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you know. where every. al-jazeera. climber shall carry this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes this president's accused of betraying his nation as democrats unveil impeachment charges. violate basic responsibilities to the people is broken. argentina's new president is sworn in valid helped put people's welfare ahead of paying debt. still smoking but recovery teams are preparing to go to
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a new zealand volcanic island were 8 people are still missing their dad. and his prime minister received the nobel peace prize but shares the credit with his eritrean counterpart. the democratic leaders in the u.s. house of representatives have published 2 articles of impeachment against president all trump accusing him of betraying the nation the charges or abuse of power and obstruction of congress both chairman from donald trump's efforts to pressure ukraine to interfere in the 2020 alexion castro begins our coverage from washington d.c. . standing before a portrait of one of the nation's founding fathers george washington house democratic leaders made a historic announcement today in service to our duty to the constitution and to our country. the house committee on the judiciary is introducing 2 articles of
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impeachment charging the president of the united states donald j. drum with committing high crimes and misdemeanors the 1st article is abuse of power for withholding security aid and a white house visit with ukraine's leader in exchange for political investigations that would benefit trump's reelection the 2nd obstruction of congress for refusing to cooperate with impeachment investigators the evidence is every bit as strong that president trump has obstructed congress fully without precedent and without basis in law if allowed to stand it would decimate congress's ability to conduct oversight of this president or any other in the future trump is only the 4th u.s. president to have impeachment proceed this far he denies all wrongdoing tweeting during the democrats' announcement witch hunt democrats say the evidence against trump is damning it includes testimony from more than a dozen witnesses and a white house call summary showing trump asked ukraine to launch investigations
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into his political rivals republicans though say that's not enough to remove a president they're not impeaching the president because they they can list and impeachable offense they're impeaching him because they're afraid he will get reelected that's not why you have the power of impeachment that's the abuse of power democrats are keeping the impeachment articles narrowly focused on trump's recent conduct with ukraine they decided not to charge the president for trying to stop the previous moller investigation that examine whether his campaign had colluded with russia in the last presidential election in less than a year's time a deeply divided america will return to the polls that will be after trump's impeachment trial in the senate where he'll likely be acquitted by his fellow republicans democrats say despite the slim chance of removal doing nothing or waiting what amounts to complicity with trump's misconduct the argument why don't
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you just wait amounts to this. why don't you just let him cheat in one more election why not let him cheat just one more time democrats say trump remains a threat to the upcoming elections and to his own country hi joe castro al-jazeera washington talk to alan baron he's a former special impeachment counsel to the u.s. house of representatives he joins us from washington d.c. thank you so much for your time so even among those who even along those who support impeachment there's been a little bit of debate on how many impeachment counts to put out there obviously too was what was settled upon do you agree with that being too yes i do you have the choice of core of course of adding perhaps 2 maybe even 3 more counts i'm not sure it is suits anyone's purpose to do that and clearly this issue has been made
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that they keep it so that lean and mean so to speak it'll be easier to understand it will be more focused and that's a very legitimate decision that the democrats have made you know the facts really aren't in dispute i mean they're not is this about what members of congress feel about the abuse of power feel about what president trump clearly did and made it to himself this is about how they feel about it not necessarily the whether or not he did it well. i think one thing we have to recognize is how political the whole process is and tell they feel about it i'm not sure that that really gets us to that it's really a question why would i have the votes you know. what maybe i didn't they didn't make that clear but yes it right who has the votes but but it doesn't come down to all republicans ok with what these facts are. it
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apparently i mean there is no crack in the republican wall nobody seems to be coming over to the democrats at this point. it's in some ways it's shocking because if you analyze the facts and you take a look for example at the richard nixon near impeachment he wrote he resigned before he could be impeached that was essentially you know with a 3rd rate burglary and attempt to cover up all of it domestic didn't involve any foreign countries here we're talking about holding up duly authorized appropriations for an ally that is being attacked by the russians and it's being held up so that the president can get a leg up on the next election i mean if we want to talk about what's more serious i think there's no comparison carl bernstein obviously reporter who helped break the story in watergate he said a few weeks ago that a difference that he sees between what happened with the knicks and the impeachment
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and this is that he said that at that back then he felt that republicans were actually trying to get to the truth and that now he sees a breakdown in that process where all of congress is actually trying to get to the truth so you agree with that assessment i really do i think what went on in the 1970 s. versus where we are today it is so much more polarized at least back then i mean the republicans were looking out for their side the democrats were looking out for their side with there were people who were willing to reach across the aisle and try to see the problem from a broader perspective than there specific religious loyalty to their party you don't see any of that today it's very sad really well we appreciate your insight considering you're a former special impeachment counsel you are the person to talk to and mr allen barron thank you very much thank you us presidents actually of
