dozens of hydro electric power stations to boost the country's energy capacity but some communities are fighting back fearing the projects will damage the environment is robbing far. villages in eastern judea stage a sit in against plans to build a new hydroelectric power station on the potter river and it wasn't but we have water and they want to take it away this woman says the company building the project says the village will get its share of meter. but local lawyer tells me
4:46 pm
climate change is already affecting supply in march going to. the night sure we have now want to exist anymore over the past some of the water level was low and without enough moisture trees on the left bank started to dry out this is not my opinion there are studies on this issue. other communities are also taking action in april residents from nearby pankisi battled with police over another plant more than 50 people were injured. on the other side of the country instability campaigners oppose several large projects one of which would force more than 2000 people to move. higher power has less of a carbon footprint than fossil fueled power stations but studies show that even small hydro power plants disrupt the flow of rivers and damage ecosystems reservoir hydro power can have an even greater impact several new ones under construction
4:47 pm
this is the reservoir and hydroelectric power station it's one of the biggest in the country it was built in the 19 eighties and it's one of a number of soviet era plants that explain why today more than 80 percent of this country's electricity is generated by hydro power now the government wants many more new plants both big and small to meet growing energy demands. the government has been criticized for lacking a robust energy strategy to justify all that construction i asked the economy minister if 119 projects which who made the figures that you are talking about a mainly consist of this small fully match and hydro power plant where they are almost there all environmental sure when you say that almost 0 environmentally any
4:48 pm
plant which is bigger than it's acquired is to be studied very carefully and environmental and social impact assessment should be green campaigners say that didn't happen for this $187.00 megawatt plant heavy water from 3 rivers was diverted one study found its construction destroyed $93.00 hectors of natural habitat and damaged local fish populations the plant has been suspended tunnels which were built to divert water collapsed after. it began operating in 2017 we are also experiencing the problems in the big even small hydro power plant but despite the legislation requirements to do the proper assessments before starting constructions on one hand companies weighting them on another hand governmental decision makers are closing and just granting these permissions to the project the company which operates the plant was not available for comment but government and
4:49 pm
investors say that is an exception and that the impacts of move at a price. directly because there are communities like is still need convincing. first to work at al-jazeera in the republican. all right when we.
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
hello again time now for sport his santa thank you very much has a mo well the world anti-doping agency has banned russia from all sporting events for the next 4 years including the tokyo olympics and football well cup and cut up the country's also not allowed to host major events either why does executive committee made the decision and los on switzerland after russia was accused of tampering with the lab data specifically though it's russia's flag anthem and team names are banned which means that russian athletes can still compete on their neutral flag if they prove they're clean this happened at the rio 2016 and in pics and winter games last year. but it's not known exactly how this would work for russia's football team russia hosted the last world cup but is likely now should they call if i focus on 2022 the players that would have to play on the neutral flag in the russian colors. the consequences include the banning of russia
4:52 pm
from the olympics palin picture and world championships are run by all code signatories for 4 years and dividing the russian host of russia hosting any of these major events within that time frame this is a ban against russia that protects the rights of russian us each allowing the re entry for major events to those that are able to demonstrate that they are not implicated in any way by the noncompliance. the decision is designed to punish the guilty parties and send a message that it will not be tolerated it stands strong against those who cheated this system protecting those who did not russia was afforded every opportunity to get its house in order and to rejoin the global anti doping community for the good of its assets and for the integrity of sport but it chose
4:53 pm
instead a different route well andy our sports correspondent here weddings that broke down exactly what why does this isn't means going forward. they actually doesn't change much but it is of course of huge significance wilder's executive committee the world anti-doping agency was always likely to take on board what had been recommended by the investigations by the compliance committee the saw there was still this problem with russian data still beyond the suspicion evidence the lab samples have been tampered with that the russians were refusing to comply and therefore there was very little option but for them to recommend for russia and water of course needed to put this plan in place but it's the politics that then comes into play that is crucial in this with all of these major events coming up including of course the olympics in tokyo next year what are we likely to say again we're likely to say neutral athletes from russia but that will comprise
