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tv   The Nile A Womans Journey  Al Jazeera  December 14, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am +03

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oh ron tater in london the top stories around his era she dons former president omar bashir has been found guilty of corruption and sentenced to 2 years in a reform center the judge ruled that the 75 year old will not serve his time in prison because of his age the trial centered around suitcases found in bush's home filled with notes of multiple currencies worth $130000000.00 but another round of i don't know because he's diverted they stopped based on the laudable advice of what happened in the streets a search will appeal is for that matter is open in the supreme court the law is still affecting trust in the law has not changed i trust in this court has changed completely because to be honest and tar verdict is not based on any facts but based on what has been happening on the streets from reeva's in law is. our series had
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been morgan is in khartoum she says the judge went out of his way to make a particular point. well the judge 1st of all outlined the charges against the president and the actions that will be taken once those verdicts are issued if he's found guilty he did indeed issue a guilty verdict against the former president i'm going to be here but before issuing that verdict he mentioned. that that is the name of a young man who was charged for illegal possession of foreign currency in 1989 by bush or his government when he came to power now upon mentioning him in. his defense team accuse the judge of being biased and a basically meaning towards the forces of freedom and change for mission that is the coalition that has been leading anti-government protests that eventually led to the ousting of former president are going to shoes but they were not the only ones angry on both sides and to bashir there is anger to be felt on the streets.
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supporters came out demonstrating saying that the judge has been biased that the trial is a sham and that they also condemned the transitional government for dismantling the former ruling party 2 weeks ago meanwhile and came out after bashir protesters came out saying that this is not enough they're saying that he should be charged for other crimes and even in this corruption trial he should be charged with should be sentenced with a harsher verdict the u.k. and u.s. service huge travel warnings for northeast india as protests continue against a new citizenship law at least 2 people have been killed in the unrest over legislation which allows minorities from pakistan afghanistan and bangladesh to apply for citizenship but not muslims some demonstrators say the law will lead to an influx of foreigners to the border regions will take jobs there and dilute the areas cultural identity. they're growing fears that international efforts to fight climate change is slipping into reverse as the annual u.n.
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climate conference drags on without agreement. the coke 25 talks in madrid were supposed to wrap up on friday but negotiators have failed to agree on major points observers say the latest draft statement lacks the kind of commitments for major economies needed to inject new momentum into the paris agreement i think it's disastrous profoundly disturbed since the outcome the draft outcome that has been put forward by the chilean presidency is disgraceful it's completely unacceptable i don't know why they're afraid to stand up to the boss and of the world who are destroying me the amazon and the donald trumps of the world that are pulling out of paris what is happening here is mind boggling and absolutely unprecedented on the extra day off box then issues very loose your divergence from parties across the board this is set for a collapse unless we fix it in the next few hours. a senior north korean military
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official says recent tests of defense technology are aimed at subduing nuclear threats from the u.s. the statement came hours after north korea said it had conducted a crucial trial at a satellite facility state t.v. released these pictures of leader kim jong un overseeing the exercise is the 2nd test at the site in just under a week and it comes a day before the top u.s. envoy for north korea is due to arrive in south korea for talks so the top stories do stay with us out of their world the nile a woman's journey is that next hour more news for you after that thanks for watching a scene of it. the a. good
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that even clinton has been. funds. by the looks on the list. along with my i mean it sure looks. like a bullet in the never. been in yet though are you sure you know not just from enough c.e.o. in you can mean hell mean when it's not from a good mediums. can i. get more than him to do you go to. be an m.l.a. of mine they asked about colin this. plane had a candidates and if it would set off and listen if you want to know that in our nima. if you have.
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'd one wish attic at. all and. what that was head up. janacek i'm not all that had any an in what at the bow legged banana woman and i'm an. official. by the michelle to feel good moment in time do you most or just took a listen and none of it is they all for the good. you can and have. been in the haikou like i'm so lucky to shit out. of most of them are those a supposed to be ok you'll see. the funny. as not.
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but that got a good day in our number that. one will have. one of the how long it. will only if c.e.o. had gone halleck ways they've been. they go more slow people for live not so what have you and had bowel slogans and something. and then a minute. and then and yet it ended couldn't them. rather than honest. from just. a few one of the facebook. where i dated him he would on huff in facebook. and then have sadness as a the bottle in one of my shit hole. coleman stuff and i have it all hellenists as
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they. say. is a big political lift at the time and that. fall in hamilton hand sideways a group had a pack and if that was the last and i had a cliff that. day out i began i was sorry and in the last 30 i got a mess balcony how i used to have an 8 when on the thick rain if as.
