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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 11, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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he has violated his most basic responsibilities to the people his book is a. us democratic party leaders outline impeachment charges against president trump who says the case against him is weak. hello welcome to al-jazeera live from doha i'm dan is also coming up. hundreds of saudi military aviation students are grounded in the u.s. after a shooting at a base in florida plus. that the government is bankrupt frankly. new warnings about lebanon sinking economy after a deal to form a new government unraveled. prime minister received the nobel peace prize
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but says it should also be shared with eritrea's leader. says he impeachment charges against him a week democratic party leaders announced on tuesday accusing him of abuse of power and obstruction of congress heidi joe castro reports from washington standing before a portrait of one of the nation's founding fathers george washington house democratic leaders made a historic announcement today in service to our duty to the constitution and to our country. the house committee on the judiciary is introducing 2 articles of impeachment charging the president of the united states donald j. drum with committing high crimes and misdemeanors the 1st article is abuse of power
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for withholding security aid and a white house visit with ukraine's leader in exchange for political investigations that would benefit trump's reelection the 2nd obstruction of congress for refusing to cooperate with impeachment investigators the evidence is every bit as strong that president trump has obstructed congress fully without precedent and without basis in law if allowed to stand it would decimate congress's ability to conduct oversight of this president or any other in the future trump is only the 4th u.s. president to have impeachment proceed this far he denies all wrongdoing tweeting during the democrats' announcement witch hunt democrats say the evidence against trump is damning it includes testimony from more than a dozen witnesses and a white house call summary showing trump asked ukraine to launch investigations into his political rivals republicans though say that's not enough to remove a president they're not impeaching the president because they they can the list and
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impeachable offense they're impeaching him because they're afraid he will get reelected that's not why you have the power of impeachment that's the abuse of power democrats are keeping the impeachment articles narrowly focused on trump's recent conduct with ukraine they decided not to charge the president trying to stop the previous moller investigation that examine whether his campaign had colluded with russia in the last presidential election in less than a year's time a deeply divided america will return to the polls that will be after trump's impeachment trial in the senate where he'll likely be acquitted by his fellow republicans democrats say despite the slim chance of removal doing nothing or waiting what amounts to complicity with trump's misconduct the argument why don't you just wait amounts to this. why don't you just let him cheat in one more election why not let him cheat just one more time democrats say trump
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remains a threat to the upcoming elections and to his own country heidi joe castro al-jazeera washington the old saudi arabian military students in the u.s. have had the training suspended it follows an attack on the air base in florida last week in which 3 people were killed gabriel elizondo reports. the decision taken by the pentagon it's being called a security and safety stand down all saudi military students at all u.s. military bases barred from training indefinitely in the united states the decision comes as the f.b.i. continues to investigate a shooting on a u.s. military base on friday when a saudi royal air force officer killed 3 u.s. service members and wounded several others the gunman mohammed saeed he 21 year old lieutenant was killed by police the decision to shut down saudi training is
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believed to affect more than 850 saudi military personnel in the u.s. analysts say the move to halt saudi training is significant for sending a signal to a country that you have a close relationship with you sell a lot of military equipment that we don't trust the people that are part of your your your government they're trying to send a signal that it's important that you make sure that the people you send us are not prone to do some of these terrible things the shutdown is part of a 10 day security review ordered by defense secretary marc esper any tended to examine betting procedures of foreign military students in the u.s. it's an escalation by the pentagon it 1st said the halt to training would only affect about $300.00 saudis at 3 bases in florida but then late tuesday expanded that to all saudi military students in the u.s.
