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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 14, 2019 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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shaped minds children and survivors of mosul share their stories. i still to mine a witness documentary on al-jazeera. saddam's former president i am al bashir sentenced to 2 years detention after being found guilty of corruption. and there again i'm the star and this is out of their life and are also coming up. spreads in india over a controversial citizenship and what that excludes muslims. still no agreement at this year's un climate change meeting in madrid as leaders remain deadlocked. and
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the syrian still struggling after escaping from the last rebel held province. now the corruption trial of saddam's deposed president has ended in a guilty verdict i'm al bashir was sentenced to 2 years for illegally possessing and smuggling foreign currency the judge said the 75 year old will set out his sentence in a reform center because of his age but as you can see there the courtroom in the capital khartoum descended into chaos when the verdict was read out loud as have a morgan is in khartoum and she says the judge on the case went out of his way to make a particular point. well the judge 1st of all outlined the charges against him and the actions that will be taken once those verdicts are issued if he's found guilty he did indeed issue a guilty verdict against president obama to be sure but before issuing that verdict he mentioned. that that is the name of
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a young man who was charged for illegal possession of foreign currency in 1989 by bush or his government when he came to power now upon mentioning him in. to which she was defense team accused the judge of being biased and a basically leaning towards the forces of freedom and change for mission that is the coalition that has been leading anti-government protests that eventually led to the ousting of president obama it was shoes but they were not people only ones angry on both sides probe issue and to bashir there is anger to be felt on the streets. supporters came out demonstrating saying that the judge has been biased that the trial is a sham and that they also condemned the transitional government for dismantling the former ruling party 2 weeks ago meanwhile and came out after bashir protesters came out saying that this is not enough they're saying that he should be charged for other crimes and even in this corruption trial he should be charged with he should be sentenced with a harsher verdict and let us have
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a saying that well saturday's trial was about corruption and illegal possession of foreign funds but he does also face additional charges now in 2009 the international criminal court charged him with 2 counts of war crimes and 5 counts of crimes against humanity that was for his role in the war in darfur which started in 2003 there at least 300000 people were killed another 3000000 displaced a year later the same court in the hague brooke 3 counts of genocide also relating to darfur then in may this year after he was deposed saddam's public prosecutor charged him with inciting and participating in the killing of protesters activists say at least $100.00 people were killed and then in november he and several of his aides were charged for planning and carrying out the $989.00 crew that brought him to power well earlier i spoke to joshua massively who's a senior policy analyst for africa and the middle east at the heritage foundation a conservative u.s. think tank he says the overall reaction to this verdict is one of disappointment. i
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think frankly this verdict is a bit of a sideshow it hasn't satisfied anyone but a key demand of the protesters of course is their freedom and change was accountability for this regime and they didn't mean accountability for corruption or possessing foreign currency what they really meant was accountability for the many crimes that the bashir regime has perpetrated over the decades in power so some of the people particularly the security of meat's who participated in some of those crimes are still in power they're still on the sovereignty council that runs this country so that's where it's going to get very difficult to take before the civilian components of this government they're really caught between a rock and a hard place not intact and i think the security elites so thoroughly that they tend to launch a coup of their own or they precipitate some sort of backlash and also satisfying the constituency that brought them to power. of a controversial citizenship you know has brought thousands of people onto the
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streets of india's capital new delhi a rally has been organized by the main opposition congress party now that a new law allows 6 minority religious groups from neighboring countries to apply for citizenship because it excludes muslims so rahman was at that rally in new delhi and he says many demonstrators believe that india's constitution itself is under threat. thousands of people have gathered to cross india to protest the citizens here in new delhi belly have gathered lots just here. they're making their way to the main area where they expect to hear political leaders and civil society denounce the b j p government signed into law. the act as many see is discriminatory on many levels whether it be culturally socially or on religious grounds and for that reason civil society and the opposition led in this particular case by the all india congress are suggesting to the public at large
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that if you do not agree with the secular india or if you agree with a secular india then you have to come out onto the streets because our constitution is under threat that's the message that the opposition are trying to get out and that message is being replicated across states such as carola punjab and in west bengal the west bank or on sunday we're expecting a very large gathering of trinamool congress supporters led by the band the g. the chief minister that also denouncing what the central government in new delhi want to implement a soon as they possibly can for the moment it seems that the government will have a much longer fight on their hands while they have already been protests in other parts of the country and 2 people have died in the northeastern state of us and salvor is there and sent us this report from the city of go ahead. 17 year old musician was killed in police firing in go hearty in the capital of us where thousands have come out on the streets to protest against indian government
