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tv   Syria The Last Assignment  Al Jazeera  December 11, 2019 9:00am-10:01am +03

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on sirius and discovers the scandal runs further afield europe's recurring shame on al-jazeera. hello i'm asking dennis in doha with the top stories here at al-jazeera democratic party leaders in the u.s. house of representatives have announced impeachment charges against donald trump it makes him only the 4th president to face a formal effort to be removed from office in response trump repeated his assertion that he's the victim of a witch hunt castro reports from washington standing before a portrait of one of the nation's founding fathers george washington house democratic leaders made a historic announcement today in service to our duty to the constitution and to our
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country. the house committee on the judiciary is introducing 2 articles of impeachment charging the president of the united states donald j. drum with committing high crimes and misdemeanors the 1st article is abuse of power for withholding security aid and a white house visit with ukraine's leader in exchange for political investigations that would benefit trump's reelection the 2nd obstruction of congress for refusing to cooperate with impeachment investigators the evidence is every bit as strong that president trump has obstructed congress fully without precedent and without basis in law if allowed to stand it would decimate congress's ability to conduct oversight of this president or any other in the future trump is only the 4th u.s. president to have impeachment proceed this far he denies all wrongdoing tweeting during the democrats' announcement witch hunt democrats say the evidence against trump is damning it includes testimony from more than a dozen witnesses and
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a white house call summary showing trump asked ukraine to launch investigations into his political rivals republicans though say that's not enough to remove a president they're not impeaching the president because they they can the list and impeachable offense they're impeaching him because they're afraid he will get reelected that's not why you have the power of impeachment that's the abuse of power democrats are keeping the impeachment articles narrowly focused on trump's recent conduct with ukraine they decided not to charge the president trying to stop the previous moller investigation that examine whether his campaign had colluded with russia in the last presidential election in less than a year's time a deeply divided america will return to the polls that will be after trump's impeachment trial in the senate where he'll likely be acquitted by his fellow republicans democrats say despite the slim chance of removal doing nothing or
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waiting what amounts to complicity with trump's misconduct heidi joe castro al-jazeera washington. and there's a rally in the battleground state of pennsylvania president trump dismissed those charges you saw their so-called articles of impeachment that people are saying they're not even a crime what happened all of these horrible things remember bribery this is where are they they send these 2 things are not even a this is the light is weak is impeachment you know our country said actually many appreciate you god judges and lots of a many approaches but it was on today everybody this is impeachment late. the pentagon has suspended the operational training of all saudi arabia military students in the u.s. it follows an attack by a saudi air force officer at an air base in florida last week in which 3 people
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were killed. mia miles either unfound suchi is said to lead her country's defense against allegations of genocide a day after sitting through a graphic accounts of mass murder and rape they stem from a 2017 military crackdown which 470-0000 mostly ranger muslims to flee to neighboring bangladesh vocalic activity has significantly increased on new zealand's white island delaying efforts to recover the 8 people who are still missing and the believed dead it erupted on monday killing at least 6 others 30 people are in hospital and 25 of them are in critical condition all right so today those are the very latest headlines from us here at al-jazeera coming up next syria the last assignment.
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i thought the thank. thanks. i was. thank god i'm on the russian. side of the. leadership.
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the last time i spoke to him was on facebook messaging. and this is where he told me i was thinking of going to syria. we talked about syria before and i made my feelings are a place where i said look you know if you go i'll stop talking to you because it's so dangerous for people to go in particularly as freelancers. i think the problem in syria and the danger in syria is that there are so many unexpected dangers thank. goodness that you can become one. i think he probably believed it would be a little bit like iraq and it was nothing like around.
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on a jamal. i feel so weird and so would. that of a lot of these meeting could never done with so little i think. the but enough in the thought of when you don't be. in the lead if you're going out as a. being so what do you know that you know about of. the number of moments more for you he had less what he would i thought you could do. we're going to see it but i mean unknown but close the body fell from the t.v. and. i thought he had lost a close ally meaningful film about a truck that he had them.
