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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 13, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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thank you no it's 36 o'clock o'clock be varying accounts but i want to give people the reason for joining the conversation on out to 0. 0. of a problem and this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes . cold. thousands come out and protest over algeria's presidential election as former minister of the knowledge of the boom has declared the winner. on your interior in london historic electoral victory for the u.k.'s prime minister boris johnson clearing a path for brakes it after 3 years of political paralysis. several
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states of india say they won't implemented contentious citizenship rules which has caused widespread protests. and i'm lee harding with sports tiger woods and his u.s. team fight back at golf's president's club cup but the internationals still hold a healthy we. begin this news hour in algeria with former minister and the government all of abdelaziz bouteflika has been declared the winner of the state's presidential votes preliminary results show at the budget the boon won 58 percent of the vote in the 1st round his closest rival up the green i came 2nd with 17 percent and that means that they'll be no need for a runoff on less than 40 percent of voters turned out with. millions boycotting
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calling it a sham and thousands of people are already protesting across algeria in a rejection of the results they said the election wasn't free all fair because 5 presidential candidates have links to former president hu to flee he was forced out by mass demonstrations in april protesters are demanding a complete overhaul of the political system. now moving on to our other big story of the day the u.k. prime minister has secured a historic election victory crushing the left wing opposition and promising to end 3 years of political paralysis discussion with more from our european broadcast center in our. thanks elizabeth boris johnson's pitch to get breck's it done has paid off spectacularly with conservatives snatching seats from the heartland of the opposition labor party johnson has promised to be a unifying force but in scotland there are growing calls for independence after
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a scottish national party swept through most seats last take a look now at the results johnson's conservatives have won $364.00 seats the party's biggest majority for more than 30 years and the opposition labor party has 203 seats its worst result since 935 the scottish national party has won 48 seats and the new liberal democrats only managed 11 in all the northern irish to u.p.a. which propped up the last conservative government won 8 seats for each other's reports on the day's developments. after his election triumph boris johnson the formalities of power in this country cleared streets expensive cars and a police escort to buckingham palace queen elizabeth the 2nd has asked him to form the u.k.'s next government the conservatives have secured their biggest majority since 1987 johnson and his supporters are jubilant over
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a very good morning everyone it was great when we did it we did it we're told in our plan we have pulled it off we broke the deadlock we ended the gridlock we smashed the roadblock and with this mandate and this majority we will at last be able to do what. was. paying attention. he's very aware that this victory wouldn't have happened without many labor voters whopping sides your hand may have quivered over the ballot paper before you put your cross in the conservative box and you may intend to return to labor next time round. and if that is the case i am humbled that you have put your trust in me from the moment the exit poll predicted an unexpectedly large swing to the conservatives the tide flowed in johnson's favor 6 valley in northern
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england became the 1st labor seat to fall the conservatives won there for the 1st time since 1950 was i recall became a torrent of working class industrial heartland seats turning conservative blue. thank you very much labor figures look stunned at the catastrophe engulfing them they did jeremy corbyn is bowing to the inevitable he will not be in charge for much longer i will not lead the party in any future general election campaign i will discuss with our party to ensure there is a process now of reflection on this result and on the policies that the party will take going forward it's been a bad night for the pro remain liberal democrats to their leader jo swinson unseated by the scottish national party and her constituency for millions of people in our country. these results will bring dread and dismay and people
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are looking for hope. but some commentators worry about the tactics employed by the conservatives in this campaign boris johnson use all the tricks in the book and i guess it's what i worry that every future political party will say that's the way to do it if you want to win and that actually over time will undermine our democracy and our ability to actually discuss big issues labor must now go through a period of deep and painful self-analysis corporatism has been tested twice and it's failed twice johnson's victory means the u.k. will almost certainly leave the e.u. by january 31st you can get breaks it but what kind of breaks in reality it is barely be. johnson withdrawal agreement has a clear path free parliament but unless the threat of a no deal brecht's it is to return he has to secure an e.u. trade deal before the brics a transition period finishes in a year trade deals that big usually take many times as long. as the london.
