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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 10, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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trish. a stranger came to town witness on al-jazeera. she is at the international court of justice to defend her country's treatment of revenge of muslims. color on the star in this al-jazeera live from also coming up reports say democrats in the us are preparing to announce a formal articles of impeachment against president donald trump. india's lower house of parliament passes a controversial bill that sets religion as the criteria for granting citizenship to foreigners. and new zealand police open an investigation into the circumstances
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surrounding multiple deaths and the white island volcanic eruption. leader aung san suu kyi she is headed to the un's highest court in the netherlands to defend her country against genocide charges the west african state of gambia launched the fast bid to bring me to international justice over a military crackdown on range of muslims more than 700000 russian job were forced to flee to neighboring bangladesh in 2017 protests by opponents and supporters are expected outside the court ahead of her arrival while the un has accused me of carrying out mass rape killings and the banning of her joining that military campaign memo says it was conducting a legitimate counter-terrorism response and denies the charges of genocide meanwhile danby of legal team is asking the court to impose protections for the region before the case. be had in full recent attempts to repatriate tens of
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thousands of refugees have failed with many still fearing for their safety but we have 2 correspondents covering this story our stephanie deca is with those hundreds of thousands of refugees and cox's bazaar in bangladesh but 1st let's speak to wayne hey who's in the hague when talk us through what we're going to see in court this week and do we expect an outcome any time soon. well i think the 1st thing to point out is that this is going to be a relatively brief affair these hearings this week will last just 3 days and on each individual day the sessions will last just a few hours for the stop on tuesday we will hear from the gambian delegation which is making these allegations against me and my old genocide on behalf of the organization of islamic cooperation member nations and the reason as you mentioned that this. set of public hearings is going to be relatively brief is because ahead of a much broader case inside the international court of justice behind me looking at
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these allegations of genocide again be interesting or basically emergency provisional measures to be ordered by the judges asking that the government of myanmar the security forces in myanmar guarantee the safety the security and the rights of ringgit who are still inside rakhine state in western me and ma and those who have fled to bangladesh and who may wish to return so that is what it is requesting the judges to order the government of the to guarantee now if the i.c.j. finds in favor of the gambian request in orders those provisional measures it may demand that the governments of me and my conduct a detailed written report as well as again be in on those exact measures that they have taken place provide proof that they are undertaking those measures and report back to the i.c.j. possibly within months it's important to note that the i.c.j.
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i.c.j. has no power to enforce its rulings it doesn't have a an independent police force that it can send in to retire in states in a make arrests or anything like that or monitor the situation on the ground there but its rulings are binding for members of the united nations of which me and my are is one when walk us through the legal arguments hand what kinds of thresholds will prosecutors have to cross and. simiane lot of actions to finally be considered jen. yeah well i think the 1st thing is that proving genocide is very difficult historically it's very difficult thing to do the gambian case really is not a lot different to what we've seen from many organizations over the past couple of years that have conducted extensive investigations and written reports into the violence that has taken place in reclined states including the united nations are in fact finding team that found that they was genocidal intent carried out by the
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security forces and the governments in me and my the gambians certainly saying there was genocidal intent that going actually further than that and saying that they were genocidal actions as well the so-called clearance operations the destruction of those rohingya villages amount to genocidal actions they say the murder of. civilians the use of sexual violence against women and girls the targeting of children the discrimination and discriminatory practices and regulations laws targeting specifically the ruling your population they say amounts to genocidal intent and genocidal actions so we expect that that's what we'll hear from the gambian delegation when they outlined a case of the next 3 days we know less about the defense of the me and my delegation which will be led by own son sujit but it's expected of course they would deny that there has been genocide but they will also argue on technical
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legalities basically that this court does not have jurisdiction to rule on this case. wayne hale there live for us in the hague will be following that hearing for us well let's go live now to stephanie decker he's in cox's bazar in bangladesh stash all the refugees there with you aware of what's happening today in the hague and today believe it will actually has any impact on their lives. a part of them are aware there was just a protracted around a few 100 in solidarity that saying calling for justice is what is happening there and then but this is a city of refugees it's almost a 1000000 people this is a city that has a population i call it a city it's not a city to record you count as you can see their makeshift pots all across the area a population equivalent to that of this from about or all those that breaks it down really in terms of the sheer size of this well when it comes to evidence you're asking there are this is evidence you've been covering the story since the exodus