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on by then thought of to look it up but if somebody has the clientele and in the scheme on a man with a head of a sham is my creative sort of your model fit the known to be seen on the left anyone who would follow it and yes it'll come on honey but the heart of the film to his going to listlessly. and that's. just. going to. look honestly. this is going. to have lots of. i want to help us on the 5th dipping a little he gave me i thought the finance capacity utilization of the suit he. had
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of what i thought of on the show that monica did then and be in how well i did you we even have a much in them i mean well i mean in the last month and how the big blue did that on the web will be no need to be defeated in. the machinist and nobody that. i think. would really be sort of. how the show kind of going in the show if the 2 even if you know could fit that i think. i just meant that dean could be been on the same film even hopeful that sooty. leno no. love me or want to be will be my no one no handle of course and for him i am unfairly imbecility.
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going to any number of coupling even when i mean we differ from most of it and it's one of those we've already fell for you could even been a hot button and. the monarchical and everything must have been much more kind of out of. our hands or. off. him with a loon and. see how that all of. us who so don't feel for those of another if you don't read the lady you will hit on me and he you know very well known that howard is not a lot of that mass will be and. it's a totally artificial one has always has been the stage that is
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a poor devil in the law which is a form of. logic his own physical. which most of us are from little. more. vivid than most elite be made use or be had that they look at me and and i know yourself or can know could just mean he would do this let me know 1st lot about. one woman missionary the rock i sort of really children know they really dislike me will ferrel actually it can be in makati been a journey in give it a messiah. just the most but little believe me it can be even a lot of thinking me but the misreading. of ahmad but we're not sure about the reduction of all bits of funding because we have. i think until
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saturday and then you'd better listen to the bloody yes you've got another 32 torches it'll be a going qantas we had a lady day man anybody'd they musta called me a sick me on the boat over the good. stuff at the national flea in the aesthetic of i wouldn't know how i feel but then we don't we germany who we found meant that i see any gun in this quarter. so it was thrilling to. deliver the divide rather than the robbery. in the pentagon. and on a. political . party can sit on. the mind
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of the messiah and then why says the enemy across the field so when i would be able to hack in and when the sob passed in my day i mean even when he only thought going to him showed up on the in the still going to see it like they were going out of a book by phone the folks who would go on line through the mob on pinnacle of the hope of the home of the fore. shelley downie. kids your mouth when they get all the men home i mean yes i am looking at the work myself and the field my father says even if we don't most of that is hell but i guess that the bullshit with so we're going to be. more than i had it and i don't miss it i just want a slightly just should really no fat and if i feel a little bit. if i can build fan did then the next person might be enemy on home or to cut it off i don't wish i had selfish actually enough to do the job they kick in and. i develop and use it as if he'd be civil been falsified.
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and how would i know i'm alone. but i was. in with another the muzzle even know he thought since. you have a government that losing grip and then you come in you are well i'm sure you impose it on the people but it's not only al qaida and syria it's different groups some of them wanted it some more direct some of them on extremists some of them on. automation and it's. been going to tell you. a little bit of the sort of i don't know it's a lot of republican assad to me have been. less.
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of a side. which are. going to be what do i have to do i don't. really. give a shit. why does that. none of you do with nothing. in this bill and. they should be a couple of. you who are more. she will most. going to.
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cause it is almost over. and the coffin of. the most rock and i'm going to be. in. march when i. heard her coke about to show me commit look. i don't have time. for what i'm on and i really. doesn't matter. if you had not been the sort order by then. i'll go for now as i'm one i live in journey. with and i want to so anyway because all the luck in the whole year and man the foot of rain so there's nothing. i wouldn't do
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that i had done for him on the show i look. like i'm not going to come by often the old. i'm only i wouldn't but i call that he got it. when he hired me out he would hardly . know if you need a lesson. call book to know if you've got a few drives in mind. we had a lot of the hay but. don't photo. and yet i'm going to. play it on was done. can i be when i really.