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needs backers outside the prime minister's residence in number 10 downing street 1st a largely who set the british parliament in westminster sonar and so in historic result as you mentioned what actually worked for boris johnson's campaign. well i think there were a number of things all of the same time the the the strategy and the messaging from his own side but he brought in the same people who helped leave when the referendum with very very simple messaging at that time it was take back control this time it was get bricks it done and he also managed to present himself as a man who was as infuriated in france as us frustrated. at the delay in getting bracks it done as well as everybody else and he did have this sense of you know one thing some sort of forward movement come on let's go let's get on with it i promise you want to go and then when the u.k. couldn't leave in october it was parliament's fault so i got
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a call election got isn't it terrible you know and he presented himself as a man who was thinking in the same way as the people with all this frustration and at the same time of course it was the absolute car crash of the corbin campaign where he looked completely out of touch couldn't explain what the labor party policy was all sorts of questions about corbin's to do with whether he was a friend of the ira and the venezuelans and putin and the threat to national security and he lacked trust whereas johnson who for all the allegations of people putting out against him presented himself as a man of the people and crucially on your personal biography are all the things that they were trying to say about him as being a philanderer and a ladies' man don't know how many children. he even has and he's untrustworthy and not fit for office that stuff didn't stick to it it didn't stick which is quite extraordinary isn't it when you think about it because so many allegations against him for lying for cheating for not showing compassion not even showing empathy to
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the father one of the victims of the the recent terrorist attacks in london and yet none of this stuff to him we have to ask ourselves why a what does that mean about us as a country and what our values are i mean can he lie and cheat your way to the top ball is suggests that you can be we do also have to look at the opposition hair and i think a lot of blame attaches to jeremy coleman as he said we had to cults of personalities here we had the boris johnson one which did seem to be up to mystical bit. perhaps based on sand and then you had the jeremy corbin one where all these allegations that were made against him his past experience with the ira all the rest of it so and you end up in the position where imagine germany called him boris johnson walking into a pub somewhere in northern england who wants to go and sit in the points of beer you know german or tomato juice and sit and talk to these people and it's that sort of common touch the lives of the funny thing is that his his image and i think he's
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probably the best salesman in the world right now because let's think about the reality when he went up to the north of there would be severe flooding people lost their homes they didn't even have enough clothes to stand up pain and they booed and heckled they want to talk to him because he had known him. and yet they seem to voted for him is the most extraordinary thing maybe when they got into that ballot box they thought well this guy at least seems to mystic about our future cauldron seems less say maybe that's what it was i mean i think sort of breaks it kind of muddies the waters but i don't think essentially it was about brit's it because if you look at the figures more people voted for bricks it sorry and tea parties than full pro breaks at parties and yet venues out with this landslide. and he's going he will get such a big majority will that the u.k. will leave the in the general but if he can't get a trade deal by the summer you know is he going to have to use these sense of charm to say to people looked up. you know we said we're going to leave by the end of
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december 2020 but just did a bit more time because has not going to work for him you think well i mean again pat i have to get back to the sales receipts you have to sell anything to anyone the ultimate snake oil salesman he would say but i think you know he is putting himself in a position where he's got so many promises he's got to fulfill not only that by the end of next year which i suspect he will try and wriggle out quite quickly so what does that mean get back sit down i think people will realize within weeks that that was absolute rubbish it can't be correct around that next or ever but also all those promises the north that voted for him the 1st time normally labor voters he said he was going to sort out their infrastructure help jobs and things and how is he going to do that where's the money going to come from. thank you so much lots and lots of questions after boris johnson but he does have this big majority of the opposition from the scottish nationalists and absolute chaos so that sources advantage. on the barkers outside number 10 downing street
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the prime minister's met the queen what we expect the next government. you know that's right he did meet the queen a lot of the pageantry of political changes so over and done with the travel to meet her majesty a little bit earlier permission from her to be able to form a government and then made his way back here to number 10 it was very clear from the from wants to give the impression that he's a man ready to get straight to business he arrived holding his red dispatch box when he 1st appeared here early on in the morning he is very adamant that the politicians need to be back in parliament next week of course he wants to make an absolute priority for the queen's speech to have been made before the christmas bird. week which means that the official opening of parliament is set for next thursday in order for politicians to then be able to return in january to be able to push ahead with forging legislation that will lead to britain's departure from
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the european union on january 31st that of course as we heard there from lawrence though it's just the beginning months or months of trade negotiations will continue of course johnson hoping by july to have something in the bag but before all of that celebrating because when johnson arrived he walked through the front door of number 10 you could hear an almighty rule from some of the staff inside probably also the sound of popping champagne corks as well when the dust settles on the party when probably the last glass of champagne has been drunk he needs to think about forming a cabinet and that may happen very very quickly or it may take a couple of days for that to happen but the question is what kind of cabinet does he want the same kind of people going to be in the same positions that they were in before is going to bring new faces to the fore he's going to remove potentially political rival those the likes of michael goof who came 3rd in the the race for the leadership earlier on in the year all of that is still to be decided thank you
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very much. but as we said boris johnson vowed to get it done and parliament passed legislation needed to put his withdrawal deal into effect the earliest m.p.'s in the lower house can begin debating this is the friday before christmas the bill is expected to pass easily because of the conservative majority then the upper house that the house of lords is expected to sit between christmas and the new year european parliament also has to ratify the agreement and expect to do so some point in january and this has to wrap up by january the 31st which is when the u.k. will leave the e.u. it's not over yet johnson will then need as we mentioned to negotiate a trade deal with the e.u. before the end of the transition period in december 2020. however that could be extended if the government wants to avoid a new deal exit and let's get reaction from brussels now to joins us live so what i've been saying over there about this resoundingly.
