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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 12, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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polls open in the u.k. a for the general election which could decide the way forward on the brakes. of amnesty and this is al jazeera live from also coming up. protests in algeria as voters his head to the polls there to elect a replacement for many of the of the last he's pushing for the. mass protests continue in india's out some states against a new tool that off is a religion based that is then shipped to people from neighboring countries. and
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trying to create china's why it's middle class is being blamed for a rise in pollution. now polls have just opened in the u.k. is 3rd a general election and less than 5 years after a 6 week campaign prime minister johnson is seeking another term for his conservative party and opposition is the labor party led by jeremy coleman it's hoped the snap election will break the parliamentary deadlock over how britain should leave the european union well let's get more now from our correspondent rory chalons who is live for us in london so repose of just opened voting has begun but it's also set to be pretty cold and what that today how is it all likely to pan out especially in terms of turnout. yeah turnout is going to be a big issue here but one of the crucial factors so is tactical voting because
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this is an election that has been framed all around breck's it pretty much so the traditional party loyalties might be starting to fray is unpredictable we don't know which way these tactical voting things are going to swing the direction of this election but certainly remain is and leavers breaking free of their traditional parties and perhaps voting for parties they wouldn't normally do we're going to get 15 hours of voting taking us through till $22.00 g.m.t. tonight that is when we will get the 1st exit poll telling us like the outcome of this of this election this is an election where boris johnson is going to try his a very very hardest to do better than his predecessor remember that britain went to the polls in 2070 not very long ago because to resume a cold snap election hoping to strengthen her position on bret's it it backfired
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spectacularly she blew her majority so this time around boris johnson has been relentless it's been hammering one message breaks it breaks it breaks it the labor party has tried to. refocus things on to public services and the n.h.s. but year 22 g.m.c. that's where we're going to see that the elect the exit poll will get some idea about where this is going well rory as you say that last election back in 2017 didn't return on the charts and so what happens if when we get there is those exit polls and it's and it's called what if the voters don't actually give any party and majority this time round. yes 650 m.p.'s in that murky building over my shoulder the houses of parliament. so that 326 m.p.'s are needed for a majority if no party gets that then we get something called
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a hung parliament and what that means is that the prime minister who is in power before the election so boris johnson in this case is given the 1st opportunity to try and form a government with either some sort of coalition with other parties or with a more informal arrangement as to reason mated with the northern irish d u p back in 2017 if that is not possible then the prime minister has 2 other options. he can either try and govern in a minority governments that's very difficult as boris johnson has already found out or. he could resign and then give the opportunity to the leader of the opposition or whoever is the next biggest party to try and do their best to form a government so yes if we get a hung parliament we're into
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a very difficult period of horse trading and coalition building and that sort of thing we've seen it before it is difficult and it's going to be difficult this time even more difficult perhaps roy beginning of a long day for him here behaving us updated throughout the day thank you very much for e. well the indian government has moved thousands of troops into the northeastern states of some interest poorer and response to violent protests against contentious new legislation both houses of parliament have now passed the bill which eases the process to grant citizenship to minorities who face religious persecution in pakistan bangladesh and afghanistan but it excludes muslim refugees and opposition politicians and rights groups say that is because of the government's hindu nationalist agenda and savor is and what guwahati and. idea of difficulty is to come i live in the state of assam in india. are not giving up on the
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roads are not jaunting slogans on the and they demanding that the government would draws the the citizenship amendment bill they say their struggle is to protect their indigenous culture and live you some of these boys abuse will go to your seats all of our jobs if you do my grades are given indian citizenship then they can get the jobs these people say they should be getting on the same street we've also seen several recalls back to the soldiers of the indian army now we will really be reporting that one column of the indian army that's about 70 soldiers wasn't standby in the state of assad but now it looks like the government is perhaps planning to send more boots on the ground this is the road which goes from the airports to the capital city of us go hard to go fuz been imposed here mobile services have been shut down but despite that several protests have been planned in the capital city to be. well lections in the u.k.
