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tv   A Stranger Came To Town  Al Jazeera  December 13, 2019 4:00am-5:01am +03

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as we. have been. on al jazeera. exit polls point to an emphatic victory for boris johnson's conservative party in the u.k. alexion. if confirmed johnson will have the majority to push through parliament possibly by the end of the year. 0 lie from the headquarters. also ahead a u.s. congressional panel is to vote any moment on approving impeachment charges against president donald trump. and a party. leader for the world's top court to throw out
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a case of genocide on minority. hello the british prime minister boris johnson's decisions a call a snap election looks to have paid off official results from thursday's vote are being tallied but exit polls indicate his conservative party is on course to win its biggest majority in decades now if confirmed johnson will gain crucial control of parliament to push through paul brennan begins our coverage. it had appeared that this election race was getting closer as polling day approached this exit poll though turns that belief upside down if accurate the outcome would mean the conservative party winning its biggest parliamentary majority since margaret thatcher's victory in 1907 a winning margin of $86.00 seats and the strength in numbers for boris johnson to push through his breakfast agenda and so much more within half an hour of the polls
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closing the prime minister took to social media to thank his supporters we live in the greatest democracy in the world he said for labor though bitter disappointment so extreme that if it is anywhere near this just anywhere anywhere near your right is over this will be extremely disappointing for the for the party overall from movement yes well this was the 1st december general election since 1023 but the weather factor with driving rain and winter chill temperatures did not put off the voters in some areas long queues formed with people determined to exercise their democratic choice polling stations shut at 10 pm and the task of counting the millions of ballot papers began as in past elections the cities of newcastle and sunderland race each other to be the 1st to declare a result c. and wouldn't has been truly elected to serve as member for said constituency was the 1st results came in traditional labor strongholds in north east england dramatically reduced labor majorities seem to confirm the accuracy of the exit poll
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result an implied valley a 10 percent swing away from labor so the conservatives overturn an $8000.00 labor majority or the prime minister boris johnson fortis as a breakfast election the slogan gets bracks it done repeated over and over the simplicity of the message clearly worked the translating slogan to reality will be a challenge in iraq 11 months the u.k. will be leaving without any deal and terms if it. consequently the trade deal with the european union that's an extremely tight deadline so while the politics of it are good for boris johnson the governance and the implications for what is going to have to do and deliver on that promise are going to be really difficult when this is been described with some justification as the most important general election in the u.k. in a generation the outcome will decide the government for the next 5 years but it will also profoundly shaped the u.k. for the next 20 years or more paul brennan al-jazeera london well let's get more
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with john hall he's joining us from our london broadcast center so the exit polls are suggesting a conservative majority john yes they are during this nail biting really unpredictable election that in the final days seem to have been seeing the 2 leading parties labor the conservative narrowing the gap between them is now exploded if the exit polls are to be believed into a landslide victory for control conservatives and boris johnson an 86 seat majority now that could of course change as the night wears on as the count goes on but not i think it's fair to say enough to change the simple fact of a conservative victory a conservative majority and a big big defeat for jeremy corbyn and the labor party plus of course other consequences besides now i'm joined this hour by guests chris hopkins is with me again from savannah commers the polling group folly mckenzie joins us
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a former advisor to nick clegg the former liberal democrat leader former deputy prime minister of course now chief executive of the think tank demos and emma haywood a reporter is standing by in boris johnson's somewhat shaky looking constituency of uxbridge in south ross that we'll talk to emma in a 2nd but 1st chris to you. we're beginning to see the fall of labor seats former labor seats in labor heartlands i read it even said field tony blair's constituency seat is in danger and could well fall this is for the 1st time in many many decades decades it's a quite extraordinary scene is it labor voters sometimes lifelong labor voters switching their votes to the conservatives something that many of them would have considered it thinkable in the yet i mean i think what we're tending to see more at least from the early results seems to actually be labor voters voting for the party
