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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 15, 2019 2:00am-3:00am +03

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0. and i'm richelle carey this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes guilty of corruption sudan's ousted president omar al bashir is sentenced to 2 years in detention but he does plan to appeal. travel advisories are issued for northeast india were 8 new citizenship law has sparked anger protesters say it brightens their cultural identity. deadlock at the u.n. climate change summit in spain countries are under pressure to take a bolder stance on tackling global warming plus. taking a stand against the far right thousands in italy demonstrate against the populist movement.
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sudan's former president omar al bashir has been found guilty of corruption and sentenced to 2 years in detention but the 75 year old will not serve his time in prison instead he'll be sent to a reform center for elderly people the trial centered around suitcases found bashir is home filled with more than $130000000.00 him or going to courts in the capital khartoum. the verdict is announced following weeks of hearings in the corruption trial of sudan's longtime leader and ousted president almost. nothing regarding cases with the offer mentioned age of bashir the court sentences that depended 2 years in the community center. the judgment was followed by chaos in courts with bush years lawyers and supporters rejecting the verdict the judge of bias but she denied illegally possessing and smuggling foreign currency soldiers searching his
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home after he was. found suitcases containing around $130000000.00 but she said much of the money was a gift from the saudi crown prince muhammad bin son man was during months of protests demanding the end of his think 2 years in power demonstrators also called for justice and accountability for what they say is the sheerest many crimes many think the brady. bill to show that the legal system has not changed what about the protesters who have been killed in demonstrations against him for years what about those who have been sentenced to death and to prison for lesser crimes. in contrast hundreds showed their support for the former president and his now dismantled party. supporters chanted against the 4 month old transitional government accusing leaders of failing to be inclusive and leading the country into what the view as chaos sat is a verdict is in the end of former president bashir is legal problems while in
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prison he was charged with inciting and participating in the killing of protesters during the uprising against his government which started a year ago and just days before the verdict he was charged over his role in the 1089 coup that brought him to power all that's happening while many continue to call for accountability for other crimes they feel hold greater importance. fled from the was some region of darfur 15 years ago and came to the capital he is one of more than 2000000 displaced in the war that the u.n. says 300000 sudanese and which the international criminal courts categorizes as genocide. but gave the killings for the rapes in darfur and the forced displacement i've witnessed villages being burned women being raped by militia men with my own where is the justice for all that many here say they waited too long to see justice served they also say that
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the fact bashir has been tall gives them hope that it won't be too long before his health to account for his other alleged crimes he will morning on to 0. on the park is a spokeswoman for the city's professional association which allowed the protests against omar al bashir he says the ruling brings justice for those who fought for change. this verdict is a very important step in your lives and one of the cornerstones of their a sudanese revolution freedom peace and justice it's a step further towards justice because. it sort of defies the concept of accountability and that the suit is not going to need any of the crimes that he has committed if it's sort of the fight that this is rather than revenge more of. the defying the concept that justice is is should be served and this this verdict
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is very important because it transformed bashir from being near a legit suspect into a convict he's now will convict of a crime. that's only one in a series of many crimes that he's yet to be tried for that include genocide that the many many a series of crimes that he has committed since the coup of $89.00 the people that supported with course are not going to be happy with the because at the end of the day what they say is that what the they are they are they're up against the people of sudan who have overthrown and the people that are say that it's to listen it's it's just a step in the right direction it's just step in the direction towards that i'm going to the more major crime in fact he is cynthia to be sentenced or you have to be tried for
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a series of crimes that. have already being questioned for including the cool baby 9 of them only. survey is a senior policy analyst for africa in the middle east at the heritage foundation that's a conservative u.s. think tank says many feel the verdict and sentence don't go far enough. i think frankly this verdict is a bit of a sideshow it hasn't satisfied anyone but a key demand of the protesters and forces for freedom and change was accountability for this regime and they didn't mean accountability for corruption or possessing foreign currency what they really meant was accountability for the many crimes that the bashir regime has perpetrated over the decades in power so some of the people particularly the security of weeds who participated in some of those crimes are still in power they're still on the sovereignty council that runs this country so that's where it's going to get very difficult to take we for the civilian components of this government they're really caught between a rock and
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a hard place not intact and i think the security leaks so thoroughly that they tend to launch a coup of their own or they precipitate some sort of backlash and also satisfying the constituency that brought them to power. anger over a controversial citizenship law has brought thousands of people out onto the streets across india against minorities from nearby countries a fast track to indian says citizenship but does not include muslims so that is triggered anger in west bengal or protesters set fire to railways trains and police stations the state is one of 5 that are refusing to employment the law and there are also protests and moon by by people from the northeastern awesome state they're also against the law before a different reason they fear it will lead to an influx of foreigners putting their ethnic and cultural identity under threat meanwhile in the capital new delhi exams have been canceled in university where students clashed with police during a demonstration on friday so raman has more. they
