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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 10, 2019 6:00am-6:34am +03

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reimagining plastic. on al-jazeera. reports suggest democrats in the u.s. house of representatives have agreed to present 2 articles of impeachment against president trump that will be unveiled later on say. hello welcome to al-jazeera live from doha i'm dennis also coming up the presidents of ukraine and russia agree on another cease fire but there's still more to be done to end the 5 year conflict that's claimed 14000 lives. celebrations in argentina ahead of the official return of the peronist party plus. know what
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that would be boycott. this is crazy. stuff that's called. the man who inspired the ice bucket challenge that went global and raised hundreds of millions of dollars for medical research has died. but 1st new ripples coming from the usa the democrats in the lower house of congress have decided to present articles of impeachment in their bid to remove president trump from office and this follows what was expected to be the last public hearing before the articles are announced and go live to mike hanna now our correspondent who's in washington so we understand them from these reports mike that there are 2 separate articles in of impeachment that the democrats feel will
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lead to my success. indeed yes so what's happened is that a nancy pelosi the speaker of the house has met with the committee chairman from the house in the course of the evening it has been decided that there will be a formal announcement as to what the impact articles of impeachment are in coming hours however you washington post an associated press report quoting officials associated with the democrats saying that there will be 2 articles of impeachment one will be an abuse of power article the 2nd will be an obstruction of congress article now if these reports are indeed correct this would indicate a very narrow form of impeachment focusing on the telephone call to the ukraine and president trump alleged to terms a to use political leverage or economic leverage to get political information on an opponent in the 2020 election the obstruction of congress clause would pertain to
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the white house's attempts to have nothing to do with the investigation into that phone call and into president trump's actions regarding the campaign its refusal to provide witnesses to provide interviews or documents that congress had subpoenaed so these are the 2 articles according to several officials that will be announced formally in the course of coming hours that will be the articles of impeachment against president trump all right mike and desist does this also the timetable the date by which we can expect this to be moved to the senate and there will be an impeachment trial. well the fact that they've already apparently agreed on these articles of impeachment would appear that this is going according to that very expedited timetable that the democrats have been wanting in other words one could expect a vote in the judiciary committee as soon as thursday they would vote on the actual
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impeachment clauses that would be followed then by a full floor vote in the coming week so that would be before christmas on the articles of impeachment where the house would recommend that these in articles of impeachment go ahead that for then lead to early in the new year a trial taking place in the senate under the chairmanship of the chief justice so it would appear that if indeed these articles have been agreed on the 2 separate articles then this is going to be a pretty speedy process in terms of getting it through the house it's going to take a lot longer once it hits a trial and if it hits a trial in the senate marty mike thanks for that mike hanna our correspondent live in washington well more now on monday's public hearing of the house judicial committee from another of our correspondents in washington heidi joe castra. fireworks inside of monday's impeachment hearing likely to last before the house
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judiciary committee draft articles of impeachment came not just from protesters but also republican members committed to showing that they believe the proceedings against trump are a sham. schedule not to consider major ruling if the order to appeal to men was going to try to overturn the results of an election were not elected to the gentleman and the witnesses were attorneys for both parties and though the facts were the same that trump froze military assistance to ukraine then asked its president to launch investigations into trump's political opponents the interpretations of those facts couldn't be more different president trump used the power. hours of government for a domestic political airing to put his political interests above that of the nation and each a president whose $63000000.00 people voted for over 8 lines in a call transcript is boni it's unclear who the lawyers are trying to convince
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members of the house judiciary committee made up their minds long ago along party lines democrats hold the majority and will draft articles of impeachment likely by next week if the president puts himself before the country evaluates a president's most basic responsibility he breaks his oath to the american people if he puts himself before the country in a manner that threatens our democracy and our oath our promise to the american people requires us to come to the defense of the nation trumps attorneys declined an invitation to attend the hearing signaling deliberately defend the president before the senate in a likely trial in january and it's a disgrace to our country that's not how things republicans hold the senate majority which means that obviously a conviction in the sun will fall well short of the 2 thirds requirement to remove president trump from office and i think you would likely expect that it would be entirely a partisan vote outside the ivory domes of the u.s.