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state have both given a stern warning to russia's foreign minister not to interfere in the 2020 presidential election cycle of office in washington for talks and his 1st visit to the u.s. since 2007 tane had a cool hand reports. it had all the pleasantries expected when a foreign diplomat visits the us meetings a working lunch with the secretary of state but somewhat unusually the russian foreign minister got another meeting at the white house with the u.s. president earlier at the state department circle of robin might pompei o said their discussions pretty much spanned the globe from syria to venezuela ukraine to israel but it was the 2016 u.s. election and allegations that russia interfered in it that provoked some tough talk a flat denial from liberals who repeatedly said the white house was refusing to release correspondence to prove their innocence. is the clothes we read them all or report there is no proof of any collusion for the 4th time now our suggestion is to
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publish that data that would show how russia responded through especial channels to review threats and cyber networks to show how russia responded to show how we suggested how to discuss this confidentially. i will publish all the documents we think appropriate we think we shared plenty of facts that show what happened in the 2016 election with our russian counterparts we don't think there's any mistake about what really transpired there but critics say tough words here at the state department are simply not enough they say the entire welcome sends a dangerous message i think we should not be receiving foreign minister of russia over. the state department it rewards their bad behavior it rewards the kind. of disruption you know democracy in russia has been gauged in and it will lead to more the visit comes at a time when the u.s. president is facing impeachment for allegedly trying to get ukraine to interfere in
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the next election but this made it clear what happened in the last one is still proving to be a problem for both countries relationship pedicle hain al-jazeera at the u.s. state department. the saudi diplomat who headed the kingdom. istanbul consulate were jamal the journalist was murdered has been barred from entering the us bomb and i'll be has been accused of human rights violations in connection with the killing in october of last year the cia and some western governments have said they believe the crown prince mohammed bin solomon ordered to show his murder but saudi officials say he had no role canada mexico in the u.s. have signed a revised free trade agreement to replace the 25 year old deal their treatment was signed hours after house democrats announced they would support a revised agreement democrats have been demanding mexico strengthen the enforcement of labor laws a major obstacle and advancing the deal argentina's new president has promised us government will prioritize economic growth before paying its debts or to fernandez
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was baking bread a sideways after being sworn into office the center left leader says he'll put the people 1st. predecessor mr moderate face to public backlash over the $57000000000.00 loan he agreed to with international monetary fund last year. there were celebrations on the streets as fernandez's supporters hailed what they hope will be a new beginning. but i did not know what 4 years waiting for this to a democracy is there is a tremendous joy agree home let's go marching to you know when the media dignity is back unity is discrimination is gone and support is dark for the poor the workers and those who struggle every day and his face above reports the festive atmosphere continues across argentina's capital city. challenges ahead but also a big celebration here many of the people we've spoken to say that they're also celebrating that we've learned over the years and that's the way to fight one and give up it on back in the 9th employees the most important job political movement
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in argentina in the last century it's coming back to power and that's why there is a balance if you will when other you are right in front of the presidential palace celebrate or you are today i bet at the bottom of this letter you know how close he was driving his own party headed toward the red ones and side was sworn in and later on he vet gave a very compelling speech in a way talking to all our agents was that they need to be united on the stuff you spoke about the possibility also this morning the judiciary the armed forces saying that the judiciary if you look at the persecutes of the whole needs in this country to mediate at least they should do so madiba deal was a little bit difficult economic situation that argentina is hold right now with the wrong 30 percent poverty rate 60 percent inflation rate the possibility of just told the opposite is the biggest challenge that i'm going to put him on this is
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fading right now because argentina as the possibility of defaulting once again. more on the news hour including. after a deadly shooting at a u.s. air base authorities to suspend training for hundreds of saudi students. bosnia clear as a migrant camp unsuitable for a living will tell you why some people want to stay. and back on the test cricket map peter looks ahead to a story moment for pakistan. yemen and killed at least 5 people in somalia's capital mogadishu. it happened at a hotel near the presidential palace police killed 2 attackers and rescued dozens of people from the building has claimed responsibility and the u.s. at least 6 people have been killed in a shooting at a convenience store and jersey city the dead including at least one police officer
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dozens of officers exchanged gunfire with an unspecified number of gunmen. 2 officers were shot one recently gave his life it was pronounced at the jersey medical center and the 2nd officer was shot in the shoulder and he should recover and then 2 other officers or receiving medical treatment due to shrapnel we can confirm there's multiple deceased inside the building and. all the schools in the location are secure they will be secure for the foreseeable future until we feel comfortable to release all the children but all the children are accounted for around 300 saudi arabian military aviation students in the u.s. have had their training suspended a policy an attack at an air base in florida last week in which 3 people were killed the f.b.i. believes saudi arabian air force officer mohammad saeed acted alone when he carried out the attack israel is on the joins us now from washington d.c. so. this decision by the pentagon how significant is it.
