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and power in 2020 the impeachment inquiry is a scam join us for the latest developments on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. hello this is the news hour live from our global headquarters in doha i'm fully back to bill coming up in the next 60 minutes an election many algerians consider worthless ballot paper is a toll on in the presidential vote to replace abdelaziz bouteflika. deciding on a break sit direction the political leaders have cast their vote in the u.k.'s 3rd election in less than 5 years.
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old so this hour i'm going india's northeast over a bill that grant citizenship to minorities from 3 neighboring countries but excludes mostly us. and i'm only a hearty an endo with all of your sports as tiger woods captains the u.s. state their worst start out of the presidents cup in 14 years. we begin this news hour with algeria where thousands are protesting outside polling stations to reject the presidential election which is currently under way. crowds destroyed their ballot papers in the port city of beijing police also fired tear gas to disperse protesters the demonstrators have called the vote
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a farce and say it will enable old leaders to remain in power they want sweeping political reforms before any vote is held the voter turnout has been so far. as a dean may hope be one of the 5 candidates running for president early a cast his ballot in the capital is the former ruling party through there so. board behind him earlier this week all candidates have closely with a former president. who stepped down in april after massive government demonstrations the protesters have been demanding a complete overhaul of algeria as ruling elite for almost 10 months now the demonstrations began when then president abdelaziz bouteflika announced he would run for a 5th term he'd been in power for 2 decades and was rarely seen in public because of ailing health the 82 year old was forced to step down in april as we mentioned but protests continues with called wide scale political reform huge rallies have
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been held every friday since with demonstrators calling for the election to be canceled or less speak to. who is an algerian political analyst and resident scholar at carnegie middle east center she is via skype from beirut thank you so much for joining us on the news. of the 5 men running for president even supported what if or participated in his movement and the protests is clearly don't see these men as representing them so if not venom and if not an election then who and what. well yes it is true actually that's right candidate 2 that have been you know what's his debating in these elections are actually really except that which we do important figures that such as abdul majeed the born and to anybody who wears respectively try minister and head of the government so who are algerians that this
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is and this is for them and masquerade that this is a circus because actually the un jiri in the region is trying to rejuvenate itself that by putting get again people who have been there for decades and who are actually products of the system that now some people have been saying good that the popular movement that should have been institutionalized that it's sad and you know put people such as or. at the head of this leaderless movement in order to all represented and to negotiate with the government wide it is true that the institution that only they shun of the movement has been problematic shit is also true to say that the lack of free there is are that a popular movement have been the also problematic show in the sas that this left of the door open for the reach him. apologies we seem to have lost our
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connection with our guest there in beirut. yasbeck gerry in political analysts who was talking to us about the election and what we expect to happen next in algeria as demonstrations continue there despite this vote to replace abdelaziz bouteflika many algerians not satisfied saying that the current political regime will stay in power even after this election we'll continue to follow all the developments for you in algeria and bring you all the latest updates here on r.g.p. . let's move on to another election and this one is being called the u.k.'s most important vote in a generation by both the conservative party and the main opposition labor party millions are deciding who will form the next government and decide the future of breck's it and a country from mr boies johnson has cast his vote in central london he's seeking another term for his conservative party after just 5 months later
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a short time ago jeremy corbyn the labor leader also cast his ballot in north london this will be his 2nd attempt at becoming britain's prime minister live to rory challenges covering the election for us he's in london of course the polls have been open for about 6 hours novel is been pretty wet so far i mean it's been raining on and off what kind of turnout are we expecting. yes it's very unusual to have a winter election in the united kingdom i think you have to go back many many decades to find another one usually they're held in may late spring summer where the weather is much better the days are longer so there is a fear that this might depress voter turnout certainly some of the pictures that are coming in of early voting seem to show sizable queues at polling stations but we don't know where yet whether that is being replicated across the country we also
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don't know whether low voter turnout will benefit or hinder any particular party then other big question about this election is how big a role is tactical voting going to play because this is an election that essentially is come about because of brecht's it and breck's it's whether your leave or remain is one of these things that seems to be sending perhaps voters off in directions that they wouldn't normally go in to vote for parties that they wouldn't normally vote for so we'll have to see how about plays out as well boris johnson certainly is drills or try to drill into the public consciousness that this is a bricks at election labor have tried to steer it away so they're more comfortable ground of public services and the national health service the voters have until 10 o'clock this evening to make their choice that's when the polls close that's when we get an exit poll as well to tell us how things might be going the 1st result
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will come through at about 11 o'clock g.m.t. and then in a few hours after that 2 or 3 o'clock g.m.t. in the morning we'll start to get something like a respectable picture of how the landscape is looking for this election and therefore what it means going forward for the country and for brics it. ok rory thank you very much for the moment chalons line in london in the u.k. the party that gets to govern needs to secure a majority in parliament and it's particularly crucial this election where the future of bracks it is a major focus so will the government be decided paul brennan explains. the united kingdom is divided into 650 electoral constituencies which each sent an m.p. to sit here in parliament and they're elected using the 1st past the post voting system with people in each constituency each casting one vote and whoever gets the most votes becomes their m.p.