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citizenship amendment act his family is in tears they say while they have lost their son a nice become a martyr in the largest struggle to protect assamese culture that by ensuring that no more migrants get indian citizenship and settle down in assam they don't want anybody else to protest the last all young men to stop the protests this incident has impacted the nature of protests in assam they have shifted from tire burning and rule blocking to more peaceful gatherings. so in your 3 minute he was just 17 was he a criminal he was on his way back from the protest but then the shot him just like that why did they shoot him who gave them the right to shoot him these students are sitting on a date on hunger strike and such protests are going to become routine at least that seems to be the strategy of the biggest students union in assam that's behind the movement these students say that they've been betrayed by the way in the movie that
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you nationalist party and the baby had made a mistake by watering the party to follow up they feel that the policies of this party and this government is against their interests and that government is not big and had to deafness people because it did not have to do what's done so those illegal immigrants do it we don't want banks and they don't fit with caring about our sentiments our want issues but that's what it would say that we didn't need. to be treated as people are queuing up outside to do stations and cash machines the government has relaxed the curfew and most shops in the city of body have now reopened but the governments of the united states the united kingdom and canada have issued a travel warning to their citizens against traveling to the region the internet in assam still remains suspended people here on the ground say that while they want to go back to work and send their kids to school their resistance is only going to grow. violence in other countries in the sahara region has forced mali to launch
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a national debate and at finding a solution mali is lost control over large parts of its borders while its military suffers repeated ambushes by armed groups hundreds of soldiers have been killed in the region in recent weeks despite a french led operation with regional militaries to try to counter those attacks while in one incident 71 soldiers were killed in an attack on an army base in asia it was on tuesday the president is to fall off a awarded them the cross of courage the government also declared 3 days of mourning . to commemorate the deadliest assault on the military in living memory and i select group claimed responsibility for that attack on the base in a not as close to the modern border. this is or means that this is i have come here to express my feeling of revulsion on behalf of all my compatriots in the face of a war imposed on us by an enemy who has addressed us with nothing but aggression in a violent and treacherous manner descending we took $71.00 of the nation's valorous
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children. well the sahara fast to the vast area covering western and central africa the military is a 5 countries in that region that mauritania long became a faster in asia aaron chad they make up the sahara g 5 joint force it aims to maintain regional control against the fight is well correspondent ahmed actresses and mali is capital of bamako and he says on groups and represented at that summit . well basically officially the talks are underway after the been declared open by president to bring because kate the puppets of peace was to bring a may be all factions in mali together to talk about peace rather than fighting each other and that organizers of this summit believe will pave the way for a united front to tycho what some of the shows described as external aggression remember the north of the country is still volatile and that has violence in the center of the country due to ethnic violence now the tories an out of it rebellion in the northeast still simmering as we speak now some of the armed groups that have
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been causing trouble in mali actually not represented at the opening ceremony but the organizers hope that the message or the resolutions of the conference will reach them so that they can lay down their arms and peace he says chiefly in mali but looking at the white a context the whole region is chile burning at the recent uptick of violence in most of the countries of the south in all west african countries affected by boko haram so experts are warning that in the next few months we may still see rising violence in this region whether or not the summit here in mali is able to deal with the problem in the north of the country in other parts of the country it's a matter of time. a french aid group says 4 workers have been killed in nigeria action against hunger says they were among 6 staff who were kidnapped back in july near the town of dumb a sock that's in northeast nigeria where boko haram fighters and other groups operates one humanitarian worker was killed back in september and appeals are being
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made for the release of the one remaining hostage u.n. climate talks are continuing into the weekend in spain after negotiators failed to agree on major points talks at the top $25.00 summit in madrid would usually wrap up on friday protesters gathered outside frustrated with the lack of progress leaders have been deadlocked there over emissions reduction targets and how much money poorer countries should receive to cope with the impacts of climate change our environment has in it clark is at that conference and says tensions are running high. very different from the feeling. things of not move. backwards in the 4 years since the situation of the chilean president is a presidency here scrambling around trying to get a press conference we should glean more then but these are all about trying to get countries to. cut emissions in line with what science requires for any reference
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has been written out of the text. just fuming and we can speak to one right now. who's from the climate action network so tell me what's been going on. i mean. it's . what we have on the table right now. taking us backward in fact to the point 'd some of it is. included in the. back sliding in a video and you know in a tangible way. we're not. as. outraged we don't believe that even. with negotiators. they are. actually delivers the kind of ambitious
