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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 14, 2019 11:00am-11:34am +03

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a verdict about to be handed down on the former sudanese president omar bashir in the 1st trial over his new 30 year reign. from joe however one i'm come out santa maria with the world news from al jazeera anger grows in an indian state over a controversial citizenship law that excludes muslims. today is a solemn and said day pushing the president to the brink of impeachment a vote by the u.s. house of representatives is now set for next week. and the syrians still struggling
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after barely escaping the last rebel held profits. and everyone sudan's former president has just stepped into a court in the capital khartoum where a judge will soon deliver a verdict in the 1st of several trials after his near 30 years of ruling but she has been facing charges of corruption and the illegal possession of foreign currency remember he was overthrown back in april after months of demonstrations this case against him centers on the suitcases found in his home which was filled with multiple currencies with more than $130000000.00 but she denies any wrongdoing and says much of the money was actually a gift from the saudi crown prince mohammed bin summon him organising a cartoon keeping an eye on things i have a take us through what's expected today. welcome all people are expecting
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that this will be the final hearing again in the heat in the trial against former president i'm going to be here as you said he's been charged with illicit possession of illegal possession of foreign currency and illicit financial gains charges he and his lawyers for with deny and they say that he has the right to receive money as head of state but these are not the only charges that is facing former president obama to be sure he will be handed a very big and sentencing for these charges here today but they are the charges just a few days ago he was investigated and enter a gated for his role in the 1989 coup that brought him to power and also a democratically elected government so even if a hearing is issued today and over it is issued and he is sentenced to jail sent to jail or not then there are other charges that are still waiting on the president bashir ok slight tangent here but let's go with this part of the end of of bush's role was about the dismantling of the entire regime and everything that was
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associated with him part of that is the labor unions if i'm not mistaken if they've been disbanded and that happened just recently how does that affect what might happen today in the protest movement and for the people of sudan. well people his supporters specifically and supporters of the former ruling party which was dismantled less than 10 days ago have said that they do not accept the decision there is thing that this whole trial is illegal that as former head of state he was allowed to do what he thought was right for the sake of or for the interest of the country so yesterday the sovereign council issued a decision to dismantle the labor unions as part of the decision to dismantle the former ruling party most of those labor unions were established during the time of the former ruling party so they view those unions as strongholds and as held by members of that party which is now dissolved the people are not taking this lightly they're calling for a 1000000 man march that is why most of the streets leading to the army
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headquarters as of last night had been closed by the military and they were there was a statement by the military wearing all the citizens to not approach the army headquarters not just in the capital hudson but various other states as well so there was a bit of attention here and how to many other states people are worried that if a verdict is issued in favor of the former president then there will be protests because people would say that the trial has been a sham an unfair and if it is against and not in his favor then his supporters will come out to protest that ok thank you for now him or morgan in khartoum and this is the courtroom is where we are expecting some more news later on today concerning this 1st trial against omar bashir former president we bring you that news as soon as it happens to other news in the taliban is claiming responsibility for an attack in afghanistan the defense ministry says 9 soldiers were killed on friday in the district of the province several other attacks were also carried out there the u.n. mission in afghanistan says 10 civilians were killed in one of the. north korea
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says it's conducted another quote crucial test of its long range rocket facility state t.v. has released these pictures kim jong un overseeing the test at the so hay launching station near the border with china this is the 2nd test at that site and just under a week and come ahead of a year end deadline north korea gave to the u.s. to drop its insistence on unilateral denuclearization. and his main opposition congress party is organizing a rally against the government's over a controversial new citizenship law that excludes muslims it's led to protests across the country new law which creates a path to citizenship for 6 minority religious groups from neighboring countries but muslims are left off the list and show voter reports on the northeast side of us and where we've seen most of the violence. 'd in the state of assam a popular resistance movement is growing. 2 people died in
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a violent protests on thursday and there's no sign of a let up people here say the law is against their interests. them baser heater says the assamese people fought to preserve their identity in 1971 when bangladesh was formed and a flood of refugees made a sahm home. the new law extends the cutoff for refugees to 2014. the central government in there b. has been between us put to long here using assam as a dustbin by showing whoever they want. a movement against immigrants from bangladesh has raised in a sample decades with claims it further strains the state's resources they have been robbing the. they have been struggling yeah they're been robbing jobs and that surely the local people the indigenous people have been feeling a kind of insecurity some assamese fear they could become