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party instead and i think what you know not a fraud a strategy to not standing it's up to tell seats i think everyone for yes that's fair enough that should allow the conservatives to hold what they currently have i think what perhaps some people thought is bad decision then to stand in labor health particularly in the north particularly in levy areas might have been slightly misguided because they might take votes away from the conservatives and stop them winning actually seems that the party taking votes straight from the labor party clearly some labor voters are dissatisfied with jeremy coleman dissatisfied with labor stance and bracks it. completely unpalatable to vote for the conservatives are going to the back of the party instead reducing that labor vote on the conservative to come for the middle strategy then by the braggs a party that even though they have apparently were no seats at all has been very effective for their main goal i think i think not a fraud if you knew which he possibly did then he's played up flew blind you know i think you know his decision we were looking at polls around the european
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parliamentary elections where the brics party would have taken vast swathes of votes from the conservative party and not just hasn't happened in the in a selection party down to that says not to stand in the most conservative health status but also because they realised i think perhaps before before anyone else that they were going to take labor votes in leave areas before we move on to give us a give us a brief sense of what to look out for in the coming hours what are the key moves the key changes that will to. tell us how accurate this exit poll picture is yeah i think we need to continue to look at the red wall weights continue to see now what the what the vote share is doing for the labor party how much it is down i think we might get a sense to clean some more metropolitan remaining areas that perhaps isn't quite as bad in those areas which they are frankly few and far between from the parties that the post yes but that isn't going to be in be enough really for 2 to stop a disastrous not for the party ok on weekends it will move on to i appreciate you don't speak for the liberal democrats but let me ask you about the liberal
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democrats as a party you know very well there are one seat in this exit poll on their 2017 figure that's not the result they would have hoped for is it likely that with this campaign that they thought would break through with remain is promising to revoke article 50 and breaks it all together that didn't do so well for just once in the leader of the no we've spent the last 5 weeks feels like a lifetime asking would this be as you've got up on your board the bricks of election or would the labor party measure to move it to a kind of and it just election the liberal democrats wanted it to be a bit selection they wanted to persuade people that brett could still be stopped meanwhile boris johnson was saying for exits i can get it done let's just get it over with it stop trying to talk about bret's is a good thing i just said let's just kind of put it in the oven get rid of it and deal with other stuff i think basically look democrats fail to persuade people at cibc tension a couple of those small remaining metropolitan areas that chris's mentioned that it
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could be stopped it was worth stopping people did just the mood of the country was let's move on and actually that they are more worried about jeremy corbyn as prime minister than they are about the home of threats it mostly here which a very bad night for labor that much is clear and particularly of course a bad night for jeremy corbin labor's leader yes it's interesting they have already star. spinning that this is just as i've said because the country wanted to get bracks it done but you know for the opposition party to not have a clear line on the most important political issue of the day it's not exactly a surprise that fudging that has caused them trouble i think they will need to look at a wider platform doesn't feel like the country was ready for the kind of bold socialist proposals that they put forward certainly they didn't want to vote for them. well term called in future may well be in doubt let's talk to
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a would cause she's in boris johnston's johnson's constituency seat. oxbridge and south right slip where his majority just 5000 or so since 2017 could well be eaten away by a young labor challenger and the remain alliance is in danger. so it is no given that he will win this seat harry not space nigh but given the predicted victory of the conservative party certainly his seat looks more safe than it did probably a few days ago but as you say there has been a concerted effort to try to oust boris johnson in this constituent say part talking to 2 local councillors to conservative councillors here just in the past half hour or so they say they are feeling happy they say they are quite feeling confident the boris johnson will remain the experts come to the oxford
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m.p. here and they say that is because he has connected on the doorstep in a way that other candidates simply don't and they've said that that is his that is the way he is the plan it is to connect in a way that other people to simply turn to man is why he's been successful tonight what do we expect expect to see the prime minister in the constituency amuck. well we realize he's in the constituency already he was posting pictures on his twitter account to having se with people looking very boys up that was the exit poll came out as well for you so obviously confidence but we expect him in the next couple of hours to come to this count and also then they'll be productive aeration we think between 4 o'clock in the morning and 5 o'clock in the morning. ok we'll leave it there will be speaking to you again i'm quite sure my thanks to chris options and mackenzie for the moment as well and to let you know that until the markets are looking positive on this news of a purported conservative majority the pound up against the most both the dollar and