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leaders are actually leaving their summit now they've wrapped up business it was a 2nd day of course dominated by the results of the u.k. election has to be say e.u. leaders are in a particular point mood because that them the result of this election is this has given them a sense of relief there is a sense now of real clarity as to what the u.k. wants which direction it wants to go and what we heard here pretty much all the leaders including the e.u. council head shell michel at the end was that the e.u. now really wants to see britain for jehad with this process they do not want to spend any more tired than they need to breaks it so they want to see the e.u. ratified the parliament i should say the u.k. parliament ratify the deal as soon as possible then of course perhaps the u.k. will be leaving the e.u. on the 31st of january only thing in will the e.u. and u.k. and enter into this period all the negotiating
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a free trade deal now when you officials were all still at the time table because of course for stops and says that he wants that to a trade deal wrapped up by the end of 2020 well i think that's not a doubt that you officials feel that that is perhaps an unrealistic timetable that more time would be needed we had the e.u. commission is saying it's not just about trade you've got to think about all aspects of life she said we're going to talk about things including education for example and there are many issues they would prioritize the most important such as security defense of the beginning but she said we need to get through these issues before any trade deal could be done so i think it's quite a power the e.u. officials here leaders believe that close negotiations could go on for a very long time yet and she also mentioned that we're at 0 tariff syria quota. 0 dump is that one of the concerns that about the kind of relationship with the u.k. that that side of things might be the trickiest. or one of the concerns of e.u. leaders is this level playing field is the idea basically that this trade agreement
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would be fair for all sides and i mean there is a real sense now of still uncertainty we may know who is in charge in the u.k. we may believe now that the break see a deal be rectified but of course there are all the myriad of details that need to be you know negotiated as time goes forward i should also the e.u. would be a continuum with michel barnier the main chief for brics in negotiating he would be leading the talks there for me is going to be it's going to be very long indeed as e.u. leaders and u.k. does have to sit down basically and come up from scratch and that was something that the e.u. commissioner also pointed out because she said for many of the negotiations they simply use no 1st and there is no doubt that there isn't a framework that they can actually pull the pains of and really going to have to take this step by step. up to thank you very much indeed. more from london the nation of britain phenomena it's back to go back to elizabeth center.
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and returning to our top story the presidential election result in algeria at the nudge at the burn has been declared the winner of thursday's vote with thousands of people are already protesting across the country rejected the results they say the election wasn't free all fair because all 5 candidates have links to former president up those things that the faker he was forced out by mass demonstrations in april protesters are demanding a complete overhaul of the political system well let's get more on this now we're joined by mohamad kid out professor of strategic communication at katherine university also add an algerian who's written on mass freedom and journalism and our. syria he's live for us here and i have very good to have you with us on al-jazeera so what's your assessment mr kerry do you think the election was free and fair or are protests as right to be angry that haven't all 5 candidates whether
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the length of the old regime is unfair. or represent meaningful change. you know the protesters who went there went out on the streets on the 22nd of february. the us could for you know get in get. all the remnants of. it which means that they could change of the system of the pool of what but in fortunately you know after the 10 mom stay didn't get what they asked for and the. gates. did the army chief of staff important on the 12th of december so it happened yesterday and. 60 percent so far gerry as you know didn't vote yeah and if any more you know because we don't to to this distance to 90 percent of what the what they said of the voting participation so it's
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a kick out can an election you know with such a low turnout have any real on the just messy that's the problem because you know in nigeria they are discussing the people today are dad out on city it's like if it is for idea and next friday do will be out students will be out on on tuesday because you know to deliver abdul majeed to board it's not it is easy mate the president he was. elected. and i'm vironment of we can save our system you know because nothing changed the government to was. slated if. all saw was that was not constitutional and even. you know does he see the independent auto duty of election it's not his entity you know it was made of by the people who are close to him and the system and what is why which is why of course we saw the protesters you know burning ballot papers
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while they were protesting outside the polling stations now that the authorities say the balloon is the winner do you think that there's anything that he can do you know to start the real democratic transition that protesters have been asking for or does the military the others who are part of the establishment have too much power to give him the room to do that no i don't think you know maybe we can get to a solution to me get out step out of the political system at all you know just go to its box and stay there and leave to boring to boring if he wants to to win the challenge he has to see to with the protesters who have a heroic band he has to respond to the demands of the deployed who have been in cities says the 22nd of february this means that to born has to get
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a new government a new york constitutional council. new election law and so on and so forth he saw many things have to be changed and the algerians wanted this stinks to happened before the elections they want to do now to have all these changes clear to the uttermost fire and the ground and then gore had to have the election burned to the gates you know he wanted the order as you know to have the elections on the 12 of december bird to do you know the 5 continents for the presidency they were all dead or imminence of which if you know some of them were prime minister orders were ministers is secure icicle evidence aborning no it was he was in the system for the last 30 years mr get out thank you for your analysis mohamed get out live here and thank you. to libya now where there's been fighting