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gathered across the capital and took all the states their message loud and clear the citizens amendment at all to see a as its note has to go the president of india gave his assent to the cia old thursday the call devotional law allow citizenship to be granted to minorities from 3 neighboring countries but the old. says it discriminates on religious grounds and goes against india's secular constitution this bill is undermining our language and culture and i didn't feel the people in the northeast. come here to save the constitution one of india's opposition leaders described the bill as dangerous. prime minister narendra modi and home minister don't care this citizenship amendment bill de brought in recently was shots of the soul of india what is happening in assam and the northeast states of the country. was in the days leading to the being approved protests erupted across the country the most violent in the
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state of a sob in the northeast several people killed a car set on fire and government buildings attacked. political leaders in the states of carola punjab and west bank said publicly they will not implement the law leading to a potential conflict with new delhi it is the beginning of something very potent you know your 1st star then you put people to a ghetto then you finally take them to the end point out this unfortunate could be the beginning of what could result in. disenfranchisement of a very significant population. the numbers here may present the indian prime minister narendra modi with his biggest challenge since august the 5th when he stripped indian administered kashmir the only state in india to have a muslim majority population and it's autonomy that in november his government won a historic court battle between hindus and muslims ownership of
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a disputed religious site. and now this the c.a.a. muslims are the only ones the law also prevents inducing tamils. and freedom from gaining citizenship critics say secular protections ingrained in the indian constitution are now under threat and it seems that. political social and cultural fight is on the cards for prime minister. and the indian government so robin al-jazeera. and the u.s. and u.k. have issued a travel warnings for northeast india after 2 people were killed and dozens injured and protest against the law of war of reports from the city of guwahati an awesome state. 17 year old musician was killed in police fighting in go harty in the capital of us where thousands have come out on the streets to protest against indian government's citizenship amendment act his family is india's they say
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they've lost this on their knees become a martyr in the largest struggle to protect assamese culture that by ensuring that normal migrants get indian citizenship and settle down in assam they don't want anybody else to protest their lost all young men to stop the protests this incident has impacted the nature of protests and they have shifted from tire burning and rule blocking to more peaceful gatherings. so i mean. the minute he was just 17 was he a criminal he was on his way back from the protest but then they shot him just like that why did they shoot him who gave them the right to shoot him these students are sitting on a day long hunger strike and such protests are going to become routine at least that seems to be the strategy of the biggest students' union and that's behind the movement these students say that they've been betrayed by the hindu nationalist party and the bid me have made a mistake by walking the party to follow. the policies of this party and this
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government is against their interests that government is not big and had to decimus people because they have to do what's been so illegal migrants doing what banks and . our sentiments are for that's what it would say that we didn't mean so. people are queuing up outside to stations and cash machines the government has relaxed the curfew and most shops in the city of god have now reopened but the governments of the united states the united kingdom and canada have issued a travel warning to their citizens against traveling to the region the internet still remains suspended people here on the ground say that while they want to go back to work and send their kids to school their resistance is only going to grow. artist to share to see or that is an author and journalist who oversees indian citizenship was recently revoked earlier he spoke to my colleague julie mcdonald
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they citizenship and says the citizenship bill goes against india's secular constitution. the 1st time in the history of india that a religious test has been applied the law is on the face of it pretty unconstitutional and what we're seeing is the kind of undoing of this rather grand project that marilyn gandhi had sort of becoming foundation that they had laid for a secular country that is being systematically undone by the modi unshockable. opposition to the law is causing anger in some as well and as many natives feel they would be numbered due to fresh influx of people from bangladesh and it's an issue of course has led to a lot of violence in the 1980 s. and many fear are with piece of that in the months to come you see the basis for india as opposed to a place like pakistan was always a linguistic identity it was almost held together the way europe was held together it was never a religion and so the people of us from have
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a complaints about influx of people but what the b j p has done is they've made a pause for the hindus to gain citizenship and for them to stay on but to exclude the muslims and to render them state and so the people of the summer objecting in a wall adjournment way because their identity is a linguistic eyes and it is night and just based in region not religion. on the news hour including this i want you to trust that you have placed us. travels to northern england to thank former labor voters for helping the conservative security majority. way through southern mexico's pristine jungle could be the rail by local residents. magic made it a good day for liverpool.