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the euro investors betting obviously that is just with the majority care and finally 3 years of breaks it uncertainty at the count of course will tell in the coming hours back to the window thank you very much enjoy now while the rest of the day's news is coming up right here on al-jazeera including libyan warlord kind if i have to add orders his forces to advance into central tripoli saying the final battle has arrived. at least 2 people are killed in northeastern india as violent protests grow over a new citizenship law that excludes muslim. over a year protesters across france have demanded economic justice police have responded with mass arrests and military grade weapons to constrained as usual movement do you think he could have been mistaken between aiming at your head or
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hello again you're with al-jazeera the top stories. in the u.k. are predicting an emphatic victory for prime minister boris johnson's conservative party there are set to win $368.00 seats some a jordi of $86.00 and if the exit poll is confirmed by official results so it means johnson has the majority he needs to ratify the truck with the european union that would allow britain to leave the e.u. by january 31st. members of the u.s. house judiciary committee are debating articles of impeachment against president arnold trump house democrats are pushing for a vote to formally charge the president for the use of power in the structure of congress trump's accused of withholding aid to pressure ukraine into investigating
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potential white house rival joe biden serving in mike hanna who's joining us from washington d.c. to talk us through the significance of this particular debate well this is a very important debate in terms of the impeachment process it's a house judiciary committee what they're doing is debating and discussing the exact wording of the articles of impeachment now this has been underway the whole day basically the rules of the hearing of that members of the committee can propose amendments to each of these articles those are then discussed each member of the committee can speak for 5 minutes on each of these amendments so basically this has been a drawn out of my fight going on in the senate the republicans for their part apparently attempting to obstruct the process as much as possible to make a drag on as much as possible democrats are very eager to get to the boat on these articles of impeachment that still not clear exactly when that will be but this is
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important because from here from the judiciary committee the articles will go to the rules committee of the house which will then set a date for the house to debate the articles and the received which will take place within that house debate so this is the penultimate stage of the whole pietschmann process leading to the floor of the house and a vote in the house from there it then goes to the senate for effectively a trial and what is the timeline expected for the vote on impeachment by the house mike. well democrats are very very keen to get this moving as quickly as possible the whole procedure leading up to the judiciary committee hearings and discussion has been very quick by normal or if one could use the term normal with regard to impeachment standards they are trying to fast track it through they do want to get a vote in the house in the course of next week that is before the holiday of
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christmas it looks like they will be able to do so despite the apparent delaying tactics by republicans then the senate will meet now the senate has already indicated that it is keen to get the process through quickly as well they believe with the republican majority in the senate they will be able to exonerate the president trump so they want the process to move fast so the timeline that we're looking at is certainly within the 1st or 2nd week of the new year of 2020 there will be a trial in the senate under the chairmanship of the chief justice now it does appear that all is going along party lines every vote that we've had on amendments in the judiciary committee in the course of the day has been decided on strict party lines the vote that we are going to see on the house floor is likely to be largely party lines it's a democratic majority house and on the senate once again party lines and the republicans have the majority the right to my kind of you the libyan warlord
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a half that has ordered his forces to advance towards the center of tripoli for what he's calling the final battle for the capital in a televised speech he said his fighters would soon be victorious after who is based in eastern libya began the tripoli offensive in april but has been largely held back to the city's outskirts. no remark about half the amount we announced the decisive battle in the advancement towards the heart of the capital to set it free will break its chain hostages and spread happiness in the hearts of its people tripoli will return to the historical light it once was becoming a capital for coach we will raise the flag of victory throughout squares closing the pages of injustice misery and defeat with victory we are now the birth of a new era so advanced now advanced and now advance our heroes.