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person after the shooting the governor of florida said it was terrorism and urged the pentagon to do a better job of screening for newer terry students they're doing a big review about how all this stuff is done in terms of the vetting my sense is that more needs to be done over the weekend the defense secretary signaled a review was considered anybody that comes to united states to train is or should be. it's vetted by the department state department homeland security and ultimately us there are more than 5000 military personnel from more than 150 different countries currently in the u.s. and various bases throughout the country doing training it's a military exchange that's been going on for many years now but since the shooter was from saudi arabia it's now saudi military personnel that are being closely scrutinized gabriel zonda oh how does it or washington. and the saudi diplomats who
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headed the kingdom's istanbul consulate where journalist jamal khashoggi was murdered has been barred from entering the u.s. mohammed al of tybee is accused of human rights 5 violations over the killing in october last year the cia and some western governments have said they believe crown prince mohammed bin solomon ordered because showed his murder that saudi officials deny that. the white house says donald trump is again won't russia not to interfere in u.s. elections as he met foreign minister sergey love at all as our correspondent patty kohei it had all the pleasantries expected when a foreign diplomat visits the u.s. meetings a working lunch with the secretary of state but somewhat unusually the russian foreign minister got another meeting at the white house with the u.s. president earlier at the state department circle of robin might pompei o said their discussions pretty much spanned the globe from syria to venezuela
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ukraine to israel but it was the 2016 u.s. election and allegations that russia interfered in it they provoked some tough talk a flat denial from liberals who repeatedly said the white house was refusing to release correspondence to prove their innocence. is the clothes we read them all or report there is no proof of any collusion for the 4th time now our suggestion is to publish that data that would show how russia responded through especial channels to review threats and cyber networks to show how russia responded to show how we suggested how to discuss this confidentially i will publish all the documents we think appropriate we think we've shared plenty of facts that show what happened in the 2016 election with our russian counterparts we don't think there's any mistake about what really transpired there but critics say tough words here at the state department are simply not enough they say the entire welcome sends a dangerous message i think we should not be receiving foreign minister of russia
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over. the state department it rewards their bad behavior it rewards the kind. of disruption you know democracy in russia has been gauged in and it will lead to more the visit comes at a time when the u.s. president is facing impeachment for allegedly trying to get ukraine to interfere in the next election but this made it clear what happened in the last one is still proving to be a problem for both countries relationship pedicle hain al-jazeera at the u.s. state department. gunman who shot dead at least 5 people in somalia's capital mogadishu had a hotel near the presidential palace. police killed 2 of the attackers and rescued dozens of people from the building al-shabaab has claimed responsibility. meanwhile see the un c.g. is set to lead her country's defense against allegations of genocide
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a day after sitting through graphic accounts of mass murder and rape the crimes have said to have been committed by the military and are at the center of a case that the international court of justice in the hague when hey is there. once a human rights and democracy campaigner myanmar's leader arrived at the international court of justice accused of being complicit in genocide the case against aung san suu kyi is government was brought by the gambia on behalf of the organization of islamic cooperation on the opening day it was alleged widespread abuses were carried out by me and my security forces against communities which they say amount to genocide every day of them means that more people have been killed more woman i've been alive and my children have been burnt alive for what crime and the because they were born different born of a different ways and to
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a different religion from doors who kill and weep them and for this honorable judges they have been made the ultimate price genocide. as lawyer after lawyer laid out the game because case suchi watched and listened in the court room one could only imagine what was going through her mind as repeated allegations were made of rape torture and murder by soldiers it was very important for thir have to 30 inches away from people who are describing and really excruciating and painful detail of the horrible crimes of the burmese military that happened on her watch me and says the raids on villages in rakhine state were legitimate counterterrorism operations the gambian say me and maher was and still is trying to wipe out an entire ethnic group in the short term the court is being asked to order me and mar to take steps to protect the rich from 3rd the genocidal
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acts the opening of this trial was ironically held on international human rights day day 2 will see me and begin its defense led by aung san suu kyi herself it will be a remarkable sides a nobel peace prize winner detained for years by the military now defending them and herself against charges of genocide. the case before the i.c.j. is not a criminal trial meaning charges won't be brought against individuals but given what she wants stood for own son sued she is effectively on trial along with the military and government as she left she was jeered by protest as we came to see the rigging finally had their day in the world's highest course when hey al-jazeera the hague. still to come here in al-jazeera says may and laura volcanic grumbling can't recover a cruise away from new zealand's one time an. elegant
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welcome back to international weather forecast what we do have a few clouds pushing through iraq right now making their way towards iran you can see it on the satellite image right here and that is going down here towards the southeast more towards the arabian sea and we're going to be seeing some rain showers here for karate here on wednesday maybe $28.00 degrees but the snow is going to increase in the higher elevations by the time we get towards thursday we do have a storm system that we are going to be watching very closely over the next few days comey and off the mediterranean making its way towards the east and that is going to bring some very heavy rain not only for turkey for a cyprus for parts of syria as well as into lebanon as well for beirut expect your conditions to start to deteriorate as we go to the next couple of days we have seen flooding there already so it is going to be heavy rain here on thursday and windy conditions by the time we get towards friday well we have seen
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a lot of rain here across much of the gulf the rain's going to continue on wednesday but by the time we get towards thursday things will be clearing up across much of the area and then very quickly a plus across parts of southern africa we are going to be seeing rain for durban with attempts of $24.00 degrees but by the time we get towards friday we are going to see those temperatures come down as well johannes. you may pick up a few showers as well a 24 and cape town 27 degrees. sponsor. you out on the test whether on line you feel the weight of the system you do walk through each and every layer further and further into the jail or if you join us on we tend to start from day one whether again you're in detention or your own car this is a dialogue everyone has a voice for the studies that support. people the reason for joining the global conversation is iraq.
