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i device exploded as you try to diffuse it i was aware of the danger of seeing friends wounded while working on mine so i wasn't scared to lose an arm or a leg is a sucker for us we have to like this country. u.s. congressional investigators present arguments for and against the impeachment of president donald trump over his datings with ukraine. live from london also coming up tens of thousands flee it live as russian and syrian government forces escalate as strikes in barrel bombings on the rebel held province. the leaders of russia and ukraine face each other for the 1st time to try to find a way out of 5 years of war. police in new zealand say they do not expect to find
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any more survivors from a volcanic eruption that has killed at least 5 people more remain missing. who begin in the u.s. where democrats say evidence from the impeachment inquiry into president donald trump showed his actions present a clear danger to fair elections and national security republicans have countered by saying democrats don't have enough evidence in their case to impeach trump trump is accused of withholding military aid to ukraine in exchange for an investigation into his political rival and current democratic presidential hopeful joe biden. 2 days ago president trump stated publicly that he hopes that his personal attorney rudy giuliani will report to the department of justice and to congress the results of mr giuliani's efforts in ukraine last week to pursue these false allegations
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meant to tarnish vice president biden president trump's persistent and continuing effort to coerce a foreign country to help him cheat to win an election is a clear and present danger to our free and fair elections and to our national security this case in many respects comes down to 8 lines in a culture and script let me say clearly and unequivocally that the answer to that question is no the record in the democrats' impeachment inquiry does not show that president dr abuse the power of his office or obstructed congress to impeach a president who's 63000000 people voted for over 8 lines in a call transcript is boni. as cannot seem i can and washington so remind us what the process underway in washington is but what's happening at the moment now is the judiciary committee of the house which is tosk withdraw the articles of impeachment
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is hearing evidence from all of the committees within the house today it was the intelligence committee expressing its findings during its weeks of investigation into this matter what then happens is that the judiciary committee continues to hear various points of view from committees in the house it will then sit down and begin to draft those articles of impeachment we do not know how many articles they could be 2 to 4 perhaps but certainly this is now the process that we are going to be seeing the judiciary committee getting every last little shred of evidence out before it begins formally drafting the articles of impeachment and what's the timeline not impeachment. well democrats in the house are pretty sure certain that they want to get it done as quickly as possible they are talking about days in which the articles of impeachment could be drawn up they looking at a vote in the house happening before christmas this is an expedited timeline
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although this investigation has been underway by various committees and various branches for a long period of time it still seems to be moving very quickly at this particular point could be as soon as by the end of the week that the the articles of impeachment will be drafted up before christmas as i said a vote in the house so this is moving very quickly indeed but very clearly the democrats are insistent that they want to see this move fast they do not want to get into a situation where it drags out they could have gone off to other evidence which has been blocked by the courts or by trump's injunctions to the courts they've decided not to do that to go with what they've got and to do it as quickly as possible and how much of people are actually watching all this people at home. that's a very good question that has the initial impeachment hearings televised did attract a lot of attention certainly a tad track to
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a lot of media coverage but that has dissipated to an extent in terms of viewership in the day is that have passed you've had scenarios for example where you've got 4 law professors sitting before the congressional committee explaining the very arcane concepts of constitutional law and justifying reasons for the impeachment or non reasons for the impeachment of president trump so certainly this has tested the viewer to a certain extent but the fact that it is taking place in public the fact that it is a transparent process is very important to those seeking to impeach president trying to put to rest the accusations of them operating behind closed doors in some opaque way that leaves out any of those seeking to defend president trump from the process mike hanna thank you very much indeed. staying with us politics and the f.b.i. has been cleared of political bias and investigation involving the president and the justice department internal watchdog says it's found no evidence of political
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bias in the opening of an investigation into contacts between donald trump's presidential campaign and russia in 2016 the inspector general says the f.b.i. probe was opened on a legitimate and properly authorized basis. we are chumps described monday's impeachment hearing as a hoax and said the justice department's internal report was an attempted overthrow of the government it's a disgrace what has happened. with respect to the things that were done to our country it should never again happen to another president it is incredible far worse than i would have ever thought possible. and it's it's an embarrassment to our country it's dishonest it's it's everything that a lot of people thought it would be except far worse. was just more stories coming out of washington with harriet and he's a former u.s.