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of the rain in 2017 talking to people the stories collected by myself and my colleagues are ones of horror is that sometimes a very difficult to believe mass range of mass killings people locked inside their homes and burnt to death some people will tell you the entire families lost left alone. and you know babies ripped from their mother's arms and thrown into the fire are people chopped into pieces all these kinds of stories have been documented over time also by aid agencies there are videos many of the rangar have certain elements on their mobile phones the fact that villagers were burnt to the ground indeed agencies and n.g.o.s have satellite imagery that shows that one of these villages used to stand no longer exists so this is the body of evidence when you talk to the people here and every single hot will have a story about what happened to that of course these people want justice more importantly they want to return and they want to return safely is you're hearing
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from wayne there are the actual implementation measures of whatever the court decides and this is still going to take. time is very difficult to translate into the ground linamar doesn't want these people bangladesh doesn't want these people anymore and there are severe restrictions in place here in the camps as well as to why people can't leave after a certain hour mobile phone service is a cot here there is no internet so there needs to be a solution and i think there's a lot of frustration growing in the camps growing among the local population of the bangladeshi and who think that this is being left just to them so yes it's an important 1st step of course that this is being brought to trial but a lot needs to happen until you see this situation resolved any time soon indeed stephanie decker on the ground for us and cups of the south thank you steph. and moving on now and u.s. house democrats are poised to reveal 2 articles of impeachment against president donald trump and their attempt to remove him from office that could see
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a possible voters on his impeachment in the house of representatives as early as this week more from mike hanna in washington d.c. . at an evening function the speaker of the house nancy pelosi refused to confirm that articles of impeachment against president trump had been agreed upon earlier she met with the chairman of the house committees to decide exactly what these articles were going to be a formal announcement as to these articles is expected in the course of tuesday however various agencies including the associated press and the washington post report that the democrats have agreed on 2 articles of impeachment one on abuse of power the other on obstruction of congress now if these are indeed the articles that will be introduced it indicates a very narrow form of impeachment focused on president trump's dealing with the ukraine and the allegation that he used his political position his position as
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president of the united states to get political information on an opponent for the next u.s. election then to the structure of congress charge would deal with the white house's attempts to interfere in that ongoing investigation into the ukraine situation their refusal to give witnesses the refusal to provide documents that had been subpoenaed now this could all move very quickly indeed there could be a vote in the judiciary committee as soon as thursday that would then see a vote being taken on the floor of the house the following week and that in turn could lead to a trial in the senate in very early january. well noise for both the democrats and republicans appeared before the house judiciary committee on monday and wants that to be the final public hearings before the impeachment off schools are announced how does your caster has more. fireworks inside of monday's impeachment hearing
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likely the last before the house judiciary committee draft articles of impeachment came not just from protesters but also republican members committed to showing that they believe the proceedings against trump are a sham. to schedule not to consider made a ruling if you were to appeal to them and was going to try to overturn the result of an election we're not elected people to the gentlemen less than the witnesses were attorneys for both parties and though the facts were the same that trump froze military assistance to ukraine then asked its president to launch investigations into trump's political opponents the interpretations of those facts couldn't be more different president trump use the powers of government for domestic political airing to put his political interests above that of the nation and each a president who's $63000000.00 people voted for over 8 lines in a call transcript is boni it's unclear who the lawyers are trying to convince
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members of the house judiciary committee made up their minds long ago along party lines democrats hold the majority and will draft articles of impeachment likely by next week if the president puts himself before the country evaluates a president's most basic responsibility he breaks his oath to the american people. if you put some south before the country in a manner that threatens our democracy and our of our privacy the american people requires us to come to the defense of the nation trumps attorneys declined an invitation to attend the hearing signaling deliberately defend the president before the senate in a likely trial in january it's a disgrace to our country it's a hoax republicans hold the senate majority which means that obviously a conviction in the sun will fall well short of the 2 sorts requirement to remove president trump from office and i think you would likely expect that it would be