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taking over the top stories here. and president has called the impeachment charges against him weak democratic party leaders announced in one choose to accusing him of abuse of power and obstruction of congress. the pentagon has suspended the training of more than 850 saudi arabian military students and follows an attack by a saudi air force officer at an air base in florida last week. she is set to lead her country's defense against allegations of genocide they stem from the 27000 military crackdown which force 70000 mostly rango muslims to flee to
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neighboring bangladesh. the volcanic activity has significantly increased on new zealand's why fall into what could be a blows to efforts to recover the 8 people who are still missing but believed dead erupted on monday killing at least 6 people 1st. others are in hospital 25 a veteran are in critical condition there's mounting pressure from relatives to find the 8 people who remain unaccounted for but police say safety is paramount we've got to be suitable the environmental. situation in iran the oil and. then we can like senator sessions once we've got all the information. so the. huge priority for us we've got to get this right we cannot put other people. to go out there into. the oil and actually.
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correspondent jessica washington is on the coast near to white island and she's been speaking to people who helped the survivors the mood here in fact attorney is noticeably grim this community has been deeply affected by the tragedy that happened just 50 kilometers from here on white island. river systems when we flew into the war we could see a lot of people really distress lawing and. some searching with her for looking. to sort of to. help people. this is. a horrendous and while large number of the people who have been negatively affected overseas visitors coming onto boats and things like they. we do have local people some. boats which would normally be packed with tourists
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are instead docked here as we await information from authorities on whether or not it's safe for them to commence their recovery operations on white islands. that investigation by the reuters news agency has found that former white house executives helped to build a controversial spying. unit for the united arab emirates the program is code named dread by the u.a.e. and was built to follow suspects in the years after the september 11th attacks reuters says richard clarke a former counterterrorism chief of presidents clinton and bush set up the program in 2008 the unit's fake us went further though targeting human rights activists and both the government of qatar and football's governing body fifi over the 2022 world cup joe shechtman is the investigative reporter who broke the story for reuters he says the u.s. state department probably didn't intend for the program to become what it has yeah
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i think that the legal lines of what they could do became very blurred and i think they became more blurred over the years you know as we previously reported you know the same project would end up targeting al-jazeera itself would end up targeting media figures human rights activists b.b.c. journalists women's rights activists all over the world and i don't think that that's you know what someone like richard clarke or or the state department have had ever necessarily intended the problem is when you when you create a surveillance program like this it's very easy for it to spiral out of control and become like sort of a tool for for those in power to go after their enemies i think the u.s. government it's within their power to say that. you know former n.s.a. people can't go to work you know for the u.a.e. as hackers you know they can't stop the program from functioning but there's no
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reason that the u.s. government has to authorize and allow people who gave these kind of hacking skills to go and work for a monarchy that is you know using those skills to you know to to stifle dissent. gulf leaders have made a show of unity at a summit in the saudi capital despite lingering divisions the gulf cooperation council called for closer military and financial ties but the ongoing blockade of catarrh loomed large over the meeting saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain a non g.c.c. country egypt cut diplomatic and economic ties with catherine 2017 they accuse its government of supporting terrorism which it denies north. as you may have noticed since the crisis began we've been moving in 2 axis and the 1st is the crisis itself and the core of the problem his royal highness the emir of kuwait has been mediating between all concerned parties and this was at the highest level as you
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have seen all of the state leaders have been hailing the air force exerted by his royal highness the emir of qatar and this mediation is still ongoing that the other axes involved the concerns raised by developing countries to separate the day to day cooperation between the respective member states this should be set aside and i mean defense cultural and economic cooperation which should be separated from the crisis itself. now france is to host a conference on wednesday hoping to raise money for lebanon as the economic crisis there gets worse lebanon's leaders they aren't expecting any new pledges as they struggle to put together a new government so in the harder reports from the lebanese capital beirut. there is growing financial uncertainty in lebanon businesses are closing unemployment is rising the national currency is losing its value and there is a shortage of dollars we have received now about 70 requests in the last week from significant companies for significantly off so the problem is serious and these