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government has launched a national debate aimed at finding a solution to the increase in violence by armed groups and this a hell region across the border and an emergency plan for sunday and 3 days of national mourning have been declared after dozens of its soldiers were killed in attacks this week support somalia's capital. it's been a tragic week for countries of the sell. off taking place of 7 to one so just killed by just leave islam next 8 in the. it's a biggest loss ever suffered by the country in a day and its president promised the country will not forget the sacrifices. in this is a means of i have come here to express my feeling of revulsion on behalf of all my compatriots in the face of a war imposed on us by an enemy who has addressed us with nothing but aggression in a violent and treacherous manner descending we took $71.00 of the nation's valorous
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children. in neighboring nigeria fighters executed for aid workers kidnapped in july. in mahler's capital bamako a national dialogue is underway it's struggling with ethnic violence and the threat of armed groups in the north over the next one week delegates in this hall will try to discuss issues that are threatening to tear mali apart organizers hope that whatever is resolved will help bring peace to the country but the major problem is the absence of people some told to monist problems including the armed groups as well as a political opposition that is angry about the conduct and outcome of last year's presidential election of a president to bribe. is hopeful that at the end of the talks here malley insole choose peace and not war he said. it will be a question for you to examine the countries to see where the evil comes from and
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how to treat it as you are a force of the gesture that and the country will expect that this meeting will improve the situation room but for now it's not clear if the president's assurances are enough to convince everyone to embrace peace. there is anger and frustration on the streets in reaction to the ongoing violence in the region despite the presence of international troops. it's not that we are obsessed about their departure what we want is the change of tact and policy there's so much killing so many orphans and widows anough is enough despite the presence of international forces attacks continue. playing here if used to entrench new clothing is enough if we say no in that case. many have described the national dialogue as an important step but just don't clear if you do lead to peace and reconciliation in
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a divided nation. al-jazeera by michael. are growing fears international efforts to fight climate change are faltering as the annual u.n. climate conference drags on without an agreement the cost $25.00 talks a majority were supposed to end on friday but negotiators have failed to agree on major points there's been deadlock over emissions targets and how much money poor countries should receive to cope with climate change observers say the latest draft statement lacks the kind of commitments needed to inject fresh momentum into the faltering paris agreement i think it's. profoundly. the outcome the outcome that has been put forward by the chilean presidency is disgraceful it's completely unacceptable i don't know why they're afraid to stand up to. the world who are destroying the amazon and the donald trumps of the world that are pulling out of paris what is happening here is mind boggling and absolutely
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unprecedented on the box then. divergence from these across the board this is set for a collapse unless we fix it in the next few hours our environment or in the carcass at the conference and explains why n.g.o.s were not happy with the draft text that delegates are working on. well when you get to this point of the conference after 2 weeks and they go see asians is all about wording and vocabulary sure applies this time right now remember this conference is all about nations coming here and being prepared to in homes their ambitions sharing and willing to enhance their ambitions for next year's conference in glasgow when the parent's agreement really kicks in so last night's there was a draft text issued it wasn't perceived to be strong enough it was felt that the united states and brazil in japan had watered it down too much so they go chasing teams were sent back to the drawing board they worked at it all night in another text it was produce 8 o'clock this morning but again it wasn't enough because it
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only called for nations to offer to in holland's commitments to reduce carbon emissions as opposed to calling for them to reduce carbon emissions this is a very small issue semantics but that has enraged the ngos is they've said it's completely unfair it's unjust it's immoral it's pouring petrol on the fire kevin trenberth as a senior scientist at the national center for atmospheric research and joins us via skype from auckland thank you so much for your time and are you surprised at this conference seems to be going so poorly right now. not really no especially with the role that he us is playing but also brazil australia and from the from what you just said maybe japan as well and you know you have to remember that this is a problem which is really very difficult it relates very much to what is called the tragedy of the commons and so it's in everyone's sort of best interest to exploit the environment and if you don't do that you lose advantage to everyone else and so
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it requires real leadership and i think it requires real leadership from these countries especially china and the united states so let's talk about the fact that clearly the the u.s. stance on climate change is certainly different under the trump administration than it was under they obama administration is that what you're saying were you think we're seeing the effects right now yes so the paris agreement with president obama was a pretty remarkable agreement it was unanimous and at the same time it didn't have any power attached to it which indicates the the weakness of the u.n. as a whole and i really think the leadership or to come from will like the g. 7 of the g. 20 if we're going to involve brazil in order to properly address this problem ok so . any type of agreement being reached at this particular conference