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near tripoli airport between forces loyal to me for half the and government troops that for as a t.v. announcement i have to on thursday he called for a decisive battle for the capital after his based in eastern libya ordered the offensive to seize tripoli in april but his forces have largely been confined to the outskirts. now less than 2 hours the u.s. house judiciary committee will reconvene to vote on articles of impeachment against president donald trump the committee debating the charges for around 14 hours on thursday house democrats are pushing to charge the president with abuse of power and obstruction of congress trumps accused of breaking the law by withholding aid to pressure ukraine and investigating political rival joe biden let's bring in our white house correspondent kimberly hellcat she is live for us in the u.s. capitol why the delay kimberly and what are we expecting today. yeah will the delay because simply after going on with debate in the house judiciary committee the chair gerry navl or at 11 pm local time said it's time to pause the proceedings
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let's pick up on friday and that's exactly what they're doing in just under 2 hours time they will continue this debate to vote it out of committee and that is going to set the stage for the ultimate impeachment vote in the house of representatives to take place sometime next week hit in the sort of effort to try and get ahead of the message yet again the u.s. president has been tweeting fever surely in the last couple of hours making the case that the arguments against him are certainly very weak in his view compared to what was leveled against him initially charges of extortion bribery collusion none of those ended up in the final articles of impeachment instead the more amorphous obstruction of congress not even obstruction of justice which would be the more serious criminal charge and also abuse of power the president taking this on twitter as as a sign that this is a uniting of his party that is pushing back against this process that he believes
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those largely partisan now we know this is a foregone conclusion that democrats will vote to impeach the president with ultimately hits the floor of the house of representatives already the president looking ahead to the senate trial that will take place in january and we're seeing a little bit of a difference in the coordination of message between the white house and the republicans who control that chamber up on capitol hill the president wants a very public trial where he'll be able to call witnesses but tension exposing things that he feels have not gotten out in the midst of all of this namely calling witnesses like joe biden the former vice president even his son hunter biden questions being raised about why he was sitting on the board of a ukrainian energy company when in fact his father was the vice president the rock obama administration but it doesn't appear that republicans on capitol hill want that in fact. here is just the opposite the top republican in the u.s. senate mitch mcconnell saying that he expects there will be no witnesses called
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something donald trump does not want instead just the white house counsel defending the president what he hopes will be a very swift trial to ultimately acquit the president meaning even though the president's been impeached he is not going to be removed from office this does not appear to be sitting well with the president expect we're going to hear a lot more from him about that he seems intent on trying to clear his name committee thank you for that that's our white house correspondent can really help it live in washington d.c. thank you now the united states top spot it will be given one month to formally declare where the saudi crown prince mohammed bin cell man was responsible for the murder of journalist orgy was killed at the saudi consulate in istanbul and october last year the head of the cia told senators in a closed door meeting that the spy agency is convinced that it was ordered by the crown prince well this week the u.s. house of representatives passed a bill requiring the director of national intelligence to officially present who's being deemed responsible the bills expected to be approved by the senate next week
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. now saudi arabia is reported to have held secret talks with iran in an attempt to quietly ease tensions the wall street journal quotes unnamed saudis as saying the kingdom is trying to avoid additional risks to its oil dependent economy iran denied a saudi and u.s. accusations of being behind drone attacks in september they have temporarily stopped off of saudi aramco oil output meanwhile the financial times is reporting that the crown prince mohammed bin fell man pressured wealthy saudi families to buy shares and around record breaking public offering the newspapers of the kingdom try to set the share price at every turn rather than leave it to the market where let's get more on all of this we're joined now by matawan problem head of policy analysis at the arab center for research and policy studies and he's joining us live here in doha mr kaplan thank you for your time. so what was the september attack do you think on saudi's oil facilities was that it
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a game changer you know the thing that could lead to a mending of relations between saudi and iran yeah i think the september attack was a turning point in my opinion in terms of saudi arabia thinking about revising its its foreign policy especially concerning iran and other many issues of course in the region i think the saudis they came to realize that it's very difficult better haps to rely on the united states because they expected the administration to take a tougher position on iran especially after the attack on iran. on september saw that the saudis actually did realize that the americans are not willing actually to engage in any sort of military activities against the iranians unless they are of their national interest are directly affected by the. iranians so from that time i believe they started the sort of. fly into a broad church of the iranians and in fact the. these did it all saw exactly the
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same after that after that attack and saw. the saudis right now are trying to ease the tension with the iranians because that would have served their interest much more than increasing the tension with them. and how do you think that the americans the white house would view these efforts between their allies saudi arabia and and iran you know the trumpet ministration has been against iran and at the same time they want riyadh to end the war in yemen and hold people accountable for the death of journalist. well i think that you don't you know the americans might not actually like any sort of rapprochement between saudi arabia and iran but god forget after all the americans are also seeking to talk to the iranians the u.s. president has many times in fact. negotiations with the with the iranian with the iranian government and he has been actually putting increasing