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deputy assistant attorney general joins us live from washington d.c. thanks for being with us on this the report what do you think was the surprising and until bit. you know i don't think it was particularly surprising it was always sort of farfetched and incendiary to suggest that there was some kind of j. edgar hoover style spying of the trump campaign what the story seemed to be and what it turned out to be was there was credible information they require the opening of a counterintelligence investigation something that had the f.b.i. not followed through on they would have been quite derelict and that's what the inspector general found happened at the same time we found the failure to cross certain teaser dots certain eyes but you know in fact the story turns out to be that actually the what you would expect to happen with the federal bureau of investigation in fact did happen and that the suppositions to the contrary were
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just sort of you know the stuff of fantasy so the attorney general william barr has said quote general's report now makes kid that the f.b.i. launched an intrusive investigation and the u.s. presidential campaign on the finish to suspicions that in my view were insufficient to justify the steps taken why would he say something like that if the if the report does. kind of exonerate the f.b.i. for night. why indeed you know it's a very unusual to be contradicting the inspector general who is supposed to be independent and i think the characterization of what the chief is really you know a little bit tendentious i mean the headline here is clearly that the id didn't find what trump and his champions had hoped for and so the use of the words of sort of intrusive and the like. seem seem to be slanted but also
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again he has said before that he thinks there's something amiss there he repeats the again in this kind of conclusory way we don't exactly know what he means but he's obviously believes there's some modicum of evidence pointing toward a more sinister story than the than the i.g. does and it's simply a mystery what he's referring to did you go back to the impeachment hearing that we had today we've had the democrats you know saying that the evidence is overwhelming in his opening statement and we've had republicans noise saying simply no clear evidence so it can completely polarized view of what actually happened when just how does the hearing we had today actually take us in the in the process of impeachment. well it takes us a few steps down the road but no closer to any kind of actual bipartisan action and that you know that is the parties are entrenched in the views you say you might
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have thought after the fortnight of evidence we've received that the republicans would be saying things like maybe the president should have acted this way but impeachment is is severe but they actually are staring in the face what seems like a monolithic collection of evidence and saying that it's that it's inconclusive and if that's going to be their attack then really there will be no sort of debate joined and it'll simply be to each party to state its case and never the twain shall meet harriet and thank you very much indeed for your time we appreciate you being with us on the edge there thank you. syrian activists say more than 18000 people have been displaced in rebel held province in just 24 hours syrian government and russian asterix have intensified despite a cease fire announced by moscow in august dozens of civilians have been killed
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than a smith reports he was there was a marquee tailor in this southern italy village when the strikes began. did you know they were russian jets according to the syrian observatory for human rights. volunteer white helmet her medics are there within minutes to do what they've done thousands of times during the civil war trying to save the lives of civilians there are scrubbing through the dirt by hand i don't know when you know anything using machinery could displace more rubble she day she said she was that is what i did feel somehow this man is still a large. muslim and a player. intensive airstrikes by jets targeted the main market the airstrikes killed at least 8 civilians and left dozens injured as civil defense we took out the bodies and help the injured. by leon was one of 5 villages hit by syrian government forces in italy province in the last 48 hours this territory is the last
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holdout of groups opposed to president bashar al assad russia which supports assad and turkey which backs the rebels had agreed in august that this would be a deescalation zone but attacks of continued since then. more than $18000.00 people have been displaced since sunday as a consequence of the latest bombardments most had north towards the turkish border worsening an already desperate refugee situation there. bernard smith al-jazeera. talks underway in paris between the leaders of russia and ukraine meeting between that amir putin over not only as a lenski brokered by the leaders of france and germany is aimed at ending the 5 year conflict in eastern ukraine creating official say among the demands are a lasting cease fire in the region and the exchange of prisoners. and i'm not a step fasten in paris so what's come out of those talks.