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now most candidates are affiliated to a political party such as the conservatives labor or the liberal democrats or several others and 2 in the overall election and for a stable government a party needs to win a majority of the parliamentary seats now that means at least 326 mph but the biggest party gets fewer than 326 then it can try to form a minority government or it might try to form a coalition government with another party. in other world news dozens of arrests have been made in northeast india during protests against legislation on citizenship thousands of troops are deployed in the state of sates of asylum entry poor the protesters fear migrants from bangladesh will be made citizens both houses of parliament of pass a bill which will allow as we said citizenship to minorities facing religious persecution in pakistan bangladesh and afghanistan's but muslims are excluded or has more from the largest city in assam state. and there are several justice.
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in india. are not giving up. and are joining slogans i was there demanding the government withdraws their citizenship amendment bill they say their struggle is to protect their indigenous culture and live you some of these boys abuse local d.s.a. it's all about jobs if you do i agree it's a given indian citizenship they can get the jobs these people say they should be getting on the same street we've also seen every week goes back to the soldiers of the indian army now we will really be reporting. that one column of the indian army that's about 70 soldiers wasn't standby in the state of assad but now it looks like the government is perhaps nodding to send more boots on the ground this is the road which goes from the airport to the capital city of us though hearty curfews being
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imposed via mobile services have been shut down but despite that several purchase had been planned in the capital city to the. day chandra is professor of government at georgetown university he explained why so there is been so much opposition to the bill in india's northeast i think in the solomon trip around the northeast there are parts of those states where the news citizenship amendment bill the revised one is going to apply and you know they're not interested in the religion of who's coming in from from across the border they just don't want anyone and this is sources but different from the situation in the indian mainland where it's clearly about non muslims who are being let in member that doesn't seem to be a problem the problem seems to be just muslims from neighboring countries it's so and there is in the case of assam it really admit may well be that hindus bengali
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hindus in particular are coming from bangladesh are actually the major threat it is being challenged in the supreme court but i'm not very optimistic that the supreme court additionally in general not just the supreme court but also high courts have really not shown the billing this to take on the executive and they really abdicated any kind of law making function. to parliament and you know the will of the majority so to speak so we really do have a populist government that now sets the agenda and non-elected institutions including courts are really reluctant to go against it. the army in these areas searching for what he called several 100 heavily armed terrorists who killed at least 70 soldiers there kept near the western border with mali sustained hours of heavy gunfire late on tuesday there's been no claim of responsibility but fighters linked so i selema al qaeda are increasingly active in the remote long this region
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he detests lead you need deputy the detachment in the in not has military post near the border with mali was attacked by heavily armed terrorists estimated at several 100 there followed a combat of rare violence combining artillery fire and the use of kamikaze vehicles by the enemy on our position for 3 hours a search in pursuit has been launched in the footsteps of terrorists fleeing from our borders. frequent cross border fight. scenes an issue for both countries. in not just us all it's been in the crosshairs of the extremist groups operating along the border but by far this is the biggest in terms of casualty numbers according to sources the attackers numbering in the hundreds at the army post with suicide bombers as well as mortars and by the way you notice has been largely vacated since the last major attacks last
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year in the area and we've also seen across the region in this hell the uptick of violence carried out by al qaida into sliming state in the west african province and all the fighters in the region and the targets mainly all well military bases that were overrun and equipment being seized now i look to people are warning especially security analysts are warning that we probably will see more violence in the coming months or weeks as the groups there want to establish a foothold meanwhile across the region there is anger and concerns about the rule of multinational forces in the region especially the french presence here in mali that is particularly that feeling that the french are not doing enough to cut the violence and a meeting with the g. 5 leaders of 5 civilian countries with their french president which was supposed to
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start next week has now been shifted until early 2020 but a lot of people in the region i really concerned about why are all these is leading to. plenty more ahead on this news hour including of genocidal intent in the international case when. lawyers give graphic testimony to back of a gambler years allegations of genocide in marc klaas the philippines president's war on drugs is back in the spotlight rise groups say police are to 6 don't. and messy reflects on his telly year in football yeah we'll have more in sports ticked . lawyers for the gambia have been giving their closing arguments at the international court of justice in the hague as they push for myanmar to be tried for genocide against muslim. they are providing testimony on allegations of mass
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murder and rape leader on santucci told the court on wednesday that the accusations are quote an incomplete and misleading factual picture of the situation she said soldiers conducted a legitimate operation against armed groups more than $700000.00 muslims fled myanmar after a military crackdown in 2017 when haye is covering the proceedings for us at the hague he joins us now live on the news hour or so wayne what's been the gambas response then to aren't on sochi is opening speech against genocide charges. yes well that opening speech my own son sujit which was of course the opening of me and maz defense has been widely criticized some of said she was lying in that speech that she was using it as a way to avoid any future legal proceedings against herself personally which isn't going to happen this time here at the international court of justice this is