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also in algeria voting is underway in algeria as presidential election despite being widely rejected by millions taking part and months of mass protests now on wednesday demonstrators clashed with police calling for a complete boycott of the election they say the poll is a farce that will enable the old government to remain in power protestors want sweeping police. cicle reforms before any votes has held bennett smith reports. was in february algerians had had enough of what they call the i sabah the gangster system. was the decision by 82 year old abdelaziz bouteflika to seek a 5th term as president for tens of thousands of algerians out in nationwide protests was. in april the army forced beautifully could to resign and the election was eventually shed you will for december the protests continue i
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think i'll join or qualities bank so much on these elections they want to president in office. as possible in berber play in the constitutional game but there is a very believe bob a big problem of trust between the between. government will go toward these. the people over the last few years but if we could came to power in 1909 the 20 years he was kept there by a group of men known as. they wielded power behind the scenes as an ailing president became just a figurehead. on tuesday 2 former prime ministers and other officials were jailed for corruption so close to the election it's been seen as an attempt by the army also part of the prove walk to show that cleaning up but the 5 men running for president are approved by the state they will work for the current regime any democratic candidates you've heard we are against this election we are against this force we are against the corruption of this regime. we went out into the
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streets to call up these elections because there is no election with this gang this stealing our country and our freedom we don't want them was approved and trenched in algeria after more than 50 years since independence from france as a. given any indication that it's willing to release the reins of power. to the us to see it cannot be missed change in one person a president will not change anything they want a complete break away from past practices they want. to go daily allies that they have a golden opportunity to to do so and i don't think they will give up. that the president will have to deal with a stacked an oil dependency kaname high youth unemployment and rampant corruption and whoever wins will face immediate questions of legitimacy as analysts predict only a 15 percent voter turnout. burnet smith al-jazeera. well as bennett was just
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saying that there are 5 candidates and out areas presidential election with 2 of the main contenders both former prime ministers. had held the position for less than 3 months in 2017 therefore he was sacked by then president advisors pretty fisa benefice was prime minister between $22003.00 and since then he's run twice against bush if he had to become president then there's other dean who'd be kerry's service twice as a government minister and he's also director of the state radio station also in the running as of the last is band-aid who heads the al mixed about front party and being greener from the albion a islamic party now protesters view all candidates as part of the current regime of more on this let's speak to mohamed care out he's a professor of public relations and mass communication at castle university and he joins us now live here and professor thanks for being with us let's start with the
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big question will people come out and vote today were the most you the most realty of them want to go you know because from the 22nd of february you know do they wanted to radical change in the political system of algeria and the unfortunately mitigates. that i had of which if you and the gang. in fortunately he. is forcing the algerians to go to devote. despite the fact that you know the issue to shoes of preparing and administering it is. a lections haven't changed the same you know they have established. d.n.b. abandon the authority of elections and fortunately. the people you know do choose for this institution. you know the ones who did the
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regime choose. the constitution. council is this a 15 people from the old regime so that the way the algerians did don't believe in this election is that do we take them to democracy to the reader change. should you have just 2 days ago i see 3 former political leaders but also given very lengthy prison sentences i'm assuming that's no coincidence it's about trying to bring legitimacy to these elections by getting people to the polls you so you're saying that that move won't won't of what. what it will do do you want to you know we've we've just. put it pretty densely out from the old regime so what what kind of things they are going to do to bring in there are gender the think the people that. you know in algeria wanted and dad they are not dead they are not
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a country they are not in. and dependent toto it's the old forum for the elections saw so many chances to to have you know 2 minute today to divorce and the elections and that's why you know do people look don't want to go and i think we want to have more than 50 percent of. people voting today and the person who pays for that we do have very low turnout professor that these elections are presumably not going to be viewed as very legitimate so then what is the way forward then what's the way for if algeria after after this poll who commit gates to who you know he was he was doing his best to have to say elections he want to do you know to to put he's man as the president of algeria and that was he's rushing. because the hair i could