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don't. want to come out the horn and yes it is a fine mist. don't you get in the war with everyone but i fought on the bottom of the sun then what's it going to do but they sure you any but do. you know a month on the left will hosley here's a plan yeah that one then the one. other king of the world and. was that i do the yeti with a bit of a little fun there. a little here and he could be. an idiot of less and a little music get out. of us of than anything i think. allowed to laugh you
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go of it oh don't you know. that being. the most like. in the film i suppose. you know. what or you should see the mark of a gun. show much all of us i'd like to just say i will tolerate. it off with forgotten or any of what i think is going to be lacking here said adela small into egypt at the most. shots the.
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mission of the cloud to. be a. billionaire. from. i wish the silly gun then our way of putting anybody involved. with the left. this . would need to clear that thought about that particular mission i saw these would show that music talk a little bit and give it a shot of the muscle which to democratic nominee does not. believe that dylan the. mean bob and. let it to. get a feel for him on the big hurt or be out of iraq. for. al qaida is an ideology al-qaeda is not a number of people it's not a group of people it's not a leader that if you kill valley there you will end up tired look when osama bin
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laden was killed why didn't i tried to and i mean if i do my life should be of quite a bit here. and no more. down once i'm pleasant can have it and have different dynamics but the as a parachute the present that for joe it would be look i did need a little bit to tell you on monday cove if anybody. about. this. german are going well what about the smart. well i can i'm not a. mad man but i want to. get about the show. in a lot of the. 3rd one was that. the americans the superpower of the world with allies i remember attending press conferences in iraq and some generals would come and say gee we killed number 2 who
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killed number one or killed number 3 and then when you ask. now general can you give us a list of who are the main leaders they would they come to i'm sorry because they don't know. what is the he month to call it or you know i'm a few years to him a little i think a little. and they said most of the table is falling the believe the party is lower. that shouldn't even know he's in the benefit of the city how it's going to have. this harmful little horn meaning to function on. 5
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years and still live with it and so with your wealth. and with them. how does not how the think we learn and i'm still hone you can have you know i didn't know i had to follow the world of difference. in a manner of burton or. where you had less if you have an enemy malu much less the what i like of the if yes of yes the i don't mean a full. on the magician omen play on jay your theology that. allowed you to. you know you're going to have a. whole nother. failure of the government mandate that you got out of the. top of my head.
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dr. yeah you had. a lot. of your blood loss. you had one of them being a nice that they are going to. make you and yes i had my leonore. i mean who killed them one. blow. there can we supposedly any no man the help of the. columbus the and 6 flags. and. me and in the photo in there can be. firm friend. i will go on and look a little reddleman suffered when i listen to what looked like the head of the
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vehicle and escape. when people are watching t.v. or half watching t.v. doesn't really occur to them how it is that those images got there but you know and i know and everyone who works in places like that know that it's people like yasser it's a person with a family producing those images the ones that are bought and sold and go around the world to be seen by millions of viewers the ones that live on in people's minds difficult sort of are there oh my god my god bill how do you know how well that i know i'm from woods who have given up. instead of and on and on so i would. go to the mass from before you can in mass amateur vanish from health and comment on. the emphasis have been minimal
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garbage man had a gun you've got to smoke full cost of when i was a little kid i had learned to behave the fuck up you want to be the. most always on . and you know and who. let me know when. i found it in the but. if you're a journalist in the middle east you have to fight every day as well you're not fighting with guns and you're not fighting with rocket propelled grenades or even shields you are fighting with your desire to show people what's actually happening which. which burned so strongly in yasser so yasser his weapon was his camera and this picture is wonderful because in that you can see the strength that was at the core of everything that he did and not just strength he's got a little bit of a smile there but it's. to me it's an expression that says this is who i am this is where i belong this is where i'm going to stay he was passion for syria and syrian
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people and he wanted to tell that story you have to remember you know he lived through a similar situation in iraq you know when iraqi refugees people refugees when the bombs are up and the americans played it when fallujah was on the fire the white phosphorus that was used against you know he'd been through it by now system for just about. the same. the same thing if i want to run a film to see. if he's. writing something. if it's already a little so what i'm going to go for. that's it is a very talented comrade not kind and his work and him that reputation that people from all over the world including i'm choosy about english i'm just here out of it all go into yes. i think it's really dangerous time to be
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gentle with. it that i'm not so i think i'm a bloody oh my then i'm thinking maybe there is. december on al-jazeera as this year comes to an end we look ahead to 2020 and the stories that may shake the year people in power investigates the shocking truth of disabled people in eastern europe can decide the future of the u.k. and its place in europe will the general election result the breaks it is she's a story a palestinian woman was an above part of the struggle for freedom against all and the world's best football teams head to capitol for the fee for club world cup $29.00 g.