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any type of agreement of meaning of substance more than just words it seems like everyone is really far apart right now yes i don't expect very much it will be people will say oh yes we have worked out on something and here it is but i don't think don't think it's going to amount to very much by the sound of it. the think that there is an appropriate sense of urgency about what this actually is about the emergency of climate change. no i mean scientists we've been saying this for over 20 years and finally it's been getting some attention internationally especially through granted but. it's. you know this is an excellence exist central threat as we go further into the future with regard to you know water and food and so on and many people just evidently don't appreciate that or the effort that's going to be required to address it because of the tremendous
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infrastructure that's already in place and the vested interests that are in place opposing any kind of movement in that direction kevin trenberth joining us joining us from auckland kevin thank you very much you know most welcome. supporters of one of the most powerful iranian backed militia groups have rallied in baghdad after the u.s. imposed sanctions on one of its leaders as flag was burned by members of. as well as at the president on israel's prime minister and saudi arabia's king sama washington slapped sanctions on. for allegedly killing demonstrators the top administration is ramping up economic pressure on iran as it tries to counter its influence in the middle east why just prime minister says u.s. sanctions on iran violate international law speaking at the forum here in qatar a tear mohammed says they've led to malaysia losing access to the iranian market washington re-impose sanctions on tehran after withdrawing from the 2015 nuclear
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deal. and many others big market with the us saying. give. me this not support that the imposition. by the us. says that. the united nations. and international laws. also speaking at the forum the u.s. treasury secretary defended washington's actions steam an inch and called the iran nuclear deal flawed and said another deal must be negotiated to maintain stability in the region iran should never have nuclear weapons it shouldn't be a fact it's a 10 year obligation it should be a much longer obligation i think that nuclear weapons pose a tremendous danger for this region would only encourage further development of
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nuclear weapons and not just to this region but for people around the world we think there's a terrific opportunity for the iranian people we'd love nothing more to stand to see a real agreement that creates regional stability and peace and when they're ready you will take off the sanctions. heavy fighting has been raging against libya's capital over the past 24 hours while our forces are paddling armed groups allied with the internationally recognized government which is based in the capital on thursday helped are called on his forces to advance towards the center of tripoli and what he called a final battle for the contested city libya's foreign minister says his government will protect its citizens from have to our forces have to move how we're. still trying to accelerate the steps to invade tripoli our troops supporting the government of national accord will never enable him to do so we are firm on the ground and the main objective is to protect the civilians tripoli with its 3000000
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citizens is the capital city for all libyans and this is the reason behind our main goal which is to protect the civilians and prevent have to offer entering tripoli. with the rebels and yemen are appealing for assistance from the international community as the deserted oil tanker off the country's coast continues to leak into the red sea the ship which is located in salif seaport has become a point of contention between yemen's government and the who theories it's feared oil leaking from the vessel could lead to an environmental catastrophe both sides claim control of the tanker which is carrying nearly a 1000000 barrels of oil and the potential revenues of its sale. still ahead on al-jazeera syrians forced to flee the bombardment and find themselves entering bleak weather conditions at unofficial camps near the border. and what more stanton's landslide election victory could mean for the future of northern ireland . and find out what happened in the showdown between the asian and african champions action premie club world cup and sport.
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however even as i speak and you watch the something rolling up the east coast of the u.s. it could be exposed to develop and says a lot of right increasing wind as it moves north through cairns the tucking i think a strong winds and the snow wet snow on the ground right cause some trees come down no power is but it's all gone by sunday daybreak you see what's happened rather than what is happening that it's all gone quiet still cold bungy with subzero or down towards kansas he's now console $22.00 there in dallas that the division somewhere around here but it's no rain across from denver eastwards on the coast of california whole the pacific coast is not a can match quieter than it was the next system is a long way towards british columbia and on monday you see the snows moved east
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division in temperatures still there as we get rain as a potential in the southern states running up towards d.c. this division will keep from i think so wet stuff freezing rain the possibility in the same area that happened just a couple days ago but the most it's quiet and cold with the breeze still blowing quite happily the trade winds we've got an increase in sharp potential for haiti or east who is dominican republic and of course that wind power is up the showers on the coast of nicaragua honduras and costa rica. a story of love family and fredo calling from i was 8 years old you were at school you heard the sounds of large explosions. and the hardships faced in captivity they came for me at midnight they told me to leave my son i said how can i i saw so much pain in the eyes of the other female prisoners. on the our pricing. on al
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jazeera. the latest news as it breaks all the holdings in this pot what destroyed and this is all that's. detailed coverage when mexico elected a new president last year. promises to do with legal parlance of the country and feel this journalism from around the world this friday was a pretty hot place and i was on the truck that logic on the to be on the trolley held in home.