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would have been well had theirs in tripoli and says we've heard similar announcements before. he has been announcing this several times before and this is almost the 1st time he's announcing the disease or the. eventual incursion into the capital tripoli but this comes after the libyan understanding or agreement in regard to military cooperation and it seems that have to is now challenging their possible turkish libyan cooperation in terms of military and security. a corporation but in all cases commanders with the military commanders with the government of national court. they are underestimating the importance of have to speech they say that this has been and are said several times before and hefted is using this speech only to raise his forces and also to
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try to destabilize the forces of the government of national accord and they also say it could be a message to the sleeper cells that are opponent of the government of national guard in the west of libya in all cases government forces are now on high alert in southern turkey to try to prevent any possible attempt by have to his forces to enter tripoli. meanwhile as leader has urged the world's top court to the semester genocide case against her country or have outlined allegations of mass murder do you pour taishan and rape following 827000 crackdown on rohingya muslims when he reports from the hague. the sun shining on the international court of justice on a cold winter's morning in the hague belied the dark nature of the allegations being made inside at the world's top caught me on my ass stands accused of genocide in the closing arguments the gambia as lawyers said the suggestion by me and mine
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that any wrongdoing by its military should be investigated internally was inconceivable when 6 of its top generals including the commander in chief senior general men are on the firing have all been accused of genocide by the u.n. fact finding mission and recommended for criminal prosecution this was just the opening phase of a case that's likely to last for years it's alleged that me and my soldiers raped murdered and tortured reading good muslims as part of attempts to wipe out the ethnic group claims backed up by united nations investigators in her closing statement me and muslim leader aung san suu kyi again didn't address the specific allegations but called on the case to be thrown out there my requests the court to remove the case from its this in the alternative to reject the press for the
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indication of provisional measures submitted by the can. if approved those measures would involve the court ordering me and mars government to ensure the security of the rigging so certainly if the court would order provisional measures it's that on 1st glance with not of intensive fact finding on 1st glance that there is probably acts of genocide a decision on that could be made within weeks. here leading me and my defense the 1st phase of this case became as much about her as the government or military would this former campaign of human rights used the opportunity to finally show some sort of contrition or sympathy towards the ring she didn't and she leaves with her international reputation lower than when she arrived. seeing her in court having to listen to the evidence would have provided some satisfaction for the rich who once believed she would be the one to fight for their rights now it's become an
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international fight for justice when hey al jazeera the hague at least 2 people have been killed in northeastern india during protest against a controversial citizenship bill the proposed law would offer amnesty to non muslim immigrants from some neighboring countries demonstrators and asked sounds they believe their ethnic and cultural identity is under threat our reporter on travel is there. another day of violent protests in assam. and more tear gas fired to contain the crowd. but not enough to drown the voice of thousands of protesters determined to defy a curfew and make themselves heard. the crackdown adding impetus to the protestors slogans rejecting the newly passed citizenship amendment bill or cab. i as some has become the epicenter of the opposition to legislation that many here
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think does them an unfair hand. or if outsiders get citizenship where will we live where is the space lose our farms our land then what will we eat. the sun's moons back decades the state shares india's border over bangladesh formally called east pakistan until 1981 people here say between 19511971 a large number of bengali refugees took shelter in assam but the new legislation says anyone who came to india before 2014 as long as they are not muslim will be accepted as an indian citizen. after cap becomes a law millions of bengali hindis work on jobs don't have jobs and we're already a minority we can't let cap happen. 350 soldiers were sent to
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patrol and most of them in go hearty as tensions rose and life came to a standstill shops schools and petrol stations are shocked the indian army is patrolling go harty the capital of intellect and to maintain calm many of the streets here are littered with burnt tires and with entangled metal railings signs of anger among people here most of the protesters say that they are fighting to preserve their culture and to keep their jobs. the protesters seem determined to fight for what they see is a battle for their identity but they are under increasing government pressure to stop. bartok name only. ali this bill would not harm even a little bit any minority especially our muslim brothers and sisters who live in this country because this bill only good citizenship it doesn't take it away from anyone. who takes of the citizenship they say it violates india's secular
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constitution by specifically excluding muslims. al-jazeera who hati islam. the bodies of 6 people killed in a volcanic eruption in new zealand on monday have been recovered from white island families waited on shore during the military operation it went ahead despite the high risk of another eruption and warnings of talks a gas almost 30 people are being treated for severe burns at hospitals across new zealand and australia and another recovery mission will be lost for the 2 bodies remaining on the island on fortunately there are mines 2 more people. there we need to find so we can also i return them. so this operation will continue. we will have a soft unknown returning with aerial search of cargo to see if we can identify