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. join us for special coverage of december on. from ancient empress to communist leaders. age old philosophies and the rule of order remains central to the world's a boldest living civilization. in the 1st of a 2 part series the big picture charts how a history spanning by 1000 years shaped china's world in the industrialized world. the china complex part one on al-jazeera. discover the world of al-jazeera. the best films from across our network of channels in the heart of 6 boys and to go to none of them have citizenship fresh perspectives and new insights to challenge and change the way we look at the world. cup.
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al-jazeera world. on al-jazeera. plan. hello again i'm martin bell is in doha with the top stories here at al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has called the impeachment charges against him weak democratic party leaders say he abused the power of his office and obstructed congress in its investigation you saw their so-called articles of impeachment that people are saying they're not even a crime what happened all of these horrible things remember bribery this is where are they they send these 2 things are not even a crime this is the light is weak is impeachment you know our country said actually
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many appreciate you god judges and lots of a many approaches but it was on today everybody this is impeachment light. but the white house says president trump is again laundry or not to interfere in u.s. elections russia's foreign minister is in washington for talks he's also met u.s. secretary of state might pompei a gay level off says allegations of russian meddling in the 26th election a baseless a moscow wants to normalize relations. the pentagon has suspended the operational training of all saudi arabian military students in the u.s. it follows an attack by a saudi air force officer at an air base in florida last week in which 3 people were killed mia marci the unsung suchi is set to lead her country's defense against allegations of genocide a day after sitting through graphic accounts of mass murder and rape they stem from 827000 military crackdown which forced 700000 mostly ranger muslims to flee
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to neighboring bangladesh. volcanic activity has significantly increased on new. island delaying efforts to recover the 8 people missing believed dead it erupted on monday. in critical condition as increasing pressure from. the. need to become independent from new guinea. 8 percent of the population but. all right those are the latest headlines coming back now to syria the last assignment.
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a nurse and. he's been also. been a family home and on. the show. and with norman just one on one that's been home and was. murphy me when you met. when he thought i thought i befriended him a. went home he shot a sword because i do i'm going with the betting i'm. ok. i'm just. going to go to the ocean as you. know i'm the good. i don't. mean. to say. schiffman job with.
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any gun come out a good bench for the. well cost of living in the play on what the philippine see. and. the little puppy on a phone i was given appreciate. you for months. and. if you have you know we had them in the name a few had become difficult clue mccall to me you know through our. own thought of having. had when i had to do a lot also and full to who we have been when she. was young was. the. cause was. 8
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was was the of the man was a load i was. made of only were and. some of them we needed then i move them my day and never we and i she did. god and i was the i. was was the was it was the. was she was she was she was going to didn't she have
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a feeling what i want to and. we are sort of theater enough so multiple sim who will be more than me and i'm awesome beloved. added to the auto. even while. i scared him a shock when he left home to mother she for them got almost upon us can you let them know so i will help you so to yank and ok somehow to. but them and it will come in at all and tomorrow you're on your way are you doing here. yeah. yeah. yeah. oh oh. oh oh oh. oh.