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yeah it's quite significant it was a decision that was taken very carefully by the pentagon they're calling it a safety stand down and even though. there's a belief that this saudi national acted alone that's not entirely confirmed yet from the f.b.i. and that is why the pentagon is taking this decision to ground $303.00 to be exact saudi pilots that were training at 3 different military bases in florida on this training exchange with the u.s. military and while they can do class warm classroom work they are barred from flying at all while this investigation continues so it is quite significant this accounts for about 40 percent of all saudi military officials that are in the u.s. taking part in training are affected by this and the pentagon says that this grounding of these 303 saudi pilots is for now at least indefinite so gave have an
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investigator say whether they believe any more saudi nationals were involved in this attack. they haven't said publicly yet but they are still investigating this and there's a lot of calls now for pentagon officials and u.s. officials to do a better job of vetting foreign military trainees that come to the u.s. for training there's about 5000 military people from over 150 countries that are in the u.s. right now having training at various different bases but of those about a 1000 are saudis so saudi sends a vast majority of military personnel here to be trained at least within this training program within this program so they're still looking into that they are cautioning that they have no evidence of correctly linking anyone else any other saudis nationals to this but they are certainly examining this because as we know 3 u.s. service members killed on a u.s. base in the u.s.
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by a saudi national by any national for that matter certainly being taken very seriously by the pentagon and the and the f.b.i. they are investigating now our all of the saudi military personnel that are in the u.s. all right carol is on top of the latest from washington kate thank you. in mars later on sunset she has appeared at the international court of justice to defend her country against allegations of genocide the accusations stem from the 2017 military crackdown against her hang on muslims which forced nearly 3 quarters of a 1000000 people to flee to neighboring bangladesh when he has more from the hague . once a human rights and democracy campaigner myanmar's leader arrived at the international court of justice accused of being complicit in genocide the case against aung sun suu cheese government was brought by the gambia on behalf of the organization of islamic cooperation on the opening day it was alleged widespread abuses were carried out by me and my security forces against communities which they say amount
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to genocide every day of enough. means that more people have been killed more woman i've been alive and more children i've been burnt alive for what crime on the because they were born different born of a different ways and to a different religion from doors who kill and weep them and for this honorable judges they have been made to pay the ultimate price genocide. as lawyer after lawyer laid out the game because case suchi watched and listened in the court room one could only imagine what was going through her mind as repeated allegations were made of rape torture and murder by soldiers it was very important for thir have to 30 inches away from people who are describing and really excruciating and painful detail of the horrible crimes of the burmese military that
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happened on her watch me and says the raids on villages in rakhine state were legitimate counterterrorism operations the gambian say me and maher was and still is trying to wipe out an entire ethnic group in the short term the court is being asked to order me and mar to take steps to protect the rich from 3rd the genocidal acts the opening of this trial was ironically held on international human rights day day 2 will see me and my begin its defense led by aung san suu kyi herself it will be a remarkable sides a nobel peace prize winner detained for years by the military now defending them and herself against charges of genocide. the case before the i.c.j. is not a criminal trial meaning charges would be brought against individuals but given what she wants stood for also ensued she is effectively on trial along with the military and government as she left she was jeered bipartisan who came to see the
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rigging finally have their day in the world's highest course when hey al jazeera the hague. urge heard earlier in the crackdown by myanmar's military has forced more than 700000 into crowded camps in neighboring bangladesh many there are following the case very closely as stephanie tucker reports the evidence of what happened to these people lie here among the many camps of cox's bazaar in southeastern bangladesh hundreds of thousands of tents hundreds and thousands of people each with horrifying stories stories of mass rapes of mass killings of people being locked inside their homes and burnt alive people here are aware of what is going on at the international court of justice they want justice but they're under no illusion that anything is going to happen fast it's been 2 and a half years since hundreds of thousands fled across the border across those mountains of me and more creating what is now the biggest refugee camp in the world the issue is now bangladesh no longer wants to host them in myanmar is given no
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guarantees that they will be safe when they return these are people with no state with no identity with no papers and they are unwanted you could say by everyone this is a long term problem that needs to be addressed geoffrey nice is a human rights lawyer who worked at the international criminal tribunal for the former yugoslavia he says the case is an unusual and important. you have to bear in mind that states are very reluctant to accuse other states of genocide leave more reluctant to do anything about it that's meant that the genocide convention breaches of which are alleged here there's only be used 2 or 3 times since his creation in 948 and here you've got the unusual position of the strangest state for gambia is not involved in this taking the responsibility of taking. to this court and that's a really important thing both for the reinjure muslims who's suffering will now be tested in a court but it's also important for the rest of the world because other states may
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follow on this examples this is not about prosecuting individuals for a crime that happens of course like the international criminal court or the ad hoc tribunals for rwanda and the former yugoslavia this is an allegation of breach of a treaty which various states of signed up and if the breaches prove the state is committing genocide then sanctions follow for that country and indeed compensation is possible but perhaps its most important effect is that if a country is found to have committed genocide it simply has to put its house in order or it will suffer international sanctions the o.p.'s prime minister has received the nobel peace prize for his efforts to foster peace with neighboring eritrea was recognized for his role in ending a decades long military standoff in reestablishing relations between the 2 countries and diplomatic editor james baines reports.
