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open your eyes to an alternative view of the world today you have to rethink pretty much everything thank you for talking to al-jazeera the great programs to inspire you on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. fully back to go this is a news hour live from the headquarters in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes it takes a field to make war but takes a village and a nation to build peace ethiopia's from minister made receives a nobel peace prize for reaching peace with neighboring eritrea. 2 days before voters in algeria go to the polls a court sentences 3 former political leaders to long prison terms also this hour
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myanmar's leader on science and she is at the international court of justice to defend her country's treatment of rohingya muslims. democrats in the u.s. are expected to announce formal articles of impeachment against president donald trump later on tuesday. i'm going to go with the sports the world anti-doping agency find itself facing criticism from all sides of the hunting russia for you banned from all sports. thank you for joining us we begin this news hour with a nobel peace prize in oslo ethiopia's prime minister abi ahmed has just received the prize for his efforts saying reaching peace with neighboring every trio made was recognized for his role in ending a decades long military standoff and re-establishing relation. between the 2
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countries receiving the prestigious award the prime minister said he was accepting it on behalf of all ethiopians and eritreans who made he said the ultimate sacrifice for peace. is a level of love sustaining peace is the hard work yes we're most childish and not achieve it it takes a few to make war but it takes a village and a nation to build peace for me nurturing peace is like planting and growing trees just like trees need water in good soil to grow peace requires unwavering commitment in finite patience and goodwill to cultivate in the heart of us its dividends. well i speak to a diplomatic editor james spader's who has been listening in to the prime minister's speech there in chains a very personal message a message of peace from the therapy and prime minister
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a very personal one yes and people talk about his humility and i think in some ways that is what the speech was about it was interesting when we heard from the chairperson of the norwegian nobel committee that she made it clear that he was a just a recipient of this war a war even though he's only been in power for 20 months she also laid out though the situation with eritrea although he was the architect of the peace that perhaps that hadn't been reciprocated fully from the other side he though when he started his speech he said he was accepting it all bar for himself and his eritrean counterpart. theme of humility continued to the speech as he talked about the philosophy that he lived by the village where he came from and his life as a young soldier on the battlefield in that war between eritrea and ethiopia.
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and the the fact that you know the norwegian nobel committee chairperson tough about the work being at a standstill in her speech and the challenges that he faces what quite was quite also significant an interesting lesson it yeah absolutely because things are not going all that well since it was 1st announced that he was going to get the nobel peace prize and you have a backdrop of regional political mastic tension in the country and a huge number of internally displaced people in ethiopia she made it quite clear that this was not the nobel committee said you are the man to run ethiopia for over a country that's had lots of strongman in the past or that is worth going back to the humility that we saw from the prime minister i'm remembering that when he came to power in april april 28th in the time he did not
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win an election his predecessor resigned and he was put in place in the job by parliament he faces a really big challenge coming up in may he faces an election i thank you for that james bays our diplomatic editor live here in doha and as james mentioned the prime minister being recognized for his efforts of course to resolve the conflict with every tree but the award as you saw was not shared with eritrea's leader priyanka go take spain's why in this report. it was a moment few eritreans and a few peons had expected to see in their lifetime soldiers once enemies entered their shared border open for the 1st time in 20 years last year's formal peace deal initiated break here piers new leader are being hammered and it didn't decade's long military standoff it also ended every 2 years years of diplomatic isolation. for his efforts to bring peace to the region. p.s.