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entirely a partisan vote outside the ivory domes of the u.s. capitol polls show the american public is also strongly divided by party voters who identify as democrats strongly support the impeachment republicans are strongly opposed that about split the population evenly in halves with opinions unchanged since the beginning of this impeachment inquiry republicans say trump's bait should be decided by the people in next year's elections but democrats say because trump is accused of soliciting foreign interference in those very elections he must be held accountable now heidi joe castro al-jazeera washington. the new zealand police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the deaths of several people in a volcanic eruption at least 5 people were killed in as others a missing presumed dead after the eruption on white island another 31 people were injured a number of those suffered severe burns. we can never say
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a 100 percent but i would strongly suggest that there is no one that has survived on the island so we'll look into. if there's anyone criminally responsible for the deaths and injuries. and it's early days yet so we've just kind of to work through the evidence talk to people and conduct the investigation. just to washington has more from oakland. the latest that we've heard from authorities is that there will be some sort of investigation into these 5 deaths but they have not yet at this stage determined the scope of this investigation now this comes after new zealand's prime minister just also commented that she too would be asking questions about whether 2 was should have been operating to what island in the 1st place she has indicated that she will ensure those questions will be answered in due time but for
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this moment the focus is very much on that recovery effort and we know that there are 5 confirmed deaths at this stage among those 3 of those people are believed to be australians there are still a further 8 people who are believed to still be on the island now initially when this disaster did happen of course this was announced as a rescue operation hours later it was renamed as a recovery operation it is believed that of course there are no survivors left on that island now those who did survive were taken to hospitals around new zealand we believe it was 7 hospitals that they've been transported to including this one behind me this is middle more hospital where the burns unit is at capacity and that is the case for many hospitals around new zealand. weather is next but still ahead the presidents of ukraine and russia agree on a cease fire in an effort to end a conflict that's already claimed nearly $14000.00 lines and celebrations in
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argentina's capital ahead of al bashir fernandez's and all gracious as the country's new president. i. had a very unsettled picture across much of europe a raid in the fall called snow and some pretty strong winds as well look at this massive crowd work its way eastwards out towards the west what we have seen is this big storm system that worked its way through the last apology weekend in through monday this is some pretty big waves here on the coast of northern spain is sebastien and the strong winds in the 4 calls as we go through choose a not quite make it down that fall for the 1st part of the day you can see the tools the west another very powerful storm bringing with it some more rain as well fairly wise but not particularly cold on tuesday 11 celsius in london 7 in paris
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and then we've got this area of disturbed weather the central med pushing across into the southeast google some snow here as well those high elevations and the rain at times could be pretty heavy particularly into areas of greece and you can see here by wednesday we're beginning to push across into western areas of turkey as well so 15 degrees in athens with that rain we've then go sort of bits and pieces of clouds the morning fog across much of eastern europe damages are really just a few degrees above freezing and then i get a very messy picture out across the west to cool snow again in the mix as well as some rain showers in the central med the east was for the next couple days i will see showers along this coastal areas. we. want a bruise to communist leaders. age old philosophies and the rule of order remain central to the world's oldest living civilization. in the 1st of
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a 2 part series the big picture charts how a history spawning by 1000 years china's will in the industrialized world. complex part one. on al-jazeera. our mind our top stories this hour myanmar's leader aung san suu kyi is preparing to defend her country against genocide charges at the un's highest court military is accused of mass rape killings and burnings during a crackdown on range of muslims in 2017. u.s. house democrats are poised to reveal 2 articles of impeachment against president
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donald trump may a bid to remove him from office and a possible vote on his impeachment could take place as early as this week. a new zealand police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the deaths of several people and a volcanic eruption at least 5 people were killed and 8 others and missing presumed dead after the eruption on white island. now in india a controversial citizenship bill has passed its 1st stage of parliament the proposed global now head to india's upper house it's geared towards granting citizenship to those fleeing religious persecution but it excludes muslims. some say it's the governing hindu nationalist parties latest attempt at sidelining muslims in india well our correspondent joins us now live from new delhi so i'm still shop divisions within the indian parliament as the bill was passed but is it actually likely to pass the upper house given that the b j p doesn't have a majority that. well yes actually it is
