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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 14, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm +03

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management on al jazeera. 0. hello there i'm the star and this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. saddam's former president omar al bashir is found guilty on charges of corruption the courtroom erupts in chaos. hundreds of soldiers have been killed in africa sahara region leaders are discussing how to boost security. and still no agreement at this year's u.n. climate change meeting we'll be live in madrid with all the latest. and then we are hard in with sports it's been another dramatic day at golf's president's cup as internationals hold their nerve to lead tiger's u.s.
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team by 2 points into the final day. now it's a guilty verdict in the corruption trial of sudan's former president omar al bashir in the capital khartoum for she was sentenced to 2 years in a case centered around suitcases found in his home filled with multiple currencies worth more than $130000000.00 as you can see that the courtroom erupted in chaos as that verdict was read but she continues to deny any wrongdoing and says much of the money was a gift from the saudi crown prince mohammed bin the she was overthrown back in april after months of demonstrations and this is just the 1st of several trials that he'll face for his near that he year rule well for more on this let's cross now to our correspondent have a morgan who's in the courtroom as we were seeing chaotic scenes in the court today now but she will spend 2 years in a rehabilitation center talked. what we've been hearing from the judge.
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the judge 1st of all pointed out the various charges against the former president which is illegal possession of foreign currency illicit financial gains and corruption now he also mentioned the actions that would be taken should he be found guilty he has been found guilty and his supporters and his defense team came out in protest chaos erupted in the courtroom and outside the courtroom but the fact that he's been sentenced to 3 years in a rehab edition facility is something that is not going to sit down well with the protesters who have been calling for justice even before he was ousted now they're saying that this is not the only or these are not the only charges that the former president should be facing there are church are just that he should be tried for such as work crimes and crimes in the west and crimes against humanity in the western region of darfur and the southern regions of blue nile and south kordofan so it's likely that this whole verdict of 2 years in a rehabilitation facility and not a prison is not going to sit down well with protesters who have been demanding for
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just as an accountability not just for the former president i'm going to show you before members of his ruling party members of his cabinet and government some of them who are right now in the sovereign council while he has also not appearing to be sitting very well with his supporters and we're seeing more thousands of them gather in the streets of khartoum and potentially across the country how are they responding to this verdict. they have called for a 1000000 man march are since before the verdict was issued just 2 weeks ago they said that they wanted people to come out and show support for the former ruling party which was disbanded and dismantled late november the end of november there's thing that this transitional government is taking political steps to try to raise its footprints to try to make sure that the country is a secular country that is something they are against and there is thing that the political process that the country is going through at the moment is not inclusive so they are calling for inclusive it's because the former ruling party which has
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been dismantled is also banned from participating in the current transitional period so his supporters with what has happened over the past few weeks as well as what has happened today are saying that this trial is a sham this is something we've also heard from his defense team when they came out there saying that the judge is politically motivated but his bias towards the forces of freedom and change coalition that is the coalition that has been leading protests and negotiated a power sharing agreement with the transitional military council that ousted former president i'm going to show you so a lot of accusations by the defense team against the judge protesters coming out in support of the former ruling party which has been dismantled and rejecting the verdict that has been issued against former president almost bashir even though he will not be facing prison sort of prison time like those who have been calling for his ousting and who have been saying that they want to see justice served have been calling for which is prison time for work crimes crimes against humanity in the western region of 4 and the southern regions of blue nile and south kordofan as well as crimes against many people who have had to face him or rather face his
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anger during his 30 year rule had been morgan there live for us in khartoum she'll be following all of the latest developments thank you hedda well as she was just saying while saturday's trial was about corruption and illegal possession of foreign funds and she also faces that listening of additional charges that remind you of what they are in 2009 the international criminal court charged him with 2 counts of war crimes and 5 counts of crime. against humanity that was for his role in the war in darfur which started in 2003 at least $300000.00 people died and another $3000000.00 were displaced a year later the same court in the hague brought 3 counts of genocide also for darfur and then in may this year after he was deposed saddam's public prosecutor charged him with inciting and participating in the killing of protesters activists say at least $100.00 people had been killed and then in november he and several of his aides were charged for plotting and carrying out the 1909 crew that actually
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brought him to power in the 1st place well let's dig into the saddle more with join us for now who is at the doha forum he's the deputy director for the horn of africa and a senior analyst for sudan at the international crisis group thank you for joining us again joining us so starting with that guilty verdict a 10 year sentence then reduced to 2 in a rehabilitation facility will this satisfy all bush's critics. and no i think the 2 years is a quite a slap in the face for a lot of the civil society groups who have both nationally and internationally who are for try to bring bashir to book for a lot of his crimes but i think it's key to remember that the government the transitional government led by of the law books has tried to essentially soft shoe this this this trial because it has such relevance to the political stability within the country which is find the balance between civilians and a civilian and military transitional government you know going that with the financial crimes 1st has allowed them to to to just front load and make sure that