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increasing the problem has been building up over many many years. the government is bankrupt frankly it's being described as the worst economic crisis in decades it's what triggered anti political establishment protests now in their 2nd month long time ally france is hosting a meeting of lebanon's international support group to secure credit lines to import basic goods like food and medicine the call for the meeting in paris is very interesting because it comes to days before the political parties dominate the prime minister so in a way we see an implicit intervention in the process of deciding the prime minister sending a message with how the power the international community is willing to help lebanon prime minister saddle had he who resigned over a months ago due to the protests stayed on in a caretaker capacity but he is conditioning his return on the formation of
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a nonpartisan government which has been rejected by his political rivals the iranian backed hezbollah and its allies france the former colonial power in lebanon has led mediation efforts in past crises it now hopes the meeting in paris will push politicians to create what the french foreign ministry calls a competent and credible government to restore the economic situation and meet the aspirations of the people protesters want independent experts to lead the country into early elections foreign powers have weighed in with their own demands. being. there are other conditions that. have not been stated publicly by foreign countries apart from who the prime minister will be there is the us condition that hezbollah is out of the government political deadlock is not unusual in lebanon where parties have regional international alliances very few expect stability until those
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countries find common ground senator as his leader beirut. unions in france are increasing pressure against the government's pension reform plans for workers and teachers of joined nationwide strikes which have now been going on for almost a week president macro says he's trying to modernize the national retirement system but unions say it will force people to work longer and retire with less money than when world leaders signed the paris climate change agreement that was introduced to $15.00 they said they do their best to prevent global temperatures from rising by more than 2 degrees celsius progress stores are currently going on in spain and they're showing that many countries will miss that target when they are on a honda explains what even minor temperature increases will do to our planet. our planet as around one degree celsius warmer than pre-industrial times and scientists say we're on track to go up by another half a degree by 2030 and so pass that if greenhouse gas emissions keep going up now
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half a degree in may not sound like much but the un's body dealing with the science on climate change the i.p.c.c. says it will cause subtle but significant shifts in long term with the passions so drawing on the work of endless it carbon brief here's an insight into what half a degree means. there is a 10 percent chance of an arctic summer without ice at least once before we have one and a half degree rise and you can take that up to an 80 percent chance before 2 degree rise the number of people exposed to severe drought will go up on average by more than 130000000 with a 1.5 degree rise and almost 200000000 at 2 degrees and the number of people flooded in coastal areas is projected to go up by at least $28000000.00 people every year by 2055 in a one and a half degree world and 30000000 each year with
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a 2 degree rise half a degree will kill between 70 and 90 percent of the world's coral scientists predict and squeeze by half the habitats of 6 percent of insects creating a cascade of negative effects now limiting warming to a one and a half degree celsius rise a well below 2 is what nations signed up to in paris but those numbers weren't chosen because they what's best for the planet they were chosen because that's what nations could agree on and the pledges well they were never going to be enough anyway a report by the universal ecological fund shows that even if countries delivered on every single pledge from paris the average global temperature would rise by around 3 and a half degrees the i.p.c.c. says we need to have global greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 to stick to a $1.00 degree rise but to do that nations must commit to near much more ambitious