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likely to pass even in the upper house and while there are sharp divisions the government did pass the bill in the lower house with a thumping majority of $311.00 people watering for it and just about 80 was against it so it was quite a success there for the indian government ruled by a hindu nationalist party we believe it's going to be discussed and tabled in the upper house tomorrow or there the government does not have the numbers but they do have allies that if all of the allies of this party support this bill in the in the upper house that it is likely to scrape through how well one of its allies interesting lee from maharashtra has just formed a government in the state of maharashtra with the support of the opposition party the congress party now there is some news that this is just 3 seats in the upper house may not support the government but it remains to be seen because it illogically this ally in maharashtra and they party see eye to eye until there's
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already been some very vocal reaction both inside and outside india to a party in the lower house talk us through that. well experts and journalists and senior analyst and observers are all saying that the bill is unconstitutional it goes against the idea of a secular india some of the top legal minds in the country have said that as well they're saying this because it excludes muslims and the government is sort of failing to explain how you know it wants to protect religious minorities but only those coming from of ghana stand pakistan and bangladesh which are obviously muslim majority countries but not others why does it not want to then also protect the man amar why does it not want to protect the tamils why does he not want to protect them by. stand saw experts are saying analysts are saying that this is
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a discriminatory legislation yes you're right the government has also been criticized from entities outside of this country we believe a body confederal commission on religious freedom in the united states of america has asked the you know the state department in the u.s. to impose sanctions on india's home minister on the charge it has said tonight court dangerous turn in the wrong direction for india on court so there is that sort of criticism that has all saw now begun to come in and some are there for us in new delhi and she'll be staying across that story for us thank you andrea. russia and ukraine have agreed to implement a cease fire in eastern ukraine by the end of the yen russia's president met the new ukrainian leader in paris for their fast formal talks fighting in eastern ukraine between moscow backed separatists and ukraine's army has killed 14000 people just in the last 5 years natasha to reports. ukraine's
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recently elected president was greeted by french president emmanuel micro at the least say palace selenski flashed a peace sign as he prepared to meet vladimir putin for the 1st time the russian leader arrived shortly afterwards for talks aimed to paving the way to peace in eastern ukraine but outside the lease a police tackled anti putin protesters while inside macro and german chancellor angela merkel sat down to mediate the full selenski and putin met one on one after nearly 9 hours of talks the leaders agreed to a cease fire by the end of 2019 a prisoner swap and to hold another summit in 4 months but there was little common ground on eastern ukraine future putin wants a special status for the don't pass region led by russian backed separatists. to synchronize the negotiation process with political settlement 1st of all it means amendments to the constitution that will ensure a special status to donbass on constant terms need to prolong the agreement of
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specials that this of several regions of the it should have constant character as agreed in the minsk accord selenski made it clear that he would not compromise ukrainian sovereignty. i want to establish the principles that are never violate as ukraine's president and that the ukrainian people would never accept the federal laws ation of ukraine is impossible ukraine is a sovereign state. more than 13000 people have been killed in the 5 year war in eastern ukraine between. government forces and russian backed fighters close to the front line weary residents of the city of donetsk say they were cautious about the talks creation in motion a pretty hard border most of the things should be decided through negotiations and not through war i see the world like this and will should be stopped because it is difficult to live here it is difficult morally and psychologically we need peace and tranquility. this some it's been
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a delicate balancing act for all sides but particularly for selenski the former t.v. actor made ending the war in ukraine one of his campaign promises but he's been under pressure at home not to give in to russia's demands for months protesters have gathered in kiev to urge selenski to stand up to putin is more experienced rival. to them or as words i'm not happy with president's actions on the international stage at the moment i do not understand why he went to the normandy summit and what he can bring back which the french president called the conflict in ukraine an open wound on the european continent the summit may not have offered any major breakthroughs but the fact that putin and selenski had agreed to come together at all was seen as progress and a step to building trust the al-jazeera paris iraq's foreign ministry has summoned for ambassadors for their condemnation of a weekend attack on protesters in baghdad at least 20 anti-government demonstrators
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and 4 police officers were killed when gunmen opened fire on a protest in the capital's tahrir square on friday iraq has accused envoys from the u.k. france and germany and canada of interfering in its internal affairs. front's will host an international conference ended resolving the political and economic crisis and i've been on antigovernment protests have been on going there since october the country's been without a functioning government for almost 6 weeks after prime minister saad hariri resigned in response to those demonstrations under lebanon's power sharing system any new prime minister must be a sunni muslim. while campaigning for votes in the u.k.'s general election has entered the final stages ahead of thursday's poll both prime minister barak's johnson and the opposition labor leader jeremy corbin have been making a last ditch attempts to win over undecided verses johnson toward a fish market while campaigning in