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anyone else on the island and we are also right now are deploying had dive team to search the surrounding waters your leaders have set a new climate change plan after a summit in brussels the decision was the 1st test of whether the proposed european green deal might turn into real action on climate change poland was the only country to hold out on the deal but other states in the blog have vowed to convince warsaw to back the government on climate neutrality by 2050. now the un's climate change conference in madrid cop $25.00 is in its final days scientists and politicians around the world are trying to agree on the next crucial steps for the paris agreement center of the un's climate change strategy but they've been lost in arguments over how to make carbon markets work and the conference could be extended by one day our environment editor and clark is at the summits. it is the
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penultimate day here madrid it will probably go into actual time is these things will be douceur probably into saturday at some crucial issues still at play not least national commitment to reducing emissions which is vital as we go into 2020 and also some rather we'll be hit again crucial detail on carbon trading and loss and damage that is compensating those poor nations impacted by climate change and i assumed a we had some drama in the whole affair outside the main plenary where the un secretary general is speaking lots of protesters gathered hundreds of protesters gathered making their voices heard frustrated at the state least slow to state to progress here at the top now these are credentials observers who then had their credentials taken away because of this protests not covered quite a few of these conferences over the last 2 years since 2012 and never have i seen scenes like that says an important issue and also demonstrates the the chasm there
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is between the feeling outside these holes and as they say the slave state of progress within one piece of developing news we have the european union's greendale it hasn't been widely accepted as a real progress but there is an element of progress in the sense that they put forward a $100000000000.00 to try and wean e.u. countries off fossil fuel so that's one development there's an awful lot more needed. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera exit polls in the u.k. are predicting an emphatic victory for prime minister boris johnson's conservative party they're set to win 368 seats a majority of 6886 and the exit polls are confirmed by official results would mean johnson has the numbers he needs to ratify the brics a deal he struck with the european union that would allow britain to leave the e.u.
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by january 31st and a hayward has more from oxbridge in west london where boris johnson is standing for re-election. there has been a concerted effort to try to oust. in this constituency starts talking to 2 local councils to conservative councillors here just in the past half hour or so they say they are feeling happy they say they are completely competent that boris johnson will remain in. the streets come to the arts and pay here and they say that is because he is connected on the doorstep in a way that other come to it simply don't u.s. politicians are moving closer to impeaching president donald trump members of the house judiciary committee are debating the formal charges against him abuse of power and obstruction of congress their life to be voted on next week. let me in warlord 24 have to has ordered his forces to advance towards the center of tripoli for what he's calling the final battle for the capital in
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a televised speech he said his fighters would soon be victorious have to launch the tripoli offensive in april mean mars leader has urged the world's top court to dismiss a genocide case against her country lawyers have outlined allegations of mass murder and rape following a 27 crackdown on muslims at least 2 people have been killed in northeastern india during protests against a controversial citizenship bill the proposed law would offer amnesty to non muslim immigrants from some neighboring countries demonstrators in assam state of the of their ethnic and cultural identity is under threat and the bodies of 6 people killed in a volcanic eruption in new zealand on monday have now been recovered from white islands and went ahead despite the high risk of another eruption and warnings of toxic gas those are the headlines one east is up next.
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oh. a growing number of north korean fishing plates of washing up on the shores of japan. sometimes there are survivors but often the boats carry a tragic cargo of corpses from the secretive country does north then you'll use your gold to go north to. school rules as to who is to spin the wheel and he thinks. the mysterious vessels have become known as ship's. center no chance to talk so much from france and the moment she keeps on the skidmore center just off the phone. to talk to her and only comes to like me told him she wants to. i said take social freedom and i was home about what it
4:34 am
was about what's great about the war 2 started to. wonder when east investigates north korea's ghost ships. and this strip of japan's west coast she's a loose also made a grim discovery total cologne nonono stock you know i think that we did a. lot of. talk but it could be on the. wall here on the house from out that this will go on on monday can be done i needed the money to meet on a new must look at more. kid thought. you are going in there so they're going in that the man must. be a man or so i say i do not know the. country
4:35 am
the thing with them and you know. it could be i mean a know conjunto we know joe told us we took the piss out of it. so sister. george was getting. schooled on a call any one coming from the 2nd when everybody stayed in their. struggles and started at the most. or doing that and.