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leader was awarded the nobel peace prize but that owner was not extended to eritrea as leader president is a us africa is one party state has been accused of continuing its crackdown on dissent and maintaining its grip on power. and eritrea has since shut its border the whole peace process in a way that has turned out in the way that the word is trying to tell. white washes or. tries to rehabilitate the image of where it is that when it hasn't. budged even the slightest reason africa is jade's thousands of political activists journalists and rights campaigners some of them have been in prison for nearly 20 years their whereabouts are unknown we haven't seen any signs whatsoever of openings whether it's in terms
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of the release of high profile. since since the. former minister of finance was actually arrested all calling on the government to reform to implement the constitution so we are not seeing any steps whatsoever in precedence is i.s.f. work is restrictive state young eritreans are forced to join the military often serving indefinitely and that's led to a generation of refugees desperate to escape a system described by activists as nothing short of modern day slavery a system has been in place since the order. with one of the excuses was that they needed to cheat country on a walk out in theory you know according to the government itself they have made a peace agreement with with the european governments and yet we haven't seen any signs of willingness or interest of taking even small. eritrea's
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location. the red sea and swiss canal has made it a coveted ally for countries like the u.a.e. and russia countries that are seeking influence in the horn of africa for trade and political ambitions the u.a.e. has built a military base with secret prisons in the port of a sub off editor southern coast as the world celebrates a peace deal between the african neighbors millions of eritreans are still waiting to see if life will change for the better priyanka gupta al-jazeera. well let's not speak to know who is a senior lecturer in law at kiel university his life on the new south and you so much for being with us there are those who say that this award was too premature that it came too early in i.b.m. its premiership what are your thoughts. i do i don't believe it's too early or too premature and i think one of the reasons why it was important to recognize that we are met is the fact that he came to the
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political scene out of nowhere to be a sickly very quickly tried to change the tube in political landscape at least in terms of opening the political space but also made it dealing with it 3 of which required. i think some some cottage in a determination because they're all of some strong political forces within a few bits of us that were not interested in making a deal with it each year so it's not really the question of how long he has been in power but i think the determination that you're shown the commitment that he has dorman it demonstrated to give peace a chance not just with eritrea but also in the region internally in the 2 of us where we've heard about the changes that have happened in ethiopia since he came to power but what has the peace deal with each ethiopia eritrea rather achieved for eritrea and. i think the question that you who's really arises in these kinds of you know high profile
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recognition is whether this recognition actually generated the kind of outcome that you wanted to get it which is in the case of it here for example this is a highly repressive torito in a state people expect that the peace accord with you would be a would somehow. that side of the problem but unfortunately it is. really difficult to change is $83.00 and leaderships mindsets. and i think one thing that we hope this will do was because there wouldn't be the justification for its year to keep a huge number of soldiers and to keep the national service out around them that would have created opportunities for people was in any sort of to ask questions and to demand political change in their own country and that i think that's one of the
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reason why you saw us into of quote the border with eritrea with you to a bit so i think there is it limits in terms of what one can expect of the peace accord. democratic change with the details concerned. it is ethiopia's 1st prime minister hailing from the aroma group which is ethiopia's largest ethnic group which spearheaded no mass on by government protests that forces predecessor i am dishonest to step down but he's coming to power hasn't really reduced yet the tensions in ethiopia as we've seen recently why is that you think. you're absolutely right that b. i made a came to power on the call the struggle of 2 or more people particularly the or more use called the kate moss who paid very dearly to bring about this change since coming to power he tried to reach out to the different actors in the country but
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the divisions are just too deep house been around for all that this century and it's very difficult for anyone to be able to bring these actors together in such a short period of time. so i think the country is going to struggle it is important the prime minister listens to all activists to all stakeholders on all sides but i think solving it europe is internal fractures mending the issues that were to depart exult of you know the terrible governance of the last several decades that is going to take a very long time thank you very much for speaking to us and sharing your thoughts our analysts a senior lecturer in not key university thank you for your time let's turn our attention to other world news now on this news hour in a quarter nigeria has sentenced to former prime ministers to long prison terms for corruption minister ahmed or ya-ya was given 15 years in prison for corruption
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charges his predecessor. also sentenced to 12 years former parliament speaker. has been given 20 is the charges came from sweeping fraud investigations after the former president abdelaziz bouteflika stepped down in april. is executive director of the nordic center for conflict transformation he says the sentencings are an important moment while jerry. in the 1st time in algeria prime ministers are tried since the independence of the country and what is important to mention also the trials. are selective and the informal enforcement is also elective and this comes in haim when elections have already started outside of syria among the algerian obviously and in the context in which the process process continue for over 40 years and by this i would like to thank the young women and
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men who are in the streets in ontario in the last trading for more than 40 weeks and this is not what they expected from the system. it is not really about the the the census in itself but it's about how the same system that created these judges who are pronouncing the sentences is the same system that created how these ministers were holding power allegedly and misusing allegedly the public funds so these are the main question that needs to be massive. plenty more ahead on the news hour including india's nor house of parliament passes a controversial bill that sets religion as the criteria for granting citizenship to foreigners plus we'll have the latest from paris on how unions are increasing pressure on president marcos pension reforms and pakistan is open for test cricket as it prepares to host its 1st international match in over
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a decade that's coming up with joe in sports. but 1st myanmar's leader on sun sochi has arrived at the un's top court in the netherlands to defend her country against genocide charges the west african state of gambia he launched a bid to bring myanmar to the international court of justice over a military crackdown on muslim rohingya it suit is backed by the 57 nation organization for islamic corporation more than 700000 or hangout were forced to flee to neighboring bangladesh in 2017 and the un has accused me and maher of carrying out mass rape killings and the burning of homes during its military campaign myanma says it was conducting illegitimate counter terrorism response and denies the charges of genocide meanwhile the gambia his legal team is asking the court in polls protections for the right before the case can be heard in 4 recent
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attempts to repatriate tens of thousands of refugees have failed with many still fearing for their safety gambians justice minister gave the opening remarks at the hague he called on the court to act urgently it is indeed for our generation that 75 years after humankind committed itself to be watched never again another genocide is unfolding right before our eyes even as i meet it meant to you today yet we do nothing to stop it. this is a stain on our collective conscience and it drew be us one should win for any of us to simply look at the auto we and through 10 that it is not our business because it is our business. al-jazeera is wayne hale is at the hague he explains.