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capitol polls show the american public is also strongly divided by party voters who identify as democrats strongly support the impeachment republicans are strongly opposed that about split the population evenly in halves with opinions unchanged since the beginning of this impeachment inquiry republicans say trump spate should be decided by the people in next year's elections but democrats say because trump is accused of soliciting foreign interference in those very elections he must be held accountable now heidi joe castro al-jazeera washington. a u.s. what's says it's found no evidence of political bias in the f.b.i.'s investigation of connections between president donald trump's presidential campaign and russia but the u.s. justice department did find a number of areas in how the f.b.i. handled the inquiry al-jazeera as patty culhane reports. it's been a bit of
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a mantra from the u.s. president trying to discredit the investigation into his campaign's potential collusion with russia there was absolutely spying into my campaign to go a step further in my opinion it was illegal spying unprecedented spying now this report from the justice department's inspector general says it wasn't that the investigation was launched with credible information and that the people behind it did not have political bias or improper motivation a headline heralded by democrats. i think there's spying did occur but the head of the justice department the attorney general william barr is dismissing that conclusion sending out a statement writing the inspector general's report now makes clear that the f.b.i. launched an intrusive investigation of a u.s. presidential campaign and the thinnest of suspicions that in my view were
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insufficient to justify the steps taken the report says the f.b.i. did make mistakes agents withheld a lot of information about carter page a trump aide when trying to get surveillance on him approved that's something the president and his allies are focusing on instead this was an attempted overthrow and a lot of people were in on it. and they got caught they got caught red handed i look forward 'd to the durham report which is coming out in the not too distant future it's got his own information which is this information plus plus plus the president disregarding what the report actually says pinning his hopes on the next one a u.s. attorney has been tasked to prove what the president says is true even though this one after reading a 1000000 documents and interviewing 170 of the key people involved insist it isn't patty calling al-jazeera washington. russia and ukraine if agreed to implement
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a cease fire in. eastern ukraine by the end of the year russia's president met the new ukrainian leader in paris for their 1st formal talks fighting in eastern ukraine between moscow back separatists and ukraine's army has killed almost 15000 people within the last 5 years natasha butler reports but. ukraine's recently elected president was greeted by french president emmanuel my crawl at the lease a palace selenski flashed a peace sign as he prepared to meet vladimir putin for the 1st time the russian leader arrived shortly afterwards for talks aimed at paving the way to peace in eastern ukraine. outside the lease a police tackled and putin protesters while inside macro and german chancellor angela merkel sat down to mediate the full selenski and putin met one on one after nearly 9 hours of talks the leaders agreed to a cease fire by the end of 2019
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a prisoner swap and to hold another summit in 4 months but there was little common ground on eastern ukraine future putin wants a special status for the don't pass region led by russian backed separatists. to synchronize the negotiation process with political settlement 1st of all it means amendments to the constitution that will ensure a special status to donbass on constant terms need to prolong the agreement of specials that this of several regions of the issued have constant character as agreed in the minsk accord selenski made it clear that he would not compromise ukrainian sovereignty. i want to establish the principles that i'll never violate as ukraine's president and that the ukrainian people would never accept the federal laws ation of ukraine is impossible ukraine is a sovereign state. more than 13000 people have been killed in the 5 year war in
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eastern ukraine between government forces and russian backed fighters close to the front line wary residents in the city of donetsk said they were cautious about the talks. most of the things should be decided through negotiations and not through war i see the world like this and we should be stopped because it is difficult to live here it is difficult morally and psychologically we need peace and tranquility to. this some it's been a delicate balancing act for all sides but particularly for. the former t.v. actor made ending the war in ukraine one of his campaign promises but he's been under pressure at home not to give in to russia's demands for months protesters have gathered in kiev to urge selenski to stand up to putin is more experienced rifle as a volunteer more as words i'm not happy with president's actions on the international stage at the moment i do not understand why he went to the normandy summit and what he can bring back which the french president called the conflict in ukraine an open