4:36 am
so on. but it also took a step a lot of years. i just think to write. a book from all a book about stacks since 2012 the japanese media have been reporting on strange incidents of primitive wooden boats which could be in writing on them washing up on the shores of japan's western prefecture. the boats was soon identified by the author as fishing vessels originating from north korea a country that is approximately 1000 kilometers from japan. i think all you can you are welcome to continue to happen like that but i believe them all because
4:37 am
they look up inside of us all over the years the boats kept coming along with news reports of dead bodies on board and even surviving north korean fisherman rescued by the japanese. the very presence of these vessels and their cargo has caused fear and paranoia in japan at a time when north korean propaganda has been threatening 29 i like the country with its weapons of mass destruction. deciding on his cell so that's it it or not the boys are going to say listen i don't i don't read it i'll do anything that scum assertiveness nice taking us. to go ships are increasingly a diplomatic logistical and financial were not met for japan costing millions of dollars in police investigations cleanup operations and the repatriation of both risky to. god and human remains.
4:38 am
in december 27th tape here on the peninsula 8 north korean fishermen washed up dead there are no diplomatic relations between japan and north korea. so one year later the remains of the fisherman a still in limbo kept by local monk real sane could at this temple. as he moved from. the studs your very you know new. york. to the we owe me he always he was he was all on the rainbow ball. at stony. on the stairs a little cross lost so much that you know can run kind of steam things.
4:39 am
should use and more during the. once on all of this. is as long as there. to find out more about the identities and background for the dead fisherman we visit the local municipality yukiko chew gum works here in the welfare division they got almost a quarter said going to the model home and no they don't cut your stinking method it's you know who they are vox an. economist. and costs a lot so they got. the quotes and their quotes around or they're pumped or they would you mustn't go there if i don't want them got our quota on the horn or risk off on the horn eat it or anything hugging it in a good guiding my stock. height. system we eat the risk takers take the thanked us and dive on lots of data to nick on all of this
4:40 am
in the can you are to take up the 2 gotta take. on all of those same thing mcconnell. is going on a stunning out of countenance. what you are talking. or talking unless. you want to put the she or cut on the line to talk on the disc at all i just wanted to state the 5 could talk coming openly or more they want to see. no fear. for the. worst least in the workplace and in the can. dream to live a journey you know that other than of. looking out for all that and not the one over. looking at them that doesn't look that.
4:41 am
solve all the vocals of it. isn't a story is that enough you know they're funny looking and all is one of them sweet letters. the lack of diplomatic ties between japan and north korea make it difficult to find out any information on who the fishermen up and why they are becoming cheaper. but for some japanese the go ships remind them of the dock and painful history. community hollow came to a cool month and you get that and they will suck cock sure it was stuck copied it starts will saying. you can got your stitched up think you can order in the constitution and schools you can eat on thought legal drama what's your name disc it was more on cousin hero are acting like runs a research group on japanese abducting these 2 who are kind of just the rock not
4:42 am
you is that almost an audit and it's a source of listen to the it's human stuff home of the not sleeping morning to watch your show for jerks in the seat of duty. when you once you've done it. so often any ol will spite on the carpet on the likable as well congressman always. cousin hero and he's calling sweet looking for evidence that the go ship the being used by the north koreans the espionage patients like me to watch what she siphoned missing from the from a little cut in a tuna from us by you inch and vocal or just focused it was like oh come on now my . tongue still moving she's i open it up to a chill just sort of sunni and. want it all to know if it's going to let.