4:54 pm
a huge amount that are perceived to be clean and people will effectively know that that is russia's total what's missing is the flag the anthem the people now that is russia competing where i think it becomes more intriguing is the hosting of events will that koz russia problems will they have by age or events taken away in most instances the cut the answer might be no including euro 'd 2020 with the matches in some papers but because you wait for european football's governing body are not signed up to the water code so there are loopholes and ways out of this for russia even more intriguing i think is what will happen about the world cup in qatar 2022 with the qualifiers that will start a year or 2 ahead of that you could find yourself in a possible position of having neutral team from russia playing in the qualifies and that's what the main leaders in world sport want because they don't want to completely ostracize russia and that in itself is extremely controversial. or to
4:55 pm
the n.b.a. basketball dawn chica has broken a longstanding record held by michael jordan the dallas mavericks star made it 19 games in a low with at least 20 points 5 rebounds and 5 assists that beat jordan who had 18 in a row don chick broke the record and their defeat to the sacramento kings is only 20 years old and from sort of a near but no player has done a better since the n.b.a. and american basketball association merged in 1976. also on sunday night the philadelphia 76 has improved to 12 wins and no losses at home this season tobias harris scored 26 points as they beat the toronto raptors by 6 the raptors are the defending n.b.a. champions but they've now lost 3 straight games. heavyweight champion anthony joshua has revealed he had a health issue before his fist fight who 1st fight it with and do with just be
4:56 pm
true is on saturday to reclaim his titles but back in june the mexican inflicted his 1st defeat as a professional knocking him down 4 times just didn't say exactly what the problem was but says it left him drained and required an operation ahead of the rematch. now to some spectacular action from a round 4 of the ski jumping will cup a series it was held in nice in russia and austria has to find a craft still to show in the large hill event with this huge jump. he went 134.5 meters and that was enough to secure his 1st win of the season 2017 champion jumps up to 2nd in the overall rankings. over ad beavercreek in the us american tommy for the claimed his 1st ever world cup a win and the giant slalom he'd never been on the podium before but becomes the 1st
4:57 pm
u.s. men's racer to win the giant slalom on home snow since ted ligety in 2014. and finally it looks like santa claus is going to town white beards and the red suits dominated the slopes this sunday river ski resort in maine united states hundreds of santa turned up poor good cause participants took part in the 19th edition of this annual charity fund raising event which helps support local education and recreation programs. and that's when we'll have more later on wood fire but for now it's back to hasn't thanks very much santa that's it for this news hour but i'll be back in a couple of minutes with more of the day's news and a live proceedings from washington on the impeachment inquiry.
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on counting the cost $48.00 trillion dollars to save the planet can call the trading bring big polluters to heel silicon valley of the algorithms that discriminates against women and people of color plus putin shown by the west completes his pivot to the. counting the cost on al-jazeera. the un published the most comprehensive study of life on. they found 1000000 species face extinction that's more than 12 percent of known life on. while on track to destroy the much oil infrastructure of which a world that had the report identifies the 5 main drivers of this because crisis fast the way we use and abuse all politics was always says 75 percent of the labs and to the marine environment have been severely altered by human activity exploitation of species through over fishing and hunting climate change caused by
4:59 pm
a greenhouse gas emissions pollution and finally the house a creek tom a local ecosystems by invasive species. reports both to say the decline can be slowed even stopped in some cases but to do that we must transform our relationship with. a still real. family and free to go into my living years or you are out skiing you heard the sound of large explosions. and the hardships faced in captivity they came for me a midnight they told me to leave my son i said how can i assume i saw so much pain in the eyes of the other female prisoners in the our pricing. just 0. i really felt liberated as a journalist because you're going to the truth as i would love for this job.
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alone welcome you are watching special live coverage of the latest stage of the impeachment hearings into u.s. president donald trump and his white house team are accused of withholding aid to ukraine in exchange for its investigation into trump's political rival and current democratic presidential candidate joe biden today lawyers from the democratic and republican sides will be presenting their case for why trump should or should not be impeached based on.


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