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outcome that we. all still ahead on. it's a witch hunt it's a shame it's a hoax but nothing was done wrong president democrats say they approve impeachment articles sending them to the full house of representatives for advice plus. the u.n. accuses excessive force but some anti-government protesters killed and others left with fear i am sorry. hello again a welcome back we're here across china looking fairly nice as we entered the weekend we did see some clouds here towards the north those we're making where they're way continuing towards the north so we're looking at some very nice conditions here in shanghai the winds will be pulling around towards the south so
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as we go from sunday 17 degrees you there by the time we get towards monday winds will be coming out of the south and you will be warming up to about $21.00 we do expect to see more clouds down here across the southern coast so hong kong expect to see $24.00 degrees there in ng it is going to be a nice day for you with a temperature of $25.00 now across india not looking too bad we do have some clouds and some rain down towards the south that's also affecting parts of sri lanka for tonight i do expect to see a passing shower or 2 there but we could be seeing some rain here across much of the central and eastern part of india kolkata you'll be just on the edge of that rain but by the time we go towards monday things are improving only a few scattered showers around for most of the area over here towards mumbai though it is going to be a hard day with attempt a few of 30 and here across the gulf do expect to see more rain and thunderstorms potentially as we go through the rest of the weekend here and it is going to be a cloudy day here on sunday expect to see the thunderstorms increasing throughout the night and into monday morning but heavy rain across much of the gulf and abu
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dhabi expect to see much of the same. make. sure. the middle east. makes a state. because it's. sort of. the .
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hello again i'm. reminded of our top stories this hour sudan's former president al bashir has been found guilty of corruption and sentenced to 2 years and a reform center a trial centered around suitcases found in his home stuffed with notes of different currencies worth more than $130000000.00. students in the northeastern indian state of us are on hunger strike in protest against a new citizenship law it allows 6 minority religious groups from neighboring countries to apply for citizenship but it excludes muslims and go over the no has led to protests across india. and un climate talks are continuing in spain the meeting in madrid was due to wrap up on friday but leaders remain deadlocked on emissions reduction targets and how much money poorer countries should receive to cope with the impacts of climate change. now malaysia's prime minister says u.s. sanctions on iran violate international law speaking of the doha forum here and
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cats are not in mohamed says they've led to malaysia new using access to the iranian market washington reimpose those measures on terror and after withdrawing from the 2015 nuclear deal. malaysia and many others loss a big market when the us sanction is applied against iran. does not support that the imposition of the union let loose a nation by the us against iran such actions clearly violated the united nations charter and international laws. well libya's foreign minister is also attending that are hard for him and earlier he told al-jazeera that the u.n. backed government will never allow a war a cliff a half the to take the capital has announced a new offensive to capture tripoli on thursday there's been renewed clashes with his forces near tripoli airport in recent days since then have to support
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a rival government based in eastern libya and has been attempting to see is the capital since april has been the power. is still trying to accelerate his steps to invade tripoli our troops supporting the government of national called will never enable him to do so we are firm on the ground and the main objective is to protect the civilians tripoli with its 3000000 citizens is the capital city for all libyans and this is the reason behind our main goal which is to protect the civilians and prevent have to offer entering tripoli. a bombardment of edge of province by syrian army artillery and russian air strikes as displacing many people syrians who fled their homes in the last remaining rebel held area described the offensive as indiscriminate with shells hitting homes and hospitals have a daughter has their story. on this family fled aleppo which was serious largest city and commercial capital 6 years ago now they've been false place keep again this time from the protests syria's last remaining stronghold has been
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bombarded to live fire and russian strikes. we thought we were safe this time and we didn't have to flee again and then suddenly the bombs started falling we just escaped to save our souls the latest sort of freak is the house on will make shift company of the turkish border now the realty of safety his wife would need a ton to the rest of them. all our set said our family is not together some are in lebanon while some escaped by boat to germany and norway those in lebanon are suffering they have to renew their papers and the government keeps on turning them down they're allowed to really work. run comes near the turkish border so the new display such as the aloha weekend family falls to settle in on the official comes with a deliveries few and far between the raymond cold weather is making life was for the displaced in the nearby village. the situation at the camp is miserable it's
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beyond description it rains throughout the night and floods the teats water is also getting into the teens from the roof which means beating and blankets are all soaked but winter is setting in temperatures dropping to below 0 and pretty long periods of snow i expect it last winter at least 29 children a newborn babies died in subzero temperatures of the fleeing from villages in isn't syria controlled by i still fighters many here are dreading a repeat of the extremely cold war with mohammed at the wall just stumble north korea is warning the united states to refrain from any provocations if it wants to see a peaceful new year the comments from a military general by state media may come as kim jong un oversees another test at the soho launching station the 2nd test at that site in just under a week chung says it's to bolster capability to defend against u.s. nuclear threats north korea has given the u.s.