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a labor held seat and labour's north east been addressed crowds in the city of bristol funding for the country's health service dominated discussions on monday boris johnson is facing criticism for his response to the case of a toddler who has been admitted to hospital in the city of leeds the 4 year old boy with suspected pneumonia was left to lie on the floor for hours on a pile of coats because there were no beds the photo has come to represent issues many voters have with the national health service a journalist confronted johnson with a photo of the boy take a look at what happened have you seen a photo ready to make people by the b.b.c. if you need to make the best advice is the folks that we need to be making that snow and that's why we put in for people because this is a 4 year old boy suspected of pneumonia always had everything we look at the photo you take my phone put it in your pocket when the stuff his mother says the n.h.s. is in crisis what's your support so. i think it's
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a terrible terrible fate all right see to the families. who have terrible experiences in the. argentina's president elect all that often and is due to be inaugurated at a ceremony in the capital in the coming hours supporters of the peronist party have been celebrating its rich and. palla a rally on monday some even dressed as eva peron the wife of former president to mark the occasion the peronist movement has been a major force in argentine politics since his presidency in the 1940 s. to raise about was that march and spoke to supporters of the peronist party elected reps and out of the fight on if you're not your race and that's just hours away and we're told the president showed him what a site is and dozens of people have gathered here to read as if they don't i'm one they don't argentina a strong man back in the 19 days came in a way to represent. social justice and equality this people here say that if they
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don't it's a hard up period on that coming back to power here when i back up for not even former president cristina fernandez de kirchner i buy spread that i look you know with a lot of. preparedness one social justice equality and an end to poverty unemployment and sovereignty above all else where you haven't been serious question but also fear and a safe laugh about that today threats and already feel that there was a fair way party here with people who are afraid about what's coming next in argentina if somebody came to power with the front. bring economic growth in this country but with people leaving when very high grade inflation i bet the farm on is expanding with a very big economic challenge and the possibility of default restructuring argentina going down and the real. play showed argentina us economy had been in recession somebody every race had been on the rise as well inflation and that. hard
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to meet you're going to be gone up you've made priorities well you can find a much more on our website including ongoing coverage of that hearing we were talking about at the i.c.j. i mean laws being accused of genocide that's aljazeera dot com. this is al jazeera and these are the headlines myanmar's leader aung sun suu kyi is headed to the un's highest court in the netherlands to defend her country against genocide charges the west african state of gambia launched the 1st bid to bring an ma to international justice over a military crackdown on range muslims and more than 700000 rango were forced to flee to neighboring bangladesh in 2017 years legal team is asking the court to impose protections for the rich before the case can be had in full when he has. the gambian who are basically emergency provisional measures to be ordered by the
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judges asking that the government of myanmar the security forces in myanmar guarantee the safety the security and the rights of ridding you who are still inside with crime stated with in myanmar and those who have fled to bangladesh and who may wish to return so that is what it is requesting the judges to order the government of b.m.r. to guarantee. u.s. house democrats poised to reveal 2 articles of impeachment against president donald trump and their bid to remove him from office a possible vote on his impeachment in the house of representatives could take place as early as this week lawyers for both the democrats and republicans appeared before the house judiciary committee on monday and what thought to be the final public hearings before the impeachment articles are announced. new zealand police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the deaths of several people in
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a volcanic eruption in that country at least 5 people were killed and 8 others remain missing they're now presumed dead after that eruption on white island police have suggested it's unlikely they'll find any more survivors another 31 people were injured a number of those suffered severe burns in india a controversial citizenship bill has passed its 1st stage and parliament the proposed law will now head to india's upper house it's geared towards granting citizenship to those of fleeing religious persecution but it excludes muslims some say it's the governing hindu nationalist parties latest attempt at sidelining muslims in india well those are the headlines do join me for more news here on al-jazeera after inside story to stay with us. carrying. the gates these mysterious ships on how
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does either. what does it take to become an indian citizen the government says a proposed new law offers a home for those fleeing religious persecution but opponents say it excludes one group of muslims and undermines the country's secular identity what will it mean for the constitution and india's future this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program on how he'd seen a proposal that would bring sweeping changes to india's 64 year old citizenship law is dividing politicians and activists and sponsoring charges of religious bigotry
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the ruling bharatiya janata party or b j p says it offers a safe harbor to people around the region fleeing persecution.


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