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a minority in their own land these are some means have been singing songs expressing their love for their language and their culture this is a although there are cars on the roads and the shops may reopen things won't return to normal anytime soon not until the whole state of us is exempted from the new law . the protests here and go hearty on friday were relatively calm compared with the previous 2 days but those taking part see the stock market are humble not be looked for years. we don't have rice lentils anything but our movement is not over nothing is new. the japanese prime minister shinzo abi was supposed to be in goa harty for a summit but that's been deferred. some worry the movement may lose its momentum but others insist the fight for us. are to al-jazeera. india there are also protests in the capital new delhi so
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how raman is there for us and as many demonstrators believe india's constitution is under threat. thousands of people have gathered a cross in india to protest the city's many here in new delhi many have gathered not just here. but that makes you know way to the main area where they expect to hear political leaders and civil society denounce the b j p led government signed into law. the act as many see is discriminatory on many levels whether it be culturally socially on religious grounds and for that reason civil society and the opposition led in this particular case by the all india congress all suggesting to the public at large that if you do not agree with the secular india if you agree with a secular india then you have to come out onto the streets because our constitution is under threat that's the message that the opposition are trying to get out and
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that message is being replicated across states such as carola punjab and in west bengal by west bengal on sunday we're expecting a very large gathering of trinamool congress supporters led by my band the g. the chief minister that also denouncing what the central government in new delhi want to implement a soon as they possibly can for the moment it seems that the government may have a much longer fight on the house. a us house panel has recommended the impeachment of president donald trump this is another crucial step in the process that has divided congress and really the whole nation the full house of representatives is expected to vote in favor of impeachment at some point next week this report from the white house correspondent kelly aka. another foreign visit to the white house overshadowed by domestic politics as the president apparent why sat on comfortably in the oval office u.s.
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president donald trump railed against the democrats pushed to impeach him in congress for his dealings with ukraine's president it's a witch hunt it's a sham it's a hoax nothing was done wrong 0 was done wrong it's a scam it's something that shouldn't be allowed and it's a very bad thing for a country and you are trivializing impeachment and i tell you what someday there will be a democrat president and there will be a republican house and i suspect they're going to remember that objection the committee is a journey. but democrats argue trumpet be used as presidential powers for political gain the house judiciary committee voted to approve 2 articles of impeachment against president trump the vote along party lines allege trump withheld military aid in order to pressure ukraine to dig up dirt on a political rival former vice president joe biden trumps also accused of
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obstructing congressional oversight into the matter for the 3rd time in a little over a century and a half. the house judiciary committee has voted articles of impeachment against the president for abuse of power. and obstruction of congress a vote to officially of ph trump is expected next week in the house of representatives he'll become just the 3rd president in u.s. history to be impeached trump was visibly angry following approval of the charges against him lashing out at those he believes have done him wrong like the woman overseeing the impeachment house speaker nancy pelosi is a liar and others a dishonest fake media horrible f.b.i. people crooked hillary a fighting mood morphing into strategy spotted on the white house campus on friday trucks personal attorney and ally rudolph giuliani it's a signal trump is pushing to call witnesses and expand the impeachment process he
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says has been politically biased against him even as the republican leader mitch mcconnell is pushing for a swift trial in the senate i think they're giving the signal that this is really just a show trial that senator mcconnell knows where the votes are and knows how this is going to come out and he wants to have a very short proceeding so that they can move past this quickly but for in a tory asli thinskinned president the personal humiliation of a looming impeachment in the house of representatives appears to have only intensified donald trump's desire to fight back in the u.s. senate in an attempt to clear his name can really help get al-jazeera the white house. in the news ahead. united nations accuses chile of using excessive force but some anti-government protesters killed and others suffering severe i.e. injury. and maybe an end inside china signed
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a tentative deal to ease the nearly year long trade war with the united states. hello again welcome back to your international weather forecast i want to take you over here towards the western part of spain notice those clouds pushing very quickly across parts of northern spain and southern france it brought a lot of rain brought a lot of winds to the region but i want to show you what happened here in pamplona in terms of the flooding situation there of course pamplona is at a lower lying area in a flood plain a lot of the rain came out of the pyrenees and now we're dealing with widespread flooding across the region not just in the city but across many of those areas these are the pictures that we are getting out after the last 24 hours we're still going to be dealing with