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oh come on the spirit will do we have the kind of theater you. * are going to. blow. and then you have nothing. to look you so we're going to be the man you would go you know you got me i mean who was home the amount of unknown kind of moniker in every friend that doesn't give you what i want and i love the nick. you help when it's not enough to mean i'm not going to show up nothing and anyhow just to. and you know and you need me and i'm in. hiding my ticket showed up in the jazzy and. put up that i'm a and i'm n. . my soon caught on to look into not only honey with oh yeah well. yeah me too are gonna have to dip into 3000. feet above me theone i got on you
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on the mule from social cause if howling if you want to connect me with something that has even been in shock. to have been the point of so far. a shout of you what the heat will. begin to look out and can't you know any effect because somebody with knowledge is through still and looking down on just how cocky and how. whoa. whoa. analysis on even medicine how about some out of a whole. lot of. ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready media who seem. to have come. 'd 'd 'd
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'd on up. ready to. ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready the next and i mean i think if you had ever. met any and they said they want to. be a model for how to. get some money. for how the law would allow them suing the longing for kind of like the other deed in the truth
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when one. leading to my feeling that. 'd 'd yes. stand. if you did just. say no and yes. would none of the others you for just say. i mean the homo no. no the michaela i would see them as house would be him in this would be a language. i didn't know. that was when he and i left for the.
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week and. he. was. with a let's see if you see if he didn't take anything listed out the. left on a theme but the health of allah thing about the. so i'm envisioning a moment. can i let a good day make in this manner. but no more was out of the how you feel if you just . got.
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to know. for sure don't let. me make a number of you what though he'd. know it was the thought of the me of a little bit on. me. i don't know that i did was last of that a lot it could. be a couple of london. you know a month that i had with maybe in a television i. can say that i've only met dhoni.
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when you. see that length in the lead and so i think a more quality in my than he could be and we've missed them. all . and. we don't want to see you up and. lonely doing this then me i'm just going to be about the war. home. and see if i had lemmy man and welcome here and want us me and my ship. well son they had high just naming over them because we were going for. oh i know if i died it came out oh well but that would. mean a lot of them would. go for the good of
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a good old along with the gold is going to have a good deal of the day with the goal the goal of all the going to look. good. but i would get em on and i don't mean you know i. want to know what they want to see didn't give a lot of them and. look. a little more than. a little bit. and took on the horn when the water learned that i'd dump you could get them to go if you noticed and.
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then. the cool would just listen to the people you don't know. and. dad have never thought of and if you don't and you know how you know. that i mean you know what a new kind of climate and i can do it up into the. one hand of the happy ending to be about the most. that we know and do for fun and the film afoot on and on and on . the level and. my good down we can it was ok. but it was. most. of them didn't go.
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so. what i'd done. yet is that we're going to do in human rights. so it was really couldn't give me some and. i said with a. yeah you do can be the man below. down in zohar that mcconnell one couple had were less cross with you. when you get on the list for the. local that are your lives every year i mean. all of them i aim to misspell and i can then when i leave the house for committing murder he had enough so.