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pressures on the iranian just to get them to the table of negotiations so i wonder if he would for example are the saudis not to talk to the iranians at the time when he was very much actually keen to start negotiations with them so as well as you know reports of these possible talks between saudi arabia and iran but of course heard a lot in the last few weeks about a possible. possible movement in progress in the lead blockade of qatar and of course this is taking place at the same time that saudi arabia state run oil giant iran has started public trading it is now the most valuable listed company in the world saudi needs investors could this be one of the reasons that saudi might be looking for another approach this time with cutter you're absolutely right i think the saudis for many years they used actually to drive from behind but since king solomon came to power in 2015 and especially after the crown brands muhammad bin
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solomon took the lead in saudi arabia saudi foreign policy has actually becoming more aggressive but at the same time became less successful so i think the saudis maybe right now they are you vising. their foreign policy. in the invasion so there are a trying to actually to. by the political solution to the war in yemen they are trying actually to find a political solution to the crisis with qatar they are approaching the iranians so i think all in all they are evolving their foreign policy because it's failed it miserably failed over the past few years so i think they are taking a different course like now so they believe they can make up most of their losses and don't forget also as you mentioned before that such a nation of jamal khashoggi which da is the image of the world stage so i think the saudis they are really trying to take a different course in terms of foreign policy because of that mr kaplan thank you as always for the. live in doha and now midwinter and the air can bring some very
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trying whether bought it can change it it's time for the weather with rob it's can the trying was usually because of the settled skies so you tend to try rather poor quality if you're lucky to get away with all this is bhopal quality can get poor here but every down again of course it all moves through and if you unsettle the air by bringing rain through for example 1st of all you get the potential problem of rain at about 40 millimeters in delhi and that was a result it's usable but it took something like 18 hours to clean the air up to some degree and even now now the rain has stopped cold is dropping once more of course that isn't necessarily rain heavy right for the snow for the north in certain god again the weather has been settled or sometimes snowy and i think we've had a record number of days of destruction of senecas airport this is a current weather green is rain the white is snow if i take you through from today until tomorrow this phase disappears it's
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a quality is already settling back down to be not good once again in delhi and then it's clear behind now that weather actually started off in the levant or in the eastern med where you can see the latest one here it doesn't fall as rain well we have had recently we often do get these sounds to exist in the negev desert down the egyptian border with israel so you get that you get the rain and this eventually ends up disrupting that rather poor weather in india is bogus. thank you very much mel still ahead on the news hour a risky operation in new zealand is 6 more bodies of recovered from monday's a volcano eruption and he's having a dallas softball season in the n.b.a. the i would have all the action coming up in school.
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at it again as a problem and these are the top stories this hour are thousands of people protesting across algeria the knowledge of the boom was declared the winner of the state's presidential election he was a former minister in the government of at the disease but the flicka protest is a demanding a complete overhaul of the political system u.k. prime minister boss johnson has officially been asked by the queen to form the country's next government as conservative party won its biggest victory in 13 years and thursday's an exit and gained an outright majority in parliament so the opposition labor party is reeling after its worst election result in decades at last of dozens of seats mainly from its traditional heartland leader gerry corbin says he won't lead the party into any future elections. well more on the
4:36 pm
results in the u.k. now the conservatives may be celebrating a landslide in england and wales but up north in scotland where the scottish national party has won almost all the seats let's go back to law and with more from our european board cost center mari. thanks elizabeth just in the most dramatic result the s.n.p. unseated liberal democrat leader joseph winston in a constituency in central scotland on preparing for a t.v. interview party to nicholas sturgeon received cheering and celebrating when she found out that one of her candidates a defeated swinson in the seat of dunbartonshire east sturgeon is demanding a 2nd scottish independence referendum. so to the prime minister let me be very clear this is not simply a demand that i or the s.n.p. are making it is the rate of the people of scotland and you as the leader of a defeated party in scotland have nought rate to stand in the we know the bar is
4:37 pm
live for us in edinburgh so she's already trying to capitalize isn't she on the scale of the victory for the s.n.p. last night. absolutely lauren you've seen she's been celebrating but also a searing challenges to the prime minister saying that the size of her victory gives her a mandate for a fresh independence referendum and for a bit more on how she's going to push for that i'm joined by alan convery lecturer in politics at edinburgh university allan just what you expect her to try to do in the short term now so i think nicholas sturgeon will want to formally ask the british government for the legal power to hold a 2nd referendum it's highly likely that boris johnson's government refused that and they will use that to highlight how the u.k. government is refusing to let scotland have it c. and they support issue boris johnson clearly does have a large majority 'd in westminster beyond just asking and saying that it's our democratic right what is the legal situation what can she hope for so she doesn't
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have under the british constitution and much legal recourse to have water take the referendum she would need the u.k. government's permission but i think she want to highlight that boris johnson's conservative party lost seats in scotland yesterday while the scottish national party gained a considerable number of seats and i think she want to say that this shows that scotland is going in a different direction and what are they going to be the flashpoints in the in the next few years then where she will hope to actually push her independence call further so i think the british government will to hold the lane that she doesn't have a mandate for an independence referendum of if she argued the other way until perhaps the scottish parliament elections and 2021 if the scottish national party were to win those elections with a clear manifesto commitment to holding a 2nd independence referendum be much more difficult i think at that point for the u.k. government to see that they're not allowed to have one and could just as you how you think the breaks it progress and what kind of breaks it britain ends up getting will play into all of this i think the s.n.p.