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pledges and in the years since paris levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have infect gone up if he or his prime minister has received the nobel peace prize for his efforts of us of peace with neighboring eritrea mitt said the owner should be shared with ethiopia eritrea as leader is a diplomatic editor james bays. this was recognition of a man who's only been in office for 20 months prime minister ahmed ali praised for changing ethiopia in that time releasing fantasies of political prisoners and putting the country on a more open policy but the committee that gives the award was determined to make one thing clear to the new leader of the country within the past has been led by kings strong men and dictators by awarding you the nobel peace prize we were not expressing an opinion on how or if
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you should lead the ethiopian people in the future the leadership of ethiopia and its political platform must be decided by ethiopian people and the ethiopian people alone she said prime minister was the main architects of the peace with their a trailer and this was not a joint award it was still more work to be done between the 2 countries at present this work seems to be at a standstill. it is the hope of the we've been nobel committee that your previous achievements coupled with the added encouragement of the peace prize will spur the parties to further implementation of the peace treaties i wrote after accepting the prize the new nobel laureate made it clear he felt he
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was also accepting it on behalf of his era trent counterpart. off work he served this award on behalf of video pins and it's rience likewise i accept this award on behalf of my partner and common impis president. was goodwill trust i've goodwill trusting commitment we're vital in ending the 2 decade deadlock between our countries the speech continued in a tone of humility from a leader who started from the most humble beginnings and worked his way up through the military ranks after fighting in the war with iraq trailer as a young soldiers who say say that reserve was the reason to put the planning all media interviews in all slow
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a decision that caused some controversy but he may need more than humility for his next time ask and 28 team he was installed as prime minister when his predecessor resigned next year in may will face an election campaign for the 1st time james by al-jazeera. half a 2nd out of the top stories here as their u.s. president of trump has called the impeachment charges against him weak democratic party leaders say he abused the power of his office and obstructed congress and its investigation. so you saw their so-called articles of impeachment that people are saying they're not even a crime what happened all of these horrible things remember bribery this is where are they they send these 2 things are not even a crime this is the light is weak is impeachment you know our country said actually
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many appreciate you call judges and lots of many opinions but it was on today everybody said this is impeachment lite. the pentagon is suspended the operational training of all saudi arabian military students in the u.s. following an attack by a saudi air force officer at an air base in florida last week in which 3 people were killed the white house says donald trump is again that warned russia not to interfere in u.s. elections so gay lover of the russian foreign minister is in washington and his 1st visit to the u.s. since 2017 love ross says claims of russian meddling in the 2016 election are baseless and moscow wants to normalize relations with the gunman who shot dead at least 5 people in somalia's capital mogadishu at a hotel close to the presidential palace police killed 2 of the attackers and
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rescue dozens of people al-shabaab has claimed responsibility. mia miles either until she is set to leave her country's defense against allegations of genocide a day after sitting through graphic accounts of mass murder and rape they stem from a 2017 military crackdown volcanic activity has significantly increased a new zealand's white island in what could be a blow to efforts to recover the 8 people missing believed dead it erupted on monday killing at least 6 people 30 others are in hospital 25 of them in critical condition all right up to date coming up next here at al-jazeera is the stream. everything bringing the whole thing is a political deadlock since the wretched referendum on the table still utterly devoid of real the general election on december the folks who sold everything the county boris johnson get rex it where does the new take going to lead follow the u.k.
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general election on algeria. for me ok i really could be here in the stream today we continue our weeklong look at the global impact of colonialism can the pain i add sisters live through the inherited some research to say yes and common symptoms include poor health yeah i think science a substance abuse violence and suicide there are critics though who say the science isn't solid and the evidence is anecdotal at best and growing study about the genetics has found that the experiences of those who went before such as trauma can leave a mark on your genes but is that enough to be passed on take a look at this primer from ted add on epigenetics and how some say it may affect trauma genes in d.n.a. are expressed when they're read and transcribed into r.n.a. which is translated into pro.


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