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watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now sudan's former president omar al bashir has been found guilty of corruption after millions of dollars in foreign currencies were found in his home a 75 year old will spend 2 years and a reform center. thousands of people continue to protest across india against a controversial citizenship law that gives minorities from nearby countries a fast track to indian citizenship but does not include muslims and u.s. and u.k. are advising against travel to the northeast i'm always government has launched a national debate aimed at ending violence and the sahara region armed groups have stepped up attacks in recent years. the taliban is claiming responsibility for an attack in afghanistan the defense ministry says 9 soldiers will were killed on friday and happened in the district and god's name province several other attacks were also carried out there the un mission in afghanistan says 10 civilians were
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killed and one of them. several protesters have been injured in lebanon's capital after security forces fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse crowds hundreds of people gathered in beirut as part of the latest anti-government demonstration riot police chase protesters in the street beating and detaining some of them after they tried to break into a barricaded area i've been on it's been rocked by 2 months of demonstrations with protesters angry at the ruling elite that a state of the country towards its worst economic crisis and decades. once a bombardment by syrian army artillery and russian air strikes in ill a province had displaced thousands of people syrians who fled the last remaining rebel how province a homes and hospitals are being and is going to be targeted many of the displaced living in desperate conditions and camps near the turkish border has our story. on his family fled aleppo which was serious largest city and commercial capital 6 years ago and now they've been forced to escape again this time from the province
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syria's last remaining stronghold is being bombarded by is to live fire and russian strikes. we thought we were safe this time and we didn't have to flee again and then suddenly the bombs started falling we just escaped to save our souls the latest sort of freak is the house on a makeshift company of the tucker border now there and relative safety his wife would need a ton tension to the rest of us from. all assets our family is not together some are in lebanon while some escaped by boat to germany and norway those in lebanon are suffering they have to renew their papers and the government keeps on turning them down there are literally will run comes near the turkish border so the new display such as the aloha we end family falls will settle in unofficial comes with a deliveries few and far between the rain and cold weather is making life was for
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the displaced in the nearby killing. the situation at the camp is miserable it's beyond description it rains throughout the night and floods the teen's water is also getting into the teens from the roof which means beating and blankets are all soaked and the winter is setting in temperatures dropping to below 0 and pretty long periods of snow i expect it last winter at least $29.00 children a newborn babies died in subzero temperatures of the fleeing from villages in isn't syria controlled by i still fight is many here are dreading that repeat of the extremely cold war with mohammad at the wall just stumble. recovery teams in new zealand have failed to find the last 2 bodies missing after monday's volcanic eruption a specialist wearing protective clothing returned to white island birth a breathing mask only allow them to be there for just over an hour the death toll rose to 15 on saturday after a victim with severe burns died in the hospital scientists say the possibility of
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a 2nd eruption has receded but the island remains volatile tens of thousands of protesters have crammed into a square roam to denounce the taliban far right leader material sylvania the rally was organized by the anti populous start suddens movement it was established just last month an opposition to a growing support in the north right wing coalition of delamater ports in the italian capital. it was the biggest rally yet tens of thousands of italians decrying the far right the duma to salvini and his party then make the demonstration in rome was organized by a grassroots movement known as the set of d.n.a. it's barely a month old but has a ready managed more than $100.00 similar gatherings in italy and other european cities its leaders who friends from the city of bone yet have become devoid of dealing. with. the streets to protest against a form of political rhetoric that is disastrous damaging and dangerous we didn't
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discover death to many places around italy there is a serious problem of the lack of political representation is a big problem which at a moment we cannot resolve. is stackpole to counter the rise of the far right that has appealed to lot up to 3 to the most so their reason part of the telly that is against racism and discrimination and fascism we should all be. there is a way taking europe i fear it being here that we are starting to do something about it and avoid new walls coming up on the. most of the people here are left wing voters who somehow feel let down by the traditional leftist parties this symbol of this movement is a sardine and it came after the founders called the italian the squares of the country like sardines. and the symbol read like wildfire. first response was this but perhaps surprised by the rapid success of the movement
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down his rhetoric in his otherwise provocative social media videos he's watching i think there is something good for him in in that sense something bad something good is that these people are protesting against him so. more is of the center of italian politics is a. let's say the leader and. taking position either in favor or against him. the 17 has so far 6 demands including more transparency on social media and then and to violent rhetoric in politics. we have no control of social media in italy. even using talk and no work for children to spread his ideology i think that for a politician to have such a direct platform with children is very dangerous. it's not clear where to move and