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will use the break that process to highlight that scotland or somewhere that will to remain and also to highlight their complaint that the u.k. government hasn't adequately consulted or involve the scottish government in the brakes implementation process so. one thing boris johnson's government might want to consider in terms of preserving the union is to try to involve the scottish government more than that process to show the united kingdom we've heard in the last few hours the s. and p's leader in westminster say that it is their duty to protect scotland from the danger of a no deal breaks it is that still a real concern to think of it i think is a concern up here so we've avoided the 1st cliff edge with this potentially our next one if johnson doesn't get a trade agreement next year with the european union so i think the s.n.p. government want to highlight the danger of the danger of remaining in the u.k. and also highlight the scots that potentially they have another option in the future thank you very much for your time well of course the picture here in scotland is very different from the rest of the u.k. very divided opinion on the question of independence but there's no doubt that nicolas sturgeon feels that she's got momentum behind her and that she's going to
4:40 pm
try to make the most of it. thank you very much indeed. commuters in france have once again been faced with long delays as a strike in protest against pension reforms and is a 9th day with many metro stations closed and buses running a reduced service in paris with 300 kilometers of traffic jams are measured heading into the capital as widespread opposition to president in one year my course plan to simplify the pension system which critics say well maybe people work longer for smaller pensions. the un's cop 25 climate change conference was due to end in madrid but it delegates are still a long way from agreement talks are now expected to continue for a couple of days scientists and government representatives have spent 2 weeks working on how they'll achieve greenhouse gas targets agreed at the paris summit 4 years ago or environment and it clark reports. it should be the final day but it's
4:41 pm
almost certainly not going to be the final day it's like to spread into the week and i just read in the press conference with the africa saying there are too many red lines is too much concern here in this is going to go on and on let's get straight to the press remove these conferences jennifer morgan from greenpeace and work through our system to the stage where i think we still have a situation where the governments here are not listening actually to what the scientists are telling them what their people are telling them there's a text on the table that just does not show the urgency that people are facing in the situation of the world right so we got some of the big of the big developed nations but for the parents agree with it right well everybody is still in but what you're seeing is countries like saudi arabia countries like brazil well and certainly developed countries like the us and australia are here trying to pull things back so the small island nations the africans who is very existence depends
4:42 pm
on this are angry they are getting a bit they are desperate and away so in the final hours we just have to get the european union and them to work together to push back these fossil fuel interests ok we've seen some progress on that we just mentioned in the program just know how hopeful are you that that's going to inspire and bishan here well i i am hopeful that the european union will come in and drive things i'm less hopeful that this process is yet able to really respond to what people are calling for it's too captured by fossil fuel interests there's not enough access and discussion here so it needs to throw that lifeline out to the youth of the world that says we're hearing you and thus far they seem pretty deaf and finally this is all about ambition for 2025 next year when this conference goes to absolutely countries here need to commit that they are going to come back go to glasgow increased action that's consistent with the science with 1.5 degrees and that they're going to
4:43 pm
transform things that we need a systems change that people can trust not a carbon pollution cop. when the understanding of carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere wouldn't be possible without a scientist called charles keating he began launching levels 60 years ago finding 1st evidence that climate was being affected by manmade pollution he died 14 years ago but his song ralph has taken over his work. my father came to scripts and i think 956 with the task of measuring carbon dioxide different places around the world you 958 he was getting readings that were around 310 parts per 1000000 now we're up at. almost $415.00 parts per $1000410.00 or more. so it's really it's just really rocketing up the main operation in my lab as in my father's lab involved sending flasks these are the last few years out into the field that are
4:44 pm
filled with an air sample and sent back and then we analyze it in the lab it established as a matter of fact that humans were impacting the planet in a global scale model or record in particular has become known as the keeling curve was already clear in the fifty's in the sixty's in the seventy's the core problem is the burning fossil fuels we're burning more and more decade by decade it's not like we understand this problem and i started to curtail it's like you've got a weight problem in your response is to eat more and more you have to go back millions of years before you find levels as high as today and that was a world with a very different climate. i think what's really changed in the last decade in particular is people starting to feel the weirdness of the climate around them in terms of freak weather and crop failures and so it's lost some of its remoteness is starting to creep into people's lives i think it's going to get kind of rough to be honest and i don't see how we get around this without serious consequences and the
4:45 pm