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explains there is a high bar when it comes to prove proving genocide in court it goes without saying it's going to be very difficult already we have heard from the gambian attorney general also the legal team that is speaking now inside the courtroom they have referenced many times already over the past hour or so that united nations fact finding mission that found that there was a genocidal intent and gambian case is going to go a lot further than that and say that there were genocidal actions and continued to be genocidal actions inside the country not just because of the attacks on the ring of religious and the people living there including murder and rape but also in some of the other actions like discriminatory laws and rules that are designed or targeted specifically at the ring of population also hate campaigns that were carried out by various groups inside me and with allegedly the support of the me
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and my government we know less about what the side will say when we hear from them on wednesday young son suchi herself is expected to make the opening statement on behalf of myanmar but it is expected they will focus largely on technical technicalities legal technicalities and with the main statement being that this court does not have the jurisdiction to rule in this particular case. catch us prime minister is meeting gulf leaders and meet hopes of an easing of the region's diplomatic crisis he greeted saudi arabia's king salmon after arriving at the 40th gulf cooperation council in the saudi capital riyadh saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain any diplomatic and economic ties with qatar and 2017 they accuse the country of supporting terrorism in a charge which still has repeatedly tonight let's bring in our senior political analyst bashara for more on this marwan what are your expectations of this summit can there be some sort of a consolation after this well we've already heard the final communique and it
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sounds like they've reached a number of understanding we don't have any clear sign about any specific of the gulf crisis for say with cutter but certainly there's a lot of seems to be there's a lot of goodwill out there talking about all sorts of unions and and unifications are a number of issues and the united on military financial and other affairs there's of course always the topic of how to manage some of this issues the fact that there was what looked like a warm reception for the 1st time in the last 2 or 3 years for the prime minister of qatar in an area that did board well for something more optimistic and the fact that there was a closed session called for by the king of saudi arabia that's also could be
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interpreted as a sign that they were getting down to business that this is not just simply for show but rather the leaders are sitting down and discussing seriously some of the issues at hand as i said the final communique in the german general sounds quite positive. so what are the obstacles then that still need to be overcome to resolve this crisis milan well there's been of course lots of lots of tension and distrust for the last 2 and a half years and clearly qatar is not going to go back to any of the previous understandings reached in riyadh because it was stabbed in the back and it was certainly more assurances and guarantees and those 40 will not happen in one event this is going to be a process short or long but definitely a process and today we had an important signpost where the qatari prime minister
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did attend 'd was well received that's a that's a good sign in the sense there's no reckless. abstention or leaving or not attending and they're also not of laws so of let's hug and kiss and everything would be ok kind of thing so it would be a number of events it would be a process and certainly within that process we will see what happened but clearly there are lots of signs today than there were 2 months ago in us fighters resolving the crisis thank you very much for that marwan bashar is a senior political analysts. by u.s. house democrats are expected to reveal 2 articles of impeachment against president donald trump in their bed to remove him from office that could see a possible vote on his impeachment as early as this week democrats are said to be unveiling articles and abuse of power and on obstruction of congress to case
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centers around allegations withheld military aid to ukraine in order to pressure ukraine into investigating his political rival joe biden that's right house correspondent kimberly how kate so kimberly what can we expect from the democrats today i think in an hour or so now. that's right there is going to be a press conference 9 am local time here in washington so essentially starting the legislative day with the big announcement that people have been waiting for after watching these lengthy hearings we know that the committee chairs will be prez it expect that the front and center stage will likely be adam schiff the house intelligence chair who has been really spearheading this impeachment inquiry as you point out there will be 2 major charges abuse of power as well of is struction of congress we expect that this will happen in a sort of a wood paneled rayburn room up on capitol hill essentially steeped in history given the fact this is a momentous moment so what has been the reaction so far from the republicans and
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president trump. yes this is the only president trump has not surprisingly been weighing in from the sidelines yet again in fact he's just tweeted in the last few moments he says to impeach a president who has proven through results including producing perhaps the strongest economy in our country's history to have one of the most successful presidencies ever and most importantly who has done nothing wrong is sheer political madness so the president once again is saying i have committed no wrong doing in fact his press secretary has even said that this is weaponized thing the articles of impeachment in the u.s. constitution for political purposes there is some irony in all of this and that is on the same day that house democrats are announcing that they want to try and remove the president from office they're also having him his biggest legislative victory what they're doing is announcing as well today that they've worked out a trade deal with the president on the u.s. m.c.a.