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write is the people you know they ask him to for. a constitutional council to go and to prepare transitional period to prepare the elections but unfortunately to mitigate salah i want to know to have the election as soon as as foreseeable and do it that's what he did so after the elections and this is the big questions i don't think i'll cheer as are going to see that much change because you know that eminence of the old that is you out of bike you one of them would be dad and he. a bucket by the out of me and the out of me nigeria we. must study of the regime contorting do know do whereabouts of what's going on in the political system of algeria so and that's the problem the main since 1962 was and ruled by the at me see today and with this election for the after
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the wave of december the out of me is behind the sea money for you. and the political system in nigeria professor mohamad care out there from castle university thanking for analysis professor thank you well still ahead on al-jazeera and anxious wait for the most letters muslim reading and the world's largest refugee camp as hearings against myanmar allegations of genocide and to that day. controversy over donald trump the latest executive order that many say is intended to restrict criticism of the israeli government. hello again or welcome back to your international weather forecast or a very messy picture across much of europe 1st of all i do want to start down here
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across much of the mediterranean we have a lot of rain a lot of winds here we've seen some problems across greece and the next phase is going to be making its way more towards the east we're talking about parts of lebanon syria turkey as well very heavy rain across much of that area the other big storm is going to cause a lot of problems in terms of the wind as well as the rain over the next few days this storm is coming out of the atlantic and if you look at those winds streams very tight very fast moving and that's going to cause a problem anywhere from the u.k. for france for spain over the next few days and we're going to be seeing a lot of rain as well as some snow out ahead of the front particularly in the overnight hours when those temperatures are dropping it's not just going to be over here towards the west it will also be here across parts of italy very heavy rain as well as very windy conditions for that region for border though look our conditions here as we go towards the next couple days thursday the rain continues friday winds up to 100 kilometers per hour by the time we get towards saturday we do expect to see some improving conditions across much of that area and here across northern
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africa windy conditions across much of the area from gazi expect to see winds as well with a temperature of 18. 1000 and. preparing some of india's poorest children for entry into its toughest universities. 'd and. helping change the face of india.
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and there again i missed and are a reminder of our top stories this hour voting has begun in the u.k. snap election which could help break parliamentary deadlock on breaks that the main contenders are boris johnson's conservative policy and the labor party led by jeremy cope. and polls have also opened in algeria his presidential election despite the vote being widely rejected by millions taking part in months of mass protests demonstrators want sweeping political reform before any voters is held. the indian government has moved thousands of troops into the north northeast and states of awesome untrue poor in response to violent protests against a contentious new citizenship though it eases the process to grant citizenship to minorities who face religious persecution bought it excludes muslim. now it's the
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3rd and final day of hearings at the international court of justice of allegations committed acts of genocide against its muslim on wednesday myanmar leader rejected claims that country's military committed mass murder and rape against the rigging of the allegations stem from the 2017 crackdown which forced more than 700000 written got to flee to neighboring bangladesh tucci insists the military was conducting a legitimate operation against armed groups but our correspondent stephanie deck is in cox's bazar in bangladesh and she says the ruling will have little impact on the situation in the wilds of knowledge just refugee camp. if we're going to be honest about it if we translate it to how that's going to affect this situation a situation of almost a 1000000 people living in a refugee camp on the far southeastern corner of bangladesh it's almost become a status quo i think the world has sort of become used to that this is the way it is right now it's june all the years almost in since these people fled here and
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regardless of which way the court is going to rule and this is going to take time even if it says yes there need to be emergency provisional measures applied to protect the people to protect the running the iraq current state remains and to protect these here there is no in force meant mechanism so if we boil it down to how it's going to affect this situation which is a critical situation it's not going to have any real impact because there is no sort of short term solution to this there's no long term solution to this. u.s. president donald trump has signed an executive order which he says is intended to end anti-semitism and their affairs at designed to restrict criticism of israeli government policies and explains president donald trump has regularly boasted of his pro israel record he did it again as he signed a new executive order this time aimed at fighting what the white house sees as a growing problem of anti semitism on university campuses across the u.s. as this is our message to universities if you want to accept the tremendous amount