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a year and deadline to drop its insistence on you know that trial denuclearization now britain's prime minister barak's johnson has visited areas of northern england that backed his conservative party for the very 1st time after decades of continuous support for the opposition labor policy now johnson's party was swept back into power in thursday's election with a large majority he visited said failed a constituency previously held by former prime minister tony blair of the labor party and here johnson promised people that his government would deliver. no we are the servants as our job is to serve the people of this country and to deliver on our priorities and that's probably our priorities and priorities are the getting right but it is also delivering on our national health service already cation safer streets better hospitals a better future for our country that's what we are going to do the.
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u.s. house panel has recommended the impeachment of president donald trump it's another crucial step in that process that's divided congress and the nation the full house of representatives is expected to vote in favor of impeachment at some point next week our white house correspondent can be helped reports from washington d.c. . another foreign visit to the white house overshadowed by domestic politics as the president of paraquat i sat and comfortably in the oval office u.s. president donald trump railed against the democrats push to impeach him in congress for his dealings with ukraine's president it's a witch hunt it's a sham it's a hoax nothing was done wrong 0 was done wrong it's a scam it's something that shouldn't be allowed and it's a very bad thing for a country and you're trivializing impeachment and i tell you what someday there
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will be a democrat president and there will be a republican house and i suspect they're going to remember that objection the committee is adjourned. but democrats argue trump abused his presidential powers for political gain the house judiciary committee voted to approve 2 articles of impeachment against president trump the vote along party lines allege trump withheld military aid in order to pressure ukraine to dig up dirt on a political rival former vice president joe biden trumps also accused of obstructing congressional oversight into the matter for the 3rd time in a little over a century and a half. the house judiciary committee has voted articles of impeachment against the president for abuse of power and obstruction of congress a vote to officially of peach trump is expected next week in the house of representatives he'll become just the 3rd president in u.s. history to be impeached tromped was visibly angry following approval of the charges
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against him lashing out at those he believes have done him wrong like the woman overseeing the impeachment house speaker nancy pelosi she's a liar and others a dishonest fake media horrible f.b.i. people crooked hillary a fighting mood morphing into strategy spotted on the white house campus on friday troubles personal attorney and ally rudolph giuliani it's a signal trump is pushing to call witnesses and expand the impeachment process he says has been politically biased against him even as the republican leader mitch mcconnell is pushing for a swift trial in the senate i think they're giving the signal that this is really just a show trial that senator mcconnell knows where the votes are and knows how this is going to come out and he wants to have a very short proceeding so that they can move past this quickly but for in a tory asli thinskinned president the personal humiliation of
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a looming impeachment in the house of representatives appears to have only intensified donald trump's desire to fight back in the u.s. senate in an attempt to clear his name can really help get al jazeera the white house now the u.s. and china have announced an interim trade agreement the trumpet ministration called off a new round of tariffs that was due to start on sunday and will instead reduce levies and return china has agreed to buy more american farm products and also to ease rules on u.s. companies accessing its markets. the u.s. supreme court has agreed to hear trump's appeals in cases relating to his finances he is trying to block the release of bank records with tax returns and other documents they're being sought by democrats in congress as well as by a prosecutor in new york who is investigating allegations of corruption and trump's real estate business mike hanna is in washington d.c. and he explains the 3 cases involved well these are 3 separate cases that the
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supreme court has agreed to hear they all deal with attempting to a deep dive into president trump's financial records 2 of the cases involve congressional committees the 3rd involves the new york prosecutor which is in fact a criminal investigation undergoing there so certainly he has lost every single way in every court to this particular point the supreme court now at his request saying it will expedite a hearing to decide on the matter of broad terms concerning all 3 cases essentially what that question is whether or not a sitting president can be prosecuted or investigated lawyers are arguing very strongly that he may neither be prosecuted nor investigated while he remains in office but the lower courts have absolutely disagreed with this point they insist that he is not above the law it's up to the supreme court now to either reject the surgeon or to agree with it now the u.n.