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they don't create any of the more destabilizing ructions that would come from front loading some of the trials and. regarding the sheers activities in darfur and south for the fun of the nile as well as the even more recent and more visceral charges that are related to his his june that the june massacre of protesters in khartoum and journals you say it's a fine balance and as we've been reporting it faces these other charge. as to including against the protesters the actual protest is who pushed for this transition during that crackdown this year given that this came fast and you're talking about the order of the charges here and the fact that he hasn't yet been tried on human rights abuses is there a sense that real justice hasn't been done and he might escape accountability for other things. i think for the most part people will understand the sequencing but in the streets there's people who almost will understand the sequencing but in the streets there is a lot of consternation and concern particularly within darfur and south kordofan of
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denial that bashir is perhaps sliding a little bit away from way from justice and that really concerns a lot of the people that i've spoken to very recently from darfur and from nuba mountains in particular but. it's important to really get the sequencing right for the transitional government both you know. essentially has 2 very key constituencies to appease here why are the protesters who are on the streets who initiated this this this change in government in khartoum starting with the december protests and then on the other side there there is the military who still is no one half of government and also retains plenty of n.c.p. protesters within the sudanese armed forces so he's got to be very careful about satisfying both the 2 years in a rehabilitative facility is really quite a sop to to those who are his supporters and most sudanese will have definitely wanted to see him return to the much more rough confines of khobar prison which has
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been famous throughout the years rule as a place for the dissenting protesters and political opponents which is indeed where he felt then but despite all of that he still does have a supportive doesn't he and when i was saying the so-called 1000000 man march take place in khartoum how the former ruling party his ally is likely to take this could be thea accountant movement to this transition. yes i think i'm a 1000000 is is overstating it to some degree but it what is clear is that the n.c.p. mobilized to bring people in from the countryside to make quite a show of force in khartoum whichever way this trial was going to go they were already in khartoum before the verdict and so yes he still has his his supporters the n.c.p. of bashir still owns key levers of the economy and the government there's a lot of concern within the transitional government about a deep state which continues to own key institutions there was a law last month that came out that was agreed by both the military and the civilian side of the government that essentially neutered the n.c.p. to a degree but over 30 years as you can imagine the n.c.p.
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has had its polls you know dug deeply into the institutions of socially and governmentally of sudan and those are really hard to to have on unbind and to and to bring bring about the sort of tabula rasa situation that would. allow the transitional government to succeed in sudan well as we've been talking about there is this political transition process in place but a lot of the issues that triggered this transitional protest movement in the fast they still haven't gone away the economy and itself is getting west how is the transition going you're saying it's a very delicate balance but is it has it been successful so far. it's been only a few months so i think you know that that's a fine balance has been struck is a key is a key achievement of the of the transition itself both from doc and and on the on the civilian side and then on the military side they are assessed headed by humanity and. for the sudanese armed forces they have come to something but
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agreement and i think the military needs the civilians to be up front as part of this transition they recognize that in terms of the need for a civilian face removal of the states state sponsor of terrorism does eventually by the united states and also to secure any of the debt relief a budget support that's really required to bring sudan back on track but you're absolutely right that the transition occurred politically and it was delivered by both military and civilians jointly but the economy has continued to tank inflation has continued to rise cost of goods has continued to spike and basic commodities in khartoum and across the country and more broadly really continue to those prices the spike in prices continue to squeeze ordinary people very badly so there's the visceral side of this transition where people feel these squeezes and then there's the political time that simply required to deliver a transition is meant to uproot a regime that has been there for 3 decades china's one of the senior analyst for sudan at the international crisis group thank you for joining us and your analysis on out of there john. moving on to other news now and north korea says it has
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conducted another crucial test at its long range rocket facility state television released pictures of leader kim jong un at the soho launching station near the border with china it's the 2nd test at the site in just under a week the tests come ahead of a year end deadline that north korea has given the u.s. to drop its insistence on you know that children nuclearization now the taliban is claiming responsibility for an attack in afghanistan the defense ministry says 9 soldiers were killed on friday it happened in the car about district of new province several other attacks were also carried out there and the un mission in afghanistan says 10 civilians were killed in one of them. now india's main opposition congress party is holding a rally against the government over a controversial new citizenship in a law the adoption of that you know has led to protests across the country and creates a pos to citizenship for 6 minority religious groups from neighboring countries but
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it excludes muslims also how raman is covering those protests in new delhi and joins us live so how i see that you've got some crowds there with you and this is just one of many protests across the country. it's the start of the general protest such lee and now it has seen a peace that i would say tens of thousands of people arrived here at the rubble of a leader just some of the guys that will go on their way home of report day to day about how that actual gathering the progress to the polls today has been announced as a save india day by the joint opposition and civil society is that we've seen demonstrations in various states various principal cities across the country including new delhi of course but they're all opposing what is one part of 2 bills that have been elected and this is the system i've been to which of course allows those citizens.