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there. are on the. other side stay out all functionality. it being a state but it does a lot of body of getting been asked how i learned that i really was a fish on. how about if i am on the list and what i am going to but for the last
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little shifts able to finish i should make. habits to head back it will likely be a bit in the not at the slope one did mommy's modified and so i said love.
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the song. unstable. i like as a joke cults. 1st the long haul out right after.
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cults. should that i won't tell mommy and me are. all our own. comes across from me alice yeah. but without some of the i'm going to be out at the local b.c.'s of the year in a. book with the. promise here or there as a marker we should be got a little booklet about how to lead. them mentally ill about men that mish got the case and didn't have the muscle desire. i am to talk about would like a little done and ups of how young. and then and them appreciate little. you've
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you can't buy you love. was the only. one i only not love. and we're i love i was. by the muslims that they give them the come ons made a big fuss liam the openness of the have paid.
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down and they are. like you know i love my. mother. advocate. well we have plenty of it and it. is a good. day with. 6 the hours in a bin to see the again i. had come in with his own study found on the mall to look into this matter maybe even at the site.
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he was. in and one that i knew. and then. one when there was. a limb about it but i did not. come in as a menial did you mean i would have been a commander. you're . you're. you're. the 1st in the front of the deed was. at the end of that see i have to
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love because i don't know what the good news that commission a sad little soul will have no business to know of the room i couldn't have got on with let them tell him up at the event of a good movie if you read what i let us know we're not son adam not one hell of a longer than. you i'll have who would you listen and you know much that i would leave my but not hit then hope that they couldn't. happen if the notion mab well because i've left it a little home with the muslim who did a lot more to. his nervous i didn't tell us how there was going to be any. handing out my hope i shall have a place yet in time as a man is no messy i'm 100. 1. and with us yet helen as well know how dad looked at the fan going if and when and.
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had to go you know i love. him she had dish the actual muslim but lucia looked at again and. made a muscle and had the chauffeur knew it the last 7 together then when i'm in the. movies what machine but have a will and i want to some limit and i was going to go even them and. you. should let me know if you tell him and me any suggested that you. feel can let her go was someone else i would see it happen in a court of not have. was to get a little bit hack into it. more look a little sort of shabby but the one closest to gether will certainly shall annoy a lot of. women to you have a look at me and i'm going to when i'm out i'm going to.
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marry. what would. you both want not had the 1001 of him home of the mash mother to fit yeah what a bitch i was so i couldn't have a clue to get to the right than a yellow humanise it would also assume muddle through what i thought was the slave . on the side of this that had sadness. to see what this isn't the use of minutes if and when there was a hard. head of it a good book less of a kid with add no goodness with which it had little to.
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no no one could develop in couple lowers us to get the bunch to the woman. oh you may have had to get the actual regni had them but is it for you with as little bit of. good to help who could know michele and with the physio he could come because you know that would then you had no evidence in. the end of the problem so do you when i asked him what i should look for then you look somebody that. i am mourning the hard way how it looks. well what i'm going to give you my i got to. play and i shot him and then they stood in the goodness of us. rather well can you pull out the segment so seeing that gets out seeing that should go to you with a man whom i do not read because then the addition of all the mysterious michelle and i would do them but sheesh but what she said i'm guilty of lewis rather than
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deal the hulton hello good citizens in mcdonald's that know i'm a killer that. will help me get through look i'm ok of all moderation of that you've read they're going to block the water clearly because i knew what the flowers pushers will look on. and they're going to lash that in one of them but let's look at the flu scare the federal. government have no clue why and in a lot again will need a flu scare the wildernesses a that she'll still live to help with the sword with them. well to get live if they had them and didn't go over this in the now with no i mean the caveat on has is that i'm getting there are you know this out this investors a little what's a bet that you know the most wealthy are going to mow the lawn one of men did but then i am. 2 at it so yeah i think it has it moves the ball mel a lot of kids said that oh well that would then i'm sure look at this one of the one of them was a senate session and how given that the myth for us going to your land and open
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question. and. then you miss the p.c. version i committed. to do you remember certainly becomes. mrs you should see it but i don't find it has been him seem. to me you're. the most out michelin or someone to double the what the middle put it for you were gay when your. husband has elements of a comparable bow would bozo might of shift the kind of thing about overlooking that women and how the lonely yam would look someone division bell of no michelle in the belly and the battle for them as a world is. full of the soul the visual i'll be awash yet any yalla and it because of the edge of it i love the . but we then. often as they could it was