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that replaces nafta between canada the united states and mexico so it's a little bit of irony this is one of president trump's major campaign promises from 2016 very odd that they're both coming down on the same day so the president trying to take advantage of that and that tweet highlighting that he says his presidency is successful even as there is going to be the announcement to remove him from office and also quite interesting kimberly. that the democrats want this to move rather quickly now they want to be done in dusted with this is to be over quickly. yeah it is a little bit i usual but there is some sort of calculation in all of this because come january this is the presidential year in terms of the run up to the 2020 us election the following november this is legislative business that needs to be wrapped up because many of these democrats need to go out and campaign and say look at this is what we achieved we said that we would oppose the president's policies
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from day one when we came into office now they need to start the campaigning on all of that to say that they kept their promises this is a big opportunity in the christmas holiday week in december to try and do that so that's part of the reason why they're quickly moving forward so that the senate takes over in january with its trial thank you very much for that kimberly hockett white house correspondent in washington let's speak some more about this not to joseph or who is an associate professor of political science at texas a and m. university he is a life in the news thank you so much for being with us so the democrats expected to draft 2 articles of impeachment against president trump this is being described as a make or break moment for both sides both democrats and republicans what do you expect this strategy to be. well i mean this is it this is the culmination of the months of investigation the hearings by the 2 house committees democrats are going to press forward with what they see as the strongest charges against the president
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the 2 points where they have the greatest body of evidence that's most easily explainable to the public and i think republicans will continue to insist that this is a politically motivated effort to remove a president with whom the democrats disagree about matters of public policy rather than sort of solemn execution of congress's responsibility to remove a president who has behaved inconsistent with his oath of office to rather than 3 articles of impeachment as many had expected at last week's hearing in the house judiciary committee jerry nadler had put this in the context of the russian best occasion and yet there's no charges relating to that what do you make of that i think the leadership of the judiciary committee has focused on the articles where again they feel as though the evidence is most clear it's most convincing and also where it's most recently in the public's mind the hearings in the intelligence
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committee played to a wider audience in the united states the results of the investigation about collaboration between the trump campaign and russia were largely produced in writing and so focusing on these 2 articles that relate to a set of facts that are near the top of the public's mind i'm sure is both sort of a substantive strategy about where the evidence is is is greatest but also a political strategy about where they have the most momentum to convince americans that they have a solid case thank you for speaking to us joseph associate professor of political science at texas a and m. university thank you for your time thank you. now the 49th us state continues its warm streak breaking another record time for the weather with rob they have specifically non-kosher all the high latitudes are actually warming in this boring globe at a greater rate than the mid-latitudes so it's very obvious in alaska and picking anchorage this storm system runs up there's a big southerly ahead of it suddenly winds or ways warm in the northern hemisphere
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so on monday $10.00 degrees celsius far as i know it's never been above 9 before and they have just minus 4 the whole of alaska has been warm this last year and produced just one funny example i was under it is cold is warm the rest of the us a contiguous states are about to get much colder it's not this one here to watch is this cold front here this loop is bringing there was the head of really low temperatures the high temperatures today in places like minneapolis minus 50 would have taken care of the minus 20 and that set to get colder still overnight obviously it does drop to some degree a minus 20 is cold anyway for this time here in minneapolis modest 17 tomorrow it will warp a couple days time as the snow comes in but 1st of all the wind chill not wind does tend to ease and that's only a temporary warming by the weekend it's cold again in winnipeg sitting in the heart of the code it stays subzero by some degree the average here is cold but still
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sunny mars 8 fully. thank you very much for that rob still ahead on this al-jazeera news our use of the photo you take my phone put it in your pocket one of the stuff britain's prime minister is drawn into a controversy over a lack of beds in the national health service last grieving families tougher action by mexico's president after another jump in the country's matter of 8 and the world radius around cho has more on the latest adventures of the harlem globetrotters. fishing boats with north korea up on the shores of japan. some of carrying did. what you want to do just to gates these mysterious go ships on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera where every. from the al-jazeera london brokaw center to special guests in conversation when your government is going after you what do you do on trumped it's uninterrupted we have a deep state and in this teligent service to whatever they want to whoever they want whenever they want the trees color is nice lowkey black people for as long as we've been fighting back have been labeled as terrorist studio to be unscripted on al-jazeera.