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well we have yet to hear law and it's a big 8 hours now since the talks started here at dealey say and the talks have finished we've heard also the dinner between the 4 leaders has has finished already and we're waiting now to hear what has come out of the meeting but nothing a formal yet informally there have been some reports about what has been decided and it's sort of what has been expected a prisoner swap according to the russian news agency interfax has been decided here in paris there was a prisoner swap between ukraine and russia in september already that was the 1st one well there will be probably not one as well no sign of any ceasefire that was another thing that the president's alinsky very much wanted to achieve here but all the bigger things the status of the russian backed territories in eastern ukraine
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nothing has come out of that looks like it also about a timeline for elections in these territories and also the status of special status for this region that was supposed to be in the agreement as well there was a lot of sensitivities about it especially about the new control over the border in eastern ukraine selenski said ukraine should have control over the border when these elections were going to be held and all the armed troops backed by russia should have left that area probably to has not been any. result on that issue here in paris and what is always mean for the people in eastern ukraine. well at the moment they are still suffering the cease fire agreements are always violated nearly every day they're still shelling so really they want peace and really they want of
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a serious cease fire so if these talks basically have 2 more trust between the 2 nations between ukraine and russia and zelinsky and put in that at least that would be something of progress especially for the millions of people there who are still suffering not only because every week people are still killed there but also economically a lot of people have left millions have left the area and it's basically a ghost ghost town i was there a couple of weeks ago and life is nearly dat in that area so everything that would lead to more trust between the 2 sides would be an improvement already stephanie thank you very much indeed. what challenges there are more to come including a controversial citizenship bill in india which excludes muslims is passed through the 1st day just condiment. british politicians begin last minute campaigning to win over undecided voters before thursday's general election.
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hello the heat is still very much in place across much of australia there's also want to showers on their way slightly further to the south into tasmania and quite a bit of cloud just really a clipping areas all the victoria so as we go through the heat is continuing 36 celsius in sydney this will not help the fire as the wind is a fairly strong as well and there's no sign of rain at the moment but that is actually set to change meanwhile into western australia 34 degrees celsius in perth on tuesday getting even warm by wednesday 38 and that of course is 100 degrees fahrenheit but it does by then begin to cool off a little bit across the eastern areas it's still very warm there through the interiors attempt is that well above these coastal figures and we should tools and
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we begin to see some rain into that so east coast to sydney and up into southern queensland meanwhile we have welcomed their way across by thousands of new zealand it's a cloudy day for the most falls into cross church on tuesday and then it should be feeling warm wednesday and by then we just parsing through the north on a but it's mostly dry for both days and then we had up towards the japan and again here we will some mostly dry weather conditions and rain is off to the east which is not see bad. on its way but dry in tokyo 40. i mean green bacteria in a bridge. gate be. and
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one of the top stories just there yes democrats say evidence from the impeachment inquiry into president donald trump should his actions present a clear danger to fair elections and national security republicans say there is not enough evidence to impeach trump over his dealings with ukraine. the leaders of russia and ukraine are meeting in paris talks brokered by the leaders of france and germany are aimed at ending the 5 year conflict in eastern ukraine. the syrian activists say more than 800000 people have been displaced in rebel held province in
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just 24 hours syrian government and russian air strikes have intensified. 5 people have been killed and 8 others i'm missing after a volcanic eruption off new zealand eastern coast a minister just in order and says new zealanders as well as tourists from australia the u.s. u.k. china and malaysia are among those affected where a child's house will. rise as thousands of meters into the air is the white island volcano also known by its indigenous maori name for a car erupts it's 50 kilometers away but the toxic cloud of sulfur and chlorine can be seen from the mainland. 34 people managed to get off the island some in boats others including some of the injured by helicopter volcanic ash is now hampering rescue was attempts to get to the island 47 people went on to the oil and. we can
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never forget under so east. 31 currently in hospital through the i. still missing in 3 had been discharged from hospital. new zealand's prime minister has talked to the rescue missions i want to acknowledge the courageous decision made by feast responders and those pilots who in the immediate response if it's my day incredibly brave decision extraordinarily dangerous circumstances in an attempt to get people out as a result of the if it's a number of people we risk it from the island why it's island is located in the bay of plenty and has been active for at least 150000 years his new zealand's largest and most unpredictable volcano erupting every couple of years releasing a gas cloud steam and rocks the alert level was raised last month