sooner we understand what we're facing and started to happening to it in reducing the problem the better off we'll be and that's sadly it's taken a long time to get there. to elizabeth and. thank you now the united nations human rights office says it's concerned india's new citizenship law is fundamentally discriminatory in nature a protest against the law in the capital new delhi so university students clashing with police and you know allows. citizenship to persecution minorities from neighboring countries but leaves muslims out war has more from state. yesterday this entire area was bored and burnt. everywhere but today because back on the streets some shops are also open pharmacies open and people are queuing outside hoping that you will spaces would open up and then be able to pull up there we go to the authorities have the curfew in go on to the
4:46 pm
capital of assam for a few hours in the morning but the border situation in the state of he didn't used to be dense. nobody really knows how things are actually going to pan out security officials are still present on the street here in the city in large numbers and a students' union is also called for a protest a. strike of the people who say their movement against the citizenship amendment act. just absent any more refugees because the assamese are already in a minority in the state. now the bodies of 6 more people killed in a volcanic eruption in new zealand have now been recovered taking the number of dead to 14 but 2 others are still missing or families of those who died wasted on the mainland during the operation on white island a military team wearing gas masks and protective clothing spent 4 hours there
4:47 pm
despite fears that the volcano could erupt again go back again on saturday to try and find the remaining 2 bodies. it's been one year since yemen's government and hope the rebels signed a un backed agreement in sweden aimed at ending the war at the time it was encouraging news after years of fighting in a country suffering the world's worst humanitarian crisis but it's failed to deliver so far as victoria gate and be the ports this time last year there was a sense of cautious optimism among yemenis meeting in sweden's capital stock cohen who's the chief negotiator and yemen's foreign minister agreed to a ceasefire in her data the port is the main route for food and medical aid into yemen. and the sides reached what the un called an understanding on deescalation in the city of tire as the other major center of fighting in the area . mediators involved in the stockholm talks say the language in the final
4:48 pm
agreement was too vague and too many details were left unresolved. we were hoping that the talks in stockholm could get you a few more days to make it more clear and for this reason these. had not been implemented on the ground. the un had optimistic view and thought that this could be implemented within one month. while a fragile ceasefire in her data allowed some aid in fighting escalated in other parts of yemen in august separatists who want to split north from south yemen backed by the u.a.e. seized control of the pull city of aden that led to months of fighting with yemeni government forces. and over the last year the heathy rebels claimed responsibility for a number of cross border attacks into saudi arabia including drain strikes on some of the world's largest oil processing plants which knocked out more than half of the kingdom's entire oil output now it was. a defining moment how
4:49 pm
the. house now rebiya acknowledge. the threat that could be their own engines. since that momentum has been growing to end the violence in yemen in october the u.a.e. which backs the southern separatists withdrew its forces from aden that led to a peace deal between the yemeni government and the separatists and last month the u.n. reported a significant reduction in the number of saudi led coalition as strikes that coincided with reports that the coalition and toothy rebels had held indirect talks mediated by a man. millions of yemenis who've suffered bombings starvation and displacement will be hoping the warring factions give diplomacy a chance and the war ends at long last victoria gave him be out there are. still to come they sports news including some of the most epic wipeout stole the show at the
4:50 pm
competition and why i have to think.
4:51 pm
it is time for sports now he is live thank you liz well tiger woods and his u.s. team fought back to keep themselves in contention at golf's president's cup but it's still the internationals who are in prime position as they look to win the tournament for the 1st time since 1908 david stokes has the action. the players in this mad germs in the lead to national team luis hazen and adam scott 5 cheered on by an australian crowd the internationals were well placed heading into day 2 chasing only the 2nd win in 25 years of the presidents cup they had
4:52 pm
a full one lead over the u.s. and that gap looks set to grow. the men in green hold after putt and at one stage ernie els his team were headed over for 8 at the full seems matches. they did manage to win the 1st to make up a 61 lead but the americans fought back. playing captain tiger woods once again leading from the front with a just and thomas they were the only path to score a point for the u.s. on day one and despite training twice against a decade and be on when they got the match back to square with 5 to play. further ahead of the 18th hole it was patrick kemp play who secured the 1st american point of the day of the of the 14 foot putt to get the overall score to 16 then on the same hole almost a carbon copy from thomas this time from 17 feet and another point for team tiger
4:53 pm
vibe and look at all pretty bleak but you guys turned it around and played phenomenal come in and you know it was it was important for us that in the way we did and totally change the last hour look at the record we've had in the foursomes the last. 25 years in a for us to come out to an off to an awful decision like a win for us. so we would have taken that at the start of the the international still have a healthy lead of 3 points but the momentum is with the americans with 20 points still up for grabs on saturday and sunday david stokes al-jazeera. and be able lakers and bucs are still leading their conference but 3rd ranked dallas mavericks had a night to remember their top player recorded his 16th triple double of the season at 20 years old this is only his 2nd season and the n.b.a. he scored 41 points to lead his team 28122111 victory against the detroit pistons.