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again you're watching al jazeera live from doha a reminder of our top stories this hour ethiopia's from minister has received the nobel peace prize for his efforts fostering peace with ethiopia's neighbor a rich area be ahmed says he was accepting the award on behalf of ethiopians enter a tree and sue had made the ultimate sacrifice for peace accords in algeria has sentenced former prime minister ahmed to yet to 15 years in prison for corruption charges his predecessor of demonic saddam was also sentenced to 12 years it follows sweeping fraud investigations after the former president of the ninety's which if he can step down any. and myanmar's leader on santucci has arrived at the un's top court in the netherlands to defend her country against genocide charges man last military is accused of mass graves killings and burnings during its crackdown on rohingya muslims in 2070. well let's speak to antonia maulvi about this
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she is the executive director of legal action worldwide and she's at the hague thank you so much for being with us so the hearings have started it's unprecedented i think for a top political leader like entente switchy to take a leading role in a legal case the international court of justice do you think this will help or hinder myanmar stiffens. absolutely it is i'm president and is unexpected in fact her role in this has gone and a great deal of support within me and our nerves barrenness everywhere saying we stand by answering suchi and within the court this morning indeed we were shown a message which had her with 3 generals saying we stand by you and suci at the i.c.j. so i think that from within me amar is going to gain support but x. only if the international community there quite shocked by what is happening and certainly those that we are representing 3 rangar survivors from the 2017 current separations were quite surprised and shocked to see how the court today un
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investigators have concluded that the crackdown on the road by myanmar's military was carried out with genocidal intent what will prosecutors have to do to prove. that myanmar's actions are indeed genocide. well we have to remember that the international court of justice is not a court that will have trials or prosecutions it is the state to state court and so here that's a very different level of evidence and this morning what they're asking was for really preliminary measures which could have an immediate effect if they are granted by the court at the same time there is also an i.c.c. have opened an investigation but not into the crime of genocide into the crime of fall. civil deportation from me and into bangladesh when the need more than 700000
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fled across the border following the 2017 clearance operations and in fact we are representing individuals in the victims mission for the international criminal court so we have quite an interesting situation here in 2 years ago when i started on the independent fact finding mission as a human investigator and i listened to hundreds of survivors talk about what happened to them these brutal crimes that in 20 years of any rights lawyer i have rarely heard we wondered where could justice come from and that is what they were asking for and yet today on international human rights day we have the 1st one coming before the international court of justice we have the i.c.c. which has opened a full investigation and of course there is also universal jurisdiction cases from argentina as you said the gambia his legal team is asking i.c. j judges for provisional measures to protect the writing get before the case in full what is the best case scenario for the victims here what sort of relief can
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they expect when you consider that a final judgment i understand can take up to 5 years. that's right a final judgment could take a long time but i think for the for the victims and for their communities it's an incredible moment there hanger that we're representing that are here today they have come from bangladesh from cox bazaar they have never been on a plane before they've never been on a train before they've never even seen a bus before and now they are here for an international court in the same room as suchi and they're going to hit hurts from ari trying to defend the actions of the chapman door this sends a very strong message to the international community is watching and is listening to what happened to them and i think we can't underestimate the pull to it's of this momentous occasion now in terms of the permission all measures that might be issued what impact could they have firstly 6 they are asking for this to stop the destruction of evidence this could have a huge impact and secondly they are asking them to stop any further genocidal acts
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to stop further violence in the rakhine state that could impact many members of the community when 860-0000 still residing thank you so much for speaking to us and tony among the executive director of legal action won't live live here from the heat thank you for your time. to iraq now where thousands of anti-government protesters are once again gathering on the streets of baghdad to demand political change around 250 people have been killed in 2 months of demonstrations this weekend was particularly bloody 25 people died when an identified gunman opened fire on the crowd in baghdad simona fontanes in the iraqi capital forest joins us now live today. iraq marks the 2nd anniversary of isis defeat but it seems that few people are actually celebrating that victory. will people here are very much focused on the current issues rather than past victories they have turned out in great numbers today here in tahrir square continuing their demands for
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comprehensive change continue their demands for parliament to be dissolved and for the government to meet leave immediately we spoke to one protester who said that it's all good at the well that we defeated eisel 2 years ago but in fact the current political establishment poses just as great of a threat he referred to last friday's attacks near tahrir square during which over 20 people were killed and dozens injured so people here are very much determined to keep going to keep protesting rather than celebrating past victories the president of iraq farm sally also issued a statement today commemorating the victory over commemorating those people who gave their lives during the war and. for their support and did also mention they got you called interest where basically writing history right now and all of them to continue this thing in a peaceful way until their legitimate demands are met. i understand that many different groups called for protests today tell us what it's like where you are