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a warning that the volcano may experience a period of activity more than normal and it's not a particularly big eruption is it's seed it was kind of. almost like a throat clearing kind of eruption and that's why material probably won't have made it to my new zealand what mike it mainly in new zealand on the scheme of things from volcanic eruptions it's not large but if you're close to it is of this not good. emergency services haven't confirmed whether any of the missing a still alive but reconnaissance flights haven't yet found any signs of life or retellings al-jazeera. turkey says it's deported 11 french nationals who are suspected iso fighters returning them to france turkey's interior ministry announced the deportations on monday without providing details of the suspects last month turkey stepped up efforts to be repatriated suspected foreign are some
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members of move that's caused friction with nato allies within 64 nationals have been sent home since mid november turkish president richard pryor at one says his country and libya can conduct joint exploratory operations in the eastern mediterranean sea the comments follow the signing of a controversial maritime agreement last month that led to greece expelling its libyan ambassador greece cyprus and egypt say the deal breaches international law by allowing turkey and libya to operate in contested waters but turkey says it's legal and it could also expand operations to the black sea or international waters . france will host an international conference on wednesday aimed at resolving the political and economic crisis in lebanon the country has been without a functioning government since the end of october when prime minister saad hariri quit over major and to government protests demonstrations are continuing with calls for those still in power to step down under lebanon's power sharing system and
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a new prime minister must be a sunni muslim. in india a controversial citizenship bill has passed through its 1st stage in parliament the proposed law is geared towards granting citizenship to those fleeing religious persecution but it excludes muslims some say is the governing hindu nationalist parties latest attempt at sidelining was limbs in india and chopra reports from new delhi. ali says his wife committed suicide while he was being held to tension center accused of being an illegal migrant he says his son lost his shop because of the stigma attached to being a member of what's considered to be an outside his family and that he himself is often so depressed he thinks he may have lost his mind up there in front of a current didn't properly know a current life in the detention center was very hard. to get the names of
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both ali and his son are missing from the national register of citizens a list of who is and isn't an indian in the state of. many other muslims are also worried they may be forced into state lessness. especially as the indian government takes the citizenship amendment bill through parliament. the bill says that hindus christians sikhs jayne's booties and parsis who faced religious persecution in afghanistan pakistan and bangladesh should be granted indian citizenship but it excludes muslims their moral duty of the. to provide. it. they were not really given a place in india then where will they go this is. the thousands gathered to protest against the bill in several states in india describing it as a discriminatory legislation intended to talk of. the bill is intrinsically linked
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to the national register of citizens analysts say as the indian government makes it mandatory for all indians to register it off as muslims no protection it is unacceptable not only because it is in the minority not only because it gets most libs not only because it is unconstitutional but because it is against the video id often. members of opposition parties have accused the government of polarizing the people many political analysts politicians and those who oppose this government want to know why this bill that's meant to protect was accused of minorities does not include muslims really the man they say citizenship on the basis of religion is taking any other step too far from being a secular state and closer to being made into nation. however some hindus are also against state. father was detained and accused of being an illegal migrant he fell ill in a detention center and died but his son wants his father's dignity restored not
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because they were religiously persecuted bengali hindus from bangladesh but because they are indian. al-jazeera you are campaigning for votes in the u.k.'s general election isn't in the final stages ahead of thursday's poll from minister boris johnson told a fish market campaigning in a labor held seat in the north east of england while a mini to jeremy coburn addressed crowds in bristol funding for the country's health service dominated discussion on monday that johnson criticised for his response to the treatment of a young boy who was left sleeping on a hospital floor. of b.c. i want everybody to have the best possible experience in the n.h.s. and that i think i have every possible sympathy with people on the whole of the n.h.s. do a wonderful job i support the masses but we need to be pretty muddy we believe money in the city to do with as a country the tories have had no years to fund our n.h.s.