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this was recognition of a man who's only been in office for 20 months prime minister ahmed ali praised for changing ethiopia in that time releasing fantasies of political prisoners and putting the country on a more open policy but the committee that gives the award was determined to make one thing clear to the new leader of the country within the past has been led by kings strong men and dictators by awarding you the nobel peace prize we were not expressing an opinion on how or if you should lead the ethiopian people in the future the leadership of ethiopia and its political platform must be decided by ethiopian people and the ethiopian people alone she said prime minister was the main architects of the peace with their
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a trailer and this was not a joint award it was still more work to be done between the 2 countries at present this work seems to be at a standstill. it is the hope of the new we've been nobel committee that your previous achievements coupled with the added encouragement of the peace prize will spur the parties to further implementation of the peace treaties of the bulge after accepting the prize the new nobel laureate made it clear he felt he was also accept ing it on behalf of his era trent counterpart. after work he served this award on behalf of video pins and the experience likewise i accept this award on behalf of my partner and common imp is president. it was goodwill trust i vas
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goodwill trusting commitment were vital in ending the 2 decade deadlock between our countries the speech continued in a tone of humility from a leader who started from the most humble beginnings and worked his way up through the military ranks after fighting in the war with our a trailer as a young soldiers he's a say that reserve was the reason to declining all media interviews and all slow a decision that caused some controversy but he may need more than humility for his next time ask and 28 team he was installed as prime minister when his predecessor resigned next year in may will face an election campaign for the 1st time james al-jazeera. tell had on al-jazeera keeping up the pressure of thousands take part in anti-government protests in baghdad despite a week of violence. as the nationwide effort to stop the french government and
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making pension changes. and support with peter how. the report clenched her last 16 and. champion slade. hello again welcome back to international weather forecast this hour want to start here across the united states and canada where we are dealing with some very very cold air in place across much of the region 1st of all we have a frontal boundary right here making its way towards the east coast the cold air is right behind it and what you see here all of this gray this is not clouds is actually the satellite seeing the cold air at the surface look at the tempers that we're going to be seeing here as we go towards wednesday chicago only getting to about minus 4 degrees there minneapolis minus 15 these are all well below average
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for this time of year you factor in the wind and this feels even colder on exposed skin so minneapolis new overnight hours go into thursday morning it's going to feel more like minus $21.00 degrees there toronto minus 6 as we go towards thursday a little bit better about here back here towards the west but over here towards new york only getting to 0 for parts of winnipeg though take a look at your forecast as we go towards the next 3 days minus 18 as a high on wednesday getting to about minus 14 on friday normally this time of year your high would be about minus 8 degrees down towards the yucatan peninsula it is going to be quite rainy here across much of the area for cozumel it is going to be $29.00 and even have an a rainy day forecast at $29.00. day one of a new era in television news we badly need at this moment leadership and films this encampment that we're in today it didn't exist 3 weeks ago now there's at least
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20000 or hinder refugees who live here on al-jazeera i got to commend you all more all i'm hearing is good journalism presenters to follow as resides after all the lies the attempts of coverups jamal khashoggi his loved ones want some form of closure people are suffering put on dying entire school systems books elapsing we are in the beginning of a mass extinction we saw the syrian army's flag hoisted high into the city just to play for the. common security to massage the planet about a 100 meters away from us were in the front line but such and happen to them after about 15 minutes.