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that want to become indian or india right now to prove that external nationality to be able to gain citizenship and that it's pretty great to the public and sometimes . you would also it's really power low with that which is about muslims being able to define and category they've been in this country since 1971 or before that that documentation is very controversial the politicians here know how divisive that is i believe that it goes against the secular constitution of india it's what india 44 against british rule back in 1947 they think the constitution is under threat really. spectating supreme court action against the law itself the opposition groups already told me here in new delhi that they're getting their legal counsel together to oppose this and to challenge this at the highest level but certainly public feeling has been expressed across the country on
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saturday said helen by my understanding this is a federal law so it's binding on all states right but some state is already saying that they're going to refuse to implement it so how is that likely to pass. well it is a very interesting scenario that some of the states such as carola in the south which is a very large christian community you have a job of course the state which borders pakistan has a very large state community of course over to the east of the country west bengal which borders about but that's also house makes bangladeshi that's what i make to the muslim community and it's in the west for example that the state leaders a chief minister among the banditry has announced on monday and tuesday there will be rallies in the in her state as well as rallies in iowa and did the job what it is that that really they are a problem telling you they are a lie to it's still
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a instigate the lord has been pacified call them and to what degree they actually act on this will be a state decision and they might lower the threshold for example of documentation the bike you require by certain individuals to prove who they are or for how long they'd be to india this is where the controversy of the grey area is how far would be each of the old state chief ministers the national government here in delhi where new delhi is making sure that they are either open their eyes they are free do adhere to the laws of the constant parliament it will be an interesting time and one where there will be a tussle over. what the constitution to india really is and so on they will be continuing to watch very closely so how ronna now for us in new delhi thank you sara. well there's plenty more ahead for you on this news hour including today is a solemn and said day. moving forward democrats push president donald trump's impeachment
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towards a full vote by the house of representatives. boris johnson is calling for national healing over the bricks that divide this after an overwhelming conservative victory in thursday's general election. james sherry's he's still strong 34 years old as the l.a. lakers take on the miami heat will be here with all the action. now a french aid groups has 4 have been killed in nigeria action against hunger says they were among 6 stav who were kidnapped and july near the town of that's a northeastern nigeria where boko haram fighters and other groups operate one humanitarian worker was killed in september and appeals are being made for the release of the remaining hostage. as president obama honored to the 71 soldiers
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killed on tuesday in an army base attack with a cross of courage the government has declared 3 days of mourning to commemorate what was the deadliest assault on a military in living memory an isolated group claimed responsibility for the attack on the right base in an artist close to the mali border. i have come here to express my feeling of revulsion on behalf of all my compatriots in the face of a war imposed on us by an enemy who has addressed us with nothing but aggression in a violent and treacherous manner this enemy took 71 of the nation's valorous children. well the government of mali has launched a national debate and at finding a solution to that increasing violence with groups in the sahara region mali has lost control of a large parts of its borders while its military stuff is repeated ambushes by armed groups hundreds of troops have been killed in that region in recent weeks despise a french led operation with regional militaries to counter those feiss while the
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cell is a region in western and central africa the military is a 5 countries in that region that's malim are 10 and begin a fast so in chad they all make up the sahara g 5 joint force and that aims to maintain regional control against those fighters well let's go live to on that address who is in mali is capital bamako for us on the talk us through the how the talks are going over there and what are they actually hoping to achieve. well basically the talks just got underway with the arrival of the president and members of his cabinet basically what they want to do is to bring order instructions remember it's not only. the price. or the metallics in the north of mali but malise problem there are also issues such as a need for violence that has killed hundreds of people over the past years especially the most recent of course is the violence between the dawn and the polis
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the dialogue aims to bring all these groups together and remember also that there are there are rebellion so there is rebellion in the north of the country the toric and the arabs of the post sieved injustices and by generalisations those issues are coming on the table for discussions i understand that they will be some concessions to bring these factions together but also on the other side several opposition figures are not attending this conference simply because they have issues regarding the conduct and the outcome of the last presidential election so these are all issues that they want to discuss we're not sure at the moment how much can be. because the armed groups are not here. well i meant to hear it out of there and with you we've been reporting on multiple attacks in that region over the last few months and it feels like the security situation there is the terrorists are. absolutely and experts are warning that in the next few weeks or months we see a similar attacks and in the region remember for the long time chad has not been
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attacked by these factions but over the last one month or so we've seen an uptick in violent activities violent attacks against charging forces who have seen raids inside cameroon we've seen deadly attacks inside nigeria we've also seen attacks in mali and then recently the last 2 days or 3 we've seen how more than 70. just like killed by violence in that group so nigeria may have had some kind of addressed by a little bit of it but not much because up to now the attacks are still continuing simply because according to one of or government official the bodies have been closed to all imports and movements have been restricted they believe that the closure of nigeria's border since august has helped to start degree of preventing arms and ammunitions coming into the country and of course extremist fighters from sneaking into the country so put a patrols are continuing there and it's not clear whether or not these countries to
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be able to deal with the problem however on the streets of mali go to the point that people are disgruntled that despite the presence of multinational forces the french the united nations in mali and other regions these attacks continue and people are really really angry and last week over 'd the past week we've seen kind of a demonstration by civil society groups inside the jury asking the french to check it's also in the region so these are all and all is anger building up in the region and we don't know why this is leading to another transfer those talks for us and thank you. britain's prime minister is adding the beginning of national healing over the bricks at divide and thursday's general election boris johnson led his ruling conservative party to its largest parliamentary majority since the 1980 s. jeremy coleman says he won't leave the opposition labor party in another election after his crushing defeat in leaders say they want clarity from the u.k.