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right now and what's been happening. well it would seem growing numbers arrive here at tahrir square the numbers are quite large we're only about the level 'd that we would see on the regular friday we've seen different kinds of groups from different walks of life. so it's very most of what we've seen why the thing on presidents from iraq south there are several people who have come from different cities from different offices to demonstrate specifically here in various parts because they say that this is where the government is they want to come to baghdad to make their most part of also seen several processions from different political organizations but all of them refused to really say that we are from a certain political party they said it was never here and iraq is voicing their shared demands and it also think quite a bit of a presence. from the side me woman which is led by shiite cleric the father of the woman president presence here throughout of that played a role especially last friday when there were different parts of the posters
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tonight but there again here is quite significant numbers of commitment because they're wearing the red and they say that they will once again if necessary as you know it ever is needed to protect the focus for now the focus there are peaceful it remains to be seen whether this continues after nightfall which is when violence usually takes place simona felt in baghdad thank you. have been protests across northeastern india after a controversial citizenship bill passed its 1st stage in parliament demonstrators glossaries with burning times and student groups organized and launched shut down across 8 different states the proposed law is geared towards granting citizenship to those fleeing religious persecution but either excludes muslims some say is the governing hindu nationalist party is latest attempt at sidelining muslims in india india's opera house is set to vote on the bill on wednesday is in new delhi she says it's likely the bill will pass the opera house too. while there are sharp
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divisions the government did pass the bill in the lower house with a thumping majority of 311 people watering for it and just about 80 watering against it so it was quite a success there for the indian government ruled by a hindu nationalist party we believe it's going to be discussed and tabled in the upper house tomorrow or there the government does not have the numbers but they do have allies that if all of the allies of this party support this bill in the in the upper house there it is likely to scream through how well one of its allies interesting leave from our astra has just formed a government in the state of maharashtra with the support of the opposition party the congress party now there is some news that this. 3 seats in the upper house may not support the government but it remains to be seen because it illogically this ally in maharashtra and the hindu nationalist party see eye to eye. to france now
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where unions are ramping up pressure on the government spend ssion reform plans french airport workers and teachers have joined nationwide strike for a 6th day present a man in my courses is planning to modernize the national retirement systems but union will force people to work longer at ash about maize in paris so natasha tell us about the situation today. well this is the 2nd day of a nationwide strike in less than a week and thousands of people are gathering here again in central paris are going to march across the city in protest once again against the government's planned pension reforms what people are saying is that they are worried that these pension reforms will mean that their payouts in the future their pensions will be reduced and they'll have to work more years we're seeing people from all sections of french society health workers transport workers law is all coming together with the same concern so of course there's been lots of disruptions many of these people have
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gone on strike across france with schools shot hospital services here and also the courts but it really is the transport which is becoming a real issue for many people here in france because we're now in our 6 day of transport disruption because the transport workers have continued each day to cut services so very many many of the metro lines in paris on working many of the trains are simply at a standstill not going it is very hard to find a bus so people are getting used to it they're finding other ways to get around bicycles and scooters all the simply working from home if they can but there's no doubt there is an increasing sense of frustration amongst many people in the public we were just talking to some people out a shop metro station who said they really fed up with time to work to work is to walk to work i should say is taking them more than an hour and how is the government responding then. well the government has been very forward firm that these reforms are necessary because the present
4:43 pm
amount crawley made this one of his campaign promises saying that the pension system is out of date is inefficient it is costing too much public money and also that is unfair because there are some people who retire special benefits of special schemes according to their profession such as rail workers and that allows them to retire earlier the government says that the this needs to change in the pension system needs to become a lot fairer but one of the issues for the government is they haven't detailed the exact plans for their pension reform yet not really fueling the protests because there's a lot of uncertainty and in fact are frauds as main business union has actually come out and called upon the government to try and clarify its plans as these strikes go on because they are causing so much disruption but we are expecting to hear from the prime minister ed wofully on wednesday he says he will lay out all the government's pension plans on the table thank you for that matter in paris.