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the wind up to. the real us we honestly just almost all summer from want to order i don't want it will all be to the talking me . a life jacket and all discussed it there are no no my own are all pacu. i thought now i know hype and lives i go to school more. than much but i also know our lives are good to double time. to go to our lives 2nd thoughts that our store is open to. the air for more 2nd song. they are still doing when we're told like all his acts and not. our fans going forward if you must pay for your call ins it was getting on it's it does although there is lots of stick there. for him which for all the dates are going up for me other than another it's got to us or does she know that it's
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might be because i don't need is. a. long long copy you couldn't see 2 of. my much younger could. go your nudity there. this one personality ducky is not good on as most of. the top us live like me do an octave routine i need to. work and look up tonight to yuki smoke do you kiss with the calm cool so when you just want to cut it is really wish that you could warm up . global she. was. chocolate. or
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now my focus will most in a small minded in which as you are going. through took so much when i was in the palm of little. comes with. susan on this new house show the middle much use for power who looks. too good to walk in the hospital calladine. up to the queen weekly commute to. every december in suck out time japanese sweet fisherman like came home my return from the ocean with dead down ts. no buying up all. mocking you was on cause i want to go is young it is hard i'll get honest i was your cause and you. want to tell us we get you we're looking at all all the who want to go near the looking out
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a box why don't your mama muddy tonight come in the. can and his crew spend 9 months of each year in a japanese squid fishing zone called the yamato bank a shallow water raging located in the sea of japan also known as the east sea the bank is approximately 500 kilometers from the largest north korean port city of chongjin. for 12 in normal. use or. we would argue. also if you name one i know from the start you're going to be ok you're going to have a model all done with them we. want to. see want to make a lot of starters and only not all the way to go home was a look at all 6 of them obviously you know 6 to. 6 it wasn't but what are they
4:47 am
going to throw you off somalia have. you got to. stop build a wall full of kind of all i said takes the. nobody was some of them or what it was about what's going on not the little she's going to be over for the 4th in a while that we're given you're going to do know that when you also go to war i think to your. professor andre lang koff has been studying north korea for 30 years he's written numerous books on the country and visited the so-called hermit kingdom 6 times including a one year stay in the $990.00 s. he is currently researching the north korean fishing industry in order to reveal the truth behind the ghost ships mystery. seems the ninety's we had a message client lauch state or if your ex fuel patrol used to be imported at
4:48 am
cheap prices from the soviet union china someday became unavailable fossil of the current loft lauch ships and if you spent a lot of money to be able to launch it's ok to acquire a lot of highly expensive fuel ever told of fuel. and as a result of this stay around industry collapsed. after the breakup of the soviet union the cost of oil rocketed for north korea forcing it to retire most of its big station fishing trips and lay off thousands of fish and as a result i mean ploy individuals were allowed to buy registration licenses from the military that gave them the right to own and run private fishing boats even though on paper these boats belong to the government as owning private property in
4:49 am
communist north korea is technically the didn't. probably in time and the city has been quite privatized a long time. it's a private business research beach is just disguised as a state of grace on the king john and if you have much more emphasis on fish and seafood especially from the 19 let us this be a major source of the how currency income for the state. tree and in which it when you look at how much it's only going to get yet you agree with what sounds. good you know. sally when you got it you money your credit and not what you people are going to give me to give you such but. if you look at
4:50 am
the. areas when those products competitive on the international markets such as i'm up by secure in those most going to kill so many of those sources then so cheap labor and they can sell seafood but also there is a heavy over fusion because all last few years the thought of all this many more if you just ration licenses issued to sip private nor study it appear right you have many more people and you have a dick amount of fish in this so future is now to be found significantly feels a very from the most good in cost that used to be. as police of north korean fishing boats far away from the coastline deep into japanese waters we meet with a defector who has a film a fisherman used to make exactly the same journey. where
4:51 am
will the money on a. sunday. goes a little. out of what at the same. time was so cool i thought of the money. that i would see. quarter. i was in the corner attended and if not as of about an hour. and it. was. going to. her tongue on one more time come that i go oh my god what i don't get on with. this pressure from the north korean government is driven by a desperate need for foreign currency. but there's another powerful factor at play that could be causing the ghost ship phenomena. in focus 27 tane the