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properly. it's time to bring the regime join them on the electoral labor government is determined to fund our n.h.s. properly the world anti-doping agency has banned russia from all major sports events for the next 4 years this includes the olympics and football world cup but while there will be no russian flag or anthem the door is still open for russian athletes to compete any willingness explains. how to deal with russia is the problem won't support just cannot find a way to solve the world anti-doping agency wada has tried and failed to pave the way probably integration and off the continued subterfuge its executive committee voted unanimously to impose a 4 year ban on bhatia competing in and hosting major sports events this includes the time carolyn picks and the football world cup in qatar russia was afforded every opportunity to get yourselves in order to rejoin the global and to talking
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community for the good of the child seats and for the integrity of the sport but you've chosen stage a different route crucially this ban applies only to the russian flag on them until 9 meaning controversially russian athletes and teams can still compete under a neutral flag this was the case that the 2016 we olympics and winter games in pune chang last year it's not clear yet as to how this would work at the world cup should i qualify that same representing russia cannot participate but it's a most neutral is a mechanism put in place and neutral they can apply to support a neutral basis not just represents to suppression this won't satisfy waters athletes committee which believes only a blanket ban of all washing not that it's a problem that is now dragged on for more than 5 years straight back doping by russian emerged after there's such a winter olympics in 24 to effectively poisoning the guy names to show medal
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winning prowess on the president putin russia's doping authority has 21 days to appeal the lightest bond with the court of arbitration in switzerland because the head of research admits there are problems and is calling for reform just means that we need to change our approach there is no other way because we need to allow our athletes to live the filling lives in sport stop making life a nightmare for athletes. there are many in russian sports who don't welcome but as punishment yes there's a need to know the senior this is a biased decision a politically motivated decision in my opinion we the russian biathlon union and russian sports as a whole have contributed greatly to the anti doping program likely we took every test everything with our athletes have been checked all the way through and no concerns have been raised whatever happens in an appeal there are legal loopholes for russia to retiring rights to host events the already been agreed you wife is
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euro 2020 football games in some places but unlikely to be moved because she wife is not a signatory to the water car and while the slightest ban will remove some russian athletes from big events what cannot be removed is this is a special and distrust that will highlight the sport at the time carolyn picks and beyond li welling's al-jazeera. and our 10 are not in the top stories on our toes there is house judiciary committee has been formally receiving the investigative findings and the impeachment inquiry into president donald trump lawyers from the democratic and republican parties have been presenting their case the why should or should not be impeached based on recent testimonies and other evidence trump is accused of withholding military aid to ukraine in exchange for an investigation into a political rival the republicans say there's no evidence that trump abused his
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power but the democrats maintain the president's actions present a clear danger to u.s. national security 2 days ago president trump stated publicly that he hopes that his personal attorney rudy giuliani will report to the department of justice and to congress the results of mr giuliani's efforts in ukraine last week to pursue these false allegations meant to tarnish vice president biden. president trump's persistent and continuing effort to coerce a foreign country to help him cheat to win an election is a clear and present danger to our free and fair elections and to our national security staying with u.s. politics and the f.b.i. has been cleared of political bias in an investigation involving the president the justice department's internal watchdog says it's found no evidence of political bias in the opening of an investigation into contacts between donald trump's presidential campaign and russia in 2016. police in new zealand say they do not
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expect to find any more survivors after a volcanic eruption off the country's eastern coast at least 5 people were killed on white island and 8 others still unaccounted for talks have been underway in paris between the leaders of russia and ukraine at the meeting between vladimir putin and for them is events key brokered by the leaders of france and germany was aimed at ending the 5 year conflict in eastern ukraine which is there to the deaths of thousands of people there's a top stories there do stay with us techno is up next looking at how science can turn carbon dioxide into something useful that's it for me in the team there nandan 4 news after that from doha life enough. to 0 where ever you.
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