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a state versus state disputes but the gambian lawyers in their closing arguments on thursday really did systematically dismantle the arguments put up by the state councilor and after her the me and my lawyers particularly the assertion that the raids on reading given in rakhine state by me and my security forces were part as the me and my delegation put it of a legitimate counterterrorism operation the because of the existence of an arm to retain good militant group now the lawyers representing the gambia say they don't deny that there was an armed elements in rakhine state unarmed. group but they say that combat cannot be used as an excuse for genocide and they said that the me and my soldiers that went through those village villages failed to differentiate between armed suspects belonging to that militant group and innocent
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civilians so men women and children were targeted indiscriminately for murder torture and rape their villages their homes burnt to the ground even though it was clear on most occasions that they were not members of any sort of armed militant groups as certainly as to say it was a thorough dismantling all that me and my argument put forward to them on wednesday that today is the last day of this phase of the proceedings wayne what happens next that the court. yes well the gambian closing arguments have finished we wait for another few hours before we hear the closing arguments from the me and my side again it will be fairly brief lasting in total about 90 minutes and aung san suu kyi herself will make a brief statement in those closing arguments says the head of the me and my defense team after that the court will adjourn that is the end of this an issue phase phase
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one of this genocide case and then they will need to decide whether to grant the request put forward by the gambians that provisional urgent provisional measures be placed on the government of myanmar to take urgent steps to ensure the safety and security of the rich in rakhine state now that could happen fairly quickly if we go back to the 1990 s. the case of bosnia herzegovina against serbia they requested the same thing urgent provisional measures the judges came back in 19 days and ruled in favor of the balls but the ultimate decision the ultimate taste of medication to do genocide took until 2007 to be decided so phase one could be decided in this instance very very quickly in a matter of weeks but the broader genocide case being leveled against me and will that will take years 3 thank you very much wayne hale live for us at the hague and
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al jazeera stephanie deca is in comics as bizarre in bangladesh as for hundreds of thousands of muslim writing a threat to she says more international pressure is needed on myanmar before any changes will be seen on the ground. what they want is justice and they want to be able to go back home what's going to come out of this trial is going to have a direct impact on these people probably not going to pave the way for them to go home any sooner probably not it doesn't have the capacity to implement things on the ground through a course of 2 usually significant when it comes to the diplomatic front when it comes to international pressure and that is key you need to have international countries putting pressure on you more to resolve this we're not doing that at the moment but certainly yes it is a problem it's going to go on it's not going to be resolved anytime soon the mass amount of people we've just been speaking to the head of the u.n. refugee agency here in bangladesh and he said even if repatriation started tomorrow it would take a very long time to process this amount of people to be able to go back home but
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again that is nowhere near at the moment in the not terms of international pressure a particular if you talk about the international criminal court which is a court that can bring individuals to justice you need to curity council recommendation for that to happen you have china who is on the vetoes these kinds of things don't happen you know unless you have movement on this kind of a level i think it's me very difficult to resolve this in these people are going to remain here for a long time and i think it will tell you there will be challenges ahead if the status quo remains. the rise scope amnesty international says the philippines government is literally getting away with mega latest government figures show an estimated 5 and a half 1000 people have been killed since 2016 in president rodrigo detaches so-called war on drugs but activists say that number could be as high as 27000 and no one has been held accountable for the deaths well nor papa is a human rights officer for mysie international in the philippines he says the
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police don't paint the whole picture. to small city operation on numbers that they have reported on this morning person that if this arrest operations conducted this or just you know. outputs of. their drug operations from $10.00 to $16.00 not much less the said about the killings themselves then yes they have mentions it's $5500.00. it's just perplexing for us for example when we released our report in february 27th mean the numbers are already up to 7000 in our. almost 2000 killed in police operations and more than 3000 killed in a more than 4000 killed in by unidentified gunmen and by the end of 2017 and this is a government report they have mentioned that are on 4000 killed in police operations and more than 16000 dead and identify gunmen this is at the end of the 17th so
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it just doesn't make sense the numbers. to new zealand where teams in special protective gear ahd to attempt to recover the bodies of those killed in a volcanic eruption despite warnings another one is imminent police say the mission to wide island will begin at 1st light on friday 2 more victims have died in hospital raising the official number of dead to 8 jessica washington reports. it's not how this is trailing interest would have expected to be going home leaving new zealand on a stretcher suffering from severe burns the israeli defense force is flying out some patients who suffered horrific injuries when the white island cocaine all erupted to relieve the pressure on new zealand hospitals burns units have been operating at full capacity with surgeons working nonstop since monday's tragedy trying to save the lives of dozens of people the nature of the sport for the kids