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wound on the european continent the summits may not have offered any major breakthroughs but the fact that putin and selenski had agreed to come together at all was seen as progress and a step to building trust with al-jazeera paris. we've got a lot more to come here it is here including the world anti doping agency hans rusher a 4 year ban from all major sporting events and we'll take you into the world of beauty pageants and tell you how 2019 has been a landmark here. hello there plenty of active weather across much of the united states and canada as we go through the next few days an absolutely massive cloud working its way eastwards so not surprisingly it has plans to weather wrapped up inside this will some cold air
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in place behind this system we've got a line of snow really just staying along the line of the appalachian mountains ahead of that we've got that mild air so that will be turning to rain we could have some heavy rain at times but just begin to look at these temperatures here through central regions of the u.s. and also into winnipeg that in manitoba in canada minus 19 minus 15 minus 21 in winnipeg on wednesday this is about 11 degrees below the average over these days time highs and minus 16 in minneapolis and again the average is minus 3 so really very cold conditions there's no doubt working its way across in the pacific northwest but just about staying clear wednesday further to the south into california so 14 celsius the high for you there in san francisco it sets. across much of the caribbean we have got one or 2 scottish as you can see them here working their way across into areas of the dominican republic maybe a few shiloh's just across into the leeward islands but for the most part it is fine and dry for the next couple of days on cool still very nice 30 celsius in
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havana. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of all the lives. of the stories. providing the clips into someone else's work. the. do they all. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. witness on al-jazeera.
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right let's have a look then at the main stories hear it out there a new report from the usa the democrats in the house of congress also announce 2 articles of impeachment against president trump later on tuesday abuse of power and obstruction of congress and this fall is what is expected to be the last public hearing of the impeachment inquiry and house judiciary committee. the u.s. justice department has found no evidence of political bias by the f.b.i. when it opened an investigation into contacts between donald trump's presidential campaign and russia into the 16. and russia and ukraine have agreed to implement a full cease fire in eastern ukraine by the end of the year 14000 people have died in the 5 year long conflict. now a chilean military cargo plane has disappeared with 38 people on board the plane
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took off from the southern city of. a man's head. being a base in antartica a search and rescue team has been deployed. in the world anti doping agency has banned russia from all major sports events for the next 4 years this includes the olympics and the football world cup but the door is still open for some russian athletes to compete lee wellings explains. how to deal with russian dumping is the problem won't support just cannot find a way to solve the world anti-doping agency wada has tried and failed to pave the way probably integration and off the continued subterfuge its executive committee voted unanimously to impose a 4 year ban on competing in and hosting major sports events this includes the time carolyn picks and the football world cup in qatar russia has afforded every opportunity to get its house in order to rejoin the global and to talking community
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for the good of the child seats and for the integrity of the sport but it shows in stage a different route crucially this plan applies only to the russian flag on them until 9 meaning controversially russian athletes and teams can still compete under a neutral flag this was the case that the $26.00 team with a olympics and winter games in pune trying last year it's not clear yet as to how this would work at the world cup should they qualify that same representing russia cannot participate but i'd say most neutral if there's a mechanism put in place and neutral they can apply disappeared on a neutral basis not this represents to suppression this won't satisfy waters' own athletes committee which believes only a blanket ban of all washing not that it's a problem that is now dragged on for more than 5 years straight back doping by russia emerged after this such a winter olympics in 24 to effectively poisoning the guns to show medal winning
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prowess under president putin russia's doping authority has 21 days to appeal the latest bond with the court of arbitration in switzerland because the head of research admits there are problems and is calling for reform just means that we need to change our approach there is no other way because we need to allow our athletes to live the filling lives in sport stop making life a nightmare for athletes. there are many. who don't welcome water as punishment yes there is a new you know this is a biased decision a politically motivated decision in my opinion the russian biathlon union and russian sports as a whole have contributed greatly to the anti doping program likely we took every test everything our athletes have been checked all the way through and no concerns have been raised whatever happens in an appeal there are legal loopholes for russia to retain rights to host events the already been a great you wife is euro 2020 football games and some unlikely to be moved because