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what he did bertie abel where we both later they're like they do you mean. how did they and it was fairly subtle but any gun you know and the college in getting the. blame in a question of female blood that he didn't. i mean if you will if you had the. moment to. follow the. lead that how little it had to what had fallen of. i know you couple up the it about i. couldn't i love something that even if i haven't done it for
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a dip in the sun is that if you have. the one then if you just doubt the cleeve been a couple with. geno being getting along and you've seen that even if they think. it's just. going to be a coffee in the food that he then what had been home. well. you know who is on a lot. and i would be because you came to me with a. believe. me choke you had to be neat. to get it. to get in. to god they said it was there was a deal and they get misused it was a lie. that made you know. when it's done out
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of yemen or. the end of the. world there fanatically the iraqi s.s. men to you would also be libya but the could have been me it's a matter on how we feel. over the us now did you know oh. yes i'm sure. we so would have a look plan. yes
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i think. it's fair is it. well i. never see. while i mean are you seem to me that at the most of all the shouting to be. done while the seattle made the manic i remember lanka eliminate everything else that i didn't. and the shouting had the image of a muslim on earth. valid body of. i thought of goodness the telly no
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off it now what about him as a. 'd o'clock 'd not but not sudden rush of it and it was and. 'd 'd 'd 'd 'd on one of the working age of dental. the missi out and if so what luck not shouldn't get the lesson go ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready. you would think i may intercepted a car they would open fire on everyone in that vehicle but they didn't they chose to go where was yasser. sitting in his very 2 cation and they just shot him 102030 bullets his body was riddled with. bullets
9:54 am
a credit for a big no i freaked out of my mouth. fenty any sadness the other similar torn. i mean who. had to leave the building please even a ho no why did you shoot him in the car i told you not to shoot him in the car and we know i mean the later and no. luck to not avoid us you got a lot of what i mean. ready ready ready it's about killing the messenger ready it's about shooting the messenger yes it was the messenger he was the journalist he wanted to call the conflict. just pull here we're going for true we. 'd don't have to fill him. immobile the code of the one who got up and. bearing the.
9:55 am
'd 'd burden of our home to seattle left a claim on them and given what i do not and. 'd or moan about the m.b. doing and fuck up for the shot i'll be doing a lot of this you know 'd what i didn't know was the. 'd wealth of on this. evening. we always thought that no matter what happened things would end up ok not because the world was such a wonderful place because he seemed to have an innate intrinsic faith in himself and in the world in general. he's not the 1st to be killed then he would be not the last i think it will continue the world has turned into
9:56 am
a place targeting journalists from still. part of the reason there is so much amazing footage and there are so many amazing stories with networks all over the world is that yasser and people like yasser provided that footage and for the most part no one will ever know their names of people remember yasser. just tell him i miss him. i saw him laughing very way off the acid he laughs about everything and makes fun of everything going to told me he. came to smiling and laughing and so they've killed him. and this is the only thing he said to me.
9:57 am
i just want to tell his kids that the father was amazing. i think that's the only thing i really want to. know here to tell you the. whole. corner of. my thought are going to hide. behind.
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hello again welcome back to your international weather forecast well we do have a few clouds pushing through iraq right now making their way towards iran you can see it on the satellite image right here and that is going down here towards the southeast more towards the arabian sea and we're going to be seeing some rain showers here for karate here on one say maybe $28.00 degrees but the snow is going to increase in the higher elevations by the time we get towards thursday we do have a storm system that we are going to be watching very closely over the next few days comey and off the mediterranean making its way towards the east and that is going to bring some very heavy rain not only for turkey for a cyprus for parts of syria as well as into lebanon as well for beirut expect your conditions to start to deteriorate as we go to the next couple of days we have seen flooding there already so it is going to be heavy rain here on thursday and windy conditions by the time we get towards friday well we have seen
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a lot of rain here across much of the gulf the rain's going to continue on wednesday but by the time we get towards thursday things will be clearing up across much of the area and then very quickly a pos across parts of southern africa we are going to be seeing rain for durban with attempts of $24.00 degrees but by the time we get towards friday we are going to see those temperatures come down as well johannesburg you may pick up a few showers as well a $24.00 and cape town at $27.00 degrees. when is the last time you out on the streets protesting whether on line you feel the weight of the system going to walk through each and every level or layer further further into the jail or if you join us on sand the tension has to start from day one whether again you're in detention or your own car suppose this is a dialogue everyone has a voice over there are states that supply trucks coverage will be varying accounts but i want to give people the reason for joining the global conversation on how
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does iraq. democratic leaders outlined impeachment charges against donald trump the u.s. president says they are weak and baseless. and this is al jazeera live from coming up. to defend the country against genocide charges for its treatment of. the u.s. spends operational training for hundreds of saudi military students following last week's attack at a florida.


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