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isn't in the rough so. this is this is going to happen sewage treatment of the officers. and it's the usual kinds of. things all of the survivors have burns through at least one 3rd of their bodies surgeons here at the national brand center and hospitals around the zealand have called in for skin donations from the us and australia they're calling it an unprecedented medical emergency for new zealand days after the eruption a recovery mission to retrieve the bodies still on the island is said to begin that will go on to the island and i will make every effort to recover all of the bodies from the island and return them to the washington. and from there we will move those bodies back to my mind. i have to emphasize that the risk has not gone. the risk remains present authorities had been cautious due to the
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dangerous cocktail of gases on the island and a warning from seismologists of the likelihood of another eruption this is the most like to get for a car you walk tall and has been since 2016 and probably going back to quite a few years as well so it is really a high level of interest in this book market men lost his brother in the disaster he's been calling for recovery crews to get to the island and is unhappy at the delays is not frustration i can get on this more frustration that they haven't gone to the on there's been too perfect an opportunity to get out there. and make them go on. red tape ruckus the leadership has filed. he's just one of many waiting for the bodies of their loved ones to be returned. just to washington al-jazeera oakland new zealand. the un's climate change conference in madrid accompt 25 is in its final days scientists and politicians from around the
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world are trying to agree on the next crucial steps for the paris agreement the center of the un's climate change strategy but they've been locked in arguments over how to make carbon markets work and the conference could be extended by a day and vironment out isn't it a summit in madrid it is the penultimate day here in madrid it will probably go into actual time is these things will be days are probably into saturday some crucial issues still at play not least national commitment to reducing emissions which is vital as we go into 2020 and also some rather unwieldy but again crucial detail on carbon trading and loss and damage that is compensating those poor nations impacted by climate change and yesterday we had some drama in the homes here outside the main plenary where the u.n. secretary general is speaking a lot of protesters gathered hundreds of protesters gathered making their voices heard frustrated at the stately slow state of progress here at the top now these
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are credentialed observers who then had their credentials taken away because of these protests not covered quite a few of these conferences over the last 2 years since 2012 and never has have i seen scenes like that so it's an important issue and also demonstrates the the chasm there is between the feeling outside these holes does you say the slave state of progress within one piece of developing news we have the european union's greendale it hasn't been widely accepted as real progress but there is an element of progress in the sense that they put forth a $100000000000.00 to try and weaning e.u. countries off fossil fuel so that's one development there's an awful lot more needed. time now for a check of the world weather here is kevin and kevin flooding in libya winds in europe that's why we have a lot to talk about a lot to get to we have an area of low pressure in the mediterranean you can see it right there then for libya we have seen quite a bit of rain along the coastal areas actually here just to the east of tripoli we
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saw about 147 millimeters of rain but to the south been gazi this is what it actually looked like people were dealing with the flooding situation there a lot of the homes were flooded out a lot of structural damage as well over the last few days they are now cleaning out that area of low pressure has begun to move towards the east causing a lot of rain problems out here towards parts of syria turkey as well so that's one area now the wind situation is a whole nother area of low pressure coming out of the atlantic you can see the clouds right here making their way towards france the u.k. down towards spain but it's really the winds over the next day so today tomorrow and the next day we're talking winds probably getting up to about 120 kilometers per hour across parts of france as well as into spain and then as we go from friday and into saturday those winds start to make their way down here across the central med so still a big problem for probably libya as well up to about 100 kilometers there bordeaux we could expect to see some very gusty winds for you here on friday as well as
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saturday giving the world a bit better by the time we get to sunday back to you fully thank you very much for that kevin still ahead on this news hour the u.s. house judiciary prepares for its final interment debate as democrats say the president is on the verge of a dictatorship we have a live report from washington last cloaking china's capital in smog winds who's been blamed for stalling the campaign to clear the air and kelly slater puts in a performance as he ends her face had the and then pick the i will have the details and statistics. on this the last time you out on the street. testing whether on line you feel the weight of the system when you walk through each and every layer further and further into the jail or if you join us once a week entry has to start from day one whether again you're into tension or your own parser this is a dialogue everyone has
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a voice for the earth studies that support our coverage will be varying accounts but i want to give people the reason for joining the global conversation on now to 0 from the ounces in around london brew cost center to special guests in conversation when your government is going after you what do you do unprompted it's uninterrupted we have a deep space and in this teligent service whatever they want to whoever they want whenever they want the trees color is nice locate the black people for as long as we've been fighting back have been labeled us terrorist studio unscripted on al-jazeera.