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as soon as possible as are ready for more talks on a trade deal and britain leaves members of a new one nation government a people's government will sit tight from constituencies that have never returned a conservative m.p. . 100 years and yes they will have a day where we mandate from this election to get it done and we will honor that mandate by general the 31st i say thank you for the trust you've placed in us and in me. and we will work round the clock to repay your trust and to deliver on you priorities with a parliament that works for you. paul brennan has been following the election for us in london paul i see bars johnson's headed up north today what's top of his very long to do list. well he has numerous priorities not least delivering
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by the end of january as you heard in that clip that you just played the trip up to county durham in the northeast of england which will take place later this morning he's due to give a speech in just over an hour from now is a continuation of the clip that you had there which is to thank the predominantly labor supporting voters up there who chose to switch their allegiance on thursday and vote for conservative for the 1st time in decades there are a number of constituencies up in county durham i'm thinking bishop oakland i'm thinking said field for example that's tony blair's former constituency tony blair in his heyday enjoyed a labor majority of $20000.00 there is now a conservative m.p. in that area and boris johnson in his victory speech said that he was sure that there would have been traditional labor voters whose hand would have wavered over the top of the ballot paper before they put the x. in the conservative box on that ballot paper and yet they did and they put their
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trust in him and i think he's going to go up there to thank them and promise that he won't repeat he won't betray the trust that they put in him and paul you say backs at the top of the left but we're also expecting a cabinet reshuffle i believe to be announced in the next few days. yeah there's a quite a tight timetable before christmas arrives we are expecting a minor cabinet reshuffle it be interesting to see who gets ousted who gets moved and who gets brought in recent polls generally are used to repay loyalty 'd so let's see who boris johnson favorites in his cabinet but the rest of the week is also involved with some very busy political timetabling on tuesday and peace will return here to westminster to begin the swearing in process and with so many new m.p.'s having to swear their allegiance to the green as tradition dictates that's going to take some time thursday it is going to be the official reopening of parliament the queen will reopen paul until the end the stand with such a state
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a state opening of parliament happening so recently we're going to reduce the amount of ceremonial and make it rather perfunctory and then of course before friday it's expected that boris johnson will reintroduce its withdrawal amendment bill his bricks it bill in order to try to. accelerate the process of making sure britain leaves the european union by the end of january so there's a busy parliamentary set you know as well as the travel that he's going to be taking part in over this weekend and on their own on the lot to get done before christmas thank you paul well in a few moments we'll have the weather with kevin but still ahead on out of there. an end in fights now china find a tentative deal to ease its nearly 2 year long trade war with the us plus. the un accuses chile if you think excessive force but some anti-government protesters caravan others after a very i am sure. and for what it's
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a big day in the club while cap and as the champions of africa take on the champions of asia. this hour i want to start over here towards western europe i want to 1st show you this area of cloud that we see right here on our satellite image i'm going to put this into motion i want to watch i want you to watch how fast it moves through the area into the mediterranean now when it came over parts of spain as well as france it brought a lot of winds it brought a lot of rains and i want to take you over here towards pamplona which is located in the northern part of space and they have seen well a lot of flooding because a lot of the rain in the pyrenees came down and was funneled into the flood plains where pre-employment is located and we have seen a lot of flooding in this area not only pamplona but also the towns and the regions
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in the farmlands and around that area a lot of the rivers overflowed their banks this is one of the reasons we have seen so much flooding in this particular area now the good news is we're going to be seeing some dry conditions across this area but unfortunately if you look out here in the atlantic in the next coming days from saturday to sunday notice this area of low pressure that is really deepening across this region so we're going to get a break across the region here across the pyrenees on saturday but unfortunately as we go from saturday to sunday this area really deepens we're going to get a lot more rain across this area as well as a lot of gusty winds so flooding could be back on the schedule as we go towards monday. the weather sponsored by countdown a. week. from ancient embrace to come easy to its. age old philosophies and the root of all remain central to the world's oldest living civilization in the secondary to the series the big picture the chance the
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rise of a 21st century superpower examines the challenges it now faces from the outside and from within the china complex up to on al-jazeera one of the really special things that working crowd is here is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region. better than anyone else would be foolish is it very true even if it to be the case you would like if people that you boy did it to be sure. relief to tell the real story i'll just use to do the work individualism we don't do in cuba. across the globe.