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of federal dollars that you get every year you must reject anti semitism and i essentially the order extends part of the 1964 civil rights act it allowed the department of education to withhold federal funding from any call it that discriminates on the grounds of race color or national origin that no is extended to religion and critics say that effectively suggest use of people who share the same race or collective national origin. the new order could significantly impact the b.d.s. movement it are just a ploy caught divestment and sanctions campaign against the israeli government for its treatment of palestinians living in the region some have claimed b.d.s. is anti semitic while supporters say it's not targeting a religion but political action but as the group has grown on american campuses it's been accused of creating a hostile climate for jewish students by conflating it clear the criticism for
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israel and make it equal to you know anti semitism they're trying to censor only the freedom bit here in the u.s. when it comes to the israeli policies donald trump is aggressively back to shill since taking office he moved the u.s. embassy to jerusalem in the face of international opposition and recognized the golan heights territory seized from syria as part of israel but he's been accused of making anti-semitic remarks and defending new net says he chanted anti jewish. he was criticized for comments made in a speech to jewish groups in florida at the weekend for reinforcing jewish stereotypes bloddy you're in the real estate business because i know you very well you're brutal killers not nice people at all but you have to vote for me abductors you're not going to vote for pocahontas i can tell you the many jewish groups have praised the president's action us congress tried to take a similar action to the executive order even with bipartisan support it stalled donald trump's move breaks that logjam alan fischer al-jazeera washington. now in
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an exclusive interview with al jazeera russia's special envoy to syria has denied there have been more attacks on civilians in the province of speaking in kazakhstan where the latest rounds of talks are being held and xander lorenz you have called the reports fake news a solid bunch of aid reports from moscow to. another round of talks aimed at ending the conflict in syria now in its 9th year for 2 days delegates have negotiated an argued about peace because the capital formally called us donna is where this track of diplomacy began in 2017 between the guarantors russia iran and turkey the united nations also took part alongside the syrian government and opposition representatives they have to put civilians on their priority list make sure to go forward with the political process hundreds of thousands of detainees in syria that they can't connect with their families they can we don't know even if they're alive
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or dead although the u.n. believes the real diplomatic solution is being drafted in geneva with syria's new constitution progress there has been stalled for months committing the software of course not solve the syrian crisis so we need also to discuss the broader aspects of security council resolution $2254.00 and i would continue to discuss it or 2 parters the so-called safe zone along the turkish border and the offensive in rebel held for top of the agenda the turkish and russian president agreed to establish a corridor free of kurdish fighters where syrian refugees could return but like everywhere else in syria guaranteeing safety in the 30 kilometer zone can never be certain diplomats and representatives try to sure there's been progress in the 14th meeting of the estancia process will be no military solution to the syrian conflict in the firm commitment to advance viable and lasting syrian lit and syrian only your own facilitated political process in line with your own security council
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resolution 20. 54 although it's still very cold but optimists. minus 12 degrees centigrade is a lot better than minus 30 a few days ago similarly all parties involved in the conflict in syria have been telling us that it is an achievement to have everyone under one roof but previous agreements such as the conviction though than avoiding civilian casualties have not been fully implemented. thousands of miles away from the 5 star hotels bombs are still dropping on syrians. the syrian opposition says regime of president bashar al assad with help from its russian allies has intensified attacks and it could have. aid workers say more than 1002000 civilians have been displaced from the countryside of hama and in recent weeks russia says all that true. all of it completely fake news there is
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a threat. the russian military piece of the russian. coming out from this is of course will respond to. some red lines but nevertheless. despite the red line which we cannot cross not the turkey we as the russian. nevertheless will manage to. agree also on different subjects and while millions brave another winter the hope for peace in returning home remains elusive for more syrians. kazakhstan. police in new zealand say they're finalizing a plan to recover 8 bodies from a volcano that erupted on monday they say getting the victims off why is highland is the number one priority but only if it's safe to do so or the kind of activity has been increasing there and scientists warn that the situation is volatile police