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she wife is not a signatory to the water and while this latest ban will remove some russian athletes from big events what cannot be removed is this is. the sport at the time carolyn picks and beyond. new zealand's prime minister has expressed her sympathy for the people caught up in a volcanic eruption on monday a tourist on a boat that was just off white island caught they are optional camera just seconds after it happened 5 people were killed 8 others still missing o.e. chalons. thick smoke and ash rises thousands of metres into the air is the white island volcano also known by its indigenous maori name for a car erupts it's 50 kilometers away but the toxic cloud of sulfur and chlorine can
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be seen from the mainland. 34 people managed to get off the island some in boats others including some of the injured by helicopter volcanic ash is now hampering rescue as attempts to get to the island 47 people. and. we can. under so east. 31 currently in hospital through that i think still. in 3 had been discharged from hospital. new zealand's prime minister has talked to the rescue missions i want to acknowledge the courageous decision made by 1st responders and those pilots who. if it's made a incredibly brave decision on extraordinarily dangerous circumstances in an attempt to get people out as a result of the if it's a number of people we risk it from the island why it's island is located in the bay
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of plenty and has been active for at least 150000 years he's new zealand's largest and most unpredictable volcano erupting every couple of years releasing gas clouds steam and rocks the alert level was raised last month a warning that the volcano may experience a period of activity more than normal and it's not a particularly big eruption is its seed it was kind of. almost like a throat clearing kind of eruption and that's why material probably won't have made it to. the white mike it mainly in new zealand on the scheme of things for volcanic eruptions it's not large but if you're close to it is of this not good. emergency services haven't confirmed whether any of the 8 missing a still alive but reconnaissance flights haven't yet found any signs of life or italians al-jazeera. government will appear before the un's top
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court to face charges of genocide against its very less than minority a military crackdown in 2017 falls more than 700000 of them to flee to neighboring bangladesh and the child filed this report. zahir ahmed lives all alone in the world's largest refugee camp home to a nearly a 1000000 drawing up people holding his eldest son he tells me how he lost 15 family members including his wife and 7 children all brutally killed by the me and my security forces in 2017. they took at least 20 people forced them inside a hut locked the door in a little hut on fire burning everyone inside somehow managed to escape the burning but they were instantly chopped death with machetes so much brutality many of them just yearn to live was.
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the case brought forward by gambia to the international court of justice will be the 1st international legal attempt to bring me and mark to justice over allegations of crimes against the. finally after much international diplomatic pressure gambia has been successful money bring him to face the international court we are grateful to gambia to make them face justice to me in my government has been persecuting us since 942. habiba lost practically her entire family in a single day all killed by me and my security forces recounting our story is like opening an all one that just doesn't seems to heal. security forces and local but this militants came with machetes and guns from every corner in our village a few of us led to a nearby forest others ran towards the river shore and stayed hidden 22 of my
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family members were shot and killed including both my parents and all my brothers and sisters every single rowing a refugee has a story of personal tragedy there's so many individual like habiba whose family members were killed by the security forces in myanmar don't want to return to me on my own without some sort of justice. myanmar authorities may deny charges are moderate arson and torture perpetrated by security forces but there are witnesses on the ground bearing testimony to the events that took place across the border. also of yours i do i don't have any peace of mind anymore when i shut my eyes i think of all of my family members those who were killed i want justice from the world. do you do these let me out it may take years before a ruling against me and maher is handed down by the international code but for here
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nothing can bring his dear ones back for him it's an endless journey of pain and agony. cox's bazar bangladesh. in the interior supporters of the peronist party is celebrating its return to power in the capital one aside many supporters dressed as ever peril the wife of the former president one had on his life in the musical. today's about welfare. elected president of the foreign ministry not to raise interest just hours away and we're here to kill the president told him when to end up with the people that gather here to read the cable they don't i'm one they don't argentina are strong. in the night he came in a way to prevent. social justice and we want to keep the people here say that they don't get the heart of terrorism that comes back to power here when i bet the farm