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goes from here or how it will keep the momentum but if anything it has revived the left of italy that many felt was helpless during the rise of the far right but at the hemi al-jazeera wrote. a senior north korean military official says recent tests of defense technology are aimed at subduing nuclear threats from the u. united states this statement comes hours after north korea said it had conducted a crucial trial of a satellite facility state t.v. released these pictures of leader kim jong un overseeing the exercise it's the 2nd test at the site in just under a week and comes a day before they taught us envoy for north korea's to arrive in south korea for talks john yang has given the u.s. until the end of this year to drop its insistence on unilateral denuclearization prime minister british prime minister that as boris johnson has traveled to newly won states in england's northeast thing voters were back in the conservative party for the 1st time in generations and there is a selection as party cut
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a swath through the so-called red wall working class areas that traditionally vote labor or a challenge reports. to the victor the spoils 2 days after the landslide election boris johnson surveyed his demands this is such deals tony blair is for a seat labor since $935.00 now conservative blue and i know that people like you have been breaking the voting habits of generations to vote for us. i want the people of the day that we in the conservative party i will repay you trust. of all the stories in the 2019 election this is perhaps the biggest the working class communities in england's midlands north and in wales who deserted labor in droves it's a seismic realignment of british politics for sure. the u.k. is a small country but it can still feel a long way from big multicultural urban centers in london to the kinds of places
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that have just given porous johnson and his majority labor still does well in liberal minded metropolitan areas but say it's paid the price for alienating more socially conservative bricks that voters outside of the big cities. labor activists canvassing in such places before the election fed back grim reports the party's model position on bricks it was one complaint but perhaps a bigger one was a leader jeremy corbyn they didn't think he shared their values wasn't patry or sick enough was too city focused in those states that we've lost it's about listening to people what was it and i think it wasn't just a long history of maybe 40 years of neglect and them saying to politicians you never listen to us i mean of allowed our communities to be run down in this way the conservatives now have to figure out what to do with their new voters because it's not a natural alliance the conservatives have traditionally been the policy of the landed
2:40 am
and the rich giving purpose back to towns devastated by the industrial collapse presided over by conservative governments of the 1980 s. maybe beyond the conservatives have no constructed. policy offer at scale you could meet the needs hopes dreams all the new electoral constituent say so it's a very exciting. opportunity and i think. jeremy corbyn will go soon and by january 31st britain will have breakfasted. then boris johnson will have to make good on his optimistic promises for the new voters could easily disappear for the next election will challenge down to 0 london. for stance on election victory will have major implications for the future of the united kingdom particularly in northern ireland a stunning i got reports from the capital belfast issue a practice that has caused a historic shift in the region's politics
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a warning sign his report contains flash photography. the u.k.'s election results have marked and historic change for irish nationalists never before have their representatives been elected to parliament in westminster in such numbers overtaking the unionists in an unprecedented outcome. for an election born of breck's it most believe northern ireland was always going to vote against prime minister boris johnson's mantra of get bricks it down this is largely remain country even for the brics it supported minority johnson's withdrawal deal that would place an economic border in the irish sea has angered many pro british unionists here fearful of irish nationalism many now believe northern ireland's identity is being sacrificed for an english cause they are concerned very very concerned because the demand for indoor monitors are already seeing a shift towards more people who identify as nationalist compared to us i think
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they're also very very upset very very annoyed with them because it for them he did people like throw them under the bus at the last in order to get his deal he sacrificed the peace concerns on the altar of getting a deal so that he going to this election with a deal in the bag to deliver bricks or bricks that is on a potential collision course with the delicate fabric of northern irish society and maintaining a borderless crossing between the north and the south crucial to keeping stability here according to the good friday agreement. for decades since the 1960 s. protestant unionists and the mostly catholic nationalists were at war with each other but the good friday agreement in 1999 busch an end to that underpinning that was the removal of border infrastructure allowing people and goods from the north and south to travel freely between the 2 for unionists brix it has been says
2:43 am
that the province could be permanently bound with the irish republic further removing it from britain adding to this the northern irish assembly hasn't sat for almost 3 years following a political crisis but with brics it now a clear u.k. policy talks between its parties are due to be held on monday to try to restore the power sharing government and with more power now in the hands of the nationalists they could also lead to even huge push for a united ireland so a new guy i go out jazeera belfast senior democrats in the us have been paying close attention to labor's worst election defeat in the u.k. sense $935.00 and raises questions as to whether left leaning candidates in the us will be able to defeat trump's re-election bid next year like a metals political analyst and professor of political science at columbia university he says some key differences are in play between the 2 countries. there's no question that the kind of big picture lesson that everyone seems to be
2:44 am