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and again i'm just. a reminder of our top stories this hour saddam's former president i'm al bashir has been found guilty of corruption and sent to sentenced to 2 years in a reform center the trial centered on suitcases found in his home filled with notes of different currencies more than $100000000.00. north korea says it's conducted another crucial test as its long range rocket facility state t.v. released these pictures of leader kim jong un overseeing the launch of a station near the border with china. and india's main cause opposition congress party is organizing a rally against the government over a controversial new citizenship role that excludes muslims than or creates a path to citizenship for the 6 minority religious groups from neighboring countries but muslims are not on that list. now just days before the u.s.
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china trade war was about to intensify the 2 economic giants have now struck an interim deal the trumpet ministration has called off a new round of tariffs that would use a start on sunday and will instead reduce existing levies and return china has agreed to buy more american farm products and to ease rules for u.s. companies accessing its markets welcome trina you joins us now from new city in easton. china could train other sounds like an early christmas present for a chinese manufacturer. absolutely miss us it is a little bit we're here in the studio and this by is from all over the world come to buy goods that are made in chinese factories and many of those buyers have traditionally been from the united states so here we spoke to some people and this is good news that it's been sold as china by china rather as a win for the chinese people atlanta definitely needed a win after months of failed to go she ations and we have to keep in mind that
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china's also has a slowing economy at the moment and next year it's set to slow even more so there is quite a bit of relief and those who are particularly relieved are those who are dealing in goods that might have been affected by an ex are 15 percent in tariffs that the top administration had been planning to add before the phase one deal was announced so those are the people who are dealing in things like game consoles i phones as well as christmas decorations. a christmas wonderland in southeast china bias from all over the world come to this market city for the festive season decorations. but this year it's not married bright vendors here say the trade with the united states bad for business. business is good as it used to be there are more and more and fewer and fewer buyers i can barely make a living. but christmas has arrived early for these suppliers with chinese and u.s.
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negotiators announcing they will sign what's called a phase one deal soon delaying extra tariffs on $156000000000.00 worth of chinese products including christmas trees tinsel and a range of other goods however i don't want any agreement is only a temporary truce not an end to the trade war they might be. ridge a mild as small trade deal but in terms of the stuff both sides really want the us really want china to get rid of in this drug policy odd to create a leveling playground for foreign companies this is not going to happen anytime soon for many chinese manufacturers expected agreement is likely to be too little too light extra duties imposed earlier this year some as high as 25 percent have already forced many factories to scale down production and fire stuff these workers have been on edge since the spring will be gathered and with good reason the
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bicycle industry is one of the worst affected by increase in tariffs and this back to rely on american science to buy. later goods supplied bicycles to major u.s. retailers including wal-mart and says a rise in tires has caused sales to drop by about 20 percent we lost soul our fears for this person were still what we want to see how the person was going to do those here because this is the 1st year christmas was there for the purpose of. in order to keep going during difficult times this bicycle maker is relocating some production to cambodia and the asia back in many suppliers have already started moving away from the u.s. towards new markets in the middle east and africa. winter lasts a few months but chinese exporters expect the children lesions between beijing and washington to remain for many christmases to come so we've been talking to some
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people here who are getting their reaction of the day from of this deal and they've been telling us that this is a good thing well what most people seem to say is that it seems like the u.s. and china are getting back on track with their discussions in these trade negotiations but nobody seems to be under any illusion that this is close to the end there are still so many issues to cover issues at the heart of the trade war such as china's industrial subsidies the technology race between the 2 countries and this deal itself the phase one deal it's yet to be signed and there are still so many specifics that we don't know yet so people who have already started deciding that they want to focus on other markets find new customers in other places outside the u.s. as well as even relocate outside of china to avoid those american tarps of all those plans are still very much in place so it seems that people have been given hope from this deal nobody is quite holding their breath. for us there thank you
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katrina well analysts are saying that the deal falls well short of what donald trump wanted when the dispute began 2 years ago alan fischer is in washington d.c. and he explains why the president's administration still sees this as a victory. the white house says that this is a significant and important agreement donald trump himself says it's a phenomenal deal they've been talking about this for a very long time you remember it was back at the beginning of last year that donald trump said that trade wars are good and easy too when there have been discussions which came almost came to a deal but then fell away no the united states says it has a 9 chapter 1st stage agreement with the chinese that covers important issues such as tech transfer intellectual property theft opening up china's financial income see markets to outsiders namely the united states and also the sale of cultural projects donald trump sees that it's very important farmers have struggled