4:44 pm
the u.k. has general election campaign has entered its final stages ahead of thursday's poll and the state of the national health service has been thrust to the forefront of the agenda after a photograph emerge of a 4 year old boy with suspected pneumonia who had to sleep on the floor hospital emergency department paul brennan has a story this is jacqueline barr 4 years old with suspected pneumonia he's been taken out of the hospital bed and placed on the floor of the infirmary in leeds with just a coach beneath him. published on the front page of the u.k.'s mirror newspaper it has caused widespread concern but it was the prime minister's reluctance to even look at the photograph which is elevated to a political storm but i look i'm going to quit now probably to study his health really look at it now this is just one of them they have everything we're going to use a look at the fight so you take my phone put it in your pocket prime minister his mother says the n.h.s. is in crisis what's your response all right now i think it's
4:45 pm
a terrible terrible fate to write in my politicized obviously to the families always you who have terrible experiences in the villages 103 organized visit to the infirmary by the conservative health secretary ended in an angry sendoff from protesters were here and want to listen. to what. the conservatives told journalists that a party official had been punched by a demonstrator the video of the contact showed it was no punch it all. the conservatives stood accused of fake news with just 2 days to polling day the labor party and the liberal democrats both attacking the government for its track record on the national health service the shortage of pads the shortage of nurses the shortage of doctors shortage of radiologists and the shortage of funding in our n.h.s. is an absolute scandal those images of that little boy in any are absolutely heartbreaking and it's really stroll and powerful example of how the n.h.s.
4:46 pm
is being starved of the resources that it needs out of all the images and issues that have been thrown into the election mix in the past 5 weeks the photograph of jacqueline barr has resonated more than any other the campaign has become personal and with less than 48 hours until polling stations open the competing parties are now engaged in frantic skirmishing to either maximize the impact or minimize the damage paul brennan al-jazeera. chin is there for says it's not hopeful about the fate of a military plane that went missing on monday the aircraft was on its way to antarctica carrying 17 crew members and 21 passengers had lost radio contact as it flew over drake's passage an area known for severe weather conditions. at $29000.00 is said to be mexico's worst most violent year on record after another jump in its murder rate promises made by its new president andress money lopez obrador to curb the
4:47 pm
spiraling violence have so far failed there is money a rapper who has more from mexico city. well that what we have but in the photo are struggling to hold back tears if. they're opening up for the 1st time about the disappearance of their oldest son who was kidnapped in 2015 and never heard from again but. if you ask what the hardest part is i think it's living day to day living day to day is like being alive in death. since the disappearance of their son the couple see their lives have been turned upside down for really i lost everything. in the president it's too difficult.
4:48 pm
you lost my job. it hurts too much to remember this cases like these number in the 10s of thousands across much of mexico. yet mental health experts say the increasing violence nationwide is creating long term negative impacts on the lives of those affected if he doesn't is on the. left in situations where violence is present health conditions are tripled 22 percent of the population facing violence are currently affected by mental health conditions we're talking about depression anxiety and in extreme conditions schizophrenia suicide and addiction. for some the trauma of losing a loved one to violence can consume their lives and in mexico forced disappearances have become so common that forensics workshops are now taught to family members who
4:49 pm
refused to give up the search for the disappeared. along with homicides kidnappings extortion and attacks against women have continued to grow beyond the control of mexican authorities this attestation associated with escalating violence in mexico means that public health services are often overwhelmed and in many cases survivors are left to help each other to overcome the emotional trauma. mexico is expected to close out 2019 is the most violent year on record this means more families will share the same pain as but in the and us who have. mexico city. course.