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well again you're watching the news on al-jazeera i would need for you. a reminder of our top stories thousands of ontarians have been tearing up their ballot papers in protests against the presidential election which is currently under way demonstrators have been calling for a total boycott of the vote and turnout has so far been no i don't know iran 15 percent the u.k.'s 3rd general election in 5 years is also under way promise of boys johnson is hoping to secure another term against labor leader jeremy corbyn and dozens of arrests have been made in northeast india during protests against legislation on citizenship demonstrators fear migrants from bangladesh will be made citizens the controversial citizenship allow citizens to certain religions minor religious minorities in pakistan bangladesh and afghanistan but excludes most. now u.s. president don trump has signed an executive order which he says is intended to end
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on thai semitism and their fears it's designed to restrict criticism of israeli government policies alan fischer explains president donald trump has regularly boasted of his pro israel record he did it again as he signed a new executive order this time into fighting what the white house sees as a growing problem of anti semitism on university campuses across the u.s. as this is our message to universities if you want to accept the tremendous amount of federal dollars that you get every year you must reject anti semitism and i essentially the order extends part of the 1964 civil rights act it allowed the department of education to withhold federal funding from any call it that discriminates on the grounds of race color or national origin that no is extended to religion and critics say that effectively suggest use of people who share the same race or collective national origin. the new order could significantly impact
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the b.d.s. movement it are just a ploy caught divestment and sanctions campaign against the israeli government for its treatment of palestinians living in the region some have claimed b.d.s. is anti semitic while supporters say it's not targeting a religion but political action but as the group has grown on american campuses it's been accused of creating a hostile climate for jewish students by conflating it clear the criticism for israel and make it equal to you know and to some it isn't trying to censor any the free debate here in the u.s. when it comes to the israeli policies donald trump is aggressively back to shill since taking office he moved the u.s. embassy to jerusalem in the face of international opposition and recognized the golan heights territory seized from syria as part of israel but he's been accused of making anti-semitic remarks and defending new net says he chant. anti jewish slogans he was criticized for comments made in
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a speech to jewish groups in florida at the weekend reinforcing jewish stereotypes bloody your the real estate business because i know you very well you're brutal killers not nice people at all but you have to vote for many of the jurors you're not going to vote for a buck a hard as i can tell you. many jewish groups of praise the president's action u.s. congress try to take a similar action to the executive order even with bipartisan support it stalled donald trump's move breaks that logjam alan fischer al-jazeera washington. and the u.s. house judiciary committee is set to resume its final debate on audit holds of impeachment against president donald trump during firing opening statements when say evening v.-e. u.s. house democrats warn that trump is on the verge of the taters ship while republicans defended his record the democratic party's leading efforts to formally charged with abuse of power and obstruction of congress now be an opportunity to amend the 2 articles of impeachment then the committee will vote on each of them
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individually with the president we consider allied with dancers american security interests by fighting in american adversary the president weakens america where the president demands that a foreign government investigators domestic political rivals corrupt our elections to the founders this kind of corruption was especially british is free and fair elections are the bedrock of our democracy if our elections are corrupt everything is corrupt. so tonight we've experienced we're in december after a year of trashing this institution a year of trying to trash this administration and this president we come up with abuse of power and can't define it we come up with the obstruction of congress after 72 days i know they're desperate you know how i know it adam schiff so on
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words yesterday we can't go to court that would take too long. all right let's bring in. on capitol hill for us so heidi what are we expecting today on the beach when inquiry. hopefully the house judiciary committee is expected to approve those 2 articles of impeachment which are abuse of power and obstruction of congress last night they began the debate process with opening statements from all more than 40 members of that committee and today they'll resume debate with a vote likely down party lines were expected to have those articles passed easily with that vote coming down sometime today which would set up for next week when these articles go before the full house of representatives of course this is the chamber of congress that is controlled by democrats and they happen numbers to easily pass these articles which would then formally impeach the president that's only ever happened twice previously in u.s.