taking away is that the democrats need to nominate somebody from the center but 1st of all that's the kind of there are no the democrats are just a bunch of people who think of themselves as democrats so there's no strong party that can act on that and secondly whatever was going to happen in this election in the united kingdom there was going to be a strain of moderate democrats that were saying this proves we can't move too far to the left if corporate and labor party have won by doing his supporters would have said but the united states is different so this is kind of where we always are in american politics and these electorates and these elections are different i mean the democratic party's base is much less white the u.s. electorate is much less white in an election both in the u.k. in the united states where white supremacy ism is kind of at the core that's a really key difference between these 2 countries that can't be ignored they've been celebrations on the small pacific island chain a bug until after it voted overwhelmingly for independence from happening again almost 98 percent of those who took part in the referendum chose to breakaway upon
2:45 am
his minister says there will be hard work ahead to ensure it happens that it was part of a 2001 peace deal to end the civil war and the region thousands of protesters are rallied in bangkok after thai authorities moved to ban the vocal future for a party and the demonstration was called for by the party's leader on true and groom get it was the biggest protest in the capital since the former army general pio chana choa seized power in a coup in 2004 tane selection panel asked the constitutional court to dissolve the future for party accusing it of breaking political laws by accepting multi-million dollar loans from that a thorn. france's president omicron says he is pushing ahead with pension reforms despite a 10 day nationwide strike by transport workers and paris residents and tourists expressed frustration with serious delays on the city's transport lines the strikes
2:46 am
led by france's unions currently have no end date another large demonstration is set to take place on tuesday opponents of the pension reform say employees will have to work longer yet received smaller pensions the government says the current timetable is on affordable. thousands of supporters of manned mars later on have lined the streets of country's capital to welcome her back from the hague that's been defending the country against allegations of genocide so she led a tame to the netherlands for 3 days of hearings during which she denied the claims of mass rape and killings the case with international court of justice 282017 military campaign against the rank of muslims which forced more than 700000 refugees to flee to bangladesh. would come out to support her prior to her departure and we are here today to welcome others to coming home she is our leader the result of the hearing which she attended will come out later whatever
2:47 am
the result is we need to support her she needs support of her people so. mother sue went to the courts on behalf of our country the accusation of genocide was against the army but she took the 1st step of responsibility as a leader of the nation we are proud of her for defending our country. the mexican president's ambitious my own train project could be derailed on sunday by referendum to decided state people living in the tampa skeptical about the venture and say it poses environmental risks and threatens their land but andre has been all or insists it's communities that will benefit the most reports from mexico city . so there mexico is world famous for ancient archaeological sites like by linking and she once the cradle of the mayan empire today southern mexico is considered one of the most poverty stricken regions in the country now mexican president under this month. has proposed lifting indigenous communities here out of extreme poverty
2:48 am
it involves the construction of a railway cold but in my or my untrained intended to increase investment and create thousands of tourism related jobs putting a town in the state of competitive indigenous farmers like him no myleene lopez are skeptical but this is that to me this land is invaluable for one it's my fault as inheritance if this poorly named mayan train arrives i would feel invaded i would feel my space has been occupied because of the time if other people come they will want to displace us. much of this region remains a vast wilderness were ancient mayan ruins can be found scattered across the landscape and many here worry what it might mean for a railway to cut through more than 1500 kilometers of tropical jungle and the moment everyone talks about global warming and how we have to take care of trees and plant more trees will this mine train project will destroy many trees and bring me my tourists more tourists means more garbage and more consumption of water that we don't even have today the president has consistently defended his proposal
2:49 am
saying that any potential negative impacts resulting from the project will be minimal if the bridge at this point but then this project is important and will not affect them. on the contrary what we want is for the people to learn about the great artistic and cultural interrupt of the solution and to create jobs through to the. mexican president under this one is over though it says that a final decision on construction of the mine train will ultimately depend on a regional referendum insisting that it will be the poorest communities who stand to benefit the most from the 7400000000 dollar railway project indigenous representatives from the 6 mexican states where the rail line will traverse say they haven't been given enough information from the government to make an educated decision. we have to be shown specific and clear studies of where the archaeological zones are we cannot say this project is good or bad we have to
2:50 am
analyze the mexican government says construction of the mine train will take 4 years and help bring hundreds of thousands of jobs to one of the country's most overlooked regions. zita mexico city. a french aid group says 4 workers have been killed in nigeria action against hunger says they were among 6 staff kidnapped in july near the town of soma sock it is in northeast nigeria where boko wrong fighters and other groups operate on humanitarian worker was killed in september and appeals are being made for the release of the remaining hostage. so head on al-jazeera and sport this heavyweight champion gets a rare audience what the pope details and just a few minutes. the shocking treatment of disabled people in rumanian state run care in this cages you cannot have access to
2:51 am
a toilet or water institutions funded by the european union he has his hands and his fates tied to the bed 5 years after highlighting these abuses people in power returns to romania and a 2 part series and discovers the scandal runs further afield europe's recurring shame on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. when people need to be hurt. and the story needs to be told. 145000 prisoners under its care with exclusive interviews. and in-depth reports then i don't think they protect themselves al-jazeera has teams on the ground and that's a story the seeing right here to bring you more award winning documentaries and life needs.