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on it and former president cristina fernandez de kirchner advice president look you know what. we peronist one social justice equality and an end to poverty unemployment and sovereignty above all else. heaven and here's the question but also here in this same that's a great threat families still might be there was a fair way party here with people who are afraid about what's coming next in argentina if somebody came to power with the promise of bring economic growth in this country but with that he's leaving when very high grade inflation i bet the farm on is it coming with a very big economic challenge and the possibility of default restructuring argentina it's going down and the real. play shows argentina us economy has been in recession somebody having a raise has been on the right as well inflation and that. part of me is going to be
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gone obvious main priorities. as being described as a seismic shift for the 1st time the winners of 4 major beauty pageants a black. the most recent to be crowned was. she was named miss universe she's the 1st black woman to win the competition in almost a decade earlier this year the winners of the top 3 other p.c. passions in the u.s. were all african-american planes fall is a beauty pageant consultant in the form a model and also she says these wins show there is a shift in traditional perceptions of peacey. this win was absolutely not a mental and this tells me and many of us in the pageant industry that definitely the perceptions about beauty about women women of color between our you know their complection the length of our hair the straightness are here i think all of this is
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starting to shift now and we're beginning to see this i mean just one right after the other after the other i think this is a very strong precedence that's been set most especially in this industry that is so surrounded by the aspect of external beauty what we're seeing now as young girls are able to look up and see women who look just like themselves i mean for myself over 30 years ago when i 1st got started in the pageant industry there weren't referring many women at all that looked like me so i was just really a dream and it seemed as though it was something that was unattainable but now we look at me see women with curly hair a bit with dark skin that well you know with with these features that aren't so if you you know if you will maybe what mommy here is traditional beauty what do young girls look at is they're looking and they're seeing a mirror image of themselves and i think it gives them a whole and not just hope that empty hope for empty pipe dreams but something that is absolutely more attainable i think this is incredible for young women of color
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young girls of color all across the world not just in the united states alone but in other countries and the man who inspired the global ice bucket challenge to raise millions for getting aids disease reset has died no matter what benoni do nominate him a boy guy i don't think this is crazy thanks. that's called. millions of people accepted nominations to be drenched with icy water and donates to charity peach freight sue was a former college baseball or led a determined fight against the disease a viral competition inspired raise 200000000 dollars he was 34 years old.
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to take a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera this morning there are new reports from the united states that say democrats in the lower house of congress will announce 2 articles of impeachment against president trump and choose say they are abuse of power and obstruction of congress this follows what's expected to be the last public hearing of the impeachment inquiry by the house judiciary committee mike hanna has more from washington if these reports are indeed correct this would indicate a very narrow form of impeachment focusing on the telephone call to the ukraine and president trumps alleged to terms or to use political leverage or economic leverage to get political information on an opponent in the 2020 election the obstruction of congress clause would pertain to the white house's attempts to have nothing to do with the investigation into that phone call and into president trump's actions regarding the campaign the u.s.
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justice department has found no evidence of political bias by the f.b.i. when it opened an investigation into contacts between donald trump's presidential campaign and russia and 2016 but the justice department did find a number of errors in how the f.b.i. handled inquiry russia and ukraine of agree to implement a full cease fire in eastern ukraine by the end of the year leaders from the 2 countries met for the 1st time formally in paris. a chilean military cargo plane has disappeared with 38 people on board it took off from the southern city of point to an ass and was heading to a base in antarctica coming up next hear it out as era it's witness. on counting the cost $48.00 trillion dollars to save the planet can carbon trading bring big polluters to heel silicon valley and the algorithms that discriminate against women and people of color plus putin shown by the west completes his pivot
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to the east counting the cost on al-jazeera. digital media pioneer maria ressa is the founder of online site rock records he is fake news it is whatever power doesn't like the president of the philippines abroad rico deter day says he wants to kill as many people involved with drugs just possible and lists his critics as public and the. grappler and online you cite and known to be critical of the government had its license revoked and few weeks ago the end goal is to silence dissent when people don't know what is real and what is feet when facts don't matter then the boys.


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