4:37 pm
history but there are reports that there are a handful of moderate democrats who may defect from their party's caucus to vote for this impeachment this is a reflection of the political reality here foley where these moderates are fearful because they fully expect as all fully expect at this point that trump will be eventually acquitted of these charges in the senate that he will remain in office in the us in november of next year when the next round of elections takes place in the u.s. those moderate democrats are fearful for holding on to their own seats so despite claims that that's not a consideration democrats are saying that they're for they're going forward with and this impeachment because they're obligated to to hold the president accountable in the constitution however the reality is that every decision made has that political calculus behind it how this impeachment will play off in the 2020
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elections same for republicans and for the president himself who is hoping to make himself look like the victim. him out of this impeachment and then to be ultimately acquitted perhaps gaining more sympathy with his party's base there still 5050 percent split among the wider american public for those who support or oppose this impeachment bill and heidi thank you very much for that heidi on capitol hill for us let's now speak to bret drew and who is the former director of global engagement in the white house under president barack obama he's live in washington d.c. thank you so much for joining us the house as heidi said there is quickly moving forward on articles of impeachment against president what do you make of the pace of this inquiry and democrats right to be worried about taking this into the election year well i think there's actually a number of political factors heidi you mentioned the risk for democrats and they aren't in consequential
4:39 pm
a number of these democrats won the election last year in districts where trump had been victorious in 2016 yet the same holds true for republicans there are a number of republicans that are facing reelection both for the senate as well as for house districts who will have to run on their statements and their votes and that could create complications for them i think the time pressure here is one where we're running up against the holidays in the u.s. members of congress want to get home for their families but also in the beginning of february we have the presidential primaries that start and both parties i think want to get through this before that so if they are going to vote along party lines as we expect will it be then the american people who decide donald trump's fate. well i think there are a number of effects even if this is a party line vote 1st and foremost it is a warning to president trump that the congress still has the power of oversight
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that he should be careful when asking for these favors from foreign governments and also i think there is a play to history here the democrats want to show that they did take action they did everything they could so that historians when they look back at this period will see that asterix on donald trump's name saying that he was just one of 3 u.s. presidents to have been impeached but there's been some reports that the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell republican will move to actually acquit president trump if he's impeach and not just merely dismissed the charges against then if that were the case i mean would this rehabilitates trump's image notice that again that asterix state is there he will be just one of 3 presidents to have been in peach and in this world the republicans mitch mcconnell have to be careful that they are treating this process seriously because if they try simply to sweep it
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under the rug i think they are opening themselves up to accusations of not having examined the issues and the accusations thank you so much for speaking to us better and will talk to you again later here on obviously i thank you for your time thank you and all of korea is condemning the u.n. security council as nothing more than a political tool of u.s. interests and it says it's clear the united states has nothing to offer even if denuclearization talks on to resume the reaction from pyongyang follows a security council briefing where the u.s. call for an end to hostility threats and ballistic missile tests christensen only has more from new york. the united states called out north korea in an open session of the security council for what bastard kelly craft described as an increasingly troubling situation she was referring to north korea's recent firing of ballistic missiles 13 in the last 6 months in violation of u.n.
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resolutions and increasingly threatening language a north korean official recently promised a christmas surprise the united states does not offer some concession ahead of a year and deadline set by north korea's supreme leader kim jong un for denuclearization talks let me be clear the united states and the security council have a goal not a deadline we want to use this time we briefing to make crystal clear to the d.p. r. k. that its continued ballistic missile testing is deeply counterproductive to the shared objectives that the president and chairman kim had discussed on 2 occasions the united states has while pursuing direct negotiations avoided criticism of north korea at the united nations it was right here just last week that european members of the security council condemned north korea for its missile launches but the united states was noticeably absent from that announcement according to a state department official it was after security council members met with
4:43 pm
president trump in washington d.c. that the meeting was called but its still stopped short of what european allies had hoped for focusing solely on missile launches and failing to condemn north korea for human rights abuses kristen salumi al-jazeera the united nations. welding work is being blamed for starting a fire on russia's only aircraft carrier at least 10 injuries are reported on the admiral missed solve $400.00 people were aboard the flagship of the russian navy doctor in the northern port of more months a giant crane collapsed during repairs there last year the fine is a further delay to return to sea for the aging warship which critics say is obsolete. russia's special envoy to syria has denied there have been more attacks on civilians in the province of the last rebel held area in an exclusive interview with al jazeera in kazakhstan where the latest round of talks are being held alexander have called the reports fake news from north of ton osama bin job it