4:54 pm
and for the philadelphia 76 ers joel embiid was the clear standout he scored 16 points in the 4th quarter alone hitting 5 of 6 free throws in the final 26 seconds in this game against the boston celtics with philadelphia leading by 4 in the final 15 seconds he brought daniel faeces shot to help clinch it and beat it ended with a season high 38 points at a 13 rebounds final score 115194 philadelphia. well the cricket now and after 3 days play pakistan are yet to bat in their 1st home test in a decade rain and bad light meant only 32 balls were possible on friday and roll pindi sri lanka didn't lose a wicket and moved 122-8246 their 1st innings with the match almost certainly heading for a draw. australia are firmly on top after day 2 of the opening test against new
4:55 pm
zealand in perth australia posted a 1st innings total of $416.00 mitchell starc then took 4 wickets to leave new zealand in trouble on 109 for 5. couple of out to doris one errs winners flamingo had their last training session before heading to doha for the future club world cup the brazilian champions leave real later on friday their one of the favorites and enter the tournaments at the semifinal stage on tuesday flamingo will play either the asian champions of saudi arabia or tunisia's african champions esperance could get to my i believe that the toughest thing for us is the time zone 6 was difference it disturbs a night of sleep a little bit but we will prepare well we will have a very good infrastructure day which will help us continue our preparations we will also be taking several professionals to help us feel right when the match day
4:56 pm
compas which mexican team monterrey are already in doha they qualified by winning the conca caf champions league for central and north american and caribbean teams monterrey play in the quarterfinals on saturday against the qatari champions assad . the lawyer who helped get russia and russia thrown out of major sporting events has defended the punishment jonathan taylor is the chair of the committee that recommended that the world anti-doping agency hand russia a 4 year ban while still allowing russian athletes to compete under a neutral flag the punishment has been criticized as being too weak with many calling for a blanket ban of all russians. i'm happy for people to say we disagree we think it should have been stronger that's not a problem when i don't accept these people saying we disagree and therefore you must be in the pay of the i.o.c. you must be in the part of the russians that's a joke that's ridiculous you know the russian saying they're not in russian colors
4:57 pm
no flag no one and not representing russia people can say that that is meaningless is not meaningless national pride is reflected in the coolness of your savior and you cannot take that pride because you know a message is being sent you will conduct means you don't belong at the top table i mean i'd be very surprised if president putin was saying how the hell did this happen this cannot happen because i don't think he's happy about not being at the top type of sports so i can't guarantee this will have an effect but what i do think he's from the russian point of view this is a very heavy blow. the jaws big wave championships and hawaii were spectacular when it came to wipe outs so surfers competing on the north shore of maui were tossed by the 9 to 15 meter waves one after the other they kept getting pounded and knocked out not surprisingly the 2 winners billy kemper and paige oms are locals used the monster swells. lots of hand over bank to lay away our back and just
4:58 pm
a few minutes with another form of bullets and. the last time you were out on the streets protesting whether on line you feel the weight of the system you do walk through each and every leg with or layer further and further into the jail or if you join us on say retention has to start from day one whether again you're into tension or you're incarcerated this is a dialogue everyone has a voice for the northeast those that support our coverage will be varying accounts but i want to give people the reason for joining the global conversation on mt is iraq the blowing up in the united states i learned that the 1st amendment is really key to being a freedom of the soldiers going to be. men and women to the resources that are available but it's an al-jazeera story is that we just don't tell you what the
4:59 pm
subject of the story wants to know the government is not going to do the one thing the demonstrators want to apologize for what al-jazeera does we ask the questions so that we can get closer to the truth the shocking treatment of disabled people in rumanian state run kept in cages who cannot have access to a toilet or institutions funded by the european union he has his hands and his fates tied to the bed 5 years after highlighting these abuses people in power returns to rumania in a 2 part series and discovers the scandal runs through. fields' europe's recurring shame on. the latest news as it breaks all the holdings in is what destroyed and this is all that's. detailed coverage for mexico's new president. of the country and feel this
5:00 pm
journalism from around the world is a world. of truck and allowed to be held. algerians reject thursday's presidential election and their thousands as former prime minister at the knowledge that the boon is declared the winner. of the plot in the sense al jazeera life and are coming up. on some clinches the biggest u.k. election victory for the conservative party in 30 years neighbors defeated me to jamey corben plans to quit. protest against andy.


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