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a yes it is an example what you did was a good look at the other hand if they just think that you did not cut your part look at the bottom was a little bit. lazy trashes a human who is really like you know what have you. and. i have a photo that does it. tell the truth of it you got it now not fantasy but the men and women are those. she let alone the how to get out of bed even a little bit in the middle i met another she said it may go like. a man and not just the you're you're you're. you're you're you're
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you're not how you mean. has it been 'd to get them and. at that i'm a poor man of the ghetto when i was working though or as i'm now in the government yes i started i demanded the videos in of the no life i haven't been alarmist i got over i was not so bad after the same they haven't graduated me. and the government bit and muscles good but i got a one off on us i mean my has added hell wish to i'm afraid but i wish for you 50
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somehow yeah i wish had i wish mean faint sky goes you are stronger than the o.o.b. beenie there what about from behind that i'm a has gathered 7 b.n. there and of i'm the white us valid i lead with the with some maginnis up. i know. i know but that's the shillingford look when i just mean young enough to live and die. possibly very. alone a what are they if you are so high garment here and now some of the layers from are higher there were several but who had the pyramid they are not the have the real millennium had the brass on the area feel my arm has who they want i look. listen laughter that i've done i'm with a lot of. we need a with a lot though ottawa with me. while i'm with him in his oh we are yours in 40 it
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would i'm going to get. enough i felt you know that that in the you bend. and then i got just a had that i'm out of them that's what i've been having much of them i don't love us and want to let go they are no look i've always. i must leave again as end of the aisle you have you were gay i was at your height and i miss my little baby i want to have the i know how to feel when and had to learn i shudder when i was a little awkward about it and i won't want you when that is so why don't i guess i'm a lot slower what many you know women of a void i love of money love. need
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. a story of love family and friends one for my living years old you were at school we heard the sound of large explosions. and the hardships faced in captivity they came for me at midnight they told me to leave my son i said how can i but i think i saw so much pain in the eyes of the other female prisoners. of the uprising . i'll just era. with
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a big breaking news story it can be chaotic and frantic behind the scenes. people shouting instructions if you're trying to provide the best most curious up to date information as quickly as you can. it's when you come off on being seen to realize you've witnessed history in the making. after years of overgrazing the damage caused to the precious grasslands of chile is being reversed with one of the world's biggest ever conservation projects. they're pretty emblematic of the patagonia if they're plentiful and they're like this and. then you know that the system is coming back and that they feel no threat works and that's why you're on our rewilding patagonia on al-jazeera.
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on the top stories on ours are saddam's former president bashir has been found guilty of corruption and sentenced to 2 years in a reform center the judge ruled that the 65 year old will not serve his time in prison because of his age the trial centered around suitcases found in bush's home filled with notes of multiple currencies worth more than $130000000.00. well another night of. course is a verdict that is not based on the law book based on what happened in the streets a search will appeal this verdict the matter is open in the supreme court the law is still affecting trust in the law has not changed but i trust in this court has changed completely because to be honest and to our verdict is not based on any
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facts but based on what has been happening in the streets from lauri's the u.k. and u.s. of issued travel warnings for northeast india as protests continue against a new citizenship law at least 2 people have been killed in the unrest over legislation which allows minorities from pakistan afghanistan and bangladesh to apply for citizenship but not muslims some demonstrators say the law will allow an influx of foreigners to the border regions who will take jobs there and value there is cultural identity. there are growing fears that international efforts to fight climate change are slipping into reverse as the annual u.n. climate conference drags on without agreement and a cop $25.00 talks in madrid were supposed to wrap up on friday but to go shoot is a failed to agree on major points of service say the latest draft statement lacks the kind of commitments from major economies needed to inject new momentum into the paris agreement. a senior north korean military official says recent tests of
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defense technology are aimed at subduing nuclear threats from the u.s. the statement comes hours after north korea said it had conducted a crucial trial at a satellite facility state t.v. released these pictures of leader kim jong un overseeing the exercise is the 2nd test of the site in just under a week and comes a day before the top u.s. envoy for north korea is due to arrive in south korea for talks young is giving the u.s. a year end deadline to drop its insistence on unilateral denuclearization. they say with this hour their world the nile a woman journey continues next hour of news after you after that. and where are you going home you would love to facebook was here many facebook and then had sadness as a the bottom want to. stay out all photos of the all of the many.