4:44 pm
reports. another round of talks aimed at ending the conflict in syria now in its 9th year for 2 days delegates have negotiated an argued about peace because the capital tunde formally called us stunna is where this track of diplomacy began in 2017 between the guarantors russia iran and turkey the united nations also took part alongside the syrian government and opposition representatives they have to put civilians on their priority list make sure to go forward with the political process hundreds of thousands of detainees in syria that they can't connect with their families they can't the we don't know even if that alive or dead although the u.n. believes the real diplomatic solution is being drafted in geneva with syria's new constitution progress there has been stalled for months committing myself real course not solve the syrian crisis so we need also to discuss the broader aspects
4:45 pm
of security council resolution 2254 and that i would continue to discuss or to reporters the so-called safe zone along the turkish border and the offensive in rebel held it live for top of the agenda the turkish and russian presidents agreed to establish a corridor free of kurdish fighters where syrian refugees could return but like everywhere else in syria guaranteeing safety in the 30 kilometer zone can never be certain diplomats and representatives try to sure there's been progress in the 14th meeting of the estancia process will be no military solution to the syrian conflict in the firm commitment to advance viable and lasting syrian lives and syrian only your own facilitated political process and learn your own. security council resolution 22 or 54 although it's still very cold but optimists. minus 12 degrees centigrade is a lot better than minus 30 a few days ago similarly all parties involved in the conflict in syria have been
4:46 pm
telling us that it is an achievement to have everyone under one roof but previous agreements such as the conviction though than avoiding civilian casualties have not been fully implemented. thousands of miles away from the 5 star hotels bombs are still dropping on syrians. the syrian opposition says regime of president bashar al assad with help from its russian allies has intensified attacks and it could have. aid workers say more than 1002000 civilians have been displaced from the countryside of hama and in recent weeks russia says all that sparked true. all of it completely fake news there is the threat. of the russian military base of the russian personell coming out from this it lip area of course will respond to the right to have some red lines but nevertheless.
4:47 pm
despite the red line which we cannot cross not the turkey we as the russian. nevertheless will manage to. agree also on the on different subjects and while millions brave another winter the hope for peace in returning home remains elusive for more syrians. as they are on stand. to come all the sports news including why the tokyo power lines won't be on the.
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4:49 pm
the foreign ministry. welcome back to china now where the desired to have a brand new home is being partly blamed for an increase in air pollution steel and cement factories are producing smaug as they meet demand for new infrastructure and housing rob matheson has a story from beijing. china produces about 20 percent of the world's carbon emissions coal makes up around 59 percent of china's energy consumption and thick
4:50 pm
smog can still hang over beijing in winter as people light relatively cheaper coal fires to ward off the bitter chill. but in recent years coal mines have been closed and the building of new power plants has been restricted near heavily polluted areas to our natures real in the last couple of years you see smog almost every day in winter the pollution was very serious but since last year it's getting much better the number of electric vehicles in china has been booming the amount of investment that china's been making over the last 7 years in renewable energy has been significant and the pollution levels from its power stations has leveled off but despite that china's emissions a whole for the 1st 6 months of 2019 rolls by 4 percent china as well as the middle class is being blamed the surge in demand for new housing and infrastructure has meant more work for china's steel and cement factories and a rise in pollution. the result of that is overcapacity industry
4:51 pm
a lot of questionable. infrastructure projects in other areas so that's the part where there is space to build what you actually need but. stop building just because you want to create demand for more steel and cement and construction. china has argued for years that it shouldn't be criticised for using coal to pov its remarkable transformation into the world's 2nd largest economy i think china and. at that time some other developing countries believe that this is our rights to develop b. course they've recognized that yes it's our rights to develop but on the other hand it's also about our rights for you know people's rights to pray for healthy air the skies above beijing may be clearer more often but china's new middle class
4:52 pm
demands new homes chinese factories are likely to continue pumping out pollution rob matheson al-jazeera beijing all right time for sports thank you fall in well for the 1st time in 14 years the international team is leading golf's president's cup after day one tiger woods provided the only relief for his u.s. team at royal melbourne in australia woods whose plane is plain and has also kept him this year teamed up with justin thomas to win their only point of the day as they beat mark life men and joe came in the man 4 and 3 otherwise it was internationals who outclassed the americans to take a 41 lead. to go on air in the cup and when i'd done what i'd done you're not out of it yet and with this language. well we now have 16 teams confirmed for the knockout stage of the way for the champions league there was relief for spanish giants athletico madrid who sealed their spot with
4:53 pm