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a lot of problems here down across the central and also the eastern part of the med this is that area of low pressure that came through and now we're going to be seeing a lot of rain across much of greece as well as turkey over the next few days the winds also going to be very strong across much of this area athens at about 14 degrees here and as we go into a sunday notice that the system pushes a little bit more down here towards the south we're going to lose the rain but we're not going to be losing the winds and for athens as a 3 day forecast as we go through the rest of the weekend today is going to be a very windy and rainy day still a few a clouds here across the region on sunday but as we go towards monday things are looking better with a temperature of 70 degrees. the weather sponsored by countdown and. the stories generate foundations of headlines these protests are saying down with the system and down with all of the parts with different angles from different perspectives just because we came to prison doesn't mean right stopped at the gate
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separate the spin from the facts you western media jumps on stories we don't taking down the misinformation from the journalism it's about telling the stories of those human beings on the ground with the listening post on al-jazeera. with al-jazeera and these are the headlines this hour a verdict is expected soon in the corruption trial against saddam's former leader omar al bashir he was overthrown in april after months of demonstrations soldiers then found suitcases in his home with currency worth more than $130000000.00 inside saturday's verdict will be on corruption charges illegal possession of foreign
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currency and illicit. the taliban is claiming responsibility for an attack in afghanistan the defense ministry says 9 soldiers were killed on friday and they cut about district of gus name it was one of many attacks in the province. and india's main opposition congress party is organizing a rally against the government over a controversial new citizenship all that excludes muslims the adoption of the bill has led to protests across the country creates a path to citizenship for 6 minority religious groups from neighboring countries but muslims are not on the list. just days before the u.s. china trade war was about to intensify in the 2 economic giants of struck an interim deal a trumpet ministration has called off a new round of tariffs that was due to start. on sunday and will instead reduce levees in return china's agreed to buy more american farm products and to ease rules on u.s. companies accessing its markets let's go to a city in eastern china a manufacturing hub there and katrina you is there for us it's not
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a deal to end all deals katrina but it's a start. that's right it's definitely a start and we're here in erie city and if china is considered the factory of the world then it would be the shop front of the world hundreds of thousands of all of the world come to this sprawling commodities market to make orders for objects and other goods to sell back home in their home countries and many of those who come every year from the u.s. so this region the people who work 8 in this mall and generally in the south east in manufacturing belt of china these are these people who are among the worst affected by the trade war by the tariffs which have been imposed since the trade war began so definitely those what we hear today of breathing a big sigh of relief from this news particularly the wrist you are working with products that might have been given new taxes from the top administration this
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weekend but because of this deal those taxes have been called off and among those are the people who are selling christmas decorations to homes and households and companies all over the world. a christmas wonderland in southeast china bias from all over the wound come to this market city for the festive season decorations. but this year it's not married bright vendors here say the trade with the united states is bad for business. business is noise good as it used to be there are more and more sellers and fewer and fewer buyers i can barely make a living. but christmas has arrived early for the suppliers with chinese and u.s. negotiators announcing they will sign what's called a phase one deal soon delayed extra tariffs on $156000000000.00 worth of chinese products including christmas trees tinsel and
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a range of other goods however i don't want any agreement is only a temporary truce not an end to the trade was. they might be able to reach a mild as small trade deal but in terms of the stuff both sides really want the u.s. really want china to get rid of in this drug policy odd to create a leveling playground for foreign companies this is not going to happen anytime soon to many chinese manufacturers expected agreement is likely to be too little too light extra duties imposed earlier this year some as high as 25 percent have already forced many factories to scale down production and fire stuff these workers have been on had since the spring will be gathered and with good reason the bicycle industry is one of the worst affected by an increase in tyrants and distracted the lies on i'm never going to buy it to buy. later goods supplied bicycles to major u.s. retailers including wal-mart and says
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a rise in tires has caused sales to drop by about 20 percent we lost soul our fears for this person worst still what we want to see how the person was going to do this year because this is the 1st year christmas was the for the purpose of. in order to keep going during difficult times this bicycle make it is relocating some production to cambodia and the asia back in many suppliers have already started moving away from the u.s. towards new markets in the middle east and africa. winter lasts a few months the chinese export is expected today relations between beijing and washington to remain to 90 christmases to come so we've seen some bright news off the what has been months of bad news months of failed negotiations and more tariffs of this is definitely a bright spot but nobody here is getting over excited i think people understand