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say they're planning to go to wise island on friday more than 20 people remain critically ill and hospitals across new zealand and australia suffering severe burns after 2 years of legal battles disgraced revie mogul harvey weinstein has reached a $25000000.00 civil settlement with his alleged victims the new york times reports that it would end nearly every sexual misconduct lawsuit brought against weinstein and his company. now china is the world's top carbon missa despite investing in renewable power for decades 85 percent of its primary energy still comes from fossil fuels and most of that is from coal now thanks in part with surging economy china's emissions rose 4 percent in the fest half of the cea from madison reports from beijing. china produces about 20 percent of the world's carbon emissions coal makes up around 59 percent of china's energy consumption and thick smog can still
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hang over beijing in winter as people light relatively cheaper coal fires to ward off the bitter chill. but in recent years coal mines have been closed and the building of new power plants has been restricted near heavily polluted areas. in the last couple of years you see smog almost every day in winter the pollution was very serious but since last year it's getting much better the number of electric vehicles in china has been booming the amount of investment that trying has been making over the last 7 years in renewable energy has been significant and the pollution levels from its power stations has leveled off but despite that china's emissions the hole for the 1st 6 months of 2019 rose by 4 percent china as well as the middle class is being blamed the surge in demand for new housing and infrastructure has meant more work for china's steel and cement factories and a rise in pollution. the result of that is overcapacity industry
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a lot of questionable. infrastructure projects in other areas so that's the part where there is space to build what you actually need but. stop building just because you want to create demand for more steel and cement and construction work china has argued for years that it shouldn't be criticised for using. all to power it's remarkable transformation into the world's 2nd largest economy i think china and. at the time some other developing countries believe that this is our rights to develop because they recognize that yes it's our rights to develop but on the other hand it's also about our rights for you know people's right to pray for healthy air the skies above beijing may be
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clear more often but what china's new middle class demands new homes chinese factories are likely to continue pumping out pollution rob matheson al-jazeera beijing well you can find a much more on our website including ongoing updates on britain's critical election today that's al jazeera dot com. hello again this is al jazeera and these are the headlines polls have opened in the u.k. is the 3rd general election in less than 5 years after a 6 week campaign prime minister barak's johnson is seeking another term for his conservative party in opposition as the labor party led by jeremy coleman you're watching live pictures now of those polling stations opening in london it's hopes that the snap election will break the parliamentary deadlock over just how britain should leave the european union for a challenge has more. this is an election that has been framed around brix
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it pretty much so the traditional party loyalties might be starting to fray is unpredictable we don't know which way the start school voting things are going to swing the direction of this election but certainly remain leavers breaking free of their traditional parties and perhaps voting for parties they wouldn't normally do and voting is also underway in algeria as presidential election despite being widely rejected by millions taking part in months of mass protests on wednesday demonstrators clashed with police while calling for a complete boycott of the election they say the poll is a farce that will enable the old government to remain in power protestors want sweeping political reforms before any vote is held now the indian government has made thousands of troops into the northeastern states of a summon trip or are in response to violent protests against contentious new
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legislation both houses of parliament have out passed the bill which eases the process to grant citizenship to minorities who face religious persecution in neighboring countries vast experience muslims and critics say that's because of the government's hindu nationalist agenda. it's the 3rd and final day of hearings at the international court of justice over allegations myanmar committed acts of genocide against its muslim rangar on wednesday myanmar leader aung san suu kyi rejected claims her country's military committed mass murder and rape against the reading of the allegations stem from a 27000 crackdown which forced more than 700000 or so fleet to neighboring bangladesh they're now living in the wilds largest refugee camp well those are the headlines do join me for more news here and updates on multiple elections off the inside story. what kind of care does that provide and is anyone willing to pick up the cost we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly
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changing the world we live in so is it possible for trump is actually a clue to a t. economy counting the cost on al-jazeera. from soldier to peace mike that ethiopia's broad minister was awarded the nobel prize for helping to win the conflict you can i bring your trial but why is it the or try and lead to all the as well of what message does i'll be off message when said this is inside story. hello welcome to the program obstat grat the relationship between ethiopia and eritrea could be summed up in 2 words war and peace by 42 year war over a disputed border region 20 years ago at lake.


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