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and watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now the 1st official impeachment charges against president have been announced democrats say he abused the power of his office and obstructed congress and its investigation argentina surprised and has promised his government will prioritize economic growth over paying its debts dollars or fernandez was speaking of going to saudis after being sworn into office iran somalia 5 people have been killed after several gunmen stormed a hotel near the presidential palace al-shabaab has claimed responsibility for the attack in the capital mogadishu. today marks the 2nd anniversary of isis territorial defeat and iraq but the milestone has been overshadowed by ongoing anti-government protests prime minister idella del mahdi resigned 10 days ago but
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his replacement has yet to be chosen 475 people have been killed and over 27000 injured in the unrest as simona falls on reports in baghdad's tahrir square. on the 2nd anniversary of defeat in iraq people took to brag about streets not to celebrate victory but to fight another battle this time against their own government armed with banners and flags they demanded justice and reforms. we want to isolate which is a happy thing but now we need to win over the policies and the corrupt they pose a greater danger than arsenal because of the crimes they committed against. theirs because came and killed people and no one stopped them don't question them and no one talks about it it's true you are still committed crimes it is no less than the crimes of these corrupt people last for. a gunman opened fire on demonstrators in the nearby hill square killing $25.00 and injuring dozens there is barely enough space on this wall to list the names of the latest victims their deaths seem to
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have drawn even more people into the streets several trade unions tribes and political organizations have called for protests on tuesday and despite last friday's attack on demonstrators near tahrir square people have heeded the call their demands tremendous aim they want an end to corruption and the new government in a show of solidarity hundreds of people arrive from iraq's southern provinces. oh . feeling ignored back home they hope their presence in baghdad will force those in power to listen i came here to support my brothers the baghdad people i would never return home although i go back to my coffin a corrupt people out after friday's violence security forces were deployed near protest sites but it was the followers of shia cleric monk that assad or identifiable by their blue and white hats who seemed in charge of security none of them agreed to speak on camera yet they vowed to intervene to protect protestors if
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necessary parliament has 5 more days to choose a replacement for prime minister on the of the mahdi who resigned last month many fear that without strong leadership iraq risks slipping deeper into crisis simona fulton al jazeera. gulf leaders have made a show of unity at a summit in the saudi capital to spine divisions within their regional bloc the gulf cooperation council call for greater military and financial cooperation but looming over the summit was the blockade of qatar saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt cut diplomatic and economic ties with qatar in 2017 they accuse the country of supporting terrorism which is the secretary general said there are ongoing efforts to end the crisis north this is. as you may have noticed since the crisis began we've been moving in 2 axes and the 1st is the crisis itself and the core of the problem his royal highness the emir of kuwait has been mediating
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between all concerned parties and this was at the highest level as you have seen all of this state leaders have been hailing the air force exerted by his royal highness the emir of qatar and this mediation was still ongoing that the other axes involved the concerns raised by developing countries to separate the day to day cooperation between the respective member states this should be set aside and i mean defense cultural and economic cooperation which should be separated from the crisis itself. sudan's former leader omar al bashir has appeared in court on charges of plotting the 1909 coup which brought him to power it's the 1st time the ousted president has appeared before the investigation outside her prison where he is being detained the share was a brigadier at the time of the coup which toppled the elected government of the prime minister city calmady assure himself was overthrown in april after months of protests. 3 former political leaders have received lengthy prison sentences in algeria just 2 days before voters head to the polls anti-government protesters are
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propter the corruption case are now calling for the presidential election to be boycotted they'd like h.s. more. was anti government protesters out again on the streets this time less than 48 hours before the polling stations in algeria altering their value into a boy koch the voice claiming it won't be fair is the ruling elite still in power at the same time to former prime ministers will being sentenced in court for corruption and fraud ahmed was sentenced for 15 he is and his predecessor abdel now 12 an international arrest warrant was issued for former industry minister to salaam bush will read who's not in the country in his absence he was sentenced to 20 years they all served under a long time president abdelaziz bouteflika was he was forced to
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step down earlier this year after widespread protests rejecting his attempt to run for beefed. up. those demonstrations have continued for months with cause for complaint toward the whole of the political system was going to have the look on this with come with slogans that say every day there will be a march and we will not stop to express our refusal for this election it has been a fraudulent source of the beginnings. analysts already predict of voter turnout of less than 15 percent there's little evidence sentencing formal poll titian's will persuade algerians to tellus the ballots arrayed in these ministers now. is not going to do any to mind. actually been home.