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a lot because of the targets that were imposed but he sees the farming community of the center of the united states as very much his base his heartland and so as we approach an election year he is very keen to address their concerns the most important thing this deal deals with is the targets that were due to be imposed on sunday they know essentially go away but there are still tired of. chinese goods coming into the united states about 25 percent on $250000000000.00 worth of goods and 7.5 percent or $120000000000.00 worth of goods those type of will start to come off as china starts to meets the requirements that they have agreed to. now u.s. house panel has recommended the impeachment of president on electronic it's another
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crucial step in the process that's divided congress and the nation the full house of representatives says expected to vote in favor of impeachment at some point next week white house correspondent candy hocket reports from washington d.c. . another ford visit to the white house over shout. by domestic politics as the president of paraquat i sat and comfortably in the oval office u.s. president donald trump railed against the democrats push to impeach him in congress for his dealings with ukraine's president it's a witch on it's a sham it's a hoax nothing was done wrong 0 was done wrong it's a scam it's something that shouldn't be allowed and it's a very bad thing for a country and you are trivializing impeachment and i tell you what someday there will be a democrat president and it will be a republican house and i suspect they're going to remember that objection the committee is adjourned. but democrats argue trumpet be used as presidential powers
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for political gain the house judiciary committee voted to approve 2 articles of impeachment against president trump the vote along party lines allege trump withheld military aid in order to pressure ukraine to dig up dirt on a political rival former vice president joe biden trumps also accused of obstructing congressional oversight into the matter for the 3rd time in a little over a century and a half. the house judiciary committee has voted articles of impeachment against the president for abuse of power. and obstruction of congress a vote to officially of ph trump is expected next week in the house of representatives he'll become just the 3rd president in u.s. history to be impeached tromped was visibly angry following approval of the charges against him lashing out at those he believes have done him wrong like the woman
1:40 pm
overseeing the impeachment house speaker nancy pelosi she's a liar and others a dishonest fake media horrible f.b.i. people crooked hillary a fighting mood morphing into strategy spotted on the white house campus on friday trucks personal attorney and ally rudolph giuliani it's a signal trump is pushing to call witnesses and expand the impeachment process he says has been politically biased against him even as the republican leader mitch mcconnell is pushing for a swift trial in the senate i think they're giving the signal that this is really just a show trial that senator mcconnell knows where the votes are and knows how this is going to come out and he wants to have a very short proceeding so that they can move past this quickly but for in a tory asli thinskinned president the personal humiliation of a looming impeachment in the house of representatives appears to have only intensified donald trump's desire to fight back in the u.s.
1:41 pm
senate in an attempt to clear his name can really help get al jazeera the white house well the u.s. supreme court has agreed to hit trump's appeals and cases relation to his finances trump is trying to block the release of bank records tax returns and other documents they sought by democrats in congress as well as by a prosecutor in new york who is investigating allegations of corruption and trump's real estate business trump lawyers say it's just part of efforts to dig up dirt on the president. u.n. climate talks are continuing into the weekend in spain after negotiations failed to agree on key outcomes talks at the top 25 some as an address would you to wrap up on friday but leaders remain deadlocked on emissions reduction targets and how much money poor countries should receive to cope with the impacts of climate change protesters gathered outside frustrated with the lack of progress but our environment editor nick clark is in the dread and is joining us live nic these
1:42 pm
things often go into extra time there's plenty to disagree on but what appears to be the main sticking point this time around. there's quite a few missed i would say that these talks are in a kind of state of collapse right now there's a great deal of anger around we had a iteration a draft iteration of the text last night that was deemed too weak said by some to be watered down by the united states by japan and by brazil so the president sees them all back to the drawing board there's a whole lot more discussion and negotiation through the night they came but another texas morning but that's perceived to be we can still and let's get more that we can speak to 100 a day he's from power shift for the what's your what. i think what we're seeing is actually a very disastrous outcome that is profoundly distressing the video wost that i've seen from this process over the 10 years that i've been following something that is unacceptable and what has happened is that the chilean presidency here they're not
1:43 pm
doing enough to drive it forward or is it the influence of the more powerful major emitters in the developing nations i think the powerful image of the gunk up together and they have no accomplices presidency that it's letting them actually water down the text the presidency doesn't seem to be listening to the vulnerable countries from africa from the midst of all of countries from the small island states those countries that have been affected whilst providing the greatest leadership we have now is a presidency that wants to drive 'd the world towards a lowest common denominator something that is completely unacceptable and cry from the optimism and excitement that there was around with a person who was 1st signed up for in 2050 that actually in fact ripping apart the very important parts of the party's agreement when we the wall signed up to the parties agreement it acknowledged that they were falling short of that they would have the 5 year cycles when countries will come back to the table and devise their climate action plans the moment to do that the sticks to call him up to it is meant