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time for sport with our. thanks very much asian champions have booked their spot in the semifinals of the club world cup in doha the saudis are beat african champions esperance of 10 is yet to get their french forward battery to be gone miss getting the winner to seal a one nil win hello are looking become the 1st non european add on south american winners of the tournaments they face brazil's flamengo next the submission of this difficult game against so difficult opponent. we have time for you we. start to walk a block to go to we know of course he's a great a club and a great player some great kosher use
2:53 am
a very good club our correspondents and he richardson was at the game in doha. well al who our of saudi arabia have some happy recent memories of this stadium the home ground of here in qatar earlier on the should they be forewarned in the 1st leg of the asian champions league semifinal and here again tonight some history for the club esperance itchiness one male to progress into the semifinals of the club world cup and what is there that you appearance in the tournament waiting for the next is for mango brazil they have in probably the best season in their history they've won the cup or liberty tourists they also want the brazilian league title making the 1st brazilian team to do that double since pele some saucy they did in the early 1960 s. now when they want the last woman a couple of years that was tough in 99 he won by progressed into something called the intercontinental cup final that was a precursor of the club world cup and gets to be played in that final it was liverpool who they beat 3 know about $981.00 final and liverpool of course also at
2:54 am
this tournament as the champions of europe so that is a potential final of course in their way before that is that semifinal against choose from and about aiming to become the 1st brazilian seems to win this title since corinthians did it back in. my 2nd side monterrey are also through to the semifinals they've kept our side else out on saturday surgery years putting the game added for each monterrey go through with a 32 win is set up a meeting with champions league holders liverpool in the fight for. 4 having take out our liverpool were in action in the english premier league on saturday what for too now mohamed salah got the goals for the table topping reds this was their 16th when from 17 league games liverpool now have a 10 point lead over 2nd place last serve to drew 11 with no orange.
2:55 am
chances to score goals but they had chances they didn't score from we had to fight and that's what we did and. that's why we want. general good to so as 1st matches napoli coach ended in a hard break his team going down to one at home against parma was a bad start for the italian world cup winner who took over from carlo and this week farm are going ahead inside 5 minutes now play did manage to equalize the 2nd half but disaster struck in injury time harmon's germania with an late winner a loss leaves napoli down in 8 after 16 games. and that's what he meant and meant of course the mental skills and we are team that a thought for him mentally we are calm but i think we must now focus on recovering the mental and physical in lightening because this team is used to winning for thought she long time this is a team with 60 or 70 percent of the players have always been the protagonist of the
2:56 am
game they have always performed well right now they are living something totally different reasons and i think of the head of the players it's not just about the physical condition it it's more about the mental condition. that's cricket's return to pakistan has been rather anticlimactic after more than a 10 year hiatus play was abandoned because of bad weather on day 4 in pindi between pakistan and sri lanka follows just a few overs being bowled on thursday and friday the match has it progressed from the 1st innings with the visitors on 282 for 6 this is the 1st test in pakistan since the attack on sri lanka's team bus in 2009 in lahore. former south africa wicketkeeper mark boucher has been appointed as their new national head coach and his 1st test series in charge will be against england which begins on boxing day in century and played $147.00 tests and 2951 day internationals before retiring in 2012 due to an eye injury and here's 2
2:57 am
people you wouldn't normally put in the same room together world heavyweight champion dante wilder met pope francis during a visit to the vatican on friday also known as the bronze bomber wylder was named an ambassador for peace through sport during his visit to becomes just the 3rd american heavyweight to ever have an audience with the pope it was an amazing time that we had it was to come here to italy. to meet you know you know was one of my bucket list to come here to italy but to me to pope they put the icing on top of the cake and that is all your support for now more later. the news hour. there are.
2:58 am
from the ounces in around london prove to special guests in conversation when your government what do you do on uninterrupted we have a deep space and in this telling the truth whatever they want to whoever they want whenever they want. black people for as long as we've been fighting have been labeled a terrorist studio. on al jazeera. it really is the international perspective that. are other news outlets beyond thorsten says
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about our. awesome power outage means or wisdom is about public service and making a difference in people's lives i'm amazed every day reporting on al-jazeera and the places that my colleagues go it inspires me to take a different approach to how i use your. tax cuts for big businesses. for the forest called the street protests the vice president of ecuador. lining up netflix is. the cost. 0.
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guilty of corruption sudan's ousted president omar al bashir is sentenced to 2 years and attention but he plans to appeal. the shock here this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up travel advisories are issued for northeast india were a new citizenship law has sparked anger protesters say it threatens their cultural identity. deadlock at the u.n. climate change summit in spain countries are under pressure to take bolder stance on tap plain old warming play.


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