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that his just means that the talks are going to keep on going and there is a chance they could get better but many people who have already made other plans with time to explore the markets and those who are indeed even thinking of moving overseas they're still going full steam ahead with those plans now looking ahead to the future people are still quite confused it's still uncertain this deal has not been signed quite yet we are to have any details exactly which products like to have some tariff relief because of this and because of that these tells a very very much in a sobering sobering mindset they know that this is a good thing maybe though they know what to expect for the next few weeks but going forward the different name bracing for this economic conflict of this tension between the u.s. and china to continue we have to remember this is one just one phase just one deal maybe still have so many other issues to look at look at including the issues that spot to this trade war in the 1st place issues such as industrial subsidies issues
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such as the technology war and people in china are very much aware that whether or not china and the u.s. can agree on those really really big sticking points if that is indeed a solution we may not see this for many many more years to come potentially katrina you thank you for that so as katrina alludes to the people saying this deal really falls well short of what donald trump wanted when the dispute began 2 years ago alan fisher has more from washington d.c. explaining why the president's administration still sees this there was a victory. the white house says that this is a significant and important agreement donald trump himself says it's a phenomenal deal they've been talking about this for a very long time you remember it was back at the beginning of last year that donald trump said that trade wars are good and easy too when there have been discussions which came almost came to a deal but then fell away now the united states says it has a 9 chapter 1st stage agreement with the chinese that covers important issues such
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as tech transfer intellectual property theft opening up china's financial income see markets to outsiders namely the united states and also the sale of agricultural products donald trump sees that as very important farmers have struggled a lot because of the talents that were imports but he sees the farming community of the center of the united states as very much his base his heartland and so as we approach an election year he is very keen to address their concerns the most important thing this deal deals with is the targets that were due to be imposed on sunday they know essentially gore way but there are still tat of on chinese goods coming into the united states about 25 percent on $250000000000.00 worth of goods and 7.5 percent or $120000000000.00 worth of goods those type of will start to
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come off as china starts to meets the requirements that they have agreed to. now the bombardment of adlib province by syrian army artillery and russian air strikes is causing a massive displacement of people syrians who fled their homes in the last remaining rebel held area described the offensive as indiscriminate with shells hitting homes and hospitals monotone as this story. on his family fled aleppo which was serious largest city and commercial capital 6 years ago now they've been forced purse cape again this time from the promise syria's last remaining stronghold is being bombarded by is a deliberate fire and russian strikes. we thought we were safe this time and we didn't have to flee again and then suddenly the bombs started falling we just escaped to save our souls their latest set of features the house on a makeshift company of the tucker border now there and relative safety his wife
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would need a ton of tension to the rest of us. all our assets our family is not together some are in lebanon while some escaped by boat to germany and norway those in lebanon are suffering they have to renew their papers and the government keeps on turning them down there are literally will run comes near the turkish border so the new display such as the isle how we end family forstall settled in unofficial comes with a deliveries few and far between the rain and cold weather is making life was for the displaced in the nearby killing comrade the situation at the camp is miserable it's beyond description it rains throughout the night and floods the teen's water is also getting into the teens from the roof which means beating and blankets are all soaked and winter is setting in temperatures dropping to below 0 and probably long periods of sonora expected last winter at least $29.00 children are newborn babies died in subzero temperatures of the fleeing from villages in isn't syria
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controlled by i still fight is many here are dreading a repeat of the extremely cold war with mohamed atta while just stumble. britain's prime minister's national healing to begin over brags that in thursday's general election boris johnson led his ruling conservative party to its not just a parliamentary majority since the 980 s. jeremy coburn has said he won't lead the opposition labor party in another election after his heavy defeat and e.u. leaders want clarity from the u.k. as soon as possible but are ready for more talks on a trade deal when britain leaves the french presidency my name says he is pushing ahead with pension reforms despite a 10 day nationwide strike by transport workers travellers on the paris metro and the t.g.v. fast trains are being warned to expect serious weekend allays although normal bus and tram services are running 300 kilometer long traffic jam surrounded the capital