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for constructive change. if that change doesn't take place the future cheerio could be an unstable one gauge. and investigation by the reuters news agency is found former white house executives help build a controversial spying unit for the united arab emirates the program was code named dread by the u.a.e. and was built to follow suspects in the years after the september 11th attacks order says the richard clarke a former counterterrorism chief for presidents clinton and george w. bush set up the program in 2008 with other americans and it was sanctioned by the us the unit's focus went further though targeting human rights activists and both the government of qatar and football's governing body faith over the 2022 world cup bid when its investigative reporter who broke the story for the reuters news agency and he joins us now from washington d.c. we appreciate your time very much so. how did this partnership if that's the right
2:37 am
word for it develop between the u.s. on this particular project. so i think it's very complicated and it's not clear whether it was directly like a partnership with the u.s. government or whether it was merely sanction but essentially americans have been going to us a to work as security consultants for quite some time and in this case the relationship dated all the way back to the gulf war when n.b.c. assisted. b.c. had assisted the united states being nominated for all the orders. during the during the 1st gulf war. b.z. and richard clarke had developed a very close relationship and when richard clarke left the government. he did a number of security projects. with richard clarke did a number of security projects together in the country and eventually he asked
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richard clarke if he could help him to build this kind of hacking unit that became known as dread and project raven. i don't think that the u.s. government is are you know no go ahead. i don't think that the u.s. government while the u.s. government i think approved the project i don't i don't think the u.s. government or richard clarke ever had any understanding or intention of kind of where it would end up going i think in the beginning the goals were really limited to counterterrorism and that was something that was sort of in everybody's interest so over the years after rich so how concerning is that what you just said that that a program like this with the potential reach an implication to something that it's not really clear that the people who put it in place knew what they wanted to do or knew what they did they even know legally what they could do. yeah i think that the
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legal lines of what they could do became very blurred and i think they became more blurred over the years you know as we previously reported you know this same project would end up targeting al-jazeera itself would end up targeting media figures human rights activists b.b.c. journalists women's rights activists all over the world and i don't think that that's you know what someone like richard clarke or or the state department have had ever necessarily intended the problem is with you when you create a surveillance program like this it's very easy for it to spiral out of control and become like sort of a tool for for those in power to go after their enemies so is there any type of oversight now or is this one of those things where the ship has sailed and it just is now i think the oversight i think technically you know is supposed to be monitored or supervised by a you know it's i think it's technically supposed to be monitored by the state
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department but i think that there is very very little if any effective supervision or oversight over what it does i think that the people in u.s. government who 1st authorize it have very little clue about what's actually going on so having said that is there is there no way to stop it if there is no real accountability yeah i mean i think i think the u.s. government it's within their power to say that. you know former n.s.a. people can't go to work you know for the u.a.e. as hackers you know they can't stop the program from functioning but there's no reason that the u.s. government has to authorize and allow people who gave these kind of hacking skills to go and work for a monarchy that is you know using those skills to you know to stifle dissent all right. where the reuters news agency great reporting thank you joel thank you.
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volcanic activity has significantly increased on new zealand's white island in what could be a blow for efforts to recover the 8 bodies remaining there alan erupted on monday killing at least 6 people 30 others remain in the hospital with most in critical condition there are increasing pressure from relatives to stage a recovery effort but police say safety is paramount we've got to be suitable uniform into a situation in the role of the oil and. then we can like salute the surgeons ones with little italy information. so if the. huge priority for us we've got to get this right we cannot pull other people. to go out there into we were seated in the oil and it is actually. left us politicians in india have been protesting a citizenship bill introduced by prime minister narendra modi's right wing
2:42 am
government it seeks to allow migrants from afghanistan bangladesh and pakistan to become citizens but not of their muslim bill was passed by the lower house on monday opponents say the bill violates india's secular constitution by discriminating against muslims or testers in northeastern india have been setting up roadblocks to enforce an 11 hour shutdown they oppose the bill for a different reason they say indigenous communities will be marginalized if a large number of hindu migrants from bangladesh are granted citizenship. politicians in the u.k. are in the final push for votes ahead of thursday's general election the main focus set in the national health service and has more. boris johnson's people know the power of a good photo of the styrofoam balls bore the brunt of the prime minister's bret's it metaphor on tuesday. using infrastructure education and technology to bring the
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country together we have a vision of the united kingdom gerry corbin would divide them and i can tell you this we can do all of this as one nation can service was not putting up your taxes . but it is this photo that's proved most politically powerful this week 4 year old jack willimon bar laid out on the floor of a hospital emergency ward for the lack of a proper bed prime minister's visible awkwardness when confronted with the picture has been seized upon by the labor party the story that was in yesterday's papers about. a train on the floor in leeds sadly is not that an exception all around the country the shortage of pads the shortage of nurses the shortage of doctors the shortage of radiologists and the shortage of funding in our n.h.s. is an absolute scandal. campaigning in the city of bath the liberal democrat leader reiterated her party's internationalist policies describing thursday's election as