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
tempus course his toe curling thanking the world then today is facing criticism from all sides after handing russia a 4 year ban from major sports events including the tokyo lympics and football well cup and cats are many clean athletes say the punishment is too weak while russia's president vladimir putin believes is too hoss and politically motivated david states reports. wada was always going to be scrutinized by brits latest sanctions on russia they've banned the for 4 years but for a 3rd time kept the door open for russian athletes to compete under a neutral flag with a moses a former lead pick champion and chair of waters own education committee this is
4:52 pm
just more of the same they've had 3 swings at the bat struck out 3 times. the city deceit and deception that they exhibited is is just beyond the pale water under this particular administration is not. really stood up to the athletes the way to the way that we deserve the spite the uncovering of russia's state sponsored doping program in 2014 russian athletes was still able to compete at the 2016 rio olympics and winter games in pune chang last year the head of the u.s. anti-doping agency travis tygart agrees with moses that the only way to force real change is a blanket ban of all russians clean or not if you look at the example you get caught red handed point off the biggest fraud in olympic history and nothing's going to happen to you and you'll still be able to sin a whole delegation of athletes to the big games to continue to win medals you know that's a system that just can't simply survive. all 12 members of what is executive committee
4:53 pm
voted for this punishment and they stand by it insisting they are protecting athletes specifically those in russia who have done nothing wrong how we explain it for instance in this decision to 15 years old athletes gymnastics from russia that's the only one where for these that she's in she was born in russia or some say the ban is too weak russia's president vladimir putin says it goes too far speaking at the ukraine summit in paris he questioned the motives behind the decision and. i think one has every right to say that these decisions are not based on careful clean international support but on political interests that have nothing in common with sport and the international olympic movement russia's anti doping agency rosado is expected to appeal waters' ban at the court of arbitration for sport with the tokyo olympics less than 7 months away the conversation around russian doping and how best to deal with it is going nowhere fast david stokes
4:54 pm
al-jazeera. pakistan's cricket board says it will no longer look for a neutral venue to stage home international matches the country is preparing to host its 1st international test match in more than a decade qurna 2 test series beginning on wednesday sri lanka the last team to play tests a 2009 before the team bus came under attack in the whole since then pakistan the played many of their home games into by now the chairman of exxon's create a board says if they can return so can others we are due to play ignorant in 2122 and be in serious discussions with them about coming to pakistan. so far they've been very supportive. so i believe i fully expect that they will come and play their cricket in pakistan similarly cricket australia that you just mentioned their chief executive has been to pakistan and he has gone back with
4:55 pm
a totally different perception of what he told like. the south asian games ends on wednesday in nepal with the host country hailing the event is a great success only india have won more medals but many in the polls when say their victories came in spite of a lack of support from their government sabinus trust has more from katmandu. preparation for the final day of the south asian games fans have been delighted by the performance of their athletes 22 year old celebrated gold in karate by beating our pakistani open in the final the former maoists began response journey after the end of the civil war in 2006 in camps used by the army who were killed and we can't make a living by being an athlete we only get an allowance when we are getting trained in the past 4 months are allowance has gone up to 26 dollars a day before it was 6 dollars and we have to live within this amount after the
4:56 pm
training i have to find to work on a plumber hasn't received the full allowance and is relying on her brother to support. an international trail runner and $27.00 national geographic athlete of the year was a former maoist rebel herself she has been coaching the. international. compared to international athletes nepali are very little if we were to get some of the same facility is training with coaches we would make a huge difference. many of the parts athletes come from poor economic backgrounds just before the games soap and one athlete had to abandon her dream of representing a country at this major sporting event and travel to qatar for work the government has allocated $46000000.00 for the south asian games it's also been putting money into sport the structure but the athletes say a better and more consistent investment in the actually themselves is the only way to achieve better performances now officials say the women increased investment on
4:57 pm
athletes all. and we want our loads more than we won't let the athletes languish we'll give them a regular salary our next target is the olympics and the next shelf asian games we managing the athletes we will get better results next time and that's what nobody fans expect as well. as his era that men do. the harlem globetrotters are kicking off their latest world tour with another impressive street performance this is an 8 story maze called the vessel in new york are 2 of the exhibition team stars showed off some incredible tricks that were taking their skills to 250 cities around the world they may not be that many chances like this one to make a shot from 16 stories that. all right as i have spoken i will have wolf thank you very much for that just stay with us on plenty more wild news coming out will be live in washington where democrats in the house of representatives are
4:58 pm
expected to unveil 2 charges of impeachment against president trump to stay with us . think 3 the prime minister blair should introduce the british on the 31st of all turned out and making this country the greatest place. britain's departure is delayed but for how long followed the drama of bricks it on al-jazeera was the last time you were out on the streets protesting whether on line you feel the weight of the system when you walk through each and every leg or layer further into the jail or if you join us on say entry has to start from day one whether again you and attention or your participants this is a dialogue everyone has a voice so far there are studies that support rush coverage will be varying accounts but i want to give people the reason for joining the global conversation
4:59 pm
on out is iraq. the last time i spoke to him he told me i was thinking to go into syria the world wants to see syria's fighters up close and personal but those behind the camera pay the price filmmaker yes it is you made these chillingly intimate footage on and behind the front lines cost him his life his body was riddled with bullets and exclusive documentary syria the last assignments on al-jazeera.
5:00 pm
the it. is 14 g.m.t. 9 am in washington d.c. and we have special live coverage for you this hour of the latest stage of the impeachment hearings into u.s. president donald trump he and his white house team are accused of withholding aid to ukraine in exchange for its investigation into one of trump's political rivals democratic presidential candidates and former vice president joe biden that investigation has been conducted by several committees of the democratic led house of representatives the chairs of those committees on meeting the media ingests
5:01 pm
a few moments and they're expected to unveil the exact text of propose articles of the.


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