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women what the opinion of shape but it does and i wouldn't put it in vain of how i learned that i am lemus a fish on. a boat out of i am on less than what i am going to be thought about and also watch so you'd like to finish i should say make. me forget that i have an estate and sentiment of home with him and the coolness of what go into saying i mean that with a man a bulk of the human love in. the new. unit. of. the night. come here comes. the new national. plan i'm so down in the body enjoy it and i'm going by the
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i'm a huge part of that it becomes in you know i love you between you know a swim a shield. that men are and they want a bit of your for me but i'm on the high side if i have some says it didn't get it was that of a bit of study i'm a member i mean i at. all that they get that sure they will out in. the. bottom of you. never to get you out of finance committee of my 30. 6 bill that comes almost. 10 am on wilson monday august. one of the good i'm
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not going to get in the end of that intimate have gotten hung up on the way the last looks like from the development of super cell phone. and the 9 minutes of the political you have been without it for not clarity the mother said what do you know what it had to have a list of good lad i wish that it had come in the light i get of his a little of the midnight also with. the shell but that's a lot of fish that also to play it's that sort of it than that and much of that. we're not one of them was the set of them in a minute while both played a lot of trouble to well learn of that one of them had from i had that i mean one issue i had which i want to i don't know is that i don't look at him yet as a kid i did that a lot of looks looked at the low lived in plymouth. he. had a shooting and if you missed that it then you know which had it's own and that would give it a lot of we have a fetish one of them revenues that i love. the russian much that had the worst that was that when they stand i don't think they're sad that i'm really sad but oh what
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. a laugh in the ever so little as you were kissing if you allow that to be eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat. the league the league the any league what had a way i don't watch every lead but that the flow of it in with the limits here. would be that it was at the. end of the many years of the market that the deal with that was that you could not abolish union. but that while the what you said it how you did it end or no. league the league.
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he is. leaving thank. you say the point of milan you can make one for one hold out on with a good bit of that wholesome and noble girl that a lot of them swallow what do i. do for you. if you lose a. pound are going to come. here you know that i love and that hasn't been really easy. my little. chicken will go up up up you know if you don't why do you want to feel my own up to the one that was. one of you is going to happen on the additional day now with that so look at the senate. and have a deal what. is
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said yes they will smash again in this a little bit of a home that i had. nothing to her 2. but a lot of muslin hammoud look over me that. some of lemon with i'm just on a thin. wish the little harder with the denouncing you know it it will that. you should stand that. legacy. but not all about what when and why no that's impossible we had the money and i am a fair bit that is how all with the money. animal of us of shabbat and i we have a sofa and i have got it haggis shall see if that fresh a little bit in physician
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a muscle and i was a little host that hello hail than a modicum of layering. matter she found that the air will not addison welcome or that it will come said bells lighting and let alone look at which came out i was a little much mean have many to look at what inning was one in yell that's a hey yeah yeah who. has a many holes i would handle i. am . the number one of the band the fan and one of the last one of those who didn't win a 100 and a big. you're
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the one you need to fix nick carr in view has ignited this book while. and i bet that hash tag ham ham mug. i am. a man who and. so i. thought on. a little. bit of the hall to look.
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meant to. me and. in the. routine you don't win in the toilet. it's a league a area. of the most sort of home in the. it's also a minus because it always has been the last ride home. and. the criminals are buttons and he. told me. that the from going as a. defector and lead facebook i was social media and i'm one mean. best of.
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i mean. you can't be the hottest on. record my video. starts roya. them they left a lot a lot of office to her and the whole team professional. a kid mom will be starring mama laura. the show you some and she just might have a fish. and. a lot choice. to. live with in the field and. give better shoes mia. because if the shows i get could there be tested
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a holocaust to give them. some sort of. come back to my heard that are. good that i had. to push i'm not. really out of this new hobby because in the. industry out it was any idea how many i've see for. so in the i'm going to i was diving. becomes difficult. so glad. you know me and.
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not. need. any. i have to beg. them and i am headed for those tunnels just ahead and i. would expect. that going to get shown bordereau what. they. were. mostly going to look at. the am i getting. in the eyes of. my it's a close up. that he would leave leave
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you know young the more you were using that kind of mission yeah i bet that down wasn't only the way we live our lives that was like the some of the dumbest things it was the low. low low low low low low low low part of the letter. that. was. astonished but the city citizens of them. must settle for me.