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has accused chile of seriously violation of human rights of anti-government protesters investigators have detailed what they described as under full killings torture sexual abuse and excessive force they're urging the government to end the indiscriminate use of lead pellets and tear gas says it still investigating and that the report is premature for thousands of chileans are still continuing their protests against the government despite the crackdown last america said lucy newman has more from a rally in the capital. this demonstration from the presidential palace protest against the shocking number of chileans who have been shot in the eyes in many cases blinded by riot police hit either by rubber pellets or by tear gas canisters and that is just run margins that isn't clued in the latest human rights report issued by the united nations the charges include rape sexual abuse illegal
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detentions torture little list especially of excessive use of force by the riot police. the matter of what they are putting on a presentation that says that their eyes will be the eyes of those who can no longer see a. bright policeman shot at me but pellicano directly to face it short range and burst open my left i am struggling for a cup of my life my mother my take care what is blind and now we only have one good eye between the 2 of us. this is the 3rd human rights report against chile in less than one month this time the government was prepared just before the un report was released the director of the police announced that 4 police generals including the head of special forces and could a public order or cop as it's called here we're being let go he took early retirement they've announced a total restructuring of special forces through training lauder kangal and tear gas
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trucks and now we're going to name to the special forces. team believes that the problem here is of leadership and even active members of the police force and retired generals are saying that the time is well overdue to replace general mind your own house however the president is refusing to do it so. hello this is al jazeera and these are the headlines the corruption trial of sudan's deposed president has ended with a guilty verdict omar al bashir was sentenced to 2 years for illegally possessing foreign currency the courtroom in the capital khartoum was in chaos when the verdict was read out that case centered around suitcases found in his home stuffed with foreign currency valued at more than $130000000.00 u.n. climate talks are continuing into the weekend in spain after negotiators failed to
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agree on major points talks of the cup 25 summit in madrid where due to wrap up on friday protesters gathered outside frustrated with the lack of progress he does remain deadlocked on emissions reduction targets and how much money poorer countries should receive to cope with the impact of climate change students in the northeastern indian state of our some are on hunger strike in protest against a new citizenship law it allows 6 minority religious groups from neighboring countries to apply for citizenship but it excludes muslims. violence in nature and other countries in the sahara region has forced mali to launch a national debate aimed at finding a solution mollies lost control over large parts of its borders while its military stuff is repeated ambushes by armed groups malaysia's prime minister says u.s. sanctions on iran violate international law speaking at the doha forum here in cats are mighty mohamad says they've led to malaysian using access to the iranian market lives and many other has lost
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a big market when the us asian is apply give. me did not support the imposition of the e.u. need satan by the us it is iran says. clearly violate the united nations. and international laws north korea is warning the united states to refrain from any provocations if it wants to see a peaceful new yeah the comments came from a military general as kim jong un oversees another missile test at the so high launching station it's the 2nd one at that site in a week kyung says it's to boast a capability to defend against u.s. nuclear threats well those are the headlines the news continues here on how to up front. counting the cost of i.m.f. loans tax cuts for big businesses at the stairs see for the poor is just
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a perfect cocktail for street protests speak to the vice president of ecuador plus kenya's cash crunch the competition lining up take netflix's crow counting the cost on al-jazeera. he's the nobel peace prize winner who's also accused of covering up war crimes i'll challenge former colombian president juan manuel santos and we'll also discuss his fellow nobel peace laureate aung sang suu kyi who's been defending her government against accusations of genocide this week at that aig. the ear. to ear. one manuel santos former president of colombia thank you for joining me on up front your country is the latest in latin america to be the scene of anti-government protests without 3.


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