1:44 pm
to be a signal to the cup be told that they had required to revise and improve their climate action plans and we don't know what we have now is a copy paste of. a long which rather than dishes along with that is needed right because the big conference is next year in fact in glasgow is that and the whole point of this one was to provide a springboard of ambition was needed for that conference next year so we don't have the springboard. is to try and solve it so that glasgow kind of structurally rise up to the challenge of getting all the countries to improve their climate action plans if you don't do that today we won't have that spin and that is something that we can't accept. ok so what's going on behind the scenes right now what can we expect and how long how much longer is this going to take it's going to long for us to be able to actually see a decent outcome the volatile countries actually walking together trying to push
1:45 pm
the chilean presidency so that we have a decent outcome that we able to give us confidence that the wall is ticking seriously that we're listening to the children who are marching in the millions in the streets are we going to be able to deliver an outcome that includes that which the u.k. government is going to require if they're going to be able to help the world much with all the promise of the science without or about how it will even tell you want to know when we arrived this morning there was a sign on the board saying that the closing plenary would be at 9 o'clock this morning now nobody has any idea when this is going to finish our environment as have a neck clock in madrid at the beginning of a very long weekend i believe thank you nic libya's foreign minister says the un backed government will never allow. us to take the capital after announced a new offensive to capture tripoli on thursday there have been renewed clashes with his forces near tripoli airport in recent days after supports a rival government based in eastern libya and has been attempting to seize the
1:46 pm
capital since april. is still trying to accelerate his steps to invade tripoli our troops supporting the government of national called will never enable him to do so we are firm on the ground and the main objective is to protect the civilians tripoli with its 3000000 citizens is the capital city for all libyans and this is the reason behind our main goal which is to protect the civilians and prevent from entering tripoli now malaysia's prime minister says u.s. sanctions on iran are in violation of international law speaking at the forum here in cata to mohammad says they have led to malays that musing access to the iranian markets now washington reimposed the measures on terror on after withdrawing from the 25th. liz you and many others loss a big market with the us asian is a ploy. does not support the imposition
1:47 pm
of the uni led. by the us it is. so. clearly violet the united nations charter. and international laws. the un has accused chil a of seriously violating the human rights of anti-government protesters investigators have detailed what they describe as unlawful killings torture sexual abuse and excessive force they are urging the government to end the indiscriminate use of lead pellets and tear gas which have left about $350.00 people with severe i injuries says it still investigating and the report is premature. or thousands of chileans are continuing those protests against the government despite that crackdown latin america has a new c n human has more from a rally in santiago. this demonstration from the presidential palace is to protest against a shocking number of chileans who have been shot in the eyes in many cases blinded
1:48 pm
by riot police hit either by rubber pellets or by clear gas canisters and that is just run. that isn't quoted in the latest human rights report issued by the united nations the charges include rape sexual abuse illegal detention structure little list especially of excessive use of force by the riot police. the matter of what they are putting on a presentation that says that their eyes will be the eyes of those who can no longer see a. bright policeman shot at me but pellicano directly to face it short range and burst open my left eye that i am struggling for a cup of my life my mother my take care what is blind and now we only have one good eye between the 2 of us. this is the 3rd human rights report against chile in less than one month this time the government was prepared just for the un report was
1:49 pm
released the director of the police announced that 4 police generals including the head of special forces and could a public order or cop was called here we're being led go into early retirement they've announced a total restructuring of special forces new training little water cannon and tear gas trucks and now we're going to do names of the special forces. areas amounting belief that the problem here is of leadership and even active members of the police force and retired generals are saying that the time is well overdue to replace general mind your own house however the president is refusing to do it. while the french president says he's pushing ahead with pension reforms despite a 10 day nationwide strike by transport workers travelers on the paris metro and t.g.v. trains are being warned to expect serious weekend's delays but bus on tram services running normally traffic jams up to 300 kilometers long surrounded the capital on
1:50 pm
thursday. well still ahead on. this. on the dock what's. the story in school. day one of a new era in television news we badly need at this moment leadership and felt this encampment that we're in today it didn't exist 3 weeks ago now there's at least 20000 or hinder refugees who live here and. i got to come in you're almost all i'm hearing is good journalism president hosni mubarak has resigned after all the laws the attempts of coverups jamal khashoggi his loved ones want some form of closure people are suffering people are dying entire school systems are collapsing we are
1:51 pm
in the beginning of a mass extinction we saw the syrian army flag police the guy in the city the skipper for the. goods to massage the money to 100 meters away from the front line but. up in the capitol police. well now it's time for sports and we're going to tell us how tiger woods is doing yeah well so far it's more smiles for his team and his u.s. president's cup compatriots once again things looks to be heading in the wrong direction against the internationals but they fought back to close the gap to 2
1:52 pm