2:44 am
a fight for the soul of our country and what we all do for these last few hours will make that difference in terms of the type of country we will see on friday and beyond because liberal democrats are in the position in so many parts of the country where we can stop for strength and we can win seats from the conservatives with less than 48 hours until polling stations open the competing parties are frantically scrapping for every available vote the opinion polls still suggest a conservative victory but nothing is being taken for granted paul brennan al-jazeera. in france are increasing pressure on the government about their pension reform plans airport workers and teachers have joined nationwide strikes which are now on their 6th day i minister says he's planning to modernize the national retirement system but unions say it'll force people to work longer a group representing france's oil workers will also decide next week if they will
2:45 am
join the strike which could mean a shutdown of some refineries about what has been talking to protesters in paris. was the 2nd time in less than a week that thousands of people have chosen to walk across paris to protest against the government's plans pension reforms everybody all the people here from all sections of society noirs health and transport workers be cloyingly alone group of teachers there are also many students and what they say is that they are worried that the government's plan for whom is going to mean that they're going to have less money in the future in their pensions or are they going to talk to look much like. it's like the government just look at the number of people protesting against this reform every day it's not normal that the government does not listen to us and we must reform the runways change unemployment benefits it's too much you have to stop this government and. there are even people here who work in some of the main
2:46 am
museums in paris the movie world famous move home to the mona lisa and also at the paris opera house where some of the main disruption across the country really has been the public transport particularly in paris with train and bus and transfer of this good have poor rock to people getting you through it because it's last 6 days now so they're having to find alternatives to get around using stooges bikes or walking to work but there's no doubt an increasing number of people are getting rather frustrated and fed up and. we can't take the metro the bus is a fool and we've booked. going to belgium tonight i just hope it's running well the french government says that the pension system needs to be reformed and needs to be streamlined to save money to get rid of some of the inequalities in the system now the french prime minister is due to rebuild it was all the government's plans.
2:47 am
but he's not clear whether i'll be you know these protesters continuing their strikes. again in the czech republic has shot dead 6 patients in a hospital waiting room before killing himself as he fled police the prime minister visited the scene in the eastern city of us trauma describing the incident as an immense tragedy he says it's unclear what motivated the early morning attack which is the republic's deadliest shooting in more than 4 years around 600 migrants in bosnia are being moved from a makeshift camp to another shelter near the capital. they've been living in harsh freezing conditions at the camp a former landfill area near the northern border with croatia it follows growing pressure from aid agencies for authorities to close the facility which lacks basic services like running water and electricity which on a whole reports. the conditions are appalling in the biting cold this was no way for already desperate people to be living on the doorstep of europe. the buses
2:48 am
comfort the only way they wanted to leave camp was over balls news northwest border into croatia and the european union instead roughly 600 migrants from places like syria afghanistan and pakistan are being rehabbed in a former military barracks near the capital san diego better conditions perhaps but in the wrong direction. police want to trust says that i have a don't have any other choice because it will force us to. transfer. but there are people who want to put this label because he wants a good to other countries who want to cause god but after russia it took months of criticism by international organizations on the ground to invincibles north origins to do something about camp in freezing temperatures human rights officials warn people would start dying here without running water or proper heating.
2:49 am
but returning to the countries they fled is no option and nor is remaining in bosnia so many will be undeterred by this move trickling back in time and despite allegations of violence by croatian border police they'll wait for the chance to try again to enter the e.u. jona home al jazeera. so ahead and sports. cars are damaged but for the world cup later more holiday. thank
2:50 am
you. thank you. thank. god. we. want to. thank.
2:51 am
you. thank you very much pakistan cricket fans are getting ready to watch their team play in their 1st international test match at home in more than a decade bell face 3 lanka in a 2 test series beginning in rubble pindi on wednesday sri lanka were the last team to play tests there in 2009 before their team bus came under attack in the whole. this is an emotional moment kevin not played cricket on our home ground in the last 10 years this is a big opportunity for us to start cricket once again the grounds are packed a bit spectators and we will try our best to improve our performance in their final group game holders liverpool claim their place in the knockout stages of the champions league they were made to swear by salzburg but 2 goals in 2 2nd half minutes from now be case. gave them a 2 no victory and saw them through to the last 16 liverpool top the group table
2:52 am
with napoli also qualifying in 2nd place thanks to a 4 no win at home to gain you could come here. current over the ever. and isn't a standard to do it and i really love it my view is so smart that they listen they put a shift in like that that's what was unbelievable strong. brasier dortmund finished with 10 men but qualified thanks to their $21.00 win over slavia prague and in similar losing by the same score at home to barcelona on snatch the runners up spot in their group after a late goal gave them a 22 draw at home to leipzig and in the other group valencia and chelsea both won their matches to ensure both sides progress to the last 16.