a comfortable to know when over lokomotiv moscow to clinch 2nd place in group d. debutantes also made it from group c. remarkable considering that they lost their 1st 3 group games. so here are the last 16 including holders liverpool and the other usual suspects barcelona baron munich manchester city and paris and your mom this season's group games also broke a record with the most goals scored 308 all together 10 of those though came from byron robert lewandowsky the draw takes place on monday and. so that's when i land on messi rather will find out who his bar sit team will play next meanwhile the argentine has launched his latest pair of football boots and talks about how proud he is of all of his ball and or trophies he picked up a record $61.00 earlier this month when. in truth all of them are special all of them are different each one has something special attached to them
4:54 pm
as i've said before this one is special because of the moment i'm living in right now both personally and as a footballer it's very special for all of them the special each one of them with their little elements and this one is to. genaro got back in management and at least 70 odd he's been named as the new head coach of napoli the club made the appointment less than 24 hours after 2nd carlo and chalabi got to start left ac milan at the end of last season that it. sure is not the will to mediation and the it was easy to accept a job at napoli in the last 10 years nothing has been a key team in italy and in europe it's a great club even if this team is going through a negative moment in syria i like the team the players and the quality of many players indeed almost all the players 99 percent of the players are suitable for the type of football i want to play better than. rain and bad light moment there was very little play on day 2 of pakistan's 1st test for sri lanka the tourists
4:55 pm
were 263 for 3 at stumps but over in perth australia got a good new zealand having won the toss the ozzies came in to bat marnus love to shane remains unbeaten having made a century australia close 128444 organizers of the tokyo 2020 paralympics are expecting a record attendance is with over 3000000 requests made for tickets so far unlike the olympics a few weeks earlier the paralympic marathons will not be moved north to support road due to the hot conditions athletes were consulted and they said that they wanted these races to take place in tokyo with many marathon fleets also competing in track events during the games a move will be logistically difficult for them to accommodate the martha is also the last event all the whole of talk to 2020 and athletes believe competing on the streets of the city in a free event that anyone can attend is
4:56 pm
a way of saying thank you for the tremendous support talk to residents have shown the paralympic movement over the last 7 years over in basketball quite leonard is back in toronto for the 1st time since winning the n.b.a. championship with his former team he was honored before the game receiving his championship ring and leonard though he left in the lap of the raptors after leading them to their 1st n.b.a. title he then joined the l.a. clippers in july on $103000000.00 contract he had a mixed response from fans as his new team beat toronto 112292 leonard scored 23 of those points. then deanna pacers snapped a 7 game losing streak in their series against the boston celtics malcolm crompton scored $29.00 points aaron holley made 11 of his 18 in the 4th quarter the holiday also helped finish it off 12221172 the pacers. the u.s. hockey ice hockey hall of fame is set to induct its 1st african-american 82 year
4:57 pm
old neil henderson started the fort dupont ice hockey club more than 40 years ago encouraging minority players and fans to get involved with the sport henderson was on the ice for the ceremonial puck drop ahead of wednesday's game between the washington capitals and the boston bruins 11 time world champion surfer kelly slater will find out in the next few days if he's done enough to qualify for next year's olympics in tokyo slater's in contention to clinch the 2nd u.s. and team spot depending on how he gets on at the masters and why but he sent out a warning to rival john john florence with a perfect 10 on wednesday right in this way here at 47 slater is proving he's still one of the best surfers in the world. well that's it for me and back over to folly thank you very much that's it for this news hour but with us on al-jazeera we've got plenty more world news coming out very shortly saluting the latest on u.s. present dollar trumping pietschmann to inquire we will have
4:58 pm
a live report from washington d.c. to stay with us. discover the world of al-jazeera. the best films from across on network of channels in the heart of 6 boys and 2 good none of them have citizenship fresh perspectives and new insights to challenge and change the way we look at the world cup but. how do you see the world. on al-jazeera. the un published the most comprehensive study of life on. they found 1000000 species face extinction that's more than 12 percent of known life on. one truck to destroy the much oil infrastructure of which all well depends the report identifies
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the 5 main drivers of this big logical crisis fast the way we use and abuse alcohol that's was always says 75 percent of the land and 10 of the marine environment have been severely altered by human activity exploitation a species true over fishing and hunting climate change caused by a greenhouse gas emissions pollution and finally the how if it creaked on local ecosystems by invasive species. who are supposed to say the decline can be slight even stopped in some cases but to do that we must transform our relationship with. the stories generate foundations of headlines these protests are saying down with the system and down with all of the parts with different angles from different perspectives just because we came to prison days or me right stopped at the gate separate the spin from the facts to western media jumps on stories we'd all taking
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down the misinformation from the judge and some it's about telling the stories of those human beings on pick up with the listening post are now just 0. and he lection many algerian skins worthless ballot papers a torn in the presidential vote to replace abdelaziz bouteflika. though this is al jazeera live from doha i'm fully back t. ball also coming up deciding on a blank slate direction the political leaders have cast their vote in the u.k.'s election in less than 5 yes. anger in india's northeast over a bill that brand citizenship.


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