points heading into the final day david stokes reports. tiger woods his team trailed by 3 points but despite winning both his matches on the 1st 2 days he chose to sit himself out on saturday it proved to be a frustrating watching the morning foursomes there was some great golf being played but largely by the opposition adamant says mammoth putt helped rack up another point for the internationals. they were seen on the board again playing with a deck you might see yama c.t. pan nearly held this approach at the 12 pole on the way to a dominant win over web simpson and patrick reed. following the defeat reid's caddie and brother in law shoved a spectator this video was filmed just after the altercation tournament officials are investigating reed's been taunted by the australian crowd for 3 days straight. after being accused of cheating at a tournament last week there was some positives for the americans just in thomas
1:53 pm
secured his 3rd win in 3 days this time playing with rickie fowler event tony fi now and rescued a half point in the final match. but it was only else's internationals heading into the afternoon foursomes with a 4 point lead. the us managed to wrestle back some events of the gary woodland dustin jumps and got them going with. way to much won then patrick kemp light and sound the shuffle i added another and the gap was suddenly down to just 2 points i . looked like closing even further after the heroics in the morning found when thomas was 5 up in them much. but they let it slip abraham and sarah and mark leishman fighting back pretty early winning 5 at the last knowing holmes to tie. the internationals all set to fight back in the final match of the day walking nieman holding this leaping putt to the last hole to make sure of the half points i
1:54 pm
have twists and turns and no doubt more to follow with the 12 singles matches the internationals lead by 2 but the americans have only lost this tournament want to 25 years and they'll have togo back in action on sunday he's picked himself to lead the comeback charge and much won david stokes 0. to the n.b.a. now and le bron james led the l.a. lakers to their 6th straight win this time against his former team the miami heat le bron had $28.00 points and 12 assists including this one for anthony davis who scored a game high 33 points james was just one rebound short of a triple double hits the 13th street road when for the lakers and it's the 1st home defeat of the season for the heat james said he enjoyed the physical nature of this game in particular nobody said we both. like the old days the old box you know. former colleagues time i haven't time brother. type of
1:55 pm
physicality routines the. point will right now in this part of season 2 teams that play physical play together play hard. that's what they were they are right now on a season that's what we're all. and for the other team from l.a. the clippers their players paul george and quiet leonard scored more than 40 points each with that they beat the minnesota timberwolves 124-2170. and for the milwaukee bucks their highlight reel was all about young us and he scored 17 of his $37.00 points in the 4th quarter alone to lead the bucs to a win over the memphis grizzlies 127-2114. and number one draft pick zion williamson was expected to make his much anticipated debut sometime next week but that seems to be on hold he's yet to even practice with the new orleans pelicans since having knee earth surgery in october the pelicans could certainly use him they've lost 11 straight games. and how about this buzzer beater in the european
1:56 pm
league zenit st petersburg alex renfro silence the barren munich crowd with this spectacular shot all the way out from the halfway line something like that i think really should be worth 4 points or baron had the last word they won 77 to 69. and to a big match at the club world cup in qatar later on saturday of african champions esperance are taking on asian champions out of saudi arabia the winners will head through to the semifinals to face the kings of south american football flamengo. are the favorites for this one. we know that. but aren't you the team we focus to fulfill. but. midfielder while on the same time as they said we have a lot of food
1:57 pm
a little motivation and we know for did. these games for the finals and for us the final of these competitions to morta. qatar champions. champions union sport and now face monterrey in the later game is that he believes that they can cause an upset i dressed all of my players and i'm here to we have to we it's totally different everybody see the. table but here we are you preparing it was preparing the match. many visual because they had confidence that we qualified to go to the final and also we had. my confidence will see if they do a 100 back over to. well that's it for me. driven
1:58 pm
by outrage and spanning generations the row hinge of demonstrators gathered on the very day a widely criticized repatriation agreement between the governments of bangladesh and me and more was to begin the anger was all too apparent and the fear was power if you don't like we're so afraid that if they send one of us back to myanmar today tomorrow they'll send back 10 and the day after tomorrow they'll send back 2030 or if we were given citizenship in myanmar then there would be no need to take us back there we would go back on our own we must remember the rancho among the most
1:59 pm
persecuted minority used in the world the shocking treatment of disabled people in rumanian state run cast in these cages who cannot have access to a toilet or water institutions funded by the european union he has his hands and his fates tied to the bed 5 years after highlighting these abuses people in power returns to romania in a 2 part series and discovers the scandal runs further afield europe's recurring shame on al-jazeera. our planet is warming as never before with profound consequences for all life on earth but the world's leading scientists say there is still time to act planet s.o.f. sets out the facts and the science behind the issues affecting up panicked and brings you what people across the globe a doing to time the crisis around planets s.o.s. on al-jazeera.
2:00 pm
today the former president's owner of a shia is found guilty on charges of corruption as the cold room erupts in chaos. hello again from doha everyone come out santa maria this is the world news from al-jazeera anger is growing in an indian state over the controversial citizenship law that excludes muslims also the syrians still struggling off to barely escaping the last rebel held province and still no agreement to this year's u.n. climate change missing will have.


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