2:53 am
is getting ready to host its 1st major football test event 8 of the 2022 world cup 7 teams are taking part in the club world cup with european champions liverpool and south american title winners flamengo the favorites to lift the trophy and the richardson reports. cattles football fans are having quite a year. it began with their national team becoming asian champions for the 1st time it will end with the country hosting the club world cup. this group of esperance fans living in cattle play their games in the colors of the african champions the 2 new zealand team will enter the tournament in the 2nd round for a sport that is something else off. for us it's very important for us because we are working here and many people there want to. see the match but there is no ticket or finish so all the people who want to see this event a total of 7 seems all be taking part cattles domestic champions al sad plus 6
2:54 am
continental title winners including liverpool from europe and flamingo from south america cats i'll be hosting it this year and next important test events ahead of the world cup in 20 twentieth's. fan zones catering for the diverse tastes of local and visiting fans of being trailed for the 1st time by the host country alcohol is a part of our culture over hospitality years and we make sure that there is. everything for everybody or something for everybody so fans who want to enjoy a drink will have designated areas where they can drink alcohol has been available in the country for 4 decades it's not something that's new. this tournament also working as a reminder that the main events of the middle east's 1st world cup is getting ever closer. you know for indians. living so close to. the dream to see alive. you know it's not
2:55 am
a dream anymore it's like you know we just can't wait to be in the stadium and watch the matches live for now supporters will have to concern themselves with watching some of the world's best club teams and the richardson al-jazeera doha. the south asian games ends on wednesday in the pool with the host country hailing the event a great success only india have won more medals but many of nepal's winners say their victories came in spite of a lack of support from their governments sabina shrestha has more from kathmandu. preparation for the final day of the south asian games fans have been delighted by the performance of their athletes 22 year old celebrated gold in karate by beating our pakistani arpan in the final the former maoist began response journey after the end of the civil war in 2006 in camps used by the army. and we
2:56 am
can't make a living by being an athlete we only get an allowance when we are getting trained in the past 4 months our allowance has gone up to $26.00 a day before it was 6 dollars and we have to live within the system out after the training i have to find to work on a palmer has and receive the full allowance and is relying on her brother to support. me today an international trail runner and $27.00 national geographic athlete of the year was a former maoist rebel herself she has been coaching than a party team and international. compared to international athletes nepali are very little if we were to get some of the same facility is training with coaches we would make a huge difference. many of the parts athletes come from poor economic backgrounds just before the games opened one athlete had to abandon her dream of representing a country at this major sporting event and travel to qatar for work the government has allocated $46000000.00 for the south asian games it's also been putting money
2:57 am
into sport the structure but the athletes say a better and more consistent investment in the actually themselves is the only way to achieve better performances now officials say they will increase their investment an athlete. well i mean when i look for the name of we won't let the athletes languish we'll give them a regular salary next august the olympics and the next shelf asian games we managing the athletes we will get better results next time and that's what nobody fans expect as well. as a zebra that men do. and that's where we'll leave it for now we'll see you again later for other sporting update our web site as al-jazeera dot com take a look at bear when you get a moment of course the big story that we are following. charges against u.s. president donald trump and all the rest of the day's news is there for you as well so keep it here on the other side of the break i have another update for you.
2:58 am
everything bruna all fear is a political deadlock since the threats of referendum and it is still utterly divided will the general election all december that's both result anything that can boris johnson get the rx it done and where does the u.k. go from here follow the link a general election on al-jazeera with. from ancient m. prose to communist leaders. age old philosophies and the rule of order remain
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central to the world's oldest living civilization. in the 1st of a 2 part series the big picture charts how a history spanning 5000 years shaped china's world in the industrialized world. the china complex part one on al-jazeera. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. i mean green bacteria in a board and. gas escaping from volcanic well. this is really the heart. in the for what happened to experiments. and. how counter the effects of climate change the science of capturing call that. on
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the science on the back. and the i just have to contend. the question is is it impeachable and the answer is absolutely no. republican party hits back after democrats announce a charges against the u.s. president. and i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up hundreds of saudi military aviation students are grounded in the u.s. after a shooting at a base in florida. last minute polls cautiously predict victory for u.k. prime minister boris johnson on thursday selection but don't call out a hunk parlor.


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