4:52 am
human imposed a new set of sanctions on north korea in response to the regime's ongoing nuclear program it is a dark day because yesterday's action by north korea made the world a more dangerous place what do you cook i mean would you get the kind of your call volume of an eagle we've got that. gets it might get your value by. one of the sanctions specifically ban them from selling their seafood to other countries by the end of that year 27 tane go ships arriving in japan paid at an all time high of $104.00 vessels 42 rescued fisherman and $35.00 dead bodies the majority of which were found after the sanctions had been forced. there are good reasons to believe that the connection between
4:53 am
international sanctions and increased in bomb. but of the ships in japan and. the problem is rice most got back from sailing. overseas with the spartans skewed by. smuggled and because the smog because it's against the law you see expect to get much more prices comes in moscow you fish and the fishermen still estimate the same for us and still testing they say a licensed theme song on the great depression 2 goof shows a way and to take the 6. in the south korean capital song a defector who once worked as a fisherman on north korea's east coast has agreed to meet with professor langholm . mother that's because
4:54 am
you don't want to get. lost or more like you know going. on for. hours as whole you don't know when you're. home can you sing the song in a month or 6 model there was. never a moment. really of you could. have worked their way to $2000000.00 in a long while though you would get to the only reason which. is a joke of all if you're going to the times to see things through to be true nothing you can do is continue to hold you all if you don't will no longer knowing when to say you know you've been doing all those what you want to do that you know possible. because when i pull. something on the polani little
4:55 am
or i think of you look you look at. the regular minister remark about it and it. won't bother me or. you know it was never. a mother. good i'm on every last dollar from this remark this humidors we're going off to go i did some of them some audio you might i'm just how modest was marked as you got and that was the norm even while on duty one of our. job was to get washed off. of the. incident on a host of off. alterable over as well. as war. we are no matter your political persona was your. little. other although there were. a couple of other and i wasn't going to vote on. snowing
4:56 am
i was in the know. the audience and there was a modem and it was my own nursing overthrow was it was one of those whose lives you . know it was not on the. value of a mall. unit that it was 2 or more was more. but not all go ship crews perish more than 100 north korean fishermen have been rescued in japan since 2013. just. to go ship crisis shows no sign of slowing down in 20 a chain more than 200 votes arrived in japan doubled the number from the previous year. or start. using morse
4:57 am
code you have. and supplied as in the study of fish how do you suppose it is to be a source of shame for the risk that the government deficit is so. much. shade is showing some by both these so for them right now. is more important than. the little i was. on on it. was a brick. as. his sitting on kong could succeed. on his mobile home birth. canal
4:58 am
people along japan's coastline could only continue to watch and wonder if the bugs in the system. had though that there is no doubt about it winter is very much in place across much of canada and northern sections of the united states a lot of weather coming in as well with this cold we've got rain and certainly snow in the mix as well snow into minneapolis on friday notice how as cold as it has
4:59 am
been minus 6 the averages monastery this time of year and also not as cold up. winnipeg even though it's minus 12 the average is minus 10 a blanket of cow 3 much of the east in the east in canada and role of the heavy rain on friday pushing into the southeast of the united states a wet day in atlanta the rain and snow coming on chill out across the west and as we go through saturday it does tend to make its way further eastward so really the snow is just through the southern sections of the rockies that plenty of snow elsewhere that rain pushes off shore and then it really begins to build and push up into the northeast so very unpleasant day on saturday some pretty strong winds around as wild bunch of shots through much of the caribbean fairly widespread bigotry will eastern areas pushing into the dominican republic also we could see a few shows to the west i'm home as meanwhile not too bad though into central america it will some mostly dry weather in place so you can see it most secure with a high of 23 but cloudy and havana with a high of 28. al
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jazeera. are watching the news hour live from a headquarters in doha dominated by the u.k. election i'm debbie you navigate and exit polls point to an emphatic victory for boris johnson's conservative party if confirmed johnson will have the majority to push through parliament. also ahead the us congressional panel draws out a debate on approving impeachment charges against president donald trump. and
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a parting plea for me and mars leader for the world's top court to throw out a case of genocide on minority.


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