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was to find out that i am. oh. so then we can look to small dog fresh ones a new bone animal. that i must talk to say that i could and it is so that. i'm not stuck to this a short i would have a heavy duty his life so that he and the back of them you know we don't free me. and what i owed and i asked him so easily bought all beer and and that's how i won
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and i as though a little more so as a possible we could as a babe move by the good. ship she was good i get from you i as if . i had not fought off an ass while. sitting sets. up a few can have it but i'm a good head to bullshit. the man has been crime scene you need.
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well. it. doesn't have.
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much a lot of. the. song for andy. has had these. thanks. and we have been to the. him and have been so busy with the so. thank you thank. you go.
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to see am. always making sure i am on the cover. and steve you got some funny choice. and i am not. a plus southie have no social. lives i believe his and only in the head the element in t. . has he has his name in the know what hygienically shima door. and the can be good then about a sort of head to. head because of what had been there. was not. the head and. since i'm not a sub and i guess. i'm
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a canadian you know i decided what my ma was a go at him then no one will be lived. that minute there has said it now i'm not just leaving it me message you i want to go inside of a gig was it the one the s.s. number of a hassle of all the ballast way above i need the money with a yeah. after i got them over how the hell i'm not a fickle call us call us and tell what they know what and to get a how is no and there. is no one to learn all that work is the man to his wish ever had this any close of the seller oh shill dept i had enough fuel or bad together i said the mechanics and wish will come i got that. you are. leanne leave you are.
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you are you. and then i should've said. this than a lot of that is that you cannot go home for a alec the children so we will weather on a little farther than you might have missed when i get a good amount of those i'm not lonely now that is a little bit of. me me. me me. never knew. you. had with a little boy a little blood when up with a bit to. with a little manic and then i'm going to give today i'll go home and he didn't lead 5 still ahead on the last.
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as soon as i was in and. the mobile cell the full. limit is it that little anybody could feel in the us to have you would feel how badly i'll be out there what would it all i love to sing to him as a lamb would have been that the nest by the hour we are would that be finessed what i should only. love you. must not talk. to you. thought. your love hard you talk. a lot. oh no.
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i'll. take enough to let you know what i think. what. was i. was going to.
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yes there. you go a little. bit . this didn't. do long. ringback football tournament like no other and from the beginning we used to play football in the streets using a soccer al-jazeera world meets a group of sudanese boids determined to win against a backdrop of conflict and downsides to this. when i walk in the street people
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softly come on and that's because a. door for football for peace on al-jazeera. had a person back to cool down for 40 divide 35. but in the east it's big shot. hopefully a good sing and so effectively drive to new south wales much of queens and queens and you can see such a huge thunderstorm that shows up even on this scale the same is true for parts of western australia but not the perth area but the massive cloud which is still
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frontal system during series there for the toria and for tasmania temps around about the 20 mark cloudy disappointing went for some particularly give tasmania now the breeze on forces still in the wrong direction for those still burning fires and the big showers are going to be in the right place to be honest it looks a generally dry picture come monday the temps as i say down to about 35 puts a bit of reduction and only temporary there's more rain to come you see in satellite picture for the south on the new zealand now the breezes tuckey in from the new also it's not cold indeed to forecast and or 2022 in christchurch the rain of course makes it feel rather different and that rain is going to be added to with a bit of wind from monday mostly for the south island and as debray to talking up to 23 winter proper has set in now in this part of asia with some stage account for beijing for monday.
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talked to al jazeera we were told to go to the ministry of operation has this been addressed by took we listen to what these the proposal of spain for a couple anya we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on the no 0. day one of a new era in television news we badly need at this moment leadership and felt this encampment that we're in today it didn't exist 3 weeks ago now there's at least 20000 or hinder refugees who live here on al-jazeera i got to commend you all more i'm hearing is good journalism presence hosni mubarak has resigned after all the laws the attempts of coverups jamal khashoggi his loved ones want some form of closure people are suffering people are dying entire school systems are collapsing we are in the beginning of a mass extinction we saw the syrian army black boys that high in the city just get
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recorded. moments ago to massage the mind of the not 100 meters away from where the fuck are you but such a happy hanukkah happy about exactly. what are you protesting about how does the inquisition where their online life face many people see them directly out of translated slavery or if you join us on saturday this is an attack on academic freedom and on our ability to do research and teach freely this is a dialogue myanmar is not making it very welcoming for people to come back everyone has a voice in this change is real the discussion is real and i'm here to talk about the solutions on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. alone are entirely this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london coming up. chaos in the courtroom mr don's former president of iran bashir is sentenced to 2 years in a reform center for corruption in the us. this is such. protests inside and outside the u.n. climate talks as major economies resist calls for bolder commitments to tackle global warming.


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