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on thursday opponents of the president's modernisation plan say employees will have to work longer for smaller pensions a french aid group says 4 workers have been killed in nigeria action against hunger's as they were among 6 stuff kidnapped in july near the town of. this is in northeastern nigeria where boko haram fighters and other groups operate on humanitarian worker was killed in september and appeals are being made for the release of the remaining hostages in jest president obama do is of who has posthumously awarded $71.00 soldiers who were killed in an attack on an army base with a cross of courage the government has declared 3 days of mourning to commemorate what was the deadliest assault on nugent's military in living memory an isolated group claimed responsibility for the attack on tuesday on the remote base in artists close to the border with mali. the un has accused chile of seriously
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violating the human rights of anti-government protesters investigators have detailed what they describe as unlawful killings torture sexual abuse excessive force and they were the government to also end its an indiscriminate use of lead pellets and tear gas have left about $350.00 people with severe eye injuries says it is still investigating and the report is premature but thousands of chileans continue their protests against the government despite the crackdown a latin america editor alysia newman has more now from a rally in santiago this demonstration in front of the presidential palace to protest against the shocking number of chileans who have been shot and the eyes of many cases blinded by riot police hit either by rubber pellets or by clear gas canisters and that is just running out the charges that didn't include it in the latest human rights report issued by the united nations the charges include rape
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sexual abuse illegal detentions torture the whole list especially of excessive use of force by the riot police. to mark their effort they are going to present danger that their eyes will be the eyes of those who can no longer see. brought policemen shot at me but pelikan directly at a phrase a short range of burst open my left eye today i'm struggling for a cup of my life my mother might take care of his blind and now we only have one good eye between the 2 of us. this is the 3rd human rights report against chile in less than one month this time the government was prepared just before the un report was released the director of the police announced that 4 police generals including the head of special forces and control a public order as it's called here were being they go into early retirement they've announced
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a total restructuring of special forces new training no water cannons and tear gas trucks and now even a new name for the special forces act they believe that the problem here is have the leadership and even active members of the police force and retired generals and saying that the time is well overdue to replace general mind your own house however the president is refusing to do it. this is al jazeera and these are the top stories a verdict is expected today in the corruption trial of sudan's deposed president omar bashir he was overthrown in april after months of demonstrations demanding the end to his 30 year old soldiers searching his home suitcases containing about $130000000.00 in different currencies but she denies corruption and says much of the money was a gift from the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon. the taliban's claiming
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responsibility for an attack in afghanistan the defense ministry says 9 soldiers were killed on friday in the cut about district of the province several other attacks were also carried out the un mission in afghanistan says 10 civilians were killed in one of them. north korea has conducted another quote crucial test at its long range rocket facility state t.v. released pictures of leader kim jong un overseeing the test at the so high launching station near the border with china this is the 2nd test at that site in just under a week and come ahead of a year end deadline which north korea gave to the u.s. to drop its insistence on unilateral denuclearization india's main opposition congress party is organizing a rally against the government over a controversial new citizenship law that excludes muslims the new law creates a path to citizenship for 6 minority religious groups from neighboring countries but muslims are not on the list. a u.s.
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house panel has recommended president donald trump be impeached the full house of representatives is expected to vote in favor at some point next week the u.s. and china have announced an interim trade agreement halting new tariffs the us was due to impose on chinese goods in return china has promised to buy more american farm products. and britain's prime minister is urging national healing to begin over brags that in thursday's general election boris johnson led his ruling conservative party to its largest parliamentary majority since the 1980 s. german coburn says he won't lead the opposition labor party in another election after his heavy defeat and e.u. leaders say they want some clarity from the u.k. over brags that as soon as possible they go up to date with the headlines here on al-jazeera the listening post starts right now. fishing boats from north korea washing up on the shores of japan. some carrying dead bodies.
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do this to gates these mysterious go ships on al-jazeera. because she's been experiencing. tanked at the time i saw the. guy thinks that way. because * i'm going to cash. cows from the rest of the. hello i'm richard yes bird and you're at the listening post here are some of the media stories that we're covering this week if you can't beat them or suppress them block them in more and more countries internet blackouts have become a fact of life syria's bashar al assad and the interview and italian broadcaster did not want its audience to see putting a face on fake news shows all the less why should you believe me deep fakes like this photo of boris johnson our next leg.


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